Pokemon Adventures Vol. 6 (Manga)
Pokemon Adventures Vol.  6 (Manga)

Type: Books
Manufacturer: Viz
Item Code: 1421530597
UPC: 9781421530598
S.R.P.: $9.99
R to L (Japanese Style). Red doesn't just want to train Pok?mon, he wants to be their friend too. Read along as Red embarks on adventures with Pikachu, Bulbasaur and others that follow storylines from the videogames!

Pok?mon trainer Red has vanished! Yellow Caballero and Pikachu's search leads them to the mysterious headquarters of the Elite Four on Cerise Island. Who has the baddest Pok?mon around? There's only one way to find out...!

And watch out for Team Rocket, Pikachu... Are they your enemies or your allies now?
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