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Anime news from 1/31 to 2/7 New Products from 1/31 to 2/7
My Hero Academia Anime Casts Tasuku Hatanaka, Toshiki Masuda (2/4/2016)
Manga of Dragon Ball Project Fusion 3DS Game Debuts in April (2/4/2016)
Naruto's Itachi Shinden-hen TV Anime Premieres on March 3 (2/4/2016)
Bullet Girls 2 PS Vita Game's Promo Reveals April 21 Release Date (2/4/2016)
Production I.G Makes Anime of Korean Vampire Comic Noblesse (2/4/2016)
New Live-Action Death Note Film Stars S?suke Ikematsu, Masahiro Higashide, Masaki Suda (2/4/2016)
Cross Manage's Kaito Ends Buddy Strike Manga in Shonen Jump (2/4/2016)
Mayoiga Original TV Anime Stars K?dai Sakai, Yuka Aisaka (2/4/2016)
Live-Action Wolf Girl & Black Prince Film's Teaser Highlights Premise (2/4/2016)
New Berserk Anime is TV Series That Premieres in July (2/4/2016)
One-Punch Man Original Video Anime Episode 4's 1st Minute Streamed (2/4/2016)
Right Stuf, Inc. and Sunrise Inc. Announce Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation and Gundam Evolve for May 2016 (2/4/2016)
X Japan Forced to Postpone March 12, 2016 Wembley Show Due to Illness (2/4/2016)
Passion Pictures ?We Are X? Wins World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Award ? Best Editing at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival Awards (2/4/2016)
STARMARIE Unleashes New Look in Collaboration With Fashion Brands PUTUMAYO and Rion (2/4/2016)
Megadimension Neptunia VII Out Today for the PS4 (2/4/2016)
DLSite.Com Launches 10% Reward Points Limited Campaign (2/4/2016)
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4's Secret Techniques Video Streamed (2/4/2016)
Qualidea Code TV Anime Casts S?ma Sait?, Yui Ishikawa (2/4/2016)
Nitroplus Blasterz PS4/PS3 Game's Launch Trailer Streamed (2/4/2016)
Fairy Tail Stage Play Reveals Hirofumi Araki in Costume as Jellal (2/3/2016)
Square Enix Teases Arcade Edition of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (2/3/2016)
Arina Tanemura Draws Idolish 7 Project's 'GOOD NIGHT AWESOME' Album Jacket (2/3/2016)
Future GPX Cyber Formula Celebrates Bleed Kaga's 20th Birthday With Wine (2/3/2016)
Japanese Comic Ranking, January 25-31 (2/3/2016)
New Shiseido Ad Shows Make-Up's Versatility by Transforming 1 Woman into 8 Looks (2/3/2016)
Crunchyroll to Stream This Boy is a Professional Wizard Short Anime (2/3/2016)
Terror in Resonance Stage Play Reveals Megumi Han as Five, Chad Mullane as Clarence (2/3/2016)
Japan's Video Game Rankings, January 25-31 (2/3/2016)
Viz Media Releases Judas Manga Digitally on February 23 (2/3/2016)
'Prius! Impossible Girls' Car Parts-as-Girls Project Adds Vocaloid Song in Latest Promo (2/3/2016)
Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun English Dub Casts Scott Gibbs as Mikorin (2/3/2016)
Hideo Kojima, Guillermo del Toro to Host Joint Presentation at D.I.C.E. Summit (2/3/2016)
Zelda: Twilight Princess Manga's Monday Debut, Semimonthly Schedule, Visual Unveiled (2/3/2016)
Twin Star Exorcists Anime Debuts in April, Casts Y? Serizawa & Junichi Suwabe (2/3/2016)
Koei Tecmo's Attack on Titan Game Teases Group Tactics, Cleaning Costumes in Videos (2/3/2016)
Q-Lia's Banana Cat Character 'Bananya' Gets Crowdfunding for TV Anime (2/3/2016)
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth PS4/Vita Game's Launch Trailer Streamed (2/3/2016)
Age 12 Sh?jo TV Anime's Title, April Debut, Main Visual Unveiled (2/3/2016)
Funimation Streams Evangelion: 3.33 Film's English-Dubbed Trailer (2/3/2016)
Takashi Miike Gives Interview on Upcoming Terraformars Live-Action Film (2/1/2016)
Seisen Cerberus TV Anime Previewed in 1st Promo Video (2/1/2016)
Comiket Questionnaire Implies Possible Move Westward in 2020 (2/1/2016)
Atelier Shallie Plus PS Vita Port's Promo Streamed (2/1/2016)
Crying Politician Ry?tar? Nonomura is Back (2/1/2016)
Kikuko Inoue to Play Lala's Mother in To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness OVA (2/1/2016)
Atelier Series' Gust Polls Fans About Anime Collaborations (2/1/2016)
Yuu Azuki Draws Sequel to Iga no Kabamaru Manga After 32 Years (2/1/2016)
Konami Has Shipped Over 6 Million Copies of Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain (2/1/2016) Domain Registered Under Mag Garden's Name (2/1/2016)
Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia Anime's 1st Promo Video Lists Summer Debut (2/1/2016)
1st Kizumonogatari Film Earns 600 Million Yen in 3 Weeks (2/1/2016)
Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash's 4th Episode Anime Music Video Streamed (2/1/2016)
Canada's Tsukino-Con To Host Voice Actor Kensho Ono (2/1/2016)
Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Game Posts Marie Rose Image Video (2/1/2016)
Final Fantasy IX RPG's Smartphone Version Gameplay Previewed (2/1/2016)
Pokkén Tournament Game's Chandelure Video Streamed (2/1/2016)
Ghibli Director Isao Takahata Declines to Join Oscar Academy (2/1/2016)
Akira Himekawa's New Zelda Manga is Twilight Princess (2/1/2016)
Idolm@ster Game Series Director Akihiro Ishihara Leaves Bandai Namco (2/1/2016)
Servamp TV Anime's 1st Promo Reveals July Premiere (1/31/2016)
Shonen Jump Posts Preview Images of 2 New February Manga (1/31/2016)
Barakamon Prequel Manga Handa-kun Gets TV Anime (1/31/2016)
Tsukino-Con announces Kensho Ono as Guest (1/31/2016)
My Hero Academia Reveals Character Designs For Momo Yaoyorozu, Fumikage Tokoyami (1/31/2016)
Celebrate Valentine's Day with Nana Mizuki's New Potato Chip Flavor (1/31/2016)
Japan's KitKat Flavors Now Include Sake (1/31/2016)
Girls Frontline Developer Responds to Mushibugyo Design Controversy (1/31/2016)
Snow Miku Sky Town Reveals Gorgeous Miku Kimono Figure (1/31/2016)
Isetan Shinjuku Will Sell Limited Lupin the Third Ukiyo-e Prints (1/31/2016)
Weekly Shonen Jump Launches 2 New Series in February (1/31/2016)
Mr. Osomatsu Planner: We Haven't Said It Will End After Half a Year (1/31/2016)
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4's Opening Video Streamed (1/31/2016)
Haikyu!!'s 2nd Event Anime to Ship With Manga's Volume 21 in May (1/31/2016)
X Japan's We Are X Documentary Wins Jury Editing Award at Sundance (1/31/2016)
2nd Queen's Blade Grimoire OVA Slated to Ship This Spring (1/31/2016)
Legend of the Galactic Heroes Browser Game Starts Service (1/31/2016)
Live-Action Moribito Series' Promo Video Shows Haruka Ayase as Balsa (1/31/2016)
D?butsu Sentai Zyuohger TV Show's Full Trailer Streamed (1/31/2016)
Bayonetta, Corrin Previewed in Action in Super Smash Bros. Game (1/31/2016)
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Lord Marksman & Vanadis: Complete Series (Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)
Lord Marksman & Vanadis: Complete Series Limited Edition (Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)
Princess and the Pilot: Complete Collection (Blu-Ray)
Tokyo Ghoul: Season 1 Collector's Edition (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)
YURUYURI: Season 2 (Blu-Ray) (Standard Edition)
Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer Vol. 9-10 (Manga)
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Angel Beats! Heaven's Door Vol. 1 (Manga)
Magika Swordsman and Summoner Vol. 3 (Manga)
Monster Musume Vol. 8 (Manga)
Tokyo ESP Vol. 3 (Manga)
Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 5 (Manga)
Ultraman Vol. 3 (Manga)
Attack On Titan: Eren Lying Posture 8'' Plush
Attack on Titan: Levi Plush
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Pre-orders closing during 2/7 to 2/21
2/21/2016Phone Charm: Gintama - Hatoji's Animal Paradise Rubber Mascot Trading Figures (Display of 6)$55.99
2/9/2016Date a Live 2: Season Two (Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)$64.98
2/9/2016Fairy Tail Vol. 19 (Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)$54.98
2/9/2016Waiting in the Summer: Complete Collection (Blu-Ray) (Sub Only)$59.98
2/9/2016When They Cry: Season 1 Collection (Blu-Ray)$69.98
2/16/2016Celestial Method: Complete Collection (Blu-Ray) (Sub Only)$59.98
2/16/2016Eden of the East: Complete Series + Movies PREMIUM (Blu-Ray)$99.98
2/9/2016One Piece: Collection 15 (DVD Box Set)$34.98
2/9/2016Those Who Hunt Elves: Complete Collection (DVD Box Set)$39.98
2/9/2016When They Cry: Season 1 Collection (DVD Box Set)$49.98
2/16/2016Celestial Method: Complete Collection (DVD Box Set) (Sub Only)$49.98
2/8/2016Mazinger: Mazinger Z Dynamite GK! Action Figure (Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact!)$174.99
2/10/2016Sengoku Bushouki MURAMASA: Matabei Gotou 1/8 Scale Figure$165.99
2/11/2016Digimong Tri: Taichi (Tai) & Agumon FiguartZero Figure$43.99
2/11/2016Godzilla: Godzilla 2001 S.H. Monsterarts Action Figure$82.99
2/11/2016Iron Man: Iron Man MK XLIII 1/12 Scale Figure$119.99
2/11/2016Mahiru Izumi Illustrations: Mitsuki Ichinose 1/6 Scale Figure$160.99
2/11/2016Naruto Shippuden: Naruto Sage Mode S.H. Figuarts Action Figure$52.99
2/12/2016DC Comics: Justice League Series 0.5 Mini HMF Box Action Figure (Display of 4)$71.96
2/13/2016Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Batman Play Arts Kai Action Figure$149.99
2/13/2016Kantai Collection -KanColle-: Takao 1/8 Scale Figure$174.99
2/14/2016Freezing Vibration: Satellizer El Bridget Bondage Ver. 1/6 Scale Figure$156.99
2/14/2016Oreimo: Koroneko ~From the Bedroom~ 1/7 Scale Figure$137.99
2/15/2016Daruma Club: Daruma Club Vol. 1 Trading Figures (Display of 6)$66.00
2/15/2016Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiyan Son Goku Super Warrior Awakening Ver. S.H. Figuarts Action Figure$49.99
2/15/2016Gundam 0080: GM Sniper II Robot Spirits Action Figure$26.99
2/15/2016Gundam Seed Destiny: Destiny Impulse Robot Spirits Action Figure$56.99
2/15/2016Gundam Unicorn: Banshee Gundam (Destroy Mode) NXEDGE STYLE Action Figure$26.99
2/15/2016Gundam Zeta: Qubeley Robot Spirits Action Figure$59.99
2/15/2016Iron Man 3: Iron Man MK42 1/4 Scale Action Figure$549.99
2/15/2016One Piece: Monkey D. Luffy Gum-Gum Hawk Whip Figuarts Zero Figure$39.99
2/15/2016Ranma 1/2: Shampoo S.H. Figuarts Action Figure$43.99
2/15/2016Star Wars: Captain Phasma Egg Attack EAA-016 Action Figure (Force Awakens)$89.99
2/15/2016Star Wars: Kylo Ren Egg Attack EAA-017 Action Figure (Force Awakens)$89.99
2/17/2016Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Mental Model Takao Bunny Style 1/8 Scale Figure$142.99
2/18/2016Uncharted 4: Nathan Drake Ultimate Action Figure$29.99
2/19/2016Alien Vs. Predator Requiem: Wolf Predator Hybrid Metal Figuration Action Figure$94.99
2/20/2016Anime Collection: Best of Anime Series 2 Mystery PDQ Mini Figures (Display of 12)$81.99
2/21/2016Desktop Army: B-101s Silphy Series Action Figures (Display of 5)$102.99
2/21/2016Zelda: Link DX Figma Action Figure (A Link Between Two Worlds)$55.99
2/21/2016Zelda: Link Standard Figma Action Figure (A Link Between Two Worlds)$46.99
2/21/2016Love Live!: Ayase Eri Halloween Version (Alpha Omega)$207.99
2/21/2016One Piece: Nami Version BB 2 P.O.P. 1/8 Scale Figure$108.99
2/21/2016One Piece: Pirate's Tea Time Ochatomo Trading Figures (Display of 8)$54.99
2/21/2016One Piece: Portgas D. Ace Variable Action Heroes Action Figure$96.99
2/21/2016Sailor Moon: Let's Go To Festival Petite Chara! Trading Figures (Set of 6)$59.99
2/21/2016Strike The Blood: Yukina Himeragi 1/8 Scale Figure$121.99
2/19/2016[Display] Yu-Gi-Oh!: Shining Victories Booster Box (Display of 24 Packs)$95.76
2/15/2016Gundam 0083: Dendrobium Orchis HGUC 1/144 Scale Model Kit$304.99
2/15/2016Mobile Suit Gundam: Dom MG 1/144 Scale Model Kit$43.99
2/15/2016Mobile Suit Gundam: Rick Dom MG 1/144 Scale Model Kit$43.99
2/18/2016Gundam IBO: Grimgerde 1/100 Scale Model Kit$27.99
2/18/2016Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans: Kudelia Chara Stand Plate Kudelia$5.99
2/18/2016Gundam Seed Destiny: SD Gundam Destiny EX-Standard Scale Model Kit$6.49
2/18/2016Gundam Seed: Freedom Ver. 2.00 MG 1/100 Scale Model Kit$48.99
2/18/2016Gundam The Blue Destiny: Efreet Kai Re/100 Scale Model Kit$38.99
2/18/2016Gundam The Origin: Waff HG 1/144 Scale Model Kit$18.99
2/18/2016Gundam Thunderbolt: Full Armor Gundam ver Thunderbolt (Anime Color) HGTB 1/144 Scale Model Kit$28.99
2/18/2016Gundam Thunderbolt: Zaku & Big Gun (Anime Color) HGTB 1/144 Scale Model Kit$39.99
2/18/2016Mobile Suit Gundam: Gouf (Revive) HGUC 1/144 Scale Model Kit$15.99

Featured Items
Monster Musume Vol.  8 (Manga)
Monster Musume Vol. 8 (Manga)
Magika Swordsman and Summoner Vol.  3 (Manga)
Magika Swordsman and Summoner Vol. 3 (Manga)
Ultraman Vol.  3 (Manga)
Ultraman Vol. 3 (Manga)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Movie -Rebellion- Vol.  2 (Manga)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Movie -Rebellion- Vol. 2 (Manga)
Ubel Blatt Vol.  4 (Manga)
Ubel Blatt Vol. 4 (Manga)
Hayate The Combat Butler Vol. 27 (Manga)
Hayate The Combat Butler Vol. 27 (Manga)
Final Fantasy Type-0 Side Story Vol.  3: The Ice Reaper (Manga)
Final Fantasy Type-0 Side Story Vol. 3: The Ice Reaper (Manga)
Isolator Novel Vol.  2
Isolator Novel Vol. 2
Horimiya Vol.  2 (Manga)
Horimiya Vol. 2 (Manga)
So I Can't Play H Vol.  4 (Manga)
So I Can't Play H Vol. 4 (Manga)
Sword Art Online: Girls' Ops Vol.  2 (Manga)
Sword Art Online: Girls' Ops Vol. 2 (Manga)
Triage X Vol. 11 (Manga)
Triage X Vol. 11 (Manga)
Batman: Bad Blood (DVD)
Batman: Bad Blood (DVD)
Sailor Moon R: Season 2 Part 2 Collection (DVD Box Set)
Sailor Moon R: Season 2 Part 2 Collection (DVD Box Set)
Blood-C Vol.  4 (Manga)
Blood-C Vol. 4 (Manga)
Food Wars! Vol. 10 (Manga)
Food Wars! Vol. 10 (Manga)
My Hero Academia Vol.  3 (Manga)
My Hero Academia Vol. 3 (Manga)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Omnibus Vol. 5 (Vol. 13,14,15) (Manga) (3-in-1 Edition)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Omnibus Vol. 5 (Vol. 13,14,15) (Manga) (3-in-1 Edition)
School Judgment Vol.  1: Gakkyu Hotei (Manga)
School Judgment Vol. 1: Gakkyu Hotei (Manga)
Behind the Scenes!! Vol.  1 (Manga)
Behind the Scenes!! Vol. 1 (Manga)