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New Bags

Code Bags SRP
GE11771Bag: Accel World - Prominece Icon Messenger$35.00
GE81082Tote Bag: Angel Beats! - Girls Dead Monster$35.00
GE82289Backpack: Attack on Titan - 104th Cadet Corps Drawstring$18.99
GE11627Backpack: Attack on Titan - Eren & Levi Drawstring$18.99
GE11626Bag: Attack on Titan - Mikasa, Eren & Armin Messenger$35.00
GE82255Bag: Attack on Titan - Scout Regiment Messenger$39.99
GE82301Bag: Attack on Titan - Wall Maria Messenger$39.99
GE11680Bag: Baka and Test - Akihisa Messenger$39.99
GE5670Bag: Black Butler - Sebastian Messenger$35.00
GE22000Cosmetic Bag: Certain Scientific Railgun$17.99
GE11973Backpack: Date A Live - Yoshinon Drawstring$29.99
GE11099Bag: DMC - Dante and Angels Messenger (Devil May Cry)$35.00
GE11195Backpack: Doraemon - Toast Face$29.99
GE5710Bag: Durarara!! - Celty Messenger$35.00
GE5711Bag: Durarara!! - Izaya and Shizuo Messenger$35.00
GE81041Bag: Fairy Tail - Erza Messenger$35.00
GE11655Bag: Fairy Tail - Natsu & Happy Gray Messenger$35.00
GE82150Bag: Fairy Tail - Sting Messenger$39.99
GE82152Tote Bag: Fairy Tail - Lucy$29.99
GE5691Bag: FLCL - P! Messenger$35.00
GE82188Backpack: Free! - Iwatobi SC Jacket Drawstring$18.99
GE82181Backpack: Free! - Samezuka SC Drawstring$18.99
GE5654Bag: FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Crew$35.00
GE11802Tote Bag: FullMetal Alchemist - Cross of Flamel$29.99
GE11732Bag: Future Diary - Yukiteru Grey$39.99
GE11599Bag: Gundam UC - Sinanju Messenger$39.99
GE11698Backpack: Hellsing Ultimate - Hellsing Organization Emblem Drawstring$18.99
GE11696Bag: Hellsing - Magic Circle Messenger$39.99
GE5701Bag: Hetalia - Axis Trio Messenger$35.00
GE5702Bag: Hetalia - England and America Messenger$35.00
GE5573Bag: High School of the Dead - Saeko Messenger$35.00
GE11826Bag: Is This A Zombie? - Eu Purple Messenger$39.99
GE11818Backpack: Kamisama Kiss - Group SD Drawstring$18.99
GE11746Bag: KILL la KILL - SD Ryuko Senketu Messenger$39.99
GE5547Bag: Ouran High School Host Club - School Emblem Messenger$35.00
GE82228Backpack: Panda! Go Panda! - Greeting Drawstring$18.99
GE11944Bag: PSYCHO-PASS - Ministry of Welfare's Public Safety Bureau Messenger$39.99
GE11642Tote Bag: PSYCHO-PASS - SD Characters$15.99
GE5680Backpack: Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Kyubey Plush$36.00
GE11834Bag: Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Madoka Movie Messenger$39.99
GE5693Bag: Rosario+Vampire - Bat Plush$31.99
GE11866Backpack: Sailor Moon - Artemis Drawstring$18.99
GE81001Backpack: Sailor Moon - Sailor Pattern$35.00
GE11933Tote Bag: Sailor Moon - Compact$29.99
GE81023Tote Bag: Sailor Moon - Group$35.00
GE82137Tote Bag: Sailor Moon - I Love Sailormoon$39.99
GE11941Tote Bag: Sailor Moon - Super S Chibimoon Shoulder$39.99
GE11579Tote Bag: Sonic - Sonic & Tails Logo$23.99
693186362958Backpack: Spiderman Plush$15.99
GE82165Bag: Sword Art Online - Asuna Knight of The Blood Messenger$39.99
GE11181Bag: Sword Art Online - Group Messener$39.99
GE11136Bag: Sword Art Online - Kirito Pose Messenger$35.00
GE5405Backpack: Tsubasa - White Mokona (Soel) Plush$18.99