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New Books

Code Books SRP
197530311386--EIGHTY-SIX Novel Vol. 3$14.00
1642757268Accomplishments of the Duke's Daughter Vol. 5 (Manga)$12.99
1975331672Angels of Death Vol. 8 (Manga)$13.00
1975358546Anne Happy Vol. 10: Unhappy Go Lucky! (Manga)$13.00
1642751359Arpeggio of Blue Steel Vol. 15 (Manga)$12.99
1974708004Beastars Vol. 3 (Manga)$12.99
1506712002Berserk Deluxe Edition Vol. 3 (Manga)$49.99
1974709671Blue Morning Vol. 8 (Yaoi Manga)$12.99
0976604507Brother (2nd Edition) (Manga)$12.99
1975359003Bungo Stray Dogs Another Story Vol. 1 (Manga)$13.00
1632368951Cells at Work! Code Black Vol. 2 (Manga)$12.99
1974708837Children of the Whales Vol. 13 (Manga)$12.99
197532773XChio's School Road Vol. 6 (Manga)$13.00
1642750689Classmates Vol. 3: Sotsu gyo sei (Spring) (Manga)$12.99
1642757233Classroom of the Elite Novel Vol. 3$13.99
1642757225Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! Novel Vol. 7$13.99
1947194860Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro Vol. 1 (Manga)$12.95
1974707407Art Book: Dragon Ball: A Visual History$34.99
1975331923Durarara!! Re;Dollars Arc Vol. 5 (Manga)$13.00
0316561215Empty Box and Zeroth Maria Novel Vol. 7$14.00
1632368935Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest Vol. 2 (Manga)$10.99
1642757209Freezing Vol. 25-26 (Manga)$19.99
1975358597Fruits Basket Another Vol. 3 (Manga)$15.00
1421599899FullMetal Alchemist: Fullmetal Edition Vol. 7 (Manga)$19.99
FU37102Art Book: Funko's 'WORLD OF POP!' Vol. 7$29.99
1626929556Generation Witch Vol. 5 (Manga)$12.99
1642756970Getter Robo Devolution Vol. 4 (Manga)$12.99
1632368366Gleipnir Vol. 5 (Manga)$12.99
1642757047Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Novel Vol. 11$13.99
1947194798Gundam Wing Vol. 14 (Manga)$12.95
1975353579Hatsu*Haru Vol. 9 (Manga)$13.00
197535690XHero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious Novel Vol. 2$14.00
164275692XHigh School Life of a Fudanshi Vol. 5 (Manga)$12.99
1975384873High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World! Vol. 5 (Manga)$13.00
1642753408How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord Vol. 6 (Manga)$12.99
1506708323I am a Hero Omnibus Vol. 11 (Manga)$19.99
1632368412I'm Standing on a Million Lives Vol. 4 (Manga)$10.99
193380971XJunk! (Manga)$12.99
1975359461Kaiju Girl Caramelise Vol. 2 (Manga)$13.00
1975358600Kemono Friends a la Carte Anthology Vol. 1 (Manga)$13.00
1947194852Kino's Journey Vol. 4: Beautiful World (Manga)$12.95
1975358627Kiss and White Lily for My Dearest Girl Vol. 10 (Manga)$13.00
1421585049Legend of the Galactic Heroes Novel Vol. 10$15.99
1974706397Levius/est Vol. 1 (Manga)$12.99
1975332024Murcielago Vol. 12 (Manga)$13.00
1642757055Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Novel Vol. 3$13.99
1642757284My Monster Secret Vol. 18 (Manga)$12.99
1642757306My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Vol. 2 (Manga)$13.99
197538413XMy Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong as I Expected Novel Vol. 8$14.00
164275708XEvangelion Anima Novel Vol. 1$13.99
164275711XNew Game! Vol. 7 (Manga)$13.99
1642753378Nicola Traveling Around the Demons' World Vol. 1 (Manga)$12.99
1974710467No Guns Life Vol. 2 (Manga)$12.99
1975332814Nyankees Vol. 4 (Manga)$13.00
1975358708Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World Vol. 1 (Manga)$13.00
1642753386Our Wonderful Days Vol. 1 (Manga)$12.99
1975358643Overlord: The Undead King Oh! Vol. 1 (Manga)$13.00
1642751227Pandora In The Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn Vol. 12 (Manga)$12.99
1632368552Quintessential Quintuplets Vol. 6 (Manga)$10.99
1974703894Radiant Vol. 8 (Manga)$9.99
1974703665Ran and the Gray World Vol. 5 (Manga)$14.99
197470954XRecord of Grancrest War Vol. 5 (Manga)$9.99
1642757241Reincarnated as a Sword Novel Vol. 3$13.99
1974706591Rin-Ne Vol. 31 (Manga)$9.99
1632365936Sailor Moon Eternal Vol. 6 (Manga)$27.99
1642757276Saint Seiya Saintia Sho Vol. 8 (Manga)$12.99
1975332083Sekirei Vol. 10 (Manga)$15.00
1632368730Seven Deadly Sins Vol. 35 (Manga)$10.99
159116916XSexy Voice and Robo Vol. 1 (Manga)$19.99
1642757314Shomin Sample: I Was Abducted by an Elite All-Girls School as a Sample Commoner Vol. 11 (Manga)$12.99
1642757292Skeleton Knight in Another World Vol. 2 (Manga)$12.99
1975331400Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san Vol. 2 (Manga)$15.00
1975305663Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town Novel Vol. 1$15.00
163236882XTales of Berseria Vol. 1 (Manga)$14.99
1975331702Teasing Master Takagi-san Vol. 6 (Manga)$13.00
1974710580Art Book: Transformers - A Visual History$49.99
1974710572Art Book: Transformers - A Visual History (Limited Edition)$99.99
1974710432Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow Vol. 1 (Manga)$9.99
1974703452Urusei Yatsura Vol. 4 (Manga)$19.99
1632368609Witch Hat Atelier Vol. 4 (Manga)$12.99
1642757322Wonderland Vol. 4 (Manga)$12.99
197535866XWoof Woof Story Novel Vol. 3: I Told You to Turn Me Into a Pampered Pooch, Not Fenrir$14.00
1974709280Yarichin Bitch Club Vol. 1 (Manga)$14.99