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New Figures

Code Figures SRP
FU3143Aliens: Alien POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU10134Aliens: Queen Alien 6'' POP Vinyl Figure$14.99
FU14194Attack on Titan: Annie Leonhart POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU14195Attack on Titan: Armored Titan 6'' POP Vinyl Figure$14.99
FU4366Attack on Titan: Female Titan 6'' POP Vinyl Figure$14.99
FU14196Attack on Titan: Levi POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU13632Batman: Batgirl '66 POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU2201Batman: Batman (Black/Gray) POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU13628Batman: Riddler '66 POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU2266Beetlejuice: Beetlejuice POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
4571245296443Berserk: Femto Figma Action Figure$83.99
MG68622Black Panther: Black Panther Bust Bank$18.99
FU6467Bob's Burger: Tina Belcher POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU5763Borderlands: Mad Moxxi POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU14319Borderlands: Tiny Tina POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU14322Borderlands: Zero POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU7604Captain America: Civil War - Hawkeye & Spiderman POP Vinyl Figure w/ Captain America & Iron Man Key Chains (4-Pack)$24.99
FU13106Captain Underpants: Professor Poopypants POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU13260Darkwing Duck: Darkwing Duck POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU13608Darkwing Duck: Gosalyn Mallard POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU13261Darkwing Duck: Launchpad McQuack POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU12853DC Comics: DC Bombshells - Wonder Woman POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
MG67409Deadpool: Deadpool Bust Bank$14.99
FU13426Despicable Me 3: Dave (Tourist) Minion POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU13428Despicable Me 3: Fluffy Unicorn POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU13429Despicable Me 3: Spy Gru POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
662248808536Disney Formation Arts: Snow White Edition Trading Figures (Display of 4)$39.99
FU6876Disney: Buzz Lightyear Pop! Vinyl Figure (Toy Story)$11.99
FU3200Disney: Dumbo POP Vinyl Figure (Dumbo)$11.99
FU9926Disney: Moana & Pua POP Vinyl Figure (Moana)$11.99
FU5135Disney: Rapunzel & Pascal Pop! Vinyl Figure (Tangled)$11.99
FU12253[Display] Disney - Series 1 Pint Size Heroes Mini Trading Figures (Display of 24)$96.00
889075005215Dota 2: Anti-Mage Figma Action Figure$69.99
889075005222Dota 2: Windranger Figma Action Figure$69.99
FU13026Dr. Seuss: Cat in the Hat Dorbz Vinyl Figure$7.99
4549660141112Dragon Ball Super: Shodo 4 Action Figures (Display of 6)$71.94
4549660143406Dragon Ball XenoVerse: Time Patroler (TP) S.H.Figuarts Action Figure$49.99
4549660141730Dragon Ball Z: Android 18 Styling Mini Figure$15.00
FU3807Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiyan Goku Pop! Vinyl Figure$11.99
889075606085Durarara!! X2: Celty Sturluson Figma Action Figure$55.99
FU3035Elf: Buddy the Elf Pop Vinyl Figure (Will Ferrell)$11.99
190526000568Fate/Grand Order: Assassin/Mysterious Heroine X Ani-Statue 1/7 Scale Figure$139.99
FU5220Fifth Element: Straps Leeloo POP! Vinyl Figure$11.99
662248816388Final Fantasy VII Remake: Barret Wallace Play Arts Kai Action Figure$149.99
662248818375Final Fantasy VII Remake: Cloud Strife Play Arts Kai Action Figure$149.99
662248818368Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive - King Regis Lucis Caelum Static Arts Gallery Bust$60.00
662248817828World of Final Fantasy: Cactuar Conductor Static Arts Mini Figure$39.99
662248817811World of Final Fantasy: Chocochick Static Arts Mini Figure$39.99
662248817835World of Final Fantasy: Magitek Armor Static Arts Mini Figure$59.99
662248817804World of Final Fantasy: Tama Static Arts Mini Figure$39.99
FU13722Five Nights at Freddy's: Five Night Figure Set (4-Pack)$12.99
FU13735Five Nights At Freddy's: Nightmare Bonnie POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU13734Five Nights At Freddy's: Nightmare Chica POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU13733Five Nights At Freddy's: Nightmare Foxy POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU13721Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location Figure Set (4-Pack)$12.99
FU14002[Display] Five Nights At Freddy's: Series 2 PDQ Mystery Minis Trading Figures (Display of 12)$81.99
FU5235Futurama: Fry POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU5062Game of Thrones: Viserion Dragon 6'' Pop! Vinyl Figure$14.99
4532149013420Godzilla: Biollante 8'' Non Scale Figure$469.99
FU9121Golden Girls: Rose POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU9122Golden Girls: Sophia POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU12376Gravity Falls: Bill Cipher POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
761941345598Arrow TV: Vixen Action Figure$28.00
4535123822155Gundam 00: Putlemios Container Realistic Model Series 1/44 Scale Figure$217.99
4549660012627Gundam Wing: Wing Gundam (EW Ver.) NXEDGE Style Action Figure$31.99
4549660128885Gundam: Nu Gundam Formania EX Action Figure (Char's Counterattack - Beltorchika's Children)$199.99
FU2292Horror Movies: Jason Voorhees POP Vinyl Figures (Friday the 13th)$11.99
FU3365Saw: Billy POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU12535John Wick: John Wick POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
889075005406Nendoroid: King of Fighters XIV - Mai Shiranui Action Figure$48.00
FU10824Labyrinth: Jareth POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU11076League of Legends: Zed Legacy Action Figure$19.99
FU14299Leftovers: Kevin POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU14301Leftovers: Matt POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU14300Leftovers: Patti POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
4580416901024Zelda: Link Standard Figma Action Figure (A Link Between Worlds)$46.99
889075005260Zelda: Twilight Princess - Link Figma Action Figure$56.99
FU13556Lord of the Rings: Balrog 6'' POP Vinyl Figure$14.99
FU13550Lord of the Rings: Gandalf POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU13554Lord of the Rings: Nazgul POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU13555Lord of the Rings: Saruman POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU4816H.P. Lovecraft: Cthulhu POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
4549660098812Megaman: 66 Series Buildable Action Trading Figures (Display of 10) $90.00
4560228204407Muramasa: Demon Blade - Kongiku 1/8 Scale Figure$143.99
FU6366Naruto Shippuden: Naruto Uzumaki POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU12452Naruto Shippuden: Tobi/Obito POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU3657Nightmare Before Christmas: Day of the Dead Jack Skellington POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
MG26511Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack Skellington Bust Bank$19.99
4530956151991Nintendo: Mario Bros - Luigi UDF Figure$12.99
FU13090Overwatch: D.Va & Meka 6-Inch Buddy Vinyl Figure$24.99
4545784064566Persona 3: Makoto Yuki Figma Action Figure$65.99
FU13823Planet of the Apes: Cornelius Dorbz Vinyl Figure$7.99
FU11019Powerpuff Girls: Mojo Jojo POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU12925Rick & Morty: Morty 5'' Action Figure$12.99
FU9016Rick & Morty: Morty POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU12441Rick & Morty: Mr. Meeseeks POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
4549660128441Sailor Moon: Super Sailor Mercury S.H.Figuarts Action Figure$49.99
4549660128502Saint Seiya: Gemini Saga God Cloth Saint Cloth Myth EX Action Figure$119.99
FU9424Scooby Doo: Scooby-Doo POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU4908Sesame Street: Ernie POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU14330Elder Scrolls: Naryu POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU14332Elder Scrolls: Vivec POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU14331Elder Scrolls: Warden POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
889075004386Nendoroid: Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonic Action Figure (EZ Ver.)$34.99
FU2276Marvel: Spider-Man POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU13415Spiderman Homecoming: Pint Size Heroes Series 1 Figure (3-Pack)$9.99
FU13439Spiderman Homecoming: Pint Size Heroes Series 2 Figure (3-Pack)$9.99
MG67963Spiderman: Spiderman Modern Bust Bank$14.99
190526003897Star Wars: Boba Fett ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figure (Cloud City)$59.99
603259027882Star Wars: Darth Vader ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figure (Return of Anakin Skywalker)$59.99
190526001909Star Wars: Rogue One - K-2SO ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figure$79.99
190526001893Star Wars: Rogue One - Scarif Stromtrooper ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figure Two-Pack$119.99
FU13318Stranger Things: Eleven w/ Eggos POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
4549660051947Street Fighter V: Chun Li S.H.Figuarts Action Figure$54.99
4549660051930Street Fighter V: Ryu S.H.Figuarts Action Figure$54.99
761941345628Supergirl TV: Martian Manhunter Action Figure$28.00
761941345604Supergirl TV: Supergirl Action Figure$28.00
FU4235Supernatural: Charlie Bradbury POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU5100Supernatural: Crowley POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU3735Supernatural: Sam Winchester POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU6354Sword Art Online: Kirito POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
4549660128458Tamashii: Man DX Set (Pale Orange Color Ver.) S.H.Figuarts Action Figure$54.99
4549660128465Tamashii: Woman DX Set (Pale Orange Color Ver.) S.H.Figuarts Action Figure$54.99
4897058783025Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: HMF Mini Action Figures (4-Pack)$74.99
MG68253Avengers 2: Age of Ultron - Ultron Prime Bust Bank$16.99
FU11709Twisted Metal: Sweet Tooth POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
4549660037354Ultraman: Ultra Seven S.H.Figuarts Action Figure$56.99
4580416901840Nendoroid: Uncharted - Nathan Drake Action Figure$45.99
FU2955Walking Dead: Rick Grimes Pop Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU12458Wolverine: Logan POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
662248818849Wolverine: Wolverine Variant Play Arts Kai Action Figure (Designed by Hitoshi Kondo)$149.99
4549660112150WWE: Triple H S.H.Figuarts Action Figure$52.00
603259013960Yu-Gi-Oh!: Dark Magician Girl Ani-Statue 1/7 Scale Figure$69.99