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Del Rey Announces 6 New Manga
Date: 7/24/2004
Betsy Mitchell, V.P. and Editor-in-Chief of Del Rey announced at the company's San Diego Comic Con panel that the company launch six new manga series in 2005. At this itme, Del Rey will not name the titles they are planning on releasing in 2005 because negotiations have not been completed for any of the titles.

The six new titles will bring Del Rey's totla up to twelve ongoing series.

Mitchell stated that Del Rey manga was "Profitable almost from day one."

Dallas Middaugh, Director of Manga at Del Rey, said that if any titles licensed by Del Rey included color pages in their Japanese releases, those color pages will be included in the North American release. They admitted that not including the colorpages in Negima volume 1 was a mistake, and they have also comitted to not editing any of their releases. Starting with volume 3, Negima will no longer have the age rating sticker.

Del Rey will stick with its quarterly release schedule for its manga, however with the move from 4 to 6 and then 12 titles, they will be releasing more titles per month.
Source: Anime News Network