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LA Times Article on Fansubs
Date: 4/21/2005
Los Angeles Times ran an article about fansubbed anime in the Calendar section yesterday (Page E3, or online here). It discusses what fansubbs are, touches lightly on the legality and has quotes from fansubbers, fansub viewers and the industry.
The article opens with the statement that when Fullmetal Alchemist premiered on Cartoon Network, " many American viewers had already seen all 51 episodes" and adds that when the first DVD was released, some fans already owned copies of the entire series.
The fansubers and fansub viewers interviewed stick to "traditional fansub ethics" where fansubs of a title should be removed from circulation once it is licensed.
In response to the arguement that fansubs provide companies with "gold-plated marketing information," Chad Kime of Geneon Entertainment is quoted as saying, "[that might have been true several years ago, but currently] the bidding on many titles begins before the show even airs. Additionally, more and more 'B' titles are being ignored by the fans; many companies suspect that sales of these titles is impaired by distribution in fansub circles."
Source: Anime News Network