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Anime News

DateArticle Name
10/29/2004Appleseed Theatrical Release Clarification
10/29/2004MPD Psycho Live Action Series Licensed
10/28/2004Kobe Animation Awards
10/28/2004Viz takes a poll on Shojo
10/28/2004Dreamworks Acquires Casshern
10/28/2004Yu Yu Hakusho Re-Price
10/28/2004Miyazaki DVDs Delayed Again?
10/27/2004Wolf's Rain Manga Boxed Set
10/27/2004Negima Screenshots
10/27/2004 Anime Fringe October Issue Covers Protoculture Addicts
10/27/2004Canadian Arrested in Japan for Pirating Gundam Seed DVDs
10/26/2004Seven Seas Launches Website
10/26/2004ImaginAsian TV licenses
10/26/2004Psycho Le Cemu Concert Movie at The ImaginAsian
10/26/2004Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Preview in Anime Insider
10/26/2004Hello Kitty Hits 30
10/25/2004Bandai Warehouse Woes
10/25/2004Zeta Gundam Further Delayed
10/25/2004Manga Museum To Open in Kyoto
10/25/2004Media Blasters February Releases
10/24/2004Oni-Con News
10/24/2004Anime Characters in Top Earning Fictional Characters
10/24/2004Artemis Radio Goes Offline
10/24/2004Steamboy heads to PS2
10/24/2004Additional ADV Licenses From Oni-con
10/23/2004The Place Promised License Clarification
10/23/2004Catwoman Director to Helm Akira
10/23/2004New Conventions in Miami Beach, Atlanta and St. Louis
10/23/2004Bandai Announces Canadian Distribution
10/22/2004New ComicsOne Licenses
10/22/2004Live Action Gigantor Trailer
10/22/2004Initial D Making of Featurette
10/22/2004Samurai Champloo Second Season
10/21/2004ITOCHU Corporation and Ishimori Group establish a Joint Venture Company
10/21/2004Nelvana and Funimation to Co-Release Anime
10/21/2004TAN Acquires all 3 Seasons of Slayers
10/21/2004DBZ Trivia Game
10/21/2004Newtype USA Bringing Back DVD (raising cover prie to $12.98)
10/21/2004Del Rey Licences Guru Guru
10/21/2004Fullmetal Alchemist Delayed
10/21/2004New Tokyopop Manwha Licences
10/21/2004Shochiko to Produce Anime
10/21/2004Media Blasters Delays
10/21/2004MSNBC on Animated Porn
10/20/2004TOKYOPOP Spinner Display
10/20/2004Ghost in the Shell 2 DVD in December
10/20/2004Tai Seng Releases the Condor Hero
10/19/2004Negima Anime beginning in January
10/19/2004Fullmetal Alchemist Website Live
10/18/2004Newtype USA Bringing Back DVD
10/17/2004Update: The Nanking Atrocities and Kuni ga Moeru
10/17/2004D3 Publisher Comes to America
10/16/2004ADV acquires The Place Promised In Our Early Days
10/14/2004Gungrave & ROD the TV to air on G4TechTV
10/14/2004Politically-charged Manga Suspended in Japan
10/12/2004Waterloo Festival of Animated Cinema
10/12/2004Wendee Lee speaks at USC
10/12/2004Advent Children and Innocence in Montreal
10/12/2004L'Arc-en-Ciel US premiere DVD
10/10/2004New Saikano Projects in Japan
10/10/2004Appleseed US Premiere At Boston Film Festival
10/9/2004Miyazaki DVDs in February?
10/8/2004New Manga Licenses
10/8/2004Marie Croall talks about Voltron Comic
10/7/2004Shopping Cart enabled for clients
10/7/2004New U.K. Manga Anthology: Manga Mover
10/6/2004Otakon 2004 Statistics
10/5/2004ADV, FUNimation, Geneon form joint venture
10/4/2004Eratta: Case Closed not cancelled
10/2/2004Live Action Real-Bout High School