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Anime News

DateArticle Name
11/30/2004CPM at MIT Talk on Anime Industry
11/30/2004Hello Kitty Sold for $102,000
11/30/2004Tsubasa TV Series
11/29/2004The Superhero Book Includes Manga Heroes
11/29/2004Nintendo to Produce Anime
11/29/2004New CPM Licenses
11/24/2004More New Viz Manga in March
11/24/2004Media Blasters DVD Delays
11/24/2004Level C Uncut but...
11/23/2004Otakon 2005 Announced
11/23/2004Toei Announces First Releases
11/23/2004Pete Docter to Produce English Howl
11/23/2004Angel Heart Anime
11/22/2004Selfish Love: Missing Pages
11/22/2004Cameron Talks About Battle Angel
11/22/2004Gen Fukunaga Interview
11/22/2004Speakeasy Announces Amano's Hero
11/22/2004Howl Sets New Record
11/22/2004Peach Girl Anime
11/20/2004Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles Anime
11/20/2004More Sound Woes for Stand Alone Complex
11/19/2004New Viz Manga in 2005
11/18/20041 Million Inu Yasha DVDs Sold
11/18/2004XXXHolic by I.G
11/17/2004Geneon - Toei Details
11/16/2004Kodocha in Summer 2005
11/15/2004Shaman King Under Strain
11/13/2004Range Murata at Katsucon
11/13/2004CPM Re-releases
11/12/2004Bandai America Cuts into Bandai's Profits
11/12/2004Howl on 1 of every 6 Japanese Screens
11/11/2004Shrek 2 DVD With Millennium Actress Preview
11/11/2004WEA to Distribute CPM Titles
11/11/2004CPM February Releases
11/11/20044Kids Plans to Release Magical Doremi in 2005
11/11/2004Yu-Gi-Oh! GX in 2005
11/11/2004Geneon Signs Deal with Toei
11/11/2004CPM Distribution Details
11/11/2004Media Blasters March Manga
11/10/2004T.M. Revolution Gundam Single Hits #1 in Japan
11/10/2004Tokyopop Announces New Titles
11/10/2004Stand Alone Complex Brings out the Viewers
11/10/2004Disney Officially Announces Second Round of Miyazaki DVDs
11/10/2004Stand Alone Complex Beats Out FullMetal Alchemist in Opening
11/10/2004Geneon Boxed Sets
11/10/2004Critical Mass Announces Cool Devices Volume 1
11/8/2004ADV Confirms Oni-Con Licenses
11/8/2004Yaoi Manga Strong Seller at Amazon
11/8/2004Galaxy Angel Price Change
11/8/2004TotalVid, World's Largest Anime Download Library
11/6/2004Newspaper Article on Anime Nation
11/5/2004Gainax to Adapt Wonderful Days
11/4/2004Hollywood Transformers Movie in the Works
11/4/2004CPM Licenses Haru wo Daiteita
11/4/2004Anime Eligible for Oscar
11/4/2004Bandai Release Updates
11/3/2004D.I.C.E. on Cartoon Network
11/3/2004Gundam F91 Trailer
11/2/2004Limited Edition Juvenile Orion volume 5 to be released
11/2/2004Stone Bridge Press Announces Anime Companion 2
11/2/2004My Neighbor Totoro "Ani-Manga"
11/2/2004DMP Announces New Yaoi Title at Yaoi Con
11/1/2004Steamboy Theatrical Date