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Anime News

DateArticle Name
8/31/2004Bleach Video Game
8/31/2004Battle of the Planets DVDs in September
8/31/2004Juvenile Orion Reprint
8/31/2004Juvenile Orion Merchandise Being Made
8/30/2004Yu-Gi-Oh! Box Office Numbers
8/29/2004Movies From Oshii
8/27/2004More November Releases From Bandai
8/27/2004Until the Full Moon Exclusive to Borders
8/27/2004Zeta Gundam Boxed Set
8/26/20042.8 Million Otaku in Japan
8/26/2004Bandai Co. to Invest in Anime
8/26/2004Voice Actors win Second Round of Lawsuits
8/24/2004Forbes Covers ADV President
8/24/2004Newtype Readers Unhappy with DVD change
8/23/2004Japan Fights Piracy Abroad
8/21/2004Cowboy Bebop Re-Mastered
8/20/2004Motley Fool Covers 4Kids
8/20/2004Media Blasters Announces December Titles
8/18/2004Gundam Confirmed for YTV
8/18/2004Yu-Gi-Oh! Exact Numbers
8/18/2004New York Times article highlights new manga cafe
8/18/2004Dragon Ball Manga Defect
8/18/2004Errata: Gundam on YTV
8/18/2004Anime at Chanoma Film Festival 2004
8/18/2004Shoujocon Not Cancelled
8/16/2004Gonzo to Produce Witchblade Anime
8/16/2004Errata: Top Five Graphic Novels
8/16/2004Yu-Gi-Oh! Weekend Estimates
8/16/2004Media Blasters Improves Print Quality
8/16/2004Reuters Article on Japanese Performers
8/15/2004Errata: Say Hello to Black Jack
8/14/2004Witch Hunter Robin Confirmed for YTV
8/14/2004Bleach Anime
8/14/2004Naruto Graphic Novels Strong Performers
8/14/2004Details on New Black Jack Anime
8/13/2004Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie Premieres
8/12/2004CLAMP North and South Side
8/11/2004Mew Mew name changes again
8/11/2004Shoujocon Canceled
8/10/2004When Piracy Becomes Promotion
8/9/2004Watch out for Shonen Bat
8/9/2004Discontinued CPM Titles
8/9/2004Vagabond on Hiatus
8/5/2004Innocence Material at Dragon*Con
8/5/2004Rave Master Edited DVD
8/5/2004Gundams and Pepsi
8/3/2004Yu-Gi-Oh! and Shaman King Unedited Details
8/3/2004New Releases
8/3/2004DMP Signs with Penguin
8/2/2004Princess AI Tops Charts
8/2/2004Stand Alone Complex Disc Issues
8/2/2004Ghost in the Shell Re-print from Dark Horse
8/2/2004Cartoon Network Shines