Anime News

DateArticle Name
9/30/2004New Manga Company?
9/30/2004Miyazaki Art Exhibition in Paris
9/30/2004Asia Carrera not in Live Action DBZ?
9/30/2004Yamauchi Suggests Nintendo Anime Division
9/30/2004More Information on Seven Seas
9/27/2004Super Gals Exchange
9/27/2004Tokyopop Number 1 Graphic Novel Publisher
9/27/2004TRSI Withholds Stand Alone Complex
9/25/2004FUNimation Licenses Samurai 7
9/25/2004ADV Films Announces Madlax
9/25/2004Fruits Basket Artbox Only
9/24/2004Another Anime Network in North America?
9/24/2004Regarding Megaman NT Warrior
9/24/2004New Manga from Yukiru Sugisaki
9/24/2004ADV November Releases
9/24/2004Juvenile Orion "Trinkets" Now Available
9/24/2004Appleseed Theatrical Release in March?
9/22/2004More MegaMan NT Warrior for Kids
9/20/2004Tristia of the Deep Blue Sea DVD Release
9/20/2004Bandai Replaces GitS:SAC CD
9/20/2004New Anime in Japan (Kino's Journey Movie, Negima!, Madam is a Magical Girl)
9/20/2004New Anime Magazine for Women
9/20/2004Cartoon Network News
9/17/2004Anime Movies on Cartoon Network
9/15/2004Viz Confirms Monthly Rurouni Kenshin
9/15/2004New FFVII Game Announced
9/13/2004Viz Licenses Monster?
9/13/2004Samurai Champloo in January
9/13/2004Spirited Away DVD Lawsuit Settled
9/11/2004Ghost in the Shell 2 Graphic Novel Announced
9/9/2004Ironcat Cancellations
9/9/2004Ghost in the Shell in Theatres Friday
9/7/2004Gravitation Volume 3 "Glitch"
9/7/2004Be Beautiful Website Launches
9/7/2004GDH Animates G.I. Joe
9/7/2004Japan wins WorldCon 2007 Bid
9/7/2004Funimation Licenses Galaxy Railways
9/7/2004Oh! My Goddess Cast Unchanged
9/7/2004Fullmetal Alchemist Release Details
9/7/2004Full Metal Alchemist Trading Cards
9/7/2004Pre-Order form updated
9/2/20044Kids Announces Fox Box Schedule
9/2/2004Mew Mews MIA
9/1/2004Fruits Basket Tops Graphic Novel Sales
9/1/2004Anime Qualifies for Trade Insurance