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Anime News

DateArticle Name
1/31/2005Akira Toriyama Car
1/31/2005Time Warner to Produce Anime
1/31/2005Air Movie Trailer Online
1/31/2005Broccoli Talks Full Moon 2 Delay and New License
1/31/2005NPR Talk Manga, Anime
1/31/2005Manga / Anime Threatens American Superheroes
1/31/2005Alchemist Attraction To Open At Universal Studios Japan
1/31/2005Tsubasa Chronicle TV Site Launches
1/31/2005Upper Deck Changes Shipping Policies on Yu-Gi-Oh!
1/31/2005Right Stuf Announces Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars
1/31/2005Ghost in the Shell: SAC Pricing
1/31/2005Japanese Razzis go to Live-Action Anime Adaptations
1/31/2005Urusei Yatsura OAV DVD Release
1/31/2005Anime for Underdeveloped Nations
1/31/2005Chusonji Yutsuko Dies
1/31/2005Itochu Stock Remains Unchanged Following Time Warner Deal Announcement
1/30/2005Annies Pass On Innocence
1/30/2005CLAMP Museum Exhibition
1/28/2005My Neighbor Totoro Delay Explained
1/28/2005Aquarian Age the Movie Due this Spring
1/28/2005Yoshitaka Amano At Anizona Con
1/28/2005Massive Pirate Anime DVD Bust In Hong Kong
1/28/2005Decipher Downsizes
1/28/2005Duel Masters in Happy Meals
1/27/2005NANA Tribute CD
1/26/2005Beckett Sold
1/26/2005Otakon Considering $5 Increase
1/26/2005ShoPro And Viz Latest
1/26/2005Toei Announces 43% Decrease in Profits
1/26/2005Gundam MMORPG Postponed In Japan
1/26/2005Pokemon Causes Cancer
1/25/2005Viz and ShoPro Merge
1/25/2005Sakura-Con 2005 Guests
1/25/2005Anime Home Video Market Size
1/25/2005Appleseed Box Office Update
1/24/20052004 Mainichi Film Awards
1/24/2005Bandai Visual Establishes US Office
1/24/2005BECK Manga Licensed
1/24/2005Case Closed TCG
1/22/2005Tokyopop Animates Titles
1/22/2005No Plans for BAAF in 2005
1/22/2005Samurai Champloo and Paranoia Agent on Adult Swim
1/22/2005Seikai no Senki 3 Anime Confirmed
1/22/2005Media Blasters Plushies
1/22/2005Captain Tsubasa Running Shoes
1/22/2005Pop Japan Manga
1/21/2005Maaya Sakamoto at AnimeFest 2005
1/20/2005Stan Lee Gets Spidey Cents
1/20/2005Media Blasters Title Delays
1/19/2005Cartoon Network Renews Rave Maste
1/19/2005CPM Announces Shadow Star Narutaru Anime
1/18/2005Top 100 Graphic Novels Actual--December 2004
1/17/2005Negima Vol. 4 Leads Manga Charge in '05
1/15/2005Downloads section updated
1/14/2005Anime in the Press
1/14/2005Square Enix to Launch new Manga Property
1/14/2005Sunabozu Released Online
1/13/2005Tokyopop Going Public?
1/13/2005Cartoon Network Anime Highlights
1/13/2005ICv2 Anime Award 2004
1/13/20054Kids CEO Honored
1/10/2005Miyazaki in the New Yorker
1/10/2005More on Cameron's Battle Angel
1/10/2005Geneon Profiled in Press Telegram
1/10/2005Anime Industry Faces Piracy Concerns
1/10/2005Funimation to be Acquired by Navarre Corp
1/6/2005Ghost in the Shell 2 Subtitle / CC issues
1/6/ goes to Funimation
1/6/2005Chicago Tribune on Shoujo
1/5/2005Dreamwave Shuts Down
1/4/2005Manga Tops 2004 Graphic Novel Sales
1/3/2005More on Beckett Spotlight: Anime For Girls
1/3/2005Anime Crash New License
1/1/2005Four Manga Based on the Same Novel
1/1/200550-foot tall Mecha Float on Parade
1/1/2005New Anime Magazine for Girls
1/1/2005Most Popular Gundam Characters