Anime News

DateArticle Name
10/31/2006Afro Samurai Hits Spike TV on January 4
10/31/2006Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 1 Returns to 4Kids TV
10/31/2006Le Chavalier D'Eon Licensed
10/31/2006Le Chevalier D'Eon Licensed by ADV Films
10/31/2006AX Launches Travel Store
10/31/2006Le Chevalier D'Eon License Clarification
10/30/2006ICv2: Naruto Manga was "Once in a Lifetime" Success
10/30/2006DMI Sets Dates for 10 Titles
10/28/2006Buddha in Time
10/27/2006WARNNG: Bootlegged Kanu on the market
10/27/2006Ergo Proxy Site Launches
10/27/2006Bandai Hobby / Gunpla English Site
10/27/2006Synch-Point to Collaborate on Gunbuster Bonus Material
10/27/2006Zenkaikon and VGXPO offer reciprocal discounts
10/27/2006Geneon Looking for Assistant Producer
10/27/2006Production I.G to re-Animate Reideen
10/27/2006Manga Lecture in S?o Paulo
10/27/2006Poitras on Anime and Manga for Parents
10/27/2006Tokyopop Keeps the Gravitation Coming
10/25/2006Lik Sang's sales of Sony PSP Consoles illegal, according to London High Court Judge
10/25/2006Important Notice: Out of Business due to Multiple Sony Lawsuits
10/25/2006Nerima Daikon Brothers on TAN
10/25/2006Broccoli Goes With PGW For Bookstore Distribution
10/25/2006A Yaoi Explosion Dozens of Titles Announced at Yaoi-Con
10/24/2006Seven Seas Starts Yuri Line
10/23/2006Utawarerumono to Keep Name
10/23/2006Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo Wins at Catalonia
10/23/2006Tomino in Chicago: Audio and Transcript
10/23/2006Naruto Mall Tour Starts Next Month
10/23/2006Synch-Point Blog Tackles FLCL Ultimate Edition Booklet
10/23/2006Live Action Mushishi Trailer Online
10/23/2006Studio 4?C Goes Nuts over Avex Artists
10/23/2006Pom Poko Goes HD
10/23/2006Yaoi-Con: DramaQueen Picks up 3 Titles
10/23/2006Tokyo Project Gathering Anime Related Projects
10/23/2006Bandai Visual to Release Gunbuster
10/23/2006New Digital Manga and 801 Media Yaoi Licenses
10/23/2006Urban Alchemist Launches
10/22/2006The Fall 2006 Anime Preview Guide
10/21/2006Angel's Egg Live Action... Sorta
10/21/2006Toonami to Air Final DBZ Movies
10/21/2006Funimation Announces New Broadcast Rights
10/21/2006ADV Announces Air Gear
10/20/2006Vampire Hunter Goes Hardcover
10/19/2006Anime Network and Funimation Channel go Head to Head in Houston
10/19/2006DRMaster Signs Video Game Artist for New Manga
10/18/2006Ten Most Powerful in US Manga Industry
10/18/2006I.G Preps for Holland Animation Film Festival
10/18/2006Hood of Horror Premiere's Tonight
10/18/2006Final Fantasy 12 OST featured on
10/18/2006Video: NTV Covers Miyazaki's New Clock
10/17/2006Gedo Senki US Release in Jeopardy
10/17/2006Shadow Chronicles Comes to Waterloo in November
10/17/2006Dai Mahou Touge OAV Online
10/17/2006Pani Poni Dash on TAN
10/17/2006New Mari Iijima Album Next Month
10/17/2006Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo Wins at Sitges
10/17/2006Top 5 Shin-chan Quotes
10/16/2006Nodame Orchestra to Perform in December
10/16/2006Guyver on Anime Network Next Week
10/14/2006Central Park Media Discontinues Titles
10/14/2006Clockwork Fighters Delayed
10/14/2006Official English Giant Robo Website
10/14/2006Property Licensing to Boom in China
10/14/20064Kids Among Best Performing Stocks
10/13/2006Japan's Favorite TV Anime
10/13/2006Peelander-Z at MTAC
10/13/2006DramaQueen Acquires Two Titles
10/13/2006Monster Available with English Subs
10/13/2006Bandai Catches up in Canada
10/13/2006Tokyopop Set to Produce Lament of the Lamb Live-Action Movie
10/12/2006San Francisco Hotel Gets Anime Makeover
10/12/2006Cafe de Nodame Opens
10/12/2006Shonen Blood Moves Online
10/12/2006Hisaishi's Site Gets a Makeover
10/12/2006Media Blasters Picks up More Yaoi
10/12/2006Naruto Director's Chair Contest Winners
10/11/2006Takashi Shimizu in LA
10/11/2006Naruto Takes Home Quill Award
10/11/2006RadioWorks Anime Documentary Now Online
10/9/2006Yankee-kun Manga in Japan
10/9/2006Original Gundam Magazine Republished
10/9/2006Split Infinity Anime Film Coming Soon
10/9/2006Anime Network On-Demand Expands
10/7/2006Synch-Point Talks About FLCL Ultimate Edition
10/7/2006Geneon Ergo Proxy Site
10/7/2006MangaNEXT: Del Rey Licenses
10/6/2006Yoshitaka Amano at Amano's World Gallery
10/6/2006Wall Street Journal Looks at Demon Wife Diaries
10/6/2006Funimation Sends out Cease & Desist Letters For Multiple Anime
10/6/2006Black Cat Trailer
10/6/2006Sennin Buraku Celebrates 50th Anniversary
10/6/2006Wings of Rean Free at Bandai Channel
10/5/2006Tekkon Kinkreet Trailer
10/5/2006Saiyuki Reload on Encore Action
10/5/2006New Adult License
10/5/2006NANA 2 To Present An Original Ending
10/5/2006Mask Rider Director Orita Itaru Dies
10/5/2006New AIKA OVA Gets Title
10/5/2006Korean Boom Continues In Japan
10/5/2006Black Jack Nintendo DS Game Coming Out
10/5/2006Viz Moves Fulfillment To Ty's Toy Box
10/4/2006Fist of the Blue Sky Trailer
10/4/2006Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema Announces Films
10/4/2006The Art of Otaku Looking for Artists
10/4/2006New Paprika Trailer
10/4/2006DrMaster Parent Launches Web Pressence
10/4/2006Hachette Book Group Considering Manga
10/4/2006Manga Sudoku Guides
10/4/2006Kiddy Grade 2
10/4/2006Mangaka America
10/4/2006Yo-Jin-Bo: The Bodyguards on the Way
10/4/200640 Episodes in Yawara Box 1
10/4/2006Top 10 Anime and Manga at Japan Media Arts Festival
10/4/2006Japanese Movies at Festival du Nouveau Cinema
10/4/2006Navarre to Distribute FMA Console Games
10/3/2006Dark Horse 2007 Plans
10/3/2006OLIVIA at PMX
10/3/2006CRTC Comment Link for YTV's Anime Channel
10/3/2006Saiyuki Reload OAV
10/3/2006More Anime at Sitges
10/2/2006Pokemon Gets 10th Anniversary Movie
10/2/2006Terminal Dogma: Essays on Neon Genesis Evangelion
10/2/2006Yoshihiro Yonezawa Dies
10/2/2006More on YTV's Anime Channel
10/2/2006ADV Acquires Best Student Council
10/2/2006Tachiguishi Retsuden at Sitges
10/2/2006New Anime Trailers Online