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Anime News

DateArticle Name
3/31/2006MIPTV to Honor Toei
3/31/2006Tsuyokisu Anime Coming Soon
3/31/2006New Monkey Punch Anime
3/31/2006Anime Village Returns with Free Eureka 7 Episode
3/30/2006Naruto Still on Booklist
3/30/2006Mai-Otome OAV Announced
3/30/2006More Gundam for the Sony Empire
3/30/2006Media Blasters to Release Voltron in September
3/30/2006Adult Swim Picks up Bleach
3/29/2006Funimation Acquires Ninja Film
3/29/2006Howl's Moving Castle Cracks Top 10
3/29/2006More GaoGaiGar on the way?
3/28/2006Stone Bridge to Release Updated Anime Encyclopedia
3/28/2006Final Fantasy, Ghibli Piano Concerts in Australia
3/27/2006Sakura-Con: Geneon Licenses
3/27/2006Madhouse, Animatrix Director to Make Film
3/27/2006IFC Anime Documentary Online
3/27/2006Seiji Mizushima Comes to AX
3/27/2006Ventura Distribution to be Sold
3/27/2006HarperCollins, Tokyopop Announce Co-Publishing Deal
3/27/2006Honey and Clover II; Live-Action, Too
3/26/2006Hiroshi Miyagawa Dies
3/26/2006Free Advent Children Screening in LA
3/26/2006Bob Papenbrook Dies
3/26/2006Manga Hits Japanese Mobile Phones
3/26/2006Voltron Finally on DVD?
3/24/2006Trans World Bid for Musicland Approved
3/24/2006Digital Manga Fall, Winter Yaoi Releases
3/23/2006Funimation Creates Syndicated Anime Block
3/23/2006xxxHOLiC Nominated for Annecy
3/23/2006Isaac Lew Leaving Digital Manga
3/22/2006KOTOKO at A-Kon
3/22/2006New Anime: AkubiGirl, St. Beast, Tower of Druaga
3/21/2006English Nausica?, Totoro in NY
3/21/2006Solid State Society Details
3/21/2006Naruto Trading Cards
3/20/2006JASDAQ release reveals new Ghost in the Shell details
3/20/2006New, Old DBZ Figures with Cards
3/20/2006Shibawanko Picture Books to be Anime
3/20/2006Adult Swim Expands
3/20/2006Peeping, Probing and Porn in NY
3/19/2006Binbo Shimai Monogatari Anime
3/18/2006Bandai's Robots on XBOX 360
3/18/2006Tokyopop August Releases
3/17/2006Rising Star Finalist Accused of Plagiarism
3/17/2006Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society
3/17/2006Ishikawa at CU-Boulder
3/16/20064Kids Fiscal 2005 Results
3/16/2006Yasunori Mitsuda comes to Chicago
3/16/2006Appleseed sequel, TV series in production
3/16/2006Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist stay in Booklist top 150
3/16/2006Konami plans new anime
3/16/2006Trailer roundup: Ar Tonelico, Himesama Goyoujin
3/16/2006Upcoming Manga Launches
3/15/2006Viz Media Officially Announces Bleach Anime
3/15/2006Bleach Press Release
3/9/2006The Ring artist in new UK museum book
3/9/2006Nana website open
3/9/200640,000 Manhwa Volumes on the Web By Korean Parent of Netcomics
3/9/2006Bleach Licensed ?
3/8/2006New Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Details
3/8/2006Go Comic Licenses 2 New Manga
3/8/2006Animania Bootleg Policy Only Bans Bootlegs of Licensed Products
3/8/2006Mitsu x Mitsu Drops OAV
3/8/2006CLAMP scheduled for US appearance in July
3/6/2006Boogiepop Doesn't Laugh preview online
3/5/2006Anime Boston Artists' Alley Sells Out in 5 Minutes
3/5/2006No Oscar Glory for Howl's Moving Castle
3/4/2006Japanese Courts Use Manga To Promote New Judicial System
3/3/2006Funimation Films Launch Date
3/3/2006Viz Scores Highest Ever Sales Ranking for a Manga in Booklist
3/3/2006Zeta II Tops Japanese DVD Charts
3/3/2006Kosaikon and Zentrancon to Merge
3/3/2006Gakuen Heaven TV Anime
3/2/2006Two New Negima Anime
3/2/2006AX 2006 Pre-Reg Open
3/2/2006Manga Entertainment Announces Karas Cast
3/2/2006GAMA Trade Show Looks Bigger In 2006
3/1/2006Leaf Forced to Release Game Source Code
3/1/2006Final Fantasy Music at PLAY! A Video Game Symphony
3/1/2006Cosplay-A-Thon Go in Irving, Tx
3/1/2006Tenchi Muyo Dates
3/1/2006Shiawase Pantsu Includes Children's Panties as Promo
3/1/2006Miyazaki on Cartoon Network Air Dates
3/1/2006Robotech Live-Action References Removed
3/1/2006Mamoru Sasaki Dies
3/1/2006Media Blaster Licenses Bible Black Only