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Anime News

DateArticle Name
7/31/2006Naruto Ninjafest Kicks Off
7/31/2006Miyazaki Declines Academy Invitation
7/31/2006Jetix Leaves ABC Family in September
7/31/2006Paprika in US Theaters in March
7/31/2006Adult Swim All-Anime Night Features FLCL Full Run
7/31/2006Searching the Seven Seas for Translators
7/29/2006Nana Kitade Not Coming to NYC
7/28/2006Paprika, Mushishi Compete in Venice
7/28/2006Kumiko Kato, ZZ in Vancouver
7/28/2006Naruto Movie 3 Trailer
7/28/2006Gunbuster Site Bids Hard Work, Guts
7/28/2006Paprika Not Coming to America This Year
7/27/2006Paprika on US DVD This October
7/27/2006Shojo Beat: Kaze Hikaru Out, Backstage Prince In
7/27/2006Kingdom Hearts on Booklist for 2nd Week
7/27/2006Project Blue SOS Trailer
7/27/2006Geneon Looking for Anime Product Manager
7/26/2006AnimeFest Announces Musical Guest
7/26/20064Kids Goes On Demand
7/26/2006ImaginAsian Hits Houston
7/26/2006Afro Samurai in Action
7/26/2006Gedo Senki Panned by Online Critics
7/26/2006Transformers Movie (The Old One) DVD Details
7/26/20064Kids TV Sticks with Fox
7/25/2006Kazuo Koike Panel Recap
7/25/2006Ayakashi Ayashi
7/25/2006Newtype Romance
7/25/2006Fullmetal Theater List
7/24/2006Honey and Clover #8 at Japanese Box Office
7/24/2006Jin-Roh Short Film Online
7/23/2006Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits Game, Anime Coming to US
7/23/2006Comic-Con: Tokyopop Triple Play
7/23/2006Comic-Con: Millennium Snow for Viz
7/23/2006First Look at Satoshi Kon's Paprika
7/23/2006Comic-Con: New Viz Light Novels
7/23/2006Comic-Con: Tarantino Wants Kill Bill Anime Prequels
7/23/2006Comic-Con: DMI Shoots for the Moon
7/23/2006Comic-Con: DrMaster Enters Purgatory
7/22/2006The Return of Robotech
7/22/2006Comic-Con: Seven Seas Picks up Neconoclasm
7/22/2006Comic-Con: Live Action Afro Samurai
7/22/2006Comic-Con: Manga Reveals APPP Project, Movie Plans
7/22/2006Comic-Con: Peter Cullen is Optimus Prime
7/22/2006Comic-Con: Escaflowne Back on TV?
7/22/2006Eureka 7 on YTV
7/22/2006Comic-Con: Bleach Cast Announced
7/22/2006Comic-Con: Shonen Jump Adds Gintama
7/21/2006Yu-Gi-Oh! Applies for Guinness World Record
7/21/2006Comic-Con: Viz Manga Goes for 2
7/21/2006Comic-Con: Crayon Shin-chan on Adult Swim
7/21/2006Comic-Con: New Shojo Beat Manga
7/20/2006Kingdom Hearts Manga on Booklist
7/20/2006A New Kind of Space Suit
7/20/2006Comic-Con: Mushishi and More from Del Rey
7/19/2006Guilstein Licensed as Mobile Manga
7/19/2006Anime Heads South to CN Latin America
7/18/2006Robotech Dub Studio Closes
7/18/2006Animal Crossing Site Open
7/18/2006Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Coming to Shonen Jump
7/17/2006NANA Nearly Tops Oricon
7/16/2006Detective Conan Goes Live-Action
7/15/2006Trinity Blood on Cartoon Network in September
7/14/2006Ikki Tousen Author Comes to Comic-Con
7/14/2006Madhouse in the Mix for Boondocks Season 2
7/14/2006Video: Transformers On Location
7/14/2006Toonami Rides Jetstream to Early Arrival
7/13/2006Jay Chou's next role is a Slam Dunk
7/12/2006Illumitoon Lights Up With Beet the Vandel Buster
7/12/2006MangaNEXT Arrives in October
7/12/2006ICv2: Funimation CEO is Most Powerful
7/12/2006Japan Keeps the Pokemon Coming
7/11/2006Hino Manga Goes Hollywood
7/11/2006Gainax Announces New Anime
7/10/2006Appleseed Sprouts on Encore Action
7/10/2006Back in Black and White
7/10/2006Go Speed Racer: Vaughn, Wachowskis On Board
7/10/2006CMX on Tenjho Tenge Edits Again
7/8/2006More on Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society
7/7/2006Anime Takeout Expands Menu
7/7/2006Manga Makes the Dictionary
7/7/2006Miyazaki Invited to Join Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
7/7/2006Cameron Still Churning Battle Angel Rumor Mill
7/7/2006Brazil Welcomes Nausica?, Kare Kano Manga
7/6/2006DramaQueen Finds Love in Amsterdam
7/6/2006French Girls Flee to Japan, Get Stuck in Poland
7/6/2006Tokyopop Hands Retail Keys to Right Stuf
7/6/2006AX 2006: 41K in 4 Days
7/6/2006ImaginAsian TV Plans New LA Theater
7/6/2006Ugly Yet Beautiful World on TAN
7/6/2006Samurai 7, Basilisk, Trinity Blood on Canada TV
7/6/2006Train Man Unraveled
7/6/2006Final Kenshin Volume Already Climbing Booklist
7/6/2006Adult Swim: Inu Yasha Movie Next Month, Bleach in Sept
7/4/2006Brushing up on your Manglish
7/4/2006Puffy AmiYumi in Cincinnati
7/4/2006Viz Media Manga Licenses
7/4/2006Digital Manga Books Manga Licenses
7/4/2006AX 2006 Licensing Roundup
7/3/2006ADV licenses Paniponi Dash
7/3/2006Right Stuf Scores Super Gals Season 2
7/3/2006ADV Announces The Guyver
7/3/2006Tokyopop Manga License
7/3/2006Bandai Anime Licenses
7/3/2006Bandai Manga License
7/3/2006Go!Comi Manga Licenses
7/3/2006Viz Shoujo Beat Licenses
7/3/2006Dark Horse Manga Licenses
7/2/2006Geneon Announces Hellsing Dub
7/2/2006Seven Seas Entertainment Licenses
7/2/2006Funimation Licenses Solty Rei, Glass Fleet
7/2/2006ADV licenses Nerima Daikon Brothers
7/1/2006Broccoli Announces New Manga Licenses