Anime News

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12/31/2007Japanese Comic Ranking: Top 10 Manga of 2007
12/31/2007Hello Kitty Takes on Men for Next Conquest
12/31/2007Japanese Box Office: Top 10 Anime Movies of 2007
12/31/2007Hospital Aids Yakitate Creator on Best Skilled Surgeon Manga
12/31/2007AIKa R-16 Manga Special Edition Bundles Aika's Panties
12/30/2007Downtime Tonight
12/30/2007New Code Geass to Launch in April, But Not in 00's Slot
12/30/2007USA Today Booklist, December 17?23: Naruto 27 at #135
12/30/2007Japanese Anime TV Ranking: December 17?23
12/30/2007Japanese Animation DVD Ranking: Top 20 of 2007
12/29/2007Fourth Major Baseball Anime Series Preview Posted
12/29/2007Broccoli Books to Release Sola Manga This Summer
12/29/2007BusinessWeek Mag Reports on Manga Popularity in Europe
12/29/2007Anime Mid-Atlantic Moves to Virginia Beach, Virginia
12/28/2007Kure-nai TV Anime's Promo Movie Streamed
12/28/2007NHK's Domo-kun to Invade Nickelodeon in Early 2008
12/28/2007Rosario + Vampire TV Anime Commercial Posted Online
12/28/2007Zatch Bell Manga Ends After 7 Years, 323 Installments
12/28/2007Neo Angelique Abyss TV Anime's Promo Movie Streamed
12/28/2007Third Hell Girl Anime Series Greenlit for Production (Updated)
12/28/2007Himitsu - Top Secret Manga Gets TV Anime in Spring
12/28/2007New Book, Journal Issue Look at Anime, Anime Fans
12/27/2007Welcome to the N.H.K. Artist to Start Pulcinella Manga
12/27/2007Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, December 19?25
12/27/2007Gundam Characters Hawk Instant Noodles in Japan
12/27/2007Japanese Comic Ranking, December 18?24
12/27/2007Kawasaki Frontale Soccer Team Plans Anime for Mascot
12/27/2007Japanese Box Office, December 22-23: Bleach Film at #4
12/27/2007Genshiken Spinoff Story To Be Told in Japanese Novel
12/27/2007Death Note Artist, Novelist Team Up on Ur?boe Uroboros
12/27/2007Japanese Comic Ranking, December 18?24
12/26/2007Gonzo Shares Anime on Peer-to-Peer Network in Japan (Updated)
12/26/2007Petit Eva, Gundam 00 Get Nintendo DS Games in Japan
12/26/2007Belgium to Screen Ghost in the Shell, TokiKake, Tekkon
12/26/2007Aria Manga to End in 60th Installment in Japan in 2008
12/26/2007Telepathy Sh?jo Ran Novels Animated for TV in Japan
12/26/2007Manga Used to Sell Hair Coloring Products?for Men
12/26/2007English Map of Tokyo's Akihabara Otaku Shops Posted
12/25/2007Strike Witches Anime Confirmed for TV Relaunch in 2008
12/25/2007Kaede New Town Theatrical Trailer Posted Online
12/25/2007Da Capo II Second Season to Air in Japan in April
12/25/20072007 Japan Media Arts Festival Jury Recommends Works
12/24/2007Adult Swim to Show Astro Boy Marathon on Christmas Day
12/24/2007Space Battleship Yamato Helmet to be Sold in Japan
12/24/2007Only First 3 Episodes of Gurren Lagann to be Streamed
12/24/2007Icarus Shares Comic AG Issue on BitTorrent for Free
12/24/2007Anime News Network Previews Kanon Episode 1
12/24/2007Death Note Film Spinoff for Matsuda to Air in Japan
12/23/2007Brave Story Gets Theatrical Release in France
12/23/2007Japan Plans 147M Yen to Spread Anime, Manga in Europe
12/22/2007Gag Manga Biyori 3 TV Anime's Trailer Posted Online
12/22/2007Golgo 13 Television Anime Greenlit
12/22/2007Kodansha Editors Apologize for Death Note Plagiarism (Updated)
12/22/2007Code Geass Hosts Event in Second Life Virtual World
12/21/2007Sguy and The Family Stone the Movie Trailer Posted
12/21/2007Second International Manga Award Competition Begins
12/21/2007New Shigofumi TV Anime Commercials Streamed Online
12/21/2007To Love-Ru -Trouble- Sci-Fi Comedy Manga Gets TV Anime
12/21/2007Kadokawa Tests BitTorrent File-Sharing for Anime
12/21/2007Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece to Enter Second Life
12/21/2007USA Today Booklist, December 10?16
12/21/2007Japanese Anime TV Ranking: December 10?16
12/20/2007Manga Artist Noboru Miyama Passes Away at Age 51
12/20/2007Canada's YTV, Teletoon, Space Channels Adds Anime
12/20/2007Japanese Panel Pushes Ban on Illegal Downloads Forward
12/20/2007Magician's Academy Anime from Scrapped Princess Author (Updated)
12/20/2007Chow Yun-Fat Comments on Dragonball Film in Newspaper
12/20/2007Yatterman, Ryofuko-chan Videos Posted Online
12/20/2007GTO's Tohru Fujisawa Starts Animal Joe Manga Series
12/20/2007Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, December 12?18
12/19/200731st Japan Academy Prize Nominees Announced
12/19/2007H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~ Trailer Streamed
12/19/2007Second English Appleseed: Ex Machina Trailer Streamed
12/19/2007Japanese Comic Ranking, December 11?17
12/19/2007Chow Yun-Fat Joins Dragonball Movie as Master Roshi
12/19/2007Death Note, Earthsea are Japan's Top Manga/Anime DVDs
12/19/2007Toei Uploads Japanese Fist of the North Star Episodes
12/19/2007Gurren Lagann Streamed with English Subtitles for Free
12/18/2007Report: 2007 Japanese Otaku Market is 187 Billion Yen
12/18/2007New Concept Pics Posted with Gatchaman Film Interview
12/18/2007RH Plus Boys-Love Vampire Manga Gets Live-Action Drama
12/18/2007Funimation Recalls My Santa Due to Age Rating Misprint
12/18/2007Third Zero no Tsukaima TV Anime Series Announced
12/18/2007Web Database for Anime Song Lyrics Opens in Japan
12/18/2007Report: Chow Tried to Get Edison Chen, Kitty Zhang in DB
12/18/2007Gundam-Inspired Bar Previewed in Tokyo's Otaku District
12/17/2007New Haruhi Suzumiya Anime Series Details Revealed
12/17/2007Kurohime, Umi no Tairiku NOA Manga Launch Web Release
12/17/2007Third Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Season Announced
12/17/2007Gonzo's Parent to Launch Venture with Chinese TV Firm
12/17/2007Japanese Box Office, December 15-16: Tamagotchi at #3
12/17/2007Promo Video for Death Note's L Prequel Game Streamed (Updated)
12/17/2007Dinosaur King's Second Season Announced in Japan
12/17/2007Nabari no Ou Modern Ninja Manga to be Animated for TV
12/17/2007Aurora, Its Luv Luv Imprint Announce New Manga Titles
12/15/2007Singer Cast for Leading Role in Takashi Miike's Yatterman
12/15/2007Manga Promotes Wines, Drives Up Sales
12/14/2007Japanese Anime TV Ranking: December 3?9
12/14/2007Eyeshield 21 to Stream on Toonami Jetstream Monday
12/14/2007Music Trailers for IG's Tokyo Marble Chocolate Posted (Updated)
12/14/2007Report: Japanese Manga Firm Digima Ceases Operations
12/14/2007Pok?mon USA President Akira Chiba Steps Down
12/14/2007Manga about Japanese Student's Killing Posted Online
12/13/2007Galactic Heroes Author Does Yakushiji Mystery TV Anime
12/13/2007Alex Shearer's Bootleg Novel Made into Manga, Anime
12/13/2007Vogue Nippon Mag to Include DVD with Murakami Anime
12/13/20071st Film Announced for Mitsuda's Major Manga/Anime
12/13/2007Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, December 5?11
12/13/2007Funimation Announces Signed Fruits Basket Lithographs
12/13/2007Library Group Finalizes 'Great Graphic Novels' Nominations
12/13/2007First WoW World Champion crowned
12/12/2007New York Anime Festival Warns Attendees of Cruise Scam
12/12/2007Third Gokusen Live-Action Series to Premiere in April
12/12/2007Mobile Suit Cosplay Bars to Open in Tokyo's Otaku Area
12/12/2007World Cosplay Summit Announces American Finalists
12/12/2007Naruto, Pok?mon Place on Lycos Top 10 Search List
12/12/2007Takashi Murakami Exhibition Heads to Brooklyn Museum
12/12/2007Iron Linebarrels Robot Manga to be Animated in 2008
12/12/2007Manga Created to Help Find Japanese Student's Killer
12/12/2007Animation Planned for Hit Korean Drama Winter Sonata
12/12/2007Japanese Comic Ranking, December 4?10
12/11/2007Hidamari Sketch x 365 Sequel's Promo Video Streamed
12/11/2007Promo Movie for Xebec, GENCO's Mnemosyne Anime Posted
12/11/2007Gintama Artist to Draw One-Shot Manga in Jump Square
12/11/2007First Free Weekly Manga Mag Ends Publication in Japan
12/11/2007Atari, Funimation Settle Dragon Ball Z Game Dispute
12/11/2007Japanese Firm Puts Enhanced Manga on Nintendo DS
12/11/2007Soul Eater Manga Confirmed to Get TV Anime in Japan
12/11/2007Japanese Box Office, December 9-10: Manga Films Drop
12/11/2007New York Anime Festival Wrap-Up Video Now Available
12/11/2007Anime News Network Subscription Server
12/10/2007Udon Gets More Videogame Artbooks, Game-Based Manga
12/10/20072-Issue Boys Over Flowers Side Story Revealed in Japan
12/10/2007Pokemon Licensor, Toymaker Vie for KidScreen's Awards
12/10/2007Conan's Voice Actress, Conan's Manga Creator Divorce (Updated)
12/10/2007Manga Make New York Magazine's Best of 2007 List
12/10/2007Hunter X Hunter Manga Put on Hold in Japan Again
12/10/2007Viz Pictures Adds Maiko Haaaan!!! Live-Action Film
12/10/2007Funimation Voice Actor Randy Tallman Passes Away
12/10/2007Korean Firm Fined for Copying Advent Children in Video
12/9/2007Bandai Entertainment Gets Girl Who Leapt Through Time
12/9/2007Del Rey, Marvel to Collaborate on X-Men, Wolverine
12/9/2007Tokyopop to Publish More Manga Adaptations
12/9/2007USA's IFC Adds Witchblade, Speed Grapher, Hell Girl
12/9/2007Bookstore Moves Manga Section after Parent's Complaint
12/9/2007CPM Speaks on Manga License Dispute with Libre
12/9/2007USA, Japan Propose Limits on Explicit Online Material
12/8/2007Japanese Anime Studios Confirmed for Batman Video
12/8/2007Viz Adds Buso Renkin Anime, Plans Set-Only Release
12/8/2007Code Geass to Air on America's Adult Swim in Spring (Updated)
12/8/2007Media Blasters Goes with More Genshiken
12/8/2007Go! Comi Confirms New Manga Acquisitions
12/7/2007Del Rey Announces New Manga, Prose Novels
12/7/2007Kite: Liberator Video's Highlight Clips Streamed
12/7/2007Persona -trinity soul- TV Anime Promo Video Posted
12/7/2007Super Robot Wars OG Divine Wars Trailer Posted Online
12/7/2007Manga Firm Adapts James Patterson's Maximum Ride Novels
12/7/2007Vuze Debuts English-Subbed Neko Rahmen via Downloads
12/7/2007Manga Artist Susumu Katsumata Passes Away
12/7/2007USA Today Booklist, November 26?December 2
12/7/2007Japanese Anime TV Ranking: November 26?December 2
12/7/2007Speed Racer Live-Action Film Trailer Posted Online
12/6/2007New Trailers of I.G's Tokyo Marble Chocolate Posted
12/6/2007Speed Racer Film Shots Posted, Trailer to Run Thursday
12/6/2007Tor Books, Seven Seas Join Forces in New Manga Venture
12/6/2007Dragonball Live-Action Film Casts Jamie Chung as Chi Chi
12/6/2007Macross Frontier's Spring Broadcast, Cast Confirmed
12/6/2007New Code Geass TV Series Confirmed for Spring 2008
12/6/2007Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, November 28?December 4
12/6/2007Upper Deck Will Open Corporate Store Next Year
12/6/2007ADV Films Posts Project Blue Earth SOS Trailer
12/6/2007Bandai Visual USA President Responds to 'Open Letter'
12/6/2007Allison to Lillia TV Series Teaser Video Streamed
12/6/2007ADV to Premiere Devil May Cry at New York Anime Fest
12/5/2007Tokyopop, Viz Announce New York Anime Festival Plans
12/5/2007Kimi ga Nozomu Eien: Next Season's Promo Video Posted
12/5/2007True Tears Anime's Second Promotional Video Streamed
12/5/2007Neo Angelique Abyss TV Anime Announced for Next April (Updated)
12/5/2007Website Launched for Studio Ghibli's Next Film, Ponyo
12/5/2007Japanese Comic Ranking, November 27?December 3
12/5/20073,500 Lucky Star Fans Flock to Real-Life Shrine for Event (Updated)
12/5/2007Kodansha Worker Caught Sending Fake Poll to Manga Blogs
12/5/2007'Country Doctor' Wins Rome Animation Fest's Top Award
12/4/2007Japanese Box Office, December 1-2: Always Stays at #1
12/4/2007Coo, Gurren-Lagann, 'Kafka' Win Media Arts Awards
12/4/2007Anime Again Shut Out of Annie Nominations
12/4/2007Tokyopop to Ship Gothic & Lolita Bible in February
12/4/2007Drawn and Quarterly Publishes More Tatsumi Works
12/4/2007Naruto is Yahoo's 4th Most Popular Search Term in 2007
12/4/2007The Anime Network, Sci-Fi Add New Anime Programing
12/4/2007Del Rey Manga, Anime Selects Plan for NYAF
12/4/2007Yahoo! Japan, eBay Link Online Auctions Across Borders
12/3/2007Bandai Ent., Go! Comi, Tokyopop Announce NYAF Plans
12/3/2007New Ayakashi, Kite Promotional Videos Posted
12/3/2007Ninja Nonsense Comedy Anime's First Episode Streamed
12/3/2007Dubai Film Festival to Screen Coo, Gentle Breeze
12/3/2007Moegaku Anime/Live-Action Language-Class Show to Air
12/3/2007Production I.G Promotes Wellber Sequel with Interview
12/3/2007Midi Game Art
12/3/2007Anime News Network at New York Anime Festival
12/3/2007BOST Offers Keitai Shoujo Anime Online for Free
12/3/2007Tours for Tokyo Anime Fair, Japanese Culture Announced