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Anime News

DateArticle Name
2/29/2008USA's Cartoon Network to Run Blue Dragon This Spring
2/29/2008New AnimeWho Distributor Offers Joe vs. Joe DVD
2/29/2008Free Bakugan #1 on iTunes; HD Afro Samurai on Xbox Live
2/29/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, February 20?26
2/29/2008Maaya Sakamoto to Sing Macross Frontier Opening Theme
2/29/2008Warner Brothers Releases Batman: Gotham Knight Images (Updated)
2/29/2008TV Anime Confirmed for Hakushaku to Y?sei Light Novels
2/29/2008YouTube Hosts Gonzo News Show, Kadokawa Episodes
2/29/2008Miike, I.G Create Mobile Phone Detectives 7 TV Drama
2/28/2008Antique Bakery Manga to be Animated for TV in July
2/28/2008Tour Offers to Print D?jinshi, Send Artists to Japan
2/28/2008Speed Racer's Mach 5 Car "Tested" in Road & Track Mag
2/28/2008Girls Bravo's Kaneda Starts Death/Communication Manga
2/28/2008Bandai Visual USA to Stream Selected Episodes on
2/28/2008USA Today Booklist, February 18?17: Manga Comes Back
2/28/20082nd Promo Movie for Xebec, GENCO's Mnemosyne Streamed
2/28/2008Spiderwick Chronicles' Highmore to Star as Astro Boy
2/27/2008ADV Comments on Relisted Titles, New Release Schedule (Updated)
2/27/2008New Slayers Fantasy TV Anime Series in the Works
2/27/2008Shonen Sunday, Shonen Magazine to Join Forces on New Mag
2/27/2008Animated Trigun the Movie Planned for 2009 in Japan
2/27/2008Infinity Studios to Offer Manga, Manhwa via Ebooks
2/27/2008Tanaka's Titania Space Opera Novels Gets Manga
2/27/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, February 19?25 (Updated)
2/27/2008Koihime Mus? Moe Adventure Game Gets TV Anime, Manga
2/26/2008Bandai Visual Confirms Sola Release, DVD Details
2/26/2008Third School Rumble Anime Series Greenlit
2/26/2008Eva 1.0 Wins Tokyo Anime Fair's Animation of the Year
2/26/2008Live-Action Dragonball Casts Ghostbusters' Ernie Hudson
2/26/2008Canada Bans Imports of Cool Devices, Words Worth
2/26/2008Japanese Box Office: February 23?24
2/26/2008Dengeki Comic Gao! Confirms End of Manga Mag Wednesday
2/26/2008ADV Announces New Dates for Delayed Anime Releases (Updated)
2/26/2008Live-Action Nana, Funky Forest to Run in L.A., N.Y.C.
2/25/2008Bandai Visual USA Picks Up sola Anime
2/25/2008Directors Named for Japanese-Animated Batman Video
2/25/2008Sony Includes 1st Blood+ Episode on Non-Anime DVDs
2/25/2008Hajime no Ippo's George Morikawa to Draw 1-Shot Manga
2/25/2008Second Teaser for Oshii's Sky Crawlers Movie Streamed
2/25/2008Wagaya no Oinarisama Promo DVD's Preview Video Posted
2/25/2008Net Ghost PiPoPa Anime Confirmed for April TV Premiere
2/24/2008Dorothea's Cuvie, Hanakyo's Morishige Launch New Manga
2/24/2008Amazon: Viz Adds Gaba Kawa, Heaven's Will, Oishinbo
2/23/2008Miku Hatsune Virtual Idol D?jin Game Approved
2/23/2008Ikkitousen's Third Season, Great Guardians, Announced
2/22/2008Shigofumi #8 Altered after Recent Events in Japan
2/22/2008Next Detective Conan Film to Use Unreleased Zard Song
2/22/2008Natsume Y?jin-Ch? Manga to be Animated for TV (Updated)
2/22/2008ToHeart2ad Episode 1's Opening Streamed
2/22/2008China Extends Bans on Foreign Animation, Horror Fiction
2/22/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, February 12?18
2/22/2008Yotsunoha Original Video Anime's Promo Video Streamed
2/22/2008Dark Horse Announces Plans for Eden Volumes 11 and 12
2/22/2008Japanese Newspaper Talks with Viz Founder Horibuchi
2/22/2008Appleseed: Ex Machina's English Dub Premiere Tonight
2/21/2008Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Game Anime Sequel Confirmed
2/21/2008USA's Shonen Jump Replaces Hikaru no Go with Slam Dunk
2/21/2008Rintaro's Yona Yona Penguin Film Pushed Back to 2009
2/21/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, February 13?19
2/21/2008USA Today Booklist, February 11?17
2/21/2008Yuu Watase's Absolute Boyfriend Adapted for Live-Action
2/21/20082 Japanese Accused of Uploading 1,000s of Anime Episodes
2/21/2008NY Bookstore, Tokyopop Hold Japanese Pop Culture Event
2/20/2008Global Ticket Sales for X Japan Reunion's Final Night
2/20/2008Warner, Leonardo DiCaprio to Produce Live-Action Akira (Update 2)
2/20/2008Morning Int'l Manga Competition Announces 31 Finalists
2/20/2008Kadokawa Cans Japanese Haruhi Suzumiya D?jin Game
2/20/2008Entry-Level Jobs Available at Tokyopop, Viz Media
2/20/2008Rintaro's Yona, Ghibli's Ocean Licensed at Berlin Fest
2/20/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking: February 11?17
2/19/20081st Anime Features among 53 Classics to Run in Montreal
2/19/2008Toshiba Discontinues HD DVD Business
2/19/2008BookScan Sales Numbers for 2007 Graphic Novels Reported (Updated)
2/19/2008Onmyou Taisenki Creators to Launch Gurimaru Manga
2/19/2008Bandai Visual USA to Continue Freedom on HD DVD/DVD
2/19/2008Unicorn Table to Play at Western New York's Tora-Con
2/19/2008One Piece Alabasta Movie's Trailer Posted Online
2/19/2008Funimations Acquires One Piece Merchandising Rights
2/18/2008Halko Momoi to Perform at Honolulu Festival in March
2/18/2008Victorian Romance Emma to Debut at New York Comic Con
2/18/2008Viz to Offer Asano's Solanin, Obata's We Were There
2/18/2008CG Astro Boy Images Appear on IMAGI's Job Fair Posters
2/17/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking: February 4?10
2/17/2008Dragonball Online RPG's Promo, Gameplay Videos Posted
2/16/2008Yaoi-Con Hosts Embracing Love Manga Creator Youka Nitta
2/16/2008Konami's Quiz Magic Academy Arcade Games Get Anime
2/16/2008Live-Action Aquarian Age Film's Trailer Posted Online
2/16/2008801 Media Announces 4 Boys-Love Manga Titles for Fall
2/16/2008New York Hosts Conference on Graphic Novels, Manga
2/15/2008Funimation Licenses Claymore Anime Series (Updated)
2/15/2008Japanese-Animated Batman: Gotham Knight's Promo Video
2/15/2008New Blassreiter Promo Video from Gonzo, Nitro+ Posted
2/15/2008Stand-Alone Complex Blu-ray Box English-Dubbed, Subbed
2/15/2008A Penguin's Troubles Gag Manga for Children Gets Anime
2/15/2008Global Ticket Sales for X Japan Reunion's Third Night
2/15/2008Space Jam's Timothy Harris to Pen Imagi's CG Astro Boy
2/15/2008Action Figure "figma Yuki Nagato" on Sale in Japan
2/15/2008Editorial Director Gary Steinman Leaves ADV's PiQ Mag (Updated)
2/15/2008Wal-Mart Chooses Blu-ray Disc over HD DVD
2/15/2008Tekkonkinkreet Wins Japan's Academy Award for Animation
2/14/2008FLCL's The Pillows to Perform at Anime Boston in March (Updated)
2/14/2008Nozomi's 1st Emma Set Adds Limited Booklet from Japan
2/14/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, February 6?12
2/14/2008Media Blasters Indicates License of Night Head Genesis
2/14/2008More Anime TV on Ontario's Cogeco, France's Numericable
2/14/2008UK's Bootleg Novel Animated for Mobile Phones in Japan
2/14/2008Masamune Shirow Designs Armor for RF Online RPG
2/14/2008USA Today Booklist, February 4?10
2/14/2008Tokyo Symposium Asks "Why Did Manga Overtake the World?"
2/13/2008Frogman's 2nd Theatrical Eagle Talon Movie Announced
2/13/2008Macross Frontier Anime's Website Marks Grand Opening
2/13/2008ICv2: North American Anime DVDs Were Down 20%+ in 2007
2/13/2008Lawyer Accuses Bengoshi no Kuzu Law Manga of Plagiarism
2/13/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, February 5?11
2/13/2008Phoenix, Galaxy Express Films' Kon Ichikawa Passes Away (Updated)
2/13/2008New York Int'l Children's Film Fest Repeats 5cm, Coo
2/13/2008Hello Kitty MMORPG's Closed Beta Now Accepting Players
2/12/2008Bakugan to Debut on Cartoon Network on February 25
2/12/2008Soul Eater to Air in Japan in Two Weekly Versions
2/12/2008Japanese Box Office: February 2?3, February 9?10
2/12/2008English Map of Tokyo's Akiba Otaku Area Now Printable
2/12/2008CliffsNotes Sell Manga-Inspired Shakespeare Guides
2/12/2008Candy Boy Net Anime to Continue Online with 7 Episodes
2/12/2008UCC Brings Eva, Pachinko, Maids, & Caffeine Together
2/12/2008Cosplayer's Picture Wins World Press Photo Award
2/11/2008Comic Flapper Marks 100th Issue with Famous Artists
2/11/2008Pre-War Anime Shorts Screened in New York This Week
2/11/2008Town of Evening Calm Co-Publisher jaPress Interviewed
2/11/2008New York Int'l Children's Film Fest to Show 5cm, Coo
2/11/2008Jrock Revolution, JaME to Offer Int'l X Japan Tickets
2/11/2008Marvel and Kotobukiya Announce Major Licensing Partnership
2/10/2008Deleter's Comic Techno Mag for Artists to End in March
2/10/2008Warriors of Tao's Kuwahara Starts Rasenbana Manga
2/10/2008Los Angeles Theater Screens Spirited Away Sunday
2/9/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking: January 28?February 3
2/9/2008Vancouver Art Gallery Holds Anime-Inspired Exhibition
2/9/2008Australia's Red Ant to Release Evangelion: 1.0 on DVD
2/8/2008GetBackers' Ayamine to Launch Holy Talker Manga in April
2/8/2008ImaginAsian to Run 2nd Kyo kara Maoh! Season with Dub
2/8/2008Rave Master's Mashima Draws Monster Hunter Orage Manga
2/8/2008Artist Mimei Sakamoto to Sign Manga in Los Angeles
2/8/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, January 30?February 5
2/8/2008Lace Digital to Handle ADV's British, German Sales
2/8/2008Funimation Negotiating to Acquire Geneon Titles (Updated)
2/8/2008Shion, Kitar?, Glass Maiden Pitched for Overseas Rights
2/7/2008Bandai's Bubble-Wrap-Popping Keychain: Now with Moe
2/7/2008Baby and Me Manga Adapted into Korean Live-Action Film
2/7/2008USA Today Booklist, January 28?February 3
2/7/2008New York Magazine Previews Tokyopop's "99 Roses"
2/7/2008Scott Pilgrim's Canadian Artist Draws Shojo Beat Cover
2/7/2008Faust Magazine Editor Katsushi Ota Interviewed (Updated)
2/7/2008Viz Participates in Japan! Culture + Hyper Culture Exhibit
2/7/2008New York Comic-Con to Host Gundam Seed's T.M.Revolution
2/7/2008DrMaster to Release Kage kara Mamoru! Manga in English
2/7/2008Media Blasters Expands Office, Distribution Space
2/6/2008Shaman King Manga's New Ending Anticipated in 2009
2/6/20085cm per Second, Place Promised on BD, HD DVD in Japan
2/6/2008Naisho no Tsubomi Anime's Promotional Video Streamed
2/6/2008Central Japan's Sun TV Preempts Shigofumi Episode 6
2/6/2008Mexico's World Cosplay Summit Competitors Selected
2/6/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, January 29?February 4
2/6/2008One Piece's American Theatrical Run Starts Thursday
2/5/2008Animated Zettai Karen Children Commercial Posted
2/5/2008Last Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations Volume's Trailer Posted
2/5/2008Gainax Hints at New Project in Staff Recruitment Ad
2/5/2008DB's Toriyama, I''s Katsura to Team Up on 1-Shot Manga
2/5/2008Kannagi Supernatural Comedy Manga Gets TV Anime
2/5/2008Japan's TBS Confirms Anime's Move from Saturday, 6 p.m.
2/5/2008Harper Bounces Back in Second Quarter
2/5/2008New Clannad, Da Capo, Jinno Manga to Launch in Japan
2/5/2008Parasyte's Iwaaki Draws Me o Mite Hanase 1-Shot Manga
2/5/2008ImaginAsian to Run 2nd Kyo Kara Maoh! Season in Spring (Update 2)
2/4/2008Dr. Koto's Yamada to Start Complex Detective Manga
2/4/2008Tommy Lee Jones Discovers Akihabara, Maid Cafes, Moe
2/4/2008New Rumic Theater Story to Run on February 20 in Japan
2/4/2008Los Angeles Museum to Host Takashi Murakami Lecture
2/4/2008Tokyo Anime Center's Kubo Offers Proposal on Fansubs (Updated)
2/4/2008Haruka Director Aki Tsunaki to Attend Sakura-Con
2/4/2008Evangelion Film Remakes Begin Global Campaign in Korea
2/3/200820th Century Boys Movies' Main Cast Confirmed in Japan
2/3/2008Death Note Manga to Return with One-Shot Story in Japan
2/3/2008Appleseed: Ex Machina Director Aramaki Interviewed
2/2/2008Tokyopop Interviews Gakuen Alice's Tachibana Higuchi
2/2/2008Sakura Wars' Taish? Romand? Shop & Sakura Cafe Closes (Updated)
2/1/2008City Hunter Hammer Tops Yahoo! Japan Charity Auctions
2/1/2008Ghibli's Takahata, Goro Miyazaki Developing New Works
2/1/2008ADV Films Reportedly Selects Blu-ray Disc Format
2/1/2008Ghibli Head Suzuki Steps Down, Remains as Producer
2/1/2008Gurren Laggann Head Writer to Start Lost Seven Manga
2/1/2008Disney's Magical Dance Card/Rhythm Game Gets Manga
2/1/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking: January 14?27