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Anime News

DateArticle Name
5/31/2008New Vampire Knight Anime Promotional Video Streamed
5/31/2008Bandai Entertainment Clarifies Statements on DVDs
5/30/2008Verizon Internet to Add Manga Entertainment Anime
5/30/2008Bandai Entertaiment Gets Tamagotchi Feature Film
5/30/2008Zatch Bell Creator Raiku Opts to Leave Shogakukan
5/30/2008Wizard World Chicago to Host Oreskaband in June
5/30/2008Sega's World Destruction Anime Promo Movie Streamed
5/30/2008Koji Yamamura's A Country Doctor Wins at Czech Anifest
5/30/2008Shogakukan Confirms End of Young Sunday, Judy Mags
5/30/2008Bandai's Bihada Ichizoku Cosmetic Comic Gets TV Anime
5/29/2008Read or Die's Kurata, Sola's Abeno to Start New Manga
5/29/2008New English Emma Trailer, Website Posted
5/29/2008Daily Briefs
5/29/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, May 20?26
5/29/2008Anime Expo to Host Madhouse Designer/Director Hiromi Kato
5/29/2008Disney Launches Kingdom Comics
5/29/2008Theft at Motor City Comic Con $10k in CGC Books
5/29/2008Borders Sales Slipping Too Launches E-Commerce Site
5/29/2008Gateway Titles
5/29/2008Ghibli Producer Suzuki Hints at U.S. Ponyo Screening Plans
5/28/2008Ponyo, Winter Sonata's Anime Voice Casts Announced
5/28/2008Russian Anime Companies' Planned Merger Collapses
5/28/2008Japan Considers Fair-Use Clause Based on U.S. Copyright Law
5/28/2008Koji Imamura Shorts to Screen at Brazil's Anima Mundi
5/28/2008Bleach the Movie: Memories of Nobody
5/28/2008ADV Says Yotsuba&!, Other Manga Are Still Coming
5/28/2008Kinokuniya NYC to Host HALICALI for Radio Interview
5/28/2008Tokyopop's Manga Pilot Pact Signs Away Legal Rights
5/28/2008Kadokawa, YouTube to Share Ads on User-Generated Videos
5/27/2008Tokyo Marble Chocolate Wins at Seoul Animation Fest
5/27/2008Angel Sanctuary's Yuki Launches Guignol Ky?tei Gakudan
5/27/2008Fairy Tail's Hiro Mashima to Attend Comic-Con
5/27/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, May 12?18
5/27/2008Shirokuma Oyako Manga Adapted into Flash Anime
5/27/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, May 14?20
5/27/2008First Official Slam Dunk Uniforms for Sale in Japan
5/26/2008Square Enix New Product May
5/26/2008Funimation Unveils Mobile Video-on-Demand Offerings
5/26/2008Hayao Miyazaki Draws Cover Illustration for Magazine
5/26/2008Gundam Painting Auctioned for US$600,000+ in Hong Kong
5/25/2008Japanese Mall Uses Gundam Figure in Olympic Tribute
5/25/2008Shikabane Hime Confirmed as Gainax's New TV Series (Updated)
5/25/2008Gundam: MS Igloo 2 CG Promo Video Streamed
5/25/2008NY Anime Fest to Host Vampire Hunter D Author Kikuchi
5/24/2008Bandai Entertainment Confirms Gurren Lagann on Sci Fi Channel (Updated)
5/24/20084 Washington Middle Schoolers Disciplined over "Death Note"
5/24/2008Gainax, Hiroyuki Yamaga Working on 2 Unnamed Projects
5/24/2008Japan's Foreign Ministry: Jojo's Issue is Regrettable
5/23/2008Bandai Visual USA to be Liquidated by September
5/23/2008Otakon To Feature Death Note, Inu Yasha's Yamaguchi
5/23/2008Fanfare Signs with Book Distributor Atlas
5/23/2008Live-Action Maison Ikkoku TV Finale Announced
5/23/2008Two Gurren Lagann Movies Confirmed (Updated)
5/23/2008Bandai Entertainment Acquires Stranger (Updated)
5/23/2008Satoshi Kon to Visit New York For Film Screenings
5/23/2008Group Plans Buyout of Australian Anime Firm's Parent
5/22/2008Jojo's Anime, Manga Sales Halted Due to Islamic Images
5/22/2008Daily Briefs
5/22/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, May 13?19
5/22/2008 Precure 5 GoGo! Movie Teaser Trailer Posted
5/22/2008USA Today Booklist, May 12?18
5/22/2008Crunchyroll to Stream ADV's Welcome to the NHK
5/22/2008Japan's Roadshow Mag Shows 5 Dragonball Actors on Set (Update 2)
5/22/2008Anime Expo to Host Anime Theme Song Singer Yoko Ishida
5/21/2008Little Magic Films to Rep Wind Named Amnesia's Kikuchi
5/21/2008Munko's Ganbare! Memeko-chan Manga Gets Flash Anime
5/21/2008Comic-Con Int'l to Host Bleach's Kubo in San Diego
5/21/2008Daily Briefs
5/21/2008Rory Root, Pioneering Comics Retailer Champion of the Graphic Novel
5/21/2008Bandai on Sell-Outs How it Manages Supply
5/21/2008Iron Man Scribes Attempt to Revive 'Highlander' 'There Can Be More Than One'
5/21/2008Marketing By DVD 'Indiana Jones & the Plethora of Product'
5/21/2008'D. Gray-Man' to FUNimation Anime Based on 'Gothic' Manga
5/21/2008WotC to Co-Sponsor GenCon As Usual
5/21/2008BEI's Yoshida: Gurren Lagann TV Plans Not Finalized
5/21/2008Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Arcade Game in the Works
5/21/2008Bandai Ordered to Pay for Child's Choking on Toy Capsule
5/21/2008Anime Expo to Host Voice Actor Toshihiko Seki
5/20/2008Japanese Box Office: May 17?18
5/20/2008Toei, Disney's RoboDz Promo Movie Posted Online
5/20/2008Protoculture Addicts #96 Now Available
5/20/2008HALCALI to Appear at Japan Day in New York on June 1
5/20/2008ANN Ad Sale
5/20/2008School Rumble: Third Term Anime Promo Video Streamed
5/20/2008My Dearest Devil Princess artist Maika Netsu at Fanime
5/20/2008Shogakukan Considers Ending Weekly Young Sunday Mag
5/20/2008Daily Briefs
5/19/2008Death Note's L Film to Screen in New York This Summer
5/19/2008Gurren Lagann Listed on America's Sci Fi Channel on July 28 (Updated)
5/19/2008Hakushaku to Y?sei Light Novels Adapted into Manga Also
5/19/2008Haruhi Lookalike Appears on Belarusian Waffle Packaging (Updated)
5/19/2008Hello Kitty Named Japan's Tourism Ambassador to China
5/19/2008Vexille to be Shown in Washington, D.C. on May 29
5/19/2008And? Natsu Pastry-Baking Manga Gets Live-Action Drama
5/18/2008Japanese Box Office: May 10?11
5/18/2008Bandai Entertainment Posts English AIKa R-16 Trailer
5/18/2008Daily Briefs
5/18/2008Film of Junji Ito's Long Dream Gets English-Subbed DVD
5/17/2008Funimation Acquires Romeo x Juliet, D. Gray-Man (Updated)
5/17/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, May 5?11
5/17/2008Daily Briefs
5/17/2008Japanese Studios Sell, Exhibit Anime/Manga-Based Films (Updated)
5/16/2008English Death Note, Bleach Movie Trailers Posted
5/16/2008Clannad Malware Creator Gets Two Years in Prison
5/16/2008Daily Briefs
5/16/2008Credit Crunch Got Corgi Plus Sell-through, Retailer Troubles
5/16/2008IDW Goes Mobile With uclick
5/16/2008Genre-Fest on Fox Prime Time Abrams, Whedon, MacFarlane
5/16/2008Hornby Acquires Corgi Die-Cast Business For $15 Million
5/16/2008Fantagraphics Goes Exclusive With Diamond Better Discounts for Comic Retailers
5/16/2008Philippines' Animax Award Finalist LaMB Gets Animated
5/16/2008Funimation Confirms Shigurui: Death Frenzy License
5/16/2008English-Subbed Maria Watches Over Us Trailer Streamed
5/16/2008Taniguchi's Harukana Machi e Gets European Film
5/16/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, May 7?13
5/15/2008Oshii Oversees Opening, Ending for NHK Documentaries
5/15/2008Yamato, Macross Director Noboru Ishiguro Interviewed
5/15/2008Funimations Adds Strain: Strategic Armored Infantry
5/15/2008USA Today Booklist, May 5?11
5/15/2008First Color Image of Live-Action Dragonball's Goku
5/15/2008Daily Briefs
5/15/2008Funimation Teases with Shigurui Image
5/15/2008Spider-Man's Stan Lee Interviewed about Ultimo Manga
5/15/2008Here is Greenwood Manga to be Adapted into TV Drama
5/14/2008UK Fans Give Eagle Award to Death Note Manga
5/14/2008Super Techno Arts No Longer Offering Jojo Anime in USA
5/14/2008Manga, Anime, Cards Announced for Inazuma 11 Videogame
5/14/2008Funimation Licenses Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino-
5/14/2008Crimson Hero, Chocolate Underground Manga Ending
5/14/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, May 6?12
5/14/2008Daily Briefs
5/14/2008Death Note Movie Opening May 20-21
5/14/2008Funimation Hints at Soukou no Strain Anime
5/14/2008Gantz's Oku Also Designs Soul Calibur IV Character
5/13/2008Shibatora Police Manga Adapted into TV Drama
5/13/2008Ashita no Joe's Chiba Draws Akai Mushi One-Shot Manga
5/13/200832nd Annual Kodansha Manga Awards Announced
5/13/2008'Witchblade' Prepped for Live Action Filming Could Start in September
5/13/2008Layoffs at Upper Deck Caused By Shrinking Sales
5/13/2008FUNimation Nabs Mamotte! Lollipop 13-Episode Shojo Series
5/13/20084Kids' Losses Widen 'Chaotic' Number 2 TCG in Canada
5/13/2008'Iron Man' Squashes Sputtering 'Speed Racer'
5/13/2008Tony Caputo on 'Speed Racer' ?Go, Speed Racer, Go!?
5/13/2008TitleMatch Halts Production of ImaginAsian DVDs
5/13/2008Suzuka's Seo, Samurai Deeper Kyo's Kamijy? to Launch Manga
5/13/2008Funimation Hints at Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino- Anime
5/13/2008Funimation Gets Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple Anime
5/12/2008Gegege no Kitar? Anime Film's Site Opens with Teaser
5/12/20081st Super Robot Wars OG Divine Wars Episode Streamed
5/12/2008First Image of Live-Action Dragonball's Goku Published
5/12/2008Funimation Adds Save Me! Lollipop Romantic Comedy Anime
5/12/2008Speed Racer Ends U.S. Opening Weekend with US$20M
5/12/20082008 Gegege Anime Film to Have Six Versions Screened
5/12/2008Daily Briefs
5/12/2008Tokyo's Popopure Maid Caf? Lets Customers Dub Anime
5/11/2008Japanese Box Office: May 3?4
5/11/200812th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize Winners Announced
5/11/2008Daily Briefs
5/10/2008Vexille Wins Animation Award at Philadelphia Film Fest
5/10/200837th Japan Cartoonist Awards Announced
5/10/2008Nodame Cantabile: Paris Chapter Anime Sequel Announced
5/10/2008Daily Briefs
5/9/2008Full Shin Chan Episode Posted Online
5/9/2008Gurren Lagann Music Clip Project's Trailer Streamed
5/9/20081st 8 Minutes of Live-Action Speed Racer Film Streamed
5/9/20083 Arrested in Japan for Spreading Anime via Share Program
5/9/2008Daily Briefs
5/9/2008Yoshitaka Amano Coming to San Diego Will Sign at Radical Publishing Booth
5/9/2008Two Captured in Comic Retailer Shooting Third Suspect Sought
5/9/2008'Speed Racer' Could Face a Bump in the Road 'Iron Man' Might Repeat
5/9/2008Anime Planned for Amano's Mateki: The Magic Flute
5/9/2008Anime Expo to Host Stranger - Mukoh Hadan Director Ando (Updated)
5/9/2008Vampire Hunter D, Final Fantasy's Amano at San Diego
5/9/2008Sonishi's Inu-Gaisha Manga Adapted into Flash Anime
5/8/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, April 28?May 4
5/8/2008Lucky Star Cast Cosplays as Haruhi Dancers on Bonus Card
5/8/2008Hokkaido Graduate Students Launch Free Manga Paper
5/8/2008Comic Dragon Age Mag to Run Luminous Arc 2 Will Manga
5/8/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, April 29?May 5 (Updated)
5/8/2008Eva's Sadamoto to Draw Archaic Smile Short Story
5/8/2008U.S. Navy Completes Promotional Manga for Distribution
5/8/2008Daily Briefs
5/7/2008BV USA to Stream Super Robot Wars TV, Galaxy Angel Rune
5/7/2008Macross Frontier's Opening Single Stays in Top 10
5/7/2008Mushrambo Film Remakes' First Teaser Trailer Streamed
5/7/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, April 30?May 6
5/7/2008Singer/Actor Gackt Lends Voice for Next Virtual Singer
5/7/2008Daily Briefs
5/7/2008USA Today Booklist, April 28?May 4
5/6/2008Tokyo Restaurants Offer Limited Evangelion Menu Items
5/6/2008Bandai Reissues of Macross Valkyries to be Imported to USA
5/6/2008Newsweek Japan Lists Kon's Paprika Among 100 Best Films
5/6/2008Zune Store Adds Funimation, Manga Entertainment Titles
5/6/2008June's Licensing Int'l Expo to Feature Anime Franchises
5/6/2008Ribon Magazine to Start Hello Kitty Peace!! Manga
5/5/2008Reunited X Japan Band to Perform in Taiwan on August 2
5/5/2008Shimizu, Madhouse to Adapt Siberian Express into Anime
5/5/2008OVA for Yoshimizu's Lucky Star Greenlit in Japan
5/5/2008Go! Comi Licenses 07-Ghost Fantasy Manga
5/5/2008Detective Conan Solves His First Case in Korea
5/5/2008Japanese Box Office: April 26?27
5/5/2008Mixed Vegetables' Komura Launches Jo?-sama no Tamago (Update)
5/5/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, April 21?27
5/5/2008Tanemura to End Gentlemen's Alliance, Launch Fortune
5/4/2008Broccoli Books Posts Nui! Fantasy Comedy Manga Preview
5/4/20083 Minutes of Live-Action Speed Racer Film Streamed
5/3/2008Deux Press to Publish Oh, My God, Lovers & Souls
5/3/2008Daily Briefs
5/2/2008Takashi Murakami Named Among Time's 100 Influential
5/2/2008Japan's Gurren Lagann Movie Site Launches with Video
5/2/2008Japan's NHK to Air Kids' Special with Ghibli Music
5/2/2008Viz, Drawn and Quarterly Manga at Free Comic Book Day
5/2/2008Japan's Jump Anime Tour to Show Letter Bee Anime
5/2/2008Daily Briefs
5/2/2008The Girl Who Leapt Through Time in LA, NYC, Seattle
5/2/2008New Candy Boy Net Anime Series Launched Online
5/2/2008Crunchyroll to Host Anime Innovation Tokyo Works Online
5/1/2008Right Stuf Licenses Aria TV Anime
5/1/2008Death Note Artist Obata to Attend Japan Expo in Paris
5/1/2008Viz Dominates American Graphic Novel Sales in April
5/1/2008Sony's Animax to Produce, Run Anime of Kurozuka Manga
5/1/2008Daily Briefs
5/1/2008GAMA Report: David Wallace Named CEO of Troll and Toad
5/1/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, April 23?29
5/1/2008CoLours TV No Longer Runs FUNimation Channel Programs