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Anime News

DateArticle Name
7/31/2008Law Journal Article Supports Fansubs (Updated)
7/31/2008Japanese Gov't Hosts World Cosplay Summit Finalists
7/31/2008Daily Briefs
7/31/2008Asu no Yoichi! Romantic Comedy Manga Gets TV Anime
7/31/2008Sony Wants to Milk 'Venom'
7/31/2008New Miyazaki Film to Venice Tops Japanese Box Office
7/31/2008Lionsgate Gets 'Wolverine & The X-Men' DVDs
7/31/2008NPR Reports on Librarians, Manga at Comic-Con Int'l
7/31/2008Tentai Senshi Sunred TV Anime Confirmed for October
7/30/2008Genius Party Beyond Film's New Trailer Streamed
7/30/2008More Revealed on Aftermath of Young Sunday Mag's End
7/30/2008Last Gasp Licenses Junko Mizuno's Fancy Gigolo Pelu (Updated)
7/30/2008Eiki Eiki's Train*Train Manga Listed by Digital Manga
7/30/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, July 14?20
7/30/2008What's Michael Artist Draws Manga About Shonen Mag's Early Days
7/29/2008America's Kung Fu Panda Film Gets Manga in Japan
7/29/2008USA Today Booklist, July 14?20
7/29/2008Japan's Dentsu Opens American Office in Los Angeles
7/29/2008Caf? Kichijouji de Manga to Restart in Japan in Fall
7/29/2008Ponyo, Sky Crawlers to Compete in Venice Int'l Film Fest
7/29/2008Gurren Lagann Now Offered in Web Streams & iTunes Store
7/29/2008125,000 Throng Comic-Con San Diego Maxes Out
7/29/2008WotC Pulls the Plug on Gleemax Concentrating on 'Magic Online' and 'D&D Insider'
7/29/2008San Diego Comic-Con's Big Picture Interview with David Glanser
7/29/2008Kyo no Gononi Manga Confirmed to Have Fall TV Anime
7/29/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, July 17?23
7/28/2008Venus Versus Virus Manga Ends in Japan
7/28/2008Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st Announced
7/28/2008New York Anime Festival Forums
7/28/2008THE iDOLM@STER Break! Manga to Debut in September
7/28/2008Gainax on Gurren Lagann
7/28/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, July 15?21
7/27/2008Live-Action Higanjima Film Green-Lit for Next Summer
7/27/2008Dark Horse Adds Daisuke Moriyama's World Embryo Manga
7/27/20082nd Season of Junj? Romantica to Air in October
7/26/2008Yen Adds Cirque du Freak, Oninagi, GA, Ichiroh! Manga
7/26/20082nd Man Sentenced for Anime Sharing with Share Program
7/26/2008Yoshitaka Amano's Shinjuku Illustrations Previewed
7/26/2008Kuroshitsuji Anime's Promotional Video Streamed
7/26/2008CMX Picks Up Genghis Khan, March on Earth Manga
7/26/2008Chaos;Head Computer Game to Get TV Anime
7/26/2008Tekkonkinkreet Wins Eisner Award
7/25/2008Second Death Note Special to Air on August 22 in Japan
7/25/2008Macross Frontier Volume 1 Ships 45,000 Blu-ray Discs
7/25/2008Viz Media Picks Up Miwa's Dogs, Mase's Ikigami Manga
7/25/2008Viz Adds 20th Century Boys, Pluto Manga
7/25/2008Viz Picks Up W?q W?q, Tegami Bachi Manga
7/24/2008Lucy Liu, Mark Hamill Join Afro Samurai: Resurrection
7/24/2008Hetalia Axis Powers Web Manga Gets TV Anime
7/24/2008Del Rey Adds Negima Neo, Orange Planet, Yokai Doctor
7/24/2008Bandai Entertainment Licenses Lucky Star Manga
7/24/2008Studio 4?C Working on In-Game Street Fighter IV Footage
7/23/2008Media Blasters Adds Dai Mahou Touge Comedy Anime
7/23/2008Di Gi Charat Video Site Launched on Japan's Nico Nico
7/23/2008Japanese Box Office, July 19?20: Ponyo Opens at #1
7/23/2008Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei Video Details Announced
7/23/2008TOKYOPOP Cancelling Titles
7/23/2008Astro Boy Hair Makeovers Offered at Comic-Con Int'l
7/23/2008Udon, Seven Seas Launch Weekly Serialized Comics
7/22/2008Daily Briefs
7/22/2008Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Film in Development at Fox
7/22/2008Aeon Flux's Chung Working on Astro Boy, Wicked City, Cyborg 009
7/22/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, July 7?13
7/22/2008Bandai Namco Links Up with Fujiyama Subtitling Firm
7/22/2008Research Team Names Protein After Pok?mon's Pikachu
7/22/2008Fifth Kara no Kyoukai Film's Trailer Posted Online
7/22/2008New World Destruction Anime Promo Movie Streamed
7/21/2008Miike's Live-Action Yatterman Film's Teaser Streamed
7/21/2008Sensual Phrase's Shinjo to Draw 1-Shot Jump Sq. Manga
7/21/2008Japanese-Animated Stitch! Series' Promo Video Streamed
7/21/2008Japanese Box Office, July 12?13: HanaDan's 3rd #1 Week
7/21/2008NYAF to Host Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Designers
7/21/2008Batman's Booty Beyond Boffo 'The Dark Knight' Smashes B.O. Records
7/21/2008Kubert to Produce ?How to Draw? Book Targets Maturing Artists
7/21/2008Daily Briefs
7/21/2008Funimation Offers Subbed Downloads of Jyu-Oh-Sei
7/21/2008Funimation Licenses Baccano! Anime (Updated)
7/21/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, July 10?16
7/20/2008Shugo Chara! Magical Girl Anime's 2nd Year Green-Lit
7/19/2008Precure, Digimon 02 Added to Direct2Drive Downloads (Updated)
7/19/2008USA Today Booklist, July 7?13
7/19/2008First Major Baseball Anime Film's Teaser Streamed
7/19/20081st Live-Action Dragonball Poster with Son Goku Posted (Updated)
7/19/2008Square Enix New Products August
7/18/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, July 8?14
7/18/2008Moribito Confirmed to Debut on Adult Swim on August 24
7/18/2008First Full Gurren Lagann Movie Trailer Streamed
7/18/2008Afro Samurai's Okazaki to Autograph at Comic Con Int'l
7/18/2008Former DreamWorks Exec to Run Viz's Hollywood Office
7/18/2008Daily Briefs
7/18/20082009 Doraemon Film Announced, Trailer Streamed
7/18/2008Vampire Hunter D's Kikuchi to Celebrate Birthday with Fans
7/18/2008Dark Knight Shatters Midnight Record Beats out Episode III with $18.5 Million
7/17/2008Haruhi CD Stays on Japanese Singles Chart for 100th Week
7/17/2008Japanese Box Office, July 5?6: HanaDan Stays at #1
7/17/2008Amano, Nightow to Autograph at Comic-Con International
7/17/2008Tsubasa Manga to Bundle New Anime DVD Next February
7/17/2008Yaoi-Con to Host Pet on Duty Manga Creator Nase Yamato
7/17/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, June 30?July 6
7/17/2008ADV Voice Actor Mike Kleinhenz Passes Away
7/17/2008Daily Briefs
7/17/2008Career Opportunities at AAA Anime Distribution
7/16/2008Daily Briefs
7/16/2008Tonari no 801 chan Fujoshi Manga to be Animated in 2009
7/16/2008Right Stuf Streams Aria Anime Trailer
7/16/2008Shonen Jump Ties Manga with Sports at Comic-Con Int'l
7/16/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, July 3?9
7/16/2008Jin Kobayashi's School Rumble Manga to End in Japan
7/16/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, July 1?7
7/16/2008Third Black Lagoon Anime Project Confirmed
7/16/2008Next Ghibli Film from Takahata Is Now More 'Definite'
7/15/2008XXXHOLiC Manga to Have 2-DVD Anime in Japan Next Year (Updated)
7/15/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, June 23?29
7/15/2008New York Anime Fest to Host Voice Actress Rie Tanaka
7/15/2008USA Today Booklist, June 30?July 6 (Updated)
7/15/20083 Anime Articles in Latest Animation Academic Journal
7/15/2008Daily Briefs
7/15/2008Funimation, BONES Anime on PlayStation Video Service (Update 2)
7/15/20082008 Gegege no Kitar? Movie's Trailer Posted
7/15/2008Bleach, Death Note, Naruto Added to U.S. iTunes Store
7/14/2008Daily Briefs
7/14/2008Toonami Jetstream Service Hosts Kiba Anime Online
7/14/2008Japanese Box Office, June 28?29: HanaDan Final at #1
7/14/2008ADV Corrects Its Update to List of Out-of-Print DVDs
7/14/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, June 26?July 2
7/14/2008Midori Days' Inoue to Launch Undead Manga in Spirits
7/14/2008Tokyo Man Found Guilty of Anime File-Sharing
7/14/2008Viz to Review Portfolios at Comic-Con International (Updated)
7/13/2008Global Artists Raise Funds for 'Totoro's Birthplace'
7/13/2008Mach Go Go Go Gets Mach Girl TV Anime Shorts in Japan
7/13/2008Daily Briefs
7/12/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, June 24?30
7/12/2008Manganovel Site Begins Offering Translated Flash Anime
7/12/2008Embracing Love's Nitta Acknowledges Tracing Photo
7/12/2008Umineko no Naku Koro ni TV Anime Officially Announced
7/11/2008Shonen Jump 40th Anniversary Experience Sweepstakes
7/11/2008Daily Briefs
7/11/2008Anime on US Phones & Free Japanese Manga on iPhone, DS
7/11/2008Dr. Koto Moves to Big Comic Original After Young Sunday Ends
7/11/2008Sword of the Stranger to Begin LA/NYC Run on July 18
7/11/2008Indonesian TV Station Reprimanded for Airing One Piece
7/11/2008ADV, Tokyopop Discontinue DVD, Print Titles
7/11/2008Anime Apparel Maker Mythwear Formally Out of Business
7/11/2008Kuroshitsuji Anime Confirmed to Premiere This Fall
7/10/2008Daily Briefs
7/10/2008Future US Publishes One-Off Future Anime Mag in U.S.
7/10/2008High School Debut's Kawahara Launches Aozora Yell (Updated)
7/10/2008One Piece's 'Prototype' Romance Dawn to be Animated
7/10/2008Naruto Shippuden Kizuna Movie's Trailer Streamed
7/10/2008X Japan Updates World Tour with Paris Stop in November
7/10/2008Japan's Gundam 00 Site Updates with 2nd Season Details
7/10/2008New Zealand Film Fest to Screen Eva:1.0, Vexille
7/9/2008CLAMP to Draw One-Shot Washizu Mahjong Manga
7/9/2008Judge Compares Anime File-Sharing to Stealing Bread
7/9/20082nd Tamagotchi Feature Film's Teaser Trailer Streamed
7/9/2008New Inuyasha Short to Debut at Tokyo's Takahashi Event
7/9/2008Man Arrested for Threatening Nana Mizuki Online
7/8/2008Daily Briefs
7/8/20081/2-Scale Fighter Model Promotes Oshii's Sky Crawlers
7/8/2008Requiem from the Darkness' Kyogoku, CLAMP on M?ry? no Hako Anime
7/8/2008Deux Licenses Red Blinds The Foolish Boys-Love Manga
7/8/2008Sayonara Zetsub? Sensei Manga to Bundle 2 Anime DVDs
7/8/2008Vertical Previews Tezuka's Black Jack Manga Online (Updated)
7/8/2008Funimation's First Releases from Geneon Deal Scheduled
7/8/2008Otakon to Host Sailor Moon Designer, Animation Director
7/8/2008English Gundam 00 Promo, Cast for 4 Meisters Posted
7/8/2008Designer Akemi Takada Planning New CG Anime Project
7/7/2008Anime Expo 2008 Announces Numbers
7/7/2008Kemeko-DX, To Aru Majutsu no Index Promos Streamed
7/7/2008Zettai Shougeki ~Platonic Heart~ Video Anime Green-Lit
7/6/2008Bones Studio Addresses Allegedly Leaked Document
7/6/2008CMX Manga Licenses Ken Saito's The Name of the Flower
7/6/2008Anime Expo 2008 Keynote Addresses
7/5/2008Kadokawa USA Announces Six New Licenses (Updated)
7/5/2008I.G's Takeuchi to Direct Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode
7/5/2008Go! Adds Cool Idols, Angel's Coffin, Crown, Bound Beauty (Updated)
7/5/2008Tokyopop Announces New Manga Titles (Updated)
7/5/2008Prosecutor Asks for 1.5-Year Term for Anime File-Sharer
7/5/2008801 Media, Jun? Announce New Manga Titles
7/4/2008Digital Manga Publishing Adds More Titles
7/4/2008Bandai Entertainment Adds Hayate Anime, TokiKake Manga
7/4/2008Gundam 00 to Run on Sci Fi Channel on November 17
7/4/2008Bandai Schedules Blu-ray Freedom, Gunbuster/Diebuster Movie
7/4/2008Right Stuf Adds Gakuen Alice, Reissues First Terra e
7/4/2008Bandai Entertainment to Announce Gundam 00 License Details (Updated)
7/4/2008Dark Horse Gets Eva: Shinji Ikari Raising Project Manga
7/4/2008Viz Adds Honey Hunt, Gestalt, Magic Touch, Otomen
7/4/2008Funimation Announces Ouran High School Host Club Cast
7/4/2008Sensual Phrase's Shinjo to Start Manga Short Story
7/4/2008Idol Talent Shokotan Starts Limited-Run English Blog
7/4/2008Funimation Picks Up Over 30 Former AD Vision Titles
7/3/2008Bandai Entertainment's Gurren Lagann Dub Cast Announced (Updated)
7/3/2008World Destruction Anime's TV Commercial Streamed
7/3/2008ADV Films Reportedly Suspends 4 DVD Titles Indefinitely (Update 3)
7/3/2008Funimation Agrees to Distribute Select Geneon Titles
7/3/2008Daily Briefs
7/3/2008Australian Theaters Screen Appleseed Sequel, Vexille (Updated)
7/2/2008Daily Briefs
7/2/2008Crunchyroll to Host Gatchaman Video Series Online
7/2/2008Nico Nico Douga to Delete Videos with Derived Content
7/2/20082nd Tamagotchi Anime Feature Green-Lit for December
7/2/2008Kiku-chan to ?kami Tale to be Animated for August Airing (Updated)
7/2/2008Funimation, YouTube Set Up Branded Online Channel
7/2/2008Dragonaut's Kinoshita to Start Kuzumoto Action Manga
7/2/2008Scarecrowman CG Anime's Trailer Video Posted Online
7/2/2008Kerokero Ace's Slayers Future Manga to Start in July
7/2/2008Gonzo's Parent Firm on Notice for Possible Delisting