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Anime News

DateArticle Name
9/30/2008Catblue: Dynamite CG Anime to Be Streamed by Crunchyroll
9/30/2008Rica Takashima to Appear at MangaNEXT Convention
9/30/2008Emma's Kaoru Mori Launches Otome-Katari Manga
9/30/2008Hell Girl Anime Debuts on IFC's Linear Channel Tonight
9/30/2008Profit Warning Issued Due to Halt on Appleseed: Genesis
9/30/2008Man Arrested for Threatening Voice Actress Online
9/30/2008Custom Figure: Haruhi Meets Gatchaman
9/30/2008Anime Nominated for TV DVD Awards
9/30/2008Japanese Box Office, September 27?28: 20th Drops to #5
9/30/2008Manga Shut Out at Harvey Awards
9/30/2008Errata: MangaNEXT from October 31 to November 2
9/29/2008Daily Briefs
9/29/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, September 15?21
9/29/2008New York Anime Festival Reports 18,399 Total Attendees
9/29/2008Toradora Anime TV Ad Posted as Blog Parts Applet
9/29/2008Hyakko Slice-of-Life Anime's TV Ad Streamed in Japan
9/29/2008Ga-Rei -Zero- Anime TV Ad Posted Online in Japan
9/29/2008Skip Beat's TV Ad Streamed in Japanese, Chinese
9/29/2008Gonzo, I.G Animates Shorts for Sega's Infinite Space
9/28/2008ADV Films Reveals Clannad Anime License (Updated)
9/28/2008Professor Layton Games Gets Animated Film Project
9/28/2008Yen Adds Hero Tales, Wakaba-Soh, Spice & Wolf Novels (Update 2)
9/28/2008Fiat to Launch Limited-Edition Lupin III Car
9/27/2008Kyo no Gononi TV Anime's Promo Movie Posted Online
9/27/2008Chaos;HEAd Promo with Anime Footage Streamed
9/27/2008Del Rey Gets Moyashimon, Amefurashi, Maid War Chronicles (Update 2)
9/27/2008Yaoi Generation Adds Chifumi Ochi's breath Manga
9/27/2008Profits Continue to Drop at Japanese Channel WOWOW (Update 2)
9/26/2008Funimation Channel to Add Ouran Host Club to TV Lineup
9/26/2008Funimation Picks Up Otomo's Live-Action Mushi-shi Film
9/26/2008Bandai Entertainment Picks Up Gurren Lagann Manga
9/26/2008Three Macademi Wasshoi! Promo Videos Posted Online
9/26/2008Bandai Entertainment to Ship Sola, True Tears in DVD Boxes (Updated)
9/26/2008Appleseed: Genesis Anime Studio Sues Rights Holders
9/26/2008Tytania TV Space Opera Anime's Promo Video Streamed
9/26/20081st Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka Episode to Debut Online
9/26/2008Akira Gets Blu-Ray Disc in Japan, U.S. in February (Updated)
9/25/2008Daily Briefs
9/25/2008USA Today Booklist, September 15?21: Naruto 31 at #44
9/25/2008Chi's Sweet Home's Online Travel Log Updated
9/25/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, September 17?23
9/25/2008Macross Frontier Movie Announced
9/25/2008Yomigaeru Sora TV Anime Series Gets Live-Action Film
9/25/2008Digital Manga Launches eManga Site with Free Samples
9/25/200826 Bakugan: New Vestroia Episodes Planned for Spring
9/19/2008Macademi Wasshoi's TV Commercial Posted Online
9/19/2008ADV Awaits Restoration of Power after Hurricane Ike
9/19/2008Lucky Star OVA's Promotional Video Streamed
9/19/2008USA Today Booklist, September 8?14: 3 Manga Books Rank
9/19/2008Director Akira Kurosawa's Final Script Gets Anime Film (Updated)
9/19/2008Alan Moore Finds 'Watchmen' Movie Woes 'Wonderfully Ironic'
9/18/2008UK's Barbican to Screen Anime, Live-Action Mushishi
9/18/2008Switch Promotional Video with Anime Footage Streamed
9/18/2008Ch?! A&G+ Anime & Game Radio Station Plans Anime
9/18/2008Best Buy Acquires Napster NCR Adds 11,000 DVD Kiosks
9/18/20084Kids Drops 'Pretty Cure' Anime License Reverts to Toei
9/17/2008Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae's Special Promo Streamed
9/17/2008Sammy's Hard Boiled Slot Machines Get Anime, Manga
9/17/2008Daily Briefs
9/17/2008Protoculture Addicts Issue 59 eBook
9/17/20082nd Negima: Ala Alba Episode's 3 Promos Posted Online
9/17/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, September 9?15
9/17/2008BCI Eclipse to Ship Live-Action Kitaro in N. America
9/16/2008Gurren Lagann Parallel Works DVD Promo Streamed
9/16/2008Daily Briefs
9/16/2008Fist of the North Star Wedding Photos Posted Online
9/16/2008Oshii's Sky Crawlers to Compete at Sitges
9/16/2008Japanese Box Office, September 13?14: 20th Stays at #1
9/16/2008ADV Films Plans Return after Hurricane Ike Tomorrow
9/16/2008One Outs Manga to Relaunch in October
9/16/2008New Mameshiba Anime to Run on TV, Web in October
9/15/2008Japanese Anime DVD Sales Drop 13.5%, Partly Due to BD
9/15/2008Adult Swim Cuts Back on Anime 'Full Metal Alchemist' Returns
9/15/2008'The Faerie Path' Manga First Volume Due in January
9/15/200812-Hour Anime After Dark Film Fest at Boston in October
9/15/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, September 1?7
9/15/2008Yasuko to Kenji Manga's Revival to End Next Month
9/15/2008Japanese Box Office, September 6?7: 20th C. Boys at #1 (Updated)
9/15/2008Hajime no Ippo Reportedly to Return to TV in January
9/14/2008Daily Briefs
9/14/2008Sakai City Answers Complaint on BL Books in Libraries
9/14/2008ADV Films Waits Out Hurricane Ike
9/14/2008Genius Party, Live-Action Grave of the Fireflies at NYC
9/13/2008Square Enix October Update
9/13/2008Haruhi Suzumiya Poster Appears in Canadian Tylenol Ad
9/13/2008Shuffle's Nishimata Illustrates Rice Bag, Strawberries
9/13/2008Protoculture Addicts #97 Also Available as eBook
9/13/2008New Protoculture Addicts eBooks
9/13/2008Inazuma Eleven Site Launched with Promo Video
9/13/2008Gonzo's 2nd Linebarrels of Iron Promo Video Streamed
9/12/2008Ayumi Tachihara's Gokud? no Shokutaku Manga Gets Film
9/12/2008Direct Market Share of Marvel Dropping 'Over 60% of Sales'
9/12/2008Gonzo Parent Part Owner of Crunchyroll 'Silent Investor'
9/12/2008Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Premieres on The CW in U.S. on Saturday
9/12/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, September 3?9
9/12/20087th Animax Award-Winning Script Announced
9/12/2008Yoshitoshi ABe to Speak at Minneapolis Art Conference
9/12/2008Chaos;HEAd Anime's New Promotional Video Streamed
9/12/2008Pyu to Fuku! Jaguar Manga to Get New Anime Film, Series
9/11/2008Adult Swim Shifts Bleach, Geass, Moribito Timeslots
9/11/2008Gonzo's GDH Gets Capital, Reveals Crunchyroll Investment
9/11/2008Honey and Clover Opening's Director Nagi Noda Passes Away
9/11/2008Daily Briefs
9/11/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, September 2?8
9/11/2008Dragon Head's Mochizuki to Start New Manga
9/11/2008Chocolate Underground Film to Open in Japan in January
9/10/2008Domo Hired as Halloween Mascot for Target Stores
9/10/2008Votoms: Pailsen Files Movie's Teaser Trailer Posted
9/10/2008Colorado Con to Host Noriko Hidaka, Yuji Mitsuya
9/10/2008Nodame Cantabile: Paris Sequel's Promo Video Streamed
9/10/2008VideoScan: Afro Samurai Debuted on Blu-ray at #16
9/10/2008'Halo Wars' Figures from McFarlane Due March 2009
9/10/2008Sarah Palin Action Figures From Herobuilders
9/10/2008Daily Briefs
9/10/2008USA Today Booklist, September 1?7: Naruto, More Return
9/10/2008Astro Boy Manga's New Edition Previewed Online
9/9/2008Zettai Shougeki ~Platonic Heart~ Trailer Streamed
9/9/2008Code Geass Speech Synthesizer Service Offered in Japan
9/9/2008Zettai Yareru Grecia Shinwa Drama/Anime Airs in October
9/9/2008J.K. Rowling Wins 'Fair Use' Case Judge Rules Against 'The Harry Potter Lexicon'
9/9/2008'Diamond & Pearl: Stormfront' New 'Pokemon TCG' Expansion
9/9/2008FUNimation Nabs 'Kaze no Stigma' 24-Episode Anime From Gonzo
9/9/2008Hyakko Anime's Event Trailer Posted Online
9/8/2008Funimation Acquires Kaze No Stigma
9/8/2008Funimation Tallies 1/3rd of North American Anime Sales
9/8/2008Gonzo to Animate Shangri-La Novel for TV
9/8/2008Report: Detroit Metal City Gets Hollywood Remake Offers
9/8/2008Sony Pictures Licenses Oshii's Sky Crawlers Film
9/8/2008Daily Briefs
9/8/2008Bo-bobo's Yoshio Sawai Launches Chagecha Manga
9/7/2008Daily Briefs
9/7/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, August 25?31
9/7/2008Penguin Girl Heart's 2nd Season Begins Online in Japan
9/7/2008Live Charity Auction Raises US$45,000+ for Totoro Forest
9/6/2008Ponyo, Sky Crawlers Passed Over at Venice Film Fest
9/6/2008Imagi's CG Gatchaman Teaser Trailer Video Streamed
9/6/2008D.C.I.F. Da Capo If Part I OVA Announced
9/6/2008New Slayers TV Anime Series Officially Confirmed
9/5/2008Japanese Box Office, August 30?31: Ponyo Drops to #3
9/5/2008Oshii's Sky Crawlers Wins Venice Fest's Digital Award
9/5/2008Zeorymer Omega Manga Revives 1980s Robot Title
9/5/2008NYC Fashion Designer Inspired by Wallflower Manga
9/5/2008ANN Job Opportunity: Anime Weekend Atlanta Freelance Reporter
9/3/2008Prince of Tennis Musical, Jump SQ. Mag to Collaborate
9/3/2008Time Mag Confirms Disney's U.S. Ponyo Plans for 2009
9/3/2008Aria's Kozue Amano to Launch New Manga in November
9/3/2008Magazine Z, Comi Di Gi+ Manga Mags Ending in Japan