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3/31/2009Wolverine Invades 7-Elevens With Slurpee Cups, Straws, & Mugs
3/31/2009DiCaprio in 'Button Man' Based on John Wagner's 2000 AD Comic
3/31/2009Warners Seeking Wonder Woman Helmer Live Action Movie Back on Track?
3/31/2009Bettany Ordained In Negotiations to Play 'Priest'
3/31/2009Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, March 24-30
3/31/2009Lucky Star's Yoshimizu to Launch New Manga in April
3/31/2009Miyazaki Illustrates Westall's Fathom Five Novel for Japan
3/31/2009Mini-Skirt Space Pirates Novels Reportedly to Get Anime
3/31/2009Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ Promo Video Posted
3/31/2009Shangri-La Science Fiction Anime's Commercial Streamed (Updated)
3/31/2009Daily Briefs
3/31/2009Japan's Stitch! TV Series Gets 2nd Season Green-Lit
3/31/2009Gonzo's Parent Company to Sell Off Game Subsidiary (Updated)
3/31/2009Actor Paul Bettany in Talks to Star in Priest Film
3/31/2009Baker & Taylor Responds to Downgrading Citing Increased Cash Flow
3/31/2009'Xena' in New TV Series Lucy Lawless Stars in 'Spartacus'
3/30/2009Yoshihiro Tatsumi to Attend NYC's PEN Fest This Spring
3/30/20092009 Fullmetal Alchemist Debut Gets Australian Simulcast
3/30/2009Twin Spica Manga to Get Live-Action TV Drama
3/30/2009Lucky Star Credit Card Hinted in Japan
3/30/2009Hellsing Creator Hirano's New Manga Will Be Drifters
3/30/2009Rock Band FAKE? to Perform at New Jersey's AnimeNEXT
3/30/2009Sanrio/Sega's Jewelpet Preview Commercial Streamed
3/30/2009Tokyo International Anime Fair 2009
3/30/2009Daily Briefs
3/29/2009Japanese Anime TV Ranking, March 16-22
3/29/2009Venus in Love's Nakaji to Start Jun-ai Labyrinth Manga (Updated)
3/29/2009Japanese Anime TV Ranking, March 9-15
3/29/2009Blogger Reportedly to Be Paid for Posting about Natsu no Arashi
3/29/2009Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Film to Open in Japan in 2010 (Updated)
3/29/2009Petit Cossette's Katsura to Launch Shinwa Punch, Bish?nen Meigen-Sh?
3/28/2009Akikan! OVA Green-Lit for Production (Updated)
3/28/2009Super Hello Kitty Jewel Doll: 10.5 cm, 15 Million Yen (Updated)
3/28/2009Matsuri Special, High School Debut Manga Spinoffs in May
3/28/2009Game-Based Sengoku Basara Anime's 2nd Promo Streamed
3/28/2009Daily Briefs
3/27/2009Darker than Black's An Caf? to Perform in California
3/27/2009My Chemical Romance Founder Co-Produces FFVII: ACC Song
3/27/2009Macross F Official Creator's Magazine Gets General Release (Updated)
3/27/2009Naruto Shipp?den's Main English Dubbing Cast Announced
3/27/2009Slayers Light Magic Manga Ends in Kerokero Ace Mag
3/27/2009Kamikaze to Post Amanatsu, The Last Piece on iTunes Japan
3/27/2009Pok?mon Wins Nickelodeon Mag's Favorite Manga Award
3/27/2009New York Times Manga Best Seller List, March 15-21
3/27/2009Spice and Wolf II Act 0's Promo Video Streamed
3/26/2009Daily Briefs
3/26/2009Live-Action Dragonball Clips Posted by MTV
3/26/2009Anime Insider Ends Publication After Eight Years (Update 2)
3/26/2009Naruto Shipp?den Episode 101 Now Streaming for Free
3/26/20092nd Hayate the Combat Butler!! Season's Preview Streamed
3/26/2009CLAMP's Mangettes: Gate 7's Cover Posted on Amazon Japan
3/26/2009Kinnikumania 2009 'Real' Pro Wrestling Event Announced
3/26/2009Rumiko Takahashi & Mitsuru Adachi's Joint Manga Posted Online
3/26/2009USA Today Booklist, March 16-22: Fruits Basket Enters
3/26/2009Yuki Suetsugu's Chihayafuru Wins 2nd Manga Taisho Award
3/26/2009Japanese Box Office, March 22-23
3/25/2009Ristorante Paradiso Slice-of-Life Anime's Promos Posted
3/25/2009Sora no Manimani Romantic Comedy's Promo Streamed
3/25/2009Studio Fantasia's New Work Green-Lit for Production
3/25/2009Artists m.o.v.e to Perform at Anime Central in Illinois
3/25/2009Bandai to Sell 2-Million-Yen Mazinger Z Robot Toy
3/25/2009New Strike Witches, Canaan, Koihime Mus? Manga to Launch
3/25/2009Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, March 17-23
3/24/2009Japanese Anime TV Ranking, March 2-8
3/24/2009Daily Briefs
3/24/2009Twilight Director Says She Has Not Heard of Anime Plans
3/24/2009Valkyria Chronicles TV Anime's TAF Promo Streamed
3/24/2009Sea Story Fantasy TV Anime's Promo Video Streamed
3/24/2009Imagi's New Computer-Animated Astro Boy Teaser Posted (Updated)
3/24/2009Ghibli's Ponyo Dated for August 14 in U.S. Theaters
3/24/2009Ponyo's Joe Hisaishi Wins at Asia Film Awards
3/24/2009Cencoroll Science-Fiction Anime Dated for 2009 Release
3/24/2009USA Today Booklist, March 9-15: 4 Naruto Books Rank (Updated)
3/18/2009Musashi: The Dream of the Last Samurai English Trailer Posted
3/18/2009P?n?lope Kids' Anime Gets New Series This Summer
3/18/2009Toei Reveals Niji-Iro Hotaru Feature Anime Film (Update 2)
3/18/2009Masamune Shirow Working with Lucent on Squad Project
3/18/2009Toei Robot Girls Project to Launch this Year
3/18/2009Bakemonogatari Anime Promo Video Posted
3/18/2009Aoi Hana Yuri Anime's Promo Video Streamed
3/18/2009New Yamato Anime to Open in Japanese Theaters in 2009 (Update 2)
3/18/20094Kids Posts 2 Yu-Gi-Oh! Episodes in Raw Japanese
3/18/2009Crunchyroll to Add Chi's, Mainichi K?san, Saki Anime
3/18/2009To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Light Novels' Anime Green-Lit (Updated)
3/17/2009Daily Briefs
3/17/2009Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, March 10-16
3/17/2009Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Anime to Air in Japan in July (Updated)
3/17/2009Heroic Age, Origin, Big Windup Now Streaming on Hulu
3/17/2009Crunchyroll to Simulcast Reborn! Anime Worldwide
3/17/2009Rumiko Takahashi's Latest Series to Launch on April 22
3/17/2009Sasameki Koto Yuri Manga Gets TV Anime Green-Lit
3/17/20094Kids' Quarterly & Annual Losses Mount, Shares Drop 30%
3/17/2009Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden's Return Pushed to Spring 2010
3/17/2009Lucent Pictures, Studio 4?C to Launch L4C Anime Studio
3/17/2009Kampfer Light Novels Have Anime in the Works
3/17/2009Revamped RX-78-7 Gundam to Be in Gundam Senki PS3 Game (Updated)
3/17/2009Japanese Box Office, March 14-15
3/13/2009Marvel Retools Movie Schedule Pushes Back 'Avengers'
3/13/2009ScarJo Is Black Widow in Iron Man 2
3/13/2009'Huntik' TV Ads Start Next Week
3/13/2009GAMA Announces GTS Exhibitors And Programming Schedule
3/13/2009Second Season Ordered for 'Huntik' 26 Episodes
3/13/2009'Star Wars' Live Action TV Show Is Casting
3/13/2009Mickey Rourke Signs for Iron Man 2 For More Money
3/13/2009New Toy Regs Cost Billions And Jobs, According to Survey
3/13/2009Marvel Goes Global Adds International Advisory Board
3/11/2009Eva: 1.0, Vexille Films to Play in D.C. on March 28 (Updated)
3/11/2009Bandai Head: No Plans for 2009 Gundam TV Series (Updated)
3/11/2009Houbunsha's Comic Yell Mag to End in 12th Issue in May
3/11/200918-Meter Gundam to Rise at Tokyo's Odaiba Island in July (Updated)
3/11/2009Kekkaishi's Tanabe to Start Manga in Monthly Shonen Sunday
3/11/2009UPDATE: Fugitive, Teenage Girl May Be Headed To Anime Conventions
3/10/2009NYC's Kinokuniya Books to Host Anime Day This Sunday (Update 2)
3/10/2009Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, March 3-9
3/10/2009Rumiko Takahashi, Mitsuru Adachi Collaborate on Manga
3/10/2009Gurren Lagann DVD Bundled with Yoko's Idol Debut CD
3/10/2009Aurora to Publish Ujin's Peach! Manga in North America
3/10/2009Taiwanese Murder Suspect Reportedly Blames Gunnm Manga
3/10/2009Exclusive Dragonball: Evolution World Premiere Pictures
3/10/2009Nyan Koi! Manga Reportedly to Get Anime Green-Lit (Updated)
3/10/2009MSN, Yahoo Now Streaming from Dragonball World Premiere (Update 2)
3/10/2009Kadokawa to Stream Haruhi TV Anime on YouTube in April
3/10/2009Munto Anime to Get Theatrical Finale in Japan in April (Updated)
3/6/2009'New York Times' Adds 'Graphic Books' Bestseller Lists Hard, Soft, Manga
3/6/2009Takako Shimura's Aoi Hana School Manga Gets TV Anime
3/6/2009American Artist Assists on New Prince of Tennis Manga
3/6/2009Live-Action Blood: The Last Vampire's UK Trailer Posted
3/6/2009Fullmetal Alchemist's 2009 Anime Cast Revealed
3/6/2009Lyrical Nanoha's 4th Series to Launch as Comic
3/6/2009Death Note's L Spinoff Film in U.S. Theaters in April
3/6/2009Netcomics Licenses Five New Boys-Love Manga Titles
3/6/2009Death Note Theatrical Event For L, change the WorLd
3/6/2009Viz Media's 'Dragonball Evolution' Releases Junior Novel, Chapter & Sticker Books
3/6/2009Blockbuster Hires Bankruptcy Advisors ?Pursuing Financing Options?
3/5/20093rd Annual Seiy? Award Winners Revealed
3/5/2009USA Today Booklist, February 23-March 1: 5 Manga Rank
3/5/2009Astro Boy/Ravex Anime Short's Promo Video Streamed
3/5/200913th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize Nominees Announced
3/5/2009Frontier Works Plans Bish?jo TV Anime for This Summer
3/5/2009New York Times Manga Best Seller List, February 22-28
3/5/2009Marvel Streaming Japanese Spider-Man Sentai Series
3/5/2009Daily Briefs
3/5/2009Funimation Posts 1st Episodes of Anime Series on Gaia
3/5/2009Maki Minami's Special A Manga to End in Japan in March
3/4/2009Astro Boy Returns in 'Another' Anime After Manga's End (Updated)
3/4/2009Japanese Comic Ranking, February 24-March 2
3/4/2009Reference Book Publisher to Ship Rough Guide to Anime
3/4/2009Japanese Comic Ranking, February 17-23
3/4/2009Kyoto Animation's Munto TV Anime Adapted into Manga
3/4/2009Jiro Taniguchi's Hometown Plans Chichi no Koyomi Film
3/4/2009Manga-Based Gokusen TV Drama Gets Film Finale in July
3/4/2009Daily Briefs
3/4/2009ANN Streams More Anime Series from Funimation
3/3/2009Daily Briefs
3/3/2009Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, February 24-March 2
3/3/2009Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, February 17-23
3/3/2009Final List of Best Buy Stores with Anime Sales Posted
3/3/2009Two New Studio Ghibli Special DVD/BDs Offered in Japan
3/3/2009Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, February 10-16
3/3/2009Final Fantasy VII's Denzel Novel Confirmed to Get Anime
3/3/2009Mitsuru Adachi to Start Manga in Monthly Shonen Sunday
3/3/20092nd Denpa teki na Kanojo Anime DVD's Production Begins
3/3/2009Mori no Asagao Manga on Capital Punishment Gets Film
3/2/2009LM.C, Camino Bands to Perform at A-Kon in Texas in May
3/2/2009Hawaii's Kawaii Kon to Host Appleseed's Shinji Aramaki
3/2/2009Toei Confirms Dragon Ball Kai is Edited to Follow Manga
3/2/2009New Shaman King Manga Finale Being Posted Online
3/1/2009Before Green Gables to Debut in Canadian Embassy in Japan
3/1/2009Gangan Joker to Replace Gangan Powered, Wing Mags