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Anime News

DateArticle Name
5/31/2009Daily Briefs
5/31/2009Japanese Box Office, May 9-10
5/31/2009Fullmetal Alchemist Not Streaming from (Update 2)
5/30/2009Funimation Cancels One Piece Simulcast (Update 2)
5/30/2009Key's Angel Beats! Anime Promo Videos Streamed
5/30/2009GTO: Shonan 14 Days Marks Return of Great Teacher Onizuka (Updated)
5/30/2009M and N, Heart no Kuni no Alice Listed by
5/30/2009One Piece's Newest Episode Leaked Before Japan's Debut (Updated)
5/29/2009Saiyuki Reload to End in Japan, New Manga to Follow
5/29/2009Toys 'R' Us Nabs F.A.O. Schwarz Legendary Toy Retailer
5/29/2009Anime Network Taken Off Comcast, Put on DirecTV (Updated)
5/29/2009Gokusen the Movie's Trailer Streamed Online
5/29/2009New York Times Manga Best Seller List, May 17-23
5/29/2009Mamoru Oshii Says He Wants to Make New Film in Poland
5/28/2009On-Demand Printer Refuses to Print Yaoi Press Book
5/28/2009Kochikame, Sh?jo Manga Get Live-Action TV Dramas
5/28/2009Daily Briefs
5/28/2009Tezuka's Swallowing the Earth & AX Samples Posted
5/28/2009Iron Vendetta Robot Anime Episode Begins Production
5/28/2009Yumeta, Hal Film Maker to Merge to Form TYO Animations
5/28/2009Last Week's New Haruhi Episode Now Streaming on YouTube
5/28/20091-Week Update on Handley Case over 'Obscene' Manga
5/27/2009Japanese Comic Ranking, May 18-24
5/27/2009Key's Angel Beats! Project Gets TV Anime Green-Lit (Updated)
5/27/2009Daily Briefs
5/27/2009Monster OP in Lego
5/27/2009Kindaichi's Fumiya Sato Runs for Japanese Legislature
5/27/20097-Eleven to Offer Domo Slurpees in U.S. in October
5/27/2009Eva's Misato Hosts Realtime News Show on PS3s in Japan
5/27/2009Sumomomo's Ohtaka Launches Magi in Sh?nen Sunday Mag
5/26/2009Battle Spirits TV Anime's Second Season Green-Lit
5/26/2009Live-Action Blood the Last Vampire's 1st 5 Minutes Posted (Updated)
5/26/2009Toei Animation Studio Shuffles Top Executives
5/26/2009Otomen Sh?jo Manga Gets Live-Action TV Drama in August (Update 2)
5/25/2009Anime Network Posts Full Metal Panic, Ghost Stories Online
5/25/2009Two Flowers of the Dragon Fantasy Manga Ends in Japan
5/25/2009Shion no Oh's Ando Draws Bushid? Sixteen Kend? Manga
5/25/2009Gainax Works on Abenobashi Special, Free-Diving Work
5/24/2009Daily Briefs
5/24/2009Labor Group: Animators in Their 20s Earn US$11,600 a Year (Updated)
5/23/2009Evangelion: 1.0's English Dub Cast Announced (Updated)
5/23/2009Funimation Acquires Spice and Wolf Fantasy Anime
5/22/2009Spice and Wolf Anime Announces Holo Hand Puppet in Japan
5/22/2009Nitroplus, Shadow Skill's Okada Launch New Manga
5/22/2009New York Times Manga Best Seller List, May 10-16
5/22/2009Futabasha Loses Appeal on Chinese Shin-chan Trademark (Updated)
5/22/2009Japan Teaches about Jury Duty with School Romance Anime
5/22/2009Viz Adds Bokurano & I'll Give It My All...Tomorrow Manga
5/21/2009Zipang Resumes on May 28 after Kawaguchi's Accident
5/21/2009Viz Posts English Version of Ikki Mag Online (Updated)
5/21/2009New Haruhi Suzumiya Anime Episode Airs (Update 4)
5/21/2009YouTube, Crunchyroll Stream Kurokami TV Anime
5/21/2009Sony's English Sky Crawlers Trailer Streamed on ANN
5/21/2009Morning 2 Mag Posted Online for Free on Shipping Date
5/18/2009Me and the Devil Blues Manga Wins Glyph Comic Award
5/18/2009Kekkaishi Adventure Manga's 'Prototype' Posted Online
5/18/2009Takashi Miike to Film Buichi Terasawa's Takeru Manga
5/18/2009December's Yamato Film Detailed by Director Nishizaki
5/18/2009TV Drama Special of Tezuka's MW to Air Before Film
5/14/2009New Square Enix June Updates
5/13/2009Dragon Age Mag Add 5 New Manga, Inherits 2 More
5/13/2009Japanese Comic Ranking, May 4-10
5/13/2009Anime Expo's Parent Organization Seeks New CEO
5/13/2009Solanin's Asano to Launch Umibe no Onna no Ko Manga
5/13/2009DNP, Kodansha, Shogakukan, Shueisha Acquire 29% of Bookoff
5/13/2009Butterfly, Flowers' Yoshihara to Start Venus ni Arazu
5/11/2009One Piece Creator Oda to Oversee Production of 10th Film
5/11/2009Anpanman Theme Composer Takashi Miki Passes Away
5/10/2009Jojo's Araki Illustrates Base Ball Bear's 'Breeeeze Girl'
5/10/2009Planned Anime Museum Panned as 'National Manga Caf?' (Updated)
5/10/2009Daily Briefs
5/10/2009Michiko, Pyu to Jaguar's Yoko Maki Has 1st Child
5/9/2009Report: Moribito to Return to Adult Swim TV in Summer
5/9/2009Yatterman Anime Movie Green-Lit for August 22
5/9/2009Legend of Kamui Ninja Film's Full Trailer Streamed
5/8/200938th Japan Cartoonist Awards Announced
5/8/2009Live-Action Blood: The Last Vampire's 2nd U.S. Trailer Streamed
5/8/2009ADV, Funimation Add New Anime Titles Online
5/8/2009New York Times Manga Best Seller List, April 26-May 2
5/8/2009Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance Trailer Streamed
5/8/2009Daily Briefs
5/8/2009Dentsu to Export Mameshiba Characters to U.S. This Year
5/7/2009No Sakura Anime Video Release Listed in Japan, U.S.
5/7/20092nd La Corda D'Oro ~secondo passo~ Special's Ad Posted
5/7/2009USA Today Booklist, April 27?May 3: No Japanese Manga
5/7/2009Isshoni Training Anime Planned, Written, Funded by 1 Man
5/7/2009Feminist Manga Creator Murasaki Yamada Passes Away
5/6/2009Video Girl Ai's Katsura Draws Jules Verne Novel Cover
5/6/2009Amanatsu's Two-Minute Music Video Anime Streamed
5/6/2009Daily Briefs
5/6/2009Anime News Network Adds Anime from Funimation
5/6/2009Zipang's Kawaguchi Takes Break to Heal Broken Arm (Updated)
5/6/2009Japanese CD Single Ranking, April 27-May 3 (Updated)
5/6/2009Japanese Comic Ranking, April 27-May 3 (Updated)
5/5/2009Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, April 27-May 3
5/5/ Lists Akira, Ghost in the Shell from Kodansha (Updated)
5/5/2009ADV Adds Grave of the Fireflies, Now and Then, Here and There
5/5/2009Exile Song & Dance Unit's Examurai Anime Spawns Manga
5/5/2009Crunchyroll, Mushi Hold Subtitle Translation Contest
5/5/2009Takashi Murakami to Illustrate AKB48's Next Single
5/4/2009Kite Director, Saber Marionette Designer on Dante's Inferno
5/4/2009Kadokawa Posts Basquash! Anime Episodes on YouTube
5/4/2009Funimation Licenses Vandread Integral, Turbulence OVAs
5/4/2009Nasu Theme Singer Kiyoshirou Imawano Passes Away
5/4/2009Anime Exhibit Opens at Beverly Hills Home of Oscars
5/3/2009Hitohira School Comedy Manga to End This Month
5/3/2009Survey: Slam Dunk Manga is #1 Choice for Live-Action (Updated)
5/3/2009Japanese Box Office, April 25-26
5/3/2009Kowarekake no Orgol's 7-Minute Promo Video Streamed
5/2/2009Sunrise Animates Tokyo Panic Cruise Ride Attraction
5/2/2009Viz Marks Free Comic Book Day with Shonen Jump Sampler
5/2/2009Gundam 00 2nd Season to Debut on Sci Fi Channel in June
5/1/2009Time of Eve's Full 1st Season in Japanese Theaters
5/1/2009Warner Brothers Acquire Live-Action Death Note Rights (Update 2)
5/1/2009TAF 2010 Mascot Design Competition Begins
5/1/2009LM.C Cancels A-Kon Appearance over Swine Flu Concerns
5/1/2009College Lecturer Pretending to Be Eva: 2.0's Honda Resigns
5/1/2009Daily Briefs
5/1/2009An Nakahara Ends Kirarin Revolution Manga in Japan
5/1/2009New York Times Manga Best Seller List, April 19-25
5/1/2009Megumi Nakajima to Voice Next Vocaloid Virtual Idol
5/1/2009AIKa Zero OVA Series Confirmed to Launch on August 25 (Update 3)
5/1/2009Sony Acquires Live-Action Blood: The Last Vampire's U.S. Rights (Update 3)