Anime News

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3/29/2010Welcome to the Space Show, Tetsujin 28 Videos Streamed
3/29/2010Kuroshitsuji II, Bungaku Shoujo Memoire Promos Posted
3/29/2010IMAGI's Astro Boy Ranks #9 BD, #7 Overall in 1st U.S. Week
3/29/2010Gintama Director Shinji Takamatsu: 'It's Not Over'
3/25/2010Bungaku Shoujo Gets 3 All-New Anime DVD Episodes (Updated)
3/25/2010Wolfgang Petersen Develops Live-Action Paprika Film
3/25/2010Shinryaku! Ika Musume Comedy Manga Gets Anime
3/25/2010Twilight Graphic Novel Sells 66,000 Copies in First Week
3/25/2010Osaka Hamlet Manga Gets Anime Green-Lit for Summer
3/25/2010Crunchyroll Gets US$750,000 Investment by TV Tokyo
3/25/2010Mardock Scramble Anime to Be 3 Films Starting in Fall
3/25/2010Satelight to Animate M?retsu Pirates for TV in 2011 (Updated)
3/25/2010Dogakobo, Gonzo Create Cheer Figu! Character Project
3/25/2010Pierrot Produces Onigamiden Historical Film for October
3/25/2010Toei Reveals Project with George Akiyama's Ashura Manga
3/23/2010Funimation Streams Initial D: Fourth Stage, Nerima Daikon Brothers
3/23/2010Queen's Blade Utsukushiki T?shi-tachi OVA Announced
3/23/2010Daily Briefs
3/23/2010Sophia Keyboardist Miyako Diagnosed with Lymphoma
3/23/2010Toei Plans CG Captain Harlock, Gaiking Films
3/23/2010Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, March 8-14
3/18/2010Anime Network to Run Clannad Dub on Video-on-Demand, Online
3/18/2010D.C. to Host US Premiere of Chocolate Underground
3/18/2010Animax Asia to Simulcast Maid Sama! TV Series
3/18/2010G.Addict's 1st Single Gets Animated Music Video
3/18/2010Samurai Champloo Composer Jun 'Nujabes' Seba Passes Away
3/18/2010MM! Light Novels Get TV Anime Green-Lit
3/18/2010?oku: The Inner Chambers Wins Tiptree Award
3/17/2010Japanese Comic Ranking, March 8-14
3/17/2010Right Stuf Adds Dirty Pair TV Anime Series (Updated)
3/17/2010One Piece #57 is Fastest Manga to Sell 2 Million
3/17/2010Anime Central Hosts 4 Japanese Soul Eater Voice Actors
3/17/2010Mari Yamazaki's Thermae Romae Wins Manga Taisho Award (Updated)
3/17/2010Full House Manhwa Gets 3D Animated Film in Korea, Japan (Updated)
3/17/2010Manga Sales Drop a Historic 6.6% in Japan in 2009
3/17/20104Kids Reports US$21 Million Loss in 4th Quarter
3/16/2010Manga UK to Release Live-Action Higanjima Film
3/16/2010Priest Film's Behind-the-Scenes Videos Streamed
3/16/2010Sora no Otoshimono's 2nd TV Season Reportedly Green-Lit
3/16/2010Durarara's 7th Volume to Add DVD-Exclusive Episode
3/16/2010Cencoroll's Anime Innovation Tokyo Unveils 4 New Works
3/16/2010Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, March 8-14
3/16/2010Asahi: Tokyo's 'Virtual' Child Porn Bill Put on Hold
3/16/2010Gundam UC 1 is New #1 Anime BD in 1st-Week Sales (Updated)
3/15/2010Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor Promo Video Streamed
3/15/2010Toma's X Diary Slice-of-Life Manhwa to Get U.S. Film
3/15/2010Creators Decry Tokyo's Proposed 'Virtual' Child Porn Ban (Update 5)
3/15/2010Daily Briefs
3/15/2010Clannad, Blue Drop, Ghost Hound, Tears to Tiara Get Dubs
3/15/2010Dark Horse Lists Evangelion: Campus Apocalypse Manga
3/15/2010Gosick Mystery Novels Have Anime in the Works
3/15/2010Japan's Animation TV Ranking, March 1-7
3/14/2010Peach Girl's Miwa Ueda Launches Pure-Mari Manga
3/14/2010Yasuhiro Imagawa Cancels Trip to Sakura-Con
3/14/2010Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, March 1-7
3/14/2010Angel Beats, Kamen Rider Promo Videos Streamed
3/13/2010Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Streamed in UK
3/13/2010Ponyo Ranks #3 BD, #4 DVD in First Week
3/12/2010Planzet, Eden of the East II Films' Promos Streamed
3/12/2010Yubisaki Milk Tea Cross-Dressing Manga Ends in Japan
3/12/2010New York Times Manga Best Seller List, February 27-March 5
3/12/2010Summer Wars' Hosoda Wins Japanese Government Prize (Updated)
3/12/2010Natsume Ono to Launch Nigeru Otoko Manga in May
3/12/2010Daily Briefs
3/12/2010Japanese Box Office, March 6-7
3/11/2010Anime Expo Announces Toshihiro Kawamoto as a Guest of Honor (Updated)
3/11/2010Kowarekake no Orgel D?jin Side Story Revealed
3/11/2010U.S.'s Nicktoons TV Adds Dragon Ball Z Kai in May (Update 2)
3/11/2010Takako Shimura's Wandering Son Manga Gets Anime
3/11/2010Prefecture Considers Building One Piece Ship in Park
3/11/2010Declines in Japan's Video, Anime Sales Slowed in 2009
3/11/2010DBD Titles Pulled from Amazon B&N Has DBD Pricing Problems
3/10/2010Funimation Comments Further on Vampire Bund Edits
3/10/2010Daily Briefs
3/10/2010Otomo's Hipira Vampire Anime Made into 3D TV Footage
3/10/2010Ketsu-Inu Web Manga Gets Flash Anime TV Shorts
3/10/2010Pricing Glitch Puts GNs at the Top of Amazon's List
3/10/2010NPH in 'Smurfs' Movie W/Jonathan Winters, Alan Cummings, Katy Perry, & George Lopez
3/10/2010Mizuno Draws Faith No More Poster, Kuriyama on MTV Iggy
3/10/2010Crunchyroll Ends Its Download-to-Own Service
3/10/2010Amazon Halts In-House Sales of Diamond-Distributed Books (Updated)
3/10/2010Japanese Comic Ranking, March 1-7
3/9/2010Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, March 1-7
3/9/2010Tokyo Bill on 'Virtual' Child Porn Set for March Vote
3/9/2010Summer Wars Tops Eva as #1 Anime BD in 1st-Week Sales
3/9/2010Gurren Lagann Parallel Works Gets 2nd Anime DVD
3/9/2010Higurashi Creator Starts Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni Manga
3/9/2010Sh?jo Manga Pioneer Moto Hagio Heads to Comic-Con
3/9/2010Daily Briefs
3/9/2010Funimation Streams Vampire Bund, Baka & Test, 009-1, Last Exile
3/8/2010Fantagraphics Adds Moto Hagio's A Drunken Dream
3/8/2010Japan's Animation TV Ranking, February 22-28
3/8/2010Sora no Otoshimono's Unaired Episode Held Back From DVD
3/8/2010Domo-kun Gets CG Superhero Transformation This Spring
3/8/2010Sora no Otoshimono Flying Panties Event Videos Posted (Update 2)
3/8/2010'Black Thursday' at Borders (Again) Inventory Supervisors & Part Timers Axed
3/8/2010'Alice' Surprises With $116.3 Million Another 3-D Triumph
3/8/2010Avatar Wins Three But not Big Two; Up Wins
3/8/2010'Sailor Moon' Fans Eager for Revival Of Both Anime & Manga
3/8/2010Daily Briefs
3/8/2010Zipang's Kawaguchi, Suppli's Okazaki Launch New Manga
3/8/2010Media Blasters Reduces Staff with Layoffs, Furloughs
3/7/2010Daily Briefs
3/7/2010Kannagi Creator's Brother Starts Kanpachi Spinoff Manga
3/7/2010Heroman, Senk? no Night Raid Promos Streamed (Updated)
3/7/2010Gundam Museum Proposed in Nagoya City Council
3/6/2010Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, February 22-28
3/6/2010Wandering Son by Aoi Hana's Shimura Listed in Amazon
3/6/2010Detective Conan, Shin-chan Film Trailers Streamed
3/6/20104th Annual Seiy? Award Winners Announced
3/5/2010Funimation Addresses Dance in the Vampire Bund Edits (Updated)
3/5/2010Pokemon, Eden of the East, Working!! Promos Streamed
3/5/2010Summer Wars Wins Japan Academy's Animation of the Year
3/5/2010New York Times Manga Best Seller List, February 21-27
3/5/2010Avex Entertainment Establishes Anime Division
3/5/2010Rachel Nichols in 'Conan' According to Inside Reports
3/5/2010Naruto?s Back on Top In Bookstores in February
3/5/2010Daily Briefs
3/5/2010Shibatora Manga Gets 2nd Live-Action TV Special
3/5/2010Halo Legends Ranks #2 on BD, #4 on DVD in 1st Week
3/4/2010Trigun Film, Kach? no Koi, Gintama Promos Streamed (Updated)
3/4/2010Boys of Summer's Otsuka to Draw Manga Live in NYC
3/4/2010Shattered Angels, Gunslinger Girl OVA, More Streamed
3/4/2010Anime Expo to Host Voice Actress Yuu Asakawa (Updated)
3/4/2010Daily Briefs
3/4/2010Fafner, Desire Sensibility Manga Listed by Amazon
3/4/2010Japan's Animation TV Ranking, February 15-21
3/4/2010Funimation Adds Baka & Test, Dance in the Vampire Bund
3/3/2010Daily Briefs
3/3/2010Tokyopop Starts DVD-on-Demand Service with Rave Master
3/3/2010Japanese Comic Ranking, February 22-28
3/3/2010Thriller Restaurant Gets Hybrid Live-Action/Anime Film (Updated)
3/3/2010Summer Wars, Crunchyroll Win Digital Media Awards
3/3/2010Live-Action Ghost in the Shell Script Draft in Few Weeks
3/3/2010Japanese Box Office, February 27-28
3/3/2010Coca-Cola Japan Sponsors Teens-Only Air Gear Manga (Updated)
3/2/2010Yaoi-Con to Host Finder Series Creator Ayano Yamane
3/2/2010Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, February 22-28
3/2/2010Handley's Attorney Comments on Obscene Manga Case
3/2/2010Bakemonogatari Vol. 5 Blu-ray Sells 46,000 in 1st Week
3/2/2010Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, February 15-21
3/2/2010Kach? no Koi Boys-Love Gag Manga Gets Flash Anime DVD
3/2/2010Creator Tomino Speaks at Intro to Gundam Astronomy Event
3/2/2010Mai Mai Miracle, Yona Win at French, Belgian Fests
3/2/2010Gundam UC's 1st 7 Minutes Now Streaming in English (Update 2)
3/1/2010Japan's Animation TV Ranking, February 8-14
3/1/2010Incarnate's Simmons Addresses Alleged Bleach Copying (Updated)
3/1/2010Gundam UC's 1st 7 Minutes to Be Streamed in English (Updated)
3/1/2010Haruhi Film Strip Auction Ends at 356,000 Yen
3/1/2010Producer: Cameron Wants to Do Battle Angel's Motorball
3/1/2010Trigun Gets New 2-Part Manga Story in March, April
3/1/2010J-Pop's Chatmonchy to Perform at More Californian Stops