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5/31/2010One Piece, Schick Collaborate on Shaving Promo Campaign
5/31/2010Stitch! ~Zutto Saik? no Tomodachi~ Anime Debuts in July
5/31/2010Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, May 17-23
5/31/2010Itazura na Kiss Manga Gets Korean Live-Action TV Show
5/31/2010Angel Beats! Theme Songs are #3 on Weekly Single Chart
5/31/2010Daily Briefs
5/30/2010Japanese Box Office, May 22-23
5/30/2010Kobe City Posts Tourism Anime by Independent Animator
5/29/2010Funi CEO: Navarre to Handle Titles After Possible Sale
5/29/2010Durarara!!, Vampire Knight, Eden of the East, More Licensed in U.K.
5/29/2010Yamaga: New Gainax Work Set in 20th Century Britain
5/29/2010Kekkaishi Premieres on U.S.'s Adult Swim Tonight
5/29/2010Daily Briefs
5/28/2010Funimation to Simulcast Rainbow TV Anime
5/28/2010Macross Frontier Movie Launches Sh?jo Manga Series
5/28/2010New York Times Manga Best Seller List, May 16-22
5/28/2010Yumeiro P?tissi?re Sh?jo Baking Manga Gets Event Anime
5/28/2010Stan Lee to Sign Ultimo #1 in California on Saturday
5/28/2010Voltron Producer Peter Keefe Passes Away
5/28/2010Daily Briefs
5/28/2010Crunchyroll to Simulcast Lilpri Magical Girl Anime
5/27/2010Dark Horse to Bring Ghost Talker's Daydream Manga Back
5/27/2010Life-Size Evangelion Bust's Progress Report #1 Streamed
5/27/2010Navarre Evaluates Sale of Funimation in Current Quarter
5/27/2010Daily Briefs
5/27/2010Legends of the Dark King, Negima Streamed
5/27/2010Jackie Chan to Make Japanese-Animated Debut in Trailer
5/27/2010Sengoku Basara, Eden of the East, Hetalia Promos Streamed
5/26/2010Anime Expo to Host Voice Actresses Yui Horie, Eri Kitamura
5/26/2010Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo Essay Manga Gets TV Show (Updated)
5/26/2010Japanese Comic Ranking, May 17-23
5/26/2010Polyphonica Novelist Junichi Ohsako Reportedly Passes Away
5/26/2010K-On! Lookalikes Appear in Denny's Website in Japan
5/26/2010Eva: 2.22 Sells 124,000 DVDs, 195,000 BDs on Tuesday
5/26/2010Ghibli Plans 2 Anime Shorts This Year for Museum
5/26/2010Actor Hidenobu Kiuchi, Creator Kano Miyamoto Attend Yaoi-Con
5/25/2010You Say You Want a Revolution?
5/25/2010Susan Boyle Sings Welcome to the Space Show Theme
5/25/2010Studio 4?C Makes Anime Short of Shirow's Orion Manga
5/25/2010Full Metal Panic's Final Novel Volume Listed in August
5/25/20104Kids Gets Global License for P?n?lope t?te en l'air
5/25/2010Monster Hunter PSP Game Launches with TV Flash Anime
5/25/2010Boom Boom Satellites to Stream Live Concert Today
5/25/2010Daily Briefs
5/25/2010Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, May 17-23
5/24/2010Ogre Underachieves MacGruber Fizzles
5/24/2010Borders Gets Fresh Money And a New Chairman
5/24/2010Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san Manga Gets 2nd Anime DVD (Updated)
5/24/2010Daily Briefs
5/24/2010Koe de Oshigoto! Manga Gets Anime Adaptation
5/24/20105 Centimeters Per Second Gets Manga Adaptation
5/24/2010Tokyo's Akihabara Allows Pedestrians on Streets Again
5/24/2010Dragon Ball Z Kai Debuts on U.S.'s Nicktoons Tonight
5/24/2010Life Story of Mainichi Kaasan's Saibara Gets TV Show
5/21/2010New York Times Manga Best Seller List, May 9-15
5/21/2010Shanghai Expo Detains Man for 'Otaku Rebellion Army' Shirt
5/21/2010Yosuga no Sora Adult Bish?jo Computer Game Gets Anime
5/21/2010Comic-Con Gets Super Sized Documentary Shooting this Year
5/21/2010'Smallville' Ending After Next Season
5/20/2010Moteki Romantic Comedy Manga Gets Live-Action TV Show
5/20/20102nd Tales of Symphonia: Tethe'alla Episode's 1st 10 Minutes Streamed
5/20/2010Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Ending Theme Contest Held
5/20/2010Full Metal Panic's Next Novel Listed for July Release
5/20/2010Japan Surveyed on Anime, Manga, Other Cultural Exports
5/20/2010Four New Yu-Gi-Oh! Releases Konami Announces Summer Plans
5/20/2010No Megan Fox In 'Transformers 3'
5/20/2010'The Dreaming' Movie In Live Action 3D
5/20/2010Daily Briefs
5/20/2010Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, May 10-16
5/20/2010Nanpei Yamada, Yuki Fujimoto's Manga Listed by Amazon
5/19/2010Daily Briefs
5/19/2010Macross F's Megumi Nakajima, May'n to Perform at Anime Expo
5/19/2010Little Butterfly's Hinako Takanaga to Attend Yaoi-Con (Updated)
5/19/2010New Jersey's AnimeNext Hosts Eden of the East Director
5/19/2010Japanese Comic Ranking, May 10-16
5/19/20101st 3D Doraemon Anime Short to Premiere in Shanghai
5/19/2010XXXHOLiC Gets New Short Anime on Magazine Present DVD
5/19/2010Bandai Entertainment Adds Haruhi-chan, Churuya-san
5/18/2010DC Comics to Shut Down CMX Manga Imprint in July
5/18/2010Lupin III's TMS to Stream Susume! Gachimuchi 3-Ky?dai
5/18/2010Deltora Quest Anime to Run on New U.S. Channel The Hub
5/18/2010?Heroes? Is Dead Long Live ?The Cape?
5/18/2010Videogame Sales Crash in April Down 26%
5/18/2010Transformers and G.I. Joe on iPad From IDW
5/18/2010'Iron Man 2' Repeats 'Robin Hood' Beats Expectations
5/18/2010Studio Sues 'Superman' Mouthpiece Toberoff Also Reps Kirby Heirs
5/18/2010DC Comics To Shut Down CMX Manga Line
5/17/2010Daily Briefs
5/17/2010Japan's 1st Boys-Love Bar to Open in Tokyo's Akihabara
5/17/2010Japan's SoftBank Announces Gundam HD Video Phone
5/17/2010Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Light Novels Have Anime Planned
5/17/2010Kodansha Int'l to Print Manga of Samurai's Hagakure Book
5/17/2010Japan's Animation TV Ranking, May 3-9
5/17/2010Bad Boys Motorcycle Gang Manga Gets Live-Action Film
5/16/2010Shin-chan's Shinei Streams Original Anime Shorts
5/16/2010Anime Network Streams Neo Angelique Abyss
5/16/2010Japanese Box Office, May 8-9
5/16/2010Daily Briefs
5/15/2010Japan's Animation TV Ranking, April 26-May 2
5/15/2010Funimation Adds Rosario + Vampire, Chaos;HEAd, Regios
5/15/2010Beyblade: Metal Fusion Premieres in Canada on Saturday
5/15/2010Moyashimon Manga Ale Beer for Sale in Japan
5/14/2010Live-Action Gantz Gets Remake Inquiries from U.S., U.K.
5/14/2010Designer Akemi Takada to Draw in Live Stream Saturday (Updated)
5/14/2010New York Times Manga Best Seller List, May 2-8
5/14/2010Daily Briefs
5/14/2010Pure Heart/Junj? Boys-Love Manga Gets Live-Action Film
5/14/2010California's FanimeCon to Host J-Rock Band FLOW
5/14/2010Anime Central Screens X Japan Documentary on Saturday
5/14/2010James Wong to Remake Manga-Based Thriller Neighbor No. 13
5/13/2010Japanese Box Office, May 1-2
5/13/2010Viz: No Product or Business Line Cancellations Planned
5/13/2010Daily Briefs
5/13/2010The Tatami Galaxy BD/DVDs to Bundle 3 Unaired Shorts
5/13/2010'Human Target' Reacquired Back for a 13-Episode 2nd Season
5/13/2010Marvel Block on Disney XD Coming
5/13/2010Summer Wars to be Screened in London in May
5/13/2010Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, May 3-9
5/13/2010Live-Action Gantz Films to Be Screened in Singapore
5/13/2010NY Stock Exchange Begins Delisting Process for 4Kids
5/12/2010Daily Briefs
5/12/20103 Arrested for Bilking 86 Million Yen in Digimon Stickers
5/12/2010Life-Size Evangelion Bust Built Near Foot of Mt. Fuji
5/12/2010Crunchyroll, Funimation, in Streaming Smackdown Who?s the Biggest?
5/12/2010'Kick-Ass' Writer on 'X-Men' 'First Class'
5/12/2010Mokei Senshi Gunpla Builders Beginning G Anime Announced
5/12/2010Media Blasters Starts Streaming on Revamped Website
5/12/2010Oricon: One Piece #57 is Best-Selling Book Since 2008
5/12/2010Japanese Comic Ranking, May 3-9
5/12/2010Fist of the North Star's Buronson Launches Full Swing Manga
5/11/20104Kids Reports US$3.5-Million Loss in 1st Quarter 2010
5/11/201034th Annual Kodansha Manga Awards Announced
5/11/2010Daily Briefs
5/11/2010SMAP's Takuya Kimura Enters Anime World in 1st 3D Ad
5/11/2010Go! Comi Lets Its Website Expire
5/11/2010Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, May 3-9
5/11/2010PW: Viz Media Lays Off Up to 60, Closes NY Branch (Updated)
5/11/2010My Name is Noda Manga Gets Live-Action TV Mini-Series
5/10/2010Kodomo no Jikan Anime's Return Announced
5/10/2010Japan's Twitter Ranking, April 2010: K-On, Precure, More
5/10/2010Daily Briefs
5/10/2010Death Note Ban in Albuquerque High Schools Fails Vote
5/10/2010Viz Confirms Streams of Cross Game Baseball Anime in May
5/10/20104Kids Reports 3rd Party is Interested in Acquiring It (Updated)
5/10/2010New D.C. ~Da Capo~ OVA to Ship with D.C. I & II P.S.P.
5/10/2010Senk? no Night Raid's 7th Episode Streamed, Not Aired
5/9/2010Hotaru no Hikari Manga Gets 2nd Live-Action TV Series
5/9/2010Japan's Animation TV Ranking, April 19-25
5/9/2010Hammer Session! Con Artist Manga Gets Live-Action Show
5/9/2010Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, April 26-May 2
5/8/2010Vampire Knight, FMP!, Petite Cossette, Gundam W Streamed
5/8/2010Tokyo Governor: 'Nonexistent Youth' Bill Needs Changes
5/8/2010Japanese Science Fiction Con's Seiun Nominees Posted
5/8/2010Daily Briefs
5/7/2010Bandai Responds to Bang Zoom CEO's Comments on ANNCast
5/7/2010Funimation Responds to Crunchyroll's Streaming Metrics
5/7/2010Moyashimon's Ishikawa to Draw in Live Stream Today
5/7/2010Sentai Filmworks Adds Guin Saga Fantasy TV Anime (Updated)
5/7/2010Scandal Girl Band to Be Animated in Loups-Garous Film
5/7/2010Canada Outlines Which Anime Can Cross Border
5/7/2010New York Times Manga Best Seller List, April 25-May 1
5/7/201039th Japan Cartoonist Awards Announced
5/7/2010Developer: 30% of Kodansha Manga Rejected by iTunes
5/7/2010Publishers get together to beat down pirates [Updated]
5/7/2010Bang Zoom says anime is going to die -- is it true?
5/6/2010Apocalypse Meow Manga's 1st Anime Episode Set for August (Updated)
5/6/2010Anime Expo Hosts Hayate/Shana Singer Mell
5/6/2010Sydney Fest to Show Space Show, Summer Wars, Yona Yona
5/6/2010Hatsune Miku CD to Bundle CG-Animated Music Video
5/6/2010Gainax's Newest Is Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
5/6/2010FMA's Irie Confirms Animating Manga's End in 2 Months
5/6/2010Totoro's Granny Voice Tanie Kitabayashi Passes Away
5/6/2010Tono to Issho Anime DVD Bundled with 5th Manga Volume
5/5/2010Daily Briefs
5/5/2010Tono to Issho Samurai Comedy Manga Gets TV Anime Also
5/5/201010th One Piece Film, Summer Wars to Compete at Annecy
5/5/2010Japanese Comic Ranking, April 26-May 2 (Updated)
5/5/2010Sunrise Makes Original Anime for Shoko Nakagawa's Tour
5/5/2010Strike Witches Staffer Prints Japanese/English D?jinshi
5/5/2010Gurren Lagann's Director, Designers on New Gainax Work
5/5/2010Tokimeki Memorial 4 Dating Simulation Game Gets Manga
5/4/2010Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs Manga Ends in Japan
5/4/2010Japan to Spend 214.5 Million Yen to Train Animators
5/3/2010Elemental Gelade's Azuma Launches Toraneko Folklore
5/3/2010Anne of Green Gables Compilation Film to Open in July
5/3/2010Crossbone Gundam/MAPS' Hasegawa to Draw Raideen Manga
5/3/2010Daily Briefs
5/3/2010Japan's Animation TV Ranking, April 5-11
5/3/2010Evangelion: 2.22 Film's DVD/BD Pre-Orders Top 800,000 (Updated)
5/3/2010K-On!! Puts 1st Anime Band at #1 on Weekly Singles Chart (Updated)
5/2/2010Town of Evening Calm Manga Made into Planetarium Show
5/2/2010Thriller Restaurant Live-Action/Anime Teaser Streamed
5/2/2010Tokyo Reps: 'Nonexistent Youth' Bill May Still Pass in June
5/2/2010Daily Briefs
5/1/2010Evangelion Race Car Team Debuts with Plug Suit Cosplay (Updated)
5/1/2010Hen Zemi, Space Show, Beyblade Promo Videos Streamed
5/1/2010Winnipeg Animation Fest to Screen Summer Wars, Shorts