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9/30/2010Togainu no Chi, Oreimo to Be Streamed Online (Updated)
9/30/2010Daily Briefs
9/30/2010Crunchyroll to Simulcast Otome Yokai Zakuro Anime
9/30/2010Cobra, Jesus, Umezu Manga Released in English (Updated)
9/30/2010Nelvana Confirms Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge Show Plans
9/30/2010CLAMP's 1-Shot Gate 7 Manga to Appear in Jump Square
9/30/2010Kakko-Kawaii Sengen! Comedy Manga Gets TV Anime Shorts
9/29/2010North American Anime, Manga Releases Sept. 26 - Nov. 2
9/29/2010Daily Briefs
9/29/2010Toriko, One Piece Get 3D Film Double-Billing
9/29/2010Dream C Club Dating Game Gets 2D Anime (Updated)
9/29/2010Mamoru Oshii, Production I.G Make 3D Cyborg 009 Anime (Updated)
9/29/2010All 12 Kimi ni Todoke Books on Japan's Weekly Top 100 Manga
9/29/2010Japanese Comic Ranking, September 20-26
9/29/2010Panty & Stocking, SoraOto 2, Star Driver Promos Streamed
9/28/2010Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, September 20-26 (Part 2)
9/28/2010Crunchyroll Streams 1st Durarara!! DVD-Only Episode
9/28/2010Crunchyroll Simulcasts Yumeiro P?tissi?re Professional
9/28/2010K-On! Gets Film Green-Lit
9/28/2010Subaru, Gainax Plan Collaborative Animation Project
9/28/2010Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, September 20-26 (Part 1)
9/28/2010Asobi ni Ikuyo! Gets New Video Anime in March
9/28/2010Saiyuki's Minekura Puts Manga on Hiatus due to Health
9/28/2010Cat Sh*t One Anime Gets English Dub for Free Streaming
9/27/2010Angel Beats! Gets Another Epilogue Green-Lit
9/27/2010Tomie Unlimited Restarts Manga-Based Horror Film Series
9/27/2010K-On! Anime Sells 20th Consecutive Top-10 CD Single
9/27/2010Da Capo, Ichirin-sha, Star Driver Promos Streamed
9/27/2010Funimation Channel Added to AT&T U-verse Service
9/27/2010New Berserk Anime Project Launching (Updated)
9/27/2010Game Maker Oizumi Acquires Anime Studio AIC
9/26/2010Do As Infinity Concert Streamed for Free on Wednesday
9/26/2010Sengoku Basara Gets All-New Film in 2011 (Updated)
9/25/2010Publisher Libre Confirms Notices to Manga Scan Groups
9/25/2010Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, September 13-19
9/25/2010Anime Expo Parent's CEO Michael Lattanzio Steps Down
9/25/2010Bakuman, Mazinkaizer SKL, Arakawa Under the Bridge ? 2 Videos Posted
9/24/2010Bandai Visual Reveals Norageki! Project for Anime Fes. "VS"
9/24/2010Amagami Game's Miya Tachibana Character Gets Video Anime
9/24/2010Crunchyroll Adds Time Jam: Valerian and Laureline
9/24/2010Blessing of the Campanella Gets OVA
9/24/2010New York Times Manga Best Seller List, September 12-18
9/24/2010Touhou Project, Anime Tenchou Get Anime by ufotable (Updated)
9/24/2010Yuri Seijin Naoko-san Manga Gets Anime
9/23/2010Daily Briefs
9/23/2010Japanese Box Office, September 18-19
9/23/2010Nintama Rantaro Gets New Anime Film Next March
9/23/2010Penguin to Publish Dalai Lama Biographical Manga
9/23/2010Index II, Kara no Kyoukai, X Japan Promos Streamed
9/23/2010Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne?!! Manga Gets TV Anime
9/21/2010Oregon Laws to Limit Adult Content from Minors Rejected
9/21/2010K-ON! Tops Bakemonogatari as #1 TV Anime in BD Sales
9/21/2010Section23 Films Adds Nyan Koi! Anime
9/21/2010Genshiken Manga to Return as Genshiken II in Japan
9/21/2010MM! BD/DVDs to Include SS! Anime Shorts
9/21/2010Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, September 13-19 (Part 1)
9/21/2010Tono to Issho Gets New Sequel Green-Lit
9/20/20102 Bakemonogatari Anime Drawings Stolen During Exhibit
9/20/2010North American Anime, Manga Releases September 19-25
9/20/2010Tokyopop Adds T. Hori's Crimson Snow Boys-Love Manga
9/20/2010Madhouse's New Redline Anime Film Trailer Streamed
9/20/20102 New Pok?mon Manga Listed by Viz's Distributor
9/20/20104 Arrested for 2007 Belgian 'Manga Murder' Case
9/19/2010Vertical Adds Jiro Matsumoto's Velveteen & Mandala Manga (Updated)
9/19/2010Itochu to Put Ishinomori Manga on N. American iPhones
9/19/2010Japan's Animation TV Ranking, September 6-12 (Updated)
9/18/2010Japanese Box Office, September 11-12
9/18/2010Live-Action Yamato, Umizaru, Idolm@ster 2 Videos Posted
9/18/2010Aa Megami-sama Gets New Original Anime DVD
9/17/2010Funimation Adds Kaleido Star: Legend of Phoenix Video
9/17/2010Shigofumi, 2nd Inuyasha Film, Maria-sama Streamed
9/17/2010J-Rock Band Base Ball Bear Makes Animated Music Video
9/17/2010Gundam iPhone/iPod touch Apps Shown at Tokyo Game Show
9/17/2010Yosuga no Sora, OreImo, Redline Promos Streamed
9/17/2010Navarre Has 6 Interested Buyers for Funimation
9/17/2010New York Times Manga Best Seller List, September 5-11
9/15/20104Kids Launches Toonzaki Anime Streaming Site
9/15/20104Kids Adds Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D: Bonds Beyond Time Anime Film
9/15/2010Shonen Jump to Run 1-Shots by 6 'Legendary' Creators
9/15/2010Linkin Park Rock Album to Bundle Gundam Plastic Model
9/15/2010Japanese Hiyokoi, English Durarara Promos Streamed
9/14/2010Stan Lee Speaks out against Video Game Laws
9/14/2010Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, September 6-12 (Part 2)
9/14/2010Seiji Mizushima: More Kimi ni Todoke Being Storyboarded
9/14/2010One Peace Books Licenses Award-Winning Manga Tenken
9/14/2010Singapore's Anime Festival Asia Announces Guest Lineup
9/14/2010One Piece Anime Franchise Sells 1 Million+ DVD/BDs
9/14/2010Bleach: Jigoku-Hen Film, Yakumo Promos Streamed (Updated)
9/14/2010Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, September 6-12 (Part 1)
9/14/2010Biohazard: Damnation 3D CG Anime Sequel Announced
9/13/2010Daily Briefs
9/13/2010K-On's "Gohan wa Okazu"/"U&I" Single is #3 on Weekly Chart
9/13/2010Maaya Sakamoto, Take, ufotable on Galactic Railroad Project
9/13/2010City Hunter Manga Gets Live-Action Korean TV Series
9/13/2010Nico Nico to Stream 7 More Anime Right After Airing
9/13/2010Voice Actor Norio Imamura Fined 500,000 Yen for Indecent Pics
9/13/2010VitaminX Dating Simulation Game Gets OVA Project
9/12/2010Japan's Animation TV Ranking, August 30-September 5
9/12/2010Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto's 3 TV Ads Streamed
9/12/2010Faust Editor: ufotable, Artist TAKE Involved in Project (Updated)
9/12/2010Fairy Tail Anime's 2nd Year Confirmed
9/11/2010Ghost Hunt Manga to End in Japan After 12 Volumes
9/11/2010Japanese Box Office, August 28-29
9/11/2010Kawaguchi's Eagle Manga Gets Live-Action Korean Show
9/11/2010Minori Scramble! Manga Gets Anime by ufotable (Updated)
9/10/2010Scotland Fest to Debut Trigun, One Piece, Haruhi Films
9/10/2010Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, August 30-September 5
9/10/2010ANN Licenses Animation Runner Kuromi for Streaming
9/10/2010Capcom Makes, Streams Samurai Dead Rising Anime Shorts
9/10/2010Tegami Bachi Reverse Anime Promo Streamed
9/10/2010New York Times Manga Best Seller List, August 29-September 4
9/10/2010Daily Briefs
9/9/2010London's Hyper Japan to Host Milky Holmes Voice Cast
9/9/2010The Citizen Police 69 Manga Gets Live-Action Film
9/9/2010Priest, Under the Bridge?2, Love Live! Promos Streamed
9/9/2010Range Murata Confirmed for Gonzo's 2011 TV Anime
9/9/2010Spice and Wolf Light Novel Series Enters Final Story Arc
9/9/2010New .hack//Quantum BD/DVDs to Include Bonus CG Anime
9/9/2010NY Comic Con/Anime Fest to Premiere Star Driver
9/8/2010Panty & Stocking, Inazuma 11, Agukaru Promos Streamed
9/8/2010Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, August 30-September 5
9/8/2010Voice Actor Ayao Wada Passes Away
9/8/2010Highschool of the Dead Manga to Bundle Anime BD (Updated)
9/8/2010Japanese Comic Ranking, August 30-September 5
9/8/2010Urban Vision Releases Statement about Company Status
9/8/2010Right Stuf Removes Urban Vision Titles from Catalog (Updated)
9/8/2010Takehiko Inoue Delays Vagabond Manga's Return & Finale
9/7/2010Funimation Channel Adds High-Definition Feed
9/7/2010San Francisco to Host Hatsune Miku's 1st U.S. 'Concert'
9/7/2010Ghibli's Earthsea Ends U.S. Run with US$48,461
9/7/2010Sengoku Basara Two DVD Buyers Offered Bonus 3D DVD
9/7/201010th One Piece Film Tops DVD/BD Charts for 2nd Week
9/7/2010Pride, Cherry Nights Manga Adapted into Live-Action
9/7/2010Monster Hunter Nikki BD/DVD to Add 2 Unaired Episodes
9/3/2010Alice in the Country of Hearts, PPoi! Manga End
9/3/2010New Jersey's MangaNEXT Convention to Host Akino Kondoh
9/3/2010Voice Actor Ryotaro Okiayu to Appear at Yaoi-Con
9/3/2010New York Times Manga Best Seller List, August 22-28
9/3/2010Anime Production Firm Group TAC Files for Bankruptcy (Updated)
9/2/2010Labor Group: Anime Firm Filed for Bankruptcy This Week
9/2/2010Gatchaman Animator Sadao Miyamoto Appears in LA
9/2/2010San Francisco Hosts Junko Mizuno, Films This Month
9/2/2010Star Driver, Sora no Otoshimono: Forte Promos Streamed
9/2/2010Funi Edits My Bride is a Mermaid's 2nd Ending Sequence
9/2/2010Cencoroll 2's Production Green-Lit
9/2/2010Pretty Cure to Run on UK's Sky Satellite Service
9/1/2010Japanese Comic Ranking, August 23-29
9/1/2010Funimation Adds Disgaea Anime
9/1/2010Gundam 00 Film to Premiere at NY Anime Fest in October
9/1/2010New Manga Launch on U.S. Kindle, iPhone, Nokia Ovi
9/1/2010Iron Man Anime, T.P. Sakura, K-On!! Promos Streamed
9/1/2010Asahi Launches AGC38 Talent Group of 38 Girl Characters
9/1/2010Go Nagai's Dororon Enma-kun Gets New Anime (Updated)
9/1/2010Coppelion Science-Fiction Action Manga Gets TV Anime