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10/31/2011Daily Briefs
10/31/2011Gundam's Okawara Designs City's Image Mascot
10/31/2011Persona 4 Game Remix Album Tops Weekly Oricon Chart
10/31/2011Microsoft Silverlight's Moe Mascot Upgraded for Halloween
10/31/2011Double Arts' Naoshi Komi to Launch Nise-Koi Manga Series
10/31/2011Last 2 Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Character Videos Posted
10/31/2011Halloween Celebrated in Japan With Cosplay Parade
10/31/2011Anime Network to Stream Mashiroiro Symphony ~ The Color of Lovers Online
10/31/2011Anime Network to Stream Majikoi ~ Oh! Samurai Girls Online
10/31/2011Anime Network to Simulcast Phi-Brain ~ Kami No Puzzle Online
10/31/2011Akihabara 'Time Leaped' in Video Inspired by Steins;Gate
10/31/2011Resident Evil Revelations, Operation Raccoon City Game Trailers Streamed
10/31/2011Dragon's Dogma's Pawn Trailer Posted
10/31/2011Asura's Wrath's Gameplay, Story Videos Streamed
10/31/2011Negima's Akamatsu Warns Against Changing Japan's Copyright Law
10/31/2011Tiger & Bunny's Barnaby Celebrates Birthday with Prizes, Art, Cakes
10/31/2011Resident Evil Chronicles Wii Games to Be Ported to PS3
10/31/2011Magic Tree House Books' Anime Film Trailer Streamed
10/31/2011Redline Racing Film's 2nd English-Dubbed Clip Posted
10/31/2011Madoka Magica Nominated for Nihon SF Taish? Award
10/31/2011AKBaby Shows Fans Their Future Children with AKB48 Idols
10/31/2011Site Sued for Power Rangers Halloween Costumes
10/31/2011Nyan Koi! Manga to Resume Next Month After Creator's Illness
10/31/2011Director: Warner's Death Note Is Still in the Works
10/30/2011From Software Files 'Dark Forest' Game Trademark
10/30/2011Kaiji Film Site Recreates Manga's Pachinko Numa Game
10/30/20114 Anime Rank Among Top 40 Shows on Hulu in U.S.
10/30/2011Japanese Box Office, October 22?23
10/30/2011North American Stream List: October 24-30
10/30/2011Hayate's Hata, Voice Actress Masumi Asano Create Manga
10/30/2011Haku?ki Adorns This Year's Hino Shinsengumi Festival Poster
10/28/2011Monster Hunter 3 G Truck Tour Steers Clear of Fukushima
10/28/2011Milky Holmes, Queen's Blade Sequel Manga Launch
10/28/2011Mawaru Penguindrum's Penguin Hat Offered in Japan
10/28/2011Art of War Releases New Berserk Griffith Statues
10/28/2011Sentai Filmworks Announces Princess Resurrection Dub Cast
10/28/2011Ninja Gaiden 3 and Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends on Show at London Comic Con
10/28/2011Street Fighter: The New Challengers DVD + PC Game Lands in Walmart Stores and Online Retailers
10/28/2011Stitch! Anime No Longer Listed on Disney XD
10/28/2011Digital Manga Adds Samejima-kun to Sasahara-kun, Castle Mango Manga
10/28/2011Recochoku Poll: Most Popular Fall Anime
10/28/2011New York Times Manga Best Seller List, October 16-22
10/28/20112ch Forum's Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011 Group Finals
10/28/2011Live-Action Kite to Be Shot in S. Africa for US$12 Million
10/28/2011Live-Action Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Footage Streamed
10/28/2011Ice Blade's Takahashi to Launch Hito Hitori Futari Manga
10/28/2011Pok?mon Holds AKB48-Style Election for #1 Cover Model
10/28/2011Yozakura Quartet's 3rd Original Anime DVD Promo Posted
10/28/2011Japanese-American Singer Ai Performs Berserk Ending Song
10/27/2011Superman Fan Mike Meyer Shares Donated Comics & Collectibles With Children's Hospital
10/27/2011Taiwan's EVA Airways Relaunches Line of Hello Kitty Planes
10/27/2011L'Arc-en-Ciel ?20th L'Anniversary Live? One Night Only Event in the Movie Theaters around the World
10/27/2011Sentai Filmworks Licenses Phi-Brain ~ Kami no Puzzle
10/27/2011Sentai Filmworks Licenses Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle Anime
10/27/2011FUNimation Entertainment President and CEO Named GameSamba Chairman
10/27/2011Funimation CEO Gen Fukunaga Named GameSamba Chairman
10/27/2011Kaich?! School Archery Manga's Last Web Anime Short Posted
10/27/2011Voice Actress Aya Hirano: 4 New Regular Roles Picked Up
10/27/2011Fate/Zero Box to Add New Extra Written by Type-Moon's Nasu
10/27/2011Black Rock Shooter TV Anime's Promotional Video Posted
10/27/2011One Piece x Hello Kitty Crossover Goods Previewed
10/27/2011Madoka Magica Gets Madoka & Mami Boxer Briefs
10/27/2011New R.O.D Project Planned for Super Dash & Go! Mag
10/27/2011Porno Graffitti to Perform Ace Attorney Theme Song
10/27/2011Sanzigen, Ordet, Trigger Form Ultra Super Pictures Holding Firm (Updated)
10/27/2011Junj? Romantica Manga Spinoff Junj? Mistake Gets Anime
10/27/2011Hakkenden: T?h? Hakken Ibun Fantasy Manga Gets Anime
10/27/2011Daily Briefs
10/27/2011Mugen Souls Game Trailer Streamed
10/27/2011Steins;Gate's Crashed Satellite Recreated in Akihabara
10/27/2011Madoka Magica Caf? Menu in Akihabara Unveiled
10/27/2011Hatsune Miku Covers Sonic, Phantasy Star, Valkyria, Virtual On Songs
10/27/2011L'Arc~en~Ciel's 20th Anniversary Concert to Get More Int'l Screenings
10/27/2011Tohoku Post-Quake Support Character Unveiled with App
10/26/2011NEO Magazine Launches Cosplay Idol Competition at London Comic Con
10/26/2011WeHeartJapan's Stephanie Sheh to Appear at Pacific Media Expo 2011
10/26/2011Digital Manga Brings the Vampire Hunter D Store to iPad and Android Tablets!
10/26/2011Anime Midwest Announces 2012 Chicago Convention
10/26/2011Steel Battalion Heavy Armor Gamer's Day Trailer Streamed
10/26/2011Conception RPG Has Players Saving The World by Fathering Heroes
10/26/2011Final Fantasy Type-0's 11-Minute Opening Video Streamed
10/26/2011Zetman Cast Led by Daisuke Namikawa, Mamoru Miyano
10/26/2011Idolm@ster 2 Video With Hatsune Miku Dancing Streamed
10/26/20112nd Macross Frontier Film Sells 142,607 Blu-ray Discs
10/26/2011Digital Manga Adds New Hideyuki Kikuchi, Ritsu Natsumizu Works
10/26/2011The Idolm@ster's 9th BD/DVD to Add Unaired Episode
10/26/2011K-ON! Men's Boxer Briefs Revealed
10/26/2011Yano Research: 1 out of 4 Japanese Say They Are Otaku
10/26/2011Kraft Cheese Sponsors New Dog of Flanders Anime Short
10/26/2011Choucho's Mashiro-Iro Symphony Opening Song Music Video Posted
10/26/2011Japanese Comic Ranking, October 17-23
10/26/2011Miyazaki, Kawamori, Kamiyama Contribute to Pixar Book
10/26/2011Minami Kuribayashi's Gundam AGE Ending Song Music Video Streamed
10/26/2011Right Stuf's Nozomi Entertainment Announces the Gasaraki Complete Series DVD Collection
10/26/ and Sentai Filmworks Announce 2nd Highschool of the Dead Lithograph
10/26/2011St. Young Men Tops Weekly Manga Chart for 5th Straight Volume
10/26/2011Digimon Masters & Silkroad Online Celebrate Halloween with In-Game Events
10/26/2011CyberStep Launches C21 -Steel Battle Chronicles- Website
10/26/2011AKB48's Post-Quake Support Song Sells 1 Million on 1st Day
10/26/2011Cafe Maids and Hosts to Play Video Games for Charity
10/26/2011Izumicon 2011 Announces Main Events and Guests
10/26/2011Daily Briefs
10/26/2011Kokoro Connect Anime's 1st Promotional Video Streamed
10/26/2011Kyoto Seika University to Launch Manga Community Site
10/25/2011Evangelion Remake Film Inspires Karaoke Club Remodel
10/25/2011North American Anime, Manga Releases: October 23-29
10/25/2011New Super Robot Wars PSP Game Revealed
10/25/2011Gurren Lagann's Imaishi Draws to Support Idolm@ster's Nishigori (Updated)
10/25/2011Denny's Restaurants to Offer K-ON! Items in Japan
10/25/2011High Score Anime's Cast, Staff Revealed
10/25/2011Cobs Poll: Manga That Young Japanese Women Think Are Moe
10/25/2011Sazae-san Voice Midori Kato Honored by Japanese Government
10/25/2011Viz Media Launches SuBLime - A New Yaoi Manga Publishing Imprint
10/25/2011Crunchyroll Commences Launch of 21 Brand New Episodes
10/25/2011Moe Vitamins Offered in Japan in November
10/25/2011Arrietty Anime Film's U.S. Dub Trailer Streamed
10/25/2011GTO's Fujisawa to Launch Shibuya Hachik?-Mae Manga (Updated)
10/25/2011City Hunter's Ry? Saeba Underwear Offered with Magazine
10/25/2011Toei Anime Revises Projected Revenues to Historic High
10/25/2011Samurai Warriors 3 Delivers Domino's Pizza in Medieval Japan
10/25/2011Vampire Miyu's Kakinouchi to Launch Fairy Jewel Manga
10/25/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, October 17-23
10/25/2011Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking: October 17-23
10/24/2011Square Enix's Lords of Apocalypse Gameplay Video Streamed
10/24/2011Moyashimon Manga Holds Beauty Contest by Reader Vote
10/24/2011Neo Angelique's Kajiyama Starts New Manga in Asuka Mag
10/24/2011Live Viewing Japan Presents Special Hatsune Miku Event for One-Night-Only in 9 Major U.S. Cities in November
10/24/2011Sentai Filmworks Licenses Mashiroiro Symphony ~ The Color of Lovers
10/24/2011Sentai Filmworks Licenses Mashiro-Iro Symphony Anime
10/24/2011Ookiku Furikabutte/Big Windup Manga Returns After 11-Month Hiatus
10/24/2011'Hatsune Miku Live Party 2011' Concert to Screen in U.S.
10/24/2011Keion High School Band Reality Special to Air This Saturday
10/24/2011Redline Racing Anime Film's English-Dubbed Clip Posted
10/24/2011Nintendo Workers Top Poll of Who Japanese Female Students Want to Marry
10/24/2011Manga Creator Moto Hagio Warns of Forged Drawings
10/24/2011Trigger, Gurren Lagann's Shibata, Sushio Make Idolm@ster #17
10/24/2011Nihon Omoshiro Mukashi Banashi TV Anime Debuts Next Month
10/24/2011Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Light Novel to Bundle 2nd Anime DVD
10/24/2011Anime Contents Expo 2012 to Run March 31-April 1 (Updated)
10/24/2011Voice Actor Nobuhiko Okamoto to Debut as Singer in 2012
10/24/2011Hen Semi's TAGRO to Launch Ikigami-sama Comedy Series
10/24/2011Daily Briefs
10/24/2011Super Dash & Go! Light Novel/Manga Mag Posted Online
10/24/2011Humanoid Monster Bem Drama's Debut Earns 18.9 Rating
10/24/2011Distant Star Manga's Sahara to Launch Itsuya-san Manga
10/24/2011Persona 4 Fighting Game Adds Naoto Shirogane, Kuma
10/23/2011Fist of the North Star's 1/1 Kenshiro Figure Inlaid with 500,000 Crystals
10/23/2011Japan's Animation TV Ranking, October 10-16
10/23/2011North American Stream List: October 17-23
10/23/2011Twitch Site: Gary Oldman, Helena Bonham-Carter Offered Akira Roles
10/23/2011The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword's Harp Trailer Streamed
10/23/2011Unofficial Make-Your-Own Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Site Launched
10/23/2011Monster Hunter's Sliced Monster Tail Cushion Advertised
10/23/2011Tiger & Bunny's Wild Tiger Rubber Mask Offered in Japan
10/22/20111st Digimon PSP Game's Rival, Heroine Revealed
10/22/2011Moto Hagio Adapts Y? Nagashima's 10 Hours Short Story
10/22/2011Fantasy Earth Zero MMORPG Offers Fate/Zero Wigs
10/22/2011Ghost in Shell SAC, Hipira, Final Fantasy XIII Win 3D Awards
10/22/2011Digital Manga to Present Yaoi-Con 2012 in Los Angeles (Updated)
10/22/2011Viz Launches SuBLime Boys-Love Manga Line with Love Pistols (Updated)
10/22/2011Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing Has Online Game Planned
10/22/2011Full Moon's Tanemura Ends Manga About Idol Group Fudanjuku
10/22/2011Sphere's Squid Girl 2 Opening Song's Music Video Posted
10/22/2011U.S. Disney XD to Air Stitch! Anime Starting Monday
10/22/2011Hunter x Hunter Adds Aya Hirano, Masaya Matsukaze to Cast (Updated)
10/22/2011Queen's Blade: Rebellion TV Anime Green-Lit
10/21/2011Daily Briefs
10/21/2011SoulCalibur V New Character Trailers Streamed
10/20/2011Hayate Film's Standalone BD/DVD to Add New Anime Footage
10/20/2011Tron: Legacy's Garrett Hedlund Is Frontrunner for Akira Lead
10/20/2011Law of Ueki's Fukuchi Launches Anagle Mole Manga
10/19/2011Deadline Site: Micronauts Film Project Hires Zombieland Writers
10/19/2011Daily Lives of High School Boys Manga Gets TV Anime in January
10/19/2011Catherine Game Sold 260,000 in Japan, 230,000 in N. America
10/19/2011North American Anime, Manga Releases, September 16-22
10/19/2011Shueisha to Launch Super Dash & Go! Light Novel/Manga Mag
10/19/2011New Rurouni Kenshin Anime Holds Name-the-Episode Contest
10/19/2011New Gens? Suikoden PSP RPG's Voice Cast Revealed
10/19/2011Tenchu Developer to Become Subsidiary of GungHo Online
10/19/2011One Piece's Zoro Haramaki Waist Band Sold By Bandai
10/19/2011Sega to Release Shining Blade RPG for PSP
10/19/2011Abunai Koi no Flight iPhone Love Game App Offered
10/19/2011Live-Action Himizu Film's Trailer Streamed
10/19/2011Sonic CD Game Port's Trailers Streamed
10/19/2011Live-Action Akira Film Green-Lit by Warner
10/19/2011Absolute Boyfriend Manga Has Live-Action Korean Show Planned
10/19/2011Gundam: Mokuba no Kiseki Game Retraces One Year War's History
10/19/2011Psychometrer's Ando Creates Detective Dog Sherdock Manga
10/19/2011Madoka Magica Avatars to Appear in American MMO TinierMe
10/19/2011Kemono no Chat Manga Ends
10/19/2011TinierMe to Collaborate with Madoka Magica
10/19/2011Japanese Comic Ranking, October 10-16
10/19/2011Tiger & Bunny's Kotetsu Plush Sold in Japan (Updated)
10/19/20112ch Forum's Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011 Round 3: Groups A-H
10/19/2011God Eater 2 Game's Opening Animation Made by Ufotable
10/19/2011Voice Actor Steven Blum Discusses X-Men Anime
10/18/2011Daily Briefs
10/18/2011Exist?trace Announces 2012 American Tour
10/18/2011Sea?A's Toriko Ending Theme Music Video Streamed
10/18/2011Mixi Survey: Favorite Tiger & Bunny Characters
10/18/2011Shonen Jump Alpha to be Available in U.S., Canada Only
10/18/20112 Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Trailers Streamed
10/18/2011JManga Site Offers 2 New Titles
10/18/2011Ni no Kuni Game Inspires Real-Life Curry
10/18/2011Macross F Concerts Get TV Special Before BD/DVD Release
10/18/2011Ni No Kuni PS3's Gameplay Video Posted
10/18/2011Level-5's Time Travelers Game Promo Streamed
10/18/2011L'Arc-en-Ciel to Play in New York in March
10/18/2011Section 23 Films Announces January Slate
10/18/2011Tatsumi Wins Best Animated Film Award at Sitges
10/18/2011Kyoto Animation Sells K-ON! Anime Cel Trading Cards
10/18/2011Zetman TV Anime's Staff at TMS Entertainment Confirmed
10/18/2011X-Men Anime Clips with English Dub Streamed (Updated)
10/18/2011Monthly Persona Magazine Launches on November 7
10/18/2011Taiwan's CCM, Japan's Shirogumi Make 3D Sun Yat-sen Film
10/18/2011Ika Musume 2's 2nd BD to Bundle Squid Girl's Bamboo Boat (Updated)
10/18/2011Gundam UC #4's 6 English-Dubbed Minutes Streamed
10/18/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, October 10-16
10/18/2011Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking: October 10-16
10/18/2011Vocaloid Idol Hatsune Miku Joins Online Card Game Alteil
10/18/2011Zetman Manga to Get TV Anime Next April
10/18/2011Toy Story 3 Art Director Married to Hayao Miyazaki's Niece
10/11/2011Good Smile to Run Fate/Type-Moon Caf? Until December
10/11/20112011 Hunter x Hunter Exams' Voice Cast Annoucned
10/11/2011Madoka Magica's Mami Game App Promo Streamed
10/11/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, October 3-9
10/11/2011Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking: October 3-9
10/11/2011Shinryaku!? Ika Musume/Squid Girl 2 Goes on 2-Week Hiatus
10/11/2011Guilty Crown to Get Manga Adaptation in Shonen Gangan Mag
10/11/2011BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND is coming to North America!
10/11/2011Crunchyroll Adds New Titles to Fall Weekly Lineup
10/11/2011BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2 to Preview at London Comic Con
10/11/2011Goo Poll: Which Fall Anime Will Be Popular
10/11/20112011 FMA Film to Get N. American Theatrical Release on 100+ Screens
10/11/2011Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos Hits Into North American Box Offices in this Winter
10/11/2011Shop Tales by Mike Toole
10/10/2011Japan's Animation TV Ranking, September 19-25
10/10/2011Aniplex Announces Schedule of Events for New York Comic Con/New York Anime Festival 2011
10/10/2011Anime NebrasKon Announces Sean Schemmels as Final Guest of 2011
10/10/2011VIZ Media Announces Naruto Movie Marathon on and Hulu
10/10/2011'Running Man' by Ninja Scroll's Kawajiri Streamed
10/10/2011Square Enix Streams Cafe SQ Game Remix Album's Promo
10/10/2011April Fool's Vocaloid to Be in Hatsune Miku Project Diva
10/10/20113 The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Videos Posted
10/10/2011Viper's Creed Added to G4's October TV Schedule
10/10/2011Customized Idolm@ster Drama CD Auctioned for 301,001 Yen
10/10/20113 Character Teaser Videos for Street Fighter x Tekken Posted
10/10/2011Level-5's Gundam AGE Game's Teaser Posted
10/10/201118-m Tetsu-jin 28/Gigantor Lit Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
10/10/2011Sentai Filmworks Licenses Broken Blade
10/10/2011Sentai Filmworks Licenses Broken Blade Anime Films
10/10/2011Dragon Quest Manga's Fujiwara, .hack's Ito Make Digital Media Work
10/10/201114-Year-Old Konomi Suzuki Wins 5th Anison Grand Prix
10/10/2011Hoshi o Ou Kodomo, Tatsumi Nominated for APS Awards
10/10/2011Nominees Announced in the 5th Annual Asia Pacific Screen Awards
10/10/2011Moyashimon Bath Set to Be Sold in Japan
10/10/2011NY Comic Con to Debut Kono Danshi, Uch?-jin to Tatakaemasu. Anime
10/10/2011Japan to Offer Free Airfare to 10,000 Foreigners
10/10/2011Mamoru Oshii Creates Chimamire My Love Manga/Anime Hybrid
10/9/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, September 26-October 2
10/9/2011North American Stream List: October 3-9
10/9/2011New Hanasaku Iroha Work in 2012 Confirmed
10/9/2011Bride's Story/Emma's Mori, Blue School's Irie Sketching Videos Streamed
10/9/2011Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san Manga Gets 3rd Anime DVD
10/9/2011Madoka Magica Wins 12 of 21 Newtype Anime Awards
10/9/2011Gundam AGE Streamed with English Subs to 'Limited Area'
10/9/20111/1 Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing Vanship Completed with Video
10/8/2011Lupin III's Voice Cast Changed for 1st Time in 16 Years (Updated)
10/8/2011Japanese Box Office, October 1?2
10/8/20112ch Forum's Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011 Round 2: Groups E-H
10/8/2011May'n, Former Surface Singer Sing Kamen Rider Fourze Ending
10/8/2011Trade Mag: Warner, Tom Cruise in All You Need is Kill Film Talks
10/8/2011Nikkei: Gundam AGE to Stream in 5 Languages as It Airs
10/8/2011Level-5 Head Hino: 'May' Be Involved in More Weekly Anime
10/8/2011Saki Achiga TV Anime to Reunite 1st Saki Anime's Staff
10/8/2011Voice Actor Akira Kamiya Puts Work on Hold for Hospital Stay
10/8/2011Square Enix's New Robot Game Gets Saiky? Jump Mag Manga
10/7/2011Anime Network to Stream Towanoquon Online
10/7/2011Sentai Filmworks Announces License of Towanoquon
10/7/2011Limited Black Rock Shooter Art Books Available at 2011 New York Comic Con
10/7/2011Square Enix's Army Corps of Hell Trailer Streamed
10/7/2011L'Arc~en~Ciel Performs Manga-Based Wild 7 Film's Theme
10/7/2011New York Times Manga Best Seller List, September 25-October 1
10/7/2011K-On! Film Partners with Lumine Department Stores
10/7/2011Musician Daigo, Creator Eiki Eiki Start Scissors Sisters Manga
10/7/20112 Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Game Trailers Streamed
10/6/2011Live-Action Ranma 1/2 Special's Cast Further Revealed
10/6/2011PMX to Host Venus Versus Virus' Suzumi Atsushi
10/6/2011Toei Streams 2nd Making-of Video for 'Rebellions' Pilot
10/6/2011Pacific Media Expo 2011 Welcomes Manga Guest of Honor Suzumi Atsushi
10/6/2011Sonic Generations Modern Era Trailer Posted
10/6/2011Level-5 Vision Press Conference to Be Streamed
10/6/2011Animator: Gurren Lagann Helmer Imaishi Establishes Studio
10/6/2011Crunchyroll to Stream Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi 2 Anime
10/6/2011Saki Anime Blu-ray Box to Bundle Mahjong Set
10/6/2011Manabi Straight Anime's Last Episode Reshot for BD
10/6/2011Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai PSP Game to Bundle Dating Sim
10/6/2011Fate/Zero BD Box Release to Add Cut Scenes
10/6/2011Sailor Moon Tops September Graphic Novels in U.S. Bookstores
10/6/2011Senhime Zessh? Symphogear Music Battle TV Anime to Air
10/5/2011Daily Briefs
10/5/2011Crunchyroll Prequels with New Fate/Zero on Its Fall Lineup
10/5/2011Crunchyroll Plays Its Hand with Simulcast of Chihayafuru
10/5/2011Square Enix, Yahoo! Japan's Game Titled Monster x Dragon
10/5/2011World's Largest UFO Catcher Prize Machine Unveiled
10/5/2011Apocalypse Zero/Kakugo no Susume Manga Gets Spinoff
10/5/2011NisiOisin's Onimonogatari Light Novel Tops Chart
10/5/20114 King of Fighters XIII Character Trailers Posted
10/5/2011Anime on Demand To Stream Persona 4: The Animation in U.K.
10/5/2011K-On! Matchmaking Party Planned for Fans Only in Japan
10/5/2011Japanese Comic Ranking, September 26-October 2
10/5/2011Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Bonds Premieres at New York Comic Con on October 15th
10/5/2011Florida Anime Experience 2012 Announces Terri Hawkes, the Voice of Sailor Moon
10/5/2011Guilty Crown Anime's 3rd Promo Video Streamed
10/5/2011Sentai Filmworks Announces Dub Casts for Coicent, Five Numbers
10/5/2011Crunchyroll to Simulcast Working'!!/Wagnaria!! 2nd Season
10/5/2011Manga-Based Smuggler Film Gets Spinoff Mobile Drama
10/5/2011Mega Man's Inafune Creates King of Pirates Action RPG
10/5/2011Yakuza: Dead Souls' English Announcement Trailer Streamed
10/5/2011Newest Legend of Heroes Tops Weekly Chart with 127,938
10/5/2011New Evangelion Films to Get PC Browser Game in 2012
10/5/2011Toaru Majutsu no Index's Head-Biting Plush Hat Offered
10/5/2011Saiyuki Gaiden Volume 3's 129-Second Promo Video Posted
10/5/20114th Towa no Quon Film's Promo Video Streamed
10/5/2011CG TV Anime gdgd Fairies' Promo Video Streamed
10/5/2011Ben-To School Comedy TV Anime's 3rd Promo Streamed
10/3/2011Square Enix Streams SQ Chips Game Remix Album's Promo
10/3/2011Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Novels Gets New TV Anime by Xebec
10/3/2011Crunchyroll Adds You and Me/Kimi to Boku TV Anime
10/3/2011Akamatsu's J-Comi Site Posts Adult Manga Restricted by Tokyo Law
10/3/2011Madoka Magica Anime's Story 'Draft #0' to Be Published
10/3/2011Bakuman x Sket Dance Crossover Anime Episodes Planned
10/3/2011Team Ico's Behind-the-Scenes Video Posted
10/3/2011Shonen Jump's New Kurogane Manga Posted in English
10/3/2011Mirai Nikki/Future Diary Anime's Commercial Posted
10/3/2011Zero no Tsukaima Creator to Oversee Final Anime's Scripts
10/3/2011Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Anime's 1st 6.5 Minutes Streamed
10/3/20112nd Appleseed XIII Film's Trailer Streamed
10/3/2011Gundam UC Vol. 4 North American Release
10/2/2011Japanese Box Office, September 24-25
10/2/2011North American Stream List: September 25-October 2
10/2/2011White Album 2 -closing chapter- Game's Opening Streamed
10/2/2011Gundam's Augmented-Reality iPhone/iPad App Game Released
10/2/2011Japan Government Helps Fund Budori Gusuko, Blood-C Film
10/2/2011Dog Days Anime' 2nd Season Green-Lit
10/2/2011Accel World, Sword Art Online Light Novels Get Games
10/2/2011Toaru Majutsu no Index/A Certain Magical Index Film Green-Lit
10/1/2011Hudson Soft: New Bloody Roar Sequel Is in Production
10/1/2011Vertical Adds Flowers of Evil School Romance Manga
10/1/2011Ico Game's Early Concept Trailer Streamed
10/1/2011Gundam UC Voice Actor for Bright Noa Revealed
10/1/2011Funimation Entertainment Acquires Aniplex Anime Guilty Crown
10/1/2011Funimation Entertainment Acquires .Hack//Quantum
10/1/2011Animator Shunji Suzuki Confirms Nichij?, R-15, Itsuten's Low Sales
10/1/2011Funimation Adds .hack//Quantum, Streams Guilty Crown (Update 3)
10/1/2011Sword Art Online Light Novels About Virtual MMO Get Anime
10/1/2011Accel World Future Teen Light Novels Get Anime
10/1/2011Fate/Zero TV Anime's Tokiomi Tohsaka/Archer Ad Streamed