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2/28/2011Red Riding Hood Cha Cha Manga Returns in 1-Shot Story
2/28/2011Blue Exorcist, Oreimo, Ghost in the Shell Promos Streamed
2/28/20112nd Macross F Film Opens at #4 with 118 Million Yen
2/28/2011Japanese Box Office, February 19-20
2/28/2011Peach-Pit Ends Zombie-Loan Supernatural Manga in Japan
2/28/2011Newspaper Removes Mention of To Love-Ru Darkness Anime
2/28/2011Rolling for Initiative--Bottom Line on the GAMA Trade Show
2/28/2011North American Anime Stream List: February 18-25
2/27/2011Newspaper: To Love-Ru Darkness Manga Has Anime Planned (Updated)
2/27/2011Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, February 14-20
2/27/2011Milky Holmes TV Anime to Get Special This Summer
2/26/2011Next Haruhi Suzumiya Novel to Bundle Kyon Short Story
2/26/201115th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize Nominees Announced
2/26/2011Ghost in the Shell SAC's Kamiyama Makes 'Xi Avant' Short
2/26/2011New York Times Manga Best Seller List, February 13-19
2/25/2011The Sneaker Light Novel Magazine to Cease Publication
2/25/2011Hetalia World Series' 1st Extra Episode Runs in March
2/25/2011Fullmetal Alchemist's Arakawa Starts New Series in April (Updated)
2/25/2011Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair Premieres March 27
2/25/2011Daily Briefs
2/25/2011SoraOto, Hoshi no Furumachi, Akatsuka Trailers Streamed
2/25/2011Anohana, Lotte, Aria the Scarlet Ammo Promos Streamed
2/25/2011Aquarion Gets New TV Anime, Aquarion Evol
2/25/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, February 14-20 (Part 2)
2/24/2011Togainu no Chi's Single DVDs Dropped for Box in Japan
2/24/2011North Carolina's Animazement Hosts Hiroaki Hirata
2/24/2011Nodame's Eita Stars in Wild 7 Police Action Manga's Film
2/24/2011Anime Expo to Host Otaku Blogger/TV Host Danny Choo
2/24/2011Tiger & Bunny, Yozakura, Itsu-Ten Promos Streamed
2/24/2011North American Anime, Manga Releases: February 20-26
2/24/2011Toei Animation, Banpresto Have Original Anime in the Works
2/23/2011Kodansha, Dai Nippon Printing Buy Vertical (Updated)
2/23/2011U.S. Syfy TV Channel Moves Anime to Thursdays in March
2/23/2011Japanese Comic Ranking, February 14-20
2/23/2011Ufotable's Gods Eater Game Prequel Anime Streamed
2/23/2011Mashiro-Iro Symphony Adult Game's Anime Listed (Update 3)
2/23/2011Japanese Rock Band Flow Gets Animated for Album Bonus
2/23/2011Tottoko Hamtar? Dechu TV Anime to Premiere in April
2/22/2011Amazon Lists 3 New Manga Series from Tokyopop
2/22/2011Gundam UC #3's 8 Dubbed Minutes, Shima K?saku Streamed
2/22/2011K-ON! is 1st TV Anime Franchise to Sell 500,000+ BDs
2/22/2011Ben-To School Comedy Action Light Novels Get TV Anime (Updated)
2/22/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, February 14-20 (Part 1)
2/22/2011Aa Megami-sama Gets 2nd Original Anime DVD (Updated)
2/22/2011More of the 5th Annual Seiy? Award Winners Announced
2/21/2011Japan's Animation TV Ranking, February 7-13
2/21/2011Daily Briefs
2/21/2011True Grit Producer in Live-Action Star Blazers Talks
2/21/2011Spelunker Sensei, Bunny Drop Promo Videos Streamed
2/21/2011Studio 4?C's Music Video for Rhymester Posted Online
2/21/2011Zero no Tsukaima to End in 22nd Volume in 2012
2/21/2011Yuki Midorikawa's Hotarubi no Mori e Manga Gets Anime Film
2/21/2011Natsume's Book of Friends Gets 3rd TV Anime Season
2/20/2011Ika Musume/Squid Girl Gets 2nd TV Anime Season (Updated)
2/20/2011Poll: 40%+ of Japanese Male Teens Bought Animation CDs
2/20/2011Japanese Box Office, February 12-13
2/20/2011Daily Briefs
2/19/2011English-Subbed Denn? Coil Anime Sold in iPhone/iOS App
2/19/2011Funimation Adds 3rd Sgt. Frog Anime Season
2/19/2011Funimation Adds Fumihiko Sori's To Science-Fiction Anime
2/19/2011Daily Briefs
2/18/2011X-Men Anime, Nichijou Promo Videos Streamed
2/18/2011Arrietty Wins Japan Academy's Animation of the Year
2/18/2011Live-Action Akira Plans Get Harry Potter Scriptwriter
2/17/2011Last Exile's New TV Anime to Premiere at Anime Expo
2/17/2011Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, February 7-13
2/17/2011Make-A-Wish Foundation Screens Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie in NYC
2/17/2011High School Debut Film Gets Mobile Phone Spinoff Show
2/17/2011Sengoku Basara Two's 7th DVD to Add Unaired Episode
2/17/2011Fairy Tail Manga's 27th Volume to Bundle 2nd Anime DVD
2/17/2011Toei Confirms Plans for New Saint Seiya CG Film
2/16/2011Borders Files Chapter 11 Looks to Shutter Up to 275 Stores
2/16/2011North American Anime, Manga Releases: February 13-19 (Update 2)
2/16/2011All But 1 Defendant Dropped From Funimation's One Piece Lawsuit (Updated)
2/16/2011Newspaper: Funimation Sales Down More Than Half Since 2004
2/16/2011Japanese Comic Ranking, February 7-13
2/16/2011Durarara!! Scores 1st Weekly #1 with 9th Volume
2/16/2011Section23 Adds Coffee Samurai, Hoshizora Kiseki, Allison & Lillia (Updated)
2/16/2011U.S. Bookstore Chain Borders Files for Bankruptcy (Update 2)
2/16/2011Utena's Kunihiko Ikuhara to Direct New TV Anime in 2011
2/16/2011Some of the 5th Annual Seiy? Award Winners Announced
2/15/2011Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita Has Anime in the Works
2/15/2011Onigamiden, Bandai, Funimation Promo Videos Streamed
2/15/2011Metal Fight Beyblade 4D TV Anime to Launch
2/15/2011Production I.G's Momo e no Tegami Film to Open in 2012
2/15/2011Jewelpet Sunshine TV Anime to Premiere on April 2
2/15/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, February 7-13 (Part 1)
2/15/2011Jin-Roh, Mononoke, Akira, Eva Animators Make New Film (Update 3)
2/15/2011Borders Bankruptcy Looms Share| 'Could Come Within Days'
2/15/2011Marion Cotillard in Talks for 'Dark Knight Rising' As Daughter of Ra's Al Ghul?
2/15/2011It's 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Sony Goes Old School
2/15/2011'I Am Legion' Optioned For English Language Horror Film
2/15/2011Pokemon Launches Online 'Pokemon Trainer Challenge' Ties-In Closely With the Physical Product
2/15/2011Hasbro Concentrates on 'Thor,' 'Cap' 'X-Men: First Class Gets Short Shrift
2/15/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, February 7-13 (Part 2)
2/14/2011Blue Exorcist's 4th TV Ad Streamed
2/14/2011Hideo Yamamoto Ends Homunculus Horror Manga Next Week
2/14/2011Touhou Project Creator Restricts Commercial Works, Anime
2/14/2011Daily Briefs
2/14/2011Japan's Animation TV Ranking, January 31-February 6
2/14/20111 of 2 K?mpfer f?r die Liebe Episodes Will Not Air
2/14/20112 Pok?mon Feature Films to Open on Same Day in July
2/13/2011Amazon Lists 3 New Titles from Tokyopop, Blu
2/13/2011Animator, Professor Masahiro Katayama Passes Away
2/13/2011Blue Exorcist, Live-Action Moshidora Promos Streamed
2/12/2011Mermaid Forest Screenwriter Sh?ichir? ?kubo Passes Away
2/12/2011New York Times Manga Best Seller List, January 30-February 5
2/12/2011Haku?ki Hekketsu-roku Gets Original Video Anime Series
2/11/2011Zipang's Kawaguchi Launches Hy?ma no Hata Manga
2/11/2011'Fumiko's Confession's' Ishida Unveils New Anime Short
2/11/2011Inherit the Stars Gets Manga by 2001 Nights' Hoshino
2/11/2011Japanese Box Office, February 5-6: Gantz Stays at #1
2/11/2011Strike Witches 2, Hero Tales, Murder Princess Streamed
2/11/2011Eva 2.0 Opens in Minnesota, Boston, Detroit, Pittsburgh
2/11/2011Daily Briefs
2/10/2011Live-Action Tomie Unlimited Film Trailer Streamed
2/10/2011Leiji Matsumoto: New Anime, Live-Action GE999 Planned
2/10/2011Marvel Talking to Shane Black About 'Iron Man 3' Movie Slated for May 3rd, 2013
2/10/2011Dark Horse Launching 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' Publishing Program 'The Lost Adventures' Due July 13th
2/10/2011Diamond Offers In-Store Digital Sales 30-Day Exclusive Window
2/10/2011Sentai Filmworks Adds Dream Eater Merry Anime
2/10/2011Tiger Mask Manga/Anime Gets Live-Action Film in 2011
2/10/2011Daily Briefs
2/10/2011Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, January 31-February 6
2/10/2011Gash/Zatch Bell Gets New 1-Shot Manga in March
2/10/2011Makoto Shinkai's New Hoshi o Ou Kodomo Film Gets Manga
2/9/2011Daily Briefs
2/9/2011North American Anime, Manga Releases: February 6-12
2/9/2011Japanese Comic Ranking, January 31-February 6 (Updated)
2/9/2011One Piece Manga Volume 61 Sells 2 Million+ in 3 Days
2/9/2011English-Language Professor Munakata Manga Listed in UK
2/9/2011Ikoku Meiro no Crois?e, T?fu Koz? Promos Streamed
2/9/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, January 31-February 6 (Part 2)
2/9/2011Anime Boston to Host Female Rock Band Stereopony
2/7/2011Hana-Saku Iroha, Priest Promo Videos Streamed
2/7/2011Subaru, Gainax Put English Subs on H?kago no Pleiades
2/7/2011K-On! Manga Relaunches in Manga Times Kirara This Spring
2/7/2011Toronto Comic Arts Festival to Host Usamaru Furuya
2/7/2011Barnes & Noble Goes for Borders 'Kill Shot' With Groupon Coupon
2/7/2011New 'Thundercats' Series Reveals Its Anime Roots Set for 2011 Cartoon Network Debut
2/7/2011James Franco in Talks for 'Oz' After Downey Jr., and Depp Drop Out
2/6/2011Japan's Animation TV Ranking, January 24-30
2/6/2011Uta no Prince-sama? Idol Romance Game Gets TV Anime
2/6/2011Fireball Charming, English Eva: 2.22 Promos Streamed
2/5/2011Cat Sh*t One's English-Dubbed Episode Now Streaming
2/5/2011Barefoot Gen Creator Nakazawa Reveals Cancer Treatment
2/5/2011Japanese Box Office, January 29-30: Gantz Opens at #1
2/4/2011Young Animators, High School Debut Promos Streamed
2/4/2011Welcome to the Space Show, Time of Eve Screened in NYC
2/4/2011Sengoku Otome Historical Pachinko Game Gets TV Anime
2/4/20112 Teens Arrested for Thefts at K-On! Model School
2/4/2011Tokyo Ordinance Leads to Self-Censorship & Protest Boycott of Tokyo Anime Fair Grows
2/4/2011Casting Notes: Eva Green Gets 'Dark Shadows' Nod Jesse McCartney in 'Locke & Key'
2/4/2011'V' Star Could Be Headed for 'Avengers' As Nick Fury's 'Sidekick'
2/4/2011Comic Sales Plummet in January Marvel Regains Market Share
2/4/20113 Blondes in Running for 'Superman' Part And It's Not 'Lois Lane'
2/4/2011New York Times Manga Best Seller List, January 24-30
2/4/2011Tetsuo's Tsukamoto Makes Anime Short for Film Program
2/3/2011Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, January 24-30
2/3/2011T.M. Revolution Remakes Okusama wa 18-sai Manga for TV
2/3/2011Subbed Live-Action Gantz to Screen in San Francisco
2/3/2011Gaku, English Pokemon BW & SoraKake Promos Streamed (Updated)
2/3/2011Funimation's Fractale Stream Delayed by Storm Closure
2/3/2011Paper: YouTube Views Appear to Raise TV Anime DVD Sales
2/3/2011Suzy's Zoo Greeting Cards Get Japanese TV Anime Series
2/2/2011Studio 4?C Makes Anime for Rhymester's Music Video
2/2/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, January 24-30 (Part 2)
2/2/2011Minami no Kazoku Creator Kazuo Takahashi Passes Away
2/2/2011Yurumates 4-Panel Comedy Manga Gets 2nd Anime
2/2/2011Oreimo #2 Sells 17,000 BDs to Top Weekly Chart
2/2/2011CPSC Extends Stay of Enforcement on CPSIA Testing
2/2/2011'America's Greatest Otaku' Debuts on Hulu on February 24th
2/2/2011New York Comic Con Expands to 4 Days Thursday
2/2/2011Apple Broadens Control of In-App Purchases Affects Dark Horse's Digital Plan
2/2/2011Daily Briefs
2/2/2011Japanese Comic Ranking, January 24-30
2/1/2011Angry Birds Merchandise Available
2/1/2011P.A. Works' Mai no Mah? to Katei no Hi Promo Streamed
2/1/2011Yoshinobu Sena, Anipicture, Asahi Create Install Anime
2/1/2011Cameron Still Aims to Direct Battle Angel After Avatar 2/3
2/1/2011Toronto Comic Arts Festival to Host Natsume Ono in May
2/1/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, January 24-30 (Part 1)
2/1/2011Detective Conan Manga Gets New Live-Action TV Special
2/1/2011North American Anime, Manga Releases: Jan. 30-Feb. 5
2/1/2011Gonzo Lists Last Exile -Fam, The Silver Wing- for 2011