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Anime News

DateArticle Name
10/31/2012Shonen Jump to Launch 3 New Manga Series in November
10/31/2012Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, October 22-28
10/31/2012Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, October 22-28
10/31/2012Crunchyroll Brings Anime to Brazil
10/31/2012Katsuhiro Otomo at Platform International Animation Festival
10/31/2012Kokoro Connect PSP's 1st Countdown Promo Streamed
10/31/2012North American Stream List: Oct. 22-28
10/31/2012Okami HD's Launch Trailer Streamed
10/31/2012Little Busters Producer: Anime to Cover Everything, Even Though 26 Episodes Is Not Enough
10/31/2012Sony's Puppeteer Platformer Celebrates Halloween With Trailer
10/31/2012Happy Halloween -- Anime Style
10/31/2012Funds Raised for English Lupin III Board Game Expansion
10/31/2012Eagle Talon/Thermae Romae's Frogman, TMS Make Lupin III Parody Anime
10/31/2012Aya Hirano to Voice Original Character in Hunter x Hunter Film
10/31/2012Japan's Video Game Rankings, October 22-28
10/30/2012Aksys to Release Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi PSP Game
10/30/2012Rock Band Muse Uses Japanese Comedian's Animation for Official Music Video
10/30/2012Kenji Kamiyama's 3rd Pepsi Nex x 009 Re:Cyborg Ad Streamed
10/30/2012Dragon Quest VII RPG Being Remade for Nintendo 3DS
10/30/2012Hatsune Miku Bemoans Windows 8 Purchase in New Song
10/30/2012Tatsunoko Sues Over Speed Racer Anime Licensing
10/30/2012White Album 2: Shiawase no Mukou Gawa's Opening Anime Posted
10/30/2012Hayao Miyazaki Receives Japanese Cultural Merit Honor
10/30/2012Daily Briefs
10/30/2012I.G, Masaaki Yuasa's Kick-Heart Anime Gets English Dub
10/30/2012Ghost in the Shell's Oshii to Helm His 1st Live-Action English Film
10/30/2012K-ON!'s Real-Life School to Be Designated as Cultural Asset
10/30/20121/3-Scale, 1/2-Meter-Tall Madoka Magica Figure Teased
10/30/2012North American Anime, Manga Releases, October 28-November 3
10/30/2012Taishi Tsutsui's Steins;Gate Spinoff Manga Returns in New Series
10/30/2012Shin Sangoku Musou 7 Game for PS3 Revealed
10/29/20122nd Super Robot Wars OG's 11-Minute Promo Streamed
10/29/2012One Piece: Romance Dawn Game Ad Previews New Triplane Song
10/29/2012Smile Precure! Film Is 1st in Franchise to Top Box Office
10/29/2012Official Dream Club Video Promotes New Version With Foreigners
10/29/2012LA EigaFest to Host Live-Action Rurouni Kenshin & Director
10/29/2012Daily Briefs
10/29/2012Studio SHAFT Streams Prism Nana Anime's Pilot Promo No. 02
10/29/20122ch Forum's Anime Saimoe Tournament 2012 Quarter Finals
10/29/2012Oldboy Remake Film's Set Pictures Posted
10/29/2012Blood-C's Ranmaru Kotone Draws Red Data Girl Manga
10/29/2012Tekken: Blood Vengeance Film Honored at 2nd Annual 3D Awards
10/29/2012sola Artist Chaco Abeno Launches Angel + Blood Manga
10/29/2012Kuroko's Basketball-Related Threat Count Now Up to 10
10/29/2012Chat With Tales of Characters on the Phone in New Campaign
10/29/2012This Election Season Hello Kitty Wants Red, White and YOU! Join the Friendship Party and Vote Hello Kitty for President !
10/29/2012Ghost in the Shell Director Mamoru Oshii Trades Cyberpunk for Steampunk in The Last Druid: Garm Wars
10/28/2012Gainax's Live-Action Hero Comedy EA's Rock Gets Film
10/28/2012Utena's Saito to Launch Manga About Original Lupin
10/28/2012October Issue of World's 1st Digital Manga Magazine COMICLOUD On Sale Soon!
10/28/2012Japanese Box Office, October 20-21
10/28/2012Variety: Harmony Gold Founder/Robotech Producer to Serve No Jail Time
10/28/2012Japan's Animation TV Ranking, October 15-21
10/28/2012Naruto, Kenshin Creators Design Manga Trenchcoats
10/28/2012Hunter ? Hunter: Phantom Rouge Film's Trailer Previewed
10/28/2012Saki's National Tournament Arc Gets TV Anime (Update 2)
10/28/2012Saki Episode of Side A's Special Episodes to Air in December
10/27/2012Daily Briefs
10/27/2012Novel Artist booota Draws in Wacom's Live Painting Video
10/27/2012Pokemon Center's Christmas, New Year's Goodies Previewed
10/27/2012Animation Crowdfunding Site Anipipo Launching
10/27/2012Kenichi Matsuyama, REAL Manga Promote Jelly Drink in TV Ads
10/27/2012Sing with X Japan's Yoshiki on Piano for Charity
10/27/2012Tales of Xillia 2's Launch Trailer, 5th Promo Posted
10/27/2012P.A. Works' Nagi no Asukara Previewed in 1st Promo Video
10/27/2012Entire Fafner: Heaven and Earth Film Streamed With English Dub
10/27/20122nd Kyousogiga Run's 2nd Episode Streamed
10/27/2012Fushigi Y?gi: Genbu Kaiden Manga to End in 2 Chapters
10/27/2012Celebrated Manga Author Leiji Matsumoto Honored With Prestigious Ordre des Arts et des Lettres At The Rank Of Knight
10/26/2012Saint Seiya's Life-Size Pegasus Mask Forged in Bronze
10/26/2012Macross Frontier's Squishy Phone Inspires TV Remote
10/26/2012Digimon Crusader iOS Game's Opening Video Streamed
10/26/2012Pok?mon's Charizard Gets His Own Nintendo 3DS XL Variant
10/26/2012Viz Media's Toshin Merchandise Line Adds Bleach 'Holloween' Gear
10/26/2012Umizaru/Say Hello to Black Jack's Sato Cuts Ties with Fuji TV
10/26/2012Harmony Gold Founder/Robotech Producer Sentenced for Tax Fraud
10/26/2012Fairy Tail Film's Prologue Manga Gets Anime Also
10/26/2012Daily Briefs
10/26/2012Yoshiki Donates to "Make-A-Wish of Japan" a Chance to Sing an X Japan Song Accompanied by Yoshiki on Piano
10/26/2012Hisako Kanemoto, Jun Fukushima Lead Kotoura-san Cast
10/26/2012Sword Art Online Game to Have 3D Date Movie DVD
10/26/2012G4 Cancels X-Play, Attack of the Show Series
10/26/2012Mondai-Ji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru S? Desu yo? Anime's Cast Revealed
10/26/2012Zettai Karen Children Spinoff Anime's Cast Announced
10/26/2012VIZ Media Premieres Berserk: The Golden Age Arc I - The Egg of the King This Sunday on Neon Alley
10/26/2012New York Times Manga Best Seller List, October 14-20
10/26/2012AM2 Announces 2013 Online Registration for Panels and Workshops
10/25/2012KyoAni Streams Ch?niby? Demo Koi ga Shitai! 'Lite' #5
10/25/2012US$1.35-Million Rideable Kuratas Robot Mecha Gets 3,000+ Orders
10/25/2012Tiger & Bunny's Life-Size Double-Chaser Bikes on Display
10/25/2012Tales of Xillia 2 Videos Show Madoka Magica, Code Geass Costumes
10/25/2012Bandai to Make Sailor Moon Figures Again
10/25/2012Tokyo Governor Ishihara Resigns, Forms New Political Party
10/25/2012Karneval Anime Series' Cast, Staff Confirmed
10/25/20129-Minute Clp From Mass Effect: Paragon Lost Film Posted
10/25/2012Black-winged Love's Yamashita Launches Snips and Snails Manga
10/25/2012Vampire Miyu's Kakinouchi Ends Fairy Jewel Manga
10/25/2012Switch Girl Live-Action Show Gets 2nd Season
10/25/2012Crunchyroll to Stream "Say 'I love you'" Sh?jo Anime
10/25/2012Fire Emblem, Professor Layton, Animal Crossing's English Trailers Posted
10/25/2012Madoka Magica Films Had Weekend's 2nd Best Screen Average in U.S.
10/25/2012Daily Briefs
10/25/2012Senran Kagura TV Anime's 2nd Promo Streamed
10/25/2012JManga Adds Peace Maker Kurogane, Art of War Manga
10/25/2012Voice Actress Romi Park Stars in 1st Live-Action Film
10/25/2012Viz Media Europe Acquires Rights for MAGI, The Labyrinth of Magic
10/25/2012Crunchyroll to Simulcast Say "I Love You." This Fall
10/25/2012Chris LeBlanc Wins Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Providence
10/25/2012Anime Midwest Announces Spike Spencer
10/25/2012Pacific Media Expo 2012 Musical Lineup: Moon Stream, Psycho Bando, Stephanie Yanez, and Lolita Dark
10/24/2012Live-Action Sengoku Basara BD/DVD Boxes to Add Unaired Episode
10/24/2012Hobby Japan, Orchid Seed's The 7 Deadly Sins Project Gets Anime
10/24/2012Kids on the Slope's Kodama Launches Tsukikage Baby Manga
10/24/2012Macross 30 Game Unites Multiple Macross Heroes in 1 Era
10/24/2012Bandai's Robot Damashii Action Figures Battle in PSP Game
10/24/2012?Anipipo? Bringing Animation to the New Era
10/24/2012Watch Blade of the Immortal's Samura Draw Sketch in Video
10/24/2012Japanese Comic Ranking, October 15-21
10/24/2012Confidential Confessions' Momochi Launches Daisy 3.11 Manga
10/24/2012Japan's Video Game Rankings, 15-21
10/24/2012Hunter x Hunter Film's Phantom Troupe #4 Character Revealed
10/24/2012Manga/Anime Creator Leiji Matsumoto Knighted by France
10/24/201227.5-Centimeter/11-Inch Poseable Mami Tomoe Figure Revealed
10/24/2012Right Stuf Licenses Princess Knight TV Anime
10/24/2012Daily Briefs
10/24/2012Discotek Licenses Thermae Romae TV Anime
10/24/2012Discotek Licenses GTO TV Anime
10/24/2012I.G, Masaaki Yuasa's Kick-Heart Anime Hits Fundraising Goal
10/24/2012Tales of Hearts RPG Gets PS Vita Remake
10/23/2012Sakura Wars: Kanadegumi Stage Play Previewed in Video
10/23/2012Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, October 15-21
10/23/2012Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, October 15-21
10/23/2012Neon Genesis Evangelion Water Coolers Revealed
10/23/2012Life-Size Flower Gundam Bust in Time-Lapse Full Bloom
10/23/2012Captain Tsubasa Bronze Statue to Be Erected Next Spring
10/23/2012Silver Spoon's Arakawa Thanks Followers With Sketch Video
10/23/20123rd KenIchi the Mightiest Disciple Video Anime's Promo Streamed (Updated)
10/23/20122ch Forum's Saimoe Tournament 2012 Group Finals
10/23/2012Tales of Xillia 2 Adds Costumes From Earlier Games, Swimsuits
10/23/2012One Piece: Pirate Warriors DLC Costumes Arrive in N. America
10/23/2012Persona 4 Golden's New Full English Trailer Posted
10/23/2012North American Anime, Manga Releases, October 21-27
10/23/2012Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward Ships Today!
10/23/2012Daily Briefs
10/23/2012Majikoi ~ Oh! Samurai Girls on Sale Today
10/23/2012Anime Mirai Presentation to be Streamed Live Tonight
10/23/2012Anime USA Welcomes DJ Luminal
10/23/2012Unprinted Color Cyborg 009 Manga Chapter Found
10/23/2012Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Abyss Rising Releases November 9
10/23/2012Right Stuf / Nozomi Ent. Acquisition Announcement - Oct. 24 at
10/23/2012Top 10 Shonen Jump Manga by All-Time Volume Sales
10/22/2012Toriko Gourmet Monsters! 3DS Game's 3-Minute Promo Posted
10/22/2012Gundam: The 08th MS Team BD Box to Add New Short Film
10/22/2012One Piece Exhibit Ads Teases New Section, Oda's Sketching
10/22/2012Saint Seiya Omega Ultimate Cosmo PSP Game's 2nd Ad Streamed
10/22/2012Sony USA to Offer Kurozuka, Ultraviolet, Viper's Creed DVDs
10/22/2012Psycho-Pass & Robotics;Notes' Japanese Cast Event to Be Streamed
10/22/2012Zone of Enders' Jehuty Bust Rises over Tokyo's Akihabara
10/22/2012Namja Town Reveals Tales of Xillia 2 Dishes
10/22/2012Bandai Toy Combines 6 Disney Characters Into 1 Robot
10/22/2012ANN Exclusive: New Images from Masaaki Yuasa's Kick-Heart Anime Project
10/22/2012Wolf Children Wins Best Animated Film Award at Sitges
10/22/2012Daily Briefs
10/22/2012Rumiko Takahashi, Others Draw Manga to Support Quake Areas
10/22/2012Corpse Party: Book of Shadows Game Heads to N. America
10/21/2012Japanese Box Office, October 13-14
10/21/2012Japan's Animation TV Ranking, October 8-14
10/21/2012North American Stream List: Oct. 15-21
10/21/2012Kuroko's Basketball D?jinshi Event Also Gets Threat Note, Powder
10/21/2012Kick-Heart Anime's Masaaki Yuasa to Hold Live Q&A
10/21/2012Madoka Magica Film Strip Auction Ends at US$13,600
10/21/2012See an Evangelion Horse Run in 2 New Horse-Racing Ads
10/21/2012A Certain Scientific Railgun TV Anime Gets 2nd Season
10/20/2012Ro-Kyu-Bu! TV Anime Gets 2nd Season
10/20/2012Daily Briefs
10/20/2012Alteil Web Card Game Relaunched by Former Media Blasters Employees
10/20/2012Dead or Alive 5 Gets 3D Mousepads
10/20/2012Hatsune Miku's 1st Official Costume Set Offered
10/20/2012Voice Actress Mami Kosuge Reveals Marriage, Pregnancy
10/20/2012Puchimas! -Petit Idolm@ster- Manga to Bundle Anime DVD
10/20/2012Madoka Magica Posters in 7 Countries & Cities Revealed
10/20/2012Nippon Ichi Software Announces Disgaea D2 Strategy RPG
10/20/2012Tainted Reality presents THE SOUND BEE HD's US Return At Katsucon 19
10/20/2012A-1 Pictures' Vividred Operation Anime's 1st Promo Streamed
10/20/2012The Club That Really Likes Anime 20th Anniversary Celebration at the University of Waterloo
10/20/2012Missing Orlando Anime Club Member Reports Safe Return
10/20/2012Madoka Magica Film Strip Auctioned for US$8,300+
10/19/2012Fruits Basket Voice Comic Reunites Cast for Last Chapter
10/19/2012Hermes Costello Joins Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle Game's Lineup
10/19/201213-Minute Zero Escape Anime's English Version Posted
10/19/2012Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus Port's Promo Video Streamed
10/19/2012Sega's Shining Ark RPG Revealed for This Winter
10/19/2012Evangelion Eye Drop Ad Also Previews 3.0 Film
10/19/2012Kamisama no Inai Nichiy?bi Light Novels Get Anime
10/19/2012Tokyo Ravens Light Novels Have Anime In the Works
10/19/2012Zettai Karen Children's New Anime Is Hy?bu Spinoff
10/19/2012Jarrod Greene, Aaron Roberts Co-star in Toriko's English Dub Cast
10/19/2012Daily Briefs
10/19/2012Psycho-Pass Blu-rays to Include Mini-Adventure Games
10/19/2012Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb Coming to Anime Network Online this Week
10/19/2012Shikabane Cherry's Shoko Conami Takes Medical Leave
10/19/2012New York Times Manga Best Seller List, October 7-13
10/19/2012Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward Special OVA Now Available!
10/19/2012Busou Shinki Coming to Anime Network Online this Week
10/18/2012Daily Briefs
10/18/2012MangaGamer Announces Release of Boob Wars!
10/18/2012Asami Shimoda, Miyu Irino Join Cuticle Detective Inaba Cast
10/18/2012West Virginia's Premiere Anime Convention, Tsubasacon, Sees 30% Increase in Attendance
10/18/2012JManga Adds FSc's Clair Voyance, Rikachi's Tears of Thorn Manga
10/18/2012Akiko Shikata Performs Final Tales of Symphonia: United World Episode's Ending
10/18/2012Crunchyroll Adds Bottom Biting Bug TV Anime Series
10/18/2012Nozomi Entertainment Wants Fans' Questions for The Rose of Versailles Creator Riyoko Ikeda
10/18/2012Hayarigami Live-Action Film Indefinitely Delayed
10/18/2012D-Rights to Release Cross Fight B-Daman Anime Worldwide in 2013
10/18/2012The Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Collectible Tins Make for a Perfect Start to the Holiday Season
10/18/2012Japanese Comic Ranking, October 8-14
10/18/2012Lantis Records and Otakorp, Inc. Present Otakon Music Fest 2012.
10/18/2012Missouri Man Pleads Guilty to Possession of 'Cartoon' Child Pornography (Updated)
10/18/2012Kadokawa's Altima Ace Magazine to End Publication
10/18/2012Voice Actress Yukari Tamura to Sing OreShura's Ending Theme
10/18/2012Kamisama to Unmei Kakumei no Paradox's 1st Gameplay Video Posted
10/18/2012KyoAni Streams Ch?niby? Demo Koi ga Shitai! 'Lite' #4
10/18/2012Space Brothers Manga Creator Chats With Astronauts Live Today (Updated)
10/18/2012Digimon Adventure PSP to Cover All Episodes, 2nd Film
10/18/2012Avril Lavigne's One Piece Themes Are Nickelback, Joan Jett Covers
10/17/2012Aki Shimizu, Natsuhiko Kyogoku End Ky?kotsu no Yume Manga
10/17/2012To Loveru Darkness Coming to Anime Network Online this Week
10/17/2012Japan's Video Game Rankings, October 8-14
10/17/2012Nozomi Ent. Announces EMMA: A Victorian Romance - Season 1 Value-Priced DVD Set for Feb. 2013
10/17/2012Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus' 1st Promo, New Characters Revealed
10/17/2012BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Fighting Game's Opening Streamed
10/17/2012Nekocon Announces Last Minute Musical Guest Mikako Joho in Concert!
10/17/2012Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi Game for Female Players Gets Anime
10/17/2012Canadian Singer Avril Lavigne Contributes One Piece Film Z Themes
10/17/2012One Piece: Pirate Warriors' Ace Costume Shown in Video
10/17/2012Evangelion: 3.0 Film's Latest Trailer Streamed
10/17/2012Kuroko's Basketball Creator Received Threat Notes With Powder, Liquid
10/17/2012Daily Briefs
10/17/2012Virtua Fighter 2, Virtual-On to Be Downloadable on PS3/Xbox 360
10/17/2012Mugen Souls is Now Shipping to Retailers Across North America!
10/17/2012Momo, Poppy Hill, Rainbow Fireflies, Wolf Children Nominated for APSAs
10/17/2012The Anime Network to Resume To Love-Ru Darkness Simulcast this Week
10/16/2012New Madoka Magica Android Game Stars Ky?ko, Sayaka With Baseball Bat
10/16/2012Hana no Zubora-Meshi Show to Have Anime Segments
10/16/2012Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, October 8-14
10/16/2012Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, October 8-14
10/16/2012Cowboy Bebop Helmer Shinichiro Watanabe, BONES Plan New TV Anime
10/16/2012Saint Young Men Anime Film Casts Its Jesus, Buddha
10/16/2012Daily Briefs
10/16/2012Dasshutsu Gasshapon Mobile Social Game Gets Anime Project
10/16/2012Hello Kitty Pork Buns Sold in Japan's Circle K Sunkus Convenience Stores
10/16/2012North American Anime, Manga Releases, October 14-20
10/16/2012Magi Manga Print Circulation Doubles in 4 Months After Anime Announcement
10/16/2012Washington Library Responds to Complaint About Child Borrowing Yaoi Manga
10/16/2012Variety: James Ransone Replaces Nate Parker for Oldboy Role
10/16/2012Hello Kitty Transforms Into Strawberry Hero Ichigoman in Anime Short
10/16/2012Chunibyo Demo Koi Ga Shitai Coming to Anime Network Online this Week
10/16/2012New Madoka Magica Show Considered After 3rd Film
10/16/2012VIZ Manga Platform Digital Manga Debuts for the 2nd Half of October!
10/16/2012Anime Midwest Announces Comic Book Guests
10/16/2012A Multi-Generational Epic of Man's Best Friend Debuts in Belka, Why Don't You Bark?, New From VIZ Media's Haikasoru Imprint
10/15/2012Phantom of Inferno Xbox 360 Port's Gameplay Videos Posted
10/15/2012Studio Ghibli Posts Monthly Nepp? Magazine Online
10/15/2012Pok?mon Train Has Playroom Car for Quake Area Kids
10/15/20122nd Madoka Magica Film Ranks #2 With US$2.18 Million
10/15/2012Cowboy Bebop Helmer Shinichiro Watanabe, MAPPA Plan New TV Anime
10/15/2012Vassalord Manga's Last Book to Bundle Original Video Anime
10/15/2012North American Stream List: Oct. 8-14
10/15/20122ch Forum's Saimoe Tournament 2012 Round 3: Groups A-H
10/15/2012Daily Briefs
10/15/2012Animate! Miami Announced for January 18 - 20, 2013
10/15/2012Japanese Box Office, October 6-7
10/15/2012Japan's Animation TV Ranking, October 1-7
10/15/2012DOLL's Mitsukazu Mihara Ends Dokuhime Manga
10/15/2012Hatsune Miku-Colored Blue Yakisoba Noodles Sold in Japan
10/15/2012Gakuen Prince's Jun Yuzuki to End Rose & Wolf Manga
10/15/2012Mami-Cosplaying Madoka, Jojo's Araki Adorn Mainstream Magazine Covers
10/15/2012Harumi Sakurai Replaces Masako Joh for To Love-Ru Darkness Role
10/15/2012VIZ Media Develops Monsuno Original Graphic Novel Series
10/15/2012Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl Opens Up Your World in 2013!
10/15/2012Evangelion: 3.0 Film's 1st 7 Minutes to Air Before Opening
10/15/2012Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Realm of the Sea Emperor Structure Deck Rises from the Sea
10/14/2012Daily Briefs
10/14/20122nd Madoka Magica Film's TV Ads Aired
10/14/2012Funimation to Release Wolf Children, Toriko on Home Video
10/14/2012NIS America Adds Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko TV Anime
10/14/2012Viz Adds Tiger & Bunny Manga, Taiyo Matsumoto's Sunny
10/14/2012Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 to Have DB's Goku Costume
10/14/2012Iron Man: Rise of Technovore Feature's 1st Trailer Posted
10/14/2012Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Creator Meets Clint Eastwood
10/13/2012Yen Press Adds Madoka Magica Spinoff Manga, Last K-ON Volumes
10/13/2012Yen Press to Release Square Enix Titles Digitally
10/13/2012SuBLime Adds More Manga by Youka Nitta, Yaya Sakuragi
10/13/2012JManga Adds Yozakura Quartet, Elemental Gelade, Aoi Hana
10/13/2012Kodansha USA Adds Vinland Saga, Sankarea, No. 6, Tokyo Mew Mew A la Mode
10/13/2012Digital Manga, Inc. Adds Brave10 & New Titles, Offers Manga Downloads
10/13/2012Devilman vs. Hades Manga to Launch in November
10/13/2012Peach Girl's Miwa Ueda to Launch Aruite Ik? Manga
10/13/2012We Were There's Obata to Launch Long Goodbye Manga
10/13/2012Plot-Spoiler Nendoroid Madoka Figure Unveiled in Color
10/13/2012JAL Unveils Jet Illustrated by Hayao Miyazaki & Kids
10/13/2012Seitokai no Ichizon Spinoff Novel to Bundle Anime Blu-ray
10/13/2012Madoka Magica's Story Will Not End in 3rd Film
10/13/2012K-ON, Yuruyuri, Nyarko-san Win Anime Kobe Awards
10/12/2012Crunchyroll to Stream Lychee Light Club Comedy Anime
10/12/2012Aniplex USA Adds Sword Art Online, Blast of Tempest, Magi Anime
10/12/2012One Piece Film Z Prologue to Air on Japan's NOTTV Service
10/12/2012Comixology Licenses Shotaro Ishinomori's Entire Manga Catalog
10/12/2012Yukari Tamura, Chinatsu Akasaki Lead OreShura Cast
10/12/2012Hear Japan's New Phone Agent Talk in Voice of K-ON's Ritsu
10/12/2012Persona 4 Golden Previewed in 15 English Videos
10/12/2012Beck's Harold Sakuishi to Launch New Series in December
10/12/2012Tenjo Tenge Creator to Launch Manga With Novelist ?tar? Maij?
10/12/2012Daily Briefs
10/12/2012LBX/Danb?ru Senki Stop-Motion Video Posted
10/12/2012Udon Licenses Haruhi, Vocaloid, Growlanser Art Books
10/12/2012New York Times Manga Best Seller List, September 30-October 6
10/12/2012Watch Creator Masashi Kishimoto Sketch Naruto in Video
10/12/2012UDON Announces New Art Book Licenses at New York Comic-Con 2012
10/12/2012Crunchyroll to Stream Ebiten School Comedy Anime
10/12/2012Vertical Adds Tezuka's Twin Knight, Kyoko Okazaki's Helter Skelter Manga
10/12/2012Crunchyroll to Stream Aoi Sekai no Ch?shin de Anime
10/12/2012New York Comic-Con 2012
10/11/2012Japanese Phones to Talk Back With K-ON, Hello Kitty Voices
10/11/2012Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3's Extended Promo Posted
10/11/2012Type-Moon 10th Anniversary BD to Add New Carnival Phantasm Bonus
10/11/2012KyoAni Streams Ch?niby? Demo Koi ga Shitai! 'Lite' #3
10/11/2012Sket Dance Manga to Bundle Original Video Anime Next Spring
10/11/2012Daily Briefs
10/11/2012Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U's NY Comic Con Trailer Posted
10/11/2012Microsoft Windows 8's 2 New Japanese Moe Mascots Revealed
10/11/2012Darkstalkers Resurrection HD Port's 1st Trailer Posted
10/11/2012Darkstalkers Resurrection HD Port Heads to PSN, XBox Live
10/11/2012ANN at NYCC: Special Guest Announcement
10/11/2012Gatchaman Gets Live-Action Film Starring Tori Matsuzaka
10/11/2012Girls und Panzer BD/DVD Ad Previews Beach Video Anime
10/11/2012Crunchyroll to Stream Teeky? Anime About Girls' Tennis Team
10/11/2012Y?ko Hikasa Joins Yama no Susume TV Anime Cast
10/11/2012Psycho-Pass Chief Director: Word 'Moe' Is Banned Among Staff
10/11/2012SPYAIR's DJ Enzel Leaving Band After Nippon Budokan Concert
10/11/2012Legendary Collection 3: Yugi's World Includes Most Anticipated Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Card in Years
10/11/2012Persona 4: The Animation on Xfinity On Demand as Part of Halloween Programming
10/10/2012Happy Birthday, Naruto & Gintoki & Minmay & Precure's Nagisa & ?
10/10/2012Extra, Prototype, Prisma Illya Join Fate/stay night Vita's Card Game
10/10/2012Ouran's Bisco Hatori Resumes Millennium Snow Manga
10/10/2012Initial D Arcade Stage AA X Game's Opening Streamed
10/10/2012Shikao Suga Returns to xxxHOLiC to Sing Live-Action Show's Theme
10/10/2012Daily Briefs
10/10/2012Evangelion's Rei Turned Into Exaggerated Blythe Doll
10/10/2012Japanese Comic Ranking, October 1-7
10/10/2012This Boy/Kono Danshi Creator Yamamoto Draws Sketch in Video
10/10/2012ANN Panel at NYCC
10/10/2012Capcom/Sega/Namco Bandai's 5th Project X Zone Countdown Video Posted
10/10/2012Viz Media: Shonen Jump Alpha to Move to Simultaneous Model 'Very Soon'
10/10/2012Toriko Gourmet Monsters! 3DS Game's 1st TV Ad Posted
10/10/2012Japan's Video Game Rankings, October 1-7
10/10/2012Shout! Factory to Release Gaiking Anime on DVD
10/10/2012Vocaloid Song Software Megpoid Inspires PSP Rhythm Game
10/10/2012Crunchyroll Streams The Pet Girl of Sakurasou TV Anime
10/10/2012ANN at NYCC
10/10/2012One Piece: Pirate Warriors' Chopper, Nami, Usopp, Robin DLC Shown in Video
10/9/20121st Madoka Magica Film Opens at #7 With Over US$1 Million
10/9/2012Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment Game's 2nd Teaser Posted
10/9/2012Oreimo's 2nd Season Promo Video & Ad Reveal Main Staff
10/9/2012Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, October 1-7
10/9/2012Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, October 1-7
10/9/2012Capcom/Sega/Namco Bandai's 4th Project X Zone Countdown Video Posted
10/9/2012Evangelion Horse Hybrid Unveiled in New Horse-Racing TV Ads
10/9/2012Berserk Films' World Trailer Shows New Part III Footage
10/9/2012Ragnarok Online: Expanding and Updating
10/9/2012Platform International Animation Festival Honors Katsuhiro Otomo with Lifetime Achievement Award
10/9/2012Code of Princess, an Action RPG for Nintendo 3DS Now Available in Stores Across North America!
10/9/2012Occult Academy Complete Series Standard Edition is Now Shipping to Online Retailers Across North America!
10/9/2012Natsume's Book of Friends Season 1 & 2 Premium Edition is Now Shipping to Retailers Across North America!
10/9/2012FUNimation Fall 2012 Simulcast Schedule
10/9/2012Persona 4: Golden's New Features Previewed in English Video
10/9/2012Carnage Heart EXA Mecha Strategy PSP Game Heads to N. America
10/9/2012A Certain Magical Index & Scientific Railgun Crossover Game's 1st Promo Streamed
10/9/2012Japanese Box Office, September 29-30
10/9/2012Akira's Katsuhiro Otomo to Attend Platform Animation Festival in Los Angeles
10/9/2012JManga Adds Karuho Shiina's Crazy for You, Yukari Ichijo's Pride Sh?jo Manga
10/9/2012Japan's Animation TV Ranking, September 24-30
10/9/2012North American Anime, Manga Releases, October 7-13
10/9/2012Voice Actor Hiro Shimono Plays Lawson Fried Chicken Burglar
10/9/2012CG Saint Seiya Film Aimed for Next July, With Possible New Show
10/9/2012Funimation Streams Code:Breaker, Kamisama Kiss, Jormungand, Psycho-Pass, Robotics;Notes, Oniai
10/9/2012Heaven's Memo Pad On Sale Today
10/9/2012Space Robot Anime Majestic Prince's 1st Promo Streamed
10/9/20122nd Accel World Game's Promo Teases Hot Spring Video Anime
10/8/2012Canada's Waterloo to Show Asura, Blood-C, Momo, Wolf Children
10/8/2012One Piece: Pirate Warriors' Boa, Sanji, Robin DLC Shown in Video
10/8/2012Madoka Magica's SHAFT Animates Fate/Extra CCC RPG's Opening
10/8/2012S. California's UTB TV Airs 2nd Live-Action Hana-Kimi Show
10/8/2012Orlando Anime Club Member Reported Missing
10/8/2012Japanese Box Office, September 22-23
10/8/2012Hawaii Entertainment Expo Hosts Nobuo Uematsu, Megumi Nakajima, Kazuki Yao
10/8/2012Japan's Animation TV Ranking, September 17-23
10/8/2012Level-5's Guild01 Games' English-Dubbed Trailer Streamed
10/8/2012Madhouse, Marvel Team Up Again for New Iron Man: Rise of Technovore Film
10/8/2012PETA Releases Pok?mon Parody Game
10/8/2012Virtual-On Game Designer Katoki Creates Hyouka Raiden
10/8/201218-Year-Old Natsumi Okamoto Wins 6th Anison Grand Prix
10/8/2012Daily Briefs
10/8/2012Evangelion's Gendo, Tiger & Bunny Inspire Prescription Eyeglasses
10/7/2012Capcom/Sega/Namco Bandai's 3rd Project X Zone Countdown Video Posted
10/7/2012Y?ko Hikasa, Ayane Sakura, Sachika Misawa Join A Certain Magical Index Cast
10/7/2012Hello Kitty, My Melody Transformed Into US$2,500 Sofas
10/7/2012Daily Briefs
10/7/2012Fate/Zero, K-ON Win Top Prizes in Newtype Anime Awards (Updated)
10/7/2012Ro-Kyu-Bu's 2nd PSP Game to Bundle Original Anime DVD
10/7/2012Hataraku Maou-sama! Fantasy Light Novels Get TV Anime (Updated)
10/7/2012Eagle's Kaiji Kawaguchi to Launch New Manga in December
10/7/2012Tales of Xillia 2's Madoka Magica, Code Geass Costumes Shown
10/6/2012Discotek Adds Mazinger Z Super Robot TV Anime
10/6/2012Discotek Adds Original 1973 Cutey Honey TV Anime
10/6/2012Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Sings New Crayon Shin-chan Theme
10/6/2012Daily Briefs
10/6/2012Gundam 00 Assistant Director Masaki Kitamura Released by Police
10/6/2012Majocco Classical Magical Girl Anime's Teaser Streamed
10/6/20121st Kara no Ky?kai - the Garden of sinners Film Gets 3D Showings
10/6/2012Symphogear Anime Gets New Season in 2013 (Updated)
10/6/2012Ufotable Makes Magical Girl Anime Film Majocco Classical
10/6/2012One Piece Manga Inspires Limited-Edition PSP Model
10/6/20123rd Bakuman Series' 1st Episode Preview Streamed
10/5/2012Sailor Moon Tops September Graphic Novel Sales in U.S. Bookstores
10/5/2012Jamie Lee Curtis, Bruce Dern Dub Ghibli's Poppy Hill
10/5/2012Robotics;Notes' 1st Episode Preview Streamed
10/5/2012Kono Danshi, Ningyo Hiroimashita Anime Trailer Posted
10/5/2012Anime of Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san Manga Briefly Listed
10/5/2012Magi Adventure Anime's 3rd Promo Streamed With English Subs
10/5/2012I.G, Yuasa Offer More Kick-Heart Anime as Fundraising Goals
10/5/2012Viz Reissues Original Inuyasha Series on DVD
10/5/2012Girls und Panzer Blu-rays to Have Original Anime Shorts
10/5/2012Shin Mazinger Zero Manga Epilogue to Run in November
10/5/2012Montreal Festival to Show Mamoru Hosoda's Wolf Children
10/5/2012Glay Concert Film to Screen in Theaters in NYC, LA, SF
10/5/20122ch Forum's Saimoe Tournament 2012 Round 2: Groups E-H
10/5/2012Baka to Test to Sh?kanj? Portable's 1st Promo Video Streamed
10/5/2012Tales of Xillia 2 RPG's Promo Video, 2 Character Intro Videos Posted
10/5/2012New York Times Manga Best Seller List, September 23-29
10/5/2012The Anime Network Removes 1st To Love-Ru Darkness Episode
10/5/2012Shin Megami Tensei IV RPG's Extended 2nd Trailer Posted
10/5/20122 Puella Magi Madoka Magica Films' Last Preview Ads Streamed
10/4/2012MangaGamer Announces Release Date and Pre-Orders for OtoBoku
10/4/2012Masumi Kanoh, Lolita Fashion Designer to Appear as Fashion Guest of Honor at Pacific Media Expo 2012
10/4/2012Seven Seas Licenses The Sacred Blacksmith, Kanokon, & Zero's Familiar Manga
10/4/2012VIZ Media Announces Digital Debut of Barrage Manga Series on VIZMANGA
10/4/2012To Love Ru ~ Darkness Starting 10/4 on Anime Network Online
10/4/2012Sentai Filmworks Licenses To Love Ru ~ Darkness
10/4/2012CODE:BREAKER and More Kodansha Manga Revived Digitally on
10/4/2012Cosplayer Nation: The Documentary Screening Event
10/4/2012Fight and Heal are Back for More: Atlus Announces Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan for Nintendo 3DS, Coming to North America in Early 2013
10/4/2012Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan Heads to N. America
10/4/2012Official Neon Alley Forum
10/4/2012The Pet Girl of Sakurasou Anime's 2-Minute Promo Posted (Updated)
10/4/2012Former Atlus USA Head Shinichi Suzuki Now Leads XSEED Games
10/4/2012JManga Site Adds Kodansha Titles
10/4/20123 of Level-5's Guild01 Games Get Western Release This Year
10/4/2012Daily Briefs
10/4/2012Fantagraphics Posts Preview of Moto Hagio's Heart of Thomas Manga
10/4/2012Sentai Filmworks Adds Risque Comedy Anime To Love-Ru Darkness (Updated)
10/4/2012Crunchyroll to Stream Medaka Box Abnormal TV Anime
10/4/2012Miyuki Sawashiro, Hiroshi Kamiya Join Medaka Box Cast
10/4/2012Code:Breaker Anime's 5th Promo Video Highlights Code:02
10/4/2012KyoAni Streams Ch?niby? Demo Koi ga Shitai! 'Lite' #2
10/4/2012Macross Stage Musical Previewed in 3-Minute Video
10/4/2012Rie Kugimiya, UVERworld to Perform in Blue Exorcist Film
10/4/20123rd Yamato 2199 Anime Film's 1st 10 Minutes Streamed
10/4/2012GTO's Fujisawa Co-Creates Space Sheriff Gavan Manga
10/4/2012Gintama's Kintoki to Be Voiced by Y?ichi Nakamura
10/4/2012Gundam's Haro Mascot Made Into Green Pork Buns
10/4/2012Magical Circle Guru Guru 2 Manga to Launch Next Month
10/3/2012Give-Aways Galore!
10/3/2012Blue Exorcist Film's English-Subtitled Teaser Streamed
10/3/2012Madoka Magica's Urobuchi Tells Why October 3 Is Madoka's Birthday
10/3/2012Seven Seas Licenses The Sacred Blacksmith Fantasy Manga
10/3/2012Seven Seas Adds Zero's Familiar Fantasy Manga
10/3/2012Seven Seas Licenses Kanokon Romantic Comedy Manga
10/3/2012Japanese Comic Ranking, September 24-30
10/3/2012Kindaichi Case Files Anime DVDs' Trailer Streamed
10/3/2012Ch?niby? Demo Koi ga Shitai! BDs/DVDs to Have Unaired Shorts
10/3/2012Crunchyroll to Stream Girls und Panzer TV Anime
10/3/2012Japan's Video Game Rankings, September 24-30
10/3/2012Crunchyroll to Stream Magi Fantasy Adventure Anime (Update 2)
10/3/2012Shun Umezawa's 'Hate Virus' 1-Shot Gets Live-Action Segment
10/3/2012Kumi Koda Animated for Total Eclipse Theme's Music Video
10/3/2012Cross Fight B-Daman eS Anime's 1st Promo Streamed
10/3/2012B'z to Stream Last 2012 N. American Tour Stop in L.A. Live
10/3/2012Takashi Morita's Manga of Original Ars?ne Lupin Thief Ends
10/3/2012Medaka Box Abnormal's 100-Second Promo Streamed
10/3/2012Koei Tecmo Videos Reveal Next Neo Romance Game for Female Players
10/3/2012Viz Media Brings Anime and Manga Fun to The Big Apple at New York Comic Con 2012
10/3/2012Mayor Proclaims October 12-14 ?Tsubasacon Weekend? in the City of Huntington.
10/3/2012New People Launches New Online Travelogue Site About Pop Japan
10/3/2012Aniplex of America Announces Magi Will Simulcast on Hulu and Crunchyroll
10/3/2012Nekocon Announces Special Guest Meet & Greet Event Friday November 2nd!
10/3/2012Lost Girl Cast Invading New York City October 12 & 13
10/3/2012Daily Briefs
10/2/2012I.G & Urobuchi's Psycho-Pass Sci-Fi Anime Inspires Manga
10/2/2012Kodansha Ex-Editor Creates Agency with Sakuran, Space Brothers Authors
10/2/2012English to Retire, Re-Open Under Main Site on October 17
10/2/20122 Puella Magi Madoka Magica Films' Footage Aired
10/2/2012Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, September 24-30
10/2/2012Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, September 24-30
10/2/2012Fist of the North Star & Yakuza 5 Limited-Edition PS3s Offered
10/2/2012Fresh Pretty Cure Voice Actress Kanae Oki Gets Married
10/2/2012Shiawase no Jikan Drama Manga Gets Live-Action Show
10/2/2012Viz Debuts Neon Alley
10/2/2012Crunchyroll to Simulcast BTOOOM! This Fall Season
10/2/2012Girls und Panzer Coming this November to Anime Network Online
10/2/2012From The New World Coming this November to Anime Network Online
10/2/2012Medaka Box Abnormal Coming this November to Anime Network Online
10/2/2012BTOOOM! Coming this November to Anime Network Online
10/2/2012Do the Dimensional Dash with Crunchyroll and Ixion Saga DT
10/2/2012Blast of Tempest Ignites on Crunchyroll this Fall Season
10/2/2012Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb Coming Soon to Anime Network Online
10/2/2012Chunibyo Demo Koi ga Shitai Coming Soon to Anime Network Online
10/2/2012Busou Shinki Coming Soon to Anime Network Online
10/2/2012Limited Mario Bros. & Animal Crossing 3DS XLs Offered
10/2/2012One Piece Manga's Pirate Ship Inspires Christmas Cake
10/2/2012Evangelion 3D Virtual Avatars Offered in PlayStation Home
10/2/2012GTO Spinoff Manga GT-R to Return in 2013
10/2/2012Kuroko's Basketball Character Song CD Sells 24,886 at #3
10/2/2012Transform Into Optimus Prime, Grimlock With Costume Hoodies
10/2/2012The Anime Network to Stream Ch?niby? Demo Koi ga Shitai!, Busou Shinki Anime
10/2/2012North American Anime, Manga Releases, September 30-October 6
10/2/2012Crunchyroll to Stream BTOOOM! Survival Action Anime
10/2/2012Idolm@ster Shiny Festa PSP's Updated 3rd Promo, New Ads Posted
10/2/2012Denpa Ky?shi Manga's Anime Ad by A-1 Pictures Aired
10/2/2012Namco Bandai Asks for Fan Feedback on New Pac-Man Game
10/1/2012The Mystical Laws Anime Film Opens Simultaneously in U.S.
10/1/2012Samurai Gun's Kumagai Turns Monte Cristo Into Manga Series
10/1/2012KyoAni's Ch?niby? Demo Koi Ga Shitai #1 Previewed in Video
10/1/2012Kokoro Connect BDs/DVDs to Use Different Opening Theme
10/1/2012I.G, Tatami Galaxy's Yuasa Raise Funds for Kick-Heart Anime
10/1/2012Sengoku Basara Game's Live-Action Show Spawns 2 Films
10/1/2012One Piece Pirate Anime Gets Its Own Smartphone
10/1/2012Crunchyroll to Stream Zetsuen no Tempest TV Anime (Updated)
10/1/2012Crunchyroll to Stream My Little Monster/Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (Updated)
10/1/2012North American Stream List: Sept. 24-31
10/1/2012Anime Contents Expo 2013 Set to Proceed
10/1/2012Crunchyroll to Simulcast My Little Monster This Fall Season
10/1/2012Crunchyroll to Launch Xbox Live App Experience
10/1/2012The Animated Series Blast of Tempest is Set to Broadcast on Crunchyroll this Fall
10/1/2012Live Viewing Japan Brings a Blistering Live Concert Film by Famed J-Rock Band Glay To New York and Other U.S. Cities
10/1/2012Daily Briefs
10/1/2012Japanese Rock Band Stereopony to Break Up
10/1/2012"Say 'I love you'" Sh?jo Anime's 1st Ad Aired
10/1/2012Magi Anime Dishes Served at Animate Caf? in Tokyo
10/1/2012Madoka Magica Goods Offered at Lawson Stores