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3/31/2012Daily Briefs
3/31/2012Fate/Zero & Angel Beats! Singer LiSA to Appear at Anime Expo
3/31/2012Little Busters! Anime's Promo Video Streamed
3/31/2012Fate/Zero Anime's 2nd Season Promo Streamed
3/31/2012Rock Band nano.ripe Performs Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita Theme
3/31/2012Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere's 2nd Season Promo Streamed
3/31/2012To Love-Ru Darkness Manga Gets Anime
3/31/2012Queen's Blade: Rebellion's ACE Promotional Video Posted
3/31/2012Madoka Magica & .hack's Kajiura Scores Sword Art Online
3/31/2012Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita's First Trailer Streamed
3/31/2012Standalone Trailer for Sword Art Online Posted
3/31/2012Sword Art Online/Accel World "Project Trailer" Streamed
3/30/2012Dusk maiden of Amnesia Anime's 3rd Promo, Ad Streamed
3/30/2012Noitamina's 2012 Anime Promos Streamed (Updated)
3/30/2012Zetman Dark Hero TV Anime's 4 Commercials Streamed
3/30/2012Voice Actress Satomi Arai Reveals Marriage, Son
3/30/2012Psycho-pass Anime Series Coming to Noitamina in October
3/30/2012Robotics;Notes Anime Series Coming to Noitamina in October
3/30/2012First Trailer for Natsuyuki Rendezvous Anime Adaptation Posted
3/30/2012Is This a Zombie? Manga to Bundle Unaired Anime BD
3/30/2012Natsuyuki Rendezvous Manga Gets Anime in Noitamina in July
3/30/2012Medaka Box Anime's TV Tokyo Promo Streamed
3/30/2012Ultraman Saga Film's 1st 8 Minutes Streamed Uncut
3/30/2012Gantz Producer Wants to Give Away Gantz Sphere, Props
3/30/2012Viz Promotes Ken Sasaki to President & CEO
3/30/2012Oda Nobuna no Yab? Historical Comedy's 2nd Promo Streamed
3/30/2012Saint Seiya Omega Anime Inspires Game This Fall
3/30/2012Crunchyroll Adds You and Me/Kimi to Boku 2 TV Anime
3/30/2012Hunter x Hunter Wonder Adventure Game Headed for PSP
3/30/2012Daily Briefs
3/30/2012Sega Restructures Consumer Division, Projects 7-Billion-Yen Loss
3/30/2012Wrath of the Titans Writer Discusses Live-Action Bleach
3/30/2012You and Me. Season 2 Set to Simulcast on Crunchyroll
3/30/2012Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day Complete Series Premium Edition Releases in July
3/30/2012Kimi No Todoke -From Me To You- Volume 3 Premium Edition Releases in North America in July
3/30/2012Robotics;Notes Game's Promo Streamed
3/30/2012Idol Unit ChocoLe to Sing Ending Theme, Voice-Act in Gon
3/30/2012Crunchyroll to Stream Saint Seiya Omega TV Anime
3/30/2012Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Game's TV Ad Streamed
3/29/2012Crunchyroll to Stream Space Brothers TV Anime
3/29/2012Amagami precious diary Romance Spinoff Manga Ends
3/29/2012Phantasy Star Online 2's Character Creation Video Posted
3/29/2012Aquapazza PS3 Edition's Promo Streamed
3/29/2012Saitama's The Four Seasons Promotional Anime Posted
3/29/2012Crunchyroll to Announce Spring 2012 Simulcast Lineup
3/29/2012Akira's Otomo Inspires 'Short Peace' Anime Omnibus
3/29/2012Lupin III Anniversary Event to Be Streamed on Ustream
3/29/2012One Piece Manga 65 Sells 3 Million in Less Than 2 Months
3/29/2012Yu Shimamura, Eri Kitamura Lead OtoBoku 2 OVA Cast
3/29/2012Persona 4's 10th BD, DVD to Include 'True End Episode'
3/29/2012Sentai Filmworks Adds Phi Brain Anime's 2nd Season
3/29/2012Crunchyroll to Stream Folktales from Japan TV Anime
3/29/2012Folktales From Japan to Simulcast on Crunchyroll
3/29/2012Sentai Filmworks Licenses Phi-Brain ~ Kami No Puzzle Season 2
3/29/2012East and West Join Forces: Digital Manga and Papyless Partner to Distribute Manga Digitally
3/29/2012Crunchyroll Blasts Off With The Simulcast of Space Brothers
3/29/2012Daily Briefs
3/29/2012NIS America Licenses anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day
3/29/2012Miri Masuda's Women's Manga S?-chan Gets Film with Kou Shibasaki
3/29/2012Final Fantasy's Sakaguchi Plans Party Wave iOS Game
3/29/2012Japanese Animation TV Ranking, March 19-25
3/29/2012Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur Game's Additional Cast Revealed
3/29/2012JManga Adds Book of Five Rings Manga, New Takao Saito Title
3/28/2012'Super GameSong' Concert Adds Sakura Wars, Idolm@ster Cast
3/28/2012Recorder and Randsell Manga to Bundle Unaired Anime
3/28/20122nd This Boy/Kono Danshi Anime's Teaser Streamed
3/28/2012Studio 4?C/Toyota Web Anime's English Trailer Posted
3/28/2012Web Knight Carnival! Game's Anime Promo Video Streamed
3/28/2012Phantasy Star Online 2's '4th Revolution' Movie Posted
3/28/2012Junj? Romantica Boys-Love Manga Gets New Anime
3/28/2012AKB48 Idol Spinoff SKE48's Nukko Character Gets TV Anime
3/28/2012Watch 100-Man War Bomberman in Action on iOS/Android
3/28/2012Hiromu Arakawa's Silver Spoon Wins Booklog Award
3/28/2012Biglobe Poll: Spring Anime With Highest Interest Level
3/28/2012Rising Star Games Streams Akai Katana Teaser Trailer
3/28/2012XSeed Games to Release Unchained Blades on 3DS, PSP
3/28/2012Shokotan to Star in, Sing Theme of Saint Seiya Omega
3/28/2012Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Hatsukoi Limited"
3/28/2012Sentai Filmworks Licenses Hatsukoi Limited TV Anime
3/28/2012Japanese Animation TV Ranking, March 12-18
3/28/2012Kid Icarus, Latest Yakuza Game Sell 100,000+ in 1st Week
3/28/2012Daily Briefs
3/28/2012Live-Action Mirai Nikki/Future Diary's Teaser Streamed
3/28/2012Lucky Star Town's New Otaku Matchmaking Event Costs 1 Coin
3/28/2012Gengoroh Tagame: Shirogane no Hana Manga Not Getting TV Anime (Updated)
3/28/2012Right Stuf's Nozomi Entertainment Announces The Dirty Pair Flash DVD Collection
3/28/2012AniMinneapolis 2012 Announces Fan Guests
3/28/2012We Are Fighting Dreamers: TAKII 13 ~United We Stand~ Arrives In Philly On May 26th & 27th, 2012
3/28/2012Iruma Rioka/Live at "Anime Central"
3/28/2012The Atlus "RE-Vita-Lized" Playstation Network Price Drop Event: PSP System Classic Now Available At Dramatically Lower Prices
3/28/2012MonkeyPaw Games and GAIJINWORKS Test J-RPG Fan Power and Announce Partnership for $500,000 Kickstarter campaign
3/27/2012From the New World Anime's 1st Prelude Video Posted
3/27/2012Mass Effect: Paragon Lost Anime Film's Teaser Posted
3/27/2012Kimi no Iru Machi Manga's 2nd Anime DVD Promo Streamed
3/27/2012Hit Tunes OF FlyingDog are now available via iTunes Europe and U.S.
3/27/2012Viz Media Delivers A Second Digital Update For March of New Manga Series Launching on And The Viz Manga App For iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch
3/27/2012Gundam Anime Inspires Zaku Robot Head Tofu Treat
3/27/2012Kuroko no Basuke Sports Manga Gets PSP Game
3/27/2012Asura's Wrath DLC Promo with Studio 4?C Anime Posted
3/27/2012Nyarko-san Romantic Comedy Anime's TV Ad Streamed
3/27/2012Saint Seiya Omega Theme Is New Version of Original Song
3/27/2012Daily Briefs
3/27/2012French Breeder Names Rose Variety After Rose of Versailles Manga
3/27/2012Namco Bandai/DeNA Venture to Release Macross Social Game
3/27/2012Yomiuri Paper: 2ch Forum Owned by Shell Company
3/27/2012Steins;Gate's Hayashi Writes Square Enix's Bravely Default
3/27/2012Asura's Wrath DLC With Anime Episodes Goes to U.S., Europe
3/27/2012Beyblade: Metal Fury to Include New BeyWheelz Series
3/27/2012JManga Site to Add Night on the Galactic Railroad Manga
3/27/2012Deadline: Lone Wolf & Cub Film Rights Acquired with Justin Lin
3/27/2012North American Anime, Manga Releases, March 25-31
3/27/2012SankeiBiz: Hatsune Miku Has Earned US$120 Million+
3/27/2012Nelvana "Sneak Peeks" New Preschool Series and Delivers Fresh Episodes of Fan Favorites at MIPTV
3/26/2012Saitama Prefecture Makes The Four Seasons Net Anime
3/26/2012Chitose Get You!! 4-Panel Comedy Manga Gets Anime
3/26/2012Faylan Sings Gundam AGE's 3rd-Generation Ending Theme
3/26/2012New Lupin III TV Anime's Promo Video Streamed
3/26/2012Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Exhibit Goes to Sendai, Tokyo
3/26/2012Letter to Momo Wins NY Children's Film Fest's Grand Prize
3/26/2012J.C. Staff's Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur Game Opening Posted
3/26/2012Art Exhibit Program for Akira's Otomo Streams on Monday
3/26/2012gdgd Fairies CG Anime Gets Sequel
3/26/2012Phantasy Star Online 2 to Be Available on iOS/Android
3/26/2012Daily Briefs
3/26/2012Would-Be Akira Actor Kebbell Expresses His Misgivings
3/26/2012Live-Action Anime-Based Noir TV Series Put on Hold
3/26/2012TV Anime Ad Created for Tokyo Disney Resort
3/26/2012Digital Manga Licenses Wild Honey Boys-Love Manga
3/26/2012Bronze Sazae-san Family Statues Unveiled in Tokyo
3/26/2012Taiwanese Mall's Mascot Voiced by Kana Hanazawa to Be Animated
3/26/2012Madoka Magica's Kyubey Voice Emiri Kat? Cosplays as Kyubey
3/26/2012Hatsune Miku Inspires New Manga by Ontama
3/26/2012Kingdom Hearts 3D Game's 2 TV Ads Streamed
3/26/2012AnoHana TV Anime Inspires PSP Game
3/25/2012Ghibli's Arrietty Adds US$140,000 in 6th Weekend
3/25/2012North American Stream List: March 19-25
3/25/2012Saint Seiya Omega TV Anime 4th Ad Aired with Athena
3/25/2012Rinne no Lagrange Gets Original Video Anime
3/25/2012Tamayura 'Healing Anime' Gets 2nd Season
3/25/2012Ad: Key's Little Busters! Visual Novel Gets TV Anime (Updated)
3/25/2012Anime Midwest 2012 Announces Random aka MegaRan, Level Boys, and V is for Villains
3/25/2012AM2 Proudly Announces Andrea Libman As An Official Guest of Honor For The Highly Anticipated Convention This June 15-17, 2012 At The Anaheim Convention Center And Hilton
3/25/2012MangaGamer Giveaway Campaign
3/25/2012J-Rock Screamo Band Dazzle Vision In New UTAU Software
3/25/2012Sentai Filmworks Liceses "This Boy Can Fight Aliens!"
3/25/2012Akira's Katsuhiro Otomo to Start Manga Series in Sh?nen Mag (Updated)
3/25/2012Saiyuki Gaiden Video Anime Gets Special Edition
3/25/2012Kazuya Minekura's Wild Adapter Manga Gets Video Anime
3/25/2012Natsuiro Kiseki Anime's Saki TV Ad Streamed
3/24/2012Dallas Film Festival to Screen Dragon Age, Oblivion Island, 663114
3/24/2012Nobuhiko Okamoto, Y?ko Hikasa Lead Estetica Cast
3/24/2012Himizu Manga's Film Adaptation Wins Critics Prize
3/24/2012Kannagi's Yamakan Unveils Quake Charity Anime blossom
3/24/2012Futabasha Wins Chinese Crayon Shin-chan Trademark Cases
3/24/2012Brave10 Manga/Anime Adapted for Stage Play
3/24/2012Daily Briefs
3/24/2012BlazBlue's Arc System Works Reveals Xblaze
3/24/2012Hyouka Teen Mystery Manga to Bundle Original Anime BD
3/24/2012AKB0048 Idol Sci-Fi Anime's 1st Promo Video Streamed
3/24/2012Time of Eve Creator's 2nd Patema Inverted Prologue Streamed
3/23/2012Queen's Blade: Rebellion's Branwen, Luna Luna Promos Posted
3/23/2012Anime Central Hosts Director Nabeshin, Composer Masashi Hamauzu
3/23/2012Atelier Meruru PS3 RPG's English Trailer Streamed
3/22/2012Gundam UC #5's Promo Video Streamed
3/22/2012Jun Maeda, Nagi Yanagi's "Last Smile" Music Video Posted
3/22/2012Saki Achiga-hen Mahjong TV Anime's 2nd Promo Streamed
3/22/2012Gintama TV Anime Draws to a Close
3/22/2012Sanrio's Hello Kitty to Appear on Lingerie in June
3/22/2012Aoi Sekai no Ch?shin de Fantasy Manga Gets Anime
3/22/2012.hack//The Movie+Versus Hybrid Pack's Teaser Streamed
3/22/2012New Little Charo Anime Show Puts Title Pup in Northeast Japan
3/22/2012Sentai to Release This Boy Can Fight Aliens in English
3/22/2012World Cosplay Summit Announces U.S. Qualifying Round in Hawaii
3/22/2012Viz Media's Haikasoru Imprint Releases Award Winning Novel The Navidad Incident: The Downfall of Matias Guili
3/22/2012HoriPro Japan announces 37th Annual Talent Scout Caravan
3/22/2012Live Shows from the Ace Stage and Nico Nico Booth at the Anime Contents Expo 2012 in Japan To Be Streamed Live on Nico Nico Douga
3/22/2012Viz Media To Create Original Graphic Novels Based On Spin Master and Marathon Media's Hit Boys Action Property, Redakai
3/22/2012AM2 Provides More Fun For Passport Holders And Attendees With Purikura Machines for 2012 Convention This June 15-17, 2012 At The Anaheim Convention Center And Hilton
3/22/2012Boom Boom Satellites to Perform Gundam UC #5 Opening
3/22/2012Baki Manga-Inspired Graffreeter Toki Film Trailer Posted
3/22/2012Yoko Kanno, Motohiro Hata Team Up for Kids on the Slope Song
3/21/2012Sapporo Beverages' Ribbon-chan Mascot Gets TV Anime Shorts
3/21/2012Macross: Do You Remember Love? BD to Bundle Game
3/21/2012Rico's Panda no Tapu Tapu Character Gets TV Anime Shorts
3/21/2012Kono Danshi Anime DVD Gets Second Installment
3/21/2012Yamato, Macross Director Noboru Ishiguro Passes Away
3/21/2012Kou Shibasaki Sings Mirai Nikki/Future Diary Theme
3/21/2012Yamaha Keyboard Performs Live, Real-Time Vocaloid Songs
3/21/2012Naruto: Road to Ninja Film's Story, Designs Penned by Kishimoto
3/21/2012Tekkonkinkreet's Studio 4?C Makes Toyota Web Promo Anime (Updated)
3/21/2012Speed Racer's Sasagawa, Gundam's Okawara Make Devander Video Anime
3/21/2012Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device Clarification
3/21/2012Daily Briefs
3/21/2012Cinema Asia Releasing Adds Live-Action Smuggler Film
3/21/2012Toei, Nitro+, Urobuchi, FMA's Mizushima Make Rakuen Tsuih? Film (Updated)
3/21/2012Hawaiian Film Festival Screens Ace Attorney, Always: Sunset on Third Street '64 Films
3/21/2012Jormungand Action TV Anime's TV Ad Aired
3/21/2012Gon Manga/TV Show Inspires 3DS Action Game
3/21/20125th Madoka Magica Episode Streamed in English in 6 Countries
3/21/2012Aniplex of America to Stream Madoka Magica 5th Episode in English
3/21/2012Barefoot Gen Manga to Be Used as School Material
3/20/2012AKB48 Idols Cosplay as AKB0048 Anime Characters
3/20/2012Inu ? Boku SS's 7th BD/DVD to Include Unaired Episode
3/20/2012Corocoro Comic Marks 35th Anniversary With Exclusive 3DS
3/20/2012Strike Witches Browser Game for PC/Phone Revealed
3/20/2012Persona 4: The Golden RPG's Character Clips Streamed
3/20/2012Seitokai Yakuindomo's Ujiie Launches New Manga in April
3/20/2012Thermae Romae Manga, Travel Mag Team Up on Japanese Bath Guide
3/20/2012Kawaii-Kon 2012
3/20/2012Viz Media Launches 6 New Manga Series On And The Viz Manga App For iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch
3/20/2012Hip Hop Trio Home Made Kazoku Will Digitally Release Their 6th Original Full Album ?Akatsuki?, Including Single ?Freedom? (Ending Theme for Naruto Shippuden)
3/20/2012John Barrowman To Appear At C2E2
3/20/2012Gigantor T-28 Officially Licensed Limited Prints On Sale This Thurs. March 22 !
3/20/2012North American Anime, Manga Releases, March 18-24
3/20/2012Recorder and Randsell TV Anime Gets 2nd Season
3/20/20121st Image of Otomo's 'Hi no Youjin' Short Posted
3/20/2012Uta-Pri, Starry Sky, Mamoru Miyano Win Otome Game Awards
3/20/2012Kojima: Project: Ogre Game Will Deal With Taboo Issues
3/20/2012Toei's 2nd, 3rd Live-Action Akibaranger Teasers Streamed
3/20/2012Religious Anime Film The Mystical Laws to Open in October
3/20/2012Viki Streams Black Jack 21, Oniisama E..., Master of Epic, Waimo-kun
3/20/2012Pist Star Bicycle Racing Anime Promo Video Streamed
3/20/2012Dream Comes True's Yoshida Marries Fuzzy Control's Kamata
3/20/2012Naruto's Rock Lee Spinoff TV Anime's Promo Streamed
3/19/2012Jewelpet Kira?Deco?! Anime's Staff, Cast Revealed
3/19/2012Nyarko-san Trailer and Voice Actress Talk Video Posted
3/19/2012Hyakko School Comedy Manga Abruptly Put on Hiatus
3/19/2012Japa-Con TV Becomes Regular Series With Khara Opening
3/19/2012France's Annecy Shows 'Hi-no-Youjin' Anime by Akira's Otomo
3/19/2012Berserk Golden Age Arc II Film's Trailer Streamed (Updated)
3/19/2012Japanese Animation TV Ranking, March 5-11
3/19/2012Photo Gallery: Wondercon 2012
3/19/2012Kamen Rider ? Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen's Full Trailer Posted
3/19/2012Media Blasters Plans Release for Squid Girl Season 2 TV Anime
3/19/2012Kei Sugita's Chouyaku Hyakuninisshu: Uta Koi. Manga Gets TV Anime (Updated)
3/19/2012P.A. Works to Animate Tari Tari TV Anime Series
3/19/2012Knights of the Zodiac/Saint Seiya's U.S. Lawsuit Dismissed
3/19/2012New Anime Series From Legendary Manga Writer Leiji Matsumoto to be Released Worldwide on Viki
3/19/2012GAIA Online Announced As An AM2 Prize Sponsor For 2012 Anime, Manga, and Music Event This June 15-17, 2012 At The Anaheim Convention Center and Anaheim Hilton
3/19/2012Xam'd Director, Geass Writer Make Fuse Mythological Anime Film
3/19/2012L.A. Miku Concert Wins Digital Media Awards' Top Prize
3/19/2012Saint Seiya Omega TV Anime Sequel's 2nd Ad Aired
3/19/2012Nagi Yanagi Performs Jormungand Anime's Ending Theme
3/19/2012Ghibli Makes 2nd Brush Painting-Inspired TV Ad for Nissin
3/19/2012Live-Action Himitsu no Akko-chan Teaser Streamed
3/19/2012Daily Briefs
3/18/2012Ciel nosurge's Dengeki Game Festival Promo Streamed
3/18/2012Super Robot Wars Z: Saisei-Hen Game's Promo, Ad Posted
3/18/2012Christian Group Makes Manga to Curb Post-Quake Suicides
3/18/2012North American Stream List: March 12-18
3/18/2012Ghibli's Arrietty Earns US$18 Million After 5th Weekend
3/18/2012Studio in Quake-Affected Miyagi Makes TV Anime Short
3/18/2012Voice Actor Masaya Takatsuka, Voice Actress Keiko Nemoto Get Married
3/18/2012Gust Reveals 'Project A14' as Newest Atelier RPG Project
3/18/2012Beelzebub TV Anime to End on March 25
3/18/2012Gundam AGE's 3rd Opening Theme Performed by ViVid
3/17/2012CG Starship Troopers: Invasion Video Trailer Streamed
3/17/2012Japanese Box Office, March 3-4
3/17/2012Ichigeki Sacchu!! HoiHoi-san Manga Gets New Anime
3/17/2012Japanese Animation TV Ranking, February 27-March 4
3/17/2012Takeshi Miike's Live-Action Ai to Makoto Trailer Posted
3/17/2012Sankarea Zombie Comedy Anime's TV Ad Posted
3/17/2012Usogui Manga Gets Original Video Anime This Fall
3/17/2012Studio AIC Makes New Student Council's Discretion Anime
3/17/2012Gravity Rush/Daze's Early Concept Footage Streamed
3/17/2012Strike Witches Film Ends With "To Be Continued" Note
3/17/2012Aki Toyosaki Auctions 2nd Illustrated Bag for Charity
3/17/2012Daily Briefs
3/16/2012Accel World Science-Fiction Anime's TV Ad Posted
3/16/2012Medaka Box Anime's 3rd Character Promo Posted
3/16/2012Mana Ashida Performs Jewelpet Kira?Deco Theme Songs
3/16/2012El Shaddai's New Project Launches in 2012
3/16/2012Takuya to Star in Live-Action Film of Ai Ore! Manga
3/16/2012Magical Dreamers Is 1st E-Manga With 2 Simultaneous Dubs
3/16/2012Tokyo's Ishihara Aims to Expand Comiket's Big Sight Center
3/16/2012Lollipop Chainsaw Game's Bosses Trailer Posted
3/16/2012Digital Manga Adds Love Makes Everything Right Yaoi Manga
3/16/2012California's AM2 to Host U.S. Premiere of Live-Action Kaibutsu-Kun Film
3/16/2012Crunchyroll to Stream Leiji Matsumoto's Ozma TV Anime (Updated)
3/16/2012New Devilman G Manga Launches in Champion Red Magazine
3/16/2012New York Times Manga Best Seller List, March 4-10
3/16/2012Digital Manga's Kindle Publishing Reinstated
3/16/2012Nazo no Kanojo X TV Anime's Ad Streamed
3/15/2012Criminal Charges Dropped In Canada Customs Manga Case
3/15/2012Prosecution Drops Charges in Canadian Manga Child Porn Case (Updated)
3/15/2012Bandai Namco Games Reveals Mobile Idolm@ster App
3/15/2012Biglobe Poll: Cutest Voice Actor/Actress
3/15/2012Footage Being Shot with All Power Rangers Onscreen
3/15/2012Your & My Secret/Boku to Kanojo no XXX Spinoff Manga to Launch
3/15/2012May J. and Joe Inoue Join Tune in Tokyo for Harajuku Holiday at Royal/T in Los Angeles
3/15/2012RIGHT STUF, INC. Establishes 5 POINTS PICTURES, Announces Film Distribution Agreement With CJ ENTERTAINMENT
3/15/2012Anime-zing! 2012 Announces DJ Jinrei And Other Dance DJs
3/15/2012Gundam: Battle Operation Online Game's Promo Streamed
3/15/2012Daily Briefs
3/15/2012Hyouka: You can't escape's Trailer Streamed
3/15/2012One Off Anime OVA Details, Promotional Video Revealed
3/15/2012One Off Anime Announced, Junichi Sato to Direct
3/15/2012Digital Manga's Kindle Publishing Suspended
3/15/2012Retail Branch: New LovePlus Sales Put on Hold
3/15/2012Viki Site Streams Leiji Matsumoto's Ozma Anime Worldwide
3/15/2012J-Pop Unit Flow to Perform at Houston's Anime Matsuri
3/15/2012Viz Media Licenses 07-Ghost Gothic Fantasy Manga
3/15/2012Saint Seiya Omega TV Anime Sequel's Ad Aired
3/15/2012One Piece Kaizoku Musou Tops Hatsune Miku, Street Fighter X Tekken
3/15/2012Kuromajyo-san ga T?ru!!'s Additional Cast Revealed
3/15/2012Fire Emblem: Kakusei's Overview Trailer, Gameplay Videos Streamed
3/15/2012Toronto Comic Arts Festival to Host Chi's Sweet Home's Kanata Konami
3/14/2012Man Sued for Power Rangers Hooded Sweatshirts
3/14/2012Hatsune Miku 'Giving Day' Concerts' Digest Video Posted
3/14/2012One Piece Anime's Uno Card Game Heads to New World
3/14/2012Code Geass Pachi-slo Slot Machine Game's Promo Streamed
3/14/2012Hunter x Hunter Manga's Longest Uninterrupted Run to End
3/14/2012Kenji Kamiyama Makes 2nd Cyborg 009/Pepsi Nex 3D Ad
3/14/2012Viz Media Announces Activities And Convention Exclusives For Wondercon 2012
3/14/2012Wonders at WonderCon-- Golden "Special Guest"; Calero Added To Line-up!
3/14/2012AM2 Announces ABCTOY4ME As An Official Prize Sponsor
3/14/2012FLOW To Release New Album "BLACK & WHITE", Appearing At Anime Matsuri 2012
3/14/2012Lansing Food Bank Is Local Charity Partner with Shuto Con for 2012
3/14/2012Gantz's Kanata Hongou to Appear in Future Diary Show
3/14/2012Konami - 100th YCS tournament in Long Beach, CA
3/14/2012Daily Briefs
3/14/2012Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Launch Promo Streamed
3/14/2012Tales' Sakuraba, 4 Others Compose for Kid Icarus 3DS
3/14/2012Namja Town's Spring Girl's Festival Menu Revealed
3/14/2012Cowboy Bebop Writer Sato, New Composer Join 2012 Lupin III
3/14/2012Lupin III Edition Suzuki Swift Offered in Italy
3/14/2012Media Blasters Drops Lodoss Wars Release Plans
3/14/2012Lollipop Chainsaw Game's Voice Cast Video Streamed
3/14/2012Dragon's Dogma Game's Pawn Strategies Trailer Streamed
3/14/2012.hack, Naruto Ultimate's Hiroshi Matsuyama to Attend Wonder-Con
3/14/2012Shin Sangoku Musou VS to Feature Link, Samus Costumes
3/14/2012New Katsuhiro Otomo Manga Short to Run in Geijutsu Shincho
3/14/20122011 Hunter x Hunter Anime's New Theme Songs Listed
3/14/2012Enter the World of the Curry Kingdom As AM2 Announces US California Premiere of the Legendary Manga Based TV Drama Series Sequel Film: Kaibutsu-Kun The Movie
3/14/2012Harvey Tolibao The Popular Marvel Artist Creates Cover For Indie Manga
3/13/2012Girls RPG: Cinderelife's Gameplay Video Streamed
3/13/2012AnoHana Director Nagai Receives Media Arts Award
3/13/2012Yoko Ishida Returns to Sing Strike Witches Film Theme
3/13/2012Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Game Offers Macross Paint Schemes
3/13/2012Evangelion's 1st Smartphone Unveiled
3/13/2012Squid Girl Manga to Bundle New Original Anime DVD
3/13/2012Discotek Licenses Shin Getter Robo VS Neo Getter Robo
3/13/2012Blue Exorcist: Genkoku no Labyrinth PSP's 3rd Promo Streamed
3/13/2012AKB48, Misia to Perform at Washington, D.C. Cherry Blossom Fest
3/13/2012Daily Briefs
3/13/2012Announcing Yutaka Yamamoto's "blossom" Quake & Tsunami Charity Anime
3/13/2012Guskou Budori Anime Remake's Teaser Trailer, Poster Unveiled
3/13/2012Gundam Gets Free-to-Play Online Game for PS3
3/13/2012Madoka Magica Portable Game's Countdown Promos Streamed
3/13/2012Fate/Zero Tops Haruhi as #1 TV Anime BD Box in 1st-Week Sales
3/13/2012XSEED Games Adds Ys: Origins, Oath in Felghana to Steam
3/13/2012Mainichi: Hunter x Hunter Manga Gets 1st Anime Film
3/13/2012North American Anime, Manga Releases, March 11-17
3/13/2012Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection's Trailer Streamed
3/13/2012Shirokuma Caf?'s Additional Cast, Ending Song Artist Revealed
3/13/2012Live-Action Rurouni Kenshin Film's Teaser Streamed in 4 Subbed Languages
3/13/2012Hatsune Miku's "Tell Your World" Music Video Streamed
3/13/2012AKB0048 TV Anime's Test Footage Streamed
3/12/2012Manga Quake Charity Auction Begins 2nd Round
3/12/2012Queen's Blade: Rebellion BDs/DVDs to Add Original Anime
3/12/2012Shun Oguri, Yu Yamada to Marry on White Day, March 14
3/12/2012Inazuma Eleven Go 2: Chrono Stone Anime to Premiere on April 18
3/12/2012Hyadain to Perform Kuroko no Basuke's Ending Theme
3/12/2012Sailor Moon Ranks as #2 February Graphic Novel in U.S. Bookstores
3/12/2012Help Japan Heal With A Free 3/11-Day Single From i-dep and Shing02
3/12/2012Anime Day Fundraiser For the Chesapeake High School Band
3/12/2012MyNavi Poll: Characters Who Should Never Change Voice Actors
3/12/2012PS Vita System's 3 Welcome Ads Streamed
3/12/2012Bokura ga Ita/We Were There Romance Films' Web Trailer Posted
3/12/2012Natsuiro Kiseki Anime's Yuka TV Ad Streamed
3/12/2012Thermae Romae Movie-Goers Will Receive Bonus Manga
3/12/2012Daily Briefs
3/12/2012Persona 2: Eternal Punishment PSP Port's Promo Streamed
3/12/2012Live-Action Rurouni Kenshin Film's 2nd Teaser Streamed
3/12/2012Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei Manga to End in 9 More Chapters
3/12/2012One Piece's Oda Gives His Thoughts on Critical Turning Point
3/12/2012Discotek Licenses Samurai Pizza Cats/Cats Toninden Teyande
3/12/2012Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Semifinal Posted
3/12/2012Discotek Licenses Casshan: Robot Hunter Video Anime
3/11/2012Yoko Kanno, Yuki Team Up for Sakamichi no Apollon Song
3/11/201228 Voice Actors/Actresses Sing "Tetote" for Quake Charity
3/11/2012Drifiting Net Cafe/Flowers of Evil's Oshimi Starts New Manga
3/11/2012Project ARMS Writer, Phantom Master Artist Launch Manga
3/11/2012Ghibli's Arrietty Falls Out of Top 20 in 4th Weekend in U.S.
3/11/2012North American Stream List: March 5-11
3/11/2012Crunchyroll to Stream Yamakan's 3/11 Charity Anime Blossom
3/11/2012Producer: Tiger & Bunny Film to Run in HK, Taiwan, Singapore
3/11/2012Touch's Adachi to Launch New Manga, End Q&A
3/11/2012Tokyo Sky Tree Lit in White in Tribute on March 10 & 11
3/11/2012Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Manga Gets Anime
3/11/2012Starchild Reveals K Anime Project (Updated)
3/10/20122nd Tiger & Bunny Film to Be All-New Story
3/10/20121st Kid Icarus 3D Anime Short Presented by Nintendo
3/10/2012Mass Effect Prequel Anime's Designs Previewed
3/10/2012Inazuma Eleven's New Series Is a Time Travel Adventure
3/10/2012Akira's Otomo Makes "Hi no Y?jin/Combustible" Anime Short
3/10/2012Upotte School Comedy Anime's Promo Streamed
3/10/2012Hana-Kimi's Shun Oguri Stars in Guskou Budori Anime Remake
3/10/2012Kannagi's 'Yamakan' Directs Bushiroad's 4th Shiyoko Ad
3/10/2012Evangelion's Sadamoto Designs Momoiro Clover Z Idols' Costumes
3/10/2012Strike Witches Anime Film's New Footage Streamed
3/10/2012X Japan's Yoshiki to Give Quake Anniversary Message in L.A.
3/10/2012French Comic Artist/Illustrator Moebius Passes Away (Updated)
3/9/2012New York Times Manga Best Seller List, February 26-March 3
3/9/2012Library War: The Wings of Revolution Film's Trailer Posted
3/9/2012Is This a Zombie? of the Dead Anime's 'Secret' Promo Posted
3/9/2012Life-Size VF-25, Stage Musical Celebrate 30 Years of Macross
3/9/2012Dragon's Dogma Game's Drake Battle Promo Streamed
3/9/2012Medaka Box Anime's 2nd Character Promo Posted
3/9/2012Voice Actress Group One Little Kiss Formed
3/9/2012Okawara Mecha Battle Tournament Held in Tokyo
3/9/2012Voice Actress for New Strike Witches Character to Appear at Initial Screenings
3/9/2012Official Milky Holmes Dark Miso Sauce Announced
3/9/2012Neon Sign on Akihabara's Radio Kaikan Building Disassembled
3/9/2012Armored Core V Customization Video Streamed
3/9/2012Anime One Poll: Favorite Persona 4 Character
3/9/2012Miyuki Sawashiro, Ayako Kawasumi, Mai Nakahara Join AKB0048 Anime Cast
3/9/2012ALC Publishing, JManga to Publish Kimi no Tamenara Shineru Yuri Manga
3/9/2012Daily Briefs
3/9/2012Bakemonogatari Portable PSP Game's TV Ad Streamed
3/9/2012Family Mart Convenience Store Chain Begins Crowdsourced Hatsune Miku Promotional Campaign
3/8/2012Dusk maiden of Amnesia Anime's 2nd Promo Streamed
3/8/2012Ultraman Saga Film's Saga & Combined TV Ads Streamed
3/8/2012Gundam W's Lady Une Voice Actress Sayuri Passes Away
3/8/2012Danny Choo Announces Moekana Instructional Flash Cards
3/8/2012Anime Fans Give Back 2 Japan: Schedule and Guests
3/8/2012Saint Seiya Omega TV Anime's Cast Revealed
3/8/2012New Naruto Shipp?den Game's Gaara Story Trailer Streamed
3/8/2012Seven Seas Licenses Nozomu Tamaki's Guardians of Luna Manga
3/8/2012Seven Seas Announces Werewolf Manga Guardians of Luna
3/8/2012JManga Adds 2 More Manga from Golgo 13's Takao Saito
3/8/2012Tsuritama TV Anime's 2nd Promo Streamed
3/8/2012Persona 4: The Golden Port RPG's Promo Streamed
3/8/2012Eva Unit 00 With N2 Rocket Tabletop Fan Planned
3/8/2012Digital Manga Adds Yura Miyazawa's Honey*Smile Yaoi Manga
3/8/201224-Hour Podcast Marathon to Raise Money for Quake Charity
3/8/2012Capcom Exec Cosplays as Street Fighter's Blanka
3/8/2012Laputa Art Director Yamamoto Works on Etrian Odyssey IV RPG
3/8/2012Metal Gear Rex Figure to Be Sold by Hong Kong-Based threeA Toys
3/7/2012Daily Briefs
3/7/2012Uch? Ky?dai/Space Bros. Manga to Bundle Flash Anime
3/7/2012Crunchyroll to Donate Bleach, Naruto Stream Proceeds to Quake Charity
3/7/2012Chihayafuru's Suetsugu & Other Creators Hold Quake Charity Auctions
3/7/2012K-ON!! Jacket Made of Real Buffalo Leather Offered in Japan
3/7/2012Fullmetal Alchemist, Minori Chihara's Album Rank #2 & #3
3/7/2012New Lupin III TV Anime's Staff, Cast, Title Revealed (Updated)
3/7/2012Ushijima the Loan Shark Live-Action Film's Teaser Trailer Streamed
3/7/2012Dragon's Dogma Pawn Sharing Trailer Streamed
3/7/2012Girls RPG: Cinderelife Game's TV Ad Posted
3/7/2012Live-Action Rurouni Kenshin Film's New Promo Video Posted (Updated)
3/7/2012Anime NebrasKon Announces Mascot Contest
3/7/20122 Y?suke Kishi Novels With Screen Projects Get Manga
3/7/2012One Piece Kaizoku Musou Game Sells 655,774 at #1
3/7/2012Shinkai's 5 Centimeters per Second Art Released on iPhone (Updated)
3/7/2012New Sol Trigger PSP Game's 1st Promo Streamed
3/7/2012Ghibli's N. American Arrietty BD to Have U.S. & U.K. Dubs (Updated)
3/7/2012Miku Flick iOS Rhythm Game's Promo Posted
3/7/2012Pok?mon + Nobunaga's Ambition Manga to Be Posted Online
3/7/2012Viz Media Announces New 3-ini-1 Omnibus Manga Editions for Hana Kimi and Skip Beat!
3/7/2012Otakufest 2012 Returns to Maryland
3/7/2012Party the Night Away! AM2 Announces Dance DJ's For Highly Anticipated 2012 Convention
3/7/2012Namco Bandai Games to Use ShiftyLook to Create Webcomics for Upcoming Smartphone and Tablet Titles
3/6/2012Space Brothers Anime's Promo Video Streamed
3/6/2012MyNavi Poll: 90s Anime That People Want Remade
3/6/2012Rumiko Takahashi's Rumic Theater Manga Gets Live-Action Project
3/6/2012Kamen Rider ? Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen Ad Streamed
3/6/2012Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking: February 27-March 4
3/6/2012The Stakes Are High As AM2 AM2 Announces US California Premiere of the Kodansha Manga Based Live Action Thriller Film Sequel Kaiji 2
3/6/2012Special Nationwide Charity Theatrical Engagement on March 14, 2012 Honors One-Year Anniversary of Japanese Tsunami Tragedy
3/6/2012Nyarko-San: Another Crawling Chaos Joins Crunchyroll's 2012 Spring Lineup
3/6/2012Viz Media Invites Fans to Explore The Supernatural World of the Hit Manga Series Bleach in New Bleach Masked: Official Character Book 2
3/6/2012Cardfight!! Vanguard Game Gets Live-Action Show with DAIGO (Updated)
3/6/2012ADK, TV Tokyo to Pay 4Kids US$8 Million
3/6/2012Manga Museum to Hold Quake Charity Art Exhibit
3/5/2012Anime Fans Give Back 2 Japan: Starts March 10 at 5:00PM ET
3/5/2012Pringles Chips, Toaru Majutsu no Index Anime Join Forces
3/5/2012Medaka Box Anime's 1st Character Promo Video Streamed
3/5/2012Virtual Fighter's Akira Enters the Stage in Dead or Alive 5
3/5/2012New Shimajir? Anime to Debut in April with Puffy AmiYumi Song
3/5/2012Daily Briefs
3/5/2012Motoko Kumai, Kenyuu Horiuchi, Yuji Mitsuya Cast in Gon Anime (Updated)
3/5/2012Dragon Age CG Anime Film's Extended Clip Streamed
3/5/2012Actress Elizabeth Olsen Discusses Oldboy After Reported Offer
3/5/2012One Piece Anime Helps Teach Human Rights in High School
3/5/2012Japanese Animation TV Ranking, February 20-26
3/5/2012Kannagi Director 'Yamakan' Works on 3/11 Charity Animation
3/5/2012Takashi Miike Directs Live-Action Film Adaptation of Aku no Ky?ten Novel
3/5/2012Crunchyroll to Stream Haiyore! Nyaruko-san TV Anime
3/5/2012Ernesto Foronda Working on Film Adaptation of Dororo Manga
3/5/2012New Naruto Shipp?den Game's 9-Minute Gameplay Video Posted
3/5/2012Anime Mirai 2012 Project's Shorts Trailer Streamed
3/5/2012NIS America Brings Zakuro Complete Series Premium Edition to the North American Market
3/5/2012NIS America Licenses Otome Y?kai Zakuro TV Anime
3/5/2012Kokoro Connect Light Novel Series Gets Game
3/5/2012Ponyo Singer Nozomi ?hashi Leaves Entertainment Business
3/4/2012Daily Briefs
3/4/2012Persona 4 Arena's Special Move Video Posted
3/4/2012Aquapazza PS3 Edition's New Characters Revealed
3/4/2012Pok?mon: Kyurem Vs. Seikenshi Keldeo Film Trailer Posted
3/4/2012Live-Action Space Bros./Uch? Ky?dai Film Trailer Posted
3/4/2012ATASHIn'CHI Comedy Manga Ends After 17+ Years
3/4/2012Manga-Based Live-Action Thermae Romae Trailers Streamed
3/4/2012Natsume's Book of Friends' Ichiban Kuji Goods Lineup Revealed
3/4/2012Ghibli's Arrietty Drops to #14 in 3rd Weekend
3/4/2012Toaru Majutsu no Index's Kamachi Writes New Story for Film
3/4/2012More of Toei, Banpresto's Kyousogiga Anime Announced
3/3/2012Dentsu to Create Industry's 1st Think Tank to Study Otaku
3/3/2012Flying Dog Label Runs Guess-the-Barking-Voices Campaign
3/3/2012Boku wa Beatles Manga Ends, Kawaguchi Draws Quake 1-Shot
3/3/2012Madoka Magica Voice Actress Aoi Y?ki Teaches World History
3/3/2012Pray for Japan Documentary to Have Anime Sequence by DEEN
3/3/2012Hatsune Miku Composer kz to Score Mah? Tsukai Nara Miso o Kue!
3/3/2012L.A. Hatsune Miku Concert, Moteki Win Digital Media Awards
3/3/2012Voice Actress Aya Hirano Previews Her Return to Music
3/3/2012California's AM2 to Host Kaiji 2 Film's US Premiere
3/3/2012Rock Band Stereopony Confirms Mini Tour in California
3/3/2012Asteroid Named After Manga Creator Jiro Taniguchi
3/3/2012Japan's #1 Selling Producer Tetsuya Komuro, Hatsune Miku Unite
3/2/2012Viz Media Debuts Shojo Manga The Earl & the Fairy
3/2/2012Mamoru Hosoda's Ame & Yuki Film Inspires Manga
3/2/2012Ghibli's From Up On Poppy Hill Wins Japan Academy Prize
3/2/2012Japanese News Show to Air New Tamayura Anime Footage
3/2/2012Live-Action Film Teaser of Horror Novel 'Another' Posted
3/2/2012Queen's Blade: Rebellion's Tarnyang & Sainyang Promo Streamed
3/2/2012Moe-Character Branded Rice Line Launched
3/2/2012Live-Action Ouran High School Host Club Film Trailer Posted
3/2/2012Kuromajyo-san ga T?ru!! Children's Novels Get TV Anime
3/2/2012Daily Briefs
3/2/2012Girls RPG: Cinderella Life's 1st Anime Short Posted
3/2/2012Achi Kocchi OP, ED Performers Announced
3/2/2012Mamiko Noto, Kana Ueda, Ryoko Shiraishi Added to AKB0048 Anime Cast
3/2/2012Kyoto Animation Posts K-ON! Stop-Motion Figure Sequence
3/2/2012New York Times Manga Best Seller List, February 19-25
3/2/2012Arrietty Film Now Highest-Grossing Ghibli Film in U.S.
3/2/2012Crunchyroll to Stream Hiiro no Kakera TV Anime
3/2/2012Promo for Episode 0 of Horror Anime 'Another' Streamed
3/2/2012Toei's 1st Live-Action Akibaranger Promo Streamed
3/2/2012Steins;Gate Hiyoku Renri no Darling's Opening Movie Posted
3/2/2012Switchblade Pictures Licenses Sultry Assassin ? The Aphrodisiac Kill
3/2/2012Konami Games' Fox Engine Pitted Against Real Life
3/1/2012Jewelpet Sweets Dance Princess Film's Promo Streamed
3/1/20126th Annual Seiy? Award Winners Announced
3/1/2012Lupin III Event Lists 'New TV Series Premiering in April'
3/1/2012Madman 'Screening Room' Now Offering Free Video Content Daily
3/1/2012Yuruyuri's Namori Draws Index/Railgun Anthology Cover
3/1/2012Cosplayer Nation Documentary on American Cosplay Announced
3/1/2012Natsuiro Kiseki Anime's 2nd Promo Video Streamed
3/1/2012Hatsune Miku to 'Hijack' 4 FamilyMart Convenience Stores
3/1/2012Aki Toyosaki, Miyuki Sawashiro Lead Kokoro Connect Anime Cast
3/1/2012Code Geass Musical's All-Male Cast Photographed in Costume
3/1/2012Hatsune Miku's 'Many 39s Giving Day' Concert Goods Revealed
3/1/2012Code Geass: Nunnally in Wonderland Promo Streamed
3/1/2012Ultraman Saga Film's Dyna TV Ad Streamed
3/1/2012Hatsune Miku's Dai-Kanshasai Concert Guest Lineup Revealed
3/1/2012Nintendo 3DS Recolored in Cobalt Blue, Fire Emblem Edition
3/1/2012Yu-Gi-Oh! Lawsuit Settled Between 4Kids, ADK, TV Tokyo
3/1/20124Kids Entertainment, Asatsu-DK and TV Tokyo Settle Yu-Gi-Oh! Litigation
3/1/2012Furusato Saisei Nihon no Mukashi Banashi Anime Announced
3/1/2012Pokemon's 1st 2D Theatrical Short in 9 Years Revealed
3/1/2012AM2 Announces Sunflex USA's Brand Snakebyte USA As The Official Console Game Room Sponsor For Highly Anticipated 2012 Convention
3/1/2012Regional Artists, Dances, and Bands Collide at Shuto Con Anime Convention in Lansing
3/1/2012Daily Briefs
3/1/2012Index/Railgun's Kamachi Writes New Occult Comedy Novel
3/1/2012MangaGamer Announces Release of Deardrops
3/1/2012Crunchyroll Celebrates Fourth Annual Global Shinkai Day