Anime News

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4/30/2012Digital Manga Adds Kairi Shimotsuki's A Century of Temptation Manga
4/30/2012Hatsune Miku Goes Realistic in New Music Videos
4/30/2012Thermae Romae Wins Prize at Italy's Far East Film Fest
4/30/2012Monsuno to Premiere on Canada's YTV on May 5
4/30/2012Etrian Odyssey IV Game's Promo Video Streamed
4/30/2012Tiger & Bunny's Lead Actors Reprise Roles for Stage Play
4/30/2012Ring Horror Films' Sadako Teaches Manners as an Anime Cat
4/30/2012Yuruyuri School Comedy Anime's 2nd Season Promo Streamed
4/30/2012Voice Actress Masumi Asano Pens Column With Art by Azumanga's Azuma
4/30/2012Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Announced, Trailer Posted
4/30/2012After School Midnighters CG Film's 2nd Trailer Streamed
4/30/2012K-ON! Luggage, Puppets, Jerseys, Tracksuits Offered
4/30/2012Stage Recitation Adaptation of Summer Wars Announced
4/30/2012Life-Size Gundam Statue's Tilt-Shift Video Posted
4/30/2012Space Bros./Uch? Ky?dai Postage Stamps to Be Issued in May
4/30/2012Anime Midwest 2012 Announces Appearance of Panty and Stocking Cast Members
4/30/2012.hack//The Movie+Versus Hybrid Pack's 2nd Promo Streamed
4/30/2012Gantz's Omnibus Edition Puts Hatsune Miku on the Cover
4/30/2012Actress Emily Blunt Discusses All You Need Is Kill Film
4/29/2012Y?ichi Nakamura Joins Love, Election, & Chocolate Cast
4/29/2012North American Stream List: April 23-29
4/29/2012New Crane Game Lets You Win Prizes Through Your Web Browser
4/29/2012Top Selling Voice Actors & Actresses: 2011
4/29/2012Kana Hanazawa, Yumi Uchiyama Lead Binb?-gami ga! Cast
4/29/2012Next Hatsune Miku Project Diva's Gameplay Videos Posted
4/29/2012Brina Palencia, Patrick Seitz Lead English King of Thorn Cast
4/29/2012Daily Briefs
4/29/2012Dusk Maiden of Amnesia BD/DVD to Have Unaired Episode
4/29/2012Unaired Idolm@ster Episode's Preview Streamed
4/29/2012Gundam AGE's 3rd Generation Cast Partly Revealed
4/28/2012Lollipop Chainsaw Game's Story Promo Streamed
4/28/2012Biglobe Poll: Most Popular Winter 2012 Anime (Updated)
4/28/2012Nayuta no Kiseki PSP Game's 2nd Promo Streamed
4/28/2012Life-Size Macross Valkyrie ? or Part of It ? Unveiled
4/28/2012FUNimation Entertainment Announces English Language Cast of Panty & Stocking
4/28/2012Funimation Announces Panty & Stocking English Dub Cast
4/28/2012Funimation Adds Eureka Seven AO TV, King of Thorn Film
4/28/2012Bunny Drop Releases In North America This August
4/28/2012FUNimation Entertainment Announces New Acquisitions at Anime Central
4/28/2012NIS America Licenses Bunny Drop TV Anime
4/28/2012Megami Magazine Spirits to Launch with Madoka Magica
4/28/2012Nyarko-san Anime Gets Nendoroid, Figma Figures
4/28/2012AKB0048 Idol Sci-Fi Anime's 3rd Promo Streamed
4/28/2012Sunrise Animates 1st Feature of Kaiketsu Zorori Kids' Books
4/28/2012Nana Mizuki, Yui Horie Sing 2nd Dog Days Season's Themes
4/28/2012Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita's 2nd Promo Streamed
4/27/2012Hidetaka Tenjin Appearing at Otakon 2012
4/27/2012Animate USA Adds Kou Yoneda's NightS 1-Shot Manga To Kindle
4/27/2012Otakon to Host Mecha Illustrator Hidetaka Tenjin
4/27/2012Yuruyuri Anime's 1st Girls-Only Event
4/27/2012New York Times Manga Best Seller List, April 15-21
4/27/2012No Winners Announced for 3rd Kyoto Animation Award
4/27/2012Kokoro Connect's Opening Theme by Eufonius Listed
4/27/2012Xenon's Kanzaki to Launch New Masked Ninja Manga
4/27/2012Kannagi Manga's Takenashi Reveals Ailment Behind Her Hiatus
4/27/2012Fuse Anime Film's Promo Video Posted
4/27/2012Yoko Kanno's March 11 Quake Anniversary Music VIdeo Previewed
4/27/2012Under the Same Moon Manga Creator Seiki Tsuchida Passes Away
4/27/2012Hagio Is 1st Female Manga Creator to Win Japan's Purple Ribbon
4/27/2012MangaGamer Releases EVE Burst Error PC Game
4/26/2012Macross: Do You Remember Love? Hybrid Pack Promo Streamed
4/26/2012Dragon Quest X Game's Promo Video Streamed
4/26/2012AKB48 Scratch-&-Sniff Photos Bundled with Shonen Sunday
4/26/2012Ring Horror Films' Sadako Tosses 1st Pitch at Ballgame
4/26/2012Accel World: Ginyoku no Kakusei Game's Teaser Posted
4/26/2012Ghost in the Shell's Oshii Shoots Live-Action Steel Battalion Trailer
4/26/2012Aniplex, Dengeki G's Magazine Join Forces on New Anime
4/26/2012The Otaku Fashion Show
4/26/2012Macross Frontier Underwear Asks 'Which Do You Eat?'
4/26/2012Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time RPG's Opening Animation Posted
4/26/2012Gundam UC Vol. 5's English-Dubbed 8-Minute Clip, Trailer Posted
4/26/2012AKB0048's Themes Sung by AKB48 Spinoff Unit 'No Name'
4/26/2012'Say Hello to Black Jack' Manga Creator Pulls Kodansha Contract
4/26/2012MangaGamer Announces License Rescue of Eve Burst Error
4/26/2012Devil May Cry HD Collection Promo Video Streamed
4/26/2012Funimation Announces Fractale English Dub Cast
4/26/2012Opening Animation Released For Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time For PSP System, Coming Summer 2012 Across North America
4/26/2012JManga Adds Saxyun's Yurumates 4-Panel Manga
4/26/2012Malaysia's Anime Festival Asia to Host Musical Guests Kalafina, KOTOKO
4/26/2012Daily Briefs
4/26/2012Funimation Announces Freezing English Dub Cast
4/26/2012Nisemonogatari Items Offered in Pangya United Game
4/26/2012Famed Nisemonogatari Anime Teams Up With SG Interactive's Pangya United MMO
4/25/2012Sengoku Basara Mobile Phone, Browser Games Revealed
4/25/2012Milk Morinaga, Chihiro Miya to Launch New Manga
4/25/2012Capcom/Sega/Namco Bandai's Project X Zone Cast Expands
4/25/2012Schick Razor Ads with Evangelion Cast Streamed
4/25/2012Daily Briefs
4/25/2012Ohranger's "Oh Red" Ranger Starts Tokyo Tokusatsu Bar
4/25/2012Accel World OVA to be Bundled with Upcoming Game
4/25/2012Mayo Chiki! Light Novel Scheduled to End With Next Volume
4/25/2012Ayumi Hamasaki Song Chosen as Helter Skelter Live-Action Film's Theme
4/25/2012Hagure Y?sha no Estetica TV Anime's Promo Streamed
4/25/201221st Century Boys Manga Listed by Viz's Distributor
4/25/2012Ashura, Children Who Chase Voices to Compete at France's Annecy
4/25/2012Japanese Comic Ranking, March 5-11
4/25/2012Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers Heads to 3DS with New Satelight Opening
4/25/2012Persona 2: Eternal Punishment PSP RPG's Promo Streamed
4/25/20122nd Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Film's Special Promo Streamed
4/25/2012Jason David Frank To Appear At Otakon 2012
4/25/2012Theme Queen, Salia of Japanese Pop Rock Group, Unicorn Table, Announces Debut Bilingual Solo Pop Album and U.S. Appearances
4/25/2012Blue Exorcist Stage Play Cast Photographed in Costume
4/24/2012Japanese Animation TV Ranking, April 9-15
4/24/2012Bleach Anime Film Stars' Australian Tour a Massive Success
4/24/2012Viz Media Creates Viz Labs to Drive Digital Content Innovation
4/24/2012Bandai Entertainment Adds Sword of The Stranger And Jin-Roh To Hulu
4/24/2012Japan's Ruling Party Forms Study Group with Top Manga Creators
4/24/2012Madoka Magica Kyubey G-Shock Watch to Be Sold
4/24/2012After School Midnighters CG Film's Teasers Streamed
4/24/2012Patlabor/RahXephon's Izubuchi Designs Stride Gum Heroes
4/24/2012Stitch! Anime Returns in New Suna no Wakusei TV Special
4/24/2012Game Firm G-mode, Studio AIC Make Khronos Gear Anime
4/24/2012Anime Adaptation of Touya Mikanagi's Karneval Announced
4/24/2012Fist of the North Star's Kenshiro Stars in Gum Commercial
4/24/2012MyNavi Poll: Most Androgynously Attractive Characters
4/24/2012New Trailer for Level-5's Guild 01 Posted
4/24/2012New Persona 4: The Golden Promotional Movies Posted
4/24/2012Rurouni Kenshin Manga's "Chapter 0" to Run in Shonen Jump
4/24/2012First Berserk Film Chosen for in France's 2012 Annecy Fest
4/24/2012North American Anime, Manga Releases, April 22-28
4/24/2012Japanese Comic Ranking, February 27-March 4
4/24/2012Level-5's Guild01 Game's Promo Video Posted
4/24/2012Aoi Y?ki Joins Dog Days Anime Cast in 2nd Season
4/23/2012Blood-C: The Last Dark Film's 2nd Intro Video Streamed
4/23/2012New Gundam Entertainment Complex's Tour Video Posted
4/23/2012Meta Con Announces Power Rangers Stars Jason Faunt and Jessica Rey
4/23/2012Evangelion's Rei Ayanami Appears in Guide Dog Poster
4/23/2012'Kokoro' Vocaloid Song, Stage Play Adapted Into Light Novel
4/23/2012Battle Angel Alita: Last Order, Danza, Ghost in the Shell 1.5 Listed in U.S.
4/23/2012Japanese Box Office, April 7-8
4/23/2012Kodansha Confirms License of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order, Danza Manga
4/23/2012Kodansha Comics Adds Three New Titles to Fall List: Missions of Love, Battle Angel Alita: Last Order, and Danza
4/23/2012Funimation, Milyoni Launch Anime Streaming Platform on Facebook
4/23/2012Milyoni and FUNimation? Launch Largest Video Library Available to Stream on Facebook
4/23/2012Japanese Animation TV Ranking, April 2-8
4/23/2012JManga Adds Tactics, Monochrome Factor Manga
4/23/2012Doraemon DVDs Recalled Due to 'Condom' Written Onscreen
4/23/2012Library War Anime Film's TV Ad Streamed
4/23/2012Senran Kagura Burst Game Tissues to Be Offered
4/23/2012Daily Briefs
4/23/2012Gundam's Yasuhiko Joins Manga Creators to Draw Charity Art
4/23/2012Madoka Magica Anime Gets Its Own Dedicated Magazine
4/23/2012Kyoto Animation Airs New Commercial Advertising Studio
4/23/2012Idolmaster Cinderella Girls's 5 Character Singles Rank in Top 10
4/22/2012Life-Size Gundam Rises Again at Tokyo's Odaiba in Video
4/22/2012Akihabara Maid Caf? to Host Code Geass: Nunnally in Wonderland Theme
4/22/2012Moe Rice Reveals Summer Mascot Bags
4/22/2012Evangelion's Gend?, Schick Razors Join Forces
4/22/2012Jin Kobayashi's Ichiro Heian! Manga to End
4/22/2012Historie Wins 16th Tezuka Osamu Prizes' Top Award
4/22/2012Blood-C: The Last Dark Film's Web-Only Trailer Streamed
4/22/2012Gundam UC #5's Long Promo Video Streamed
4/21/2012N. Carolina's Animazement to Host Mecha Director Ichiro Itano
4/21/2012Inazuma Eleven Fans Offered Chance to Appear in Anime
4/21/2012Gainax Co-Founder Okada Shares Thoughts on Illegal Copying
4/21/2012Live-Action Ky?, Koi o Hajimemasu's 1st Teaser Streamed
4/21/2012GKids to Release I.G's A Letter to Momo in U.S. Theaters
4/21/2012Guild 01, Etrian Odyssey IV's Nintendo Direct Trailers Posted
4/21/2012Pok?mon Black 2/White 2 Games' New Trailer Streamed
4/21/2012Capcom/Sega/Namco Bandai's 1st Project X Zone Promo Streamed
4/21/2012Editor: Shakugan no Shana Has 1 More Book Coming
4/21/2012One Piece Film Z's Teaser Trailer Streamed
4/20/2012Takeshi Miike's Ai to Makoto Film to Be Screened at Cannes
4/20/2012Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City's Coldrain Promo Streamed
4/20/2012Bokura ga Ita/We Were There II Film's Trailer Streamed
4/20/2012English-Subbed ef ~The First Tale~ Demo Video Posted
4/20/2012AKB0048 Idol Sci-Fi Anime's TV Ad Streamed
4/20/2012Daily Briefs
4/20/2012Game, Prize Company Furyu Buys Out Anime Production Company We've
4/20/2012IG Port Founds New Animation Planning and Production Subsidiary
4/20/2012Japanese-Animated 'Love Like Aliens' Short's Trailer Posted
4/20/2012Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Ported to iPhone/iPod touch Next Friday
4/20/2012Dragon Age CG Anime Film to Play in Edmonton, NYC, SF, LA
4/20/2012New York Times Manga Best Seller List, April 8-14
4/20/2012My Ordinary Life's Arawi Draws Cover for Mai Aizawa's 1st Single
4/20/2012Viz Media Announces North American Publishing Licenses For New Shojo Manga Series Strobe Edge and Demon Spell Love Spell
4/20/2012Atlus To Publish And Produce Dragon's Crown, Cooperative Action RPG For Playstation 3 And Playstation Vita Systems, in 2013
4/20/2012MangaGamer Releases Demo Movie for Ef ~The First Tale~
4/20/2012Animazement Announces Additional 2012 Guests
4/20/2012Exist?Trace's "I Feel You" Selected For Nadeshiko Japan Guidebook Theme
4/20/2012K-ON Film's London Taxi Recreated as Plastic Model
4/20/2012Live-Action Bakugyaku Familia Film's Trailer Streamed
4/20/2012FMA: Brotherhood Anime Items Offered on Gaia
4/19/2012Hikaru no Go Creator Hotta to Attend Go Event in N. Carolina
4/19/2012Silver Diamond Manga to End in Japan in May
4/19/2012Big Comic Cover Artist Sh?ichi Higurashi Passes Away
4/19/2012Ottawa International Animation Adds New Category For Video Game Animation
4/19/2012Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Tsuritama"
4/19/2012Nozomi Entertainment Announces Rental Magica, Pt. 1
4/19/2012AM2 Adds More Fun for Attendees with the Announcement of Anime Screenings at this Year's Event
4/19/2012Daily Briefs
4/19/2012Chihayafuru Manga Released in Bilingual Edition in Japan
4/19/2012Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Dusk Maiden of Amnesia"
4/19/2012Viz Media Licenses Strobe Edge, Ayakashi Koi Emaki Manga
4/19/2012Sentai Filmworks Licenses Dusk maiden of Amnesia Anime
4/19/2012Otakorp and Baltimore Symphony Orchestra to present A Night in Fantasia: The Ultimate Games and Anime Experience
4/19/2012Steins;Gate Game's First Drama CD Gets Manga
4/19/2012Lollipop Chainsaw's English Starling Sisters Trailer Posted
4/19/2012Children Who Chase Lost Voices to Be Screened in NYC in April
4/19/2012Aki Toyosaki Charity Bag Sold at Auction for 1.12 Million Yen
4/19/2012Cast Members for Nagareboshi Lens, Marimo no Hana Anime Revealed
4/19/2012Kuji City Rest Stop Holds Naming Contest for Shell-Diver Character
4/19/2012Arakawa's Silver Spoon Prints 1 Million More After Award Win
4/18/2012Appleseed: Genesis TV Anime Lawsuits Settled
4/18/2012Three of Japan's Hottest Indie Talents Play Exclusive Showcase In London and Birmingham This May
4/18/2012Monster Hunter 3 G Takes Top Prize in Famitsu Awards
4/18/2012Akagi Gambling Manga Inspires 'Zawa' Necklace
4/18/2012One Piece Creator Oda Designs Next Film's 'Z' Character
4/18/2012Live-Action Ai to Makoto's Ai Version Trailer Posted
4/18/2012MyNavi Poll: When Fans Are Let Down by Foreign Live-Action Adaptations
4/18/2012Anpanman's Banana Island Anime Film Trailer Streamed
4/18/2012AKB48+Me 3DS Game Lets Player Join the AKB48 Idol Group
4/18/2012Madman Acquires Berserk: The Golden Age Arc Anime Feature Trilogy
4/18/2012Bakuman Manga to End on Monday, April 23
4/18/2012Man With A Mission Is Coming to Japan Expo 2012
4/18/2012Tokyo FM:Earth Day J-Pop/J-Rock Concert Via Ustream
4/18/2012Animazement Announces 2012 Guest Lineup
4/18/2012Video of Tetsuya Komuro Performing at Life-Size Gundam
4/18/2012Official To Love-Ru Darkness Buttocks Mousepad Offered
4/18/2012N. Carolina's Animazement to Host Singer Kotoko, Manga Creator Mayu Shinjo
4/18/2012NIS Celebrates 20th Year with Game Designed by Haruhi's Ito
4/18/2012Sentai Filmworks Licenses Tsuritama Anime
4/18/2012New Oreimo Novel Volume Fourth in a Row to Top Sales Charts
4/18/2012Dai-2-ji Super Robot Taisen Z Saisei-Hen Tops Sales Charts Again
4/18/20124Kids Plans Sale of Major Yu-Gi-Oh! Assets to Firm Tied to Saban
4/17/2012One Piece: Pirate Warriors English Trailer Streamed
4/17/2012North American Anime, Manga Releases, April 15-21
4/17/2012Color of Earth Manhwa Was #2 in Most Censoring Attempts in U.S.
4/17/2012Level-5 CEO Discusses More Professor Layton, Ni no Kuni
4/17/2012Dragon Ball Z for Kinect Game Previewed in 1st Trailer
4/17/2012Sentai Filmworks Adds Queen's Blade: Rebellion Anime
4/17/2012Viz Promotes Alvin Lu to Executive VP of Publishing
4/17/2012Viz Media Promotes Alvin Lu to Executive Vice President, Publishing
4/17/2012Rolling Thunder and Wonder Momo to Return as Action-Packed Webcomics
4/17/2012Steins;Gate's 'Satellite,' K-ON Train Inspire Model Kits
4/17/2012ClariS Duo's 1st Album Sells 53,909 to Rank #2
4/17/2012Idoling Idol Group's Videos Streamed for Free Worldwide
4/17/2012Sword Art Online Anime's 1st TV Ad Streamed
4/17/2012Crunchyroll Launches Anime Simulcast Service in Latin America
4/17/2012Italian Lupin III Board Game Translated for U.S. Release
4/17/2012To Love-Ru Darkness Manga to Bundle Anime DVD in August
4/17/2012Daily Briefs
4/17/2012Senran Kagura TV Anime "In the Works"
4/17/2012New Trailer for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Posted
4/17/2012Persona 4: The Golden Gameplay Clips Streamed
4/17/2012North American Stream List: April 9-17
4/17/2012Japanese Box Office, March 31-April 1
4/17/2012Da Capo II Spinoff Manga A.C.D.C. II Ends
4/16/2012Japanese Box Office, March 24-25
4/16/2012Hanasaku Iroha Credited with 7.4% Rise in Hot Spring's Visitors
4/16/2012Toriko Gourmet Tour Event Revealed
4/16/2012Actress Emily Blunt in Talks for All You Need is Kill Film
4/16/2012Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Medaka Box"
4/16/2012Sentai Filmworks Licenses Medaka Box TV Anime
4/16/2012High School Debut's Kawahara Starts New Manga Series
4/16/2012Author: TMS Animating Children's Book Kubbe as TV Series
4/16/2012Daily Briefs
4/16/2012Natsuiro Kiseki's Lawson Bench Offered as Signed Prize
4/16/2012Nayuta no Kiseki Cast Members Revealed
4/16/2012Discotek Announces DVD Release of Saint Seiya Movies
4/16/2012Kei Sugita Serializes Ch?yaku Hyakunin Isshu: Uta Koi Parody Manga
4/16/2012Infinite Stratos Author Yumizuru Works with Fans on Kimi P!
4/16/2012GTO's Tohru Fujisawa to Launch 1st Food Manga Series
4/16/2012Unofficial K-ON! Android App Secretly Leaked Personal Data
4/16/2012Live-Action Himizu Film Wins at Terracotta Film Fest
4/16/2012Newspaper: Jin Akanishi Forced to Leave GTO Show Remake
4/16/2012Hori-san & Miyamura-kun School Manga Has Anime in the Works
4/16/2012Ai-Kon 2012 Announces Art Tables Now On Sale
4/16/2012Absolute Boyfriend Manga Gets Stage Play Next March
4/16/2012Kuroko's Basketball BDs/DVDs to Include 'NG-Sh?' Anime Extras
4/16/2012School Days Voice Actress Shiho Kawaragi Reveals Marriage
4/13/2012Waterproof K-ON!, Yuruyuri Mini Posters to Be Sold in Japan
4/13/2012Attack on Titan Manga Inspires Comedy Spinoff Manga
4/13/2012Akiba's Trip Plus' Voiced Events Promo Streamed
4/13/2012Lollipop Chainsaw Game's Action Promo Streamed
4/13/2012Otakorp Featuring Studo Ghibli At 100th Cherry Blossom Festival
4/13/2012Nekocon Announces And Welcomes It's First Domestic Guests Of 2012 - Mr. Tony Oliver & Mr. Chris Cason!
4/13/2012Ring Horror Films' Sadako Possesses Sgt. Frog in Crossover
4/12/2012Ni no Kuni Game's English-Dubbed Trailer Streamed
4/12/2012Sakura Wars OVA Box to Have Director's Cut of 2nd Series #1
4/12/2012Sentai Filmworks Licenses New Watanabe/Kanno Team Up "Kids On The Slope"
4/12/2012.hack//The Movie+Versus Hybrid Pack's New Promo Streamed
4/12/2012Kamen Rider Fourze Crosses Over with Crayon Shin-chan
4/12/2012'Next Project Diva,' Miku Flick Game Promos Posted
4/12/2012Man Arrested for Threatening Oreimo Author Tsukasa Fushimi
4/12/2012Voice Actor David Vincent To Appear At FanimeCon 2012
4/12/2012Riverside International Film Festival's 1st Annual Animation Night
4/12/2012Dead1 Entertainment Announces Exclusive Event At Anime Matsuri
4/12/2012Animax Captures The New Hunter X Hunter Anime Series For Asia
4/12/2012X JAPAN Wins The "Best International Band" Award At The Golden Gods Awards
4/12/2012Pok?mon Black 2/White 2's Details Revealed
4/12/2012Daily Briefs
4/12/2012Funimation Announces Shangri-la English Dub Cast
4/12/2012Commercial, Trailer for Detective Conan: Prelude from the Past Game Streamed
4/12/2012New Trailer for Spike Chunsoft's Conception RPG Streamed
4/12/2012Sailor Moon Ranks as #2 March Graphic Novel in U.S. Bookstores
4/12/2012K-ON Partly Credited for Historic Electric Guitar Sales
4/12/2012AKB48's Rino Sashihara, Aya Hirano Star in Muse no Kagami Film
4/12/2012Hatsune Miku -Project Diva- Series Reaches 1 Million Units Shipped
4/12/2012Asteroid Named After Manga Creator Moyoco Anno
4/12/2012Idol Tomohisa Yamashita Sings 1st Solo Anime Song for Toriko
4/12/2012JManga Adds Poyopoyo Manga, New est em, Takao Saito Titles
4/12/2012Kyoto to Host Anime, Manga Fair in September
4/12/2012Variety: Sharlto Copley Offered Villain Role in Oldboy Remake
4/11/2012Daily Briefs
4/11/2012Dai-2-ji Super Robot Taisen Z Saisei-Hen Sells 265,439 in First Week
4/11/2012Akai Katana's North American Trailer Streamed
4/11/2012Capcom/Sega/Namco Bandai's Project X Zone Characters Confirmed
4/11/2012California's Newport Beach to Show Dragon Age, Vesperia
4/11/2012Discotek Media Adds 3rd Galaxy Express 999 Film
4/11/2012Namco Bandai Reveals Dragon Ball Z Kinect Game
4/11/2012One Piece Kaizoku Musou Game Gets Western Release in November
4/11/2012One Peace Books to Re-release Crayon Shin-chan Manga in U.S.
4/11/2012Launch of New Hentai Publisher and Online Retail Store: Project-H, LLC. And
4/11/2012Arms and Armor Action Clash In Three Visceral Anime Films About A Young Medieval Mercenary
4/11/2012Crunchyroll To Commence Simulcast of Queen's Blade Rebellion
4/11/2012Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia To Simulcast On Crunchyroll
4/11/2012Medaka Box Opens Up On Crunchyroll This Season
4/11/2012Switchblade Pictures Licenses Oniroku Dan's The Devil's Feast
4/11/2012Translate the New Sasakure.UK Song With Hatsune Miku And Win a Spot In The Video!
4/11/2012Namco Bandai Games Outlines ShiftyLook Participation at C2E2
4/11/2012Section23 Films Announces July Slate
4/11/2012Visual Kei Band exist?trace Previews "VIRGIN" On USA tour
4/11/2012Aksys Games to Provide Distribution Services to Rising Star Games
4/11/2012TMS Animates Promo for Johnsen's Kubbe Picture Book
4/11/2012Resident Evil 6 Jacket Offered in $1300 Game Set
4/11/2012Shining Hearts -Shiawase no Pan- Anime's TV Ad Aired
4/11/2012Mitsuru Adachi's New Mix Manga Set in Touch's World
4/11/2012Corpse Party Anthology PSP Game to Bundle Video Anime
4/10/2012Vote for Good Smile Company's 10th Anniversary Figures
4/10/2012Level-5's Guild01 Game's TV Ads Streamed
4/10/2012Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Hidamari Sketch X SP"
4/10/2012Sentai Filmworks Adds Hidamari Sketch ? SP Special
4/10/2012Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Game's Trailers Streamed
4/10/2012PS Vita Street Fighter X Tekken's 'New Episode 1' Short Posted (Updated)
4/10/2012Resident Evil 6 Horror Game's New Trailer Posted
4/10/2012Little Busters! Anime to Reprise Visual Novel's Songs
4/10/2012Moving Cat Ears to Be Sold in Japan This Month
4/10/2012New People Announces Dates for the 2012 J-Pop Summit Festival
4/10/2012Tiger & Bunny On Air Jack! Game Headed to PSP This Fall
4/10/2012Daily Briefs
4/10/2012Capcom, Sega, Namco Bandai's Project Cross Zone Revealed
4/9/2012Japanese Box Office, March 10-11
4/9/2012Crunchyroll Adds Dusk maiden of Amnesia TV Anime
4/9/2012Akira's Katsuhiro Otomo Remembers French Artist Moebius
4/9/2012Akiba's Trip Plus Game's 4 Intro Videos Streamed
4/9/2012HearJapan Digs Deep To Bring A never-Before-Heard Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Song To The World
4/9/2012Yen Press Announces New Adaptation and Licenses
4/9/2012Megumi Nakajima to Sing Lagrange's 2nd Season Opening Theme
4/9/2012Live-Action Space Brothers' MSG Seasoning TV Ad Posted
4/9/2012Live-Action Mirai Nikki/Future Diary's Promo Streamed
4/9/2012Blood-C: The Last Dark Film's 1st Intro Video Streamed
4/9/2012Daily Briefs
4/9/2012Voice Actor Takeshi Aono Passes Away
4/9/2012Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin Masks Going on Sale
4/9/2012Bandai to Launch "Strict-G" Gundam-Inspired Men's Apparel Store
4/9/2012Steins;Gate's Nae to Appear in Robotics;Notes Game
4/9/2012Berserk Films to be Distributed in 16 Countries Globally
4/9/2012Japanese Animation TV Ranking, March 26-April 1
4/9/2012Kyoto Animation Posts New K-ON! Stop-Motion Figure Sequence
4/9/2012Crunchyroll to Stream Medaka Box TV Anime
4/9/2012Type-Moon's Mah? Tsukai no Yoru Visual Novel's TV Ad Streamed
4/9/2012New Time-Lapse Video Shows Life-Size Gundam in Motion
4/9/2012Crunchyroll Adds Queen's Blade: Rebellion TV Anime
4/9/2012Y?suke Kishi's From the New World Novel Gets Manga Adaptation
4/8/2012North American Stream List: April 2-8
4/8/2012ShiftyLook Cyborgs Up Japanese Arcade Classic Genpei Tomaden as 'Scar'
4/8/2012Film Star Jean Reno Returns as Doraemon in New Live-Action Ad
4/8/2012Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Light Novels Get TV Anime
4/8/2012Rumiko Takahashi's Live-Action Rumic Theater Show Cast
4/8/2012Japanese R&B Duo Chemistry Put on Hold for Solo Careers
4/7/2012Yen Press Adds Thermae Romae, Anything and Something, Umineko no Naku Koro ni
4/7/2012Sentai Filmworks Adds Kids on the Slope, Mysterious Girlfriend X
4/7/2012Dark Horse Adds Oreimo, Blood-C, Evangelion: Comic Tribute Manga
4/7/2012FUNimation Entertainment Announces New Acquisitions at Anime Boston
4/7/2012Funimation to Simulcast New Lupin III TV Anime Series
4/7/2012Funimation to Simulcast Is This a Zombie? of the Dead, Jormungand Anime
4/7/2012Viz Media Licenses Berserk Film Trilogy (Updated)
4/7/2012Minori Chihara Sings Horizon's 2nd Opening Theme
4/7/2012Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Anime's New Promo Streamed
4/7/2012Blood's Terada Contributes to School's Anime Ad
4/7/2012Accel World BDs/DVDs to Bundle Original Anime
4/7/2012Niji-iro Hotaru Family Fantasy Film's TV Ad Streamed
4/7/2012Anime of All of NisiOisin's Monogatari Novels 'Officially' Green-Lit
4/7/2012One Piece Anime's Luffy Sells Life Insurance in TV Ad
4/7/2012Sphere Voice Actresses Get 3D Poster as Kuji Raffle Prize
4/7/2012Hello Kitty Crosses Over with Ring Horror Films' Sadako
4/7/2012Detective Conan/Excalibur Crossover Anime DVD Offered
4/6/2012Tales of Vesperia Film's English Dub Cast Revealed
4/6/2012Tiger & Bunny Superhero Anime's 1st Film Teaser Streamed
4/6/2012Kokoro Connect Anime's 2nd Promotional Video Streamed
4/6/2012Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas PC Game's 2nd Promo Streamed
4/6/2012Crunchyroll Adds Mysterious Girlfriend X TV Anime
4/6/2012Sakura Miku Gets Full-Sized Nendoroid Figure
4/6/2012Duel Masters Victory V Anime to Premiere on Saturday
4/6/2012Crunchyroll Adds Kids on the Slope TV Anime
4/6/2012Dusk maiden of Amnesia Anime's Live-Action Promo Streamed
4/6/2012AKB0048 Idol Sci-Fi Anime's 2nd Promo Streamed
4/6/2012Air Gear Manga to End in 5 More Chapters in Japan
4/6/2012Anime USA Announces First Two Guests
4/6/2012Kuroko's Basketball To Simulcast On Crunchyroll This Spring
4/6/2012Phi Brain Season 2 Set to Simulcast On Crunchyroll
4/6/2012May'n Adds USA Dates To ROCK YOUR BEATS World Tour!
4/6/2012Palm Beach International Film Festival to Screen Chocolate Underground
4/6/2012Viz Media Encourages Fans to Accelerate Their Brains With The Simulcast Premiere of New Anime Series Accel World
4/6/2012Sakura-Con 2012
4/6/2012FUNimation Entertainment Announces New Acquisitions at Sakuracon
4/6/2012FUNimation Announces First Mobile App for Fans
4/6/2012Funimation Adds Sankarea Zombie Comedy Anime
4/6/2012Funimation Adds Shangri-La TV Anime Series
4/6/2012Crunchyroll Adds tsuritama TV Anime Series
4/6/2012Viz Media to Stream Accel World TV Anime (Updated)
4/6/2012Teaser, Ad for Naruto: Road to Ninja Film Posted
4/6/2012New York Times Manga Best Seller List, March 25-31
4/6/2012Aniplex of America to Rerelease Oreimo, Garden of Sinners on DVD
4/6/2012Aniplex of America Adds Bakemonogatari TV Anime
4/6/2012Vertical Adds Ai Yazawa's Paradise Kiss Manga
4/5/2012One Piece's Luffy, DB's Goku Top Fuji TV's Anime/Tokusatsu Hero Poll
4/5/2012Crunchyroll Adds Kuroko's Basketball/Kuroko no Basuke TV Anime
4/5/2012Tomoe Tamiyasu, Hikaru Midorikawa Star in Little Busters! Anime
4/5/2012K-ON!'s Real-Life School to Screen K-ON! Film
4/5/2012Stereopony's April 6 Concert to Stream Live in U.S./Japan
4/5/20121st Kono Naka ni Hitori, Im?to ga Iru! Anime Promo Streamed
4/5/2012Viz Media Receives Multiple Nominations For the 2012 Eisner Awards
4/5/2012Upotte!! To Simulcast on Crunchyroll This Spring
4/5/2012Daily Briefs
4/5/2012Japan's Anime, Manga, Game Creators Celebrate April Fools' Day: Part IV
4/5/2012Niigata Plans 'Manga/Anime Information Hall'
4/5/2012Singer May'n to Perform in L.A., San Francisco in June
4/5/2012B'z Schedule 2012 North American Tour Beginning in September
4/5/2012Ad for Kirin Soft Drink to Star Tsubasa from Captain Tsubasa
4/5/2012Kuroko no Basuke's Anime's TV Ad Streamed
4/5/2012JManga Adds est em, Yui Toshiki Titles, I Am A Cat Manga
4/5/2012Tokyo Plans Flower Gundam Event with Life-Size Gundam
4/5/2012Akira's Kaneda Bike Goes on Road Trip Throughout Japan
4/4/2012Akiba's Trip Vampire-Hunting Game to Get Updated Release
4/4/2012Yurumates Comedy Manga to Bundle DVD with Unaired Anime
4/4/2012Crunchyroll Adds Saki - Episode Side A TV Anime
4/4/2012Gundam Seed: Battle Destiny Game's Promo Streamed
4/4/2012Manitoba's Ai-Kon Announces 2012 Guests
4/4/2012Madoka Magica Spawns Live-Action Comedy with Shokotan
4/4/2012Madoka Magica, Fate/Zero's English Card Games Listed
4/4/2012Final Fantasy XIII-2 Cast Poses for Prada in Fashion Mag
4/4/2012Viz Media Announces New Voltron Force Graphic Novels
4/4/2012Viz Media Offering Pokemon Fans Twice The Adventure With The Release of Pokemon the Movie: Black and Pokemon The Movie: White
4/4/2012Polar Bear's Cafe To Simulcast on Crunchyroll This Season
4/4/2012Crunchyroll Adds Upotte!! Net Anime
4/4/2012Pok?mon Conquest Game Gets North American Release
4/4/2012Rinne no Lagrange Original Video Anime Bundled with Game
4/4/2012Eureka Seven AO Gets Original Anime, PS3 Game on Blu-ray
4/4/2012Akiba's Trip Plus Promo Posted
4/4/2012Killer Is Dead Game to Go Worldwide Like Lollipop Chainsaw
4/4/2012Aoi Miyazaki, Takao Osawa Cast in Hosoda's Ame & Yuki
4/4/20122nd Ame & Yuki Film Trailer by Summer Wars' Hosoda Posted
4/4/2012Akita Shoten to Launch Bessatsu Shonen Champion Magazine in June
4/4/2012Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Mahoromatic: I'm Home"
4/4/2012Sentai Filmworks Licenses Mahoromatic: I'm Home Anime Special
4/4/2012Kingdom Hearts 3D Sells 213,579 in 1st Week
4/4/2012Moe Can Change! Video Anime's TV Ad Posted
4/4/2012The World of Harajuku Fashion Comes to AM2 As Fashion Designers From The House of Putumayo Are Announced As Official Guests Official Guests of Honor
4/4/2012Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths, 20th Century Boys Get Eisner Nods
4/4/2012Saki Achiga-hen Mahjong Anime's TV Ad Posted
4/4/2012XSeed to Release Way of the Samurai 4 Game in N. America
4/3/2012Digital Manga Licenses See Me After Class, President Momoi Kun
4/3/2012Adult Swim Gauges Interest in Bringing Back Toonami
4/3/2012Club Nintendo Offers Made-to-Order Polo Shirts in Japan
4/3/2012Kinect Allows People to Play Shooting Game Demo with Tongue
4/3/2012Kimi no Iru Machi Manga's 2nd Anime DVD Promo Streamed Again
4/3/2012Cyborg 009 Story Finale Made Into Manga Series
4/3/2012Sankarea Zombie Comedy Anime's TV Ad Streamed
4/3/2012Sentai Filmworks Licenses The Kunoichi
4/3/2012More Hit Manga Titles Now Available on Sugoi Books -Peace Maker, Elemental Gelade, and Ilegenes-
4/3/201245th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival Celebrated "Pop Culture" Style In Japantown With The Latest New People Artist Village Vol. 5
4/3/2012Viz Media Announces The Simulcast Premiere of The Intense Dark Action Series Zetman, The Same Day As It Debuts In Japan
4/3/2012Crunchyroll To Exclusively Simulcast Naruto Spin-Off: Rock Lee And His Ninja Pals
4/3/2012AM2 To Randomly Giveaway Tickets To The Stereopony U.S. Tour For 3-Day Passport Holders Attending AM2 Con
4/3/2012Crunchyroll Adds Sengoku Collection TV Anime
4/3/2012Miyazaki Watches Mini Porco Rosso Planes Take Flight
4/3/201227 Stars Sing Kamen Rider ? Super Sentai Film's Theme
4/3/2012Hello Kitty Character To Host Her Own Radio Program
4/3/2012Sugoi Books App Adds Mizuna Kuwabara's Ilegenes Shojo Manga
4/3/2012Crunchyroll Adds Polar Bear's Caf? TV Anime
4/3/2012Daily Briefs
4/3/2012Japan's Anime, Manga, Game Creators Celebrate April Fool's Day: Part III
4/3/2012Kenshin to Fight Live-Action Film's Characters in New Manga
4/3/2012Tales of Vesperia Film's English Dub Clips Posted
4/3/2012Excel Saga's Rikudou Launches New Manga
4/3/2012North American Anime, Manga Releases, April 1-7
4/2/2012Discotek to Release Love Com/Lovely Complex Anime
4/2/2012Discotek Announces DVD Release of Captain Harlock TV Series
4/2/2012First Trailer for 'K' Anime Posted
4/2/2012Atelier Ayesha Teaser, Screenshots Posted by Gust
4/2/2012Oscar Nominee Koji Yamamura Animates Beat Takeshi
4/2/2012Ippatsu Hicch?!! Devander Anime's Promo Video Streamed
4/2/2012Daily Briefs
4/2/2012Natsuiro Kiseki Anime's 2 TV Ads Streamed
4/2/2012Maaya Sakamoto, Fans Give 1.9 Million Yen to Quake Charity
4/2/2012Crunchyroll Adds Rock Lee Spinoff TV Anime Series
4/2/2012Japanese Military Recruiters Make New Anime-Inspired Poster
4/2/2012Eureka Seven Ao Science-Fiction Anime's 2nd Promo Posted
4/2/2012Cleopatra Records Salutes L'Arc~en~Ciel's Vicennial with the Release of Vivid Covers ? A 20th Anniversary Tribute to L'Arc~en~Ciel
4/2/2012?Okaerinasaimase Goshujuin-Sama, Hime-Sama!"AM2 Announces The Return of The World Famous Animaid Cafe and Host Club This June 15-17, 2012
4/2/2012Anime Expo Presents U.S. Debut Concert of Japanese Pop Star LiSA
4/2/2012Tora-Con 2012 Announces Early Pre-Registration Badge Pick-up and Final Guests
4/2/2012Viz Media Names Ken Sasaki President and CEO
4/2/2012Crunchyroll Adds Yurumates 3D TV Anime
4/2/2012More Code Geass: Akito the Exiled Characters, Staff Revealed
4/2/2012Fate/Zero Anime's 2nd Season to Screen at Sakura-Con
4/2/2012J-Pop Singer May'n Reopens Twitter Account to Reveal World Tour Logo
4/2/2012Pop Duo PuffyAmiYumi's Yumi Yoshimura Reveals Pregnancy
4/2/2012Fate/Zero Opening Singer LiSA to Attend Anime Expo 2012
4/2/2012Medaka Box School Action Comedy Anime's Long Promo Streamed
4/2/2012Akira's Otomo Reveals More About New Manga Series, New Film
4/2/2012Campione! Fantasy TV Anime's Promo Streamed
4/2/2012Blood-C: The Last Dark Anime Film's New Trailer Posted
4/1/2012Japan's Anime, Manga, Game Creators Celebrate April Fool's Day: Part II
4/1/2012Viz to Stream Zetman Dark Hero TV Anime
4/1/2012Japan's Anime, Manga, Game Creators Celebrate April Fool's Day: Part I
4/1/2012Love, Election, & Chocolate Anime's Promo Streamed
4/1/2012Ame & Yuki Film Teaser by Summer Wars' Hosoda Posted
4/1/2012Dog Days TV Anime's 2nd Season Trailer Streamed
4/1/2012First Trailer for From the New World Streamed Online
4/1/2012Nana Mizuki to Sing Blood-C The Last Dark Film's Theme
4/1/ To Love-Ru Darkness Anime to Run on TV (Updated)
4/1/2012Oreimo Anime's 2nd Season Green-Lit