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Anime News

DateArticle Name
7/31/2012Bakemonogatari Production Note Book Offered in August
7/31/2012Yukiru Sugisaki to Launch Junkissa Neko Manga Series
7/31/2012Hayate the Combat Butler's New Anime Cast, Staff Revealed
7/31/2012Jojo's Bizarre Adventure the Animation's Teaser Footage Posted
7/31/2012Daily Briefs
7/31/2012Aikatsu! Card Game, Anime Adaptation Announced
7/31/2012Smile Precure! 3DS Game's Animated Opening Posted
7/31/2012Animator Akira Daikubara Passes Away at 94
7/31/2012Live-Action Space Brothers Plays in Australia
7/31/2012Tekken Tag Tournament 2's Fight Lab Trailer Posted
7/31/2012Samurai 7 Anime Debuts on Toonami on August 19
7/31/2012North American Anime, Manga Releases, July 29-August 4
7/31/2012V6's Junichi Okada Stars in Live-Action Library War Film
7/31/2012Shirokuma Caf? Manga Returns From Hiatus
7/31/2012Astro Boy, Katamari Damacy Featured in NYC's Museum of Modern Art Exhibit
7/31/2012Sentai Filmworks' Persona 4 BD Release Will Omit Japanese Audio Track
7/31/2012NIS America announces Umineko WHEN THEY CRY Volumes 1 & 2 Premium Edition
7/31/2012Hori-san & Miyamura-kun Anime's 1st Promo Streamed
7/31/2012Yuka Iguchi Joins To Love-Ru Darkness Anime Cast
7/31/2012FUNimation Entertainment Announces Multiple Acquisitions at Otakon
7/31/2012The TAKII World Tour Touts The Premier Of Its Cosplay Field Day
7/31/2012Finalized Matsuricon Guest Includes Special Appearance by Nobuo Uematsu
7/31/2012Anime Matsuri announces Kelly Hu as Special Guest for 2013
7/31/2012Celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of the Initial U.S. Release of BlazBlue
7/31/2012Right Stuf, Inc., Tokyopop & Creators Jason Henderson & Tony Salvaggio Announce Psy-Comm, Vol. 3
7/31/2012The Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Collectible Tins Are Poised To Fly Off Store Shelves This Fall
7/31/20122012 J-Pop Summit Festival Welcomes Vocaloid Concert Group Vocalekt Visions For Special Holographic Live Event
7/31/2012Live-Action Thermae Romae Film's English Trailer Streamed
7/30/2012Live-Action Space Brothers Wins Awards at Puchon Film Fest
7/30/2012Blue Exorcist Film's 1st Teaser Streamed
7/30/2012Konami Explains Transition of 4Kids' Yu-Gi-Oh Assets
7/30/2012Totoro Ceramic Lamp Shines With Glowing Tummy
7/30/2012Initial D Car-Racing Manga Gets New Anime Series
7/30/2012Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere PSP Game Ad Streamed
7/30/2012Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie's 3 TV Ads Streamed
7/30/2012OniAi Romantic Comedy TV Anime's 1st Promo Streamed
7/30/2012Dragon Head's Mochizuki Launches Chiisakobee Manga
7/30/2012Japan's Animation TV Ranking, July 16-22
7/30/2012Japanese Box Office, July 21-22
7/30/20122 Infinite Stratos Manga to End This Summer
7/30/2012Summon Night 5 Opening to Be Animated by ufotable
7/30/2012Zetsubou-Sensei Manga's Last Volume Adds 15 New Pages
7/30/2012Daily Briefs
7/30/2012Anime One Poll: Which Voice Actress is Fans' Ideal Sister
7/30/2012Trailer Promoting 4 Upcoming PS3 HD Remasters Streamed
7/30/2012Sengoku Basara HD Collection Character Introduction Video Streamed
7/27/2012Otakon 2012
7/27/2012Crunchyroll Adds 1st Moyashimon Anime
7/27/2012One Off Video Anime's 2nd Promo Streamed
7/27/2012Dead or Alive 5's 'Sexy Costume Intro' Trailer Posted
7/27/2012Media Blasters to Release Jubei-Chan Box Set in 2012
7/27/2012Kenji Kamiyama's Pepsi Nex x 009 Re:Cyborg Ads Streamed
7/27/2012Corpse Party Missing Footage Anime's Digest Video Posted
7/27/2012Hatsune Miku Project Diva F's Song Compilation Promo Posted
7/27/2012Little Busters Anime Key Art, Kud Wafter PSP Port Revealed
7/27/2012So, I Can't Play H! Manga to Bundle Unaired Anime on BD
7/27/2012Hetalia Comedy Anime Gets 5th Season Green-Lit
7/27/2012SMAP Recruits New Members in Dragon Quest X Ad
7/27/2012Sengoku Basara HD's Character Moves Profiled in Videos
7/26/2012Imageepoch & Satelight's Tokitowa RPG Promo Introduces Toki
7/26/2012Novels to Sing Opening Theme for 1st Tiger & Bunny Film
7/26/2012Ky?k?sha no Sh?jo 3DS Game's Trailer Streamed
7/26/2012L.A. Times: CW Discusses Battle Royale TV Remake in U.S.
7/26/2012All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 2 Game's 2nd Promo Video Posted
7/26/2012Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie's TV Preview Aired
7/26/2012ANN at Otakon 2012
7/26/2012Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn's Trailer Streamed
7/26/2012Funimation Reveals C-Control's English Dub Cast
7/26/2012Japanese Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, July 16-22
7/26/2012Sol Trigger Game's Character, Battle, Promo Videos Streamed
7/26/20128 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Promos Streamed
7/26/20123 Fate/Extra CCC RPG Promos Streamed
7/26/2012?kami HD Game's Ryoshima Coast Promo Streamed
7/26/2012Maoh: Juvenile Remix's Osuga Starts Vanilla Fiction Manga
7/26/2012Kami Jigen Game Neptune V RPG's 2nd Promo Streamed
7/26/2012We Were There's Obata Launches Forget-me-not Manga
7/26/2012Hatsune Miku -Project Diva- F's Store Promo Streamed
7/26/2012Macross FB 7 Project to Play in Theaters This Fall
7/26/2012Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Booster Set, Return of The Duelist Includes 100 Brand New Cards
7/26/2012Japanese Start-Up Develops Service to Help Anime Figure Collectors Worldwide
7/26/2012Nozomi Entertainment Announces Re-Price & Re-Release of Boogiepop and Others
7/26/2012Second Annual Matsuri
7/26/2012Swinging Popsicle Releases "You've Got A Friend" Digital Single
7/26/2012GEN Manga Entertainment, Inc. Announces a New Publishing Deal with Editora Abril for Brazil
7/26/2012Koei's Male Samurai Warriors Get Hugging Pillow Covers, Too
7/26/2012Watch Haruhi's Noizi Ito Draw in Wacom's Live Painting Video
7/26/2012Tales of Xillia 2's Next Character Video Shows Leia's Return
7/25/2012Moyashimon Creator Caricatures Anime Voice Cast
7/25/2012Media Blasters Adds Live-Action Parasite Doctor Suzune Film
7/25/2012Arata-naru Sekai Anime's Cast, Character Designs Revealed
7/25/2012Persona 4 Arena Videos Show Character Moves, Voice-Dubbing
7/25/2012Gundam Online's Alpha Test Videos Show Jaburo, Ships
7/25/2012Touya Mikanagi's Karneval Manga to Bundle Anime Preview DVD
7/25/2012Watch 4 Artists Draw Hatsune Miku From Start to Finish on BD
7/25/20121st Tiger & Bunny Film's Short Trailer Posted
7/25/2012In-Development Ninja Scroll Burst Anime's Teaser Streamed by Madhouse
7/25/2012Gundam AGE PSP Game's 5-Minute Promo Streamed
7/25/2012Daily Briefs
7/25/2012Hana no Zubora-Meshi Cooking Manga Gets Live-Action Show
7/25/2012Japanese Comic Ranking, July 16-22
7/25/2012Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time's English Trailer Posted
7/25/2012Japanese Box Office, July 14-15
7/25/2012Hatsune Miku -Project Diva- F Adds Phantasy Star Online Song
7/25/2012Digital Manga's Project-H Imprint Adds Range of Love Manga
7/25/2012Studio Trigger, Evangelion's Yoko Takahashi Work on Project X Zone Opening
7/25/2012Akio Ohtsuka to Voice Yamato 2199 Antagonist Domel
7/25/2012Sakura Taisen: Kanadegumi Manga to Bundle Anime DVD
7/24/2012Children Who Chase Lost Voices Film's English Cast Announced
7/24/2012Kano-Uso Sh?jo Manga Inspires Hugging Body Pillows
7/24/2012DreamWorks Animation to Acquire Classic Media Studio
7/24/2012Mondai-Ji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru S? Desu yo? Fantasy Light Novels Get Anime
7/24/2012Ys: Celceta No Jukai Demonstration Video Streamed
7/24/2012Hyadain, Hiro Shimono Star in Fried Chicken Music Video
7/24/20129nine Idol Group Members Cosplay as Evangelion's Rei, Asuka
7/24/2012North American Anime, Manga Releases, July 22-28
7/24/2012Smile Precure! Has Body Pillows of All 5 Girls
7/24/2012Japan's Animation TV Ranking, July 9-15
7/24/2012Meta Con Announces Linkara and Possible Oscar
7/24/2012Manchester Comic Con Sees Record Numbers
7/24/2012J-Pop Lovers Invited To Rock Out Japanese Style At The 2012 J-Pop Summit Festival
7/24/2012Tokyo Maximum 2012 - Tokyo Game Show Official Tour
7/24/2012Bandai Visual Announces Otakon 2012 Activities
7/24/2012British Olympian: Pok?mon's Charizard Led Me to Judo
7/24/2012Berryz Kobo, C-ute Idols Star in 1st Cat's Eye Stage Play
7/24/2012Media Blasters Licenses Aki Sora: Yume no Naka Anime
7/24/2012Toronto Fest to Host Thermae Romae Film's N. American Premiere
7/24/2012Persona 4 Arena Fighting Game Gets Manga Series
7/24/2012Daily Briefs
7/24/2012Thermae Romae, K-ON Rank in Japan's Top Films of 2012 So Far
7/24/2012Fullmetal Panic! Another Novel Has Return of "That" Male Character
7/23/2012Puella Magi Madoka Magica Films' 1st Trailer Streamed (Updated)
7/23/2012One Piece Romance Dawn: B?ken no Yoake RPG's 1st Promo Streamed
7/23/2012Japanese Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, July 9-15
7/23/2012Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's Owson Store Recreated in Real Life
7/23/2012Daily Briefs
7/23/2012Detective Opera Milky Holmes 2 PSP's Opening Streamed
7/23/2012Japanese Publisher Sales Rankings for First Half of 2012
7/23/2012Madoka Magica's QB Sofa, QB Bath Set Offered at Lawson
7/23/2012Kindaichi Case Files Manga Gets New Live-Action TV Special
7/23/2012Media Blasters Adds 2012 Ai no Kusabi Video Anime Series
7/23/2012Japanese Box Office, July 7-8
7/23/2012Japan's Animation TV Ranking, July 2-8
7/23/2012Rinne no Lagrange, Rurouni Kenshin Game Ads Posted
7/23/2012Summer Wars Airing Tops Totoro, Spirited Away in Tweets
7/23/2012Hatsune Miku's Po Pi Po Veggie Juice Made in Real Life
7/23/2012Animate's Ikebukuro Caf? to Serve Hatsune Miku Menu
7/22/2012Daily Briefs
7/22/2012Hunter ? Hunter: Phantom Rouge Film's Teaser Streamed
7/22/2012Chihayafuru Manga Gets 1st Text Short Story Collection
7/22/2012Shinichi Tsutsumi to Star in I'll Give It My All... Tomorrow Film
7/22/2012Hiroshima Asked to Stop Using Barefoot Gen Manga in Schools
7/22/2012D.C. ~Da Capo's~ 10th Anniversary Video Streamed
7/22/2012Happy Hustle High's Rie Takada Starts Romantic Comedy Manga
7/22/2012Hello Kitty Transforms Into Strawberry Superhero Ichigoman
7/22/2012AKB0048 Anime to Return Next Year
7/22/2012Battle Spirits: Sword Eyes Anime to Premiere in September
7/22/2012Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man Unite in Archie Comics
7/22/2012City Hunter Plays Backup to Producer TK's Virtual Diva in Video
7/21/2012Daily Briefs
7/21/2012Theater Chain: Worker Auctioned Nanoha Film Strips Without Permission
7/21/2012Digital Manga Reaches Funding Goal for Tezuka's Triton
7/21/2012English Video Game Actors Join Disney's Wreck-It Ralph Cast
7/21/2012Tamayura's Momoneko Ondo Video Teaches Dance Moves
7/21/2012Dragon Quest X's Online Features Highlighted in 9-Minute Video
7/21/2012Lucky Star On Stage Musical's Cast Dance in Costume
7/21/2012Former Japan-Exclusive Gundam UC Model Sold in U.S.
7/21/20125pb. Makes New Science Adventure Game After Robotics;Notes
7/21/20125pb.'s Robotics;Notes TV Anime Promo Streamed
7/21/2012Montreal's Fantasia Film Fest to Screen 1st Berserk Film
7/21/2012Real Bout High School's Sora Inoue Starts Soccer Manga
7/20/2012Macross Movie Blu-ray to Have Changes From 1984 Original
7/20/2012Gundam Online Game's Alpha Test Promo Streamed
7/20/2012Bakemonogatari Portable Game's 2nd Story Demo Streamed
7/20/2012Monster Hunter's Life-Size Rathian Unveiled at Theme Park
7/20/2012Voice Castmembers Kumiko Watanabe, Kouji Tsujitani Get Married
7/20/2012New Seitokai no Ichizon Anime's Promo Streamed
7/20/20122nd Rurouni Kenshin PSP Game's Full Promo Streamed
7/20/2012Eureka Seven AO Hybrid Game/Anime Promo Streamed
7/20/2012Imageepoch's Tokitowa RPG Promo With 'Hand-Drawn' Animation
7/20/2012Fuse Historical Fantasy Anime Film's Trailer Streamed
7/20/2012Universal Studios Japan Offers One Piece Dishes, Chopper Face Paint
7/20/2012Kyoto Animation's New Shop Ad Aired
7/20/2012Yuruyuri Live-Action RPG Hosted at Amusement Park
7/20/2012Viz Media Bring The Arms Action of Berserk: The Golden Age Arc ? The Egg of The King To Montreal For the 16th Annual Fantasia International Film Festival
7/20/2012Osamu Kobayashi: Hayao Miyazaki's New Work Is About Zero Fighter Designer
7/20/2012JManga Adds Nanao Hidaka's Detective Manga Lady Lady
7/20/2012Japan Expo 2012
7/20/2012Daily Briefs
7/20/2012New York Times Manga Best Seller List, July 8-14
7/20/20124?C/Toyota's 5th PES Anime Short, Music Video Posted
7/20/2012Kingdom Hearts 3D's English Launch Trailer Posted
7/20/2012Tail of the Moon's Ueda to Launch Sakura J?y?shi Manga
7/19/20123 Resident Evil 6 Gameplay Videos Streamed
7/19/2012Arc System Works Unveils Ky?k?sha no Sh?jo Game
7/19/2012ToHeart2 Dungeon Travelers Video Anime's Promo Streamed
7/19/2012Ni no Kuni All-in-One Edition Game's Promo Streamed
7/19/2012Fist of the North Star: Toki's Buronson & Nagate Launch Silencer Manga
7/19/2012Another, Nisemonogatari Rank in Japan's Top Hashtags in 2012
7/19/2012Crunchyroll To Simulcast Nakaimo ~ My Little Sister Is Among Them
7/19/2012Right Stuf's Lucky Penny Ent. Announces DVD Release of Ristorante Paradiso
7/19/2012Nozomi Entertainment Announces Maria Watches Over Us, Season 2: Printemps
7/19/2012Limited Gundam Model At Otakon 2012
7/19/2012Crunchyroll To Simulcast Moyashimon Returns This Summer
7/19/2012Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition Trailer Posted
7/19/2012Trina Nishimura to Appear at Otakon 2012
7/19/2012Tales of Xillia 2's New Character Video Highlights Alvin
7/19/2012Daily Briefs
7/19/2012Voice Actress/Singer Akemi Kanda Gets Married
7/19/2012New Seitokai no Ichizon Anime Changes 2 Castmembers
7/19/2012Anna Tsuchiya to Perform Biohazard: Damnation's Theme Song
7/19/2012Life-Size Scopedog Robot Mecha from VOTOMS Made of Paper
7/19/2012Japan's Video Game Rankings, July 9-15
7/19/2012Dead or Alive 5's 'Tag Team Action' Trailer Streamed
7/19/2012Nayuta no Kiseki PSP Title's Gameplay Promo Streamed
7/19/2012Otakon Welcomes Back Peter S. Beagle
7/19/2012Dragon Ball Z HD Collection, Dragon Ball Z for Kinect's Demos Streamed
7/19/2012Death Note, Requiem From The Darkness Creators Work on Short Story
7/19/2012Otakon Is Pleased to Welcome Mikako Joho
7/19/2012Otakon Presents K-Pop Group VIXX
7/18/2012After School Midnighters CG Film's 3rd Trailer Posted
7/18/2012Gundam-Sized Blow-Up Rei Figure From Evangelion Photographed in Tokyo
7/18/2012Kamen Rider Fourze, Go-Busters Live-Action Films' Promo Streamed
7/18/2012Art of War Plans To Release Femto Statue
7/18/2012Enjoying Your Luxurious Agarest 2 Lifestyle?
7/18/2012J-Pop Summit Festival Presents Real Escape Game x Evangelion: Escape From Angel
7/18/2012AnimeFest Is Proud To Announce Director Sayo Yamamoto As Our Sixth Japanese Guest of Honor for 2012
7/18/2012Daily Briefs
7/18/2012Compile Heart's New Neptunia V Video Features Tezuka Characters
7/18/2012Yakuza 1&2 HD Edition Screenshots, Release Date Revealed
7/18/2012Japanese Comic Ranking, July 9-15
7/18/2012New Costumes from Hatsune Miku Project Diva F Previewed
7/18/2012Dallas' Anime Fest to Host New Lupin III's Director Sayo Yamamoto
7/18/2012Funimation Reveals Steins;Gate's English Dub Cast
7/18/2012JManga Plans New Manga Site With Unlimited Access
7/18/2012Crunchyroll Adds Nakaimo - My Little Sister is Among Them! TV Anime
7/18/2012Rock Band KISS' Hello Kitty Crossover Toilet Paper Revealed
7/18/2012Kingdom Hearts 3D's English New Worlds Trailer Streamed
7/18/2012Crunchyroll to Stream Moyashimon Returns TV Anime Sequel
7/18/2012Summon Night 5 Fantasy Simulation RPG Lands on PSP
7/18/2012Nana to Kaoru 2 Live-Action Film's Teaser Streamed
7/17/2012Junj? Romantica Manga Volume 16 to Bundle Anime DVD
7/17/2012Princess Mononoke Anime Film Gets Stage Play in London
7/17/2012Code:Breaker Manga to Bundle 3 Original Anime DVDs
7/17/2012Space Brothers Manga/Anime Gets Apo Pug Plush
7/17/2012Code:Breaker Anime's 1st Promo "Aku ni wa Aku o" Streamed
7/17/2012Daily Briefs
7/17/2012Japanese Magazine Staff Arrested for Bundling DVD-Ripping Software
7/17/2012Inazuma Eleven Go vs. Danb?ru Senki W Film's Trailer, Teaser Posted
7/17/2012Naruto Shipp?den: UNS 3 Game's Demo Video Streamed
7/17/2012Gundam AGE PSP RPG's 3rd TV Ad Streamed
7/17/2012Second Ro-Kyu-Bu PSP Game Revealed
7/17/2012Tagame's Gay Erotic Manga 'Standing Ovations' Printed in English
7/17/2012SD Gundam G Generation Over World PSP Game's 1st Trailer Streamed
7/17/2012North American Anime, Manga Releases, July 15-21
7/17/2012Discotek Media Adds Lupin III: The Secret of Mamo Film
7/17/2012Persona 4 Arena's English Full Trailer Streamed
7/17/2012Discotek Media Adds Golden Boy Video Anime
7/17/2012Katayoku no Khronos Gear Video Anime's Promo Streamed
7/17/2012Resident Evil 6's 'Horror' Trailer Streamed
7/16/2012Love Live! TV Ad for Idol Unit ?'s 5th Single Posted
7/16/2012Tekken Tag Tournament 2's 'Girl Power' Promo Streamed (Updated)
7/16/2012Gengoroh Tagame's Gay Bondage Manga Gets 1st English Collection
7/16/2012Code Geass: Akito the Exiled's New Trailer Posted
7/16/2012Otakon Welcomes Back J. Michael Tatum
7/16/2012Sword Art Online BD/DVD Buyers Can Win Kirito's Sword
7/16/2012The Bay Area Gets Its Dance Groove On To Celebrate "Cyberpop Overload" At The 2012 J-pop Summit Festival
7/16/2012Viz Media Expands Viz Manga Digital Platform To Android-Powered Smart Phones
7/16/2012exist?trace "Just Like A Virgin" Will Re-Broadcast On Nico Nico Douga
7/16/2012These Gorgeous Ninjas, Who Attracted Otomes From Around The World, Are Making Their Social Debut
7/16/2012AniMiniCon Soho 2012: Third Year For The Wildly Successful Gathering Of Anime, Manga, And Asian Culture Fans
7/16/2012Yen Press Announces Graphic Novel Adaptation of Ransom Riggs's Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children
7/16/2012Namco Bandai Games and Insert Coin Clothing Collaborate On A 'Tales of' Series Design Competition
7/16/2012Sola's Hisaya, Hanasaku Iroha's Kishida Launch Sakura Kagura
7/16/2012Google to Exhibit at Tokyo's Summer Comic Market in August
7/16/2012Manga of Non-Fiction Novel Tackling Disaster, Suicide Announced
7/16/2012Tiger & Bunny Film Dishes at Namjatown Previewed
7/16/2012Lawson Convenience Store Offers In-Store K-ON! AR App
7/16/2012Pop Band AAA Covers One Piece's Theme, Acts in TV Special
7/16/2012San Francisco to Host Multiplayer Evangelion Game Outdoors
7/16/20122013 Doraemon Anime Film Revealed in 1st Trailer
7/16/2012PS All-Stars, Lost Planet 3, DmC Game Videos Posted
7/15/2012North American Stream List: July 9-15
7/15/2012Akira's Katsuhiro Otomo Inducted Into Eisner Hall of Fame
7/15/2012Live-Action Rurouni Kenshin's 5 Character Promos Streamed
7/15/2012Saban Returns to Saturday Mornings With Vortexx TV Block
7/15/2012Saban Brands to Launch Vortexx on The CW
7/15/2012Hatsune Miku Marks Marine Day With 'Summer Idol' Video
7/15/2012Dragon Quest X Online RPG's Ad Streamed
7/15/2012Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas PC Game's 3rd Promo Streamed
7/15/2012Bakemonogatari Portable Game's Story Demo Streamed
7/15/2012Resident Evil: Damnation CG Film's Comic-Con Trailer Streamed
7/14/2012Daily Briefs
7/14/2012Tough & Riki-Oh's Saruwatari to Launch New Manga
7/14/20121st Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Fighting Game Remade in HD
7/14/2012Big O's Hitoshi Ariga Draws Klonoa Webcomic for ShiftyLook
7/14/2012Shonen Jump Alpha Adds Blue Exorcist, Takama-ga-hara Manga
7/14/2012Jean Reno Goes to Olympics as Doraemon in New Live-Action Ad
7/14/2012Mitsudomoe Manga Resumes in July After 1-Year Hiatus
7/14/2012Soko o Nantoka Sh?jo Lawyer Manga Gets Live-Action Show
7/14/2012Smile Precure! Film With Megumi Hayashibara Previewed in Video
7/14/2012The World God Only Knows Manga Gets New Tenri Anime
7/14/2012Seitokai Yakuindomo Manga Has More Anime in the Works (Updated)
7/14/2012Mizuki's Manga Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths Wins Eisner Award
7/14/2012Astronaut Hoshide to Record Space Brothers Cameo from Space
7/13/2012Space Sheriff Gavan: The Movie Announced for October Premiere
7/13/2012Yen Press Announces New Licensed Series and Adaptations at San Diego Comic-Con
7/13/2012Yen Press Adds 'Another' Horror Novel & Manga, Junya Inoue's BTOOOM! Manga
7/13/2012Moto Hagio to Launch New Manga Serialization in August
7/13/2012Eureka Seven Game and OVA Commercial Streamed
7/13/2012Udon Ent. Establishes Anime Art Book Line, Adds Disgaea 3 Manga (Updated)
7/13/2012New York Times Manga Best Seller List, July 1-7
7/13/2012One Piece Film Z's 2nd Teaser Trailer Streamed
7/13/2012Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner's English Opening Animation Video Posted
7/13/2012JManga Adds Sun-Ken Rock, Dousei Ai, Matantei Loki Manga
7/13/2012Kuroko no Basuke PSP Game's 2nd Promo Streamed
7/13/2012Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki Evolution Game's Opening Posted
7/13/2012Zetsuen no Tempest TV Anime's Promo Streamed
7/13/2012Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo Film's Promo Streamed
7/13/2012Tiger & Bunny Game, Prize Campaign Promo Videos Posted
7/13/2012Hello Kitty Leads the Pack in Sanrio's 2012 Character Poll
7/13/2012Haganai Add On Disc Video Anime's Promo Streamed
7/13/2012Mass Effect: Paragon Lost Premiere Trailer Posted
7/13/20121st 3 Minutes of Dark Fantasy Anime Hells Posted
7/13/2012Live-Action Rurouni Kenshin's Special Footage & Promo Streamed
7/13/2012Comic-Con Trailer for One Piece: Pirate Warriors Game Streamed
7/12/2012Otakon Welcomes Back Masao Maruyama for 2012
7/12/2012Shin Sasaki to Appear at Otakon 2012
7/12/2012Persona 4 Arena Fighting Game's Opening Streamed
7/12/2012Tetsuya Saruwatari's Tough Manga to End on July 19
7/12/2012CLAMP's Moon Saga Stage Play TV Ad Streamed
7/12/2012Ushijima the Loan Shark Film's Yuko Oshima Scene Posted
7/12/2012Digimon World: Re:Digitize Game's 4 Promos Streamed
7/12/2012Viz Media Invites Young Fans For Kids Day At 2012 Comic-Con International
7/12/2012NIS Streams Kamisama to Unmei Kakumei no Paradox Promo
7/12/2012Cast of Takarazuka Legend of the Galactic Heroes Revealed
7/12/2012Video Showcasing New Features on Project Diva Arcade's "Version B" Streamed
7/12/2012San Diego Comic-Con 2012
7/12/2012Two New Live-Action Rurouni Kenshin Film Ads Posted
7/12/2012Gundam Online Alpha Test, Promotional Videos Streamed
7/12/2012JoJo's Adventures, Monster Hunter 3G Game Collaboration Announced
7/12/2012Montreal's Fantasia Fest to Screen Takashi Miike's Ai to Makoto Film
7/12/2012Viz to Print Street Fighter X Sanrio: World View Books
7/12/2012Zettai Karen Children Manga Gets New Anime Project
7/12/2012Dallas' Anime Fest to Host Scriptwriter Dai Sato
7/12/2012New Super Mario Bros. 2 Game's Trailer Streamed
7/12/2012Yoshinori Ono: Street Fighter Live-Action Series in Development
7/12/2012NIS' Tokushu H?d?bu PSVita Game's Promo Streamed
7/12/2012AnimeFest 2012 Guest Announcement: Dai Sato
7/12/2012Tekken Tag Tournament 2's Promo, Items Trailers Streamed
7/12/2012Otakon to Host Madhouse Founder Masao Maruyama
7/11/2012Daily Briefs
7/11/2012Gameplay Video for Banpresto's Lost Heroes RPG Streamed
7/11/2012Japanese Comic Ranking, July 2-8
7/11/2012Blue Exorcist's English Dub Previewed by Neon Alley
7/11/2012Kokoro Connect Yochi Random Game's TV Ad Posted
7/11/2012Voice Actress Sayaka Ohara Has Vocal Cord Surgery
7/11/2012NIS Plans TV Anime for Kamisama to Unmei Kakumei no Paradox
7/11/2012Kuroko no Basuke PSP Game's 2 TV Ads Streamed
7/11/2012GoRA, GoHands Stream K Anime's 4th Promo Video
7/11/2012Hatsune Miku to Hold Daily Concerts in Tokyo This Summer
7/10/2012Nana to Kaoru Manga Gets 2nd Live-Action Film
7/10/2012Full Metal Panic! Another Novels Get New Project
7/10/2012Dragon Ball Manga Gets New Film Adaptation
7/10/2012Daily Briefs
7/10/2012Sonic the Hedgehog & Hello Kitty Fuse Into 1 Super Jumbo Plush
7/10/2012Wacom Posts Live Drawing Video of Natsuiro Kiseki Designer Hidari
7/10/2012Perfect Day for Love Letters' Asakura Launches New Manga
7/10/2012Muv-Luv PS3 Port's TV Ad Streamed
7/10/2012One Piece: Romance Dawn Is Pirate Anime's 1st PSP RPG
7/10/2012Bleach Ranks #1 For June Manga Sales in U.S. Bookstores
7/10/2012Death Note's Matsuyama Makes Cameo in Gomera Ad
7/10/2012Gundam AGE PSP RPG's 1st Promo Streamed
7/10/2012Gundam Seed: Battle Destiny Game's TV Ads Streamed
7/10/2012Shoko Conami Pens Zombie Romantic Comedy Manga
7/10/2012Astro Boy Teaches Science at Japanese Museum
7/10/2012Karaoke Chain Features Menu Inspired by New Nanoha Movie
7/10/2012Akira Toriyama, Toei Make Dragon Ball Z Film Next March
7/10/2012North American Anime, Manga Releases, July 8-14
7/9/2012Idol Group 9nine's Kanae Yoshii Stars in Macross Musical
7/9/2012Hatsune Miku Masks to Be Sold at Festivals Throughout Japan
7/9/2012'My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong As I Expected' Light Novels Get TV Anime
7/9/2012GJ-bu Ch?t?-bu School Light Novels Get TV Anime
7/9/2012Phantasy Star Online 2 RPG Confirmed Heading to the West (Updated)
7/9/2012Fate/stay night [Realta Nua] PSV's Opening Animated by ufotable
7/9/2012AKB48 Pachinko Game Slated for Summer
7/9/2012Yumiko Kawahara, Madoka Magica Win 'Sense of Gender' Awards
7/9/2012'From the New World' Sci-Fi Anime's 2nd Promo Streamed
7/9/2012Hunter x Hunter Wonder Adventure Game's 1st Promo Streamed
7/9/2012Crunchyroll Adds Dog Days' TV Anime
7/9/2012Hollywood Reporter: Film Adaptation of Cyborg 009 'in Development'
7/9/2012Happy Happy Clover's Tatsuyama Draws New Manga
7/9/2012ShiftyLook Announces San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Official Schedule of Events
7/9/2012JAM Project
7/9/2012Konami Digital Entertainment Rolls Into America's Finest City During San Diego Comic-Con
7/9/2012Applehead Factory Announces Their 2012 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive
7/9/2012Sneko, J-Cover Artist & YouTube Sensation, Announced For TAKII 14!
7/9/2012Otakon Welcomes Brina Palencia
7/9/2012?Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight? Fan Film Sequel Premieres Online, Filmmakers Launch Kickstarter Project
7/9/2012Saki Anime's Voice Cast Try to Play Real-Life Mahjong
7/9/2012Biglobe Poll: Best Voice Actress for Boy Characters
7/9/2012Madoka Magica's Kyubey Inspires Cosplay Pajamas
7/9/2012Crunchyroll to Stream Hakuoki Reimeiroku TV Anime
7/9/2012AnoHana PSP Game's 2nd Promo Streamed
7/9/2012PS3 ?kami HD's Gameplay Video Streamed
7/8/2012Resident Evil 6's Japanese Teaser Ad Posted
7/8/2012SD Gundam Generation Over World PSP Game's 1st Ad Aired
7/8/2012Gyrozetter Videos: Learn to Drive a Transforming Car Robot
7/8/2012Oscar Nominee Koji Yamamura Receives Kawakita Award
7/8/2012Singer Daigo to Play Version of Himself in Vanguard Anime
7/8/2012Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 2nd A's 27th Ad Aired
7/8/2012Dallas' AnimeFest to Host Animation Director Yoshimitsu Yamashita
7/8/2012Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin Epilogue Gets Anime Film
7/8/2012Puella Magi Madoka Magica Films' 1st TV Ad Aired
7/7/2012Ni no Kuni Daib?ken Monsters Game's TV Spots Posted
7/7/2012Inazuma Eleven Go 2: Chrono Stone 3DS Game Promo Streamed
7/7/2012Smile Precure! Anime Film's New TV Ad Aired
7/7/2012Japanese Box Office, June 30-July 1
7/7/2012Japan's Animation TV Ranking, June 25-July 1
7/7/2012Daily Briefs
7/7/2012Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Trailer Confirms More Characters
7/7/2012Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere PSP Previewed in TV Ad
7/7/2012Maria Watches Over Us/Maria-sama ga Miteru's Hibiki Gets Married
7/7/2012D.C.III ~Da Capo III~ Visual Novel Gets TV Anime
7/7/2012Madoka Magica, Gundam: The Origin Win at Japan Sci-Fi Con
7/7/2012Halko Momoi Sells Concert Video on Portable Hard Disk
7/7/2012Live-Action Himitsu no Akko-chan's Full Trailer Posted
7/6/20124?C/Toyota's 4th PES Anime Short, Music Video Posted
7/6/2012Tales of Xillia 2 Game's TV Ad Streamed
7/6/2012Tales of Xillia Game Gets Release in N. America, Europe
7/6/2012Fairy Tail: H?? no Miko Film's Full Trailer Streamed
7/6/2012Live-Action Rurouni Kenshin Film's 1-Minute TV Ad Posted
7/6/2012Accel World: Ginyoku no Kakusei Game's 2nd TV Ad Posted
7/6/2012I.G's 3rd Female Olympian Short for Acer Posted
7/6/2012Sailor Moon Manga Gets New Anime Series in Summer 2013 (Update 3)
7/6/2012OreShura Romantic Comedy Light Novels Get Anime
7/6/2012Jewelpet Sweets Dance Princess Film's Trailer Posted
7/6/2012Shaman King's Takei Draws 1-Shot Manga with 3D CG Short, Trailer
7/6/2012Daily Briefs
7/6/20121st Tiger & Bunny Film's New Character Appears in Trailer
7/6/2012New York Times Manga Best Seller List, June 24-30
7/6/2012Montreal's Fantasia Fest to Present Satoshi Kon Award
7/6/2012Pre-Broadcast Promo for 2nd Dog Days Anime Season Streamed
7/6/2012Ad, Promotional Trailer for Love, Election, & Chocolate PSP Game Streamed
7/6/2012Combattler V Opening Reanimated for Theme Song Remake
7/5/2012France's Japan Expo to Host California Con in Late Summer 2013
7/5/2012Atlus to Exhibit Persona 4 Arena Playables at Evo 2012
7/5/2012Marvel vs. Capcom Origins Collection Announced
7/5/2012One Piece: Pirate Warriors' Gameplay Video Streamed
7/5/2012Ring & Grudge Films' Oz Productions to File for Bankruptcy
7/5/20122 Dragon Ball Z Game Promos Streamed
7/5/2012Official Haganai 3D Buttocks Mousepads Offered (NSFW)
7/5/2012New Detective Conan Specials to Star Kait? Kid in August
7/5/2012Hyouka 'Episode 11.5' Video Anime's Ad Streamed (Updated)
7/5/2012Live-Action Sengoku Basara Show's Trailer Streamed
7/5/2012The History Of Sonic The Hedgehog Rolls Into Stores This Fall
7/5/2012Atlus Celebrates Summer With "Half Off Just About Everything For Just About A Month" Playstation Network Sale; Hit Games 50% On PSN For A Limited Time
7/5/2012MangaGamer Announces Release Dates and New Titles at Anime Expo
7/5/2012First Power Rangers Graphic Novel To Premiere At San-Diego Comic-Con
7/5/2012Day-Lee Pride Gyoza Eating Championship
7/5/2012Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Gets Fall TV Anime & PS3 Game
7/5/2012Official 6-Meter-Tall Gundam Statue to Rise in China
7/5/2012Capcom/Sega/Namco Bandai's 1st Project X Zone Ad Posted
7/5/2012Tales of Xillia 2's Decision System Previewed in Video
7/5/2012Kingdom Hearts 3D's English New Features Trailer Streamed
7/5/2012Sol Trigger PSP Game's Story, Cyril Videos Posted
7/5/2012Viz to Host Japan's Shonen Jump Editors at Comic-Con Int'l
7/5/2012NiGHTS into dreams HD Game Remake Announced with Trailer
7/5/2012Cosmic Commander Official Service Begins on Facebook
7/5/2012Special Events For Saboten Con 2012 Have Been Announced
7/5/2012AnimeFest Guest Announcement: Yoshimitsu Yamashita
7/5/2012Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero's 2nd Character Promo Streamed
7/5/2012JManga Adds Fumiyo Kouno's Pippira Note Manga
7/5/2012Marmalade Boy's Yoshizumi Ends Chitose Etc. Manga
7/5/2012Shingo Honda's Hakaiju Horror Manga Gets Live-Action Short
7/5/2012Shigeru Tsuchiyama's Gokud? Meshi Gourmet Manga Ends
7/5/2012Ixion Saga DT Fantasy Anime's 1st Trailer Streamed
7/4/2012Toriko Gourmet Survival 2 Game's Promos Streamed
7/4/20121st Tiger & Bunny Film's Newest Footage Aired
7/4/2012Unison Square Garden to Perform 1st Tiger & Bunny Film Theme
7/4/2012Japanese Comic Ranking, June 25-July 1
7/4/2012Touhou Project-Linked Trademarks Upheld for Non-Creator
7/4/2012ClariS, Kalafina to Sing Madoka Magica Films' Theme Songs
7/4/2012Japan's Video Game Rankings, June 25-July 1
7/4/2012Naruto SD, Tekken Tag 2, Tokumei Sentai Game Videos
7/4/2012Sengoku Basara, Shining Force, Soul Sacrifice Game Videos
7/4/2012Phantasy Star, Resident Evil, Rose Guns Days Game Videos
7/4/2012MGS HD Edition, Monster Hunter 4, Persona 4 Arena Game Videos
7/4/2012FF VII for PC, Danb?ru Senki, Kirby's Dream Game Videos
7/4/2012Fuse Anime Film's Main Cast Listed
7/4/2012Dragon Quest's Slime Is Hired by Convenience Store
7/4/2012Dead or Alive 5, E.X. Troopers, Guilty Crown Game Videos
7/4/2012New Moyashimon Video Shows Fans How to Enjoy Sequel More
7/4/2012Mind-Controlled Cat Ear Creators Make Wolf Children Ears
7/4/2012Over 20 Police Cars & Chopper Dispatched to Arrest Alleged Manga Thieves
7/4/2012Naruto Gets Super-Deformed in 3DS Fighting Game
7/3/2012Hatsune Miku Returns to iPhone in Miku Flick 2 Rhythm Game
7/3/2012Daily Briefs
7/2/2012Sentai Filmworks Adds Tari Tari TV Anime
7/2/2012Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Tari Tari"
7/2/2012Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Someday's Dreamers II Sora"
7/2/2012Sentai Filmworks Adds Someday's Dreamers II Sora TV Anime
7/2/2012Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere II's 2nd Promo Streamed
7/2/2012Hyouka Characters Cosplay as Hatsune Miku & Vocaloids
7/2/2012Aru Zombie Sh?jo no Sainan Anime's Teaser Promo Streamed
7/2/2012Hatsune Miku Meat Buns to Be Unveiled in Japan
7/2/2012Namori Draws Yuruyuri Manga Spinoff ?muro-ke Online
7/2/2012MechaCon Returns to New Orleans, La. in September
7/2/2012Crunchyroll Relaunches New and Improved Facebook App
7/2/2012Crunchyroll to Launch Apps for Streaming Anime & Asian Entertainment on PS3/PS Vita
7/2/2012Starship Troopers: Invasion's New Trailer Streamed
7/2/2012Toei's Dark Anime Film Asura's Trailer Streamed
7/2/2012Japan Expo 13th Impact, The Best of Japanese Culture in Paris
7/2/2012Phantasy Star Online 2's New Feature Video Posted
7/2/2012Mizuki's Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths Gets Harvey Nod
7/2/20122nd Dog Days Anime Season's Pastillage TV Ad Posted
7/2/2012Japanese Box Office, June 23-24
7/2/2012Sentai Filmworks Licenses Kokoro Connect TV Anime
7/2/2012Project X Zone's 10-Minute Promo Video Streamed
7/2/2012Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Kokoro Connect"
7/2/2012One Piece, Madoka Magica Win Licensing of the Year Awards
7/1/2012Digital Manga Adds Takasugi-san's Obento, More BL & Hentai
7/1/2012Sentai Filmworks Adds Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita Anime
7/1/2012Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 2nd A's 26th Ad Aired
7/1/2012Japan's Animation TV Ranking, June 18-24
7/1/2012Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Space Brothers"
7/1/2012Sentai Filmworks Licenses Space Brothers TV Anime
7/1/2012Japanese Box Office, June 16-17
7/1/2012Sentai Filmworks Licenses So, I Can't Play H! Anime
7/1/2012Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Joins Shonen Jump Alpha Every Month
7/1/2012Sentai Filmworks Licenses Detroit Metal City Anime
7/1/2012Sentai Filmworks Licenses Qwaser of Stigmata Anime
7/1/2012Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo Film's Trailer Posted
7/1/2012Aura: Mary?ink?ga Saigo no Tatakai Anime Film Officially Unveiled
7/1/2012Sword Art Online Anime's 4th TV Ad Aired