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Anime News

DateArticle Name
1/31/2013Xseed to Bring Killer Is Dead, Rune Factory 4 to N. America
1/31/2013Space Pirate Captain Harlock Remake's English Teaser Posted
1/31/2013Fate/extra CCC RPG's Meltlilith Profiled in Short Movie
1/31/2013Captain Harlock Sci-Fi Anime's Remake to Open This Fall
1/31/2013Nozoki Ana Anime Blu-ray to Add New Segment
1/31/2013Encouragement of Climb BD to Include Unaired Episode
1/31/2013A Certain Magical Index Film's Full Trailer, Ads Streamed
1/30/2013Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus Gameplay Previewed in Videos
1/30/2013Viz Media to Release Pok?mon Adventures: HeartGold SoulSilver Manga
1/30/2013Penguindrum Anime Inspires Manga Almost 2 Years Later
1/30/2013Hello Kitty Statue Removed From Shrine After Sanrio Finds Out
1/30/2013Japanese Comic Ranking, January 21-27
1/30/2013Japan's Video Game Rankings, January 21-27
1/30/2013Daily Briefs I
1/30/2013Prolific Singer T.M.Revolution to Perform at Otakon
1/30/20132nd Accel World Game's 6th Web-Exclusive Video Streamed
1/30/2013GungHo Online Entertainment Brings On SUDA51 Development Studio, Grasshopper Manufacture
1/30/2013The Ultimate Anime Tour to Japan, PacSet's Animated Spring Tour, Confirmed; Signups end January 31
1/30/2013Genericon XXVI Welcomes Back Uzuhi and Jenny Blanchard
1/30/2013Aksys Games Announces Muramasa Rebirth
1/30/2013Anime Midwest Presents Steam Powered Giraffe in 2013
1/30/2013One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2's 4-Minute Promo Streamed
1/30/2013Daily Briefs II
1/29/2013KFC's Colonel Sanders to Cosplay as Dragon Ball's Son Goku
1/29/2013Hear Berserk Films' Theme With Made-Up Lyrics in Video
1/29/2013Battle Angel Manga's Kishiro Featured on English NHK TV Show
1/29/2013Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, January 21-27
1/29/20133rd Berserk Film's Uncut R18+ Version to Also Run in Theaters
1/29/2013Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, January 21-27
1/29/2013Code Geass: Akito the Exiled #2 Delayed Until Summer
1/29/2013Executive VP of Publishing Alvin Lu Leaves Viz
1/29/2013North American Anime, Manga Releases, January 27-February 2
1/29/2013Capcom: Mega Man Xover iOS Game on Hold in U.S.
1/29/2013Thermae Romae Manga Gets Live-Action Film Sequel
1/29/2013Project Diva Arcade Celebrates Megurine Luka's Birthday With Medley Video
1/29/2013Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi Game's English Trailer Streamed
1/29/2013Vertical Confirms License of Summer Wars Manga
1/29/2013Aksys Games to Release Muramasa Rebirth for PS Vita in N. America
1/29/2013Fire Emblem: Awakening's English Character Progression Trailer Posted
1/29/2013VIZ Media Develops Original Graphic Novels for Mattel's MAX STEEL
1/29/2013Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus PS Vita Port's Gameplay Trailer Posted
1/29/2013Preorder of the First X-tra by Tsume Figures
1/29/2013Kawaii Kon's Second Guest Announcement for the 2013 Show
1/28/2013Musical Duo Every Little Thing Make Voice Acting Debut
1/28/2013Voice Actor Sukekiyo Kameyama Passes Away
1/28/20133rd Berserk Film's Ad Previews Theme Song 'Breakthrough'
1/28/2013CLAMP's xxxHOLiC Caf? Unveiled in Tokyo
1/28/2013Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Game's 7 New Videos Posted
1/28/2013Y?ko Nemu's Gozen 3-ji no Muh?chitai Manga Gets Live-Action Drama
1/28/2013Evangelion Inspires 3 Color-Coordinated Pentax Cameras
1/28/2013Media Blasters Adds Fight Ippatsu! J?den-chan!! TV Anime
1/28/2013Blassreiter Pachinko Game's Animated Promos Streamed
1/28/2013Viz's Shonen Jump Magazine Adds Full-Color Dragon Ball Manga
1/28/2013January Issue of World's 1st Digital Manga Magazine "COMICLOUD" on Sale Soon
1/28/2013ComiXology Begins International Push With Opening Of ComiXology Europe
1/28/2013Makoto Shinkai's New Kotonoha no Niwa Film Gets Manga
1/28/2013Namco Bandai Games Europe Announce Preorder DLCs for Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
1/27/2013Daily Briefs
1/27/2013Naruto, Hyouka Posters Offered to Blood Donors
1/27/2013Poppy Hill, 6 Other Ghibli Films to Screen in Massachusetts
1/27/2013Japanese Box Office, January 19-20
1/27/2013Japan's Animation TV Ranking, January 14-20
1/27/2013A Certain Magical Index Campaign Offers Chance to See Cast
1/27/2013Berserk Golden Age Arc III: Descent Film's Ad Aired
1/27/2013Boku no Im?to wa "?saka Okan" BD to Bundle New Episode
1/27/2013Ryukishi07's Rose Guns Days Game Inspires Prologue Manga
1/27/2013Don Quixote Manga Adaptation Runs in Comic@Bunch
1/27/2013Voice Actor Ryotaro Okiayu, Actress Ai Maeda Get Married
1/26/2013Daily Briefs
1/26/2013From Eroica with Love's Aoike Resumes Sh?d?shi Falco Manga
1/26/2013T?hai Mahjong Manga Gets Screen Adaptation
1/26/2013Kurogane Kendo Manga Ends in Shonen Jump in Japan
1/26/2013Umizaru's Sato Launches Manga With Relaxed Copyright Restrictions
1/26/201330 Top-Selling Games in Japan: 2012
1/26/2013God Eater 2 Game Videos Show New Charge Spear in Action
1/26/2013Fist of the North Star's Hara Draws Momoiro Clover Z DVD Art
1/26/2013Precure Producer: 'Precure Is Still Just 10 Years Old'
1/26/2013Cardfight!! Vanguard's Takuya Sat? Announces Marriage
1/26/2013Next Comiket Events Accept Previously Barred Kuroko's Basketball Circles
1/25/2013Kuroko's Basketball Allowed at Tokyo Big Sight Event
1/25/2013Macross Creator Kawamori Designs Subaru Cars' EyeSight Robot
1/25/2013Musical Duo Chage and Aska Reunite After 4 Years
1/25/2013ClariS to Perform Oreimo's 2nd Season Opening
1/25/2013Atlus Unveils Box Set Content and Final Cover Image for Upcoming RPG Shin Megami Tensei?: Devil Summoner?: Soul Hackers
1/25/2013Trigger Makes Anime Promo for Enterbrain's Winning Novel
1/25/2013Daily Briefs
1/25/2013Akira Kurosawa to Receive Writers Guild Award
1/25/2013Ace Combat Assault Horizon: Enhanced Edition Now Available on Windows PC for the First Time Ever Via Digital Download
1/25/2013Aniplex of America Launches the Oreimo Blu-ray Disc Set on February 27, 2013
1/25/2013Switch Girl!! Manga Enters Final Arc
1/25/2013Petit Eva's Ryusuke Hamamoto Launches Oni Work Manga
1/25/2013Nintendo Announces Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem Project
1/25/2013New York Times Manga Best Seller List, January 13-19
1/25/2013Shoko Conami to Resume Shikabane Cherry Manga
1/25/2013New Franco-Japanese Animation Studio Launches
1/25/2013Eir Aoi, Luna Haruna to Perform at Seattle's Sakura-Con (Updated)
1/25/2013Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic 3DS RPG's 2nd TV Ad Posted
1/25/20132nd Accel World Game's 5th Web-Exclusive Video Streamed
1/24/2013Dynasty Warriors 8 Video Features Tomoyasu Hotei's New Song
1/24/2013Princess Resurrection Manga to End in February
1/24/2013AKB48 Idol Tomomi Kasai's Photo Book Cancelled
1/24/2013Silver Spoon, I Am a Hero Win Shogakukan Manga Awards
1/24/2013Log Horizon Fantasy Novels Get TV Anime By Satelight
1/24/2013A Certain Scientific Railgun S Opening Performed by fripSide
1/24/2013Fate/extra CCC RPG's SHAFT-Animated Opening Streamed
1/24/2013MangaGamer Announces Hard copy of Boob Wars
1/24/2013Art of War Releasing Guts vs. Zodd Statues
1/24/2013Sentai Filmworks Licenses ?K-ON! The Movie?
1/24/2013Live-Action xxxHOLiC Cast Photographed in Costume
1/24/2013Daily Briefs
1/24/2013Eikoku Tantei Mysteria Romance Game's Promos, Opening Streamed
1/24/2013Persona 4 Golden Will Hit Europe February 22
1/24/2013Kingdom Hearts 1.5 to Include 3 Hours of 358/2 Days Cutscenes
1/24/2013Otaku Magazine Announces Sapporo Edition
1/24/2013I.G Seeks Interpreters in Canada for Oshii's The Last Druid Film
1/24/2013Aniplex of America Launches the Nisemonogatari Limited Edition Blu-ray Box Set on February 26, 2013
1/24/2013Japan's Video Game Rankings, January 14-20
1/24/2013Inu ? Boku SS Manga Enters Final Arc
1/24/2013Section23 Films Announces May Slate
1/24/2013K?mpfer Manga to End in 10th Volume
1/24/2013Hatsune Miku -Project Diva- F PS3 Video Shows New Features
1/24/2013NEO 107 Reveals the Best of 2012 As Voted For By You Plus Blue Exorcist and Fist of the North Star Double Cover
1/22/2013Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, January 14-20
1/22/2013Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, January 14-20
1/22/2013Nanae Chrono's Vampire Anime Vassalord Previewed in Video
1/22/2013Pop Group TRF, Artist Okama Contribute to New Pretty Rhythm Anime
1/22/2013Viz Media Begins 2013 with New Weekly Shonen Jump Digital Manga Magazine
1/22/2013Setsucon Announces 2013 Guest Lineup
1/21/2013Sonny Strait to Attend Anime-zing!
1/21/2013Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3's DLC Costumes Revealed
1/21/2013Yukari Tamura Leads Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san Cast
1/21/2013Unbreakable Machine-Doll Light Novels Get TV Anime
1/21/2013Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Anime to Premiere in April
1/21/2013Aoi Yuki, Tomoaki Maeno, Minako Kotobuki Lead Anime Mirai Casts
1/21/2013Yukari Tamura Sings 'Hentai' Prince & the Stony Cat Opening
1/21/201311 Titles Nominated for 6th Manga Taisho Awards
1/21/2013Daily Briefs
1/21/2013J?j? Senjin!! Mushibugy? Action Manga Gets TV Anime
1/21/2013KimStim to Release Tatsumi Film on DVD in N. America
1/21/2013Tetsujin 28-g? Gao! Robot Anime Shorts to Air in April
1/21/2013Psycho-Pass Character Designer Ueyama Launches New Manga
1/21/2013S.A.'s Maki Minami Ends Seiy? ka?! Manga
1/21/2013Namco Bandai Confirms One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 N. American Release (Updated)
1/21/2013Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3's English Tailed Beasts Video Posted
1/21/2013Viz Media Begins 2013 with the All-New Weekly Shonen Jump Digital Manga Magazine
1/21/2013Viz Media to Release Akira Toriyama's 'Kintoki' 1-Shot Manga Next Week
1/21/2013Capcom/Sega/Namco Bandai's Project X Zone Gets N. American Release
1/21/2013Project X Zone Makes Its Way to Europe and Australia - Exclusively for Nintendo 3DS
1/21/2013Namco Bandai Announces Tekken Card Tournament
1/21/2013Sony Reveals PlayStation 3 in Red, White, and Blue
1/21/2013Dragon Ball Z Smile Sets Offered at KFC in Japan
1/21/2013ShiftyLook Premiers Galaga from Ryan North, Christopher Hastings, & Anthony Clark
1/21/2013Florida Anime Experience Celebrates Japanese Pop Culture in 2013
1/20/2013K-ON! Puppet Campaign Prizes Revealed
1/20/2013Japanese Box Office, January 12-13
1/20/2013Japan's TV Animation Ranking, January 7-13
1/20/2013Toma Ikuta to Star in Film of Crime Manga Mogura no Uta
1/20/2013Good Smile Cafe's Monogatari Series Cafe Dishes Revealed
1/20/2013Detective Conan: Marionette Symphony Game Revealed in Video
1/20/2013Daily Briefs
1/20/2013Mamoru Oshii, Kamui Fujiwara's Manga/Anime Hybrids Now in U.S. App Store
1/20/2013CLAMP's xxxHOLiC Caf? Menu Unveiled
1/20/2013Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic 3DS RPG's Full Promo Streamed
1/19/2013Hetalia The Beautiful World's English-Subtitled Trailer Posted
1/19/2013Funimation Reveals Tenchi War on Geminar Dub Cast & Clip
1/19/2013Nitroplus Mascot Super Sonico Gets 1/2-Scale Statue
1/19/2013Toyota Unveils Official Girls & Panzer Itasha Car
1/19/2013Ninja Kids/Nintama Rantar? Sequel's Teaser Streamed
1/19/20139nine's Star Driver Film Theme's Music Video Streamed
1/19/2013Mamoru Oshii, Kamui Fujiwara's Manga/Anime Hybrids Released
1/19/2013Police Investigate Kodansha Over AKB48 Idol Kasai's 'Inappropriate' Photo
1/19/2013Seattle's Sakura-Con to Host Sword Art Online Creator Reki Kawahara
1/19/2013Daily Briefs
1/19/2013Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Plays Herself on Crayon Shin-chan
1/18/2013Battle Robot Damashii Game's Opening, Promo Streamed
1/18/2013Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus Game's Opening Anime Streamed
1/18/2013Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiy? Comedy Novels Get Anime
1/18/2013Hetalia The Beautiful World DVDs to Have Unaired Episodes
1/18/2013Gundam Breaker Game Lets You Mix & Match Robot Parts
1/18/2013NHK's Domo-kun Mascot Gets His Own iOS Game
1/18/2013The Pet Girl of Sakurasou Game's Promo Streamed
1/18/2013Viz Media's Neon Alley to Stream Accel World Anime
1/18/2013Aniplex USA to Release Nisemonogatari, Oreimo on Blu-ray
1/18/20132nd Accel World Game's 3rd, 4th Web Exclusive Videos Posted
1/18/2013New York Times Manga Best Seller List, January 6-12
1/18/2013Dead or Alive 5+ PS Vita Port's 'Extreme Private Gravure' Promo Posted
1/18/2013Sentai Akibaranger Parody 2nd Season's Teaser Video Streamed
1/18/2013Level 5's Y?kai Watch 3DS Game's Trailer Streamed
1/18/2013Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus PS Vita Port's Promo Video Posted
1/18/2013Code Geass Arm Cushions Let Fans Rest in Lelouch, Suzaku's Arms
1/18/2013Killer Is Dead Game's 1st Promo Streamed
1/18/2013Funimation Streams Entire Shakugan no Shana Film with English Dub
1/18/2013Metal Gear Rising Revengeance's Boss Battles Previewed in Video
1/17/2013Naruto Online Game to Launch in China in 2013
1/17/2013Fate/extra CCC RPG's Passion Lip Profiled in Short Movie
1/17/2013Ch?niby? Demo Koi ga Shitai!'s 3rd Unaired BD/DVD Short Previewed
1/17/2013Tales of Hearts R's Team Attack Highlighted in Video
1/17/2013Kamen Rider: Battride War PS3 Game Teased in Video
1/17/2013Daily Briefs
1/17/2013Funimation to Stream Minami-ke: Tadaima Anime
1/17/2013Shokotan, Judo Gold Medalist to Voice Dragon Ball Z Film
1/17/2013Square Enix Poll: Favorite Female Final Fantasy Character
1/17/2013Nijigahara Holograph Manga Scheduled for Release in February
1/17/2013Digital Manga's Project-H Imprint Adds Adult Manga from Tadataka Kawasaki
1/17/2013Otakon to Host Madhouse Founder Masao Maruyama
1/17/2013Veteran Producer Masao Maruyama to Appear at Otakon 2013
1/17/2013Hatsune Miku's 7th Dragon 2020-II Theme Previewed in Video
1/17/2013Silver Spoon Anime Teased in Fuji TV's Noitamina Ad
1/17/2013Neptunia Victory's English Dub Previewed in Gameplay Videos (Updated)
1/17/2013Funimation to Stream Haganai NEXT Sequel Anime
1/17/2013Tora-Con 2013 Announces Second Round of Guests
1/17/2013New Book on Anime from Ian Condry
1/17/2013Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII's Extended Trailer Posted
1/17/2013Studio Trigger's 'Little Witch Academia' Trailer Posted
1/16/2013New Final Fantasy: All the Bravest RPG Arrives on iOS
1/16/2013Sengoku Basara 3 Utage Stage Play's Cast Revealed
1/16/2013Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII's New Character Revealed
1/16/2013'Straight Title Robot Anime's' 1st Ad Streamed
1/16/2013Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance's 7-Minute Trailer Posted
1/16/2013Daily Briefs
1/16/2013'Totoro' Lycra Spandex Full-Body Suit Offered
1/16/2013Japan's Animation TV Ranking, December 31-January 6
1/16/2013Naruto Ranks as #15 Graphic Novel in U.S. Bookstores in December
1/16/2013Japanese Comic Ranking, January 7-13
1/16/2013Critical Mass Video Announces May 7, 2013 DVD Release of RXXX
1/16/2013Critical Mass Video Announces Bondage 101 on DVD for May 2013
1/16/2013Japan's Video Game Rankings, January 7-13
1/16/2013XSeed Games to Bring Pandora's Tower Wii Game to N. America
1/16/2013Sentai Filmworks Adds AKB0048 TV Anime
1/16/2013Sentai Filmworks Licenses AKB0048
1/16/2013Seny? Fantasy Comedy to Have Original Video Anime
1/16/2013Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 to Feature Kurama Mode
1/16/2013Section23 Films Announces April Slate
1/15/2013Shonen Sunday's 1st Editor Kiichi Toyoda Passes Away
1/15/2013Y?sha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Sh?shoku o Ketsui Shimashita Novels Have Anime in the Works
1/15/2013Ghost in the Shell Arise Anime to Launch in 2013
1/15/2013Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, January 7-13
1/15/2013Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, January 7-13
1/15/2013Gokusen's Morimoto to Launch New Romantic Comedy Manga
1/15/2013Comedy Reality Show to Recreate Famous Manga/Anime Scenes
1/15/2013Crime Action Manga Mogura no Uta Gets Live-Action Film
1/15/2013Rock Band Sharan Q Reunites After 7 Years for Summer Tour
1/15/2013North American Anime, Manga Releases, January 13-19
1/15/2013Sentai Filmworks Adds Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East TV Anime
1/15/2013Toronto Comic Arts Festival Hosts Taiyo Matsumoto, Gengoroh Tagame
1/15/2013Digital Manga's Project-H Imprint Adds 10 More Adult Manga
1/15/2013Maiden Japan Licenses Patlabor Video Anime Series
1/15/2013Right Stuf Licenses Space Adventure Cobra TV Anime
1/15/2013Live-Action/Anime Film Director Nagisa Oshima Passes Away
1/15/2013Actress Anne Poses as XxxHOLiC's Yuuko in New Year's Greeting
1/15/2013Daily Briefs
1/15/2013Those Who Hunt Elves Manga Returns in New Series
1/15/2013Tecmo Koei America Will Release Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk This Spring!
1/15/2013Magical Suite Prism Nana Anime's Comiket Promo Streamed
1/15/2013Tokyo Anime Freedom Tour 2013 - Anime Contents Expo 7 nights Package
1/15/2013Sentai Filmworks Licenses Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East
1/15/2013New People Travel Web Mag Posts Interview w/ Anime Director Katsuhito Ishii
1/15/2013Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Duelist Portfolio Releases Jan. 25th
1/15/2013RIGHT STUF, Inc. Acquires Space Adventure Cobra: The Original TV Series
1/15/2013Maiden Japan Licenses Patlabor OVAs!
1/14/2013True Tears/Hanasaku Iroha/Tari Tari Concert Coming in April
1/14/2013Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Exclusive Heads to N. America
1/14/2013Composer Yoko Kanno Holds Open Audition for Male Singer
1/14/2013Daily Briefs
1/14/2013Japanese Highschooler Crowned Akihabara's Moe Queen
1/14/201310,000 People Expected to Converge Upon Atlanta for Momocon Anime and Gaming Convention March 8-10
1/14/2013The Limit's Keiko Suenobu to Launch Hope Manga
1/14/2013Toyota Forms New Venture With Gundam's Zeonic to Sell Car
1/14/2013Lucky Star Shrine Draws 470,000 During New Year's
1/14/2013Sentai Filmworks Adds Cuticle Detective Inaba Anime
1/14/2013Sentai Filmworks Licenses Cuticle Detective Inaba
1/14/2013Line Offline Salaryman TV Anime's 1st Episode Streamed
1/14/2013Viz's Shonen Jump Alpha Adds One-Punch Man Manga
1/14/2013Bushiroad's 4th, 5th Shiyoko Ads Streamed
1/14/2013Right Stuf / Nozomi Ent. Acquisition Announcement ? January 15 at
1/14/2013Precure Anime Fans Can Try Out For TV Commercial
1/14/2013'Date A Live' Light Novels Inspire Game by Neptunia's Compile Heart
1/14/2013Buronson & Ryoichi Ikegami End Soul Lord 2 Manga
1/14/2013Breakout Anime Site Provides Users With Suggestions On What To Watch Next
1/14/2013DC Anime Club's Drawing Workshop
1/13/2013Daily Briefs
1/13/2013Japan's Animation TV Ranking, December 24-30
1/13/2013Japanese Box Office, January 5-6
1/13/2013CW Head: Network Is Not Planning to Remake Battle Royale
1/13/2013Manga Sunday, Comic Cawaii Magazines End Publication
1/13/2013AKB48, Bakemonogatari, Persona 4 Win Gold Disc Awards
1/13/2013Hello Kitty Plush Cosplays as Evangelion Unit-01
1/13/2013Hatsune Miku's Hair Inspires Face Mask, Hat With Mittens
1/13/2013Young Magazine, AKB48 Idol's Book Revised Due to 'Inappropriate' Image
1/13/2013Atsuko Tanaka, Mayumi Tanaka Act in Dokidoki! Precure
1/13/2013Touhou Project D?jinshi Event Received Direct Threat Letter
1/13/2013Hatsune Miku Floats on Fog Screen Made From Humidifier
1/12/2013Daily Briefs
1/12/2013A Certain Magical Index Film Inspires Manga Series
1/12/2013Btooom's Junya Inoue to Launch La Vie en Doll Manga
1/12/2013Diamond Lists 2012's Top Market Shares, Graphic Novels
1/12/2013Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Manga to End in 12th Volume
1/12/2013Boku ni wa Mada Tomodachi ga Inai Essay Manga Gets Live-Action Pilot
1/12/2013Japanese Band Pay money To my Pain's Singer K Passes Away
1/12/2013Precure All Stars New Stage 2 Film's Trailer Posted
1/12/2013Manga Creators Helm Quake Charity Event in February
1/12/2013One Piece Anime Inspires Chopper Tofu Treat
1/12/2013California's Kintoki Con to Host Di Gi Charat's Koge Donbo*
1/12/2013Hawaii's Kawaii Kon to Host Character Designer Noizi Ito
1/11/2013Metal Gear Rising Revengeance's 'Custom Body' Trailer Posted
1/11/2013Yuyushiki Schoolgirl Anime's Comic Market Promo Streamed
1/11/2013Toei's Sentai Akibaranger Parody Gets 2nd Season
1/11/20131st 12 Kingdoms Book in 12 Years to Ship in July
1/11/2013Phoenix 2772's Sugiyama Makes Mina no Mori Anime Film
1/11/2013Gundam UC #6's Short Promo Streamed
1/11/2013Daily Briefs
1/11/2013Hunter X Hunter Manga Inspires 2nd Film
1/11/2013Make Your Own Dragon Ball Z Logo on Film's Website
1/11/201317 Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 Gameplay Videos Streamed
1/11/2013Nintendo to Release Fire Emblem: Awakening 3DS Bundle in N. America
1/11/2013Kamen Rider x Super Sentai x Uch? Keiji Super Hero Taisen Z Crossover Film Revealed
1/11/2013New York Times Manga Best Seller List, December 30-January 5
1/11/2013Sentai Filmworks Adds Amnesia Romance Anime
1/11/2013Sentai Filmworks Licenses Amnesia
1/11/2013Totoro Animator Sato Designs Bread Anime Ads
1/11/2013JAM Project Posts New Year's Video Message for Overseas Fans
1/11/2013Megpoid the Music# Vocaloid Game's 2 Gameplay Videos Posted
1/11/2013Voice Actress Haruka Tomatsu Gets Her Own Hugging Pillow
1/10/2013'Straight Title Robot Anime' TV Show Made With MikuMikuDance
1/10/2013Saki Episode of Side A Anime Extended to 16 Episodes
1/10/2013Eric Khoo's Tatsumi Film Screening in Toronto This Month
1/10/2013Tales of Hearts R's Bonus 2D Game Previewed in Video
1/10/2013A Certain Magical Index Moviegoers to Get 103,000 Novels
1/10/2013Bish?jo Gag Comedy Angel's Drop's Promo Streamed
1/10/2013Distant Star's Makoto Shinkai Makes 'Dareka no Manazashi' Anime Short
1/10/2013Daily Briefs
1/10/2013JManga Adds Miyabi Fujieda's Ameiro Kochakan Kandan Yuri Manga
1/10/2013Sentai Filmworks Adds Little Busters! TV Anime
1/10/2013Touhou Project D?jinshi Event Cancelled Due to Threat
1/10/2013Fate/extra CCC RPG's Caster Profiled in Short Movie
1/10/2013AKB48 Idols Play Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin in Musical
1/10/2013Fan Fanvorite Titles Arakawa Under the Bridge, Ghastly Prince Emma Burnring Up and Bunny Drop Standard Editions Announced!
1/10/2013Let Your Heart Bloom with Hanasaku Iroha ~Blossoms for Tomorrow~ This April!
1/10/2013NIS America to Release Hansaku Iroha TV Anime
1/10/2013Young Magazine Issue Delayed Due to 'Inappropriate' Depiction (Updated)
1/10/2013Funimation to Stream Puchimas! -Petit Idolm@ster- Spinoff Anime
1/10/2013No Anime Nominated for Oscars
1/9/2013Venus Capriccio's Mai Nishikata Launches New Manga
1/9/2013Chibi Maruko-chan Gets Free Smartphone Game
1/9/2013Masahito Soda's Capeta Manga to End in 2 More Chapters
1/9/2013Daily Briefs
1/9/2013Japan's Video Game Rankings, December 31-January 6
1/9/2013Japanese Comic Ranking, December 31-January 6
1/9/2013Sentai Filmworks Adds Acchi Kocchi TV Anime
1/9/2013Japanese Box Office, December 29?30
1/9/2013Japan's Video Game Rankings, December 24-30
1/9/2013Btooom Manga's BIM Bombs Recreated ? as Cakes
1/9/2013Crunchyroll to Stream Little Busters! TV Anime
1/9/2013Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 3DS Game to Include AR Scouter
1/9/2013Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus -Sh?jo-tachi no Sh?mei-'s TV Spot Posted
1/9/2013Crunchyroll to Stream AKB0048 next stage TV Anime
1/9/20131st Tamako Market BD/DVD to Include Bonus Anime
1/9/2013Otakon Welcomes Back Vic Mignogna
1/9/2013Pok?mon X & Y's 2 New Legendary Pok?mon Named
1/9/2013SHAFT's Sasami-san@Ganbaranai Anime's 3rd Promo Streamed
1/9/2013Kite's Umetsu Offers Tribute to Late David R. Ellis
1/9/2013ZEXCS Streams Aruvu Rezuru Sci-Fi Anime's 2nd Promo
1/9/2013Corpse Party: Book of Shadows 2nd N. American Trailer Posted
1/8/2013Fafner Exodus Sequel to Reunite Staff With Song by Angela
1/8/2013Vividred Operation's 1st Episode Preview Streamed
1/8/2013Professor Layton Chocolates Come With Clues for Next Game
1/8/2013Pok?mon X & Y Arrives on 3DS Worldwide in October
1/8/2013Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, December 31-January 6
1/8/2013Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, December 31-January 6
1/8/2013Ryota Ohsaka, Ryohei Kimura Star in Sunrise's Valvrave
1/8/2013Queen's Blade's Vanquished Queens Anime Promo Streamed
1/8/2013New Steins;Gate Game to Bundle Mobile Phone Replica
1/7/2013Crunchyroll to Stream Romance Game-Inspired Anime Amnesia
1/7/2013Ikki Online Manga Debuts with House of Five Leaves Spinoff
1/7/2013Rie Tanaka Posts Photo of Hawaii Wedding to Kouichi Yamadera
1/7/2013Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn's Prologue Video Posted
1/7/2013Nvidia Unveils Android-Based Handheld Game System (Updated)
1/7/2013Monogatari 2nd Season to Run for 1/2 Year Starting in July
1/7/2013Retailers: Senran Kagura BD/DVDs to Include Original Anime Bonuses
1/7/2013Precure All Stars New Stage 2 Film's Ad Aired
1/7/2013Asahi Pro Animates Heroes ~Legend of Battle Disks~ Show
1/7/2013Danchi Tomoo Comedy Anime's Promo Streamed
1/7/2013Crunchyroll to Stream Seny? Fantasy Comedy TV Anime
1/7/2013Mariya Ise, Y?ko Hikasa Join Haganai NEXT Cast
1/7/2013Katsuhiro Otomo's 'Combustible' Short's English Promo Streamed
1/7/2013Daily Briefs
1/7/2013Recorder & Randsell, Shiba Inuko-san Creators Launch New Manga
1/7/2013Kite/Snakes on a Plane Director David R. Ellis Passes Away
1/7/2013Sentai Filmworks Adds Kyoto Animation's Tamako Market
1/7/2013"Hentai" Prince and the Stony Cat's 2nd Promo Revealed
1/7/2013Crunchyroll to Stream Chihayafuru 2 TV Anime Series
1/7/2013Kuroko's Basketball Ichiban Kuji Rescheduled for Mid-January
1/7/2013Discotek Media Adds Gunbuster 2: Diebuster Video Anime Series
1/6/2013Daily Briefs
1/6/2013Hitomi Nabatame, Minako Kotobuki Lead Dokidoki! Precure Cast
1/6/2013Sony Stops Making PlayStation 2 Consoles Worldwide
1/6/201310 Top-Selling Anime Tie-In Songs: 2012
1/6/201350 Top-Selling Animation DVDs in Japan: 2012
1/6/201350 Top-Selling Animation Blu-ray Discs in Japan: 2012
1/6/2013Ad Airs for Romance Game-Inspired TV Anime Amnesia
1/6/2013Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, December 24-30
1/6/2013Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, December 24-30
1/5/2013Next Super Sentai Show Ky?ry?ger's Ad Streamed
1/5/2013Dokidoki! Precure Magical Girl TV Anime's Ad Aired
1/5/2013Fairy Tail Manga 36's Film Bundle Previewed in Promo
1/5/2013Latest Digimon Anime Nominated for International Kids Emmy
1/5/2013Polar Bear's Caf? Anime to End This Spring
1/5/2013Robotics;Notes' New Promo Highlights Anime's Last Half
1/5/2013Ishida and Asakura Comedy Anime's Promo Streamed
1/5/2013'I'll Give It My All... Tomorrow's' Shunju Aono Launches Spinoff Manga
1/5/2013Morita's Original Ars?ne Lupin Manga to Return in March
1/4/2013Crunchyroll to Stream gdgd Fairies 2 Anime Sequel
1/4/2013Udon Licenses Summer Wars & Takehito Harada Art Books
1/4/2013Squid Girl Manga to Bundle 2nd Original Anime DVD
1/4/2013Crunchyroll to Stream The Unlimited - Hy?bu Ky?suke
1/4/2013Kotoura-san Anime's 5th Web Episode Introduces Hiyori
1/4/2013Danchi Tomoo Comedy Manga Gets TV Anime
1/4/2013Daily Briefs
1/4/2013Saki Episode of Side A Special Episodes' Promo Streamed
1/4/2013Natsume's Nyanko, Others Turned Into Teapot & Cup Set
1/4/2013Fairy Tail's Mashima Designs Monster Hunter 4 Outfits
1/4/2013PictureBox Adds Shigeru Sugiura's Last of the Mohicans Manga
1/4/2013Sentai Filmworks Adds Psychic Detective Yakumo TV Anime
1/4/2013Sentai Filmworks Licenses Psychic Detective Yakumo
1/4/2013Crunchyroll to Stream D.C.III ~Da Capo III~ TV Anime
1/4/2013Heaven's Lost Property Film's English Trailer Posted
1/4/2013New York Times Manga Best Seller List, December 23-29
1/4/2013Crunchyroll to Stream Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman TV Anime
1/4/2013Retailers List Gurren Lagann BD Box With English Sub/Dub in Japan
1/4/2013Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Trailer Shows March 8 Date in Europe
1/3/2013Touhou Project Eyeglasses Features Reimu, Marisa Designs
1/3/2013Naruto Powerful Shippuden's N. American Promo Streamed
1/3/2013Next Super Sentai Show Ky?ry?ger's Cast, Characters Revealed
1/3/2013Daily Briefs
1/3/2013Japanese Box Office, December 22-23
1/3/2013Jin's Motoka Murakami to Launch New Manga
1/3/2013Sentai Filmworks Licenses Tegami Bachi: Reverse Anime
1/3/2013Maiden Japan Licenses Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 TV Anime
1/3/2013Crunchyroll to Stream Hakkenden: T?h? Hakken Ibun TV Anime
1/3/2013Arisa's Natsumi Ando Launches New Manga
1/3/2013Crunchyroll to Stream Seitokai no Ichizon Lv. 2 TV Anime
1/3/2013Gurren Lagann Manga to End This Year
1/3/2013Miki Yoshikawa Started New Manga Last February (Updated)
1/2/2013Fire Emblem Awakening's U.S. Teaser Trailer Posted
1/2/2013NHK's Top Anime Heroine Vote Results Announced
1/2/2013Cospa Stores' Top-Selling Cosplay Outfits: 2012
1/2/2013New Year's Greetings ? Anime Style (Part XVII)
1/2/2013Daily Briefs
1/2/2013New Year's Greetings ? Anime Style (Part XIX)
1/2/2013New Year's Greetings ? Anime Style (Part XVIII)
1/2/2013Crunchyroll to Stream Cuticle Detective Inaba TV Anime
1/2/2013North American Anime, Manga Releases, December 30-January 5
1/2/2013T.M.Revolution Cross-Dresses in Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Cosplay
1/2/2013Crunchyroll to Stream Maoyu TV Anime
1/2/2013Kick-Heart's Masaaki Yuasa Appearing at Los Angeles Con
1/2/2013California's SacAnime to Host Toshio Furukawa, Mai Aizawa
1/2/2013Archaia's Cyborg 009 Graphic Novel Previewed
1/2/2013Crunchyroll to Stream Oreshura Romantic Comedy Anime
1/2/2013Tokyo Majin Gakuen's Imai Directs PS3/Vita/3DS Games in 2013
1/1/2013New Year's Greetings ? Anime Style (Part XVI)
1/1/2013New Year's Greetings ? Anime Style (Part XV)
1/1/2013New Year's Greetings ? Anime Style (Part XIV)
1/1/2013New Year's Greetings ? Anime Style (Part XIII)
1/1/2013Mamoru Miyano to Perform Uta-Pri Anime Sequel's Theme
1/1/2013New Year's Greetings ? Anime Style (Part XII)
1/1/2013Kouichi Yamadera & Rie Tanaka's Marriage Tops 2012 Japan Tweets
1/1/2013New Year's Greetings ? Anime Style (Part XI)
1/1/2013New Year's Greetings ? Anime Style (Part X)
1/1/2013New Year's Greetings ? Anime Style (Part IX)
1/1/2013New Year's Greetings ? Anime Style (Part VIII)
1/1/2013New Year's Greetings ? Anime Style (Part VII)
1/1/2013Watch One Piece & Bleach Creators Sketch in Videos
1/1/2013New Year's Greetings ? Anime Style (Part VI)
1/1/2013New Year's Greetings ? Anime Style (Part V Updated)
1/1/2013Fantagraphics Adds Inio Asano's Nijigahara Holograph
1/1/2013New Year's Greetings ? Anime Style (Part IV)
1/1/2013New Year's Greetings ? Anime Style (Part III)
1/1/2013OreShura Romantic Comedy Anime's Ad Aired
1/1/2013New Year's Greetings ? Anime Style (Part II)
1/1/2013Cuticle Detective Inaba Comedy Anime's Ad Aired
1/1/2013New Year's Greetings ? Anime Style (Part I)