Anime News

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1/31/2014Mind Zero Coming to North America
1/31/20141st Noragami OVA's Promo Video Streamed
1/31/2014France's Angoul?me Comics Festival Displays Comfort Women Manhwa
1/31/2014Sentai Filmworks Reveals Upotte's English Dub Cast
1/31/2014Viz Reveals Tiger & Bunny The Movie: The Rising's U.S. Theater Lineup
1/31/2014Seven Seas Licenses Saburouta's Yuri Manga Citrus
1/31/2014Japanese Box Office, January 18-19
1/31/2014Lily Hoshino Draws Penguindrum x Urusei Yatsura Fan Art
1/31/2014We Love Fine Fanshop Adds More Vocaloid Shirts
1/31/2014Hatsune Miku -Project Diva F 2nd- Opening's Music Video Posted
1/31/2014Surreal Post-Apocalyptic Animal Anime Donyatsu's 8th Short Streamed
1/31/2014Persona Q 3DS Game's Zen, Rei Character Videos Streamed
1/31/2014Nobunaga no Chef Manga Gets Live-Action TV Sequel
1/31/2014A town where you live's Kouji Seo to Launch F?ka Manga
1/31/2014Giant Robo's Imagawa Helms Wasimo Comedy Anime
1/31/2014Compile Heart Introduces More Mini Characters in Noire RPG Video
1/31/2014Discotek Adds Lupin III: Hemingway Papers Special, DearS
1/31/2014Theatrical Release of Tiger & Bunny The Movie: The Rising
1/31/2014Japanese Comic Ranking, January 20-26
1/31/2014Tiger & Bunny Site Previews Hello Kitty Crossover Merch
1/31/2014Hidamari Sketch's Ume Aoki to Launch New Series
1/31/2014Eat Mid?suji for Dessert at Yowapeda Cafe
1/31/2014Team Four Star Coming to Anime Midwest in Chicago
1/31/2014Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi Limited Edition Revealed
1/31/2014Disgaea D2 Patch Now Available for North America and Europe
1/30/2014Sword Art Online's Eir Aoi's Second Album Hits U.S. iTunes
1/30/2014Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 Game's Promo Streamed
1/30/2014Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme vs. Full is Coming to Town
1/30/2014Atlus to Publish Conception II in Europe
1/30/2014Deadman Wonderland Returns to North America as Viz Media Release
1/30/2014Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Cyber Dragon Revolution Structure Deck
1/30/2014Evangelion Characters Get Bundled Up For Winter in Memoria Mobile Game
1/30/2014Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Game's Subtitled Arcade Opening Streamed
1/30/2014Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions Ren Lite Short's 3rd Episode Features Rikka in Middle School
1/30/2014Atelier Escha & Logy Anime's Cast, Staff Unveiled
1/30/2014Danchi Tomoo Comedy TV Anime to Continue Into 2nd Year
1/30/2014SOUL'd OUT Group to Disband in April After 11 Years
1/30/2014Aoi Y?ki to Sing Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara's Opening
1/30/2014Yuri Kuma Arashi Project by Utena/Penguindrum's Ikuhara Gets Manga
1/30/2014Nintendo Head Takes 50% Pay Cut, Outlines Smart Device Strategy
1/30/2014Gen Urobochi Interviews
1/30/2014Live-Action "Say, 'I Love You'" Film's Teaser Posted
1/30/2014Tori Matsuzaka Stars in Film of Akira Saso's Maestro Manga
1/30/2014Namco Bandai America to Release Tenkai Knights for 3DS
1/30/2014Aksys Brings Mind Zero Game to the West on PS Vita
1/30/2014Miyazaki: The Problem With The Anime Industry Is It's Full of Otaku
1/30/2014Goro Miyazaki to Direct Ronia the Robber's Daughter TV Anime
1/30/2014Wonder Momo Anime's 1st Subtitled Trailer Posted
1/30/2014Sailor Moon Tiara Inspires Jewelry and More
1/30/2014Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle to Arrive in the Americas on the Nintendo 3DS
1/30/2014Retailer Exclusive Physical Version for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle
1/30/2014Tales of Symphonia Chronicles' Videos Introduce Lloyd, Colette, Kratos
1/30/2014Short Peace and Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day Announced for the Americas
1/30/20142D Girlfriends Go 3D in Girlfriend (Beta) Music Video
1/30/2014Katsuhiro Otomo's Short Peace Project Gets U.S. Release on PS3
1/29/2014Fan Project Wants Your Help Reanimate Sailor Moon Episode
1/29/2014Glee's Chris Colfer & Ron Perlman to Voice Robodog
1/29/2014Bleach's Genry?sai Voice Actor Masaaki Tsukada Passes Away
1/29/2014Nura's Shiibashi, Durarara's Narita to Launch Shonen Jump Manga
1/29/2014NTV Buys 54.3% Stake in Anime Studio Tatsunoko Production
1/29/2014Wonder Momo Game Spawns Web Anime by Graphinica & New Game
1/29/2014Daily Briefs
1/29/2014Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z's English Costume Trailer Posted
1/29/2014Male Wrestlers Get a Make-Over in Bishojo Card Game
1/29/20145 Ro-kyu-bu! Players Appear in Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Game
1/29/2014Japan's Video Game Rankings, January 20-26
1/29/2014Mangaka Yuu Watase Blogs About Editorial Harassment
1/29/2014Crunchyroll Adds Arpeggio of Blue Steel, And Yet the Town Moves, Spirit Circle Manga
1/29/2014Manga/Anime Themed Feature Film "Black Hat" Set to Tackle Teen Bullying
1/29/2014NTT DoCoMo Survey Ranks Best Gundam Series
1/29/2014Digital Distributor Amimaru Publishes Welcome to the Dreamland Cafe! Manga
1/29/2014Eir Aoi, 2nd Album ?AUBE? Available Now!
1/29/2014Seven Seas Adds Kokoro Connect Manga
1/29/2014Anime Fashion Inspiration: Free!
1/29/2014Sensational Japanese Cross-Dressing Idol Group Presents Coming of Age Ceremony for Ryoma at Zepp Tokyo Tour Final
1/29/2014Final Fantasy XIII 'Retro-spective Trailer' Features 16-Bit Graphics
1/29/2014Los Angeles Gallery to Host Final Fantasy X/X2 Art Exhibit
1/29/2014Namco Bandai Games' Shiftylook Brings Wonder Momo Back With New Anime, Game and Music
1/29/2014Chicago Anime Con Announces Caitlin Glass
1/28/2014Hollywood Blacksmith Replicates Elric's Spear from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
1/28/2014Fan Turns the SDF-1 Macross Into the Love Boat
1/28/2014Fate/hollow ataraxia Visual Novel Gets PS Vita Port
1/28/2014New Fate/stay night Anime by ufotable Premieres Fall 2014
1/28/2014Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, January 20-26
1/28/2014Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, January 20-26
1/28/2014New Baki Martial Arts Manga Begins in March
1/28/2014Daily Briefs
1/28/2014Many? Hiken-ch?'s Yamada Starts Kogarashi ga Fuku Manga
1/28/2014Kindaichi Case Files Manga Gets Flash Anime by Frogman
1/28/2014North American Anime, Manga Releases, January 26-February 1
1/28/2014Lawson Madoka Magica Campaign Includes Cheerleader Homura Figure
1/28/2014North Carolina's Animazement to Host Studio Trigger's Animators
1/28/2014Fans Celeberate Hiroshi Kamiya's Birthday
1/28/2014Are You A Stealth Cosplay Ninja? Prove It!
1/28/2014Live-Action Kiki's Delivery Service Film's 2nd Trailer Previews Jiji
1/28/2014J.C. Staff to Animate Love Stage!! Boys-Love Anime
1/28/2014Parody Video Shows Attack on Titan Creatures Are Adorable As Babies
1/28/2014Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z Gets Dead or Alive 5, Mighty No.9 Crossover Costumes
1/28/2014Snow Miku 2014 Official Postage Stamps Revealed
1/28/2014Seven Seas To Publish Dance in the Vampire Bund "Doujinshi" Collections!
1/28/2014Section23 Films Announces May Slate
1/28/2014Viz Media Releases Dragon Ball Manga in Full-Color
1/27/2014Haganai Film Director: Never Saw Anime, Did Not Show it to Cast Members
1/27/2014Atelier Escha & Logy Anime's Announcement Video Posted
1/27/2014Ranma 1/2's Happ?sai Voice Actor Ichir? Nagai Passes Away
1/27/2014Steins;Gate's Sat?, anohana's Okada Make selector infected WIXOSS Anime
1/27/2014Eagle Talon 7 Film Teaser Reveals That Tickets Will Be Free
1/27/2014Fantagraphics Previews Nijigahara Holograph Manga
1/27/2014Kyoryuger 100 Years After Special to Ship in June
1/27/2014Time Running Out on Hatsune Miku x MILK Goods Lottery
1/27/2014Nuigulumar Z & Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z Collaboration Video Posted
1/27/2014Free! Anime Staffer: This Summer Is Going to Be Even Hotter
1/27/2014Appleseed Armor Comes to Life With Robotic Exoskeleton
1/27/2014Japan's Animation TV Ranking, January 13-19
1/27/2014Seven Seas to Release Dance in the Vampire Bund D?jinshi Collections
1/27/2014Lifesize Kuroko's Basketball and Haikyu!! Ads Take Over Shinjuku Station
1/27/2014Crunchyroll to Stream Robot Girls Z Comedy Anime
1/27/2014Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster Video Previews Limited, Collector's Editions
1/27/2014Rozen Maiden Game's Introduction Video Posted
1/27/2014Colleagues Offer Tributes to Late Voice Actor Ichir? Nagai
1/27/2014Banshee's Last Cry Now Available at the App Store
1/27/2014Good Smile Company Brings Popular Video Game and Anime Characters to Life With Detailed Figures Early This Summer
1/27/2014New Compact View for the Front Page
1/26/2014Daily Briefs
1/26/201410 Top-Selling Anime CD Singles: 2013
1/26/2014Singer Misono Drops Plans to Retire From Entertainment
1/26/2014Ayame G?riki Stars in Last Precure All Stars New Stage Film
1/26/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses Nobunaga the Fool
1/26/2014Haikyu!! Volleyball Anime's Ad Introduces Cast
1/26/2014An Nakahara to Launch Koi Shite! Runa Kiss Manga
1/26/2014Snowboarding Gundam Rules the Slopes
1/26/2014Ar no Surge RPG's Animated Opening Movie Posted
1/26/2014Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Heads West on 3DS in Early 2015
1/26/2014More Revealed for Puzzle & Dragons x Hello Kitty Crossover
1/26/2014Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club Anime Gets 2nd Season
1/26/2014Monster Hunter 4G Announced for 3DS This Fall
1/25/2014Daily Briefs
1/25/20141st HappinessCharge Precure! Episode Previewed in Video
1/25/2014Freedom Wars Vita Game Footage Posted With English Dialogue
1/25/2014fripSide to Perform Black Bullet's Opening Theme
1/25/2014Korean Girl Group Gets Inspiration from Sailor Moon for Ad
1/25/2014Gust Streams Ar no Surge RPG's 12-Minute Gameplay Footage
1/25/2014Anime Detour to Host Full Moon's Arina Tanemura, Scriptwriter Dai Sato
1/25/2014Neon Alley to Premiere Naruto Shipp?den: Blood Prison Dub on Sunday
1/25/2014Mekaku City Actors' 1st Ad Highlights Kana Asumi's Ene
1/25/2014Arcadia Offers Human-Scaled Macross Gunpod for US$1,000
1/25/2014Ai Kayano, Kaito Ishikawa Lead The Romantica Clock TV Anime's Cast
1/25/2014Funimation Offers Live-Action Smuggler Film on DVD
1/25/2014Miss Monochrome's 'Poker Face' Music Video Previewed
1/25/2014Ghibli's The Wind Rises Music Sold in iTunes in N. America
1/25/2014Idolm@ster Filmgoers Get Volume 0 Prologue Manga
1/25/2014Plug's Takeshi Kojima to Launch The Pilot's Love Song Manga
1/24/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Sakura Trick"
1/24/2014MangaGamer Announces Release of Valkyrie Svia
1/24/2014MangaGamer Announces Pre-Order For Game by Softhouse-seal
1/24/2014LeetStreet Boys Croon Otaku-Centric Pop Songs
1/24/2014Live-Action Attack on Titan/Subaru Forester Collaboration Ad Aired
1/24/2014Hatsune Miku -Project Diva F 2nd- Video Previews 32 Songs
1/24/2014Persona Q 3DS Game's Shinjir?, Yukiko Character Videos Streamed
1/24/2014'Possessions' & Other Oscar-Nominated Shorts to Play in U.S.
1/24/2014Gundam Side Story: Missing Link for PS3 Teased in Video
1/24/2014Chibi Vampire's Kagesaki to End Onii-chan Control Manga in April
1/24/2014Tales of Phantasia iOS Released Free-to-Play in N. America
1/24/2014Super Heroine Chronicle's 10-Minute Promo Showcases 10-Anime Lineup
1/24/2014Japanese Grade Schoolers Vote on Their Favorite Anime
1/24/2014Cartoon Network's Toonami Block to Air Black Lagoon Anime
1/24/2014Vertical Licenses Tonari no Seki-kun School Comedy Manga
1/24/2014Mangapolo Reveals Winners of 2nd Manga Translation Battle
1/24/2014More JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Fashion Photos
1/24/2014Akira's Katsuhiro Otomo Nominated for Angoul?me's Top Prize
1/24/2014Doraemon Exhibit Heads to Hawaii
1/24/2014Date A Live II Anime's Advance Long Promo Streamed
1/24/2014New York Times Manga Best Seller List, January 12-18
1/24/2014Live-Action Ghost in the Shell Project Signs Up Director Rupert Sanders
1/24/2014Premium Bandai Rolls Out More Tiger & Bunny-Inspired Duds
1/24/2014Soul Calibur: Lost Swords Game's English Ivy Trailer Posted
1/23/2014Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer Previews Battle System
1/23/2014Upcoming Figure Offers a Glimpse at Super Sonico's Childhood
1/23/2014Bravely Default 3DS Game's Story Trailer Posted
1/23/2014Nyu Media to Release Mecha Shooter Game Gigantic Army
1/23/2014Conception II Game's English Trailer, April 15 Date Unveiled
1/23/2014World War II Film Series Liberation Gets Girls und Panzer Edition
1/23/2014Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z's Gameplay Videos Showcase Multiplayer
1/23/2014Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection for 3DS Previewed in Video
1/23/2014Idea Factory Discusses Censoring in Western Monster Monpiece
1/23/2014Daily Briefs
1/23/2014Tomy Previews KanColle Hanafuda Cards, Attack on Titan Levi Plushes, and More
1/23/2014Official Live-Action Attack on Titan TV Ad's 1st Photo Debuts
1/23/2014Lawson Rolls Out Tiger & Bunny: The Rising Campaign
1/23/2014Sentai Filmworks Adds Sakura Trick Yuri Anime
1/23/2014Kamen Teacher Gets Live-Action Special Before Film
1/23/2014Sanrio's Evangelion Line-Up Keeps Getting Cuter and Cuter
1/23/2014Pearl Pink's Tanaka Ends Otome to Meteo Manga in February
1/23/2014Maid Sama!'s Fujiwara Begins Yuki wa Jigoku ni Ochiru no Ka Manga
1/23/2014Lawson's Cup Noodles Now Bundled with Attack on Titan Memo Stands
1/23/2014Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Game's Launch Trailer Streamed
1/23/2014Mega Man Gets Monster Hunter Crossover Merch
1/22/2014KanColle x Yowamushi Pedal Crossover Doujinshi to Make Full-Length Debut
1/22/2014Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: Missing Link Game Unveiled in Pics
1/22/2014Attack on Titan Social Game's Promo Streamed
1/22/2014God Eater 2 Offers Gintama's Future Shinpachi Costume
1/22/2014Miku Ito, Sachika Misawa Star in Futs? no Joshik?sei ga Locodol Yattemita Anime
1/22/2014New Pretty Rhythm Sh?jo TV Anime to Premiere on April 5
1/22/2014Japanese Comic Ranking, January 13-19
1/22/2014EXILE's Akira Reprises GTO in Live-Action Taiwan Mini-Series
1/22/2014Anime-zing! Announces Greg Ayres and DC Douglas
1/22/2014Anime Detour Announces two Japanese Guests for 2014
1/22/2014First Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series of '14 Drops into the Atlanta Area February 1
1/22/2014Goku and Vegeta Square Off in Live-Action Fan Parody
1/22/2014Japan's Video Game Rankings, January 13-19
1/22/2014Reverse-Blade Sword Found in Japanese Warehouse
1/22/2014Sentai Filmworks Adds Wizard Barristers Supernatural Anime
1/22/2014Osamu Tezuka's Phoenix Debuts Digitally, and Weekly Shonen Jump Debuts New Digital Starter Pack & Jump Pack
1/22/2014Daily Briefs
1/22/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses ?Soni-Ani: Super Sonico The Animation?
1/22/2014Girl Receives Sweet Visit from Sailor Moon Cosplayers
1/22/2014Crunchyroll Heats Up Winter 2014 with Slate of New Anime and Manga
1/22/2014Princess Kaguya Wins at 68th Mainichi Film Awards
1/22/2014Daisuke Ono Gets Wild in Shiina's Wildlife Encyclopedia Drama CD
1/22/2014Shueisha Reveals Winners of Shonen Jump Manga Contest
1/22/2014Resident Evil 4 Revamped in HD for PC
1/22/2014Transformers Rescue Bots Returns for Second Season, March 1
1/22/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Wizard Barristers"
1/21/2014Gundam's Tomino to Direct Animated Work by Hollywood's Legacy Effects
1/21/2014Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, January 13-19
1/21/2014Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, January 13-19
1/21/2014Dusk maiden of Amnesia Creator Starts 'Wedding Ring Story' Manga
1/21/2014Inu X Boku SS, Rose Gun Days Season 1 Manga End in February
1/21/2014Sora Amamiya, Yoshitaka Yamaya Star in Issh?kan Friends Anime
1/21/2014Magi, Kano-Uso, Zekky? Gakky? Win Shogakukan Manga Awards
1/21/2014Love Grants Superpowers in "School Girl Crush" Video Parody
1/21/2014Sentai Filmworks Adds Super Sonico Anime
1/21/2014London Anime & Gaming Con, 8-9 Feb: ?1,000+ of Gaming Prizes & Cosplay Announcements
1/21/2014Kraken Releasing Licenses "Godzilla (R) VS. Hedorah", "Ebirah, Horror of the Deep" & ?Godzilla (R) VS.Gigan?
1/21/2014Seven Seas Adds Kentar? Sat?'s Magical Girl Apocalypse Manga
1/21/2014Stephen Colbert Takes a Pot Shot at Spirited Away
1/21/2014Monster Monpiece Will be Digitally Released This Spring on Playstation Vita for North American and European Fans
1/21/2014Momoiro Clover Z's Ayaka Sasaki Performs Onstage Despite Broken Leg
1/21/2014Issh?kan Friends Anime's 1st Promo Video Streamed
1/21/2014Idea Factory to Release Monster Monpiece Game in N. America, Europe
1/21/2014Madhouse Animates Avengers Confidential: Black Widow and Punisher
1/21/2014Attack on Titan x Monogatari Goods Planned For AnimeJapan 2014
1/21/2014Incredible Feudal Japan-Inspired Game of Thrones Fanart and More
1/21/2014North American Anime, Manga Releases, January 19-25
1/21/2014Crunchyroll Adds Romantic Comedy Manga Kono Onee-san wa Fiction desu!?
1/21/2014Limited Hayao Miyazaki Figurines Created For Tsunami Relief
1/21/2014Fukuya Stores Get Attack on Titan Wall Scrolls, Pillows, More
1/21/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Magical Warfare"
1/21/2014Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game War of the Giants: Round 2 Available Now
1/21/2014VIZ Media Europe Announces a 100% Football Year With Victory Kickoff!!
1/21/2014Blood Alone Manga Abruptly Ends Run in Evening Magazine
1/20/2014Daily Briefs
1/20/2014Gundam Extreme Vs. Full Boost PS3's 6 New Videos Show 98 MSs
1/20/2014Shonen Jump's J-Stars Victory Vs. Game Video Features Theme Song
1/20/2014Aplix Sells Anime Studio AIC to AIC's Founder for 8,000 Yen/US$77
1/20/2014Giant IDOLM@STER Movie Mural Invades Shinjuku Station
1/20/2014Crunchyroll Adds Okitenemuru, Star Light Woman Manga
1/20/2014Japanese 7-Elevens Get Another Gundam Kit
1/20/2014Shizuka Itou, Ryotaro Okiayu Join Date A Live II Cast
1/20/2014Music Video Monday (Jan. 20)
1/20/2014Ar no Surge RPG's Teaser Movie Posted
1/20/2014Attack on Titan Fans Make Live-Action Video
1/20/2014AniMinneapolis Announces DC Douglas and Caitlin Glass
1/20/2014Sentai Filmworks Adds Magical Warfare Anime
1/20/2014Tainted Reality presents Kabuki Stomp, Baltimore's Monthly Japanese/Korean Music Party
1/20/2014Global Yaoi Publisher SuBLime Turns 2, and Celebrates With Special Right Stuf Sale
1/20/2014Motto! SoniComi PS3 Game's Bikini/Maid Outfit Videos Posted
1/20/2014Snow Miku 2014 Promo Video Released
1/20/2014Detective Conan: Phantom Rhapsody 3DS Game's 1st Promo Streamed
1/20/2014Magi: Aratanaru Sekai 3DS Game Previewed in Promo
1/20/2014Boys-Love Manga 'No Touching At All' Gets Live-Action Film
1/20/201410 Titles Nominated for 7th Manga Taisho Awards
1/20/2014Live-Action Patlabor's Ingram Cockpit Unveiled in Photos
1/20/2014Akame ga KILL! Dark Action Fantasy Manga Gets TV Anime
1/20/2014Live-Action Rurouni Kenshin's Photos Reveal More of Shishio's Costume
1/19/2014Daily Briefs
1/19/2014Fairy Tail's Hiro Mashima to Start New Manga Series
1/19/2014Japan's Animation TV Ranking, January 6-12
1/19/2014Japanese Box Office, January 11-12
1/19/2014Japan's Animation TV Ranking, December 30-January 5
1/19/2014Sheryl Nome Outlines Macross Frontier Film Box in Seminar Video
1/19/2014Two Hatsune Miku Shops Open in Tokyo's Haneda Airport
1/19/2014U.S. Video Game & Software Sales Were Down 2% in 2013
1/19/2014Ar no Surge RPG Linked to Ar Tonelico With Shurelia's Return
1/19/2014Competitive Karuta Showcased on NHK World's Sports Japan
1/19/2014Infinite Stratos 2: Ignition Hearts Game Gets Tie-In Cafe
1/19/2014Sengoku Basara Franchise Has New TV Anime Project in the Works
1/19/20142014 Super Sentai Show Ressha Sentai Tokky?ger's New Ad Streamed
1/19/2014Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider War's 1st Ad Aired
1/19/2014One Piece's Chopper Stars in 5-Minute Stop-Motion "Cry heart" Short
1/18/2014Daily Briefs
1/18/2014Tecmo Koei's Deception IV Teaser Trailer Posted
1/18/2014Sakigake!! Otokojuku PS3's 3rd Promo Showcases Fighter Lineup
1/18/2014Igarashi Daisuke's Little Forest Manga Gets Live-Action Film
1/18/2014World Conquest Zvezda Plot Conquers Type-Moon Site, Launches Invasion
1/18/2014Moe Headphones Design Book Kickstarter Surpasses Goal
1/18/2014Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII's Snow Battle, Unboxing Videos Posted
1/18/20142nd Tiger & Bunny Film's Animated Music Video Posted
1/18/2014FUNimation? Announces U.S. Home Video Rights to Season Six of Anime Series?One Piece
1/18/2014309 Future Card Buddyfight Launch Events Worldwide
1/18/2014Nintendo Reports Weak Wii U Sales, Cuts Projections by 2/3rds
1/18/2014Sanrio Debuts Strangely Adorable Salmon Fillet Mascot
1/18/2014Durarara! Novels Change Title With 2-Year Jump in Story
1/18/2014Futs? no Joshik?sei ga Locodol Yattemita 4-Panel Manga Gets Anime
1/18/2014Caterpillar Manga Continues After Original Artist's Passing
1/18/2014Cyborg 009 Finale Manga to End in 5th Volume
1/18/2014Anohana the Movie Opens in U.S. on Saturday
1/18/2014Mamoru Miyano, Kana Asumi, Kana Hanazawa Star in Mekaku City Actors
1/17/2014NASA's Valkyrie Robot Planned For Mars
1/17/2014Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san Yuri Manga Gets Anime
1/17/2014Mazinger Z/Toward the Terra Animator Koichi Tsunoda Passes Away
1/17/2014Transformers Voice Actor Seizo Katou Passes Away
1/17/2014Folklore-Inspired Light Novel Momo Kyun Sword Gets Anime
1/17/2014Amazing Twins Anime's 4-Minute Promo Previews Ending Theme
1/17/2014Puzzle & Dragons Transforms Hello Kitty Into a Dragon
1/17/2014Taishi Murata, Minako Kotobuki Star in Baby Steps Anime
1/17/2014A Town Where You Live/Kimi no Iru Machi Manga to End
1/17/2014Tomokazu Sugita, Katsuyuki Konishi, Akira Ishida Join Magi's Sinbad Spinoff Cast
1/16/2014Even Magical Warfare's Original Creator Didn't Think the Anime was a Good Idea
1/16/2014Cross Media International to Bring Tezuka Productions' Animated Properties and Characters to North America
1/16/2014NIS America - Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! Season 1 Premium Edition Announced
1/16/2014A Tribute to All of Miyazaki's Works in 3 Minutes
1/16/2014Miyazaki's The Wind Rises Nominated for Animated Film Oscar (Updated)
1/16/2014Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Game's Preview Video Streamed
1/16/2014New Black Butler Anime Series Green-Lit
1/16/2014Sui Ishida's Suspense Horror Manga Tokyo Ghoul Gets Anime
1/16/2014Bleach/Yu Yu Hakusho/Hunter x Hunter Rivals Join J-Stars Victory Vs. Game
1/16/2014Wind Rises, Madoka, Lupin vs. Conan, Harlock, Kaguya Earn Japan Academy Prize Nods
1/16/2014Linebarrels of Iron Duo Will Start Robot Detective Manga
1/16/2014Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII's Noel & Caius Battle Videos Posted
1/16/2014Hiroshi Fujioka to Suit Up as 1st Kamen Rider, 38 Years Later
1/16/2014Mobage Makes Attack on Titan Social Game
1/16/2014Eight Voice Actors to Voice All 150 Characters in Japanese "Lego Movie" Dub
1/16/2014Project Phoenix RPG Unveils Paypal Pledges and New Rewards
1/16/2014Monolith Yourself With a Full Zip-Up Evangelion SEELE Hoodie
1/16/2014Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions Ren Lite Short's 2nd Episode Features a Blind Rikka
1/16/2014Animation Celebration Announces Kevin Conroy As Guest
1/16/2014Capcom and Eagle One Media Team with Hulu to Offer Free Street Fighter Animation-Style Feature Films
1/16/2014Snazz Up Your Wardrobe with Style Cues from Tiger & Bunny Characters
1/16/2014Wind Rises' Miyazaki, 'Tsukumo' Director Morita React to Oscar Nods
1/16/2014Take A Tour of Miyazaki's Spirited Away Made in Minecraft
1/16/20144 Live-Action Black Butler Character Videos Posted
1/16/2014Kick-Heart's Yuasa to Direct Ping Pong Anime for Noitamina
1/16/2014Daily Briefs
1/16/2014Kinnikuman's Robin Mask Stars in Live-Action Pollen Mask Ad
1/16/2014Studio 4?C's Promo Anime for Toukiden Subtitled in English
1/15/2014Sunrise Holds Custom Bearguy Competition
1/15/2014Wandering Son's Shimura to Launch Musume no Iede Series
1/15/20144 'Kage' Are Playable in Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution
1/15/2014Hello Kitty Robot's Origins Revealed in Anime Video
1/15/20142nd Kuroko's Basketball Season to Add Original Video Anime
1/15/2014Naruto/DBZ/One Piece/Kenshin Rivals Join J-Stars Victory Vs. Game
1/15/2014Prince of Tennis' Konomi to Return to Shonen Jump Magazine
1/15/2014Daily Briefs
1/15/2014Concept Art For Universal's Scrapped Bioshock Film Released
1/15/2014Japanese Comic Ranking, January 6-12
1/15/2014K-ON's Kotobuki Plays Jiji in Live-Action Kiki's Delivery Service
1/15/2014Cinedigm to Release Deltora Quest Anime on DVD
1/15/2014Japanese Anti-Piracy Mascots Get Their Own Figures
1/15/2014Dark Souls II's 'Cursed' Trailer Posted
1/15/2014Fan Tops Congratulatory Messages to Kana Asumi with Itasha
1/15/2014Muramasa Rebirth's First DLC Drops Today
1/15/2014Japan's Video Game Rankings, January 6-12
1/15/2014Nintendo Adds Pok?mon HeartGold & SoulSilver Soundtracks
1/15/2014Final Fantasy Tactics' Yasumi Matsuno Launches Unsung Story Kickstarter
1/15/2014Winsor McCay's Little Nemo Is Coming With Extras
1/15/2014SaikouCon 2014 Limited Edition Graphic T-Shirt Designed by Artist Amber Davis Now Available
1/15/2014Global Yaoi Publisher SuBLime Opens 2014 With the Hotly Anticipated New Story Collection Nights ? Available Now
1/15/2014NISA Adds Nyaruko: Crawling With Love! Anime
1/15/2014Hello Kitty Museum Art Collection Adds Mona Lisa, The Milkmaid, and More
1/15/2014Get Digitized with More Digimon Fusion than Ever Before
1/15/2014Bravely Default 3DS Game's 'Job Trailer' Streamed
1/15/2014Grand Rapids Comic-Con Announces First Guests
1/15/2014Live-Action Kiki's Delivery Service Film's New Images Feature Tonbo, Osono
1/14/2014Ninja Turtles Get Some Mutant-Friendly Bikes
1/14/2014Toriko Ultimate Survival Game's Ultimate Hunter Festa Event's TV Spot Streamed
1/14/2014Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, January 6-12
1/14/2014Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, January 6-12
1/14/2014Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, December 30-January 5
1/14/2014Witch Craft Works Manga to Bundle Original Anime DVD
1/13/2014More Sailor Moon Dub Cast Announced For Anime Expo
1/13/2014Daily Briefs
1/13/2014Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, December 30-January 5
1/13/2014Digimon Fusion Anime Joins CW's Saturday Morning Lineup
1/13/2014Ultimate Anime Hero is Basically Undefeatable
1/13/2014Japanese Box Office, January 4-5
1/13/2014Applications for Japan Self Defense Force Increase by 20% Thanks to Moe
1/13/2014Kimi Ni Todoke ?From Me to You- Volumes 1-3 and Natsume's Book of Friends Season 1 & 2 Announced
1/13/2014Anime Los Angeles 2014
1/13/2014Witchcraft Works Manga Listed by Vertical's Distributor
1/13/2014Hollywood Blacksmith Recreates Sephiroth's Sword from Final Fantasy VII
1/13/2014Surreal Gag Moe Robot Anime X Maiden Planned for Niconico
1/13/2014Second Episode of Robotech Valkyrie Fan Project Uploaded
1/13/2014VIZ Media Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary and Launches Edgy Sci-fi Action Manga Series All You Need is Kill in Special Weekly Shonen Jump Issue
1/13/ to Stream Buddy Complex, World Conquest Zvezda Plot and Nisekoi
1/13/2014Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii Sh?jo Manga Gets TV Anime in April
1/12/2014Daily Briefs
1/12/2014Japan's Animation TV Ranking, December 23-29
1/12/2014Japanese Box Office, December 28-29
1/12/2014Japanese Box Office, December 21-22
1/12/2014Hikaru Midorikawa Puts Blog on Hiatus Due to Fan Harassment
1/12/2014Magi: Sinbad no B?ken Spin-Off Manga's 3rd Volume Bundles Anime
1/11/2014School Days' New Game Island Days Heads to 3DS in May
1/11/2014Totoro Designer's Latest Bread Anime Ad Streamed
1/11/2014Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, December 23-29
1/11/20143DS Game Center CX/Retro Game Challenge Game's 1st Promo Streamed
1/11/2014Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, December 23-29
1/11/2014Katsuhiro Otomo Poster Collection Book Slated for Europe
1/11/2014More Studio Ghibli Music Heading to iTunes Worldwide
1/11/2014New KanColle Nendoroid Petit Figures Announced
1/11/2014Nintendo Obtains IA Labs' Patents After Winning Lawsuit
1/11/2014Forensic Science Manga Smoking Gun Gets Live-Action Show
1/11/2014Japan Recruiting Young Filipino Anime Fans For Exchange Program
1/11/2014New Astro Boy/Mighty Atom Animation to Air in Nigeria
1/11/2014Pretty Rhythm Sh?jo Anime Film's 1st Teaser Posted
1/11/2014Daily Briefs
1/10/2014Home Made Kazoku Celebrates 10th Anniversary Year With Release of First Ever BEST Album
1/10/2014Two New Kantai Collection Figures Previewed
1/10/2014Legend of Heroes Ao no Kiseki Evolution's TV Spot Streamed
1/10/2014Hero Bank 3DS Game's Promo Announces TV Anime Adaptation
1/10/2014Persona Q 3DS Game's Mitsuru & Y?suke Character Videos Streamed
1/10/2014Happy Negative Marriage Manga Gets Live-Action DVD
1/10/2014Space Dandy x Galaga Remake Previewed in Gameplay Video
1/10/2014Evangelion 3.0 Opens in N. America on Friday
1/10/201436 Precure Girls Appear in Last All Stars New Stage Film's Trailer, Visual
1/10/2014Japan's Video Game Rankings, December 30-January 5
1/10/2014New York Times Manga Best Seller List, December 29-January 4
1/10/2014Kane Kosugi to Star in Live-Action Tekken Prequel Film
1/10/2014You Too, Could Speak Space Dandy With This Cipher
1/10/2014Daisuki to Stream Buddy Complex, Nisekoi, World Conquest Anime
1/10/2014Comic Studio Nintendo 3DS App Gets Western Release
1/10/2014Jam Out With the Animelo 2013 Band
1/10/2014Retailers List Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha OVA Bundled with Manga
1/10/2014Retailers List Recently, my sister is unusual. OVA Bundled with Manga
1/10/2014Nintendo 3DS Program Lets You Create Your Own Manga
1/10/2014VIZ Media Opens 2014 With a New Digital Manga Update and Ongoing Sale
1/10/2014Posters: Otomo Katsuhiro x Graphic Design Book
1/10/2014The Wind Rises' English-Subtitled Trailer Clip Posted
1/9/2014Granrodeo to Offer Gender-Segregated Concerts
1/9/2014Protagonist For Inu Yashiki Manga by Gantz's Oku Unveiled
1/9/2014Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment's 15-Second Commercial Streamed
1/9/2014A Town Where You Live Manga's 28th Volume to Bundle Original Anime DVD
1/9/2014Detective Conan Gets New 3DS Game in April
1/9/2014Magical Teddybear-Transforming Lolita Shokotan Fights More Zombies in Trailer
1/9/2014Caitlin Glass Coming to Anime-zing
1/9/2014SaikouCon Welcomes the League of Hot Geeks as Featured Guests for 2014
1/9/2014Naruto Shippuden Custom Avatar Attire for Xbox 360 & Xbox Live Users Now Available
1/9/2014World Conquest Zvezda Plot Takes Over Crunchyroll This Winter
1/9/2014Crunchyroll to Simulcast Sakura Trick Anime Series for Winter 2014
1/9/2014Students Learn Music Composition Through Vocaloid Software
1/9/2014Haruna Kawaguchi, S?ta Fukushi Star in Say, 'I Love You'. Live-Action Film
1/9/2014Nisekoi to Simulcast on Crunchyroll Winter Lineup
1/9/2014$1.3 Million Giant Robot Listing on Amazon No Longer Available
1/9/2014Lupin III vs. Detective Conan's Animated Music Video Posted
1/9/2014More Details Revealed for 1st Pok?mon XY Film
1/9/2014Crunchyroll to Simulcast Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions! REN Anime Series for Winter 2014
1/9/2014Crunchyroll to Simulcast Wizard Barristers Anime Series for Winter 2014
1/9/2014Kana Hanazawa Stars in Carnivore-Friendly Anime Ads
1/9/2014Nozomi Entertainment Announces the Litebox-Style DVD Release of Aria the Origination + OVA Collection
1/9/2014Nozomi Entertainment Announces the DVD Release of Space Adventure Cobra: The Original TV Series, Part 2
1/9/2014Nanana's Buried Treasure Anime's 2nd Promo Video Posted
1/9/2014Miyu Irino, Hiroshi Kamiya, Ai Kayano, Rina Hidaka Lead Captain Earth Anime
1/9/2014Inazuma Eleven 3: Team Ogre Attacks' English Trailer Posted
1/9/2014New Sailor Moon Anime's Producer: Not Remaking 1st Anime
1/9/2014Neon Alley To Debut Jazz Anime Kids On the Slope Next Friday January 17th
1/9/2014Hanasaku Iroha's Mel Kishida Cosplays as KanColle's Shimakaze
1/9/2014New Sailor Moon Anime by Toei to Premiere in July
1/9/2014Funimation Reveals Ikki Tousen XX's English Dub Cast, Trailer
1/9/2014Yui Horie-Inspired Miss Monochrome Gets Manga in February
1/9/2014The Simpsons Honor Miyazaki With Tribute
1/9/2014Japanese Comic Ranking, December 30-January 5
1/8/2014Daily Briefs
1/8/2014Convicted Sex Offender Attends Aki Con 2013 Event As Guest DJ
1/8/2014Yozakura Quartet's Yasuda Draws Tower Records' Anime Mascot
1/8/2014Japan's Video Game Rankings, December 23-29
1/8/2014Doujinshi Artist Claims Downloads of Work Are 10-Times Higher Than Sales
1/8/2014AniMinneapolis Announces Two More Guests
1/8/2014Viz Media Announces License Acquisition of Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit Anime Series
1/8/2014Yuruyuri Season 2 Premium Edition is Now Available Across North America
1/8/2014New Live-Action Rurouni Kenshin Sequels' Photos Feature Kenshin vs. S?jir?
1/8/2014Naruto's Fictional Apartment Valued at $100K
1/8/2014Lightning Returns' 3rd Behind-the-Scenes Video Posted
1/8/201410 All-New Decks for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D'S Decade Duels Plus Available for Download
1/8/2014Anime Midwest Announces Greg Ayres
1/8/2014Indulge Your RPG Fantasies at Tokyo's Dark Souls Cafe
1/8/2014VIZ Media Opens 2014 With New Hello Kitty Graphic Novel
1/8/2014Viz Media Adds Moribito Fantasy Anime Series
1/8/2014Slave Market Available May 6, 2014
1/8/2014Daimidaler the Sound Robot Anime's 1st Promo Streamed
1/8/2014Stepmother's Sin Available May 6, 2014
1/8/2014Haruka Chisuga, Aoi Y?ki, Saori Hayami Lead Soul Eater Not! Anime's Cast
1/8/2014Gamblers, Don't Forget the Akagi Sake
1/8/2014Senran Kagura 2, Deka Mori Senran Kagura Games Previewed in Videos
1/8/2014Sega's Hero Bank 'Money Battle RPG' Listed With Anime
1/7/2014NISA Adds Chronicles of the Going Home Club Anime
1/7/2014Crunchyroll to Stream Nisekoi Romantic Comedy Anime
1/7/2014VIZ Media, Simon & Schuster UK Renew Successful Sales & Distribution Partnership
1/7/2014Famima Rolls Out Third Kinnikuman Steam Bun
1/7/2014Singer, TV Personality Takajin Yashiki Passes Away
1/7/2014UTB Los Angeles Premieres Arashi Drama Freeter and Mystery-Thriller Iryu Sosa This Week
1/7/2014Crunchyroll to Stream World Conquest Zvezda Plot TV Anime (Updated)
1/7/2014Crunchyroll to Simulcast Wake Up, Girls! Anime Series and Wake Up, Girls! ? Seven Idols Movie for Winter 2014
1/7/2014Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc. Announces English Serialization of Novel Beatless
1/7/2014Photo Feature: Japanese Crane Game Machines
1/7/2014Z/X Ignition Blasts Off on Crunchyroll's Simulcast Lineup
1/7/2014Wake Up, Girls! Film's 2 New TV Spots Streamed
1/7/2014Peach Girl's Miwa Ueda to End Aruite Ik? Manga
1/7/2014Daily Briefs
1/7/20141st Ch?niby? demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Episode Leaked Before Premiere
1/7/2014North American Anime, Manga Releases, January 5-11
1/7/2014Japanese Comic Ranking, December 23-29
1/7/2014San-X's Rilakkuma Gets US$1,800 Sofa
1/7/2014Attack on Titan is #8 Graphic Novel in U.S. Bookstores in December
1/7/2014Saint's Row IV Anime Pack Gives You All the "Eastern Cultural Happiness" You Need
1/7/2014Crunchyroll to Stream Wizard Barristers Supernatural Anime
1/7/2014Chronicles of the Going Home Club Announced for North American Retail Release and Hulu Streaming
1/6/2014Sailor Moon Concert to Feature Momoiro Clover Z, Shokotan
1/6/2014Ao Haru Ride Sh?jo Manga Gets TV Anime
1/6/2014Kamigami no Asobi TV Anime's Promo Streamed
1/6/2014Daily Briefs
1/6/2014Vampire Bund's Tamaki Starts Uchi no Musume ni Te o Dasu na! Manga
1/6/2014Identity of Case Closed's Black Organization Boss Might Not Be So Secret
1/6/2014Crunchyroll Adds Inside Mari, Silver Nina, Love Theory Manga
1/6/2014Harvest Moon: Connecting New Worlds Game's Intro Video Posted
1/6/2014Otakon Vegas 2014
1/6/2014Author of the Let's Eat Ramen and Radio de Go! Kicks Off Return of GEN Manga Monthly
1/6/2014Super Heroine Chronicle's 4th Promo Video Highlights Game's Original Characters
1/6/2014Crunchyroll to Stream Sakura Trick Yuri Anime
1/6/2014Mangaka Suggests Kill la Kill May Be Plagiarized
1/6/2014Funimation to Stream Buddy Complex, No-Rin, Nobunagun Anime (Updated)
1/6/2014Crunchyroll to Stream Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions REN Sequel Anime
1/6/20142013's Top 10 Cosplay Outfits in Japan
1/6/2014Live-Action Patlabor to Feature Real-Life Mecha
1/6/2014Section23 Films Announces April Slate
1/6/2014Dead1 Entertainment Announces Return To Anime Matsuri, Addition Of New Events And Cast Members
1/6/2014Super J-Rockers NIGHTMARE make US Debut at Anime Matsuri
1/6/2014Crunchyroll to Simulcast Pupa Anime Series for Winter 2014
1/6/2014Maiden Japan Adds Happiness! Magical Comedy Anime
1/6/2014Crunchyroll to Simulcast Magical Warfare Anime Series for Winter 2014
1/6/2014Onee-chan ga Kita to Simulcast on Crunchyroll
1/6/2014All 649 Pokemon Drawn to Scale
1/5/2014Daily Briefs
1/5/2014Unofficial City Mascot Funasshi Gets Manga Series
1/5/2014Crunchyroll to Stream Nobunagun Action TV Anime
1/5/2014Nintendo Lists Inazuma Eleven 3DS Game in N. America
1/5/2014Smooth McGroove's Sings Your Fav 16-Bit Themes in A Capella
1/5/2014Pok?mon XY/BW Music's Shota Kageyama Leaves Game Freak to Go Independent
1/5/2014New Year's Wishes Get Moe in Akihabara
1/5/2014Queen's Blade: Vanquished Queens Adds 3rd Episode in March
1/5/2014Dalai Lama to Give Stamp of Approval for Buddha 2 Anime on TV
1/5/2014Kouichi Yamadera, Satomi Arai, Kappei Yamaguchi Star in Magica Wars Anime
1/4/2014Daily Briefs
1/4/2014Last Precure All Stars New Stage Film Previewed in 1st Ad
1/4/2014HappinessCharge Precure's 1st Ad Showcases New Heroines
1/4/2014Crunchyroll to Stream 2nd Silver Spoon Season, Z/X Ignition
1/4/20142014 Super Sentai Show Ressha Sentai Tokky?ger's Ads Streamed
1/4/2014Live-Action Kite Film's 1st Trailer Posted
1/4/2014Cat's Eye Remake Manga Ending This Month
1/4/2014Tokyo University Professor & Anime/Media Expert Yasuki Hamano Passes Away
1/4/2014Hello Kitty Supports Latest Tiger & Bunny Movie With Latest Crossover
1/4/2014Mushishi Anime Gets 2nd Season in April
1/4/2014Speed Racer Rights Revert to Tatsunoko With Lawsuit Settled
1/4/2014Sega Previews Singing Schoolgirls in Go! Go! 575 Anime's Ad
1/4/2014Ressha Sentai Tokky?ger Cast, Staff Revealed
1/3/2014Capcom's Hyaku Nen Senki: Euro Historia Game's Anime Promo Previews 13th Century Setting
1/3/20145pb.'s New Game Announced With Teaser Promo
1/3/2014Witch Craft Works Anime's Longer TV Ad Streamed
1/3/2014Level 5's Y?kai Watch TV Anime Previewed in Promo Video
1/3/2014Beywheelz Sequel Series Premieres in Canada on Saturday
1/3/2014Actor James Avery Passes Away
1/3/20142nd Chibi Maruko-chan Theme Song's Composer Eiichi ?htaki Passes Away
1/3/2014Space Dandy Anime's 1st Episode Leaked Before TV Premiere
1/3/2014Satoru Hiura Launches New Hotaru no Hikari Manga This Month
1/3/2014Funimation to Stream D-Frag! School Club Anime
1/3/2014H?zuki no Reitetsu Anime's 2nd Set of TV Ads Posted
1/3/2014Megumi Nakajima, Megumi Han Star in HappinessCharge Precure
1/3/2014New Hatsune Miku Snap Kit Due Out in March
1/3/2014New York Times Manga Best Seller List, December 22-28
1/3/2014Fan Builds Giant Optimus Prime to Propose to Girlfriend
1/3/2014Crunchyroll to Stream Magical Warfare Anime
1/3/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Engaged to the Unidentified"
1/3/2014Sentai Filmworks Adds Engaged to the Unidentified Anime
1/3/2014SpringFestNY Welcomes Voice Actor Mike Pollock As Guest of Honor
1/3/2014Naruto Shippuden Debuts on Adult Swim's Toonami This Sunday 1/5 at 12:30AM
1/3/2014'Jaeger!' Tweeted 180,452 Times During Linked Horizon's New Year Performance
1/3/2014Crunchyroll to Stream Oneechan ga Kita Anime
1/2/2014Otome Game Company honeybee Teases 4 New Projects in 2014
1/2/2014Kuroko's Basketball Incidents Suspect Gives Message to 2chan Users
1/2/2014Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara Anime's 1st Promo Streamed
1/2/20142-Minute Cheese Napolitan Anime Special Streamed
1/2/2014New Battle Angel Alita/Gunnm Manga to Start in 2014
1/2/2014Sayonara Ponytail to Perform Kill la Kill's 2nd Ending Theme
1/2/2014Mikakunin de Shink?kei Comedy Anime's New Promo Streamed
1/2/2014Angela to Perform K Anime Film, Knights of Sidonia Themes
1/2/2014Rock Band ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D to perform at New Jersey's AnimeNEXT
1/2/2014Crunchyroll to Stream Witch Craft Works Anime
1/2/2014Gay Manga Finds a New Home at Fantagraphics Books
1/2/2014New Pilot's Love Song TV Ad Previews Aoi Y?ki, Ayana Taketatsu's Theme Song
1/2/2014Sentai Filmworks licenses "Hozuki no Reitetsu"
1/2/2014Sentai Filmworks Adds H?zuki no Reitetsu Supernatural Anime
1/2/2014Happy New Year ? Anime Style! (Part 4)
1/2/2014Crunchyroll to Stream Strange+ Gag Anime
1/2/2014Yaoi Artist Est Em to Attend Toronto Comic Arts Festival
1/2/2014Crunchyroll to Stream Mikakunin de Shink?kei Comedy Anime
1/2/2014May'n Reveals Album Title and Jacket Art for 10th Anniversary Album
1/1/2014Daily Briefs
1/1/2014Anti-Japan Drama Ironically Borrows Music From Anime
1/1/2014Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple's 6th Video Anime Listed by Retailers
1/1/2014Hatching Pokemon Becomes Automated With Machine
1/1/2014Fantagraphics Picks Up License for Gay Erotic Manga Anthology 'Massive'
1/1/2014First Segment of Robotech Fan Video Now Available
1/1/2014Happy New Year ? Anime Style! (Part 3)
1/1/2014Japan's Animation TV Ranking, December 16-22
1/1/2014Japan's Video Game Rankings, December 16-22
1/1/2014Jo Odagiri Stars in Manga-Based Reverse Edge Live-Action Series
1/1/2014Hiroshi Kamiya Narrates Latest Noragami TV Ad
1/1/2014Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment's 1-Minute Promo Video Posted