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Anime News

DateArticle Name
11/30/2014Ayaka Hirahara Sings New Yamato 2199 Film's Ending
11/30/2014Yo-kai Watch Guide Is Japan's #1 Book in 2014, While Disney's Frozen Sells 2.1 Million Books
11/30/2014Top-Selling Manga in Japan by Series: 2014
11/30/2014Daily Cosplay - Godzilla
11/30/2014Sekai Project's WAS The Hourglass of Lepidoptera Kickstarter Ends
11/30/2014The Anime Network to Stream Urashiman Anime Series
11/30/2014Saki - The Nationals Arc Gets PS Vita Game
11/30/2014Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Princess Knight Celebrate Nakayoshi's 60th Year
11/30/2014Attack on Titan's Wit Studio Streams 2nd Promo for The Rolling Girls
11/30/2014The IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls' New Video, Global Streaming Revealed
11/30/20142nd Tokyo Ghoul Season's Title, Visual Unveiled
11/30/2014JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Anime's Egypt Arc Teased in Video
11/30/2014Maria the Virgin Witch Anime Unveils Video, More Cast, Theme Songs
11/30/2014Hozuki no Reitetsu Manga Gets Special Chapter in Nakayoshi
11/30/2014Monster Hunter Mezeporuta Kaitaku-ki Browser Game Gets Anime Promo
11/30/2014Tekken Producer Explains Virtual Reality Girl Demo 'Summer Lesson'
11/30/2014Granrodeo's GraP & RodeO Anime's 4th Episode Streamed
11/29/2014Nintendo Updates Patent for Emulating Games on Mobile Platforms
11/29/2014Daily Briefs
11/29/2014Saikano's Shin Takahashi Ends Yuki ni Tsubasa Haru Manga in February
11/29/2014Princess Resurrection's Mitsunaga to Launch Kako to Nise Tantei Manga
11/29/2014Attack on Titan Singer Mika Kobayashi to Attend Quebec's Festival Nadeshicon
11/29/2014Daily Cosplay - Catherine's Catherine
11/29/2014Pok?mon Takes Over Japan's Busiest Intersection
11/29/2014Blood Blockade Battlefront Casts Y?ma Uchida, Sets April Debut
11/29/2014Chinatsu Akasaki, Ayaka Fukuhara Join Trinity Seven Anime Cast
11/29/2014Take a Tour of the Attack on Titan Art Exhibit
11/29/2014Novelist to Launch New Danganronpa Project in 2015
11/29/2014Nintendo Japan to End Production of Original 3DS XL
11/29/2014Aikatsu Idols Team Up With Tokyo Metro Police to Fight Fraud
11/29/20142nd Aldnoah.Zero Season's 1st TV Ad Previews Eir Aoi's Song
11/29/2014D3 Publisher Delays Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair by 2 Months
11/29/2014Chinese Artist Creates Realistic Art of Dragon Ball Villains
11/28/2014M.A.O Joins Arpeggio of Blue Steel Film Cast
11/28/2014Show By Rock!! TV Anime's 3rd Band Promo Video Posted
11/28/20143rd Dog Days Season Casts Sumire Uesaka as New Character
11/28/2014Final Live-Action Patlabor Part's Trailer Streamed
11/28/2014MangaGamer Announces Pre-Orders for Space Pirate Sara
11/28/2014MangaGamer Announces the Release of Secret Sorrow of the Siblings
11/28/2014Giovanni's Island Film Wins Media Arts Award
11/28/2014Yoru no Yatterman Casts Eri Kitamura, Hiroaki Hirata, Kenta Miyake
11/28/2014Takahiro Sakurai, Saori Hayami Join Seraph of the End Anime Cast
11/28/2014Miyuki Abe's Hakkenden Manga Gets Stage Play Next August
11/28/2014Khara's Japan Animator Expo Posts 'Carnage' Short
11/28/2014Vocaloid Song "Nou Shou Sakuretsu Girl" Gets Live-Action Film
11/28/2014Speed Racer/Doraemon/Sazae-san Composer Nobuyoshi Koshibe Passes Away
11/27/2014Yokai Watch Film Sets Toho Record with 840,000 Advance Tickets Sold
11/27/2014Go! Princess Precure, 12th Precure TV Anime, Slated for 2015
11/27/2014Daily Briefs
11/27/2014Daily Cosplay - Wonder Woman
11/27/2014There's a Doraemon Christmas Tree in Singapore
11/27/2014Gundam's Yoshiyuki Tomino Shares Thoughts on Working with Attack on Titan's Tetsuro Araki
11/27/2014Digital Manga Launches Kickstarter to Publish Tezuka's Ludwig B
11/27/2014Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sui PS3/Vita Port's Videos Streamed
11/27/2014Saenai Heroine no Sodate-kata Ad Previews Luna Haruna's Song
11/27/2014Noitamina's Punch Line Anime by Ever17 Writer Previewed in Video
11/27/20143 Anime by Persona 4, Elfen Lied, Attack on Titan Helmers Teased in Video
11/27/2014Psycho-Pass Film's Full Trailer, Story, More of Cast Unveiled
11/27/2014Coala Mode, 7!! Perform Theme Songs For Your Lie in April Anime's 2nd Half
11/27/2014Sanrio's Unmotivated Egg Mascot Gudetama Gets More Shorts in Time for Thanksgiving
11/27/2014Project Itoh Film The Empire of Corpses Announced For 2015
11/27/2014Naruto Shippuden x BE@RBRICK Limited Collectable Returns on the Tokyo Otaku Mode Premium Shop
11/27/2014Digital Manga Inc. Launches in Lighting Speed? Smaller, Quicker, and Affordable?The Tezuka Requiem Kickstarter Campaign
11/27/2014Florida Anime Experience Announces Guests and the Theme for Year Five
11/27/2014Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace Anime Announced With Seiji Kishi, Lerche
11/27/2014Subete ga F ni Naru Novel Gets Anime by Elfen Lied's Kanbe
11/27/2014Attack on Titan Team, Code Geass Writer Make K?tetsuj? no Kabaneri Anime
11/27/2014Noitamina Announces Punch Line Original Anime
11/27/2014Nisekoi Gets Magical Girl Spinoff Manga Series
11/27/2014American Diana Garnet Sings Naruto Anime's New Ending Theme
11/27/2014AntiMagic Academy 'The 35th Test Platoon' Light Novels Get New Manga
11/26/2014Binan K?k? Chiky? B?ei-bu Love! Anime's 2nd Video Reveals Opening Song, Tomokazu Sugita
11/26/2014Pok?mon Rumble U and Amiibo Figures Are Kind Of Compatible
11/26/2014Viz Media Acquires the Supernatural Action Manga Series Twin Star Exorcists
11/26/2014Ai-Kon, Manitoba's Largest Anime Convention, Announces Annual Winter Festival
11/26/2014Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Demo Now Available on PlayStation?Plus
11/26/2014Godzilla PS3 Game's Demo Videos Show New & Old Godzilla in Action
11/26/2014Nana Mizuki, T.M.Revolution, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, AKB48 Return to New Year's K?haku
11/26/2014Persona 4 Arena Stage Play's Chie, Rise, Yukiko Unveiled in Costume
11/26/2014V6, May J., Sekai no Owari, HKT48 Make Their Debuts on New Year's K?haku
11/26/2014Crunchyroll Schedules Uncensored Terraformars #4-7
11/26/2014Daily Briefs
11/25/2014Japanese Scientists Bring Us Closer to World of Ghost in the Shell
11/25/2014Rodea the Sky Soldier Game's 1st Trailer Unveiled
11/25/2014Kantai Collection Kai PS Vita Game's 1st Trailer Streamed
11/25/2014The Testament of Sister New Devil Anime's 2nd Promo Video Previews Cast
11/25/2014i?Ris Idols Sing PriPara Anime's 3rd Opening Theme
11/25/2014Viz Adds Twin Star Exorcists Manga by Good Luck Girl/Binb?-gami ga's Sukeno
11/25/2014Hidamari Sketch Theme Song Performers marble to Go on Hiatus
11/25/2014Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, November 17-23
11/25/2014Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, November 17-23
11/25/2014Dark Souls II Heads to PS4, Xbox One on April 7
11/25/2014Attack on Titan 3DS Game's Updated Chain Edition Profiled in 3-Minute Video
11/25/2014Dragon Ball Xenoverse Game's Latest TV Ad Streamed
11/25/2014Kakureya Secret Gaming Base Gets Upgrades and Price Cut
11/25/2014Pok?mon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire's Shiny Beldum Shown in Video
11/25/2014Yo-kai Watch will Hit the Stage in New Year's Eve Song Contest
11/25/2014Crunchyroll Adds Hoshino Taguchi's Maga-Tsuki Manga
11/25/2014North American Anime, Manga Releases, November 23-29
11/25/2014Add Magic Knight Rayearth Boots To Your Stealth Cosplay Wardrobe
11/25/2014Daily Cosplay - Halo Hayabusa Armor
11/25/2014Comedian Tekken Animates New Year's Card Short
11/25/20141st Lodoss Story by Creator in 8 Years Comes With Unaired Anime
11/25/2014Hydrate Your Skin With These Slightly Terrifying Hello Kitty Face Masks
11/25/2014Expelled from Paradise's 'CG Making' Video Streamed
11/25/2014Cthulhu, Japanese Mythos Inspire Kadokawa's New Project Code RPGs
11/25/2014Watch Mangaka Daioki Draw in Wacom's Live Painting
11/25/2014Sword Art Online: Lost Song Game Brings Back Philia
11/24/2014Pankis! 2-jigen TV Anime to Debut in January
11/24/2014Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sisters Generation release Date and PSTV Compatibilty Announced
11/24/2014New Naruto Shippuden's Orochimaru Xtra by Tsume
11/24/2014Akiba's Trip 2's English PS4 Launch Trailer Streamed
11/24/2014Clannad Kickstarter Adds Side Stories, Manga Stretch Goals
11/24/2014Spruce Up Your Bathroom with a Lustful Trinity Seven Shower Curtain
11/24/2014Patrick Hoban Wins Yu-Gi-Oh Championship Series Anaheim
11/24/2014Gainax, Subaru's H?kago no Pleiades Project Gets 4-Panel Manga
11/24/2014Viz Media Announces New Bleach and Naruto Manga Box Set Editions
11/24/2014Japan's Animation TV Ranking, November 10-16
11/24/2014Sanrio's Stop-Motion Nutcracker Fantasy Gets New Edition With Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
11/24/2014Daily Cosplay - Kill la Kill's Nui Harime
11/24/2014Yoshiki Descends Upon Hello Kitty's 40th Anniversary Parade On A Flying Gondola
11/24/2014Japanese Box Office, November 15-16
11/24/20144th Animator Expo Short is Akira Honma and Hayato Tanaka's 'Carnage'
11/24/2014Gundam Reconguista in G's Raraiya Stars in Guide Dog Poster
11/24/2014Etrian Odyssey V Game Announced
11/24/2014Etrian Odyssey x Mystery Dungeon Crossover Game Announced
11/24/2014Pigeon Romance Visual Novel Hatoful Boyfriend Heads to PS4/Vita
11/24/2014Taito Makes Idol-Raising Smartphone Game Idol Chronicle
11/24/2014MangaGamer Releases Limited Edition Hard Copies of Cho Dengeki Stryker
11/24/2014Viz Media's Coppelion Dub Casts Erica Lindbeck, Cassandra Lee Morris, Shelby Lindley
11/24/2014Showtaro Morikubo Performs Garo Anime's New Ending Song
11/24/20145pb.'s Kadenz Game's "Magic Side" Promo Streamed
11/23/2014Crunchyroll Streaming Service Has 400,000 Paid Subscribers Listed
11/23/20142 New Etrian Odyssey Titles Teased
11/23/2014Malaysian Political Cartoonist Questioned by Police Over Book Content
11/23/2014Customi Z Performs Ending for 2nd Knights of Sidonia Season's Advance Screening
11/23/2014Daily Briefs
11/23/2014Zipang/Silent Service's Kawaguchi to Launch Aircraft Carrier Manga
11/23/2014Saki Episode of Side A Blu-ray Box to Add New Anime Short
11/23/2014Ling Tosite Sigure Performs Psycho-Pass Film's Theme Song
11/23/2014Chinese Naruto Online Game's Latest Trailer Streamed
11/23/2014Americana Dawn PC RPG Set in Colonial Era Launches New Kickstarter
11/23/2014Granrodeo's GraP & RodeO Anime's 3rd Episode Streamed
11/23/2014Garo Gets 2 New Manga Series
11/23/2014Garo Gets 3 New Live-Action Films & Show, New TV Anime & Film, Stage Musical
11/23/2014Tsutomu Nihei's Blame! Anime Previewed With English Subtitles
11/23/2014Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine Promo Video English-Subtitled
11/23/2014Please Save My Earth Sequel Manga Ends, But New Sequel Is Set for March
11/23/2014Poll Ranks Top CLAMP Manga Among Young Japanese Working Women
11/23/2014Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! 2015's Series Ranking
11/23/2014Tales of Zestiria Character Videos Introduce Sergei, Symonne, and Lunarre
11/23/2014One-Punch Man Manga Has 4.5 Million Copies in Circulation
11/22/20142nd Attack on Titan Compilation Film's 1st Poster Unveiled
11/22/2014Australia's Madman Ent. Adds 2014 Live-Action Lupin III Film
11/22/2014Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sisters Generation slated for January in the West
11/22/2014Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign PS4 Demo Heads to PS Plus on Tuesday
11/22/2014Dish Network Restores Access to Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, More
11/22/2014Daily Briefs
11/22/2014Persona Q Launch Trailer Streamed
11/22/2014Maria the Virgin Witch Exhibition Manga to End in December
11/22/2014Bladestorm: Nightmare Video Unveils March Release in the West
11/22/2014Iori Nomizu, Seiko Yoshida, Others Join The Testament of Sister New Devil Anime Cast
11/22/2014Haruka Tomatsu, Yukari Tamura, Yui Horie Join Absolute Duo Cast
11/22/2014Senran Kagura: Estival Versus Casts Kikuko Inoue, More
11/22/2014Yowamushi Pedal 3DS Game's 2nd Promo Introduces Gameplay Modes
11/22/2014Welcome to the NHK's Oiwa to Launch Aka to Ao no Ehrenberg Manga
11/22/2014KenIchi Manga's Shun Matsuena to Launch Tokiwa Kitareri Series
11/21/2014Nagoya Store's Lanky Mannequin Gets Naruto Makeover
11/21/2014Yoshitaka Yamaya, Ayane Sakura, Inori Minase, More Star in Miritari Comedy Anime
11/21/2014Viz Media Announces Home Video Release of Ranma ? Anime Series Set 4 Limited Edition Blu-Ray Box Set
11/21/2014Attack on Titan Film's New Umaibo Snack Promo Stars Armin
11/21/20143rd Magi: Adventure of Sinbad Episode Previewed in Video
11/21/2014Durarara!!?2 Anime's English-Subtitled Trailer Streamed
11/21/201464-y.o. Singer Shows That Enka Is Still Cool With A Cover of the Evangelion Theme
11/21/2014Tennis Star Kei Nishikori Gets Fan Art by Prince of Tennis Creator
11/21/2014Power Rangers Alumni Return in Super Megaforce TV Finale
11/21/2014Evangelion: The Shinji Ikari Raising Project Manga to End Next Summer
11/21/2014Final Fantasy Type-0's New English Trailer Debuts, Before It Plays in Theaters
11/21/2014Gundam: The Origin Casts Mayumi Tanaka as Casval/Young Char
11/21/2014Vampire Knight Manga Gets New Chapter in February
11/20/2014Godzilla PS3 Game's 3rd Promo Video Previews Rival Battles
11/20/2014Ghost in the Shell Online Shooter Game Previewed in Trailer
11/20/2014'Gum Kare!' Handsome Chewing Gum Boyfriends Want You to Bite Them
11/20/2014Dawn of the Arcana's Rei T?ma Launches New Series in February
11/20/2014Studio Ghibli Documentary's Trailer English-Subtitled
11/20/2014Pirate Bay Co-Founder Released from Prison
11/20/20141st Attack on Titan Compilation Film Gets Midnight Screenings
11/20/2014Daily Briefs
11/20/2014Battle of the Planets/Gatchaman Gets Reboot by Beyblade Team
11/20/2014Khara's Japan Animator Expo Posts TeddyLoid Music Video
11/20/2014Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game: The New Challengers Super Edition
11/20/2014Aniplex of America Announces Details on NISEKOI Blu-ray Volume 2
11/20/2014Aniplex of America Announces HD-Remastered Gurren Lagann TV Series Blu-Ray Release Dates
11/20/2014Sentai Filmworks Announces Infinite Stratos 2's English Dub Cast
11/20/2014Viz Media Releases Latest Ranma 1/2 Anime Set on Blu-ray & DVD
11/20/2014The Circle of Anisong Takes Over Las Vegas Tickets on Sale November 21, 2014
11/20/2014Celebrate the Final Volume of the Evangelion Manga With Canvas Sneakers
11/20/2014Digital Manga's Tezuka Kickstarter Fails to Meet US$380,000 Goal
11/20/2014Japanese Comic Ranking, November 10-16
11/20/2014Somebody Recreated the Entirety of Tokyo Disneyland in Minecraft
11/20/2014Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle Smartphone Game Previewed in Trailer
11/20/2014Watch the PG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Kit Assemble Itself In This Ad
11/20/2014Alice in the Country of Hearts Stage Play Announces Main Cast
11/20/2014Fuchiko is Ready to Do Battle in Kantai Collection Crossover
11/20/2014NIS America Announces Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl Standard Edition
11/20/2014Aniplex of America to Screen Expelled From Paradise in Theaters Across the U.S.
11/20/2014Aniplex of America has Acquired Durarara!! X 2
11/20/2014Viz Media Launches New Shojo Manga Series Yukarism
11/20/2014Mobile RPG Soul Knight Kickstarter Reaches Goal
11/20/2014Pok?mon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Anime Short English-Dubbed
11/20/201412-Minute Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- Promo Shows Playable Characters, Multiple Modes
11/19/2014Most In Demand Voice Actresses of 2014
11/19/2014Viz Media Hosts Sailor Moon Moonlight Party 2 to Celebrate North American Premiere of Latest Dubbed Episodes
11/19/2014Section23 Films Announces March Slate
11/19/2014Cuddle Up With These New Ichiban Kuji Pok?mon Prizes
11/19/2014Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Rina Hidaka, Manami Numakura Lead Unlimited Fafnir Anime's Cast
11/19/2014Phantasy Star Online 2 Stage Play's Promo, Cast Comment Video Streamed
11/19/2014Haikyu! Jump Special Anime Festa Anime Gets DVD Release
11/19/20143rd Kuroko's Basketball Anime Slated to Premiere on January 10
11/19/2014Rokka no Y?sha Fantasy Light Novels Get TV Anime
11/19/2014'Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father!' Novels Get New Original Video Anime
11/19/2014Masashi Kishimoto to Start Work on Next Title After Naruto After Next Summer
11/19/2014If My Heart Had Wings Visual Novel to Be Offered on Steam
11/19/2014Daily Briefs
11/19/20141st Knights of Sidonia Season Gets Compilation Film
11/19/2014Tsutomu Nihei's Blame Manga Gets Animated in Knights of Sidonia
11/19/2014Aniplex USA Adds Expelled from Paradise Anime Film
11/19/2014Aniplex USA Adds Durarara!!?2 TV Anime
11/19/2014New The Last -Naruto the Movie- Image Features Naruto x Hinata
11/19/2014Nominations for Top Buzzwords of 2014 are In
11/19/2014Furyu's The Legend of Legacy RPG Previewed in 2nd Promo Video
11/19/2014Tsukuroi Tatsu Hito Live-Action Film's Trailer Streamed
11/19/2014Fan Recreates Final Fantasy VII's Gaia in Little Big Planet 2
11/19/2014Ani-Song World Tour Announces Performers for Las Vegas Shows
11/19/2014Japan's Video Game Rankings, November 10-16
11/19/2014Japanese Diet Members Form Manga/Anime/Game Caucus
11/19/2014Live-Action Attack on Titan Films' Eren, Mikasa, 11 Others Unveiled in Costume (Update)
11/19/2014Tiger & Bunny Characters Get Raccoon Makeovers For Rascal Collaboration
11/19/2014Final Fantasy Series Gets Its 1st Magazine
11/19/2014If My Heart Had Wings Will Soon Be Available on Steam
11/19/2014Omega Quintet Taking Center Stage on The Playstation 4 in North America and Europe Spring 2015
11/19/2014North American Anime, Manga Releases, November 16-22
11/19/2014SCREEN mode Performs Yoru no Yatterman Opening Song
11/19/2014Most In Demand Voice Actresses of 2014
11/18/2014Ayane Sakura, Haruka Tomatsu Join My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Anime's 2nd Season's Cast
11/18/2014Tune In Tokyo Presents Akihabara Happy Holiday Cosplay Party
11/18/2014Final Fantasy Franchise Gets 3 New Smartphone Apps in 2015
11/18/2014Japanese Box Office, November 8-9
11/18/2014Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, November 10-16
11/18/2014Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, November 10-16
11/18/2014Film Actor Ken Takakura Passes Away
11/18/2014Ghibli's Princess Kaguya Grosses US$373,489 After 5th Weekend
11/18/2014Fan Re-imagines Yowapeda Cast As Tim Burton-Style Characters
11/18/2014Get Ready for the Human Instrumentality Project with Evangelion 2015 Calendars
11/18/2014Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd North American Launch Trailer Streamed
11/18/2014Author Naoki Hyakuta Thinks Hayao Miyazaki's Got a Few Screws Loose
11/18/2014Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- Story Mode Trailer Streamed
11/18/2014The Labyrinth of Grisaia Sequel Visual Novel Gets Manga
11/18/2014Yowamushi Pedal Christmas Roll Cakes Come in 37 Types
11/18/2014Kyudo Boys' Keiko Nishi to Launch Ta-Tan Manga in Big Comic Original
11/18/2014Star-Struck Miyavi Meets Hayao Miyazaki
11/18/2014Mizuki Sakakibara's Tiger & Bunny Manga to End
11/18/2014FROGMAN's 1st The Rose of Versailles Parody Short Streamed
11/17/2014Aoi Y?ki, Masami Tazawa Join Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo OVA's Cast
11/17/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses Devils & Realist
11/17/2014Viz Media Announces Premiere of Inuyasha: The Final Act on Toonami
11/17/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses Gingitsune
11/17/20141st Key Visual For 2015 Dragon Ball Z Film Reveals Frieza
11/17/2014Japan's Animation TV Ranking, November 3-9
11/17/2014Early Anime Site 'Anime Web Turnpike' Goes Offline
11/17/2014Crunchyroll Begins Streaming Live-Action Antiquarian Bookshop Biblia's Case Files
11/17/2014Expelled from Paradise Ranks #9 with 29 Million Yen
11/17/2014Discotek's Cagliostro DVD Offers 3 English Dubs
11/17/2014Square Enix Files 'Heavenstrike Rivals' Trademark in U.S.
11/17/20142nd KINMOZA!/Kin-iro Mosaic Season's 3rd Visual Unveiled
11/17/2014Daily Briefs
11/17/2014Y?kai Watch's Jibanyan Ousts Pikachu From the World Hobby Fair Spotlight
11/17/20144 Live-Action Parasyte TV Ads Preview Bump of Chicken Song, Action
11/17/2014Nozoki Ana Spinoff Manga Nozo x Kimi Gets 3rd Video Anime
11/17/2014SaikouCon Announces Featured Guests at SaikouCon 2015
11/17/2014Crayon Shin-chan/Eureka Seven AO Voice Actor Rokuro Naya Passes Away
11/17/2014Viz Announces New Officially Licensed Collectables and Apparel Based on Doraemon
11/17/2014Breakout Anime site - A New Way to Connect Anime & Manga Fans
11/17/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses Familiar of Zero: Knight of the Twin Moons
11/17/2014Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Holiday Ideas
11/17/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses The World God Only Knows: Goddesses
11/17/2014Power Up with Baki the Grappler Energy Drinks
11/17/2014Persona Q's English Gameplay Videos Streamed
11/17/2014Studio Ghibli Documentary Screening in Pittsburgh, Los Angeles
11/17/2014Attack on Titan Gets 'Lost Girls' Novel Spinoff
11/17/2014Sentai Filmworks Adds Familiar of Zero: Knight of the Twin Moons Anime
11/17/2014Viz's Shonen Jump to Add E-Robot, Gakkyu Hotei Manga
11/17/2014Discotek Media announces the release of DVD, Horus, Prince of the Sun.
11/17/2014Fuchico Spreads Some Christmas Cheer Around the Cup
11/17/2014Nozomi Furuki, Emiri Kat? Join The Seven Deadly Sins Cast
11/17/2014Sentai Filmworks Adds The World God Only Knows: Goddesses Anime
11/17/2014Charges Filed Against 16 in Square Enix's Hi Score Girl Manga Case
11/16/2014The Last -Naruto the Movie- Opens in the Philippines in December
11/16/2014Clannad's English Physical Release to Match Japanese 2004 Edition
11/16/2014Un chocolatier de l'amour perdu Manga to End in February
11/16/2014Daily Briefs
11/16/2014A Silent Voice Manga Has Anime in the Works
11/16/2014Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma's Teaser Video, Main Cast Unveiled
11/16/2014Kiichi Hotta's Kimi to Boku. Manga Goes on Hiatus Due to Illness
11/16/2014Death Note The Musical's Videos Preview Singing
11/16/2014Voice Actress Group Sphere Performs Yoru no Yatterman Ending Song
11/16/2014Disney's Big Hero 6 Gets Anime Short by Comedian Tekken in Japan
11/16/201425-Episode RIN-NE Anime's Brains Base Staff, Visual Unveiled
11/16/2014SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki, Eir Aoi Perform 2nd Aldnoah.Zero Season's Songs
11/16/2014Pok?mon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Anime Short Streamed
11/16/2014Free! Eternal Summer English Dub Casts Ian Sinclair, Jamie Marchi, More
11/16/2014Blood Blockade Battlefront Anime's Teaser Video Streamed
11/16/2014Madoka Magica Joins Monster Hunter Frontier G With Costumes, Weapons
11/16/2014Infinite Stratos 2 'World Purge' OVA's 3rd Promotional Video Streamed
11/16/2014Girls & Panzer Film's Summer 2015 Opening, New Visual Unveiled
11/16/2014New One Piece Manga Spinoff Is One Piece Party SD Comedy
11/15/2014Pok?mon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Pre-Orders Top 1 Million in Japan
11/15/2014Go Nagai Pens 'Kaiketsu Furo Zukin' One-Shot Manga
11/15/2014Animate: Pandora Hearts Manga to Get 1 More Volume
11/15/2014Fafner: Exodus BDs/DVDs Listed with 13 Episodes
11/15/2014Daily Briefs
11/15/2014Rumiko Takahashi's RIN-NE Manga Gets TV Anime Next Spring
11/15/2014Mangabox Adds Ultraman Comedy Spinoff Manga
11/15/2014Smartphone Card Game Anthropomorphizes Colon Bacteria as Bish?jo
11/15/2014Release Dates Set for Tuxedo Mask S.H.Figuarts, Sailor Mars Pullip from Sailor Moon
11/15/2014Yuka Iguchi Joins Happy Cooking Graffiti Anime Cast
11/15/2014A Glimpse At the Attack on Titan x Marvel Crossover Comic's Lady Titan
11/15/2014Readers Vote for the Top 20 'Most Powerful' Jump Manga
11/15/2014Dramatical Murder's Unaired OVA Episode Previewed in Video
11/15/20141st Doraemon Manga Volume in 8 Years Ships in December
11/15/2014Free! Eternal Summer English Dub Casts Jerry Jewell, Josh Grelle
11/14/2014MangaGamer Announces Pre-Orders for Secret Sorrow of the Siblings
11/14/2014Risa Taneda, Shizuka Ishigami, Minami Takahashi Join Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma Anime's Cast
11/14/2014MangaGamer Releases Royal Guard Melissa
11/14/2014Granrodeo, Fo'x Tails Perform 3rd Kuroko's Basketball Anime's Themes
11/14/2014Viz Media Announces Holiday Anime Titles
11/14/2014The Last -Naruto the Movie-'s Sasuke, Kakashi Character Designs Unveiled
11/14/2014New York Times Manga Best Seller List, November 2-8
11/14/2014Let Your Dog Save the Day In A Kamen Rider Outfit
11/14/2014Phantasy Star Online 2 Stage Play Cast Photographed in Costume
11/14/2014CyberConnect2, Studio Khara Compete With Animated Shorts
11/14/2014Sentai Filmworks Adds Gingitsune Anime
11/14/2014Fans Pick Manga/Light Novels They Most Want Adapted into an Anime
11/14/2014Utena/Penguindrum's Ikuhara Unveils Yuri Kuma Arashi's 1st Video, Story, More Cast
11/14/2014Free! Eternal Summer English Dub Casts Vic Mignogna as Rin
11/14/2014Attack on Titan Film's Umaibo Snack Promo Streamed
11/13/2014Durarara Takes Over Namjatown
11/13/2014Late Voice Actor Ichir? Nagai, Tomomichi Nishimura Voice Characters in Tales of Zestiria
11/13/2014Crispin Freeman to attend Anime Matsuri as Featured Guest
11/13/2014Doraemon: Nobita no Space Heroes Gets Manga in Coro Coro
11/13/2014Sony to Launch Cloud-Based TV Service 'PlayStation Vue'
11/13/2014Naruto Actor Kazuhiko Inoue Discharged From Hospital
11/13/2014Japan's Ministry of Finance Staffer Arrested for Uploading Gundam UC
11/13/2014J?kamachi no Dandelion 4-Panel Manga Gets Anime
11/13/2014Chibi Maruko-chan Creator, Takeshi Kitano Make Animated Ads for Calbee Snacks
11/13/2014Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Goes on Hiatus, Reveals Past Thoughts of Retirement
11/13/20147-Inch Display Turns the PS TV Portable
11/13/2014Get Ready For Winter With a Hatsune Miku Cardigan
11/13/2014Tekken 7 Arcade Introduction Trailer Features New Characters
11/13/2014Khara, Dwango's 2nd Japan Animator Expo Short Posted With English Subtitles
11/13/2014Aoi Hon? and Y?kai Watch Mangaka Also Contribute Illustrations to Live-Action Journey to the West Posters
11/13/2014Attack on Titan's Marvel Crossover Also Features Guardians of the Galaxy
11/13/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Student Council's Discretion"
11/13/2014Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late Ships 2/24/15
11/13/2014Maaya Sakamoto to Perform Happy Cooking Graffiti Anime's Opening Theme
11/13/2014Japanese Military Developing Mobile Powered Suits
11/13/2014Durarara!! Relay PS Vita Game's Promo Previews Gameplay, Story
11/13/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses Student Council's Discretion
11/13/2014Arkanoid, Space Invaders Get Crossover Smartphone Game
11/13/2014Police Stop Chibatman From Taking Part in Marathon
11/13/2014The Tournaments Commence with the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Noble Knights of the Round Table Box Set
11/13/2014Pok?mon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire Trailer Teases 'Delta Episode' Story
11/13/2014Deoxys, Rayquaza Clash in Delta Episode of Pok?mon Omega Ruby, Pok?mon Alpha Sapphire
11/13/2014Bishoujo Game Takes on Japanese Constitution's Anti-War Clause
11/13/2014Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm Adult Game Gets TV Anime
11/13/2014Free! Eternal Summer English Dub Casts Todd Haberkorn as Haru
11/13/2014Moyoco Anno Has An Instagram And It's Amazing
11/13/2014Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Talks Challenges, Past Thoughts of Retirement
11/12/2014Japan's Video Game Rankings, November 3-9
11/12/2014Psycho-Pass K?gami, Makishima Inspire Shirts
11/12/2014Right Stuf, Inc. Acquires Looking Up at the Half-Moon
11/12/2014You're Being Summoned Azazel Available February 3, 2015
11/12/2014The Rose of Versailles Part 1 Available February 3, 2015
11/12/2014Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy Comes to North America & Select International Countries
11/12/2014Singapore's Anime Festival Asia to Host Sound Horizon/Linked Horizon's Revo
11/12/2014Crunchyroll Adds Ultraman Leo Action TV Series
11/12/2014Weiss Schwarz FAIRY TAIL ver.E Trial Deck & Booster Pack Release Date Postponed
11/12/2014Japanese Comic Ranking, November 3-9
11/12/2014Kishimoto: Naruto Invokes His Childhood, Breaks Sh?nen Formula
11/12/2014Fantasy Hero Unsigned Legacy PS Vita Game Comes to N. America, Select Countries
11/12/2014Chinese Restaurant and Yaoi Manga Artist Team Up for a Delicious T-Shirt
11/12/2014Chain Chronicle Mobile RPG Coming to the West
11/12/2014Right Stuf's Lucky Penny Adds Looking Up at the Half-Moon
11/12/2014Yowamushi Pedal Finally Gets An Official Bike Helmet
11/12/2014Phantasy Star Nova Game's Promo Previews Gameplay, Boss Battles
11/12/2014The Green Light Bundle Launches the Action Bundle
11/12/2014Anime Midwest Adds Japanese Lolita Brand Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
11/12/2014Opening Movie & Battle Screenshots for Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sisters Generation
11/12/2014Starry Sky Series to Get PS Vita Port
11/12/2014Shirogumi's Etotama Original Anime Casts Eriko Matsui, Ari Ozawa, Yumiri Hanamori
11/12/2014Free! Eternal Summer English Dub Casts Johnny Yong Bosch as Makoto
11/12/2014Digimon All-Star Rumble Launch Trailer Streamed
11/12/2014Viz Media Spotlights Exciting Manga Titles for Wish Lists this Holiday Season
11/12/2014Bandai Namco Games America Inc. Launches Tales of Hearts? R Today in the Americas on the Playstation? Vita
11/12/2014Mayu Shinjo: "I Don't Think I'll Ever Write Shojo Manga Again"
11/12/2014Man for Arrested Uploading Yo-kai Watch via Perfect Dark
11/12/2014Kadokawa Begins COMIC it Magazine For Women in Early 2015
11/12/2014Granrodeo's GraP & RodeO Anime's 2nd Episode Streamed
11/12/2014Mario Kart's Mercedes-Benz Collaboration Enters the Real World With TV Spot
11/12/2014Japanese Box Office, November 1-2
11/12/2014Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. 3DS Game's Spring 2015 Date, Trailer Unveiled
11/12/2014My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Tops Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! List for 2nd Straight Year
11/12/2014Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 Game's Opening Video Streamed
11/12/2014Kouichi Yamadera, Megumi Hayashibara Voice All Characters in Animator Expo Project
11/12/2014Sekai Project Adds Nekopara Vol. 1 Visual Novel to Steam's Greenlight
11/11/2014Daily Briefs
11/11/2014Last Steins;Gate IBM Anime Short Posted with English Subtitles
11/11/2014Fumiko Fumi's Bokura no Hentai Cross-Dressing Manga Gets Promo
11/11/2014Japanese High School Students Mix It Up for 'Sex Change Day'
11/11/2014Next Round of Nintendo's Amiibo Figures Include Lucario, Toon Link, Sheik, Sonic and Mega Man
11/11/2014Brains Base Unveils Ch? Jik? Robo Meguru Original Anime Project
11/11/2014Art of War Releases Beherit: Egg of the King 2015 Version
11/11/2014This 1-of-a-Kind Evangelion Car Could be Yours... For 16 Million Yen
11/11/2014Get Your Crunch on With Sailor Moon Crystal Tortilla Chips
11/11/2014Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, November 3-9
11/11/2014Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, November 3-9
11/11/2014Sekai Project's Clannad Crowdfunding Campaign Meets Goal
11/11/2014Teruyuki Kagawa, Ry?ko Hirosue Join Detective Conan's 20th Anniversary Special
11/11/2014Domain Registered Before RIN-NE Manga Announcement
11/11/2014Viz's Shonen Jump to Add The Table Tennis of Ageha Manga
11/11/2014Final Fantasy XIII-2 Game's Steam Promo Streamed
11/11/2014North American Anime, Manga Releases, November 9-15
11/11/20142015 K Anime Sequel Confirmed as 'New Season'
11/11/2014Nintendo to Release Transparent 2DS in North America
11/11/2014Bootleg Cardcaptor Sakura Totally Doesn't Condone the Evil Stick
11/11/2014Online Community Rallies to Help After A University Co-op Ordered Too Much Pocky
11/11/2014Brains Base's Ch? Jik? Robo Meguru Anime Previewed in Video
11/11/2014Attack on Titan Cast Reimagined as School Kids on Brutus Magazine
11/11/2014Kamisama Hajimemashita's 2nd Season's 2nd Promo Streamed
11/11/2014Free! Eternal Summer English Dub Casts Greg Ayres as Nagisa
11/11/20142015 Dragon Ball Z Film Listed on April 25
11/11/2014Australia's Madman Ent. Adds Mushishi: The Next Chapter on DVD
11/10/2014H?zuki no Reitetsu OAD's Main Trailer Streamed
11/10/2014Updated Durarara!!?2 Promo Adds OKAMOTO'S Theme Song
11/10/2014One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X Gameplay Video Focuses on Female Fighters
11/10/2014Band Maximum The HORMONE's Member Ryo-kun Hospitalized For Meningitis
11/10/2014Prince of Tennis Musical Actor K?tar? Yanagi Takes Long-Term Hiatus Due to Health
11/10/2014Japan's Animation TV Ranking, October 27-November 2
11/10/2014Smartphone Game Lets You Become a Hello! Project Idol
11/10/2014Yo-kai Watch Projected to Top Gundam in Bandai's Toy/Hobby Sales
11/10/2014Daily Briefs
11/10/2014Rumiko Takahashi's RIN-NE Manga Has 'Super Important Announcement' Next Week
11/10/2014Square Enix Files 'Brave Exvius' Trademark in Europe
11/10/2014Taiko: Drum Master's Wii/Wii U Controller Weighs 2.5 kg, Costs Nearly 30,000 Yen
11/10/2014New Evangelion Film's Team Make Video for Hikaru Utada's New Cover Album
11/10/2014Ultraman Ginga S Tokusatsu Series Gets Film
11/10/2014Ghibli's Princess Kaguya Grosses US$333,017 After Its 4th Weekend
11/10/2014Comical Psychosomatic Medicine Anime's 1st Promo Streamed
11/10/2014Sekai Project Launches Clannad Crowdfunding Campaign
11/10/2014Naruto Creator Kishimoto Talks End of the Series, International Fans
11/10/2014Umetsu's Kite to Fly High on Hulu
11/10/2014Bring Your Own B-Daman to Life in 3D
11/10/2014Watch the Pocky Pole Project Drop Giant Pocky and Pretz-Shaped Sticks Via Skydivers
11/10/2014Hayao Miyazaki's Honorary Oscar Acceptance Speech Streamed
11/10/2014Free! Eternal Summer English Dub Casts J. Michael Tatum as Rei
11/10/2014Psycho-Pass 2 English Dub Cast Announced
11/9/2014Publisher Viz Media Opens Fall 2014 Anime & Manga Survey
11/9/2014Publisher Vertical Opens 2015-2016 Light Novel Survey
11/9/2014Wandering Son's Shimura Draws 2-Chapter Boys-Love Manga
11/9/2014Japanese Naruto App Offers Free Manga Chapter Daily & 2 Anime Episodes Weekly
11/9/2014Kill Bill Animator Nakazawa Creates Ad for Manchester United, Nissin Food
11/9/2014Assassination Classroom 3DS Game's Promo Video Previews Footage
11/9/2014Naruto #67 Tops U.S. Monthly BookScan October List
11/9/2014Fate/Extra Manga Listed as Ending This Week
11/9/2014L'Arc~en~Ciel World Tour Documentary to Screen in December
11/9/2014Outbreak Company Manga to End
11/9/2014Osamu Tezuka's Final Diary Writings Inspire Film
11/9/2014Seiken Tsukai no World Break Anime Casts Yui Ogura, Maaya Uchida
11/9/2014Shonen Jump Posts Naruto's Entire Debut Issue Online
11/9/2014Tsukiuta CDs About Anthropomorphized Months Gets TV Anime
11/9/2014Pok?mon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Get Special Anime Short
11/9/2014Assassination Classroom Promo Video With Animation Streamed
11/9/2014Akira Ito Starts Cardfight!! Vanguard G in Monthly Bushiroad Magazine
11/9/2014Hamatora Manga to End Next Month
11/9/2014J.C. Staff's Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma Anime Casts Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
11/8/2014Naruto Manga Has 200 Million in Print Worldwide
11/8/2014Your Lie in April Anime to Ship in 9 Volumes
11/8/2014Vertical Adds E-book Rights for Tezuka Catalog
11/8/20142nd Persona 3 Blu-ray/DVD Adds 4 Minutes of Footage
11/8/2014Atelier Shallie, Atelier Ayesha Plus Dated in the West
11/8/2014Daily Briefs
11/8/2014ClariS Sings Tsukimonogatari's Ending Song With New Member
11/8/2014Latest Digimon All-Star Rumble Trailer Created With Stop-Motion Animation
11/8/2014Thomas Romain Draws Himself, Shoji Kawamori As Basquash Mech
11/8/2014Watch Silent Hill, Castlevania Composers Perform Live Saturday
11/8/2014Summer Is Still Going Strong with Free! Plushes, Figures, and Squishy Mascots
11/8/2014Funimation Adds Ping Pong, Tokyo Ravens, Puchimas Home Video Rights
11/8/2014Miyazaki Working on Ghibli Museum Shorts, Multiple Pet Projects
11/7/2014Khara, Dwango's 1st Japan Animator Expo Short Posted With English Subtitles
11/7/2014MangaGamer Releases Demo Version of No, Thank You!!!
11/7/2014Anime Midwest adds Chuck Huber, Chris Cason, Joel McDonald
11/7/2014Hajime no Ippo Boxing PS3 Game's 2nd Promo Shows Manga-Style Action, Cutscenes
11/7/2014Kono Danshi, Sekika ni Nayandemasu. Anime's Main Trailer Streamed
11/7/2014The Last -Naruto the Movie-'s Hinata, Hanabi Character Sketches Unveiled
11/7/2014Blue Spring Ride Sh?jo Manga Set to End
11/7/2014Wolf Girl & Black Prince Manga to Bundle Unaired Anime on DVD
11/7/2014My Love Story/Ore Monogatari!! Sh?jo Manga Gets TV Anime
11/7/2014Gintama Manga to Bundle Unaired Anime Episode on DVD
11/7/20143rd Steins;Gate IBM Anime Short Posted with English Subtitles
11/7/2014Seven Seas Confirms 2 More Alice in the Country of Manga
11/7/2014Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- Anime's 2nd Video, Story Unveiled
11/6/2014Tales of Asteria Mobile Game Gets Sequel
11/6/2014Hello Kitty Dresses Up As Akatsuki no Yona Characters for Magazine Freebie
11/6/2014Chaika - The Coffin Princess Anime's Unaired Episode Previewed in Video
11/6/2014DOLL Creator Mihara Starts New Series in Feel Young Magazine
11/6/2014Nintendo Streams Mario Kart, Hyrule Warriors Amiibo Trailers
11/6/2014Super Smash Bros. Adds Classic Duck Hunt Dog as Playable Character
11/6/2014Samurai Warriors TV Anime's Cast, Staff, Story Revealed
11/6/2014Actor Y?suke Kubozuka Rocks Halloween With His Girlfriend In Their JoJo's Costumes
11/6/2014Japanese Comic Ranking, October 27-November 2
11/6/2014BLADE ARCUS from Shining Arcade Game's Launch Trailer Streamed
11/6/2014McDonald's Now Fully On Board the Yo-kai Watch Bandwagon
11/6/2014Re-Enact Yowamushi Pedal With Finger Puppets
11/6/2014Daily Briefs
11/6/2014Get a Closer Look at the Attack on Titan Live-Action Films' Setting
11/6/2014Man Arrested for Selling Fake Y?kai Watch Medals
11/6/2014Digital Manga Licenses No Touching At All Spinoff Manga Even So, I Will Love You Tenderly
11/6/2014Nintendo President Iwata: Company Will Consider Region-Free Consoles
11/6/2014No Anime Advance in Animated Short Oscar Race
11/6/2014Manga Box Adds New Wine Manga From The Drops of God Creators in English
11/6/2014Clannad on Steam Kickstarter Campaign Outlined
11/6/2014Wrap Up Your Holiday Gifts with Sailor Moon Paper Goods
11/6/2014Xenoblade Chronicles X Slated for Next Spring in Japan
11/6/2014Voice Actor: Dragon Ball Z Kai's Ocean Dub Coming Soon
11/6/2014French Publisher: Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma Anime Slated for Spring
11/6/2014Sentai Filmworks Offers 'Dub Upgrade' for Dog & Scissors, Maid Sama!
11/6/2014PMX 2014 Delivers the Best of Asian-Pacific Pop Culture and Events Once Again
11/6/2014Neptunia Re;Birth 3 V Century's Promo Movie Narrated by Abnes
11/6/2014Viz Media Delivers the North American Home Media Release of Road to Ninja - Naruto the Movie
11/6/2014Fate/Stay night, Animate, Sanrio Also Enjoy Kabe Don
11/6/20143rd Persona 3 Film's Story, Visuals, Staff, Spring Debut Unveiled
11/6/2014One Piece Manga Sends Off Naruto With a Classy Secret Message
11/5/2014Naruto Manga Mini-Series Launches After Main Series Ends
11/5/2014Expelled From Paradise Film's Trailer English-Subtitled
11/5/2014Samurai Warriors/Sengoku Musou Gets TV Anime Series in January
11/5/2014 Akira No. 2 Schoolyard Brawl Manga Ends in 6th Volume
11/5/2014County Attorney: Fatal Shooting of Utah Man Was 'Reasonable'
11/5/2014Kadokawa's English BookWalker Manga App Launches With Ga-Rei, Magical Warfare, Riddle Story of Devil, Tokyo Ravens
11/5/201417th Pok?mon Film to Air on Cartoon Network, Teletoon in November
11/5/2014Granrodeo's GraP & RodeO Anime's 1st Episode Streamed
11/5/2014Japan's Video Game Rankings, October 27-November 2
11/5/2014Knights of Sidonia Offers Official 3D Models For Sale to the Public
11/5/2014Trinity Seven Manga to Bundle Unaired Anime Episode
11/5/2014Ogenki Clinic Adventures Available February 3, 2015
11/5/2014The Wearable Kotatsu Is Even Better Than Snuggies
11/5/2014Night Shift Nurses: Head Nurse Available February 3, 2015
11/5/2014Hayao Miyazaki to Attend Honorary Oscar Ceremony in L.A.
11/5/2014Tecmo KOEI's Atelier Rorona Coming to Nintendo 3DS
11/5/2014Pikmin Short Movies Streaming on 3DS, Wii U
11/5/2014Legend of Zelda; Majora's Mask Gets 3DS Port in Spring 2015
11/5/20142 Shonen Jump One-Shot Manga Get Full Series
11/5/2014Voice Actors Talk About Ramen
11/5/2014Evangelion Gets 1st '4D' Project With Brand-New Story
11/5/2014Fans Sound Off About the Manga Series They've Actually Finished Collecting
11/5/2014Death Note's Obata to Relaunch Gakky? H?tei Grade-School Legal Manga
11/5/2014Find Your Soulmate At the Evangelion Store's Matchmaking Event
11/5/2014Sentai Filmworks Announces Diabolik Lovers English Dub Cast
11/5/2014Working!!/Wagnaria!! Manga to Get Spinoff in January
11/5/2014Viz Media Announces Substantial November Digital Manga Update, New Takeshi Obata Video
11/5/2014Attack on Titan Gets 1st Life-Size, 15-Meter Statue
11/5/2014Parasyte Anime Casts Akira Ishida, KENN, Y? Serizawa
11/4/2014Japan's Animation TV Ranking, October 20-26
11/4/2014Aikatsu! 365 Nichi no Idol Days 3DS Game's Promo Introduces New Heroines
11/4/2014Food Wars Manga Gets Promotional Video in Celebration of Anime
11/4/2014Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gets Complete PS3/PSV Port
11/4/2014SaikouCon Announces New Venue and Dates for SaikouCon 2015
11/4/2014Tetsuya Nomura's Hatsune Miku Collaboration Video Streamed
11/4/2014Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, October 27-November 2
11/4/2014Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, October 27-November 2
11/4/2014BBC TV's Sherlock Re-imagining Gets 3rd Japanese Manga
11/4/2014Voice Actress Kazuko Yanaga Passes Away
11/4/2014Capcom Working on Luigi's Mansion Arcade Game
11/4/2014Trinity Seven Author, Illustrator Create Spinoff Novels
11/4/2014The IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Anime Slated for January 9
11/4/2014Final Fantasy Type-0 Director Wants to Make Sequels
11/4/2014Tales of Producer Wants to Make Games Like Skyrim, Dragon's Dogma
11/4/2014Daily Briefs
11/4/2014Attack on Titan Creator Named Tourism Ambassador of Hometown
11/4/2014Retailer: The Fruit of Grisaia ~Sanctuary Fellows~ Manga Ends With 4th Volume
11/4/2014North American Anime, Manga Releases, November 2-8
11/4/2014Princess Kaguya, Giovanni's Island Submitted for Oscar Nominations
11/4/2014Live-Action Parasyte Director Talks About Potential Differences Between His Film and the Scrapped Hollywood Version
11/4/2014A Hello Kitty Cafe Is Coming to Southern California
11/4/2014Marvel Disk Wars' 3DS Game's Demo Video Features Iron Man vs. Spider-Man
11/4/2014Cat Town Cafe Opens in Oakland After Crowdfunding Campaign
11/4/2014Prince of Tennis Musical's 3rd Season Cast Announced
11/4/2014Playing With Your Food is OK If It's A Kyubey Meat Bun
11/4/2014Kamen Rider SummonRide! Game's Promo Streamed
11/4/2014Sailor Guardians Seize Famima with Special Blenders, Vacuum Robots, and More
11/4/2014Genshiken Second Generation Premium Edition Coming February 3, 2015
11/4/2014'Urbance' Animation Project Kickstarter Campaign Reaches Goal
11/4/2014Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! Second Season Premium Edition Coming to North America Today!
11/4/2014Keiichiro Kimura's 'Go! Samurai' Kickstarter Campaign Reaches Goal
11/3/2014Last Naruto Manga Volume Likely to Ship in N. America in Late 2015 or Early 2016
11/3/2014Universal Studios Japan's Evangelion Page Lists 'Evangelion:4D'
11/3/2014Cowboy Bebop Director Discusses Proposed Live-Action Film, Hypothetical Anime Sequel
11/3/2014Daily Briefs
11/3/2014Arashi's Sho Sakurai Stars in Le Chef Cuisinier de L'Ambassadeur TV Special
11/3/2014Keigo Atobe Tops List of Twitter Birthday Well-Wishes
11/3/2014Japanese Box Office, October 25-26
11/3/2014VIZ Media Delivers Substantial November Update for Neon Alley Free Streaming Platform
11/3/2014Dream5 Is 1st Teen Band in 4 Decades With #1 Song Thanks to Yo-kai Watch Theme
11/3/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Shirobako"
11/3/2014Asian Fashion Continues to Grow at Pacific Media Expo
11/3/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Celestial Method"
11/3/2014Naruto: Road to Ninja, Asura, Persona 3, Sora no Otoshimono and SAO:EE Will Have Theatrical Screenings in Mexico This November
11/3/2014Ace Attorney Localizer Explains Alternate-Universe Los Angeles
11/3/2014Ghibli's Princess Kaguya Grosses US$241,500 After Its 3rd Weekend
11/3/2014Giovanni's Island, Patema Inverted Win at Chicago Int'l Children's Film Festival
11/3/2014Viz's Shojo Beat Adds Hiro Fujiwara's Maid-sama!, Maki Minami's Komomo Confiserie Manga
11/3/2014Frozen, Yo-kai Watch Are Japan's Top Products
11/3/2014A New Pikachu Will Be Flying High for This Year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
11/3/2014Cannon Busters Animation Kickstarter Launches With International Team
11/3/2014Real Life Android Looks Almost Too Real
11/3/2014London Anime & Gaming Con 2015
11/3/2014Attack on Titan Gets Crossover With Marvel Comics
11/3/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Wolf Girl and Black Prince"
11/3/2014Funimation Announces Laughing Under the Clouds English Dub Cast
11/3/2014Dokaben Creator Shinji Mizushima Inducted Into Order of the Rising Sun
11/3/2014To Terra's Takemiya Receives Japan Medal with Purple Ribbon
11/3/2014Pied Piper, Inc. Announces Time of Eve: Another Act Light Novel Pre-Sales and Time of Eve: The Movie Blu-Ray Sales
11/3/2014The New Challengers Yu-Gi-Oh Booster Set Announced
11/3/2014Blood Alone Gets New One-Shot for Comiket 87
11/3/2014Girls & Panzer's Yukari Narrates Brad Pitt's Fury Film Ad
11/2/2014Hana-Kimi Manga Returns in Special Chapter on November 20
11/2/2014Autralia's Siren Visual to Release Otomo's Memories Blu-ray
11/2/2014Sega to Debut BLADE ARCUS from Shining in Arcades on Wednesday
11/2/2014Daily Briefs
11/2/2014Yo-kai Watch Gets 2nd Film Next Winter
11/2/2014Cosplaying Utah Man Was Shot 5 Times From Behind by Police
11/2/2014San Diego Asian Film Fest to Screen Ghibli Documentary
11/2/2014Kids Explore Hoenn in Live-Action Pok?mon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire Commercial
11/2/2014Sentai Filmworks Announces The Ambition of Oda Nobuna English Dub Cast
11/2/2014Sentai Filmworks Adds Shirobako, Celestial Method, Wolf Girl & Black Prince Anime
11/2/2014Toonami Runs 2nd Dragon Ball Z Kai Ad
11/2/2014Nintendo to Release Smartphone App With Mii in 2015
11/2/2014S.A's Minami to End Komomo Confiserie Manga Next Month
11/2/2014Mixed Vegetables' Komura to Launch Full Dozer Manga in December
11/2/2014Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun Manga Goes on Hiatus
11/2/2014Kamen Rider Gaim x Kamen Rider Drive Film's 1st Teaser Streamed
11/2/2014The Heroic Legend of Arslan Manga Gets Anime
11/1/2014Dish Customers Lose Access to Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, More
11/1/2014Simon & Schuster, Amazon Settle Dispute
11/1/2014Square Enix Opens "Legend" Countdown Website
11/1/2014Yuri Brand St. Michael Girls' School Offers Anime If It Gets 50,000 Twitter Followers
11/1/2014Daily Briefs
11/1/2014K Anime Project Also Gets Sequel Manga in December
11/1/2014Resident Evil HD Remaster's 2nd Trailer Shows Graphics & Gameplay
11/1/2014Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds PS Vita Game Heads to PC
11/1/2014Manga Apartments for Foreigners to Open in Tokyo
11/1/2014Yamato/Departures Film Production Firm Sedic Allegedly Hid 1 Billion Yen in Income
11/1/2014Winter Comiket Catalog Posted Online, with Kantai Collection At the Top Spot
11/1/2014Giovanni's Island to Play in LA County for Oscar Qualification
11/1/2014Cinelicious Pics Will Restore Eiichi Yamamoto's Belladonna of Sadness Anime Film
11/1/2014Live-Action Uzumasa Limelight Film Opens in Los Angeles on November 24
11/1/2014Kikaider: Reboot Film Gets Limited North American DVD Release
11/1/2014Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei's Kumeta Draws New Manga
11/1/2014Visual Art's/Key Illustrator Itaru Hinoue Sells New PC Game at Comiket 87