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Anime News

DateArticle Name
12/31/2014Crunchyroll Streaming Service, Website Back Online
12/31/2014Sachiko Kobayashi Undergoes Terra Formars M.O. Operation
12/31/2014Monogatari Characters Promote NisiOisin's Okitegami Ky?ko Again in 2nd Ad
12/31/2014Otakon Vegas to Host Voice Actor Toshio Furukawa, Voice Actress Shino Kakinuma
12/31/20143rd Hori-san to Miyamura-kun Original Anime Episode Previewed in Video
12/31/2014The IDOLM@STER Actress Azumi Asakura Reports Being Stalked in 2014
12/31/2014Tales of Zestiria Gets Collabs with Blue Exorcist, Sengoku Basara
12/31/2014Soul Eater's Ohkubo Plans to Announce New Series in 2015
12/31/2014Shinobu Kaitani's Liar Game Manga Ends in January
12/31/2014Nitro+ Blasterz Gameplay Videos Preview Ein, Mora, Al, Ruili, Saya
12/30/2014Nitro+ Announces Summer 2015 Adult PC Game Tokyo Necro
12/30/2014Official Ask PlayStation: Gravity Rush 2 in Development for PS Vita
12/30/2014Cinderella Girls Trademark Filed for Arcade Games
12/30/2014Comic Market 87 Draws 560,000 Across 3 Days
12/30/2014Daily Briefs
12/30/2014Yo-Kai Watch, Love Live, Kuroko's Basketball Cosplayers Turn Out for Comiket
12/30/2014SpringFestNY 2015 Canceled Amid Delays
12/30/2014Littlewitch On Steam Greenlight, Download Available Now
12/30/2014MangaGamer Announces Pre-Orders for eden* and eden* Plus Mosaic!
12/30/2014MangaGamer Announces Release of Space Pirate Sara!
12/30/2014Anime Consortium Japan Announces Its 1st Streaming Titles: Tsukimonogatari & THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS
12/30/2014Funimation to Stream Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! Anime
12/30/2014Crunchyroll Streaming Service Down Amid DDoS Attack
12/30/2014Weapons of Japan are Reimagined as Gorgeous Men in Upcoming Mobile Game
12/30/2014Yowamushi Pedal Characters Dress Up For A Day of Shopping
12/30/2014North American Anime, Manga Releases, December 28-January 3
12/30/2014New Prince of Tennis Art Shows Characters As Pastry Chefs, Shinto Priests, More
12/30/2014Shirobako Comiket Promo Recaps 1st Season
12/30/2014Line Your Shower With Waterproof High School DxD Posters
12/30/2014Spoof on Titan 4-Panel Manga Ends
12/30/2014Photo Feature: Comiket 87 Cosplay Gallery - Day 3
12/30/2014Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha Manga to End in 10th Volume
12/30/2014Chigusa Kawai's Alice the 101st Music Manga Ends in February
12/30/2014Ryou Akizuki's Kill la Kill Manga to End in February
12/30/2014NIS President: 'PS Vita Version of Disgaea 5 is Impossible'
12/30/2014Square Enix Issues Job Listing For Final Fantasy XV-Related Online Game
12/30/2014Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, December 22-28
12/30/2014Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, December 22-28
12/30/2014Love Live's BiBi Unit Single Reaches #2 on Weekly Oricon Charts
12/30/2014Sh?nen Hollywood: Holly Trip for You Manga Ends in January
12/30/2014The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan Anime Unveils More Staff
12/30/2014Ghibli's Princess Kaguya Ranks in Top 20 U.S. Anime Films After 11th Weekend
12/29/2014Cardcaptor Sakura's Sealing Wand Finally Gets a Life-Size Replica
12/29/2014Liar-soft Ex-Writer Hikaru Sakurai Plans Meian no Keruneteru With Manga Artist, Animator
12/29/2014Shouta Aoi to Join Ace of Diamond Anime Cast
12/29/20145pb. Remakes YU-NO Sci-Fi Visual Novel
12/29/2014Idoling!!! Group Member Serina Nagano Graduates in March
12/29/2014Comiket 87 Draws 170,000 Visitors on Day 2
12/29/2014The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Anime's New Visual Unveiled
12/29/2014Resident Evil HD's PS4 Special Theme Had Apparent RE Zero Icon
12/29/2014Daily Briefs
12/29/2014Sore ga Seiy?! D?jin Manga By Hayate the Combat Butler's Hata Gets TV Anime
12/29/2014Funimation to Stream Samurai Warriors/Sengoku Musou TV Anime
12/29/2014Comiket Attendees Line Up to Purchase Arina Tanemura's Cross Ange Doujinshi
12/29/2014Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time 6 Game Gets Manga in Aria Magazine
12/29/2014Fate/Stay's Saber 10th Anniversary "Royal Dress" Figure Previewed at C87
12/29/2014Japan's Animation TV Ranking, December 15-21
12/29/2014Photo Feature: Comiket 87 Cosplay Gallery - Day 2
12/29/20142nd Aldnoah.Zero Season's 3rd TV Ad Streamed With English Subtitles
12/29/2014MikuMikuDance Animation Software Greenlit on Steam
12/29/2014Ikki Tousen: Extravaganza Epoch OVA's 2nd Promo Streamed
12/29/2014New Ad Aired for One Piece: Episode of Chopper 2014 Edition
12/29/2014Dragon Ball Xenoverse Gameplay Video Shows Gohan vs Super Buu
12/29/2014Disgaea 5's 2nd Promo Shows Main Characters
12/26/2014World Trigger Manga Goes on 1-Issue Hiatus Due to Author's Health
12/26/20142015 Dragon Ball Film's Krillin Character Sketch Revealed
12/26/2014Blood-C Anime Gets Stage Play Next Summer
12/26/2014Gintama's Yorozuya Sneers in Celebration of New Anime For J-World Event
12/26/2014Mysterious Joker Anime Gets 2nd Season in April
12/26/2014Magazine: Final Evangelion Film Slated for Fall-Winter 2015 With Utada Song
12/26/2014Daisuki to Stream Tsukimonogatari Anime
12/25/2014Daily Briefs
12/25/2014Funimation App Launches on PlayStation 3
12/25/2014Crunchyroll Launches App on Wii U
12/25/2014Absolute Duo Listed With 12 Episodes
12/25/2014Haikyu!! Spring Lottery Goods Go Floral
12/25/2014Cut Down Your Hair Styling Time With Sailor Moon Cosplay Wigs
12/25/2014Go! Princess Precure's Story, Characters, Staff Unveiled
12/25/2014Nana Mizuki, T.M. Revolution to Duet Again on New Year's Eve
12/25/2014Little Witch Academia Streamed Again
12/25/2014Voice Actor Hidetoshi Nakamura Passes Away
12/25/2014Holiday Greetings from the Anime World! (Part 3)
12/25/2014Rina Hidaka Narrates Unlimited Fafnir TV Spot as Iris
12/25/2014Happy Cooking Graffiti TV Ad Previews Opening Theme
12/25/20142nd Tokyo Ghoul Season's Cast, Designs, Episode 1 Info Updated
12/25/2014Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1, Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sisters Generation, Fair Fencer F Announced for Steam
12/25/2014Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- Gets Special Edition PS Vita System
12/25/2014'I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying' Anime Gets 2nd Season
12/25/2014Holiday Greetings from the Anime World! (Part 2)
12/25/2014Danganronpa AE Game Gets Spin-Off Manga in Dengeki Maoh
12/25/2014Show By Rock!! TV Anime Adds Mamoru Miyano, Megumi Han, More to Cast
12/25/2014Non Non Biyori Rural Comedy Anime's 2nd Season Title, Key Visual Unveiled
12/25/2014Yuri Kuma Arashi Anime's 3rd Promo Introduces Story
12/25/2014?sterreich Performs 2nd Tokyo Ghoul Season's Opening Song
12/25/2014StylipS, Edge of Life Perform Gundam Build Fighters Try's New Songs
12/25/2014May J. Sings Gundam Reconguista in G's New Opening Theme
12/24/2014Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Game Gets 2 New Manga
12/24/2014Ghibli's Princess Kaguya Earns US$552,080 After 10th Weekend
12/24/2014Masakazu Morita Joins Kuroko's Basketball 3rd Season's Cast
12/24/2014FROGMAN's 3rd The Rose of Versailles Parody Short Streamed
12/24/2014New Robot Girls Z Anime Shorts' Characters, Story, Cast, Staff Unveiled
12/24/2014The Testament of Sister New Devil Gets Original Anime Blu-ray
12/24/2014Have Fun in School with Fantasy Weapon Pencil Toppers
12/24/2014Giovanni's Island "e-Sakuga" Multi Touch Book Lets You Explore the Film's Key Frames
12/24/2014Seoul Erects an 8-Meter, 3-Ton Tobot Kia Robot Statue
12/24/2014Danganronpa: Unlimited Battle iOS Game Previewed in Video
12/24/2014Frozen Sells All-Time Record of 2.269 Million BD/DVD Sets to Top Spirited Away, Madoka Magica
12/24/2014Kumamon Suits Up As an Evangelion For New Collaboration
12/24/2014Holiday Greetings from the Anime World! (Part 1)
12/24/2014Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth, Fairy Fencer F Games Coming to Steam
12/24/2014Japanese Comic Ranking, December 15-21
12/24/2014Fate/Extra's Extra-Fingered Cover Gets Recalled
12/24/2014Japan's Video Game Rankings, December 15-21
12/23/2014Yo-kai Watch Takes Over Kyushu Bullet Train
12/23/2014New Kuroko's Basketball 3DS Game's 1st Promo Streamed
12/23/2014Assassination Classroom 3DS, Smartphone Games Previewed in Video
12/23/2014Final Fantasy Legends Smartphone Game's Jump Festa Trailer Streamed
12/23/2014Shonen Jump's J-Stars Victory VS+ Western Release Has Japanese Voice Track
12/23/20142nd Live-Action Parasyte Film's Teaser Hints at Story's Finale
12/23/2014Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, December 15-21
12/23/2014Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, December 15-21
12/23/2014Seiken Tsukai no World Break's Promo Video, More Cast Unveiled
12/23/2014Japan's Animation TV Ranking, December 8-14
12/23/2014Yo-kai Watch Has Highest Opening of Any Japanese Film Since 2000
12/23/2014Madoka Magica Girls Get Their Own Themed Purses
12/23/2014Funimation Works Directly with Khara on Evangelion 3.33 Home Video Release
12/23/2014Yakuza 0 Gets 4 Special Edition PlayStation 4 Consoles
12/23/2014Lia to Sing Theme Song for Angel Beats! 1st Beat PC Game
12/23/2014Gamers Pay Respect to Departed Friend in FFXIV
12/23/2014Bessatsu Manga Goraku Magazine to End on Thursday
12/23/2014North American Anime, Manga Releases, December 21-27
12/23/2014Good Smile Racing Gets Ready For A New Season With Racing Miku 2015
12/23/2014Somehow, Funasshi's Album Hit #4 in the Weekly Album Charts
12/23/2014Funimation to Stream Death Parade Anime
12/23/2014Bandai Namco Games' Rise of Incarnates Jump Festa Trailer Previews Fenrir
12/23/2014Clannad Kickstarter Project Adds English Translation for Side Stories
12/23/2014Giovanni's Island, World's First E-SAKUGA Multi-Touch book
12/23/2014Toei's Robot Girls Z Gets New Anime in 2015
12/23/2014Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life Anime Gets 3rd Season in 2015
12/22/2014Aniplex of America set to Import Fate/stay night (Unlimited Blade Works) Blu-ray Disc Box I this March
12/22/2014Angel Beats! PC Game Scheduled for May 29 Release
12/22/2014Digimonstory Cybersleuth PS Vita Game's New Promo Previews Cutscenes
12/22/2014Angel Beats! Gets New Episode With Anime Blu-ray Box
12/22/2014Key Visual Arts Announces Charlotte TV Anime for 2015
12/22/2014Ky?kai no Rinne Anime's Sakura, Rinne Character Sketches Unveiled
12/22/2014One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Heads West on PS3/PS4/Vita/PC
12/22/2014Tokyo Ghoul Creator: Season 2 Will Be 12 Episodes
12/22/2014Boruto -Naruto the Movie- Site Opens With Manga Excerpt
12/22/2014Dragon Ball Xenoverse Game's Jump Festa Trailer English-Dubbed
12/22/2014Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4's Jump Festa Trailer English-Subtitled
12/22/2014Yoru no Yatterman Anime's New Promo Previews Cast
12/22/2014Library Wars: Love & War Sh?jo Manga Gets New Series in March
12/22/2014Assassination Classroom Anime's 2-Minute Promo Streamed
12/22/2014Viz's Shonen Jump to Publish NisiOisin, Takeshi Obata's Manga 1-Shot
12/22/20142016 Yu-Gi-Oh! Film Teaser Recaps 20 Years of Manga, Anime
12/22/20143rd Working!!/Wagnaria!! Season's July Premiere, Title, Staff, Cast Unveiled
12/22/2014Bandai Announces One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Will Debut in the Americas
12/22/2014Khara's Japan Animator Expo's 8th Short is 'Tomorrow from there' by Akemi Hayashi
12/22/2014Yo-kai Watch Film Beats Out Disney's Big Hero 6 at Japanese Box Office
12/22/2014Fan Remakes Japanese PS1 Cult Classic LSD: Dream Emulator
12/22/2014One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X Game Video Features Sabo, Amiibo Support
12/22/2014Malaysian Finalist Wins This Year's Gunpla Builder's World Cup
12/22/2014Funimation to Stream Wit Studio's Rolling Girls Anime
12/22/2014Funimation Adds Inari Kon Kon Home Video Rights (Update)
12/22/2014More Items Revealed from Love Live ABC Project Fashion Collaboration
12/22/2014KanColle Anime's 1st Blu-Ray/DVD Release Promo Streamed
12/22/2014Haiyore! Nyaruko-san F OVA's 1st Promo Streamed
12/22/2014Brand New World: TAKII 18
12/22/2014Kodansha Temporarily Suspends Vinland Saga Manga in US
12/22/2014Official Japanese RWBY Fanbook Includes Art From Yoshitoshi Abe, Range Murata, Others
12/22/2014Steins;Gate -The Committee of Antimatter- Novel Cancelled
12/22/2014Etrian Mystery Dungeon Crossover Game's US Trailer, Pre-Order Bonus, Cover Art Unveiled
12/22/2014Viz Media and Eleven Arts Present Theatrical Premiere of The Last: Naruto The Movie in Major U.S. Cities Beginning in February
12/21/2014Astro Boy Reboot's 1st Image Unveiled
12/21/2014Shonen Jump's J-Stars Victory VS+ Heads West on PS3/PS4/Vita
12/21/2014Discotek Adds Lupin III: Jigen's Gravestone, Yowapeda, Go Nagai World, Toei's Little Mermaid, Iria
12/21/2014Yoga Instructor Offers Pokemon-Themed Sessions for Convention Attendees
12/21/2014Tales of Zestiria Game Promo Shows Off Cut Scenes
12/21/2014Ochibi-san Stop-Motion Short Film Gets Making-Of Video
12/21/2014Fans Vote For Which Anime Heroes They'd Rather Not Be
12/21/2014Dragon Ball Xenoverse Gameplay Videos Pit Goku vs Beerus, Super 17
12/21/2014Daily Cosplay - Final Fantasy VII's Tifa Lockhart
12/21/2014Ghibli's Princess Kaguya Blu-ray/DVD Release Slated For February
12/21/2014Haikyu Anime Sequel Celebrated With Art by Manga Creator, Director, Character Designer
12/21/2014CyberConnect2 CEO Interviewed on Naruto Shipp?den: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4
12/21/2014One Piece: Episode of Chopper Film's New Edition Teased in Ads
12/21/2014Man With A Mission, Alisa Takigawa Perform The Seven Deadly Sins' New Songs
12/21/2014JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven PS3/PS4 Game's Promo Streamed
12/21/2014One Piece Manga Inspires Kabuki Play Next Fall
12/21/2014Digital Manga Rainy Cocoa With Bilingual Voices Gets TV Anime
12/21/2014Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma's New Video, Cast, Theme Performers Unveiled
12/21/2014Naruto Shippuden Anime's Next Arc Begins in January
12/21/2014Naoki Urasawa Puts Billy Bat Manga on Hiatus Until April
12/21/2014Gintama Gets New TV Anime Series in April
12/20/2014Sword Art Online: Lost Song's New Characters Teased in Ad
12/20/2014To Love-Ru Darkness Gets 2nd Season, New PS Vita Dating Sim
12/20/20142nd Nisekoi Season's New Voice Actress, April Premiere Revealed
12/20/2014Resident Evil Revelations 2's Opening Cinematic Posted
12/20/2014CUBETYPE's Touhou Project D?jin Shooter Heads to PS4
12/19/2014Pony Canyon's Comiket 87 Goods Include Pixellated Free! Keychains, More
12/19/2014Rock Band KISS Collaborating With Sailor Moon Crystal's Momoiro Clover Z
12/19/2014Date A Live Rinnne Utopia Heads to PS Vita Next Summer
12/19/20143rd Dog Days Season's 4th Character TV Ad Features Sharu
12/19/2014Lantis Festival at Las Vegas Adds Special Appearance by Hatsune Miku
12/19/20142nd Aldnoah.Zero Season's 2nd TV Ad English-Subtitled
12/19/2014JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Anime's Egypt Arc Slated for January 9
12/19/2014Akame ga Kill Manga to Start Last Arc in 12th Volume
12/19/2014Duo moumoon Performs Assassination Classroom's Ending Song
12/19/2014Nihon Falcom Launches New 'Evolution' Project Tied to Legend of Heroes
12/19/2014Umimachi Diary Live-Action Film's Teaser Streamed
12/19/2014Code Geass: Akito the Exiled's 3rd Episode Previewed in Video
12/19/2014New Evangelion Anime Footage Debuts in 7th Animator Expo Short
12/19/2014Haikyu!! Volleyball TV Anime Gets Sequel
12/18/2014Manga Artist Akiko Higashimura to Appear in Princess Jellyfish Film
12/18/2014Tokyo Ghoul ?A Anime's TV Spot Aired
12/18/2014Tales of Zestiria Anime Special's New Promo Looks Back at Past Tales of Games
12/18/2014Aria the Scarlet Ammo Double A Adaptation is TV Anime
12/18/2014Samurai Warriors/Sengoku Musou TV Anime's Promo Previews Yukimura in Action
12/18/2014Live-Action Sukimasuki Film's 1st Trailer Streamed
12/18/2014Sibling Comedy Manga Ane Log Gets 3rd OVA
12/18/2014Ghibli's Princess Kaguya Earns US$528,307 After 9th Weekend
12/18/2014Daily Cosplay - Dawn of the Arcana's Nakaba and Loki
12/18/2014Gate: Jiei-tai Ka no Chi ni te, Kaku Tatakaeri Military Fantasy Novels Get TV Anime
12/18/2014Luffy Leads in One Piece Character Poll
12/18/2014JoJo's, Yu-Gi-Oh, Attack on Titan, Pokemon More Offered on Free Comic Book Day
12/18/2014Section23 Films Announces April Slate
12/18/2014Yu-Gi-Oh Championship Series Comes to Charleston, South Carolina
12/18/20143rd Live-Action Kenshin Film Wins Audience Award at Australia's Japanese Film Festival
12/18/2014Air Master's Shibata Starts Y?kai Banch? Manga
12/18/2014UDON Entertainment Announces Capcom Fighting Tribute Art Initiative
12/18/2014JAST USA Adds Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque to Steam Greenlight
12/18/2014Namco Brings Pac-Man to Suburban Chicago With A Barcade
12/18/2014Yotsuba&! Teams Up With Casio For A Danbo Camera
12/18/2014Daily Cosplay - Macross Frontier's Sheryl Nome
12/18/2014Nobunaga the Fool Anime Gets English Dub
12/18/2014Funimation to Stream Assassination Classroom Anime
12/18/2014Seal Your Love With An Oreimo Wedding Set
12/18/2014Nihon Falcom Unveils Tokyo Xanadu RPG for 2015
12/18/2014Funimation Adds Home Video Rights for Nobunagun
12/18/2014Tokyo Salon Sells Dangling UtaPri Nail Charms
12/18/2014KanColle Anime Listed With 6 50-Minute Blu-ray/DVD Volumes
12/18/2014Romance Your Favorite Fairy Tale Characters in Upcoming Smartphone Game
12/18/2014Sentai Filmworks Adds Hayate the Combat Butler: Can't Take My Eyes Off You
12/18/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses Hayate the Combat Butler: Can't Take My Eyes Off You
12/18/2014Toonami Channel to Launch in Thailand
12/18/2014Yuuhei Satellite to Debut at TouhouCon 2015
12/18/2014Project Itoh's Harmony Promo Previews Animation
12/18/2014Aria the Scarlet Ammo Double A Anime Announcement Promo Streamed
12/17/2014Blood Blockade Battlefront Anime Reveals More Voice Roles, Designs
12/17/2014Sayaka Mogi's Horror Manga Pupa Has New Project in the Works
12/17/2014Tamayura Films' Cast, Story, Title, Date, Visual Unveiled
12/17/2014Doraemon, Kenshin, Thermae Romae II Rank in 2014's Top 5 Japanese Films
12/17/2014Aria the Scarlet Ammo Double A Spinoff Manga Gets Anime
12/17/2014Aniplex of America Acquires New Winter Season Title: Saekano:How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend
12/17/2014Terrorize Your Figure Collection With A Fully Articulated Titan Model
12/17/2014Viz Media Launches Akira Toriyama's Jaco The Galactic Patrolman Manga Series
12/17/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses She, The Ultimate Weapon
12/17/2014Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Presents Pok?mon: Symphonic Evolutions, May 1, 2015
12/17/2014Cowboy Bebop Comes to Hulu December 19
12/17/2014Viz Media Concludes 2014 with Digital Manga Update
12/17/2014Love Live Girls Get More Collaboration Outfits, Accessories
12/17/2014Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy, Disgaea 5, The Awakened Fate Ultimatum Western Releases Scheduled
12/17/2014Japanese Comic Ranking, February 17-23
12/17/2014Steins;Gate Game Also Heading to iOS in the West
12/17/2014Dress Up Your Human-Shaped Hug Pillow for Endless Cuddle Possibilites
12/17/2014Japan's Video Game Rankings, December 8-14
12/17/2014Fans Weigh In On Which Character They'd Like to Date on Christmas
12/17/2014The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan Anime's Cast, Staff Unveiled
12/17/2014MOE Can Change! -Myroid 4 Life- New Release in Three Additional Countries
12/17/2014Aniplex USA Licenses Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend Anime (Update)
12/17/2014Sentai Filmworks Adds Saikano/She, The Ultimate Weapon
12/17/2014Prince of Tennis Special Hanten Coats Previewed
12/17/2014Grisaia Trilogy Kickstarter Reaches Its Goal
12/17/2014Grisaia Trilogy Kickstarter Reaches 90% of Goal in 12 Hours
12/17/2014Yamada-kun & the Seven Witches Casts Tomokazu Sugita, Yuuki Ono, Mai Nakahara
12/17/2014Pixel's Film Posters Feature Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Galaga, More
12/17/2014PriPara, Pretty Rhythm Crossover 3DS Game's Promo Streamed
12/17/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses Unlimited Psychic Squad
12/17/2014Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Available Nationwide
12/17/2014New Yamato 2199 Film's 'Must-See' Trailer Streamed
12/17/2014Pok?mon: Symphonic Evolutions Orchestral Concert Heads to Baltimore
12/17/2014PriPara Film's Trailer Teases Multiple Stories
12/17/2014New Initial D the Movie Legend 2's Title, Date, Visual Unveiled
12/17/2014Psycho-Pass Film Given R15+ Age Rating
12/17/2014Barakamon Manga Shortlisted for Stan Lee Excelsior Award
12/17/2014Himitsu - Top Secret Sci-Fi Sh?jo Manga Gets Live-Action Film by Kenshin Director
12/16/2014Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time 6 Game's Event Trailer Streamed
12/16/2014Super 17, Original Anime to Appear in Dragon Ball Xenoverse Game
12/16/20147 AKB48 Idols Form Yo-kai Watch Sub-Group for Ending Theme
12/16/2014North American Anime, Manga Releases, December 14-20
12/16/2014Shippers Rejoice! 10,000 Anime Fans Pick Their Favorite Same-Sex Pairings
12/16/2014Viz Media Adds Mikansei No. 1, Sgt. Frog, Hands Off! Digitally
12/16/2014Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Gameplay Clip Previews Hashirama vs. Madara
12/16/2014Saki Fujita Sings, Toshiyuki Toyonaga Writes Durarara!!?2 Song
12/16/2014New Konami Yu-Gi-Oh! Secrets of Eternity Booster Set
12/16/2014Sentai Filmworks Adds Unlimited Psychic Squad Spinoff Anime
12/16/2014Mevius Final Fantasy Confirmed as Mobile Game
12/16/2014Enjoy A Cardcaptor Sakura Tea Party with Lottery Goods
12/16/2014Gainax, Subaru's H?kago no Pleiades TV Anime Previewed in 1st Video
12/16/2014Daily Cosplay - Monster Hunter's Male and Female Kirin Armor
12/16/2014MOE Can Change! -Myroid 4 Life- and Animal Boyfriend Reach Over 200,000 Downloads
12/16/2014Steins;Gate Game Headed West on PS3/PS Vita
12/16/2014Cell Companies Team Up With Kuroko's Basketball, KanColle to Offer Wi-Fi at Comiket 87
12/16/2014Tokyo Ghoul Tops Fan Poll of Manga That Finished Serialization in 2014
12/16/2014Digimonstory Cybersleuth PS Vita Game Slated for March 12 in Japan
12/16/2014JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 Game Announced
12/16/2014Houko Kuwashima Joins H?kago no Pleiades TV Anime's Cast
12/16/2014Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Game Adds The Last Version Naruto
12/16/20142015 Dragon Ball Film's Gohan Character Sketch Revealed
12/16/2014Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, December 8-14
12/16/2014Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, December 8-14
12/16/2014Ultraman Ginga S Film's 2nd Trailer Previews Villain
12/16/2014Live-Action Blue Spring Ride Film Opens at #1 in Box Office
12/15/2014Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sui Replaces Eri Kitamura in Cast Due to Health Issue
12/15/2014Attack on Titan: No Regrets #2 Takes 2nd Place on U.S. Monthly BookScan November List
12/15/2014Lantis Festival Launches Youtube Channel
12/15/2014Japan's Animation TV Ranking, December 1-7
12/15/2014Day Break Illusion Anime Gets Epilogue Web Novel
12/15/2014Atelier Shallie Game's English-Dubbed Trailer Posted
12/15/2014A Silent Voice Anime Project Is a Theatrical Film
12/15/2014Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Heads West on PS4, Xbox One, Steam
12/15/2014Yoru no Yatterman Slated for January 11
12/15/2014Former Pirate Bay Co-Founder Peter Sunde: Site Raided By Swedish Police Again
12/15/2014Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Slated for March 10 in N. America
12/15/2014Ghibli's English-Subtitled Marnie BD/DVD Slated for March in Japan
12/15/2014Daily Briefs
12/15/2014Love Live Collaborates with Earth Music&Ecology Fashion Label
12/15/2014One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X Game Offers Amiibo Support This Winter
12/15/2014Lantis Anisong World Tour Presented in Conjunction with Otakon Vegas
12/15/2014Misato's Car From the Evangelion Movies Gets A Die-Cast Model
12/15/2014Atelier Escha & Logy Plus Game's Promo Video Previews Main Cast
12/15/2014Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Releases 3/10/15
12/15/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses DD Fist of the North Star
12/15/2014Group 1200 Media Opens Theatrical Division Based in New York City
12/15/2014Otakon Vegas Proud to Host Prolific Artist Wendee Lee
12/15/2014Watch the Parasyte Opening Hand-Drawn in the Style of the Manga
12/15/2014Khara's Japan Animator Expo's 7th Short is 'until You come to me.' by Tadashi Hiramatsu
12/15/2014Daily Cosplay - Black Butler's Undertaker and Grell
12/15/2014Defend Cute Mushroom Girls from Bamboo Shoots in Upcoming Game
12/15/2014DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition, Devil May Cry 4 Head to PS4, Xbox One
12/15/2014Gakkyu Hotei Joins Viz's Shonen Jump as Weekly Series
12/15/2014Clifford Chapin, Bryn Apprill Star in Unbreakable Machine Doll English Dub
12/15/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses DD Fist of the North Star Spinoff Anime
12/15/2014Fans Vote For Series With the Most Unfashionable Everyday Clothing
12/15/2014Artist Keinojou Mizutama Passes Away
12/15/2014Date A Live Movie to Be All-New Work Next Summer
12/15/ Announces Updated Refund Policy
12/15/2014Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sisters Generation Updated Release Date
12/15/2014Final Fantasy XV English-Dubbed TGS Trailer Streamed
12/15/2014Death Billiards' Death Parade Show Listed With 12 Episodes
12/14/2014Yokai Watch Film Sets New Toho Record with 1 Million Advance Tickets
12/14/2014Princess Kaguya, Edge of Tomorrow, Godzilla, Transformers Composers Eligible for Oscars
12/14/2014The Evil Within Makes Consumer Report's Top 5 'Most Violent' Game List
12/14/2014World Trigger Anime Listed With 50 Episodes
12/14/2014Daily Briefs
12/14/2014Sega's Chain Chronicle RPGs Get Seven Deadly Sins Crossover
12/14/2014Shotaro Ishinomori's Kamen Rider #3 Gets New Film in 2015
12/14/2014Mr. Children Concert Film's Trailer Streamed
12/14/2014Okane ga Nai/No Money Yaoi Manga to Return in February
12/14/2014Akira's Katsuhiro Otomo Announces Live-Action Film Plans
12/14/2014Vocaloid IA's 'Encore' Concert Will Screen in Los Angeles
12/14/2014New SaGa Game Heads to PS Vita in 2015
12/14/2014Military! 4-Panel Comedy Manga's TV Anime Unveils Video, More Cast
12/14/2014Ressha Sentai ToQger vs Kyoryuger The Movie Sentai Film's Trailer Streamed
12/14/2014Wake Up, Girls! Anime Gets New Film in 2015
12/14/2014Imperial SaGa Game For PC Browsers Announced
12/14/2014Teeky? Spinoff Manga Takamiya Nasuno Desu! Gets Anime
12/14/2014New Street Fighter V Video Shows Charlie Nash, Gameplay
12/14/2014Pok?mon the Movie XY 2015's Posters Reveals Next Pikachu Short
12/13/2014SAO Extra Edition, Kill la Kill Vol. 3 Ship Early
12/13/2014Terraformars 3DS Game Slated for April 2
12/13/2014Square Enix Files 'Saga Asterism' Trademark in Japan
12/13/2014Daily Briefs
12/13/2014Daisuke Namikawa Sings New Hetalia Anime's Theme Song as Italy
12/13/2014Live-Action Otoko no Issh? Film's Trailer Previews Love Story
12/13/2014Crayon Shin-Chan's Next Film Trailer Reveals Mexico-Based Story
12/13/2014Mushishi Gets Stage Reading With Augmented Reality Visuals, Anime Cast
12/13/2014Tesagure! Bukatsu-mono's 3rd Season to Have 30-Minute Episodes
12/13/20142nd Aldnoah.Zero Season's 2nd TV Ad Previews Opening Theme
12/13/2014Monogatari 'Final Season's' 2nd Tsukimonogatari Promo Video Previews ClariS Song
12/13/2014Him?to! Umaru-chan Sibling Comedy Manga Gets Anime
12/13/2014Chain Chronicle Smartphone RPG Also Gets TV Anime
12/12/2014Death Billiards' Death Parade Show Previewed in 2nd Video
12/12/2014Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Collector's Edition Adds Manga, Soundtrack
12/12/2014Maria the Virgin Witch Anime's New Web Ad Streamed
12/12/2014Sega Hires Executive to Adapt Its Games in Hollywood
12/12/2014Nintendo Discussed Super Mario Film With Hollywood's Avi Arad
12/12/2014Mamoru Hosoda's The Boy and the Beast Film's 1st Teaser Unveiled
12/12/2014Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku Novels by Vocaloid Composer Gets TV Anime
12/12/2014Hinako Sugiura's Gasso Manga Gets Live-Action Film
12/12/2014Flowers of Evil Band Uchujin to Break Up on New Year's Eve
12/12/2014Khara's Japan Animator Expo Posts 6th Short by Mahiro Maeda, Takeshi Honda
12/11/2014One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Slated for March 26 in Japan
12/11/2014Daily Briefs
12/11/2014Yu-Gi-Oh! Film Scheduled For 2016, Focuses on Y?gi, Kaiba
12/11/2014Crunchyroll Streams 2 One Piece x Toriko Specials
12/11/2014Aniplex Comiket 87 Goods Include Madoka Magica's Homura As A Maiko, Tsukimonogatari Merch
12/11/2014Veteran Voice Actor Steve Blum to Guest at Otakon Vegas
12/11/2014Otakon Vegas Welcomes Voice Actress Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
12/11/2014Voice Actress Lisa Ortiz to Guest at Otakon Vegas
12/11/2014BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend Releases on Steam
12/11/2014Contest Offers Giant Attack on Titan Postcards As Prizes
12/11/2014Nintendo: Some Amiibo Figures May Return in the Future
12/11/2014Daily Cosplay - How To Train Your Dragon's Astrid
12/11/2014Studio Ghibli Documentary's New Clips Streamed
12/11/2014Ghibli's Princess Kaguya Wins APSA, But Not Nominated for Golden Globes
12/11/2014Kakyoin's Favorite Fruit Gets Tie-in Earrings
12/11/2014Ami Koshimizu, Yuuki Kaji Join Tales of Zestiria RPG Cast
12/11/201410,000 Anime Fans Pick Which Character's Death Left the Biggest Impact
12/11/2014Bravely Second New Promo Introduces Characters, Release Date
12/11/2014Naruto Stage Musical's Overseas Plans, Cast Unveiled
12/11/2014Funasshi Mascot and Fuchiko Cup Companions Team Up
12/11/2014Berserk Griffith The Battle for Doldrey Figure Now Available
12/11/2014Project Itoh's Genocidal Organ Video Previews Animation
12/11/2014Rune Factory 4 Available Now in Europe and Australia
12/11/2014Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Confirmed for PS4 in Spring
12/11/2014World Trigger Manga Gets PS Vita Fighting Game
12/11/2014Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Heads to PS4
12/11/2014Infinite Stratos Anime Gets 3D Action PC Game
12/11/2014Sword Art Online Lost Song PS3/PS Vita Game's 2nd Promo Explains Gameplay
12/11/2014Live-Action Patlabor's 11th Episode Footage Streamed
12/11/2014The Case of Hana & Alice Anime's Full Trailer, More Cast Unveiled
12/10/2014Strawberry Flavored Fist of the North Star's Souther Gets A Collaborative Menu
12/10/2014Viz Media Debuts Naoki Urasawa's Suspensful Manga Series Master Keaton
12/10/2014Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson Sparkles as Princess Peach on Dancing With the Stars
12/10/2014Masami Suzuki, Nobuyuki Hiyama, More Join Samurai Warriors/Sengoku Musou Anime's Cast
12/10/2014Akiko Shikata to Perform Yona of the Dawn Anime's 2nd Ending
12/10/2014Parasyte Anime Casts Daisuke Namikawa, Issei Futamata, Kazuhiko Inoue
12/10/2014Dragon Ball Heroes: UM2 3DS Game's 2nd Animated Ad Ends Mini-Story
12/10/2014Milky Holmes TD Anime's Advance Promo Video Streamed
12/10/2014Hulu Streams Karate Master/Karate Baka Ichidai TV Anime
12/10/2014Theatrhythm Dragon Quest Announced for 3DS
12/10/2014Crunchyroll Streams Live-Action Ultraman 80 Show
12/9/2014Out of 10,000 People Surveyed, 23% Are Self-Proclaimed Otaku
12/9/2014Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Briefly Listed for PS4
12/9/2014Strea, Argo Join Sword Art Online: Lost Song PS3/PS Vita Game
12/9/2014Funasshi's a Big Fan of Parasyte
12/9/2014Ghibli's Princess Kaguya Earns US$501,888 After 8th Weekend
12/9/2014Square Enix Game Gunslinger Stratos Gets TV Anime in 2015
12/9/2014Director Isao Takahata's Anime ?Gauche the Cellist? Multi-Touch Book Now on Sale
12/9/2014NeoAniCon 2015 Registration Rates, Artist Alley and Dealer's Room Space Rates Finalized
12/9/2014Japan's Animation TV Ranking, November 24-30
12/9/2014Phantasy Star Online 2 Stage Play's 1st Half Hour Streamed
12/9/2014Aniplex, Key Visual Arts Announce New Project on December 22
12/9/2014Hybrid Child Boys-Love Anime's New TV Spot Has Narration by Seya, Tsukishima
12/9/2014Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, December 1-7
12/9/2014Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, December 1-7
12/9/2014The?Eden of Grisaia PS Vita/PSP Visual Novel's Opening Streamed
12/9/2014Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2015's Series Ranking for Female Readers
12/9/2014Khara's Japan Animator Expo Posts 'Gundam Key Animation' Short
12/9/2014One Piece: Episode of Chopper Film Gets New Animated Epilogue
12/9/2014Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Limited Edition Now Slated for December 23
12/9/2014Death Billiards' Death Parade TV Anime Slated for January 9
12/9/2014Samurai Warriors/Sengoku Musou TV Series Slated for January 11
12/9/2014Daily Briefs
12/9/2014Gunslinger Stratos Spawns PC Online Game, Magazine, Manga
12/9/2014Gintama Writer's Racehorse to Retire
12/9/2014Nitro+ Fighting Game Stars Super Sonico, Fate/Stay Night's Saber
12/9/2014Fate/Extra's Red Saber Has One Too Many Fingers
12/9/2014Hajime No Ippo: The Fighting Game Has Unlockable Versus Mode
12/9/2014Lucky Star Girls Are Battle-Ready in KanColle Crossover
12/9/2014Daily Cosplay - Ouran High School Host Club's Kyoya
12/9/2014Naruto Characters Head To the Hot Springs For A New Collaboration
12/9/2014North American Anime, Manga Releases, December 7-13
12/9/2014Nintendo: Some Amiibo Figures Unlikely to Get 2nd Shipments
12/8/2014Ninja Slayer From Animation Anime's 1st Trailer Unveiled
12/8/2014Seven Deadly Sins Unjust Sin Game's TV Ad Streamed
12/8/2014Cardcaptor Sakura Book of Revised Key Frames to be Sold at Comiket 87
12/8/20143rd Kuroko's Basketball Season's 1st Episode Synopsis, Images Unveiled
12/8/2014New The Last -Naruto the Movie- Ad Features Commentary by Characters
12/8/2014Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2015's Series Ranking for Male Readers
12/8/2014Attack on Titan Tops Da Vinci Magazine's Ranking for 2nd Year
12/8/2014Yamada-kun & the Seven Witches Anime Casts Jun Fukuyama, Kana Hanazawa
12/8/2014Chico with HoneyWorks, Galileo Galilei Perform New Magic Kaito 1412 Theme Songs
12/8/2014Crunchyroll Streams Almost All One Piece Episodes
12/8/2014Angel Beats! Starts Countdown on Website
12/8/2014Idol Minami Takahashi to Graduate From AKB48
12/8/2014Nobunaga Concerto Film Slated for Next December
12/8/2014Daily Briefs
12/8/2014Dragon Ball Z Characters Tout the Benefits of Being A Toho CineMileage Member
12/8/2014Ichi the Killer's Yamamoto Launches Hikari-Man Manga
12/8/2014?ENCORE? Live Concert Movie Screening Comes to Los Angeles on Dec. 15
12/8/2014Viz Media Makes Holiday Anime/Manga Shopping Easy with New Gift Guide
12/8/2014Ghibli's Princess Kaguya Wins Boston Film Critics Award
12/8/2014Bump of Chicken, March comes in like a lion's Full Animated Music Video Posted
12/8/2014MangaGamer Announces Winter Sale
12/8/2014Expelled from Paradise Film's 2nd English Subtitled Trailer Posted
12/8/2014Tekken 7 Producer: Lucky Chloe Character Is Exclusive to Europe, East Asia
12/8/2014Up Your Cosplay Game By Shooting Fire From Your Hands
12/8/2014The Last: Naruto the Movie Opens at #1 with 515 Million Yen
12/8/2014Lupin III Gets Japanese DVD Release in Magazine Installments
12/8/2014Inio Asano Designs Characters for K-Swiss Shoes Short
12/8/2014Evangelion's Universal Studios Japan Attraction Teased in Video
12/8/2014Persona 5 Coming to the Americas on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 in 2015
12/8/2014Love Live Partners With Outdoor Products For Fashionable Backpacks
12/8/2014Attack on Titan's Universal Studios Japan Attraction Teased in Video
12/7/2014Naruto's Final Manga Volume Slated for February 4
12/7/2014One Piece Manga Takes 1-Week Hiatus
12/7/2014Expelled from Paradise Film Adds 2nd L.A. Screening
12/7/2014Triage X Anime's New Visual Posted
12/7/2014Gareth Edwards' Godzilla Makes Oscars' Visual Effects Shortlist
12/7/2014Yu-Gi-Oh Movie Site Teases Silhouettes of Y?gi, Kaiba
12/7/2014Daily Briefs
12/7/2014Image Comics to Publish Ken Niimura's Henshin
12/7/2014Voice Actress/Writer Haruka Kimura Marries Actor Y?suke Sait?
12/7/2014Band amazarashi Performs 2nd Tokyo Ghoul Season's Ending Song
12/7/2014Ghibli's Princess Kaguya Wins L.A. Film Critics Award
12/7/2014Toho Makes 1st Japanese Godzilla Film in 12 Years
12/7/2014Katamari Damacy Creator Keita Takahashi Makes Wattam PS4 Game
12/7/2014My Love Story/Ore Monogatari!! Anime's Spring Debut, Visual Unveiled
12/7/2014Bandai Namco Games' Tekken 7 Gets New Lucky Chloe Character
12/7/2014Gangsta. Animation Project is Summer TV Anime From Manglobe
12/7/2014Pok?mon Adventures Gets Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire Arc
12/7/2014Inio Asano Puts Dead Dead Demon's Dededededestruction Manga on Hiatus
12/7/2014Assassination Classroom Anime Cast Sings Opening Theme
12/6/2014Visual Arts Streams Holy Breaker! Visual Novel's Promo
12/6/2014Sword Art Online: Lost Song Game's 2nd TV Ad Streamed
12/6/2014The Last: Naruto the Movie Poised to Top 2 Billion Yen (Updated)
12/6/2014Full List of Naruto Epilogue Novels Unveiled
12/6/2014Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Also Coming to PS Vita
12/6/2014Final Fantasy VII 'Returns' on PS4 Next Spring
12/6/2014Ultra Street Fighter IV Heads to PS4
12/6/2014Street Fighter V Confirmed for PS4, PC With Cross-Platform Play
12/6/2014Persona 5 Confirmed for PS4 in N. America
12/6/2014Yakuza 5 Headed to North America
12/6/2014Suikoden II Coming to PS3, PS Vita in N. America
12/6/2014Yu Kobayashi, Ai Nonaka Join Happy Cooking Graffiti Anime Cast
12/4/2014Yamato Undies Remind You Where You Put Your Junk
12/4/2014Psycho-Pass Manga About Akane Ends
12/4/2014Lord Marksman and Vanadis Cafe Dish Is Not Subtle At All
12/4/2014New Gakumon: School of Monsters Web Anime Debuts
12/4/2014Kuroko's Basketball Season 3 Voted Most Anticipated Winter Anime
12/4/20143x3 Eyes Manga Gets New Sequel by Creator Yuzo Takada
12/4/2014VIZ Media Opens December and the Holiday Season With Update and Promotions
12/4/2014Rune Factory 4 Comes to Europe and Other PAL Territories
12/4/2014Relive All 267 Door Animations from Resident Evil
12/4/2014Animoca Brands Expands Its Astro Boy Series
12/4/2014Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Heads to PC Via Steam
12/4/2014Noitamina Anime Block Holds 'Best Theme Song' Poll
12/4/2014Historical Manga Sh?wa Genroku Rakugo Shinj? Gets TV Anime, 2nd OAD
12/4/2014Kids Take On Bully in Weekly Shonen Champion Commercial
12/4/2014Anime Festival Asia 2014 Shares Updates on Regional Plans and Collaborations with Key Industry Heavyweights
12/4/2014YKK's Animation Fastening Days Now Playing Worldwide
12/4/2014Hyperdevotion Noire?: Goddess Black Heart Game's Opening Movie Streamed
12/4/2014Live-Action Patlabor's 10th Episode Footage Streamed
12/4/2014Snow Shoveling Robot Makes Winter Work Cuter
12/4/2014Lupin III Musical With All-Female Cast Previewed in Video
12/4/2014New Idol Unveiled for Korean Edition of iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls
12/4/2014Custom Bearguy Figure Shows Off His Sanrio Colors
12/4/201410,000 Fans Chime in On Their Favorite PlayStation Games
12/4/2014Gundam the Origin's 1st English-Subtitled Trailer Posted
12/3/2014Viz Media Adds Junji Ito's Fragments of Horror Manga
12/3/2014Japan's Pure Platinum Frozen Calendar Costs More Than Many Houses
12/3/201420th Anniversary PlayStation 4 Unveiled
12/3/2014Gunpla Fan Turns Gundam Model Into A 2D Illustration
12/3/2014PlayStation Awards 2014 Winners Announced
12/3/2014Etrian Mystery Dungeon is Coming to the Americas
12/3/2014Search of a Panty Thief's Home Yields Over 100 Pairs of Stolen Panties
12/3/2014Etrian Mystery Dungeon Crossover Game Heads to North America
12/3/2014Gainax, Subaru Unveil New H?kago no Pleiades Visual
12/3/2014Naruto's Kishimoto Unveils Secrets of the Manga in TV Interview
12/3/2014Viz Media Releases New Comedy Series Assassination Classroom
12/3/2014Arc System Works' new action RPG Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy releases today for PlayStation Vita
12/3/2014Dragon Ball Discross Capsule Arcade Game Previewed in Video
12/3/2014Pok?mon XY Special: Strongest Mega Evolution III's Promo Streamed
12/3/2014New Yamato 2199 Film's 1st 9 Minutes Streamed
12/3/2014Shonen Jump+, Animax Offer Anime Scenario Writing Award
12/3/2014Elemental Gelade's Azuma to Launch Amadeus Code Manga
12/3/2014FROGMAN's 2nd The Rose of Versailles Parody Short Streamed
12/3/2014Lost Heroes 2 Game Reunites Gundam, Kamen Rider, Ultraman Characters
12/3/2014The Testament of Sister New Devil Anime's TV Ad Reveals January 7 Debut
12/3/2014Luigi Explores Tabletop Level in Bandai's New Stop-Motion Figure Short
12/3/2014Aksys Delays Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Limited Edition
12/3/2014Anohana Team's New Original Anime Film Titled
12/3/2014Sunrise Opens English Gundam the Origin Website
12/3/2014Daily Briefs
12/3/2014Seven Deadly Sins Unjust Sin Game's 1st Promo Video Streamed
12/3/2014Sailor Moon Crystal Volume 3 Features Sailor Mars
12/3/2014Viz Media Acquires Junji Ito's Fragments of Horror Manga
12/3/2014Night Shift Nurses: RN's Revenge Available March 3, 2015
12/3/2014Midnight Strike Force Available March 3, 2015
12/3/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Dai-Shogun -Great Revolution-"
12/3/2014Jessica Calvello, Blake Shepard Star in Dog & Scissors Dub Cast
12/3/2014Crunchyroll Adds Locodol OVA, Schedules More J-Drama Series
12/3/2014Japanese Comic Ranking, November 24-30
12/3/2014Dead or Alive Creator Tomonobu Itagaki is Sad About DoA 5
12/3/2014Japan's Video Game Rankings, November 24-30
12/3/2014Sentai Filmworks Adds Dai - Shogun - Great Revolution
12/3/2014Dual-Wielding Samus Amiibo Auctions for $2,500
12/2/2014Tokyo Ghoul carnaval Smartphone Game Teased in Video
12/2/2014Kamen Rider SummonRide! Game's 3rd Promo Introduces System
12/2/2014Atelier Escha & Logy Plus Game's Play Video Reveals New Episode
12/2/2014Resident Evil Revelations 2's 2nd Trailer Reveals Barry Burton
12/2/2014Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, November 24-30
12/2/2014Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, November 24-30
12/2/2014Isuca Manga to Bundle Original Anime Blu-ray
12/2/2014Hajime Isayama Drew the Attack on Titan Voice Cast As Their Characters
12/2/2014Evangelion's Yoshiyuki Sadamoto to Resume Archaic Smile Manga
12/2/20142nd Aldnoah.Zero Season Trailer English-Subtitled
12/2/2014Sket Dance's Shinohara Designs Next Battle Spirits Anime
12/1/2014Fafner: Exodus Anime Previewed in New 15-Second Spot
12/1/2014Kuroko's Basketball Anime's 3rd Season Previewed in TV Spot (Updated)
12/1/2014Japan's Animation TV Ranking, November 17-23
12/1/2014Japanese Box Office, November 22-23
12/1/2014Triage X Anime's Cast, Staff, April Debut Revealed
12/1/2014Nana Mizuki, Yoko Takahashi Sing Theme Songs in Cross Ange's 2nd Half
12/1/2014Battles Without Honor and Humanity Actor Bunta Sugawara Passes Away
12/1/2014Isuca TV Anime Slated for January 23
12/1/2014Seiken Tsukai no World Break TV Anime Slated for January 11
12/1/2014Australia's Siren Visual Adds 1st Nodame Cantabile Anime
12/1/2014Expelled from Paradise Film Tops 107 Million Yen
12/1/2014Daily Briefs
12/1/20145th Animator Expo Short Is Yoshikazu Yasuhiko & Ichiro Itano's Gundam Key Animation
12/1/2014The irregular at magic high school: Out of Order's 4 Gameplay Videos Streamed
12/1/2014Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha Manga Enters Last Arc
12/1/2014Bilbo Baggins to Appear in Brave Frontier Mobile Game
12/1/2014Viz Media's Neon Alley Details December Digital Anime Update
12/1/2014Check out the VFX Behind the Fan-Made Live-Action Akira Project Trailer
12/1/2014Adventure Time Earns Annie Award Nominations for Masaaki Yuasa, Eunyoung Choi
12/1/2014Love Live's Rin Celebrates Her Role as Sega's Image Girl With Sonic the Hedgehog
12/1/2014Assassination Classroom Film Casts 'Rev. from DVL' Idol Kanna Hashimoto as Ritsu
12/1/2014Welcome to Irabu's Office/K?ch? Buranko Now Streaming on Viewster
12/1/2014Final Fantasy Type-Zero Trailer Previews a 'World at War'
12/1/2014Ane-Log Sibling Comedy's 2nd Video Anime Clip Streamed
12/1/2014Hello Kitty Cafe Teams Up With Monogatari Series
12/1/2014Ghibli's Princess Kaguya Nominated for 3 Annie Awards
12/1/2014Princess Jellyfish/Kuragehime Manga Gets Special Chapter in Shonen Magazine
12/1/2014Evangelion Gets New Japanese Blu-ray, DVD Boxes
12/1/201419th Detective Conan Movie Opens in April with Kaito Kid