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Anime News

DateArticle Name
4/30/2014Valvrave's Prue Sings Salmon Fillet Mascot Theme Song
4/30/2014Yo-Kai Watch Anime Offered to Broadcasters & Licensees in the Americas
4/30/2014San Francisco's J-Pop Summit Festival to Host Singer May'n
4/30/2014Tamako Love Story Film's New TV Ad Features 'Koi no Uta' Song
4/30/2014Compile Heart's Neptunia VII Game's 'Zero Dimension' Promo Streamed
4/30/2014JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: ASB Game's 2nd English Trailer Recounts 5 More Story Arcs
4/30/2014Compile Heart Teases 2nd Galapagos RPG Project
4/30/2014Evangelion Manga's Final Volume Unveiled in TV Ad
4/30/2014Gundam: Side Stories' Thoroughbred & Lost War Chronicles PS3 Remake Promo Streamed
4/30/2014Bookstore Comedy Manga Denki-Gai no Honya-san Gets TV Anime
4/30/2014Learn to Draw Over 100 Pok?mon in Pok?mon Art Academy 3DS Game
4/30/2014Dragon Ball Heroes: UM2 Game Videos Reveal Release Date & Bonuses
4/30/2014Daily Briefs
4/30/2014Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club Anime's 2nd Season Ad Aired
4/30/2014Japanese Air Gun Shooting Range Hosts Black Lagoon Event
4/30/2014Mikoto's Coconut Cider Recreated, Sells Out at Vending Machines
4/30/2014NIS America Licenses Cardcaptor Sakura TV Anime
4/30/2014HTOL#NIQ Hotaru no Nikki Available for Pre-order
4/30/2014Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!! Coming to US
4/30/2014Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge Standard Edition Out Now
4/30/2014Japanese Comic Ranking, April 21-27
4/30/2014Space Brothers-Inspired Real Escape Game to Take Place in San Francisco, Singapore
4/30/2014Production I.G. Partners with Anirevo to Celebrate the Culture of Japan and Japanimation
4/30/2014Hunter X Hunter Returns to North America in the Pages of Digital Anthology Weekly Shonen Jump
4/30/2014Japan's Video Game Rankings, April 21-27
4/30/2014XSEED Games Confirms Ragnarok Odyssey ACE Demo Date, Launches Free Soul Sacrifice Crossover DLC
4/30/2014Nippan and Sanrio to Offer Hello Kitty Standardized Test
4/30/2014Sword Art Online #1 Tops U.S. Weekly BookScan Sci-Fi List
4/30/20142014 J-pop Summit Festival in S.F. Announces First Guest of Honor & Previews Programming
4/30/2014SaikouCon 2014 Signs The Asterplace to Perform at Cosplay Concert
4/30/2014Start Your Day Off Right with Some Granola Bar Social Media Fun
4/30/2014Funimation Unveils Hetalia: the Beautiful World's English Dub Cast, Trailer
4/30/2014Re:_Hamatora to Air in July With Anime Studio Lerche
4/29/2014X Japan to Play at NYC's Madison Square Garden on October 11
4/29/2014Garden of Words Wins Stuttgart Fest of Animated Film's Top Award
4/29/2014Soul Sacrifice Delta Adds Wild Arms Items, New Quest, More
4/29/201417-Year Old Artist & Hamamura Nagisa no Keisan Note Novelist Start Sh?jo Manga
4/29/2014Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, April 21-27
4/29/2014Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, April 21-27
4/29/2014Freedom Wars Game's English-Subtitled Story Promo Streamed
4/29/2014ZAQ to Perform Rail Wars Anime's Ending Theme Song
4/29/2014Futari H's New Original Video Anime to Star Y?ichi Nakamura
4/29/20142014 Godzilla Film's Asia Trailer Unveils New Monsters
4/29/2014JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: ASB Game's English Trailer Recounts 1st 3 Story Arcs
4/29/2014Arina Tanemura Adds to Sailor Moon Fanart With Sailor Mars, Mercury
4/29/2014Love Live's 2nd Season Opening Sells 66,000 CDs to Rank #3
4/29/2014Kindaichi Case Files Manga Gets 1st Live-Action Series in 13 Years
4/29/2014North American Anime, Manga Releases, April 27-May 3
4/29/2014Sentai Filmworks Reveals Amnesia English Dub Cast, Release Date
4/29/2014D-Frag Animation Director Draws Love Live Girls
4/29/2014Aksys Games Brings Arcana Heart 3 PS3, PS Vita Game to U.S.
4/29/2014'Why Can't Masaya T?d?in, 16-Year-Old, Get a Girlfriend?' Manga Ends & Gets Live-Action Drama
4/29/2014Video Teases 'Project758' with Aya Suzaki, Maria Nanagawa, Mikako Takahashi
4/29/2014Toyota Teams Up With Ghost in the Shell For Special Winglet Demo
4/29/2014Daily Briefs
4/29/2014Watch Mel Kishida Take on Sumo Wrestler at Niconico Chokaigi
4/28/2014Lodoss War Online Game to Start Alpha Test This Summer
4/28/2014Lance N' Masques Action Light Novels With Gokumi Get Anime
4/28/2014Saenai Heroine no Sodate-kata ~egoistic-lily~ Manga Ends
4/28/2014Animax Cancels 8th Annual Anison Grand Prix Competition
4/28/2014Japanese Box Office, April 19-20
4/28/2014Japan's Animation TV Ranking: April 14-20
4/28/2014Precure Girls Mark 10th Anniversary With 4 More Weekly Videos
4/28/2014Kadokawa Acquires Dark Souls/Armored Core's From Software
4/28/2014Evangelion Manga's Final Volume to Add 28 New Pages
4/28/2014Clannad Visual Novel Ported to PS Vita This Summer
4/28/2014Prince of Tennis II OVA's Returning Cast & Staff Unveiled
4/28/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Black Bullet"
4/28/2014Gargantia, Yamato, Arpeggio, Psycho-Pass, Patema, Girls & Panzer Earn Japan Sci-Fi Con Nods
4/28/2014Watch Keiji Inafune Draw a Mighty No. 9 Enemy
4/28/2014"Cool Japan" Mall Set To Open In China
4/28/2014I Am Here's Ema Toyama to Launch New Manga Series
4/28/2014Tamako Love Story TV Spot Airs After Film's Opening
4/28/2014Mushi-Uta Light Novels End in 15th Volume This Week
4/28/2014Artist Reimagines UtaPri's ST?RISH As Women
4/28/2014Final Fantasy VII Concert To Be Held in Japan This June
4/28/2014Discotek Adds Chi's Sweet Home & Chi's New Address TV Anime
4/28/2014Reebok Trots Out Gundam Sneakers in Classic Colors
4/28/2014YaoiCon to Host 'I've Seen it All' Manga Creator Shoko Takaku
4/28/2014Perfect Square To Release Three Pokemon Manga Box Sets This Fall
4/28/2014Anime Expo to Host Studio 4?C Founder Eiko Tanaka
4/28/2014Nemesis, Mikan Join To Love-Ru Darkness Game
4/28/2014Luna Haruna making her first appearance at AnimeNEXT 2014
4/28/2014A Look at Niconico Chokaigi3
4/28/2014Kouji Seo's Princess Lucia Manga to Resume on May 30
4/27/2014Daily Briefs
4/27/2014Love Live! School Idol Paradise Game's Video Showcases Nendoroid Figures
4/27/2014Race Hakone With Initial D Rental Cars
4/27/2014Aldnoah.Zero Space Robot TV Anime's 2nd Ad Streamed
4/27/2014Full Moon's Arina Tanemura Draws Sailor Moon Fanart
4/27/2014Dragon Quest Series Creator: Next Game Is in Production
4/27/2014Take a Tour of Tokyo-3 on an Evangelion Bus
4/27/2014Sword Art Online 1 Was #4 on Barnes & Noble's Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books
4/27/2014Kotono Mitsuishi Leads New Sailor Moon Crystal Anime Cast
4/27/2014Attack on Titan Anime's Dubbed Toonami Trailer Posted
4/27/2014World Embryo Manga by Chrono Crusade's Moriyama to End in May
4/27/2014Final Fantasy XIV's 1st Fan Festival Coming to Las Vegas, London, Tokyo
4/26/2014Daily Briefs
4/26/2014Thermae Romae Gets Collaboration Anime Short With Reach Toothbrushes
4/26/2014Yuruyuri's Namori Draws Riddle Story of Devil's Nio
4/26/2014Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Tribute Album Goes Vinyl
4/26/2014Rurouni Kenshin Spinoff Manga About Shishio to Launch
4/26/2014Idolm@ster: One For All's Serika, Ranko Gameplay Videos Unveiled
4/26/2014Tales of Zestiria PS3 Game's 2nd Promo Unveiled at NicoNico Chokaigi
4/26/2014Amazing Twins Anime's 4th Promo Streamed
4/26/2014Hidenobu Kiuchi, Tomokazu Sugita Lead Terra Formars OVA Cast
4/26/2014Cardfight!! Vanguard Film's Teaser, Making-of Video Posted
4/26/2014Soko o Nantoka Sh?jo Lawyer Manga Gets 2nd Live-Action Show
4/26/2014Oresama Kingdom/Kings of My Love Shojo Manga to End in June
4/26/2014Pandora Hearts Manga to End in Next Volume, #23
4/25/2014Good Smile Company Open Preorders for Mikasa and Sakura to Fans Worldwide
4/25/2014Rail Wars! TV Anime's 1st Promo Previews Animation
4/25/2014MangaGamer Announces Lapis Gunner
4/25/2014MangaGamer Announces New Release
4/25/2014School of Monsters Flash Anime's 1st Episode Streamed
4/25/2014Futari H Gets New OVA This Fall
4/25/2014Osamu Tezuka's Faust Manga Gets Stage Musical
4/25/2014Super Sonico 3DS Idol-Producing Game Delayed Until Further Notice
4/25/2014Last Gundam UC Volume's 1st 7 Minutes English-Dubbed & -Subtitled
4/25/2014SoulCalibur: Lost Swords Launch Delayed in the Americas
4/25/2014Glico's Papico Needs Your Help Choosing A New Mascot
4/25/2014Casting Voice PS3 Game's Promo Video Introduces More Cast
4/25/2014Kyoto Animation's Amagi Brilliant Park Slated to Air This Fall
4/25/2014Rina Satou, Kenichi Suzumura Join Donten ni Warau Cast
4/25/2014New Live-Action Lupin III Film's 1st Trailer Streamed
4/25/2014Saint Seiya CG Film's New Screenshots, Poster Unveiled
4/25/2014Watch AKB48 Test Play Their Own Sailor Zombie Arcade Game
4/25/2014New York Times Manga Best Seller List, April 13-19
4/25/2014Gainax Animator Draws TM Network Band for 30th Anniversary
4/25/2014Sentai Filmworks Adds Black Bullet
4/25/2014Holy Holy Manga Delayed Due to Korean Ferry Sinking
4/25/2014Production I.G Announces Keiichi Hara New Animated Feature Film Miss Hokusai
4/25/2014Explore the East at MCM London Comic Con; JapanEx Expands and Rebrands as PopAsia
4/25/2014Readers Rank the Best Manga To Read To Kids
4/25/2014Funimation Streams Code:Breaker Dub Trailer
4/25/2014Kuroko's Basketball D?jinshi Event Held by Comiket Committee
4/25/2014Daily Briefs
4/25/2014Tokyo Metropolitan Police Recruits Manga To Help With Traffic Safety
4/25/2014 Kamen Rider Gaim & Kikaider Crossover to Air on May 18
4/25/2014Meiji University To Offer A Course on Boy Band Arashi
4/24/2014Get Inside Mind Zero! Web Diary Now Available
4/24/2014Shin Hayarigami's Heroine, Story Unveiled
4/24/2014Akiba's Trip 2 PS4 Port's Promo Previews Luna Haruna Theme Song
4/24/2014Daily Briefs
4/24/2014Suppli's Mari Okazaki to Launch Historical Manga A-Un
4/24/2014Magimoji Rurumo Manga by Yowapeda's Watanabe Gets TV Anime
4/24/2014Danganronpa Games Get Stage Play This Fall
4/24/2014Senran Kagura 2 Opening Video Streamed
4/24/2014KanColle Floating Toys Make Bath Time More Fun
4/24/2014Shokotan Sings Theme for Kazuo Umezu's Directorial Debut Feature
4/24/2014I.G & Colorful's Keiichi Hara Make Historical Anime Miss Hokusai
4/24/2014Live-Action Rurouni Kenshin Sequels' New Poster Unveiled
4/24/2014Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist's New Live-Action Trailer Features Ken
4/24/2014Sword Art Online Pajama DLC Auctions For More Than Price of Game
4/24/2014Pupip?, Hi Score Girl's Oshikiri Will End Y?yami Tokk?tai Manga in May
4/24/20142014 Godzilla Writer, Director Talk Monsters in Video
4/24/2014Takara Tomy Planning Transformers x Evangelion Crossover
4/24/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Captain Earth"
4/24/2014Kantai Collection Gets Manga Series Starring Kumano, Suzuya
4/24/2014Otakon 2014 Welcomes Producer, Director, and Musician Hiroaki Yura
4/24/2014Otakon 2014 to Feature Manga-ka and Character Designer Yusuke Kozaki
4/24/2014Captain Tsubasa Art Exhibit Timed For World Cup
4/24/2014Sentai Filmworks Adds Captain Earth
4/24/2014Otakon to Host Manga Creator/Designer Yuusuke Kozaki, Eminence Concertmaster Hiroaki Yura
4/24/2014Persona 4 U2 Game Videos Introduce Rise, Promote PS3 Port
4/23/2014Akihabara Fans Vote For Favorite Blue-Haired Heroine
4/23/2014Meiji-Era Ace Attorney Game's 1st Teaser Streamed
4/23/2014KanColle Girls Help Put Out Fires
4/23/2014Dance Troupe Performs Incredible Attack on Titan Routine
4/23/2014Attack on Titan Manga Sells Over 30 Million
4/23/2014Blazblu Chrono Phantasma Now Available On PlayStation? Network in Select Countries
4/23/2014Japanese Comic Ranking, April 14-20
4/23/2014Pok?mon TV App Now Available for Kindle Fire
4/23/2014Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Primal Origin Coming Soon
4/23/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses "No Game, No Life"
4/23/2014Japan's Video Game Rankings, April 14-20
4/23/2014Girls und Panzer Director Interested In Making Pro Wrestling Anime
4/23/2014Hentai Festival by Project-H at Anime Expo 2014
4/23/2014Sentai Filmworks Adds No Game, No Life
4/23/2014Beherit -2014 Wood Carving Version-
4/23/2014Nikkei: Sega to Port Chain Chronicle to PS Vita
4/23/2014eigoMANGA Launches Indiegogo Campaign For A Vanguard Princess Netplay DLC
4/23/2014Demon Gaze out Today in North America
4/23/2014Monster Hunter Collaborative Guitar Lets You Play Some Fierce Jams
4/23/2014Famitsu Awards Monster Hunter 4 'Game of the Year'
4/23/2014NIS Makes New Hayarigami Horror Game for PS3, Vita
4/23/2014Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle 3DS Game Trailer Streamed
4/23/2014Soul Calibur: Lost Swords Game's English Launch, Taki Trailers Posted
4/23/2014Bandai Namco Games' Rise of Incarnates Announcement Trailer Posted
4/23/2014Blue Exorcist Gets Double-Feature Stage Play in June
4/23/2014Oldest Surviving Anime Short by Phoenix Film's Kon Ichikawa Found
4/23/2014Power Rangers Super Megaforce Inspires Fall 2014 Game
4/23/2014AKB48 Idol Anna Iriyama Stars in Film of Ao Oni Horror Game
4/23/2014Y?ichi Nakamura, Yuuki Kaji, Shinnosuke Tachibana Join Haikyu Cast
4/23/2014Hunter X Hunter Manga's Return Slated for June 2
4/23/2014Apple's Steve Jobs & Woz Inspire Manga by Tokyo Toybox's Ume
4/23/2014Fatal Frame Horror Game's Hollywood Film Also Still in the Works
4/22/2014Rin Mikimoto's Kin Kyori Renai Sh?jo Manga Gets Live Action Film
4/22/2014Hatsune Miku and Friends Are Extra Sweet As Taiyaki
4/22/2014Takahata & Ghibli's Tale of Princess Kaguya Heads to Cannes
4/22/2014Madoka Magica Light-Up Soul Gems Re-Released
4/22/2014Dynasty Warriors Gundam: Reborn PS3 Game Trailer Streamed
4/22/2014North American Anime, Manga Releases, April 20-26
4/22/2014One Piece: Unlimited World Red English-Subtitled Trailer Streamed
4/22/2014Sakura-Con 2014
4/22/2014Naruto SUN Storm Revolution Trailer Previews Akatsuki's Untold Story
4/22/2014App Lets Users Miku-fy Their Smartphones
4/22/2014BloodRayne Side-Scrolling Action Game Announced for Japan (Update)
4/22/2014Section23 Films Announces August Slate
4/22/2014Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series at the Pennsylvania Convention Center May 17th - 18th
4/22/2014Tales of Heart R English Subtitled Trailer Streamed
4/22/2014Rise Kujikawa Joins Persona 4 Arena Ultimax as Playable Character
4/22/2014Power Rangers' Tsuyoshi Nonaka Draws Easter Mecha
4/22/2014New Ace Attorney Set in 19th Century With Ancestor Named Ry?nosuke
4/22/2014Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Heads to N. America This Summer
4/22/2014Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Heads West in 2014
4/22/2014Attack on Titan's Levi and Eren Chow Down On Burgers & Fries
4/22/2014Man to Be Charged for Cutting Up & Selling K-ON! Trailer Reel
4/22/2014Fist of the North Star Gets DVD Magazine
4/22/2014Award-Winning Author/Space Dandy Writer Toh EnJoe to Appear in NYC
4/22/2014JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: ASB Gameplay Video Features DIO
4/22/2014Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, April 14-20
4/22/2014Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, April 14-20
4/22/2014Hunter x Hunter Manga to Resume in June
4/22/2014'No Touching At All' Boys-Love Manga's Live-Action Film Trailer Posted
4/22/2014Ouran's Bisco Hatori to Launch Urakata!! Manga in May
4/22/2014See Sanrio's Stars In Your Eyes With Character Contact Lenses
4/22/2014Girls & Panzer's 5th Vita Gameplay Video Shows Battle Royale Mode
4/22/2014Nana Mizuki's Supernal Liberty Album Tops Weekly Chart
4/22/2014Daily Briefs
4/21/2014Cuticle Detective Inaba's Mochi Launches New Manga
4/21/2014Kousuke Fujishima Resumes Paradise Residence Manga's Serialization Next Month
4/21/2014New Live-Action Lupin III Film's 1st Footage Unveiled on TV Show
4/21/2014Haruki Plans to Resume The Parasite Doctor Suzune
4/21/2014Schoolyard Brawl Manga Akira No. 2 Gets Live-Action Film
4/21/2014Tatsuhisa Suzuki, Aya Hisakawa Join Ghost in the Shell Arise Cast
4/21/2014Ping Pong/Kick-Heart's Yuasa Directs Adventure Time Episode
4/21/2014Sakura Wars Voice Actress Chisa Yokoyama Is 5 Months Pregnant
4/20/2014Daily Briefs
4/20/2014Steins;Gate: Mugen Enten no Arc Light Drama CD Gets Manga
4/20/2014Toh EnJoe's Self-Reference Engine Honored at Philip K. Dick Awards
4/20/2014Japanese Box Office, April 12-13
4/20/2014Japanese Anime TV Ranking: April 7-13
4/20/2014Artist's Thoughts on New GeGeGe no Kitaro Game
4/20/2014Stellar Six of Gingacho's Fujimoto Ends Tadaima no Uta Sh?jo Manga
4/20/2014GTO Actress is Shonen Jump Editor for a Day
4/20/20142014 Godzilla Film's New Video Offers Best Look Yet at Monster
4/20/2014Atari Katagiri Remakes One Week Friends' Matcha Hazuki's Debut Manga Series
4/20/2014Sora Amamiya Leads Akame ga KILL! TV Anime's Cast
4/20/2014Wagnaria!!'s Hiraike Directs Gugure! Kokkuri-san Anime at TMS
4/20/2014L.A. Fiesta Matsuri to Host Godzilla Special Effects Director Koichi Kawakita
4/20/2014Artist Kantoku Reports He Is Still Hospitalized
4/19/201410th Anniversary Commemorative Fate Artbook Available As Lottery Prize
4/19/2014Funimation Unveils Ben-To's English Dub Cast, Trailer
4/19/2014Funimation Unveils A Certain Scientific Railgun S' English Dub Cast, Trailer
4/19/2014Dark Horse Adds Legal Drug, Drug & Drop, Oreimo: Kuroneko
4/19/2014Yen Press Adds A Certain Magical Index Light Novels
4/19/2014Sword Art Online II to Stream Worldwide
4/19/2014Daily Briefs
4/19/2014First Commercial Powered Suit Is 'Ninja-Powered'
4/19/2014Shinji's Tape Player Gets A Tech Upgrade With New Sony Walkman F
4/19/2014Creator & Cast Celebrate 2nd My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Season
4/19/2014Tamako Love Story Film's Novel Adaptation's TV Spot Streamed
4/19/2014Francesca: Girls Be Ambitious Anime's 2nd Promo Previews Theme Song
4/19/2014Momo Kyun Sword TV Anime's 1st Promo Previews Opening Theme
4/19/20142014 Godzilla Film's Throwback Poster, Featurette Debut
4/19/2014Daisuki to Stream Satelight's Robot Anime M3 that dark metal
4/19/2014Ghibli's Takahata to Present Kaguya at France's Annecy
4/18/2014FanimeCon Welcomes Voice Actress Kira Buckland to FanimeCon 2014
4/18/2014Actress Mary Elizabeth McGlynn & Trifecta for Zenkaikon
4/18/2014Store Your Jewelry In Dio's Coffin From Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
4/18/2014Konami to Release Dragons of Legend Booster Set for Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game
4/18/2014Ch? Megami Shink? Noire: Gekishin Black Heart's Battle Movie Streamed
4/18/2014Date A Live: Ars Install PS3 Game's New Promo Previews Theme Song
4/18/2014Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment's New 60-Second Commercial is Narrated by Kirito
4/18/2014Persona Q 3DS Game's Weak Point, Group Attack Promos Streamed
4/18/2014Short Peace Film Opens in Several U.S. Cities on Friday
4/18/2014Maaya Sakamoto Narrates 2nd htoL#NiQ Video
4/18/2014Cross-Dressing Sh?jo Manga Liar Lily/Usotsuki Lily to End in 2 Weeks
4/18/2014BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma for PS Vita Previewed in 3-Minute Video
4/18/2014Robot Girls Z Movie Version's Trailer Streamed
4/18/2014Stand By Me Doraemon 3D CG Film's Full Trailer Posted
4/18/2014Liar Lily/Usotsuki Lily Sh?jo Manga Has TV Anime Listed by Amazon
4/18/2014Johnny Yong Bosch and Eyeshine coming to Anime Midwest
4/18/2014Over 32,000 Gintama Fans Weighed In on Best Character
4/18/2014JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: ASB Gameplay Video Features Mohammed Avdol
4/18/2014Eir Aoi Returns to Perform Sword Art Online II Opening Theme
4/18/2014Tales of Heart R Western Release Confirmed
4/18/2014John Lennon's Son Sean Co-Creates Ghost in the Shell Arise 3's Ending Song
4/18/2014Super GT Car Gets Optimus Prime/Speed Racer Crossover Makeover
4/18/2014New York Times Manga Best Seller List, April 6-12
4/18/2014Aniplex, Bang Zoom! to Host Open Auditions for Magi: Kingdom of Magic Dub
4/18/2014Sailor Moon's April 27 Live-Streamed Event to Unveil New Anime Cast
4/18/2014Super Durable Detective Conan Tote Made of Ballistic Nylon
4/18/2014Tiger & Bunny: The Rising Gets Canadian Theatrical Release
4/18/2014Toei Animation Teams With Japanese Pop Star Yoshiki For Saint Seiya Movie Theme Song
4/18/2014Ninja Slayer Gets 3-D Animated Book Trailer
4/18/2014Tiger & Bunny The Movie: The Rising Premieres in Canadian Theaters this June
4/18/2014Short Peace Project's Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day Launch Trailer Streamed
4/18/2014Funimation Unveils Code:Breaker's English Dub Cast, Trailer
4/18/2014May'n Returns to Los Angeles for Special Show at Musicians Institute
4/17/2014Godzilla Screening in Los Angeles with Director Appearance
4/17/2014Rurouni Kenshin x Kumamon April Fool's Joke Gets Phone Straps
4/17/2014Berserk: The Golden Age Arc III - The Advent on DVD/Blu-Ray
4/17/2014Attack on Titan 13 Is 1st in Series to Sell 1 Million in 1 Week
4/17/2014Solanin's Asano to Launch Honobono no F?fu Manga
4/17/2014Toronto's Anime North to Host Character Voices Mai Goto, Yumi Hara, Hidekatsu Shibata
4/17/2014Sony's Japanese Horror Game Siren Gets Manga Series
4/17/2014Fighting Comedy Hentai Kamen Returns in New Manga
4/17/2014KINMOZA!/Kin-iro Mosaic's New Anime Is 2nd TV Season
4/17/2014Girls & Panzer's 4th Vita Gameplay Video Shows Kuromorimine Battle
4/17/2014High-Speed Train Gets a Gundam-Inspired Makeover
4/17/2014Cosmode Prepares a New Publisher for Next Issue
4/17/2014Sentai Filmworks Announces Hakkenden English Dub Cast
4/17/2014Actress, Singer, and Writer Chantal Strand to Attend FanimeCon 2014 as Guest of Honor
4/17/2014School Girl Strikers iOS Game's Battle Scene Video Posted
4/17/2014Hyperdimension Neptunia PP's English-Dubbed Character Videos Posted
4/17/2014Japanese Music Stars To Play One Last Time At Tokyo's Old Olympic Stadium
4/17/2014Lupin the IIIrd: Daisuke Jigen's Gravestone Anime Film's 1st Teaser Posted
4/17/2014X Japan's Yoshiki Performs Saint Seiya CG Film's Theme
4/17/2014Madoka Magica Fan Creates Impressive Shadowbox Display
4/17/2014Anchor Bay Acquires Live-Action Kite Film
4/17/2014Daily Briefs
4/17/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses The Comic Artist and His Assistants
4/17/2014Idolm@ster Superfan Watched the Movie 102 Times
4/17/2014Ultra Street Fighter IV Trailer, Character Videos Streamed
4/17/2014Crunchyroll Adds Moyoco Anno's Insufficient Direction Manga
4/17/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses "The Comic Artist and His Assistants"
4/17/2014Death Note Musical Workshop Held in NYC
4/16/2014Lychee Light Club's Usamaru Furuya WIll Draw You For $3,000 Bucks
4/16/2014Rie Kanou to End Star Light Woman Manga on April 30
4/16/2014One Piece: Unlimited World Red Game Includes 'Battle Colosseum' Mode
4/16/2014Cosmode Publisher Inforest to Go Out of Business
4/16/2014Naruto Creator Designs Shisui's Susanoo for Ultimate Storm Revolution Game
4/16/2014Kenji Nojima Replaces Jun'ichi Miyake in Guided Fate Paradox Sequel Due to Health
4/16/2014Dragon Ball Heroes: UM2 Game Offers 'Ultimate Universe Mode'
4/16/2014Girls & Panzer's 3rd Vita Gameplay Video Shows Pravda Battle
4/16/2014Futari H's Aki Katsu Starts New Series on Friday
4/16/2014My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Anime Gets 2nd Season
4/16/2014Kindaichi Case Files Gets 2 More Spinoff Manga
4/16/2014Sony Sells Its Entire Stake in Square Enix
4/16/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Kamigami no Asobi"
4/16/2014Rena N?nen, Masaki Suda Star in Live-Action Princess Jellyfish
4/16/2014Mel Kishida Designs Costumes For Idol Cafe
4/16/2014Neon Alley Debuts SciFi Action Anime Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet Today for Free
4/16/2014Japanese Comic Ranking, April 7-13
4/16/2014Konami Announces New Information for Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duels
4/16/2014FanimeCon Welcomes Raj Ramayya to MusicFest for FanimeCon 2014
4/16/2014Kinnikuman & Funabashi City's Unofficial Pear-Fairy Mascot Get T-Shirt
4/16/2014Nyaruko: Crawling with Love!Season 1 Premium Edition Now Available for Purchase
4/16/2014Nagareboshi Lens Sh?jo Manga Will End in 10th Volume
4/16/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses Kamigami no Asobi
4/16/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Love Lab"
4/16/2014Japan's Video Game Rankings, April 7-13
4/16/2014Anime Central to Host Wake Up, Girls! Voice Actress Group
4/16/2014Hatsune Miku to Open For Lady Gaga
4/16/2014Madoka Magica Plus Social Game to Offer Nisekoi Crossover
4/16/2014Yami no Moribito Novel Gets Manga Adaptation
4/16/2014Saki Characters Get 3D Mahjong Tile Busts
4/16/20141st Pok?mon XY Movie's New Trailer, Teasers, Darkrai Intro Posted
4/16/2014South Carolina Non-Profit Provides Manga Library for Local Cons
4/15/2014Grab Your .tokyo Domain Name Now
4/15/2014Pok?mon XY Planetarium Anime to Premiere This July
4/15/2014See How the Attack on Titan Building Projection Event Was Pulled Off
4/15/2014Tales of Xillia: Side;Milla Manga Ends Next Month
4/15/2014Ghost in the Shell Arise 1st Flash Anime Short Streamed
4/15/2014Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, April 7-13
4/15/2014Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, April 7-13
4/15/2014'All You Need Is Kill' Novelist Is Now Writing a Sequel
4/15/2014Level 5 Unveils Y?kai Watch 2 Games in 2 Videos
4/15/2014Space Brothers Anime Film's 1st Key Visual, Story Details Revealed
4/15/2014AntiMagic Academy "The 35th Test Platoon" Light Novels Get Anime
4/15/2014Girls & Panzer's 2nd Vita Gameplay Video Shows Saunders Battle
4/15/2014Crunchyroll Adds Kouji Seo's Fuuka Manga
4/15/2014Hunter x Hunter Animation Director Shows Off 18,000 Frames
4/15/2014Ghibli Casts Its 1st Film With 2 Female Leads & All-English Theme Song
4/15/2014North American Anime, Manga Releases, April 13-19
4/15/2014Suehiro Maruo's The Strange Tale of Panorama Island Manga Nominated for Eisner Award
4/15/2014Conception II Launches in N. America With Trailer
4/15/2014Spring Anime Series Ranked By Number of Twitter Followers
4/15/2014Sentai Filmworks Adds Love Lab Comedy Anime
4/15/2014Silver Spoon Manga Offers Mail-Order Hokkaido Bacon
4/15/2014Key's Rewrite Visual Novel PSP Opening Movie Streamed
4/15/2014JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: ASB Gameplay Video Features Noriaki Kakyoin
4/15/2014Wanimagazine Launches English Manga Anthology on iBooks, Moe Android App
4/15/20142nd Persona 3 Film's New Promo Previews Love Hotel Scene
4/15/2014Wiimote Goes Pink With Princess Peach Theme
4/15/2014Life-Size Hatsune Miku Made of Legos
4/15/2014Over 23,000 Fans Choose Their Favorite Yowamushi Pedal Character
4/14/2014Nana to Kaoru's Amazume to Launch New Manga in Young Animal Arashi
4/14/2014Chiwa Saito Joins 2nd Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Season
4/14/2014Live-Action Edge of Tomorrow Film's 30-Second Ad Aired
4/14/2014Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Game's 3rd Ad Streamed
4/14/2014Girls & Panzer for PS Vita's 1st Gameplay Video Debuts
4/14/2014Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn's PS4 Launch Trailer Posted
4/14/2014Daily Briefs
4/14/2014Fan Animates Megaman Tribute Using Excel
4/14/2014Pierrot Animates Miracle Jump's Manga Winners
4/14/2014T.M. Revolution, SKE48 Idol Rena Matsui Host Otaku Culture Show
4/14/2014Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge to Release in Standard Edition Form in North America
4/14/2014Edge of Tomorrow Official Movie Tie-In Novel and All You Need Is Kill Original Graphic Novel Release
4/14/2014BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma for PSV Available 6/24
4/14/2014Gu-Gu Datte Neko de Aru Manga About an Artist and Her Cat Gets Drama
4/14/2014Chris Patton Coming to Arch Anime
4/14/2014Reproduction Art Prints from Manga "Dragon Ball: The Complete Edition" Debut Overseas
4/14/2014Tokyo Metropolian Police Fight Fraud With Vocaloid Song
4/14/2014Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist Trailer Features Ryu
4/14/2014SaikouCon 2014 Closes Vendor Registration Three Months Before Deadline
4/14/2014Sentai Filmworks Streams Short Peace US Trailer
4/14/2014Soul Sacrifice Delta, Freedom Wars, Oreshika Coming to N. America on PS Vita
4/14/2014Ayana Taketatsu Voices Snow Brand Coffee Mascot Girl
4/14/2014Anime Central to Host Wake Up, Girls! Singing Group, Producer, & Director
4/14/2014Kuchibiru ni Uta o by Taishi Mori to End in 4 Chapters
4/14/2014Ghost Talker's Daydream's Meguro to Launch Onigiri Sasa Manga
4/14/2014Ao Haru Ride Anime's 1st Promo Streamed
4/14/2014Japan's Animation TV Ranking: March 31-April 6
4/13/2014Daily Briefs
4/13/2014Attack on Titan to Get Art Exhibit This Winter
4/13/2014Animazement to Host Voice Actors Ai Nonaka, Tohru Furuya, Keiko Han, & Ryusei Nakao
4/13/2014Sgt. Frog BE@RBRICK Will Be Released This Summer
4/13/2014REDCAT Int'l Children's Fest to Show Anime Shorts in L.A.
4/13/2014Become a Time-Killing Master with Seki-kun's Desk
4/13/2014Live-Action Patlabor's Life-Size AV-98 Ingram Robot Rolls Through Tokyo
4/13/2014Folklore-Inspired Momo Kyun Sword Anime's Cast & Staff Announced
4/13/2014Infinite Stratos 2 OVA, Monster Hunter Frontier G Crossover Promos Streamed
4/13/2014Reina Ueda Leads Hanayamata Anime Cast This Summer
4/12/2014Daily Briefs
4/12/2014Attack on Titan to Run on Adult Swim's Toonami Block
4/12/2014AKB48 Girls Star in New Sailor Zombie TV Show
4/12/2014Disney Magical World 3DS Game's Launch Trailer Streamed
4/12/ Internet Domain To Hold Logo Contest
4/12/2014Toradora's Junji Majima Gets Assassination Order... On Himself
4/12/2014Director Gareth Edwards Talks About Signing On For Godzilla 2014
4/12/2014Daiju Yanauchi's Gaki Rock Manga Gets Live-Action Film
4/12/2014Unity Game Engine Gets Its Own Open Source Heroine
4/12/2014Mamoru Miyano Joins Tokyo Ghoul Anime's Cast
4/12/2014Canadian Valkyria Chronicles Singer Himeka Searches for New Label
4/12/2014Pok?mon's Original Designer To Release 1st Art Book
4/12/2014Aldnoah.Zero TV Anime's 1st TV Ad Outlines Space War Story
4/12/2014One Piece's Tanaka & Romancing SaGa's It? Hold Joint Concert
4/12/2014Death Note Gets Smartphone Escape Game
4/12/2014Yudai Chiba, Mitsuki Takahata Join Live-Action Ao Haru Ride Film's Cast
4/12/2014Knights of Sidonia Blu-rays to Offer Footage From Unaired New Angles
4/12/2014Gurren Lagann Gets Stage Play in Tokyo in October
4/12/2014Deal a Deck of Yowapeda Cards, If You Can Find Them
4/11/2014Hiroshima Ballad Based on Poem Written by Author of Barefoot Gen
4/11/2014Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi Website Updated
4/11/2014Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Las Vegas This Weekend
4/11/20141st Persona 3 Film's 2nd English-Subtitled Trailer Posted
4/11/2014Girl Band Scandal Performs Pokemon XY Film's Theme Song
4/11/2014Persona Q 3DS Game's Summoning Promo Streamed
4/11/2014Y?kai Watch 2 Game Debuts on July 10 in 2 Versions
4/11/2014Last Gundam UC Volume's 2nd Full Trailer Dubbed in English
4/11/2014The Seven Deadly Sins Fantasy Manga Gets TV Anime
4/11/2014Blade & Soul Blu-rays/DVDs to Include 7 Anime Shorts
4/11/2014Latest Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Video Goes Behind-the-Scenes
4/11/2014Super Danganronpa 2 Spinoff Manga, Mother Keeper Series End This Month
4/11/2014Pro Gamers Showcase 3 More Ultra Street Fighter IV Characters in Videos
4/11/2014K: Missing Kings Film's Teaser Trailer Posted
4/11/2014Anime Expo, Japan Expo to Host K: Missing Kings Film's World Premieres
4/10/2014Pulchra's New Mikasa Figure Dodges Hand of Titan
4/10/2014Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara (If Her Flag Breaks) Announced For North American Retail Release and Streaming
4/10/2014Junichi Suwabe, Yuuki Kaji Join Barakamon Cast
4/10/2014NIS Posts htoL#NiQ's 1st Promo Video With Gameplay
4/10/2014Date A Live: Ars Install PS3 Game's Video Previews New Girl
4/10/2014Inazuma Eleven Go: Light & Shadow Games Head to Europe
4/10/2014The Evil Within Survival Horror Game's Boss Gameplay Video Streamed
4/10/2014Sega Hard Girls Project with Hatsune Miku's Kei Inspires Anime
4/10/2014Ultraman Ginga S Series Unveiled
4/10/2014Compile Heart's Neptunia VII Vita Game Previewed in Promo Video
4/10/2014Sailor Moon's Sat?, anohana's Okada, Macross' Kawamori Run M3 Ad Before Premiere
4/10/2014Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Game Unveils Y?ki, 6-Minute Video
4/10/2014Lupin the IIIrd: Daisuke Jigen's Gravestone Anime Film's 1st Screenshots Revealed
4/10/2014Daily Briefs
4/10/2014Tomodachi Life 3DS Game Coming to North America, Europe
4/10/2014Friends & Colleagues Offer Tributes 1 Year After Familiar of Zero Author's Passing
4/10/2014Videos Show the Attack on Titan Projection Event
4/10/2014Ninja Slayer Novels' Online English Release, English-Dubbed Trailer Unveiled
4/10/2014Oreimo's Kanzaki Gets Art Book with New Short Story
4/10/20142014 Sanrio Battle Royale To Begin May 10
4/10/2014Aiura Manga to End on April 23
4/10/2014Ciel Phantomhive & Sebastian Michaelis Xtra by Tsume available
4/10/2014Mirai Mizue's Crowdfunded 'Wonder' Short to Compete at Annecy
4/10/2014Madoka Magica Online Dresses Girls Up Like Kyubey
4/10/20141st Daimidaler Blu-ray/DVD to Include Mini OVA
4/10/2014Stories of Modern Manga Kickstarter Launched
4/10/2014Eiji Wentz & Daigo Hit Up Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Cosplay
4/10/2014Mekakucity Actors Anime's Full Promo Streamed
4/10/ Partners with Viki to Provide Global Anime Video Integration
4/9/2014A Certain Magical Index's Kamachi to Start New Novel Series
4/9/2014The irregular at magic high school's Satou Starts Doll Masters Novel Series
4/9/2014Is the order a rabbit? Anime's TV Spot Highlights Rize
4/9/2014Miyu Matsuki Voices Lyra in Tales of Zestiria PS3 Game
4/9/2014Voice Actress Mikako Takahashi Makes It to AKB48 Over-30 Finals
4/9/2014Disney Magical World 3DS Game Ads Streamed
4/9/2014Ring 0/Orochi's Tsuruta Directs Live-Action Film of Zombie Manga Z
4/9/2014Japan's Animation TV Ranking: March 24-30
4/9/2014Hip-Hop Group Home Made Kazoku to Perform at Fanime, Anime Weekend Atlanta
4/9/2014Happy Marriage!?'s Enj?ji to Launch New Series in August
4/9/2014Erika Sakurazawa to Launch Ballets Russes Manga
4/9/2014New Live-Action Lupin III Film's Caper Story Outlined
4/9/2014Sega Arcades Hold Campaign for 3rd Madoka Magica Film Blu-Ray Release
4/9/2014Crunchyroll to Stream Dai-Shogun ? Great Revolution Anime
4/9/2014Yoshitaka Amano Does Live-Drawing of Ubisoft's Child of Light
4/9/2014Terra Formars Spinoff Manga to Start on May 10
4/9/2014Daily Briefs
4/9/2014Discotek Adds Hols, Prince of the Sun Film, Sherlock Hound TV Anime
4/9/2014NIS America Licenses Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara Anime
4/9/2014A Certain Actual Railgun - US Navy Shows Off Their Newest Weapon
4/9/2014Sentinel iPhone Cases Feature Attack on Titan Sword Grip, Metal Gear Solid V: iDroid
4/9/2014Crunchyroll to Stream Nanana's Buried Treasure Anime
4/9/2014Japanese Comic Ranking, March 31-April 6
4/9/2014Todd Haberkorn Coming to Chicago Anime Con in December
4/9/2014Nozomi Entertainment Announces the DVD Release of CAT'S EYE Season 1
4/9/2014Ibaraki Prefecture's Self Defense Force Gets Its Own Moe Mascots
4/9/2014Japan's Video Game Rankings, March 31-April 6
4/9/2014Nanana's Buried Treasure's Promo Video Previews Sphere's Ending Theme
4/9/2014200-Foot/60-Meter Colossal Titan Projection Will Stream Live
4/9/2014Crunchyroll Adds Is the Order a Rabbit?
4/9/2014JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: ASB Downloadable Demo Features Dio, Jotaro
4/9/2014"Jinx" Voice Actor Invades Matsuricon 2014
4/9/2014Kodansha Comics Announce New Title: The Heroic Legend of Arslan
4/9/2014Funimation Adds Date A Live II to Simulcast Line-Up
4/8/2014Love Live! Most Tweeted During 1st Week of Spring Season
4/8/2014J-Pop Summit Festival Returns to San Francisco
4/8/2014Anime USA Welcomes J. Michael Tatum
4/8/2014Square Enix's Light Novel Project Revealed as School Girl Strikers iPhone RPG
4/8/2014Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, March 31-April 6
4/8/2014Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, March 31-April 6
4/8/2014Daisuki to Stream Mushi-shi Sequel & Nanana's Buried Treasure
4/8/2014Manga With Biggest 1st Printings from Kodansha, Shogakukan, Shueisha
4/8/20141st Persona 3 Film's English-Subtitled Trailer Posted
4/8/2014Bravely Default's Silicon Studio Shows Off Next-Gen Rendering Engine
4/8/2014Wolf Girl & Black Prince Sh?jo Manga Gets TV Anime
4/8/2014Dance With Hatsune Miku & PS Vita in Project Diva F 2nd Video
4/8/2014Maaya Sakamoto Tells htoL#NiQ Story by NIS in Video
4/8/2014Daily Briefs
4/8/2014Super Smash Bros. Arrives on 3DS/Wii U With New Characters
4/8/2014Lawson Announces Winner of Love Live! Image Girl Contest
4/8/2014Crunchyroll to Stream Chaika - The Coffin Princess Anime
4/8/2014Makoto Shinkai Draws Art for Kana Hanazawa Tour
4/8/2014Live-Action Lupin III's 1st Character Visuals Unveiled
4/8/2014Crunchyroll to Stream Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara Anime
4/8/2014North American Anime, Manga Releases, April 6-12
4/8/2014Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts Author Launches New Manga Series
4/8/2014Crunchyroll Adds No Game, No Life Anime
4/8/2014Konami Announces Winners of Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Mexico City
4/8/2014Sabagebu! TV Commercial Streamed
4/8/2014Animator Keiichi Honda Draws the Love Live Girls, Haikyuu!!, and More
4/8/2014Festival Vibe at London Anime & Gaming Con this 5-6 July
4/8/2014Mobile Suit Gundam Writer Yamamoto Helms Original Anime Project
4/8/2014Help Luffy Escape Impel Down in Real Escape Game
4/8/2014NIS America - Love Live! School Idol Project (2nd Season) Acquired and Streaming on Crunchyroll
4/8/2014Crunchyroll to Stream Gainax's Magica Wars Anime Shorts
4/8/2014Fantasy Feline Character Dayan Gets TV Anime Shorts
4/8/2014Anime Evolution, Vancover Gaming Expo, and Cos & Effect Merge into Northwest Fan Fest
4/7/2014Macross Frontier Designer Draws Hatsune Miku Album Cover
4/7/2014Is the order a rabbit? Anime's TV Spot Highlights Chino
4/7/2014One Piece: Unlimited World Red Game's Multi-Platform TV Spot Streamed
4/7/2014Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment's 60-Second Commercial Streamed
4/7/2014Japanese Box Office, March 29-30
4/7/2014Mini Characters Battle in Compile Heart's Latest Noire Video
4/7/2014Singer Natsuko Aso Puts Music Career on Hold
4/7/2014Magazine: Princess Jellyfish/Kuragehime Gets Film in 2015
4/7/2014Pok?mon X/Y Top Japan's Video Game Sales in 2013
4/7/2014Google Cultural Institute Unveils Osamu Tezuka Collection Online
4/7/2014New Hayarigami Project's Teaser Site Stays Up After April 1
4/7/2014The Idolm@ster Voice Actress Mayako Nigo Gets Married
4/7/2014Watch Ishikawa Draw Moyashimon Mural in Video
4/7/2014New York Times Manga Best Seller List, March 23-29
4/7/2014NISA Adds 2nd Season of Love Live! School Idol Project Anime
4/7/2014Funimation to Stream Soul Eater Not! & Riddle Story of Devil
4/7/2014Tetsuya Tsutsui's Prophecy Manga Gets Film Adaptation, Spinoff
4/7/2014Aniplex of America to Release Persona3: The Movie #1 Spring of Birth This May
4/7/2014Fan-Animated Doraemon x Akira Crossover Will Haunt Your Dreams
4/7/ Simulcast/Streaming Line-Up for April
4/7/2014Ghost in the Shell Arise Gets Flash Anime Short
4/7/2014Sentai Filmworks to Dub "Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!"
4/7/2014Crunchyroll Adds Black Bullet Anime
4/7/2014Fans and Industry Veterans Celebrate Gundam's 35th Anniversary
4/7/2014Sentai Filmworks Announces English Dub for Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions!
4/7/2014Knights of Sidonia to Premiere April 11 - Only on Madman Screening Room
4/7/2014Pok?mon Expands its Animation Offerings and Reach Around the World
4/7/2014Cage of Eden, Code:Breaker, Gurazeni Authors Each Launch New Manga
4/7/2014Funimation to Release One Piece Film: Z on Home Video
4/7/2014Animator and Director Hiroyuki Kanbe to Attend FanimeCon 2014 as Guest of Honor
4/7/2014Staff Make Full-Size Figure of Expelled From Paradise Film's Angela
4/7/2014Crunchyroll Adds The Comic Artist and Assistants Anime Shorts
4/7/2014FanimeCon Adds Oreimo Director Hiroyuki Kanbe as Guest of Honor
4/7/2014Next Pok?mon Movie's Dubbed Trailer Streamed
4/7/2014Crunchyroll to Stream 21 Live-Action Fuji TV Shows
4/6/2014Daily Briefs
4/6/2014Overseas Bladefield Girls Dance in Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara Song's Official Video
4/6/2014Naruto SUN Storm Revolution's 4-Minute Promo Showcases Shisui Uchiha
4/6/2014Tenchu Ninja Action Games Get Stage Play Next Month
4/6/2014Nitro+'s Boys-Love Game DRAMAtical Murder Gets Non-PC Release
4/6/2014Kamen Rider's Evil Organization Restarts Shocker Project
4/6/2014Crunchyroll to Stream Sega's Game-Based HeroBank Anime
4/6/2014Adult Swim, Cartoon Network Are #1 in Quarterly Rankings for Key Demographics
4/6/2014Crunchyroll to Stream Konami's Oreca Battle & Dragon Collection Anime
4/6/2014Takara Tomy Adds Haikyu!! Figures to Its 'Players' Figure Series
4/6/2014From the New World Manga to End in 2 More Chapters
4/6/2014Destiny of the Shrine Maiden's Kaishaku Starts Red Blood Red Legacy Manga in 3 Languages
4/6/2014Pok?mon XY Movie 3DS XL Variants Raffled in Japan
4/6/2014Kirby Triple Deluxe's N. American Release Previewed in Trailer
4/6/2014Non Non Biyori Rural Comedy Anime Gets 2nd Season
4/6/2014Ichigo Ichie Films Acquires The Pup Who Cried Wolf Rights
4/6/2014Arpeggio of Blue Steel Rerun Airs New Flash Anime Shorts
4/6/2014Fire Pro Wrestling Game Creator Masato Masuda Passes Away
4/6/2014Each Riddle Story of Devil Episode to Have Different Ending Song
4/6/2014Fafner Exodus Sequel's 2-Minute Promo Streamed
4/6/2014Attack on Titan Manga's 3rd Original Anime DVD Listed
4/5/2014Daily Briefs
4/5/2014Aniplex USA to Release 1st Persona 3 Film on Blu-ray Disc
4/5/2014Namja Town Adds to Menu With More Yowapeda, Hozuki no Reitetsu
4/5/2014Crunchyroll to Stream?Brynhildr in the Darkness Anime
4/5/20142014 Godzilla Film's 'Extended Look' Video Shows More New Footage
4/5/2014Crunchyroll to Stream?Haikyu!!?&?Baby?Steps Sports Anime
4/4/2014ANIMAX UK Exclusive Spring Simulcast Content
4/4/2014Shinichi "Nabeshin" Watanabe Coming to Con Alt Delete
4/4/2014Channel Your Free! Spirit Animal With A Necklace
4/4/2014Is the order a rabbit? Anime's TV Spot Highlights Cocoa
4/4/2014Dress Up Like Non Non Biyori's Renge With Special Hooded Towel and Recorder
4/4/2014 La Corda d'Oro Blue Sky Anime's New Promo Samples Opening Theme
4/4/2014Pro Gamers Showcase 3 Ultra Street Fighter IV Characters in Videos
4/4/2014Live-Action Patlabor's Part 2 Trailer Streamed
4/4/2014Dragonar Academy TV Anime's Ad Aired
4/4/2014Soul Eater Not Anime's Promo Video Introduces Cast
4/4/2014Ane Log Comedy Manga Gets Flash Anime DVD
4/4/2014Funimation to Stream Dragonar Academy
4/4/2014Crunchyroll to Stream Love Live! Second Season
4/4/2014Attack on Titan Goods to be Included as Crane Game Prizes
4/4/20142014 Godzilla Film's 2 Latest TV Ads Streamed
4/4/2014Neon Alley Confirms Blood Lad TV Anime's English Dub
4/4/2014Girls & Panzer's Anzio Video Anime Previewed in Video
4/4/2014Mekakucity Actors, The irregular at magic high school to Stream on 4 Sites
4/4/2014Crunchyroll to Stream The irregular at magic high school
4/4/2014Funimation to Stream Ping Pong: The Animation
4/4/2014Muv Luv: photonflowers* PS3 Game's Video Previews Opening
4/4/2014Experience Hanami In A City Near You
4/4/2014Con Alt Delete to Host Shinichi 'Nabeshin' Watanabe in Illinois
4/4/2014Nanana's Buried Treasure Anime's First Episode Teaser Video Posted
4/4/2014Yoshiki Expands His First Ever Classical World Tour Adding Dates in Taipei, Tokyo, and Osaka
4/4/2014Crunchyroll to Stream The Kawai Complex Guide to Manners and Hostel Behavior
4/4/2014Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection to Hit North America and Europe in June
4/4/2014Crunchyroll to Stream The File of Kindaichi Returns Anime
4/4/2014Shotaro Ishinomori Manga Museum To Host Outdoor Screening of 1st Macross Movie
4/4/2014Crunchyroll to Stream New Fairy Tail Anime
4/3/2014Sailor Uranus & Neptune Make It to LogoTV's Character Semi-Finals
4/3/2014Haikyu!! Volleyball Anime's 2 New Promos Preview Theme Songs
4/3/2014Ragnarok Odyssey Ace's Launch Trailer Streamed
4/3/2014Kamen Rider Battride War II's Video Previews Kamen Rider Girls Song
4/3/2014Comcept Streams More Mighty No. 9 Play Test Footage
4/3/2014ComicWalker App Adds Nagato Yuki-chan, Love Live!, Angel Beats Manga
4/3/2014Jigoku Sensei Nube Neo Manga Series to Start in May
4/3/20142nd New Sailor Moon Musical Planned for Summer
4/3/2014Evangelion's Sadamoto Designs Live-Action Attack on Titan Characters
4/3/2014Crunchyroll to Stream One Week Friends Anime
4/3/2014Satelight's M3 ~Sono Kuroki Hagane~ Promo Features la la larks' Ending Theme
4/3/2014Manga-Loving Minister Taro As? Buys Golgo 13 on Morning of Tax Hike
4/3/2014Seria Fukagawa, Saori Hayami, Ryota Ohsaka Lead Glasslip Anime's Cast
4/3/2014FanimeCon Announces Home Made Kazoku as Headlining Act for MusicFest
4/3/2014Attack on Titan Anime Gets 2 Compilation Films in 2014-2015
4/3/2014Ai Kakuma, S?ma Sait?, Sayuri Hara Star in 'Age 12' Anime on DVD
4/3/2014Shiraishi Kuranosuke From The Prince of Tennis II Roll Cakes
4/3/2014Legend of Zelda, My Little Pony Manga Creator to Appear at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival
4/3/2014Additional Sh?nen Hollywood Cast Announced
4/3/2014Crunchyroll Adds Blade and Soul Anime for Spring 2014
4/3/2014Metal Gear Solid Artist Opens Exhibit in France
4/3/2014Chains of Lust Available July 1, 2014
4/3/201438th Annual Kodansha Manga Awards' Nominees Announced
4/3/2014Free! Tops 5th Annual Boys-Love Awards
4/3/2014Funimation Adds New Fairy Tail Anime
4/3/2014Japan's Animation TV Ranking: March 17-23
4/3/2014Daily Briefs
4/3/2014After School Midnighters English Trailer Streamed
4/3/2014Mario Kart 8 Videos Show Off New Courses, Items
4/3/2014Knights of Sidonia Anime's 2 TV Ads Streamed
4/3/2014Crunchyroll to Stream Live-Action S.D.B. Police Series
4/3/2014Dragon Ball Bonus Story to Run in Viz's Shonen Jump on Monday
4/3/2014Crunchyroll to Stream The World is Still Beautiful Anime
4/3/2014Crunchyroll to Stream La Corda d'Oro Blue Sky Anime
4/2/2014NAtURAL DOCtRINE Set for Release in North America and Europe
4/2/2014Crunchyroll Adds Kamigami no Asobi TV Anime
4/2/2014Yu-Gi-Oh! D Team Zexal Spin-off Manga to End this Week
4/2/2014Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Pre-Order
4/2/2014Crunchyroll Streams Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san Short Anime
4/2/2014Official Yowamushi Pedal Cup Race to Take Place in April
4/2/2014Naruto SUN Storm Revolution Gameplay Teaser Showcases 3rd Raikage
4/2/2014Anime Midwest Announces Akinori Isobe and Masumi Kano
4/2/2014BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Now Available on PlayStation?Network
4/2/2014Daily Briefs
4/2/2014Bandai Streams Tiger & Bunny 3rd Anniversary Video
4/2/2014Crunchyroll to Stream Selector Infected Wixoss, Mushishi: The Next Chapter Anime
4/2/2014Conception II Game's English-Dubbed Feene Trailer Posted
4/2/2014Gintama Writer's Racehorse Wins $5 Million
4/2/2014Funimation Unveils Date A Live's English Dub Cast, Trailer
4/2/2014Ninja Slayer Sci-Fi Novels by U.S. Writers Get Anime
4/2/2014ANN at Nadeshicon in Quebec City
4/2/2014Crunchyroll: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Manga & Anime Announced
4/2/2014Nogizaka46 Idols Recreate Madoka Magica in Live-Action TV Ad
4/2/2014Shisui Uchiha Joins Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Game's Roster
4/2/2014Tales of the World RPG for 3DS Announced
4/2/2014Actor Naoto Takenaka to Appear in Live-Action Patlabor
4/2/2014Toei Celebrates Precure's 10th Anniversary With Weekly Character Messages
4/2/2014Railgun S/Strike the Blood Voice Actress Ikumi Hayama Gets Married
4/2/2014Tsubasa Honda, Masahiro Higashide Star in Live-Action Ao Haru Ride
4/2/2014Anime Studios Robot, Colorido Make Short for Marukome Miso
4/2/2014Japanese Comic Ranking, March 24-30
4/2/2014Haruma Miura Stars in Live-Action Attack on Titan Film
4/2/2014Funimation to Stream Daimidaler for Spring Season
4/2/2014Japan's Video Game Rankings, March 24-30
4/2/2014Fan Recreates Card Captor Sakura Opening in 3D
4/2/2014Viz Media's Haikasoru Imprint Celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Battle Royale
4/2/2014Aniplex of America launches Aniplex+ Online Store
4/2/2014Square Enix Makes 'Light Novel-Style' RPG With All-Star Voice Cast
4/2/2014Funimation Streams Selector Infected Wixoss Anime
4/2/2014Man Arrested for Stealing Limited Pok?mon Edition 3DS From Boy
4/2/2014Get ready for MCM Ireland Comic Con! (RDS Dublin, 12-13 April)
4/1/2014Lawson Releases Midway Results for Love Live! Image Girl Contest
4/1/2014Live-Action Crows Explode Film's TV Spots Streamed
4/1/2014Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, March 24-30
4/1/2014Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, March 24-30
4/1/2014Live-Action Say, 'I Love You.' Film's Trailer With One Direction's Song Posted
4/1/2014Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, March 17-23
4/1/2014Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, March 17-23
4/1/2014Kikaider Reboot Film's Full Trailer Debuts
4/1/2014One Piece: Unlimited World Red Game's Multi-Platform Promo Streamed
4/1/2014VIZ Media's Neon Alley Begins a New Era for Digital Anime and Delivers the Best in Free Dynamic Programming
4/1/2014Yoshiki Performs Classical Piano Duel with Hologram of Himself at SXSW
4/1/2014Metal Gear Solid Artworks Collection, with Y?ji Shinkawa
4/1/2014Anime Does April Fool's Day - Part 2
4/1/2014Crunchyroll Streams Bandai & Toei's Majin Bone Anime
4/1/2014Funimation to Stream Puchim@s 2
4/1/2014Ai Mai Mi TV Anime Gets 2nd Season
4/1/2014Funimation Announces Karneval English Cast, Streams Trailer
4/1/2014Anime Does April Fool's Day - Part 1
4/1/2014Moyashimon Watches Put Microbes On Your Wrist
4/1/2014Japanese Box Office, March 22-23
4/1/2014XSEED Games Launches Ragnarok Odyssey Ace Exclusively on Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita
4/1/2014North American Anime, Manga Releases, March 30-April 5
4/1/2014Letter to Momo to Screen in Minneapolis St. Paul Int'l Film Festival
4/1/2014Fashion Model Rola In Sailor Moon Cosplay Video
4/1/2014Chotto Kawaii Iron Maiden Live-Action Cast Announced
4/1/2014Daily Briefs
4/1/2014Kadokawa's Natural Doctrine PS3/PS4/Vita RPG Heads West
4/1/20142014 Godzilla Film's 'It Can't Be Stopped' Ad Streamed