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Anime News

DateArticle Name
8/31/2014Yen Press Licenses Manga Version of Disney's Big Hero 6 Film
8/30/2014Korean Live-Action Absolute Boyfriend Drama Coming to DramaFever
8/30/2014Mangetsu Man Reminds Tokyoites to Pick Up Their Trash
8/30/2014Hozuki no Reitetsu OAD's 'Summer Version' Teaser Streamed
8/30/2014Yen Press' Light Novel Imprint Adds Log Horizon, No Game No Life, Devil is a Part-timer!
8/30/2014Daily Cosplay - Beauty and the Beast's Belle
8/30/2014Fate/stay night TV Anime's 3rd Character Ad Highlights Shir? Emiya
8/30/2014Yukana, Yukari Tamura, Hisako Kanemoto Join Gugure! Kokkuri-san Anime
8/30/2014Anime Director Toshio Hirata Passes Away
8/30/20144th Persona 4 the Golden Animation Blu-ray/DVD Comes With New Episode
8/30/2014Rock Band Glay to Perform New Ace of Diamond TV Anime Opening
8/30/2014Crunchyroll to Also Stream One Piece '3D2Y' Anime Special
8/30/2014Live-Action Patlabor's Part 5 Trailer Streamed
8/30/20141st Attack on Titan Compilation Film's Trailer Streamed
8/30/2014Phoenix Wright vs. Professor Layton's English Launch Trailer Streamed
8/30/2014Uwa-Koi Romance Manga Ends in September
8/30/2014Sh?nen Hollywood Franchise Gets New Manga Set in Hawaii
8/29/2014Xenoblade Chronicles' Shulk Joins Super Smash Bros. Lineup
8/29/2014The Last -Naruto the Movie-'s Lee, Gaara, Temari, Tenten, Ch?ji Character Sketches Unveiled
8/29/2014Wolf Girl & Black Prince TV Anime's 1st Promo Streamed
8/29/2014Director: Dog Days" Takes Place 3 Months After 2nd Season
8/29/2014Outlaw Star's Mitsuru Hongo Directs World Trigger Anime
8/29/2014Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie Opens in U.S. on Friday
8/29/2014Shonen Jump to Launch Hi-Fi Cluster, Sporting Salt Manga
8/29/2014Last Kuroko's Basketball Manga Volume, Jump Next 'Miracle' Slated for December
8/29/2014Live-Action Clover Film's Teaser Video, Trailer Unveiled
8/29/2014Ghost in the Shell Arise #4's 1st 9 Minutes Streamed
8/29/2014Paramount Pictures Project Asks Artists to Reimagine Ninja Turtles As Kappa
8/29/2014Parasyte Tribute Manga Will Also Run in Aria Magazine for Women
8/29/2014Gundam's Tomino Thinks Young Voice Actors All Sound the Same
8/29/2014Funimation to Stream One Piece '3D2Y' Anime Special
8/29/2014One Week Friends Gets Stage Play
8/29/2014Hinata Tops Weekly Shonen Jump's Haikyu!! Character Poll
8/29/2014Ai Tenchi Muyo Brings Back Original Characters
8/29/2014Xenoblade Chronicles Offered on New Nintendo 3DS
8/29/2014While Hello Kitty Isn't A Cat, She Isn't Not A Cat, Either
8/29/2014New Gargantia OVA's Full Trailer Features New Character
8/29/2014Daily Cosplay - Rise of the Guardians' Tooth Fairy
8/29/2014Bravely Second Trailer Previews World Map, Turn-Based Combat
8/29/2014Nintendo Unveils New 3DS Models With More Controls, NFC Support
8/29/2014Sony Worldwide Studios President Comments on Project Morpheus VR Headset
8/29/2014Comic-Con Int'l Weighs Options After San Diego Drops Expansion Plans
8/29/2014Moe Yukimaru's Hiyokoi Manga Slated to End in November
8/29/2014The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan TV Anime Slated for 2015
8/28/2014Pokk?n Tournament Producer Considers International Release
8/28/2014Star Blazers/Yamato 2199's 5th, 6th DVD/Blu-rays Delayed
8/28/2014All-Stars Disney CD Features Voice Actor "Princes"
8/28/2014Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX's New Features Trailer Streamed
8/28/2014Osamu Tezuka's Hello Kitty Drawing Isn't So Cute
8/28/2014Onechanbara Z2: Chaos PS4 Game's Opening Video Streamed
8/28/2014Bandai Namco Introduces Lost Land Adventures Immersive Arcade Game
8/28/2014La Corda D'Oro 3 Another Sky Feat. Amane Gakuen Game Promo Streamed
8/28/2014Zelda and Animal Crossing Race Into Mario Kart 8 As DLCs
8/28/2014Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 Gets Western Release
8/28/2014Hayao Miyazaki to Receive Honorary Award from Oscars' Academy
8/28/2014Weekly Shonen Jump to Launch J?d?s Sports Manga
8/28/2014Hunter x Hunter Manga Extends Hiatus at Least 1 More Week
8/28/2014One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Announced for PS4
8/28/2014Yukari Tamura, Kenichi Suzumura Star in 'I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying' Anime
8/28/2014Sanrio Reveals That Hello Kitty is Not a Cat
8/28/2014Daily Cosplay - Batman's Harley Quinn
8/28/2014Over Lord Fantasy RPG Light Novel Has Anime in the Works
8/28/2014Skull Knight & Beherit *2014 Version
8/28/2014Exist?trace Reveals World Maker Music Video
8/28/2014Bandai Namco's Jewel Fight: Heroes of Legend Heads to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
8/28/2014Viz Media's Perfect Square Imprint Announces the Release of Three New Pok?mon Manga Box Sets
8/28/2014Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends's 3 New TV Spots Preview Stakes
8/28/2014Free! Eternal Summer Anime Gets Unaired Episode on 7th Blu-ray/DVD
8/28/2014Seraph of the End by The Legend of the Legendary Heroes' Kagami Gets TV Anime
8/28/2014Yo-kai Watch Film's Trailer Teases Origin of Magical Watch
8/28/2014Digital Manga's Project-H Imprint Adds 9 New Adult Manga Series
8/28/2014Texas' Fantastic Fest to Host U.S. Premiere of Princess Kaguya Film
8/27/2014Daily Briefs
8/27/2014Patema Inverted English Dub Clips Streamed
8/27/2014More Tezuka Goodness on
8/27/2014The Evil Within English Voice Cast Announced
8/27/2014Latest Boys-Love Pose Reference Book is Sure to Induce Nosebleeds
8/27/2014Japanese Comic Ranking, August 18-24
8/27/2014Japan's Video Game Rankings, August 18-24
8/27/2014Hello Kitty Cosplays As Characters From Hana to Yume Magazine
8/27/2014Life-Size Haikyu!! Wall Scrolls Make You Part of the Team
8/27/2014Nearly 4,000 Fans Rank the Top Monogatari Characters
8/27/2014Sega's Hero Bank 2 3DS RPG's Teaser Streamed
8/27/2014Yakuza Zero Game Announced For PS3/PS4
8/27/2014Precure Voice Actress Orie Kimoto Has Baby Girl
8/27/2014Buddy Complex Conclusion Anime's Trailer Streamed
8/27/2014Kodansha Seeks Fan Art From Around the World For Publication in Japan's Fairy Tail 46
8/27/2014Yen Press Adds 2 More Madoka Magica Spinoff Manga
8/27/201407-Ghost's Amemiya, Ichihara Start New Manga
8/27/2014Life-Size Haikyuu Wall Scrolls Make You Part of the Team
8/27/2014Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 Released Today in North America
8/27/2014Tenkai Knights Airing in Russia Next Week
8/27/2014Perfect Square Releases Hello Kitty: Just Imagine Graphic Novel
8/27/2014Kuroko's Basketball Manga to End
8/27/2014Daily Cosplay - Corpse Bride's Victor and Emily
8/27/2014Ane LaLa Magazine to Run Every Two Months
8/26/2014Pokk?n Tournament Teaser Video Previews Fighting Gameplay
8/26/2014Nintendo Announces Pokk?n Tournament For Arcades in 2015
8/26/2014Bandai Namco Games Injects Ridge Racer Slipstream with New Cars, Courses and Challenges, Available Now for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
8/26/2014Viz Media Announces Limited Edition Blu-Ray and DVD Combo Pack for the Anime Blood Lad
8/26/2014Bodacious Space Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace Manga Will End in September
8/26/2014One Piece '3D2Y' 2-Hour Anime Special's 3 New TV Spots Streamed
8/26/2014Live-Action Lupin III Film's TV Spot is Stolen by Bikini-Clad Girls
8/26/2014Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, August 18-24
8/26/2014Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, August 18-24
8/26/2014Touhou-Based 'Memories of Phantasm' Episode 4 Apology Video Streamed
8/26/2014Daily Cosplay - League of Legends' Annie
8/26/2014Capcom Sues Koei Tecmo for 980 Million Yen on Patent Infringement
8/26/2014Get Your Kicks With New Haikyu!! Sneakers
8/26/2014North American Anime, Manga Releases, August 24-30
8/26/2014Scouts Move Out in Latest Attack on Titan Dub Clip
8/26/2014Hal Anime Film's English Dub Clip Reveals Kurumi and Hal's Past
8/26/2014Papercraft Totoro House is a Labor of Love
8/26/2014Ryotaro Okiayu, Y?ichi Nakamura, Aki Unone Join Fafner: Exodus Anime's Cast
8/26/2014Mamoru Miyano Voices Character in Cardfight Vanguard Film
8/26/2014Augment Your Gundam Collection with M'Quve's Vase
8/26/2014Etrian Odyssey II Untold Slated for November 27
8/26/2014Amazon to Buy Twitch Streaming Service for US$970 Million
8/26/2014Hey! Say! JUMP's Ry?suke Yamada Stars in Live-Action Assassination Classroom Film
8/26/2014Sega Hardware Girls' Hi sCoool! SeHa Girl Anime Previewed in Video
8/26/2014Fox's Animation Domination HD Pays Tribute to Ghibli With New Video
8/26/2014Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Game's Chie, Ken, Labrys Character Promos Streamed
8/25/20142014 Rurouni Kenshin FIlms' Promo Boasts High Reviews
8/25/2014Alice in Borderland Original Video Anime's 1st Promo Previews Suspense
8/25/2014Flower in a Storm's Takagi Starts Itsuka no Haru Manga
8/25/2014Viz Media Releases New Weekly Shonen Jump Print Edition ?Jump Pack? Issue 3
8/25/2014Ikki Tousen's Latest Work Is An Original Video Anime
8/25/2014Orenchi no Furo Jij?'s New Promo Introduces New Cast
8/25/2014Stand By Me Doraemon 3D CG Film's Making-Of Video Unveiled
8/25/2014Excel Saga's Rikudou Ends Kantan Kiss Manga Next Month
8/25/2014Tatsuhisa Suzuki Joins The Seven Deadly Sins Anime's Cast
8/25/2014Daily Briefs
8/25/2014Prince of Tennis Serves Up Some Justice
8/25/2014Tokk? Jimuin Minowa Manga Gets Live-Action Drama Starring EXILE's Matsu
8/25/2014Gurazeni Baseball Manga to End This Month (Updated)
8/25/2014Mamoru Oshii Supervises Opening Movie for Phantom of Kill Smartphone Game
8/25/2014Ikki Tousen: Extravaganza Epoch OVA's 1st Promo Streamed
8/25/2014Princess Resurrection Creator Mitsunaga Will End Nakuaden Manga
8/25/2014Hatsune Miku Shares the New Miku Expo LA & NY Theme Song with the World
8/25/20142nd Sailor Moon Stage Musical Footage Shown in Digest Video
8/25/2014Kono Danshi, Sekka ni Nayandemasu. OVA's 2nd Promo Streamed
8/25/2014JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Creator Araki Takes Part in the Ice Bucket Challenge
8/25/2014Kousuke Toriumi, Hiroshi Iwasaki Join Donten ni Warau Anime's Cast
8/25/2014Japan Expo 2nd Impact
8/25/2014Daily Cosplay - The Legend of Korra's Toph Beifong
8/25/2014Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Game's Anime Opening Streamed
8/24/2014Japanese Box Office, August 16-17
8/24/2014Japan's Animation TV Ranking, August 11-17
8/24/2014NISA Streams 2nd Fairy Fencer F Game Trailer
8/24/2014Crunchyroll Manga Adds Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou, The Legend of Onikirimaru
8/24/2014Latest Yowamushi Pedal Stage Play Cast Photographed in Costume
8/24/2014Power Rangers: Dino Charge Cast Revealed at Power Morphicon 4
8/24/2014Sekai Project to Offer Clannad Visual Novel's Full-Voice Edition on Steam
8/24/2014Silver Link Makes Yuri Kuma Arashi TV Anime by Utena/Penguindrum's Ikuhara
8/24/2014Psycho-Pass Xbox One Game Titled Sentaku Naki K?fuku
8/24/2014No-Rin Petit Spin-Off Manga Ends in Big Gangan
8/24/2014Emiri Kat?, Kaori Fukuhara Perform Inou Battle Within Everyday Life Anime's Ending Theme
8/24/2014Glass Mask's Miuchi: Manga is Moving Along Toward End
8/24/2014Marvelous AQL's Forbidden Magna Promo Introduces More Characters
8/24/2014Wakako Zake Manga Gets Live-Action TV Show
8/24/2014A Letter To Momo U.S. Theatrical Schedule Announced
8/24/2014Taiwanese Live-Action Absolute Boyfriend Drama Coming to DramaFever
8/23/20141st Gundam's Rin Iogi Writes Reconguista in G's Ending Song Lyrics
8/23/2014Konami Posts 22-Minute Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain Gameplay Video
8/23/2014Colorado's Nan Desu Kan Will Host Animator, Director Hiroyuki Hashimoto
8/23/2014This Month's Ichiban Kuji Has Insufficient Direction
8/23/2014KENN, Kentarou Itou Join Baby Steps Cast
8/23/2014Fuji TV Finally Starts Promoting Odaiba New World in English
8/23/2014Original Red Ranger Austin St. John in Talks to Return for Dino Charge
8/23/2014Encouragement of Climb Encourages Fans to Climb with Custom Hiking Outfits
8/23/2014Kamen Rider Drive Revealed on Magazine Cover
8/23/2014Gundam Breaker 2 PS3, PSVita Game's Teaser Video Streamed
8/23/2014Hellsing Ultimate OVA Joins Adult Swim's Toonami Block
8/23/2014Fate/stay night TV Anime's 2nd Character Ad Highlights Archer
8/23/2014Me and the Devil Blues' Hiramoto to Draw Parasyte One-Shot
8/23/2014Wizards of the Coast to Cancel Kaijudo TCG
8/23/20142nd Seitokai Yakuindomo Season Gets OVA in October
8/22/2014MangaGamer Announces Release Date for Obscene Medical Records of a Married Nurse
8/22/2014MangaGamer Releases Imouto Paradise
8/22/2014Gurren Lagann Stage Play's Cast Announced
8/22/2014New Durarara! Manga Starts in Sylph in October
8/22/2014Suzuko Mimori Joins Y?ki Y?na wa Y?sha de Aru Anime's Cast
8/22/2014Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends Film's Main Trailer Unveiled
8/22/2014Sadao Abe to Voice Migi in Live-Action Parasyte Films
8/22/2014Free! Eternal Summer's Next 3 Character Song CDs Previewed
8/21/2014Bandai Namco Games America Inc. Announces Release of New Pac-Man Friends Mobile Game
8/21/2014FUNimation To Release Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Uncut Version for Home Video
8/21/2014Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Gets Superzied with New 2014 Mega-Tins
8/21/2014Viz Media Releases The Art of Princess Mononoke
8/21/2014Mysterious Girlfriend X Manga Ends Next Month
8/21/2014Sailor Moon Musical Gets 1st Overseas Run in Shanghai
8/21/2014Chibi Vampire's Kagesaki Starts New Manga in Comic High!
8/21/2014Kuroko's Basketball Threat Suspect Gets 4.5 Years in Prison
8/21/2014Live-Action Itazura na Kiss Sequel's Opening Streamed
8/21/2014Mikako Komatsu, Hiroyuki Yoshino Join Gangsta. Anime's Cast
8/21/2014Sword Art Online II's Opening Shown in Original Animation Sketches
8/21/2014Space Brothers, AKB48 Founder, Others Take the "Ice Bucket Challenge"
8/21/2014Edge of Tomorrow, Godzilla to Win 'Cool Japan' Awards
8/21/2014BlazBlue: Clone Phantasma on the Nintendo 3DS
8/21/2014Leprechaun: Origins' Lipovsky to Direct Dead Rising Film
8/21/2014Akihabara Fans Vote For Favorite Silver-Haired Heroine
8/21/2014Japanese Comic Ranking, August 11-17
8/21/2014Toronto Film Festival to Host North American Premiere of Princess Kaguya, Ghibli Documentary
8/21/2014Ace Combat Infinity Patch 3 Now Available
8/21/2014Muramasa Rebirth: Genroku Legends DLC #4 Releases 9/2
8/21/2014Section23 Announces December Slate
8/21/2014VIZ Media Announces the Release of Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit Anime Series on DVD and Blu-Ray
8/21/2014Akiva Goldsman in Talks to Write 3rd Ring Film Script
8/21/2014Show Your Super Sonico Love With A 40-cm Figure
8/21/2014L.A. EigaFest Also Showing Giovanni's Island Anime Film
8/21/2014Kantai Collection's DMM Turns Construction Vehicles, Tools Into Girls for Next Game
8/21/2014Male Gymnasts Don't Need Maneuver Gear to Fly High in Attack on Titan Routine
8/21/2014Final Fantasy Explorers' Job Videos Preview Knight, Monk, Black Mage
8/21/2014Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Game's Margaret Character Promo Streamed
8/21/2014Decepticon Maserati Driver Heading to Court
8/21/2014Diabolik Lovers, The Ambition of Oda Nobuna Get English Dubs
8/20/2014Weta Workshop Shows Off Its Godzilla Concept Art
8/20/2014Unplugged Expo Returns to Toronto September 27-28 2014
8/20/ to announce streaming of Aniplex' Hanamonogatari
8/20/2014Viz Media's Perfect Square Imprint Announces the Release of Two New Bravest Warriors Original Titles
8/20/2014Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late Now Available for Pre-order
8/20/2014Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Now Available for Pre-order
8/20/2014PriPara Anime Film's 1st Teaser Hints at Pretty Rhythm Tie-In
8/20/2014Live-Action Tokyo Tribe Film's Trailer Features a Rap Battle
8/20/2014Kunihiko Ikuhara's 'Penguinbear' Site Starts Countdown
8/20/2014Princess Jellyfish Live-Action Film's 1st Trailer Introduces Story, Cast
8/20/2014Amagi Brilliant Park Anime's 1st Promo Streamed
8/20/2014Nogizaka46 Idols Star in Film of City Lights Manga
8/20/2014Tomoaki Maeno, Masakazu Morita, Kana Hanazawa Join World Trigger Cast
8/20/2014Hunter x Hunter Manga Goes on 2-Week Hiatus Due to Back Pain
8/20/2014Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, Tales of Xillia 2 Games' Launch Trailers Streamed
8/20/2014New Scout Regiment Members Get Their Uniforms in Latest Attack on Titan Dub Clip
8/20/2014Million Arthur Game Gets Live-Action TV Show
8/20/2014Character Breads Puts the "Pan" In Lupin III
8/20/2014Girl Friend BETA Anime Gets 1st Promo
8/20/2014Queen's Blade: Vanquished Queens Gets New Anime Episode
8/20/2014Daily Briefs
8/20/2014K?ji Matsumoto Starts Next Higanjima Horror Manga Sequel
8/20/2014Funimation Streams Hellsing Ultimate Trailer
8/20/2014Uncut Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Home Video Release Slated for October
8/20/2014JAPIC Offering 2 Month Stay in Tokyo for International Animators
8/20/2014Japan's Video Game Rankings, August 11-17
8/20/2014Daisuki to Also Stream Hanamonogatari Anime
8/20/2014Rock Out With Color-Coordinated Uta-Pri Nail Polish
8/20/2014NickToons Streams 1st Episode of Little Battlers eXperience Anime
8/20/2014The Seven Deadly Sins 3DS Game Teaser Previews Gameplay
8/20/2014Animation Artist in Residence Tokyo 2015
8/20/2014Fan-Ensemble Pays Tribute To Sailor Moon With Symphony Concert in New York
8/19/2014Introducing Clearasil's New Mascot: Kagerou Project's Momo Kisaragi
8/19/2014Naegi, T?gami, Komaeda Return in Danganronpa: Another Episode PS Vita Game
8/19/2014Tune In Tokyo and Ultranimbus Go Back to School with Art Show and Cosplay Party in Koreatown
8/19/2014Viz Media Announces the September Release of New Manga Story Collection Time Killers from the Creator of Blue Exorcist
8/19/2014M3 The Dark Metal PS Vita Game's 2 TV Spots Preview Gameplay
8/19/2014Haikyu!! Volleyball Anime's 3DS Game's New Promo Previews Characters
8/19/2014Selector Spread Wixoss Sequel TV Anime's Comiket 86 Promo Streamed
8/19/2014Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, August 11-17
8/19/2014Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, August 11-17
8/19/2014Taiwanese Live Action Skip Beat Streaming on DramaFever
8/19/2014Live-Action Jigoku Sensei Nube Show's Footage Previewed on TV
8/19/2014Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends TV Features Preview Kenshin vs. Hiko
8/19/2014North American Anime, Manga Releases, August 17-23
8/19/2014Man With A Decepticon Maserati Is Arrested For Impersonating Police
8/19/2014Girl Friend BETA TV Anime Adds 15 More Cast Members
8/19/2014Mini Nyanko-Sensei Steals Food From Tiny Spoons in Natsume's Book of Friends Accessories
8/19/2014Lupin III Creator Monkey Punch Draws Live-Action Cast for Upcoming Film
8/19/2014Fuji TV Makes Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's David Production Its Subsidiary
8/19/2014Tales Of Xillia? 2 Now Available Throughout the Americas Exclusively for the PlayStation 3 System
8/19/2014Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Launches Today in the Americas on the PlayStation? Vita
8/19/2014Pizza Hut Japan Launches Their Pizza Cat Campaign, With Lots of Cat Videos
8/19/2014Sailor Moon Symphony: SeraSymphony Live! Concert
8/19/20142nd Durarara! TV Anime Gets New Cast Key Visuals
8/19/2014Bulbasaur Planter Sales Halted for Copyright Infringement
8/19/2014"No More" Piracy Mascots Get Lottery Prizes
8/19/2014Stand By Me Doraemon 3D CG Film to Open in 21 Countries
8/19/2014Daily Briefs
8/18/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses Reideen
8/18/2014Bandai Namco Games America Inc. Announces Pre-Order Incentives for Project Cars
8/18/2014Anzu Futaba Joins IDOLM@STER One For All PS3 Game as DLC
8/18/2014'Shocking New Pok?mon Project' To Be Announced on August 26
8/18/2014Live-Action Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends' 2nd Film Poster Features All Characters
8/18/2014Japan's Animation TV Ranking, August 4-10
8/18/2014Japanese Box Office, August 4-10
8/18/2014New York Times Manga Best Seller List, August 3-9
8/18/2014Blood Lad's 1st Dub Clip Streamed
8/18/2014Mandarake Shoplifter Finally Turns Himself In
8/18/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses "The Ambition of Oda Nobuna"
8/18/2014Sentai Filmworks Adds The Ambition of Oda Nobuna
8/18/2014Ghibli's Tale of the Princess Kaguya Gets English Teaser Trailer
8/18/2014Live-Action Jigoku Sensei Nube Shifts Setting to High School
8/18/2014Locodol Anime Hosts Uogokoro-kun Dance Contest
8/18/2014P.A. Work's Shirobako TV Anime's 1st Promo Streamed
8/18/2014Daily Briefs
8/18/2014Level-5's Fantasy Life Open-World RPG Coming to U.S., Europe
8/18/2014Mad Bull 34 Manga Available in English on Renta
8/18/2014Guilty Gear X2: Reload Coming to Steam on September 5
8/18/2014Chubby Chocobo Plush Is As Round As He Is Adorable
8/18/2014Waiting in the Summer OVA's Theme Songs Previewed in Video
8/18/2014Konami Brings Back Popular Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Summer Camp Program
8/18/2014Rie Murakawa, Yukiyo Fujii, Tsubasa Yonaga Join Log Horizon 2nd Season's Cast
8/18/2014Six Pok?mon Trainers Crowned World Champions at the 2014 Pok?mon World Championships
8/18/2014Visual Kei Band Diaura Livestream Q&A Session in Los Angeles September 13 at Xenon
8/17/2014Daily Briefs
8/17/2014Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Earns US$2.5 Million in N. America
8/17/2014Moe Yukimaru's Hiyokoi Manga to End in 14th Volume
8/17/2014L.A. EigaFest to Show Live-Action Lupin III, Rurouni Kenshin Sequel
8/17/2014Power Morphicon 4 to Host Sentai Actors Yuuta Mochizuki, Hiroshi Maeda, Yasuhiro Takeuchi
8/17/2014Funimation Adds Black Butler: Book of Murder Original Video Anime
8/17/2014Rage of Bahamut Card Game-Based Anime's Cast Announced
8/17/2014Yu Kobayashi, Ai Kayano, Hitomi Harada, More Join Madan no ? to Vanadis Cast
8/17/2014Steins;Gate: Mugen Enten no Arc Light Manga Ends
8/17/2014Go Nagai to Launch Grendizer Giga Manga in September
8/17/2014M3 The Dark Metal Anime Gets PS Vita Game
8/17/2014Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! Anime Gets Original Video Anime
8/17/2014Persona 3 Stage Play's Mitsuru, Akihiko Return for Persona 4 Arena Play
8/17/2014Aoi Y?ki Joins The Seven Deadly Sins Anime's Cast
8/17/2014Megumi Han: Hunter x Hunter Anime to End at Episode 148
8/16/2014Daily Briefs
8/16/2014Attack on Titan Editor: Manga to End in 3-4 Years
8/16/2014Road to Ninja: Naruto Film's Screening Run Expanded in Canada
8/16/2014Patema Inverted, Welcome to the Space Show Listed on N. American Home Video
8/16/2014Xseed Brings Corpse Party Horror Game to iOS
8/16/2014Samurai Girls Sequel Video Anime Bundled With Ni? Artbook
8/16/2014Kanjani Eight's Ry?hei Maruyama Stars in Live-Action Jigoku Sensei Nube Show
8/16/201435-Year Gundam Saga Projected Onto Life-Size Gundam Statue
8/16/2014Attack on Titan Gets Labor Day Weekend Marathon on Toonami
8/16/2014Fate/stay night TV Anime's 1st Character Ad Highlights Rin Tohsaka
8/16/2014Photo Feature: Comiket 86 Cosplay Gallery - Day 2
8/16/2014Mega Slowbro Unveiled in Pok?mon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Video
8/16/2014Studio Trigger Makes Promo Anime for DeNA's Hacka Doll News App
8/16/2014Minna Atsumare! Falcom Gakuen Gag Anime Gets 2nd Season
8/15/2014New Nagisa Figure Takes a Ride on Iwatobi-Chan
8/15/2014Ore, Twin Tail ni Narimasu Anime's Promo Previews Animation
8/15/2014Happy Cooking Graffiti Anime's 1st Promo Previews Characters
8/15/2014Infinite Stratos 2 'World Purge' OVA's Promotional Video Streamed
8/15/2014JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Anime Series Reviewed in Video
8/15/2014Parasyte Anime's 'Special Video' Posted, Additional Cast Revealed
8/15/2014Trinity Seven Anime's 2nd Promo Video Streamed
8/15/2014Acclaimed Rock Harpist, Julia Mae Staley, Debuts at The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational and Makenai X-Pos? Premiers This Saturday
8/15/2014Dog Days Anime's 3rd Season to Premiere in January 2015
8/15/2014Yumi Uchiyama, Tomoyo Kurosawa Join Y?ki Y?na wa Y?sha de Aru Cast
8/15/2014The Wind Rises Home Video Listed in November in N. America
8/15/2014Hello Kitty Is Watching Over Us From Space
8/15/2014Rooster Teeth's RWBY Heads To Japan
8/15/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses Mecha Action Anime Reideen
8/15/2014 Cardfight!! Vanguard's Live-Action/Anime Film's Trailer Streamed
8/15/2014Japanese Job Recruitment Website Uses Sailor Moon Song Parody for TV Spot
8/15/2014Yowapeda/Yowamushi Pedal's Compilation Film Trailer Streamed
8/15/2014Amagi Brilliant Park 1st Promo Previews Opening Theme
8/15/2014Photo Feature: Comiket 86 Cosplay Gallery - Day 1
8/15/2014Akatsuki no Yona Introduces Characters, Premise
8/15/2014Gundam Reconguista in G's 3rd Promo Streamed
8/15/2014International Cosplay 2014
8/14/2014Mushishi: The Next Chapter Special's Ad Streamed
8/14/2014Mega Audino Unveiled in Pok?mon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Video
8/14/2014Nozomi Entertainment Announces the DVD Release of Cat's Eye Season 2
8/14/2014Lucky Penny Entertainment Announces New Street Date for Space Pirate Mito Complete Collection
8/14/2014Spochan Taiketsu Film's Trailer Previews Y?kai Battles
8/14/2014Strike Witches: Operation Victory Arrow Project's 2nd OVA Titled, Slated for January
8/14/2014Gugure! Kokkuri-san TV Anime's 2nd Promo Streamed
8/14/2014Chaika - The Coffin Princess Anime's 2nd Season Previewed in Promo
8/14/2014Frozen Home Video Tops Spirited Away as Fastest to Sell 2 Million Copies in Japan
8/14/2014New Attack on Titan Dub Clip Shows Scout Regiment Members
8/14/2014Viz Media and Eleven Arts Add Screenings of Road to Ninja ? Naruto the Movie Feature Film to More Than 35 Cities in Canada This September
8/14/2014Abbyshot Releases its first Licensed Devil May Cry? Coat
8/14/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses Queen's Blade: Beautiful Warriors
8/14/2014Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid Manga Gets TV Anime
8/14/2014Felt Crafting Gets Bonus Cute Points With Natsume's Book of Friend's Nyanko-Sensei
8/14/2014Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX's Disney Worlds Trailers Streamed
8/14/2014New Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Drei!! OVA Promoted in Ad
8/14/2014Hyperdimension Action Neptunia U's Gameplay Videos Preview Combat
8/14/2014A Certain Scientific Railgun is Having a Soccer Showdown with Girls und Panzer
8/14/2014PS4 Game by Ikaruga's Iuchi Unveiled
8/14/2014Sentai Filmworks Licenses Queen's Blade: Beautiful Warriors
8/14/2014Japanese Pork Gets Bishonen-Laden Online Manga
8/14/2014Goose House to Perform Opening, Cover Songs for Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Anime
8/14/2014Banpresto Shows Off Sword Art Online II Lottery Prize Figure Prototypes
8/14/2014Denki-Gai no Honya-san Anime's 1st Promo Video Streamed
8/14/2014Hybrid Child Boys-Love Anime's 2nd Promo Video Features Theme Song
8/14/2014Own a 20-Piece Sailor Moon Pin & Charm Collection
8/14/20142014 Baltimore Comic-Con, Costume Contest
8/14/2014Hello!! Kin-iro Mosaic's 1st Promo Video Streamed
8/13/2014Limited Edition Super Smash Brothers 3DS Bundle Announced for Europe
8/13/2014MangaGamer Announces Pre-Orders for Demon Master Chris Hard-Copies
8/13/2014Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Game's 'World Lobby' Introduction Video Streamed
8/13/2014Psychometrer Manga Goes on Hiatus
8/13/2014Mei-chan no Shitsuji DX Manga Starts in Margaret
8/13/2014Daily Briefs
8/13/2014Break Out Of Your Shell With Bandai's Launching Turtle Toys
8/13/2014Japanese Comic Ranking, August 4-10
8/13/2014New Bakumatsu Rock Character Revealed During Akihabara Cafe Event
8/13/2014Metal Gear Solid V Games Coming to PC via Steam
8/13/2014Japan's Video Game Rankings, August 4-10
8/13/2014Yokohama's Pikachu Invasion Is Teaching Us There's No Such Thing As Too Many Pikachus
8/13/2014Ghibli's When Marnie Was There, Ronia, the Robber's Daughter Listed With Dub
8/13/2014Konami Digital Entertainment Returns to Gen Con
8/13/2014Tokyo Tribe Live-Action Film Gets N. American Release
8/13/2014Keep Your Clow Cards in the Official Cardcaptor Sakura Pouch
8/13/2014Power Morphicon is Proud to Announce Sentai and Henshin Actors as Special Guests
8/13/2014Hatsune Miku Teams Up With Tokidoki For Limited Edition Merch Coming This Fall
8/13/2014Japan Expo USA to Host Akihiro Kanayama, Felipe Smith, Daigo Ikeno
8/13/2014Japanese Mobile Carrier's Comiket Plans Include A Terrifying Yowapeda Midousuji Truck
8/13/2014Gatchaman Crowds English Dub Cast Unveiled
8/13/2014Ghost in the Shell Arise English Dub Trailer Streamed
8/13/2014Juri Kimura, Haruka Yoshimura, Haruka Chisuga Star in P.A. Works' Shirobako
8/12/2014Japan Expo 2nd Impact in San Mateo, CA Coming Soon
8/12/2014Higanjima Manga Gets 2nd Live-Action TV Series, Film
8/12/2014Inou Battle Within Everydaylife Anime's 1st Promo Previews Cast
8/12/2014Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, August 4-10
8/12/2014Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, August 4-10
8/12/2014Doraemon 3D CG Film Tops Box Office With 988 Million Yen
8/12/2014Comedian/Actor Robin Williams Passes Away at 63
8/12/2014North American Anime, Manga Releases, August 10-16
8/12/2014Retailer Is Asked By Police To Not Post Photo of Accused Shoplifter
8/12/2014Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain 'Snake in A Box' Gameplay Video Streamed
8/12/2014Toma Ikuta, Erika Toda Star in Manga-Based Prophecy Film
8/12/2014DmC: Devil May Cry's Ninja Theory Reveals Hellblade Game
8/12/2014Tekken 7 Producer Wants Your Feedback On A New Middle Eastern Character
8/12/2014Love Hina, Aho Girl Get Crossover Manga One-Shot
8/12/2014Bloodborne PS4 Game's New Trailer Introduces Gameplay
8/12/2014Full Line-Up Revealed for Haikyu!! Kewpie Doll
8/12/2014Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Now Available on PlayStation Vita
8/12/2014Garo Anime's Main Cast Announced
8/12/2014Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers's 3DS Game 1st TV Spot Streamed
8/12/2014Bandai Namco Games America Inc. Announcements
8/12/2014Update Under the Dog Live on Kickstarter $110,000 Closer
8/12/2014New Shoes Channel Fashion Sense of Detective Conan, Magic Kaito
8/12/2014Love Stage!! Boys-Love OVA's TV Ad Streamed
8/12/2014Keiji Fujiwara, Takahiro Sakurai Join Magi: Adventure of Sinbad Anime Spin-off's 3rd Episode
8/12/2014Honda Shows Off a Knights of Sidonia-Style Motorcycle
8/12/2014The Seven Deadly Sins Anime's Theme Songs, Game Detailed
8/12/2014Inou Battle Within Everyday Life Anime's 1st Promo Previews Cast
8/12/2014Sabagebu! OVA Promo Video Previews Story
8/12/2014Actress Lauren Bacall Passes Away at 89
8/12/2014Hideo Kojima, del Toro, Walking Dead's Reedus Work on Next Silent Hill
8/11/2014Incredibly Rare Shiny Pok?mon Holding a Mega Stone Gifted to Early Purchasers of Pok?mon Omega Ruby and Pok?mon Alpha Sapphire
8/11/2014MangaGamer Announces Three Titles and a Market-Changing Project at Otakon
8/11/2014Arcana Heart 3: Love Max!!!!! Ships September 23, 2014
8/11/2014Aniplex of America to Release Nisekoi on Blu-ray
8/11/2014Anime Veterans Launch New Action Sci-Fi Anime Kickstarter: Under the Dog
8/11/2014Love Live! School Idol Paradise Game's Newest Promo Shows Off Gameplay
8/11/2014The Testament of Sister New Devil TV Anime's Staff, 1st Key Visual Unveiled
8/11/2014Nobunaga Shimazaki, Tatsuhisa Suzuki Lead Orenchi no Furo Jij? TV Anime's Cast
8/11/2014Japan's Animation TV Ranking, July 28-August 3
8/11/2014Japanese Box Office, August 2-3
8/11/2014New York Times Manga Best Seller List, July 27-August 2
8/11/2014AKB48 Recruits New Part-Time Idols - For US$10 an Hour
8/11/2014Working!!/Wagnaria!! Anime Gets 3rd Season
8/11/2014Asami Imai, Tomoyo Kurosawa, Emi Nitta Join Locodol Anime Cast
8/11/2014Hi Score Girl Halts Serialization After SNK's Copyright Charges
8/11/2014World Trigger Manga Gets Commemorative Video for Upcoming Anime
8/11/2014Console Wars Get Real With New Transformers Figures
8/11/2014Under the Dog Live on Kickstarter
8/11/2014Daily Briefs
8/11/2014Irregular at Magic High School PS Vita Game's 2nd Promo Previews 3 Gameplay Modes
8/11/2014Miyazaki Illustrates Japanese Cover for Westall's The Call and Other Stories
8/11/2014Japan Expo USA to Host Kimagure Orange Road's Izumi Matsumoto, Visual Art's/Key
8/11/2014Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Earns US$2.2 Million in N. America, Adds Tuesday Screenings
8/11/2014Animal Boyfriend In-Game Campaigns Make It Easier For Beginners to Raise the Perfect Date
8/11/2014Update Under the Dog Live on Kickstarter
8/11/2014Hello Kitty Shows Her NY Pride with Yankees Bobblehead
8/11/2014Super Hero Generation Game's Promo Video Streamed
8/11/2014Initial D's AE86 Swings By Shinjuku with Tofu to Promote New Movie
8/11/2014High School DxD New Fight PS Vita Game's 1st Promo Video Streamed
8/10/2014Daily Briefs
8/10/2014S?ta Fukushi, Kasumi Arimura Star in Strobe Edge Film
8/10/2014Funasshi Pear Fairy Mascot Makes Movie Debut in Precure
8/10/2014Uzumasa Limelight, Giovanni's Island, Rurouni Kenshin Win Fantasia Awards
8/10/2014Garden of Words & 5 cm/s' Shinkai Makes New Anime Ad
8/10/2014Chain Chronicle Anime's Cast Line-Up Announced
8/10/2014Quinrose's Alice in the Country of Hearts Game Released in English
8/10/2014Pok?mon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire Gets 3 More Mega-Evolved Pok?mon
8/10/2014Tales of Zestiria PS3 Game's Sorey, Alisha, Lailah, Mikleo Previewed in Videos
8/10/2014The Seven Deadly Sins Anime's 2nd TV Spot Stars Meliodas
8/10/2014Wake Up, Girls! Anime Gets Animal Mascot Spinoff Shorts
8/9/2014Funimation Licenses Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star Anime; Strike Witches, Steins;Gate Films
8/9/2014Haruhi Hunting Site Unveils New Video
8/9/2014Anime Sols Streams 1st 3 Magical Star Magical Emi Episodes
8/9/2014Cowboy Bebop Blu-ray Slated for N. America in December
8/9/2014Ghost in the Shell Arise #1-2's English Dub Cast Announced
8/9/20144 More Cast Members Join Funimation's Fairy Tail Dub
8/9/2014Funimation Announces 2nd Round of A Certain Magical Index II Dub Cast
8/9/2014Rina Satou, Asuka ?game, Mikako Komatsu Star in Happy Cooking Graffiti Anime
8/9/2014Kouki Uchiyama, Ai Kakuma, Yukiyo Fujii Star in KyoAni's Amagi Brilliant Park TV Anime
8/9/2014Vertical Licenses The Art of Makoto Shinkai Book
8/9/2014Wit Studio Unveils 1st Original TV Anime, The Rolling Girls
8/9/2014MangaGamer Adds euphoria, The House in Fata Morgana, eden* Visual Novels
8/9/2014Crunchyroll Adds New Manga Titles
8/9/2014Otakon 2014
8/9/2014More of 2nd Persona 3 Stage Play's Cast Shown in Costume
8/8/2014Monogatari 2nd Season's Hanamonogatari's 3rd Promo Streamed Before Premiere
8/8/2014Gallery Nucleus Publishes Limited Edition Print Set by Artist Junko Mizuno, to Launch at SOL Exhibition in August
8/8/2014Viz Media Launches New Manga Series Spell of Desire
8/8/2014Viz Media Debuts the Comedic Culinary Battle Manga Series Food Wars
8/8/2014Girls und Panzer's Mizushima, P.A. Works Collaborate for SHIROBAKO Original TV Anime
8/8/2014Uch? Senkan Yamato 2199: Hoshi-Meguru Hakobune Film's 2nd Trailer Hints at All-New Story
8/8/2014Gundam Reconguista in G's Premiere Episode's 1st 10 Minutes Streamed
8/8/2014Aikatsu Sh?jo Idol Anime's 1st Film Unveils New Teaser
8/7/2014Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Trailer Updates With All Playable Characters
8/7/2014Bushiroad World Championship 2014 to Include All English Titles
8/7/2014Anime, Gaming & Cosplay Hits Leicester This September
8/7/2014Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Yumi Hara Lead Trinity Seven TV Anime's Cast
8/7/2014Crunchyroll Manga Contest Winners to be Featured in Volume 10 of The Seven Deadly Sins
8/7/2014GITS art exhibit
8/7/2014Fafner: Exodus Anime's New Promo Features Narration by Heroine Maya
8/7/20141986 Game Transformers: Mystery of Convoy Gets TV Anime
8/7/2014Ghibli Co-Founder Suzuki: Miyazaki May Make Short Film
8/7/2014Primal Reversion Groudon, Kyogre Star in 2015 Pok?mon Film
8/7/2014Godzilla Gets A High-End Plush At Very High-End Prices
8/7/2014Bakumatsu Rock Gets 'Ultra Musical' Stage Play in December
8/7/2014Rail Wars Mages Game's TV Ad Streamed
8/7/2014Durarara!! Gets New PS Vita Game in 3D in January
8/7/2014Kuchibiru ni Uta o Manga's Live-Action Film Will Star Yui Aragaki
8/7/2014Learn English With Assassination Classroom
8/7/2014Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle 3DS Game's Comic-Con Trailer Streamed
8/7/2014Sibling Secret Available November 4, 2014
8/7/2014Nurse Me! Available November 4, 2014
8/7/20142nd Volume of Space Dandy Manga Will Be the Last
8/7/2014Live-Action Kite Movie to Screen at Otakon 2014
8/7/2014Mario Kart 8 Adds Two More Mercedes-Benz Cars
8/7/2014Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Game's Mitsuru Character Promo Streamed
8/7/2014Working!! Manga to End With 13th Volume in December
8/7/2014Ghost In the Shell Art Exhibit Celebrates 25 Years of Futuristic Suspense
8/7/2014Neptunia Re;Birth1 Gameplay Videos Show Battles in Action
8/7/2014Michael Bay's Transformers Films Get 1-Shot
8/7/20147-Eleven's Giant Evangelion Figures Sell Out in 2 Minutes
8/7/20142nd Durarara! TV Anime's Partial Cast, Visual Unveiled
8/7/2014Free! Eternal Summer's 1st 2 Character Song CDs Previewed
8/6/2014Spice Up Your Gaming Sessions with Street Fighter II Dhalsim Curry
8/6/2014Viz Media Releases Vampire Knight: The Complete Collection Anime Box Set
8/6/2014Viz Media Releases New Shojo Manga Series Black Rose Alice
8/6/2014Unaired Kill la Kill Episode's Story Previewed in Video
8/6/20141st New Initial D Anime Film's Trailer Previews Ry?ichi Kawamura Theme Song
8/6/2014Yuichi Nakamura Joins World Trigger TV Anime's Cast
8/6/2014The Last -Naruto the Movie-'s Sakura, Shikamaru, Sai Character Sketches Unveiled
8/6/2014Yamato/Ashita no Joe Voice Actor Shuusei Nakamura Passes Away
8/6/2014Sh?wa Genroku Rakugo Shinj? Manga Gets Original Anime DVD
8/6/2014Toma Ikuta, Shun Oguri to Star in Manga-Based Ouroboros Show
8/6/2014Police Search Square Enix Due to Manga Allegedly Violating SNK's Copyrights
8/6/2014Daily Briefs
8/6/2014Kiss?sis Original Anime DVD Series to End Next April
8/6/2014Hi Score Girl Manga Recalled After SNK's Copyright Charges
8/6/2014Pokemon Center Online Store Launches with Free Pattern Vivillon
8/6/2014Retail Store Warns A Shoplifter to Return the Goods... Or Have His Identity Exposed Online
8/6/2014Japanese Comic Ranking, July 28-August 3
8/6/2014Japan's Video Game Rankings, July 28-August 3
8/6/20147-Eleven Offers Giant Evangelion Figure for Slurpee Fans
8/6/2014Rising Star Games Adds La-Mulana EX PS Vita Game
8/6/2014Perfect Square To Debut Special 30th Annivesary VOLTRON Commemorative Edition This Fall
8/6/2014SNK Playmore Recruits Staff for New King of Fighters 3D Game
8/6/2014Celebrate Summer With Lawson's New Attack On Titan Campaign
8/6/2014Annie, Senel, Ruca, Kohaku Join Tales of the World: Reve Unitia 3DS Game
8/6/2014Bite Into An Adorable Doraemon Custard Bun
8/6/2014One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X 3DS Game's 1st Promo Streamed
8/5/2014Comfort Yourself On An Anime Woman's Lap with Oculus Rift
8/5/2014Hanayamata PS Vita Rhythm Game's 1st Promo Video Streamed
8/5/2014X Japan's Yoshiki Will Take Your Questions on Twitter
8/5/2014DRAMAtical Murder Anime Box Set Includes OVA
8/5/2014eigoMANGA Launches New Website
8/5/2014Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods 2nd Theatrical Trailer Streamed
8/5/2014Decorate Your Entire Bedroom With Madoka Magica Curtains and Bedsheets
8/5/2014Yokohama's Pikachu Invasion Is Even Bigger Than We Thought
8/5/2014Etrian Odyssey II Untold: The Knight of Fafnir for 3DS Unveiled
8/5/2014Original Resident Evil Remastered for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC
8/5/2014North American Anime, Manga Releases, August 3-9
8/5/2014Daily Briefs
8/5/2014Live-Action Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends' Film Poster Teases Finale
8/5/2014Stand Tall With JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Hoodies
8/5/2014Viz's Shonen Jump to Run Blue Exorcist Author's 1-Shot
8/5/2014High School DxD Gets Free-to-Play Harem RPG for PS Vita
8/5/2014Rising Star Games Partners with Pygmy Studios to Publish La-Mulana EX
8/5/2014Tokyo Otaku Mode Joins Japan Tourism Agency's Visit Japan Campaign
8/5/2014Girls und Panzer Gets New Manga Series in September
8/5/2014Viz Media Announces Show Programming, Panel Events, Special Guests and Convention Exclusives for 2014 Otakon
8/5/20142nd Persona 3 Stage Play's Cast Shown in Costume
8/5/2014Snow Brand Coffee Mascot Girls Sing for Caffeine
8/5/2014Docchi mo Docchi Boys-Love Manga Gets Live-Action DVD
8/5/2014Ganondorf Joins Hyrule Warriors Wii U Game
8/5/2014Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, July 28-August 3
8/5/2014Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, July 28-August 3
8/5/20141st Rurouni Kenshin Sequel Earns Best Opening Among 2014 Japanese Live-Action Films
8/5/2014Battle Spirits Saiky? Ginga Ultimate Zero Manga Ends
8/5/2014Attack on Titan: No Regrets Spinoff Gets Anime DVDs
8/4/2014Nintendo Streams More Hyrule Warriors Gameplay Videos
8/4/2014Bang Zoom! & Starchild Are Looking For The Perfect Idol
8/4/2014Live-Action Japanese Fatal Frame Film's Theatrical Trailer Streamed
8/4/2014One Piece Takes Over Yamanote Train For 15th Anniversary
8/4/2014Funimation Unveils 2nd Round of Attack on Titan Part 2 Dub Cast
8/4/2014Tennessee Titans Guard Chance Warmack Is Totally Down With Anime and Cosplay
8/4/2014Patema Inverted Film's English Dub Trailer Debuts
8/4/2014Gunslinger Girl's Aida to Launch 1518! Manga
8/4/2014 Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods English Clip Pits Goku Vs. Beerus
8/4/2014Seven Seas Confirms 3 More Alice in the Country of Clover Manga
8/4/2014Risa Yoshiki Is Very, Very Mad
8/4/2014Umicon 2014 Announces Guest Line-up and Events
8/4/2014Nintendo's Head of Digital Content and Development, to Work Independently with Indie Developers
8/4/2014A Silent Voice - Koe no Katachi Manga to End on November 12
8/4/2014Twelve Kingdoms Gallery Exhibition and Cafe Open in Tokyo
8/4/2014Renowned Robotics Researcher Ruminates on Japan's Reception of Robots
8/4/2014Cross Ange Manga Adaptation Starts on Japanese ComicWalker Website
8/4/2014Yoshiki Twitter Q&A to Take Place on August 6
8/4/2014Dokidoki! Precure Voice Actress Hitomi Nabatame Announces Marriage
8/4/2014Japan's Animation TV Ranking, July 21-27
8/4/2014Kantai Collection Anime's 1st Promo Previews Animation
8/4/2014Idol Group Berryz Koubou Goes on Hiatus Indefinitely Starting Next Spring
8/4/2014Japanese Box Office, July 26-27
8/4/2014Fate/hollow ataraxia PS Vita Game's Gameplay Video Previews Mini-Games
8/4/2014Yowapeda/Yowamushi Pedal Gets Compilation Anime Film
8/4/2014NIS America Streams The Awakened Fate Ultimatum Game Promo
8/4/2014Akira Hiramoto's Kangoku Gakuen/Prison School Manga Gets Anime
8/4/2014Daily Briefs
8/3/2014Mixed Vegetables' Komura Starts New Series, Writes 3 1-Shots
8/3/2014Ghibli Co-Founder Suzuki: Studio Considers Dismantling Production Department
8/3/2014Kumamon As Kenshin Is A Fleeting Beauty To Behold
8/3/2014Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods' English Clip Summons Shenron
8/3/2014Team Russia Crowned World Cosplay Summit Champions
8/3/2014Champion Red Ichigo Manga Magazine to End Publication
8/3/2014Kantai Collection Anime's Staff, January 2015 Premiere Unveiled
8/3/2014Yuuki Kaji, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Rie Kugimiya Star in World Trigger Anime
8/3/2014Harmony Gold Cancels Robotech Academy Kickstarter
8/3/2014Sunrise Unveils Cross Ange Original TV Anime With 1st Promo
8/3/2014Tamayura Franchise Gets 4 Films That Complete Story
8/3/2014Captain Harlock CG Film Now Available on Netflix in U.S., U.K.
8/3/2014Ganbare Goemon Manga Artist Hiroshi Obi Passes Away
8/3/2014Ayana Taketatsu to Perform Denki-Gai no Honya-san Anime's Opening Theme
8/3/2014Daily Briefs
8/2/2014Digimon Cybersleuth PS Vita Game's Promo Video Streamed
8/2/2014Satomi Satou, Hatsumi Takada, Akane Tomonaga to Perform Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete's Themes
8/2/2014Sunrise, Avex Make Tribe Cool Crew Dance TV Series
8/2/2014Terror In Resonance Terrorist Group Hijacks Multiple Websites
8/2/2014Project ARMS Creator to Launch New Genma Taisen Manga
8/2/2014Sailor Moon Creator Wrote Momoiro Clover Z's Crystal Theme Lyrics
8/2/2014Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods' English Clip Unleashes Power of Beerus
8/2/2014Nozoki Ana Spinoff Nozo x Kimi Gets 2nd Video Anime
8/2/2014Ace of Diamond Anime Extended Until March 2015
8/2/2014Eren Has to Prove His Loyalty in Latest Attack on Titan Dub Clip
8/2/2014Police Report: Arrested Photographer Was in Sexual Relationship With Injured Teen Cosplayer
8/2/2014Live-Action Patlabor Trailer Previews Toshio Suzuki's Role
8/2/2014Ghost in the Shell Arise #4's Trailer Previews Ending Theme
8/1/2014Next Front Line in Battle Against Titans: Chichibu
8/1/2014Tensai Bakabon Comedy Manga Spoofs Dog of Flanders in 1st Anime Feature
8/1/2014Digimon Adventure Anime Returns Next Spring in High School Sequel
8/1/2014Kamisama Kiss/Kamisama Hajimemashita Manga Gets 2nd Anime Season
8/1/2014San Diego Police: Comic-Con Cosplayer's Injuries Were From Fall