Anime News

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10/31/2015Gocco Of War Coming Out on Playism and Steam
10/31/2015Final Fantasy XV Food Truck Serves Up Burgers At Paris Games Week
10/31/2015MangaGamer Announces Pre-Orders for Higurashi: When They Cry - Watanagashi
10/31/2015MangaGamer Releases Kara no Shojo 2 for Halloween
10/31/2015Anime Matsuri's Hawaii Debut
10/31/2015"Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin II Artesia's Sorrow" Worldwide On-Demand Streaming Starts
10/31/2015Ponkotsu Quest Monsters Go Viking in Vinland Saga Parody
10/28/2015Girls & Panzer Film's Trailer, New TV Ad Posted
10/28/2015Gundam Thunderbolt Manga Gets Anime
10/28/2015Live-Action Boku dake ga Inai Machi Film's Teaser Reveals March Opening
10/28/2015Princess Knight Musical's Cast Photographed in Costume
10/28/2015Arpeggio of Blue Steel's Sanzigen Studio to Launch Original TV Anime
10/28/2015Gudetama Throws a Party, No Cats Allowed
10/28/2015Devils and Realist Manga Gets Stage Musical
10/27/2015Live-Action Yo-kai Watch TV Spot Streamed
10/27/2015Tales of Xillia's Jude & Milla Inspire Women's Shoes
10/27/2015Bikini Warrior's Mage Gets 1/7-Scale Figure (NSFW)
10/27/2015Yu-Gi-Oh's Dark Magician Girl Gets 1/7-Scale Movie Version Figure
10/27/2015Puzzle & Dragons Collaboration With Final Fantasy Heads West
10/27/2015North American Anime, Manga Releases, October 25-31
10/27/2015Find the Ajin Among You With Official Ajin: Demi-Human App
10/27/2015Gravity Rush 2 Trailer Showcases New Abilities, Tag Team Battles
10/27/2015Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition Adds Support Characters From Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu
10/27/2015Tekken 7 Heads to PS4, PlayStation VR
10/27/2015Moto Hagio's Otherworld Barbara Manga Listed From Fantagraphics
10/27/2015Gackt Dresses as Demon Nurse for Halloween at Recent Concert
10/27/2015Street Fighter V Trailer Introduces Dhalsim
10/27/2015Exclusive: Danganronpa English Dub Clip Previews Unaired Director's Cut
10/27/2015Science-Fiction/Fantasy Illustrator Noriyoshi ?rai Passes Away
10/27/2015Street Fighter V Release Date, Dhalsim Briefly Listed
10/27/20154th Persona 3 Film Unveils New Trailer, Key Visual
10/27/2015Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm TV Anime's Cast, Visual Posted
10/27/2015Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, October 19-25
10/27/2015Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, October 19-25
10/27/2015My Hero Academia Superhero Manga's TV Anime Briefly Listed
10/27/2015Himegoto's Tsukudani Launches Heroine Voice Manga
10/27/2015Live-Action Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store Show Casts Sh?tar? Mamiya, Kenji Urai
10/27/2015'Kill Me Baby' Actress/Idol Ai Takabe Arrested for Alleged Drug Possession
10/27/2015Manga Creator K?ji Miyata Passes Away at 34
10/26/2015Sun Ken Rock Manga to End in 25th Volume
10/26/2015Motoki Yoshihara's Sengoku Basara 4 Manga Ends
10/26/2015'New Game!' Manga About Game Studio Gets TV Anime
10/26/2015Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! TV Anime's 1st Promo Video Reveals Cast
10/26/2015Danganronpa 2 Stage Play's Cast Message Video Streamed
10/26/2015Go! Princess Precure's Musical Previewed in Video
10/26/2015Kono Bijutsu-bu ni Mondai ga Aru! Comedy Manga Gets TV Anime
10/26/2015Konami Develops Taisen! Bomberman Smartphone Game for Winter 2015
10/26/2015Square Enix Announces Pop-up Story Smartphone Game
10/26/2015Comet Lucifer Spinoff Flash Anime Short's 3rd Episode Explains Planet Gift
10/26/2015Live-Action Himean?ru Film Gets R-15 Rating
10/26/2015Gintama Lottery Prizes Include Fake Magazine Covers
10/26/2015Final Fantasy XIV Game's 3.1 Patch Trailer Streamed
10/26/2015Himo Zairu Manga Goes on Hiatus Due to Online Criticism
10/26/2015Super Sonico, Ignis, Muramasa Adorn Nitroplus Blasterz Arcade Stick Plate
10/26/2015Support Your Favorite Haiky?!! Team with Fukur?dani Hoodie, Socks
10/26/2015Attack on Titan's New Plum Wine Created from Creator's Family's Crop
10/26/2015Celestial Method Manga Suspended Due to Author's Health
10/26/2015Kid's Anime Pretty Rhythm Strips Down Male Idols for New Movie
10/26/2015DRAMAtical Murder English Dub Cast Announced
10/26/2015New Strike Witches Info to be Teased at February 2016 Event
10/26/2015Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Manga Adaptation Launches
10/25/2015New Lupin III Prize Figures Headed for Japanese Arcades
10/25/2015Magical Index/Azumanga Daioh's Nishikiori Helms Chika Chika Idol CG Anime
10/25/2015New Japanese Poll Ranks Short-Haired Anime Girls
10/25/2015Bandai to Unveil 1/6-Scale Valkyrie Statue from New Macross Delta Anime
10/25/2015Voice Actor Toshiyuki Toyonaga Announces Marriage
10/25/2015Nana Mizuki To Guide Tour Through Calbee Factory
10/25/2015Manga-inspired American Comic Warrior Nun Areala Gets Live-Action Adaptation
10/25/2015Mixed Feelings in Iran Over The Heroic Legend of Arslan
10/25/2015Deadline: Tom Wheeler to Write Live-Action Micronauts Film
10/25/2015Young Black Jack Anime Details More Guest Characters From Tezuka Manga
10/25/2015Minoru Furuya's Himean?ru Manga Gets Live-Action Film on May 28
10/25/2015Mah? Sh?jo Ikusei Keikaku Manga Adaptation Ends
10/25/2015Alderamin on the Sky Anime Adaptation Revealed as 2016 TV Series
10/25/2015Live-Action Boku dake ga Inai Machi Film Casts Child Actors Rio Suzuki, Tsubasa Nakagawa
10/25/2015Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem Crossover Game Videos Introduce Barry, Mamori
10/25/2015Wake Up, Girls! Anime's 2nd Sequel Film Adds 4 New Cast Members
10/25/2015Late Singer Origa's Final Album Features Unreleased Tracks
10/25/2015Garokawa Staff, Cast Walk the TIFF Red Carpet with Hug Pillows
10/25/2015Moriyama-Ch? Ky?sh?jo Manga Gets Live-Action Film
10/25/2015New Gundam Front Tokyo Short Features Amuro's Zeta Gundam
10/24/2015Bring Umaru Home As Life-Size Plushie
10/24/2015K: Missing King's Saruhiko, Misaki Get 1/8-scale Figures
10/24/2015Berserker Guts, Zodd Resin Kits Available for Pre-Order
10/24/2015Apartment of Gundam Comedy Manga Ends
10/24/2015My Little Pony Café Blends New & Old Character Designs
10/24/2015Tokyo ESP's Segawa Begins Y?reisen Chronicle Manga
10/15/2015Arakawa Under the Bridge Manga Gets 3 New Chapters
10/15/2015West Michigan Pop Arts Convention Returns to Downtown Grand Rapids, Marks 20th Anniversary
10/15/2015Digimon Adventure tri. Amime Film Project Adds Hiroaki Hirata as Narrator
10/15/2015Mamoru Miyano to Perform Ajin TV Anime's Ending Theme
10/15/2015Adobe Report: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Earned US$179 Million on Launch Day
10/15/2015Yona of the Dawn's Yoneda Helms Mah? Sh?jo Nante M? Ii Desu Kara. TV Anime
10/15/2015Nana Mizuki Voices Character in 2nd Concrete Revolutio Episode
10/15/2015A Certain Magical Index Author's Multi-Series Crossover Manga Ends
10/15/2015Suehiro Maruo Resumes Tomino no Jigoku Manga
10/15/2015eigoMANGA Releases the Latest Installment to the Game 'Vanguard Princess'
10/15/2015Hyperdimension Neptunia? Re;Birth3: V Generation Whipping onto Steam October 30th!
10/15/2015X Japan Announces First Single from Upcoming New Studio Album
10/15/2015Gangsta. Anime's Japanese Home Video Releases Delayed
10/15/ Introduces Virtual Reality Store This Winter
10/15/2015Viz Media Announces New Manga Series Acquisitions for 2016 Release
10/15/2015Sentai Filmwork Licenses "Utawarerumono the False Faces"
10/15/2015Ghost in the Shell Arise Stage Play Reveals 3rd Round of Cast in Costume
10/15/2015Feature-Length Resident Evil/Biohazard CG Anime Film Green-Lit
10/15/2015High Speed! Free! Starting Days Film's 2nd Special Video Centers on Makoto
10/14/2015Fortune Favors the Bold Who Explore the Mysterious Island of Avalon -- The Legend of Legacy is Now Available
10/14/2015Viz Media and Hulu Announce November Premiere of Sailor Moon Crystal, Featuring a Brand New English Dub
10/14/2015Add The Ultimate Devil May Cry Art Book to Your Collection
10/14/2015Virtual Artist IA Made Successful New York/East Coast Debut at Gramercy Theatre
10/14/2015Afro Samurai's Takashi Okazaki Designs Furi PS4 Game
10/14/2015Marvelous Confirms Corpse Party: Blood Drive for PS Vita launch on October 20th in UK, EU and Oz
10/14/2015Alter Introduces Swimsuit Eli Figure
10/14/2015British Publisher Will Release Super Famicom: The Box Art Collection Book
10/14/2015Things Get Spooky for Dead or Alive 5LR Halloween Costumes DLC
10/14/2015Japanese Comic Ranking, October 5-11
10/14/2015Godzilla vs. King Kong Film Slated for 2020
10/14/2015Find Love Over Ramen at Matchmaking Event
10/14/2015New Arigat? Award to Go to Five Remarkable Contributors to the Film Industry
10/14/2015Clash of Clans Meets Hentai RPG in Nutaku's 'Girls Kingdom'
10/14/2015Robert Rodriguez in Talks to Direct Cameron's Live-Action Battle Angel Alita Film
10/14/2015Japan's Video Game Rankings, October 5-11
10/14/2015Is the order a rabbit?? Game Revealed for PS Vita
10/14/2015Job Hunting Idols Remind Us That It's a Tough World Out There
10/14/2015Mamoru Hosoda, Level 5's Akihiro Hino to Receive Award from Tokyo Int'l Film Fest
10/14/2015Studio Colorido Animates Puzzle & Dragons TV Commercial
10/14/2015Pokédex for iOS App Goes Out of Service
10/12/2015My Love Story/High School Debut's Kawahara to Launch New Manga in January
10/12/2015Nijiiro Days Sh?jo TV Anime Reveals January Debut, Visual, Open Auditions
10/12/2015Kuroko's Basketball Extra Game Manga Nearing Climax
10/12/2015Garo: Crimson Moon Anime Listed With 26 Episodes
10/12/2015The Perfect Insider Mystery Anime Listed With 11 Episodes
10/12/2015New Yo-kai Watch Busters: Getto-gumi 3DS Game Ships in December
10/12/2015Nanairo Kakumei Short Anime's 2nd Episode Streamed
10/12/2015Code Geass Goro Taniguchi Launches 1st Manga Series ?TRAIL
10/12/2015Comet Lucifer Spinoff Flash Anime Short's 1st Episode Explains Giftjium
10/12/2015Accessory Stand Provides Perfect Place for Hanging Sailor Moon Charms
10/12/2015Prince of Stride TV Anime Adds 18 More Cast Members
10/12/2015George Asakura's Oboreru Knife Sh?jo Manga Gets Live-Action Film
10/12/2015Youtube Stars Bring Dragon Ball Z Fight to Life with Hands
10/12/2015Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth PS4, PS Vita Game Dated for February 2 in the Americas
10/12/2015Sentai Filmworks Licenses Utawarerumono The False Faces
10/12/2015Gamba Anime Film Listed For Release in the U.S.
10/12/2015Ronia the Robber's Daughter, Shimajiro's WOW! Nominated for Int'l Kids Emmys
10/12/2015Detective Conan Real-Escape Game Challenges Players Investigative Skills
10/12/2015Ponycan USA Reveals More Details For Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers Home Video Release
10/12/20154K Media Secures Winning Moves Agreement for Yu-Gi-Oh! Monopoly and Top Trump Games
10/12/2015Nijiiro Days Sh?jo TV Anime Unveils Designs, Game App
10/11/2015Viewster to Stream Meine Liebe, Saint Beast Anime
10/11/2015Expand Your Super Mario Figure Collection with Enemy Characters
10/11/2015Merchandise Available for Throwback Sh?jo Sports Anime
10/11/2015Tokyo Ghoul Volume 1 Ranks #5 on U.S. Monthly BookScan September List
10/11/2015Love Live Sunshine's "Center" Idol Interim Voting Results Announced
10/11/2015Funimation's Gen Fukunaga: Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Set for 2016
10/11/2015Phone Ads to Show Sailor Moon, Astroboy, Kenshiro in Real Life
10/11/2015Viz Media Reveals English Voice Cast for Sailor Moon S Villains
10/11/2015Political Cartoonist Retracts Controversial Syrian Refugee Image
10/11/2015ICv2: N. American Manga Sales Up 13% So Far in 2015
10/11/2015Fragrance Lets You Savor the Aroma of a Woman Fresh Out of a Bath
10/11/2015Sword Art Online, Kizumonogatari Film Trailers English-Subtitled
10/11/2015Kizudarake no Akuma Manga About Bullying Gets Live-Action Project
10/11/2015Shin Megami Tensei IV Final RPG's 1st Promo Video Teases Story
10/11/2015Hirakawa's Clover Manga to End on October 15
10/11/2015Mutsumi Tamura, Lynn Star in Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle TV Anime
10/11/2015Kyo no Asuka Show's Taishi Mori Draws Radiation House Manga
10/11/2015Kyoto Animation to Produce A Silent Voice Film With Director Naoko Yamada
10/11/20152nd Kamisama Kiss 'Past Arc' Original Anime DVD Previewed in Video
10/11/2015Kono Danshi/This Boy's 5th Work Revealed as 2016 TV Project
10/11/2015Btooom! Multiplayer Game App Green-Lit
10/11/2015BRADIO's 3rd Single ?HOTEL ALIEN? and Anime Peeping Life TV Season 1?? Tie-up
10/11/2015Varèse Sarabande Records to Release Gamba - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Composed by Benjamin Wallfisch
10/11/2015Transformers: Robots in Disguise ? A New Autobot Mission
10/11/2015The Heroic Legend of Arslan Gets New TV Anime in 2016
10/11/2015 Persona Q - Shadow of the Labyrinth - Side: P3 Manga Ends
10/10/2015PONY CANYON Announces Upcoming Winter Rokka -Braves of the Six Flowers- BD & DVD Release Details
10/10/2015Goo Ranking Picks Summer 2015's Best Anime Shows
10/9/2015Viz Media Marks Naruto Manga Finale With Special Fan Promotions
10/9/2015Sentai Filmworks Licenses Beautiful Bones -Sakurako's Investigation-
10/9/2015Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. Shares New Assets for Swort Art Online: Lost Song In The Americas
10/9/2015Code Geass Director Taniguchi's Active Raid Anime Posts Visual
10/9/2015Resident Evil Stage Play's Cast Pictured in Costume
10/9/2015Netflix Lists The Seven Deadly Sins Anime in U.S.
10/9/2015Masume Yoshimoto's Kuma Miko: Girl Meets Bear Manga Gets TV Anime
10/9/2015Dark Horse Offers New Lone Wolf 2100 Comic by Western Creators
10/9/2015Japan Animator Expo Streams Hiroyasu Kobayashi's 'Cassette Girl' Short
10/9/2015Ghost in the Shell Arise Stage Play Reveals More Cast in Costume
10/9/2015Lychee Light Club Live-Action Film Gets English-Subtitled Teaser Videos
10/9/2015Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition Game's Video Introduces Tatsuya Shiba
10/9/2015Boom Boom Satellites Cancel Last 2 Live Shows Before Planned Hiatus
10/9/2015Funimation to Stream Blood Blockade Battlefront Finale on Saturday
10/9/2015Crunchyroll Manga Adds Arakawa Under the Bridge, Gugure! Kokkuri-san, Cuticle Detective Inaba
10/9/2015Stella Glow 3DS Game Trailer Introduces 'Knights of Regnant'
10/9/2015New Gamera Monster CG Footage Unveiled by Katsuhito Ishii
10/9/2015Crunchyroll to Stream 2nd Seasons of Testament of Sister New Devil, Is the order a rabbit??
10/8/2015PlayStation 4 Drops to US$349.99 in N. America
10/8/2015KanColle Kai Game's 2nd Trailer Reveals February 2016 Delay
10/8/2015Mah? Sh?jo Nante M? Ii Desu Kara. Manga Gets Anime Adaptation
10/8/2015High Speed! Free! Starting Days Film's Special Promo Video, New Illustrations Revealed
10/8/2015Studio Trigger Reveals New Kiznaiver Original TV Anime
10/8/2015Singer DAIGO, Actress Keiko Kitagawa's Engagement Revealed
10/8/2015Dance with Devils Gets PS Vita Game in March
10/8/2015Funimation Streams Rainy Cocoa, Welcome to Rainy Color Sequel
10/8/2015Osomatsu-san Bish?nen Forms Already Have Goods
10/8/2015Cardfight Vanguard Joins Forces with Self-Defense Force for Limited Edition Card
10/8/2015Japan's Animation TV Ranking, September 21-27
10/8/2015Japan's Animation TV Ranking, September 14-20
10/8/2015Psychiatrist Suggests Link Between Sexual Offenses and Moe Characters
10/8/2015Project X Zone 2 Trailer Runs Down List of Crossover Characters
10/8/2015Kodansha Comics to Publish Original Attack on Titan Anthology Comic Book
10/8/2015Street Fighter V's New Character Laura Formally Unveiled in Video
10/8/2015Sentai Filmworks Licenses The Perfect Insider Anime
10/8/2015Los Angeles Theater to Screen Gundam: The Origin
10/8/2015JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Trailer Teases Original Story
10/8/2015Negima's Akamatsu Details How TPP Will Affect D?jinshi, Niconico
10/8/2015Sentai Filmworks Adds Haikyu!! Season 2 Anime
10/8/2015Naruto Shipp?den: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Trailer Shows Obito, Original Susano'o Designs
10/8/2015Chihayafuru Live Action Films' Trailer Streamed
10/7/2015Non Non Biyori's Renge, Hotaru Join Nendoroid Line-Up
10/7/2015Portrait of Pirates Limited Edition Figures Adds Corazon & Law
10/7/2015Kingdom Manga Creator Considers Ending Series at 100 Volumes
10/7/2015Crunchyroll to Stream Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon Anime
10/7/2015New Power Rangers Film Casts Naomi Scott as Pink Ranger
10/7/2015Wizard of the West Debuts Studio Ghibli Clothing Line
10/7/2015Japanese Comic Ranking, September 28-October 4
10/7/2015Prince of Tennis Creator Hints of Keigo Project 14 Years in the Making
10/7/2015Crunchyroll to Stream Magical Somera-chan Anime
10/7/2015Hawaii Int'l Film Fest to Screen The Boy And The Beast
10/7/2015Japan's Video Game Rankings, September 28-October 4
10/7/2015Sentai Filmworks Adds Diabolik Lovers II: More,Blood Anime
10/7/2015Edward Snowden Reveals Latest Info?His Favorite Pokemon
10/7/2015Grisaia's Frontwing Posts From the Future Undying Game's Opening
10/7/2015Nintendo Drops From List of Top 100 Brands
10/7/2015Anime Boot Camp Trains Japanese College Students for Jobs
10/7/20153rd Black Butler Musical's Video Promotes Shows in Japan, China
10/7/2015Ganbare! Lulu Lolo - Tiny Twin Bears Gets 3rd Season in January
10/7/2015Cat Essay Manga Neko Nanka Yonde mo Konai Gets TV Anime Shorts
10/7/2015Medabots/Medarot 9 Robot Battle RPG for 3DS Revealed
10/7/2015Go! Princess Precure Magical Girl Anime Casts Maaya Sakamoto
10/7/2015Princess Knight Musical's Visual Shows Main Cast in Costume
10/7/2015Haikyu!! Gets 2nd Volleyball 3DS Game From Bandai Namco
10/7/2015Lord of Vermilion Anime Special Adds Unseen Scenes on DVD
10/7/2015Code Geass Director Taniguchi Makes Active Raid TV Anime
10/7/2015Love Live! Concert Blu-ray Set Tops Weekly Chart
10/7/2015Megumi Hayashibara Sings Sh?wa Genroku Rakugo Shinj? Anime's Opening Song
10/7/2015Funimation Unveils Daimidaler's Dub Cast, Trailer, December 15 Date
10/6/2015Evangelion: 3.0 Film's 'Awakened Evangelion 13' Gets 7.5in Figure
10/6/2015Funimation Lists Streams of Shomin Sample/I Was Abducted by an Elite All-Girls School as a Sample Commoner
10/6/2015Crunchyroll to Stream Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note Detective Anime
10/6/2015YowaPeda's Y?suke Makishima Gets Palm-Sized Figure by MegaHouse