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Anime News

DateArticle Name
11/30/2015Crunchyroll Adds Kuroko's Basketball OVA Episodes to Catalog
11/30/2015New Legend of Zelda Tabletop Book Heading to Gamer Book Shelves
11/30/2015Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Platinum Games Listed by Ratings Board
11/30/2015Symphogear GX Spinoff Comedy Anime Shorts Streamed
11/30/2015Animate Stores Will Screen 1st Attack on Titan Episode in Kansai Dialect
11/30/2015Shin Megami Tensei IV Final Gameplay Previewed in 15-Minute Video
11/30/2015Valkyrie Drive -Bhikkhuni- Ramen Features Two Voluptuous Eggs
11/30/2015Bung? Stray Dogs Anime Unveils 4 More Character Visuals
11/30/ English Gives New Members 500 Points
11/30/2015Final Fantasy Artist Yoshitaka Amano Draws Olympic Champion Figure Skater
11/30/2015New Danganronpa V3 Game's 1st Screenshots Revealed
11/30/2015Seven Seas Licenses Lord Marksman and Vanadis Manga
11/30/2015Tow Ubukata Talks About Upcoming Prison Memoir
11/30/2015Steins;Gate 0 Videos Introduce Kagari Shiina
11/30/2015Naruto Shipp?den: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4's English Promo Runs Down New Features, Battles
11/30/2015Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! Gets Stage Play
11/30/2015Fairy Tail: Blue Mistral Sh?jo Spinoff Manga Ends
11/30/2015Naruto Launches Countdown to 'Next Generation'
11/30/2015Hatsune Miku Project Diva X's Song Video Confirms March 24 Vita Release
11/30/2015Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Game Character Video Highlights Josuke
11/30/2015Yuko Gibu Joins Utawarerumono: Futari no Hakuoro Game's Cast
11/30/2015Tetsuya Chiba's Ashita no Joe Manga Gets Stage Play Adaptation
11/30/2015Naruto Shipp?den: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4's 5th Promo Video, TV Ad Streamed
11/30/2015Sh?nen Maid TV Anime's Staff, Spring 2016 Premiere Revealed
11/30/2015Shiratori Reiko de Gozaimasu! Manga Gets New Live-Action TV Series, Film
11/30/2015PONY CANYON Announces Rokka -Braves of the Six Flowers- Special Live Stream Event and Collector's Edition 02 Details
11/30/2015Isobe Isobee Monogatari Stage Play's Main Cast Revealed
11/29/2015Kitaro, NonNonBâ Manga Creator Shigeru Mizuki Passes Away
11/27/2015Sony to Close Japan's PSP PlayStation Store in March
11/27/2015Dragon Quest Builders Gets Themed PS4 Console
11/27/2015Love Live! School idol festival Game Gets Arcade Version
11/27/20152nd Ajin Film Casts Jun Fukuyama, Set to Open Next May
11/27/2015Arcana Famiglia Stage Play's Cast Pictured in Costume
11/27/2015Steins;Gate 0 Game's Website Launches Countdown
11/27/2015Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem Crossover Game Video Previews Maiko
11/27/2015Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Game Character Video Highlights Gyro
11/27/2015Akiko Higashimura's Kakukaku Shikajika Manga Wins Media Arts Award
11/27/2015Gundam Front Tokyo to Screen New Gundam-san Short
11/27/2015Digimon World -Next 0rder- Game Reveals New Characters, Story Details
11/27/2015Sony Confirms Development of PS4 Remote Play App for PC, Mac
11/27/2015Doraemon, Sazae-san Voice Actress Sumiko Shirakawa Passes Away
11/26/2015My Hero Academia Casts Nobuhiko Okamoto as Katsuki Bakug?
11/26/2015Designer: 'Symphogear Will Come Back Again'
11/26/2015Yu-Gi-Oh's Millennium Puzzle Cast in Pure Gold To be Displayed at Jump Festa
11/26/2015Japan's Animation TV Ranking, November 16-22
11/26/2015Earthbound/Mother 2 Game Soundtrack Reissued on Vinyl
11/26/2015Toei Confirms Maho Girls Precure! for Next Spring
11/26/2015Miss Hokusai Wins Asia Pacific Screen Awards' Best Animated Feature
11/26/2015Pokémon Picross eShop Game Slated for December 3
11/26/2015Start Your Day with a Real Schoolgirl Wake-Up Call
11/26/2015Yuki Kajiura Composes Music for Boku Dake ga Inai Machi TV Anime
11/26/2015Madoka Magica 'Concept Movie' Hints at New Work
11/26/2015Love Live! Idols, Nogizaka46 Confirmed to Perform at New Year's K?haku Battle
11/26/2015Kono Danshi, Mah? ga Oshigoto Desu. 4-Episode TV Anime Premieres in February
11/26/2015BLADE ARCUS Gameplay Videos Feature Rouna, Urayukihime, Dylan, Isaac
11/26/2015Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition's Promo Video Highlights New Characters
11/26/2015Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Game Character Video Highlights Caesar
11/26/2015Hyrule Warriors Legend Game's Video Highlights Skull Kid Combat
11/26/2015Attack on Titan Video Game's 2nd Promo Video Reveals February Release
11/26/2015Princess Knight Musical's Digest Video Streamed
11/26/2015Digimon Adventure tri. Earns 59 Million Yen in 10 Theaters
11/26/2015Omakase Announces Black Friday Special Combining First Two Merchandise Boxes
11/26/2015Special Edition Release of Street Fighter Origins: Akuma
11/26/2015Crunchyroll Adds God Mars Sci-Fi Anime to Catalog
11/26/2015High Speed! Free! Starting Days Film's 8th Special Video Highlights Sosuke
11/26/2015Live-Action Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store Reveals More Cast in Costume
11/25/2015High Speed! to Appear on Trains, Theater Concessions
11/25/2015Enable Misato's Drinking by Buying Her Sake on the Eva Train
11/24/2015My Hero Academia TV Anime Posts Color Character Designs
11/24/2015Kaworu Looks Devilish for Monster Magazine Cover
11/24/2015Sushi Police CG TV Anime's 2nd Trailer Reveals January 6 Debut
11/24/2015Girls und Panzer Warns Fans Not to Trespass at Real-Life Golf Course
11/24/2015Fairy Tail Zero Prequel TV Anime Casts Kana Hanazawa as Zera
11/24/2015Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade Game Video Highlights Lightning
11/24/2015Koei Tecmo's Attack on Titan Game Adds Levi, Hange
11/24/2015Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Game Character Video Highlights Joseph Joestar
11/24/2015Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, November 16-22
11/24/20152016 PriPara Film's Teaser Reveals March 12 Opening
11/24/2015Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, November 16-22
11/24/2015Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, November 9-15
11/24/2015Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, November 9-15
11/24/2015Naruto Shipp?den: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Gameplay Video Shows Kakashi, Obito, Itachi, Shisui in Action
11/24/2015Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie Virtual Reality Diver's 2D, 3D Teasers Streamed
11/24/2015Yahoo! Auction for 3,290 PSOne Game Library Ends With 3 Million Yen Bid
11/24/2015Girls & Panzer Film Sells 84,800 Tickets for 128 Million Yen
11/24/2015Snow White with the Red Hair Season 2's Cast, Singers, Visual Revealed
11/24/2015'Moonlight Kiss' Design Added to Sailor Moon Marriage Registration Form Selection
11/23/2015Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade Game Video Highlights Vaan
11/23/2015Madoka Magica Inspires Line of Women's Apparel and Accessories
11/23/2015Gunslinger Stratos 3 Game's Teaser Unveils New Characters
11/23/2015Garo Anime Film's Teaser, Story, Visual, Title, Spring Release Unveiled
11/23/2015All Off, Yuka Iguchi Perform Heavy Object's New Theme Songs
11/23/2015Gundam Thunderbolt Anime's 1st Episode Promo Shows Rival Pilots
11/23/2015Hetalia's Japan Inspires 1/6-Scale Dress-Up Doll
11/23/2015Live-Action Boku dake ga Inai Machi Film's March 19 Debut, New Visuals Unveiled
11/23/2015Original Yu-Gi-Oh! Voice Actress Looks Back on Getting Role
11/23/2015Anime Expo to Host Vampire Hunter D/Final Fantasy Artist Yoshitaka Amano
11/23/2015Asterisk War PS Vita Game Video Introduces Kirin
11/23/2015The Show Goes on for Chiaki Takahashi Despite Foot Injury
11/23/2015High School Boy Arrested for Selling Monster Strike Cheat Tool
11/23/2015Atelier Escha & Logy Plus PS Vita Game's Trailer Streamed
11/23/2015Phantasy Star Online 2 Anime's 2nd Promo Video Reveals Shouta Aoi Song, Debut Date
11/23/2015Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade PS Vita Game's Release Date, Theme Songs Announced
11/23/2015More Characters Revealed for Puzzle & Dragons Collaboration With Shonen Sunday Magazine
11/23/2015Comet Lucifer Spinoff Flash Anime Short's 7th Episode Explains Gift's Government
11/23/2015Voice Actress Tomoe Tamiyasu Announces Marriage
11/23/2015'Unhappy!' Schoolgirl Comedy Anime Reveals Staff, Spring 2016 Debut
11/22/2015Yamishibai Horror Anime's Season 3 Ad Streamed
11/22/2015Fushigi Yugi Gets 1st Stage Musical Starring Former Morning Musume Reina Tanaka
11/22/2015Gainax's Fukushima Studio Animates Shorts of Warlord Date Masamune
11/22/2015Gunslinger Stratos 2 Gets Location Tests in 3 U.S. Arcades
11/22/2015Little Witch Academia Manga Ends in Ultra Jump
11/22/2015Im?to Sae Ireba Ii. Light Novels by Haganai's Hirasaka Get Manga Adaptation
11/22/2015Shiro Amano: Kingdom Hearts Manga Series is Finished
11/22/2015Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade Game Videos Highlight Shantotto
11/22/2015QR Code Translation Service Now Available at Tokyo One Piece Tower
11/22/2015North American Finalists Announced for GunPla Builders World Cup
11/22/2015?ya-san wa Shishunki! TV Anime's Main Staff, Lead Voice Actress, Key Visual Revealed
11/22/2015Suara Returns to Sing New Opening, Ending for Utawarerumono: The False Faces Anime
11/22/2015Sentai Filmworks to Release Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun OVA Shorts
11/22/2015Akiva Goldsman to Lead Writers Room For Micronauts Film
11/22/2015Gravity Rush Remastered's Western Release Moved Forward 1 Week
11/22/2015JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Game's 4th Promo Video Previews Story Mode
11/22/2015Otter Media Invests US$22 Million in Crunchyroll's Parent Company Ellation
11/22/2015Digimon Adventure tri.'s 2nd Film to Open on March 12
11/21/2015One Piece ~Adventure of Nevlandia~ Winter Special's 1st Ad Aired
11/21/2015DIR EN GREY Overseas Exclusive Limited Merch
11/21/2015Newspaper: Love Live! Idols, Nogizaka46 to Sing at New Year's K?haku Battle
11/21/2015Yo-kai Ruin Very Important Meeting at Nintendo
11/21/2015Love Live's Hanayo Now Has Specially Branded Rice
11/21/2015Asahi Production Makes Promotional Anime For City in Yamaguchi Prefecture
11/21/2015Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem Crossover Game Videos Preview Tiki, Bloom Palace
11/21/2015Capcom Cafe Launches Near Tokyo with Monster Hunter Menu
11/21/2015BLADE ARCUS Gameplay Video Highlights Rick, Melty
11/21/2015Tiger & Bunny Characters Featured On Kitchenware
11/21/2015Pandora in the Crimson Shell Anime Previewed in TV Ad
11/21/20153rd Tamayura Film's Full Trailer Features Maaya Sakamoto's Theme Song
11/21/2015Seraph of the End PS Vita Game's 2nd Promo Streamed
11/21/2015Recreate the Gundam Launch Sequence with This Catapult Deck Model
11/21/2015End of One Piece Winter Anime Special to Have 'Important Announcement'
11/21/2015Slayers Crew to Show Up in Granblue Fantasy
11/21/2015Haikyu!! Cross team match! Game Videos Reveal March 3 Release Date
11/21/2015Gosick Mangaka Creates Pencil-and-Paper Pop-Up Art
11/20/2015New Teaser Previews Snow Miku 2016 Theme Song
11/20/2015The Fourth Annual Voltage Script Writing and Illustration Contest is Now Open
11/20/2015Hundreds of Gifts Featured in PREVIEWS 2015 Holiday Gift Guide
11/20/2015Swinging Popsicle To Release New Album "flow" in December
11/20/2015Ray Gigant to Arrive in North America and Europe in Spring 2016
11/20/2015Studio 4°C Animates Opening For Guardian's Violation Smartphone Game
11/20/2015Viz' Haikasoru to Release Miyuki Miyabe's The Gate of Sorrows Novel
11/20/2015Jaku-San-Sei Million Arthur Web Anime's 1st Episode Streamed
11/20/2015Versus Evil Pulls Afro Samurai 2 Game, Refunds Players
11/20/2015BlazBlue CentralFiction Video Reveals Nine as Playable Character
11/20/2015Animator Expo Project Removes 1st, 2nd Seasons on November 23
11/20/2015Japanese Author Miyuki Miyabe's GATE OF SORROWS Novel Set For English Release
11/20/2015Section23 Films Announces March Slate
11/20/2015BLUEFIN Announces Finalists For Bandai Hobby's 2015 GunPla Builders World Cup
11/20/2015Ixion Saga Online PC Game Ends Service This Month
11/20/2015VIZ Media Launches Vampire Shojo Manga Series - Bloody Mary
11/20/2015Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Gets a Special "Storybook Edition"
11/20/2015Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Utawarerumono (OVA)"
11/20/2015Valkyria: Azure Revolution Game's Teaser Video Reveals Winter 2016 Release
11/20/2015Ray Gigant RPG Gets N. American, European Release in Spring 2016
11/20/2015Prominent Animator Shares Anecdote About Encounter with Police
11/20/2015Itoshi no Muco Manga's 9th Volume to Bundle Original Anime DVD
11/20/2015All Out!! Rugby Anime's Main Cast Revealed
11/20/2015Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions Film Casts Kento Hayashi
11/20/2015Browse Nakayoshi's 60-Year History Through Its January Covers
11/20/2015Mr. Osomatsu Anime's 3rd Episode to be Partially Altered for Home Video, Streaming
11/20/2015Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series to be Held in Sao Paulo
11/20/2015Aniplex of America Announces Release Details of ALDNOAH.ZERO Volumes 3 and 4
11/19/2015Girlfriend BETA PS Vita Game's Opening Movie, TV Ad Streamed
11/19/2015Dissidia Final Fantasy Game Videos Highlight Squall, Shantotto, Zidane, Summons
11/19/2015Watch One-Punch Man's Smooth Dance Moves in Fan Video
11/19/2015Milky Holmes Film's 1st Trailer Reveals February 27 Release Date
11/19/2015Tsutomu Nihei's Blame! Manga Gets Theatrical Anime Adaptation
11/19/2015Gundam Thunderbolt Anime's Staff, Cast, Distribution, Episode Count, Designs Revealed
11/19/2015Prince of Stride Alternative TV Anime Premieres on January 5
11/19/2015Yu-Gi-Oh!'s Dark Magician to Appear in Monster Hunter X
11/19/2015JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Game's Character Videos Highlight Jotaro, Okuyasu
11/19/2015Kadokawa's English BookWalker App Adds 35 Manga Volumes from Shonengahosha
11/19/2015High Speed! Free! Starting Days Film's 7th Special Video Highlights Nagisa
11/19/2015Studio DEEN Produces Reikenzan January TV Anime Series
11/19/2015Crunchyroll Adds Yakitate!! Japan, Space Pirate Mito, Princess Knight, Fantastic Detective Labyrinth to Catalog
11/19/2015Live-Action Lychee Light Club Film's Visual, New February Opening Revealed
11/19/2015New Web Manga Anthropomorphizes Girls Out Of Cigarettes
11/19/2015Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge Manga Gets TV Anime Adaptation
11/19/2015Hatoful Boyfriend Plush Kickstarter Reaches Over $95,000
11/19/2015Hitorie, vistlip Perform Divine Gate's Theme Songs
11/19/2015Crunchyroll to Stream Digimon Adventure tri. Anime on Friday
11/19/2015VIZ Media Hosts Sailor Moon Moonlight Party V to Celebrate the English Dub Premiere of Sailor Moon Crystal
11/19/2015EGOIST New Single ?RELOADED? Available Now
11/19/2015VIZ Media Partners with Generator to Launch Official Naruto Online Store
11/19/2015The Pittsburgh Japanese Culture Society Announces Sangawa Project 2015
11/19/2015Thermae Romae's Mari Yamazaki Writes Book on Renaissance Art
11/19/2015Have a Merry Squidmas with Splatoon in Saga Prefecture
11/19/2015Haku?ki SSL's Live-Action High School Spinoff Film Streams Teaser
11/19/2015Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition's Emilia Combo Video, TV Ad Streamed
11/19/2015Japan's Animation TV Ranking, November 9-15
11/19/2015King of Prism by Pretty Rhythm Film's Video Preview, Additional Cast Unveiled
11/19/2015Utawarerumono OVA, Wizard Barristers Get English Dubs
11/18/2015Dissidia Final Fantasy Battle Videos Show Off Terra, Cloud
11/18/2015Doraemon and Hello Kitty Join Forces for Adorable Character Goods
11/18/2015Sentai Filmworks Adds Utawarerumono OVA
11/18/2015Dance With Devils Gets Stage Musical
11/18/2015Best Blue Swimming Manga to End in Shonen Jump
11/18/2015World Trigger Manga Takes 1-Week Hiatus Due to Author's Health
11/18/2015Recreate Steins;Gate with a Papercraft Phone Microwave
11/18/2015Viz Media Recomends Titles For Holiday Wish Lists
11/18/2015Aldnoah.Zero Dub Cast Adds Kira Buckland, Ben Pronsky, More
11/18/20154K Media Inks Deal With Good Smile Company for Yu-Gi-Oh! Figurines
11/18/2015Famits? Publishes Results of Musou/Warriors Poll
11/18/2015Nurse Witch Komugi R Listed With 12 Episodes
11/18/2015My Hero Academia Manga Gets 3DS Game & Arcade Card Game
11/18/2015Voting Begins for Yomiuri Shimbun's Sugoi Japan Awards
11/18/2015Anaheim's Akihabara Expo Convention Cancelled
11/18/20154K Media Teams Up with Good Smile Company for Yu-Gi-Oh Figures
11/18/2015Battle Spirits TV Special Unites Heroes From First Series & Latest Series
11/18/20152 Arrested for Uploading The Seven Deadly Sins Manga to Site
11/18/2015Dame na Watashi ni Koi Shite Kudasai Show Casts Kamikaze Girls' Ky?ko Fukada
11/18/2015Japanese Anime Fans Pick Best Opening Songs
11/18/2015Street Fighter, Sumo and Horse-Racing in One Epic Crossover Campaign
11/18/2015Funimation Reveals Lord Marksman and Vanadis Cast for February DVD/BD
11/18/2015Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- Heads West Next Spring
11/18/2015Japanese Comic Ranking, November 9-15
11/18/2015Full Chaika the Coffin Princess English Dub Cast Unveiled
11/18/2015Japan's Video Game Rankings, November 9-15
11/17/2015Ace of Diamond The Live Stage Play Gets Sequel in March
11/17/2015Japanese Composer Expresses Smelly Breath as Music
11/17/2015Alice in the Country of Hearts Musical Revival's Main Cast Revealed in Costume
11/17/2015Root Letter PS4/PS Vita Adventure Game's English-Subtitled Aya Video Streamed
11/17/2015Noragami Characters Team Up with Attack on Titan Boys
11/17/2015Nozomi Yamamoto, Minami Tanaka Perform Schwarzesmarken TV Anime's Ending Song
11/17/2015Full Moon's Tanemura Ends Neko to Watashi no Kiny?bi on Friday
11/17/2015Attack on Titan Junior High Students Play Dress-Up with New Lottery Prizes
11/17/2015BLADE ARCUS Gameplay Videos Show Sonia In Action, Explain Techniques
11/17/2015Pripara Stage Musical Stars Anime's Main Cast
11/17/2015JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4 Anime's Main Staff, Cast, April Premiere Revealed (Updated)
11/17/2015Studio Chizu Files The Boy and the Beast, Wolf Children Trademarks in Japan
11/17/2015Bushiroad Announces Luck and Logic Original Anime Project
11/17/2015English Release of Xenoblade Chronicles X Removes Bust-Customization Option
11/17/2015Marvel's Avengers Get A Korean Adaptation with Avengers K
11/17/2015Crunchyroll Adds Space Adventure Cobra, Cat's Eye to Catalog
11/17/2015Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna RPG Ships in Japan on February 18
11/17/2015Gundam the Origin III: Dawn of Rebellion's Trailer Streamed With English Dub, Sub
11/17/2015Stella Glow 3DS Game's Full Trailer Streamed
11/17/2015Sword Art Online Lost Song Trailer Showcases Monster Battles
11/17/2015North American Anime, Manga Releases, November 15-21
11/17/2015Valkyria: Azure Revolution Game Announced for PS4
11/17/2015GATE Anime Theme Song Artists Return for 2nd Season
11/17/2015Godzilla Inspires Nike Air Max CB '94 Sneakers
11/17/2015JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Game's 2nd Character Video Highlights Speedwagon
11/17/2015Assassination Classroom 2nd Season's Teaser Ad Streamed
11/17/2015Make Your Workspace More Fun with Mini Ranma 1/2 Figurines
11/16/2015Noragami Manga Gets Stage Play Adaptation in January
11/16/2015Love Live Film Sells 2 Million Tickets for 2.8 Billion Yen
11/16/2015Dimension W Anime's 2nd English-Subtitled Promo Streamed
11/16/2015Look Like Luffy or Shanks with One Piece-Inspired Beauty Face Masks
11/16/2015Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Casts Kousuke Toriumi, Atsuko Tanaka, More
11/16/2015Former Cultist Recounts Experiences in Manga Form
11/16/2015Nintendo, DeNA's Game Apps to Be Free-to-Play
11/16/2015Space Brothers Anime Trailer Promotes The Martian Film
11/16/2015Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS Force Game's English Version Slated for February in Asia
11/16/2015Neptunia vs. Sega Hard Girls Game's Promo Video Introduces Cast
11/16/2015Anime Characters' Crazy Hairstyles Ranked in Charapedia Poll
11/16/2015Disgaea PC Headed to Steam in February 2016
11/16/2015BlazBlue CentralFiction Game's 41-minute Gameplay Video Streamed
11/16/2015Street Fighter V Video Previews Game's Tutorial Mode
11/16/2015Dissidia Final Fantasy Video Highlights Bartz
11/16/2015Terraformars Gets Keiji Onizuka Spinoff Manga by Saki Nonoyama
11/16/2015Fairy Tail Zero Prequel Manga Gets TV Anime Adaptation in January
11/16/2015Inuyashiki Protagonist Comes to Life in Promotional Poster
11/16/2015JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Game's 1st Character Video Highlights Jonathan Joestar
11/16/2015Catch a Glimpse from the Opening Night of the Haikyu!! Stage Play
11/16/2015Dagashi Kashi Anime's Cast, Song Artists Revealed
11/16/2015Alice in Borderland's Haro Aso Publishes 1-Shot in Young Magazine
11/16/2015Investor Z's Mita Launches New Manga on Saturday
11/16/2015Fragile Medical TV Series Adds Emi Takei, Shuhei Nomura
11/16/2015Mayo Chiki!'s Asano Launches New Light Novel Series in December
11/16/2015Coppelion Manga Creator to Draw Last Chapter Live in Free Seminar
11/15/2015Kadokawa to Set Up Online Correspondence High School
11/15/2015Sony Confirms Gravity Rush Remastered Game Will Get Retail Version in N. America
11/15/2015Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster Game's 4th Developer Video Streamed
11/15/2015Dissidia Final Fantasy Videos Highlight Onion Knight, Cecil Harvey
11/15/2015One-Punch Man Anime DVD/BDs to Include 6 OVAs
11/15/2015MangaGamer Releases Higurashi: When They Cry Hou: Watanagashi
11/15/2015BLADE ARCUS Gameplay Videos Show Altina, Roselinde, Xiao-Mei, Fenrir in Action
11/15/2015Chuya-Den Kickstarter Fails to Reach US$100,000 Goal
11/15/2015France's Angoulęme to Host Katsuhiro Otomo
11/15/2015Lucent Heart Online RPG's Update to Feature Same-Sex Couples
11/15/2015Japan Considers Revising Copyright Law Due to Trans-Pacific Partnership
11/15/2015Heartcatch Precure! Actress Fumie Mizusawa Announces Divorce
11/15/2015MangaGamer Releases 2nd Chapter of Higurashi When They Cry Hou Visual Novel
11/15/2015NisiOisin's Himeiden, Sh?jo Fuj?bun Novels Get Manga Adaptations
11/15/2015Kodansha Comics Adds Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail Zero Prequel Manga
11/15/2015Tokyo Airport to Test Megaphone Translator
11/15/2015Takuya Eguchi Joins Haikyu!! Second Season's Cast as Y?ji Terushima
11/15/2015Studio NAZ's Idolish 7 Video for Trigger Idols Previewed Online
11/15/2015Gundam: The Origin III Episode's Promo Streamed
11/15/2015My Hero Academia TV Anime's 1st Video Introduces Superhero Premise
11/15/2015Him?to! Umaru-chan Game's Short Opening Video Streamed
11/14/2015Gundam: The Origin III 3rd Episode's Key Visual Revealed
11/14/2015Imprint SuBlime Previews Three New Manga Series Acquisitions Set to Launch in 2016
11/14/ English 10% Reward Points Limited Campaign
11/14/2015VIZ Media and Simon & Schuster Renew Successful International Sales and Distribution Partnership
11/14/2015Studio Pixel brings Kero Blaster to Steam
11/14/2015Hatsune Miku Returns to North America Spring 2016
11/14/2015Langrisser Re:Incarnation -TENSEI- Coming Spring 2016
11/14/2015Immortalize the Space Brothers with Mutta and Hibiki Figures
11/11/2015Studio Manglobe Begins Bankruptcy Proceedings With 555 Million Yen in Debt
11/11/2015Senran Kagura Estival Versus' European Trailer Shows Katsuragi, Hikage, Renka in Gameplay
11/11/2015Utano?Princesama Revolutions DVD 5 Sells 6,871 to Top Chart
11/11/2015Sh?wa Genroku Rakugo Shinj? TV Anime's Video Reveals January 8 Debut
11/11/2015Yowamushi Pedal Spare Bike Spinoff Manga Enters New Arc
11/11/2015Gundam Thunderbolt Anime Episode 1's Key Visual Posted
11/11/2015Mah? Sh?jo Nante M? Ii Desu Kara. Magical Girl Anime Unveils Cast, Song Artist, Visual
11/11/2015Seraph of the End Broadcast Dub Cast Returns for Battle in Nagoya
11/11/2015Stranger of Sword City's English Teaser Confirms Spring 2016 Release
11/11/2015Men Plead Not Guilty After Alleged Threats on Pokémon Championships
11/11/2015Voice Actress Chiaki Takahashi Injures Foot in Rehearsal
11/10/2015Crunchyroll Adds Dragon Half Video Anime to Catalog
11/10/2015C ? Control Designer's Hatsune Miku Gets 1/7-Scale Figure
11/10/2015Dreamworks' Ghost in the Shell Film Casts Pilou Asbćk as Batou
11/10/2015Love Live's Eli Ready for Training in New Nendoroid
11/10/2015North American Anime, Manga Releases, November 8-14
11/10/2015Egyptian God Medjed's Legacy Continues in Otome Game
11/10/2015Chaika The Coffin Princess' English Dub Casts Kira Vincent-Davis as Chaika
11/10/2015Terror in Resonance English Dub Cast Announced
11/10/2015Konami Card Games Executive Leaves Company, Joins Mobile Game Developer Mobcast
11/10/2015Robot Damashii Side MS ver. A.N.I.M.E Gundam Toy Line Announced
11/10/2015Langrisser Re: Incarnation -Tensei- 3DS Game Heads to N. America
11/10/2015Noragami Editor Yohei Takami to Appear in NYC
11/10/2015Love Live! School Idol Festival Game App Sales Dip
11/10/2015Singer Daigo and Other Japanese Celebrities Play Monster Hunter X in TV Ads
11/10/2015Sony to Stop Selling Betamax Video Cassette Tapes in March
11/10/2015Great Revolution Dai-Shogun Reboot Planned as 3D Film Release
11/10/2015HaruChika Mystery Anime Announces Song Artists, More of Cast
11/10/2015El Shaddai, LovePlus Designers Reveal God Wars PS4/Vita RPG
11/10/2015LovePlus Designer Minoboshi Develops Root Letter PS4/Vita Game
11/10/2015Demon Gaze II Slated for Vita in 2016 With User-Suggested Content
11/10/2015Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, November 2-8
11/10/2015Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, November 2-8
11/10/2015The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd Evolution Game Announced
11/10/2015Gintama's Takamatsu Directs Nanbaka Prison Comedy Anime
11/10/2015Sailor Moon Honey Salon Accessories Releasing in Japan This Holiday Season
11/10/2015Toonami Asia to Run Dragon Ball Super in English in Mid-2016
11/10/2015Toonami Snaps Up Dragon Ball Super in Asia
11/10/2015Funimation Reveals Attack on Titan: Junior High's Broadcast Dub Cast
11/9/2015Geminoid F Android Makes Her Movie Star Debut
11/5/2015Joshiraku/Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei's Kôji Kumeta Launches Kakushigoto Manga
11/5/2015Koei Tecmo Posts Attack on Titan Game's 2nd English Teaser Trailer
11/5/2015Family Fishing out 11/19/15 on Nintendo eShop
11/5/2015Viz Media Licenses Zyword, Eureka Seven: Gravity Boys & Lifting Girl Manga
11/5/2015Project Itoh's Harmony Film Visual by redjuice Posted
11/5/2015Hetalia Musical's Main Visual Reveals Cast in Costume
11/5/2015My Hero Academia TV Anime's Main Staff Revealed
11/5/2015VIZ Media Debuts Platinum End Digital Manga
11/5/2015Seven Seas Entertainment Celebrates Over Ten Years of Amazing Agent Luna with Final Volume
11/5/2015BlueFin Announces Anime And J-Collectibles For Holiday Gift Guides And Wish Lists
11/5/2015Anime/Game Dubbing Studio Magnitude 8 Post Closes
11/5/2015High Speed! Free! Starting Days Film's 5th Special Video Centers on Natsuya
11/5/2015Chivalry of a Failed Knight to Simulcast in Canada, The United Kingdom and The Republic of Ireland
11/5/2015Anime Blast Chattanooga Welcomes Jad Saxton, Leah Clark
11/5/2015Voltage Inc.'s Butler Until Midnight, Available Nov. 2
11/5/2015Howl's Moving Castle Voice Actress Haruko Kato Passes Away
11/5/2015Shigeyuki Fukumitsu's Seikatsu Manga Gets Live-Action Film in May
11/5/2015Ponyo's English Dub Writer Melissa Mathison Passes Away
11/4/2015Red Bull Flugtag Competition Dumps Gundam Into Kobe's Harbor
11/4/2015Mr. Osomatsu Episode 1 to Be Pulled From Home Video, Streaming (Updated)
11/4/2015One-Punch Man's Saitama Proves His Strength as Upcoming Nendoroid
11/4/2015Sega Files 'Valkyria: Azure Revolution' Trademark
11/4/2015Haikyu!! Stars Spike to Victory on The Rim of Your Cup
11/4/2015Kill Me Baby/Sweet Blue Flowers Voice Actress Ai Takabe Charged Again for Drug Use
11/4/2015Enjoy Your Christmas Cake with Haruka Tomatsu?Virtually
11/4/2015Japanese Comic Ranking, October 26-November 1
11/4/2015Japan's Video Game Rankings, October 26-November 1
11/4/2015Sword Art Online Character Poll Results Announced, Kiba? Still Makes Top 10
11/4/2015Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Anime Reveals Cast, Character Designs
11/4/2015The King of Fighters XIV Trailer Reveals Leona, Chang Koehan
11/4/2015Longtime Japanese DJ to Release Mix CD of Classic Anime, Tokusatsu Music
11/4/2015Street Fighter Unlimited #2 Covers and Variants Revealed
11/4/2015Konami Closes Kojima Productions Los Angeles Studio
11/4/2015Urbangarde Releases Anti-War Video 'Kuchibiru Democracy'
11/4/2015Get Behind the Scenes with Perfume Top Electro Girl Group, Exclusively at Golden Village
11/4/2015Viz Media Delivers All-Ages Supernatural Comedy Adventure With The Launch of Yo-Kai Watch Manga Series
11/4/2015Viz Media Delivers Fresh Digital Anime Content and New Simulcast for Neon Alley November Update
11/4/2015Sekk? Boys Anime's 1st Video Transforms Plaster Busts Into Idols
11/4/2015Seraph of the End Musical's 2nd Visual, Ad Unveiled
11/4/201520th Detective Conan Film's Teaser Reveals Black Organization Members
11/3/2015The Idolm@ster's Yurina Hase Explains Why She Left Yukiho Role
11/3/2015Pokkén Tournament Confirms Shadow Mewtwo
11/3/2015Sekk? Boys Anime About Statues-Turned-Idols Adds More Cast
11/3/2015Arslan: The Warriors of Legend's Subtitled Video Shows Characters in Gameplay
11/3/2015The Piano Forest Manga to End on Thursday
11/3/2015Amazon Germany Lists Stranger of Sword City PS Vita Game
11/3/2015SNK Playmore Drops Slot Machines, Focuses on Smartphone/Consumer Games
11/3/2015Gundam: Extreme VS-Force Game Adds Destiny Gundam, Re-GZ, God Gundam
11/3/2015Doraemon Co-Creator Fujiko Fujio A Puts Parman Manga on Hiatus
11/3/2015Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, October 26-November 1
11/3/2015Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, October 26-November 1
11/3/2015Gintama Anime Enters 'Shogun Assassination' Arc in December
11/3/2015J.C. Staff Makes Animated Ad for KenIchi Creator's Tokiwa Kitareri!! Manga
11/3/2015Twin Star Exorcists Manga Has 'Important Announcement' in December
11/3/2015Detective Conan Anime Reveals 20-Part 20th Anniversary Project
11/2/2015Gangsta.'s 6th, 7th Drama CDs Delayed
11/2/2015Super Short Comics Net Anime's 1st Episode Streamed
11/2/2015Hozuki's Coolheadedness Manga Gets 4-Panel Spinoff Series
11/2/2015Frontwing, Prototype's Island Game Slated for 2016 on PC, PS Vita, Android
11/2/2015Terraformars Live-Action Film Reveals Poster
11/2/2015Yamishibai Horror Anime Shorts Get 3rd Season in January
11/2/2015Sound! Euphonium Film/2nd TV Series' Announcement Video Streamed
11/2/2015Myriad Colors Phantom World TV Anime's 1st Promo Video Introduces Staff, Cast
11/2/2015Alice in Dreamland Doll Film's Teaser, Cast, December Opening Revealed
11/2/2015Ichijinsha, pixiv Launch 'Comic Pool' Digital Manga Magazine
11/2/2015The Anthem of the Heart Anime Film Tops 1 Billion Yen
11/2/2015Harmony Anime Film's Promo Introduces Cast, Theme Song
11/2/2015Gender-Swapped Gintoki Gets Figure With Miniature X-ko
11/2/2015Studio Bones Animates My Hero Academia Show, Posts 1st Visual
11/2/2015Gundam Global Challenge Winners Aim to Make Life-Size Statue Move
11/2/2015Blue Exorcist to Get Werewolf Card Game
11/2/2015Sanrio's Salmon Mascot's 1st Set of Anthropomorphized Goods Released
11/2/2015Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's Araki to Publish Episode 7 of Rohan Kishibe Manga
11/2/2015Super Mario-kun Author Creates Levels in Super Mario Maker
11/2/2015Comic Actor Kendo Kobayashi Guest Stars in Kamen Rider Ghost & Drive Crossover Film
11/2/2015Live-Action My Love Story!!, Go! Princess Precure Film, Gundam: The Origin II Open on Japanese Box Office Top 10
11/2/2015Robot Pepper Rocks Out With Asian Kung-Fu Generation
11/2/2015Koei Tecmo to Collaborate With Prominent Overseas IP
11/2/2015Asian Kung-Fu Generation Strike Europe in Album and Tour Combo
11/2/2015Latest Yowapeda/Yowamushi Pedal Stage Play's TV Ad Streamed
11/1/2015Voice Actress Miyu Matsuki Passes Away
11/1/2015Valkyrie Drive's Rinka Comes to Life as Full-Size Doll
11/1/2015Live-Action Terraformars Film to Open on April 29
11/1/2015High Speed! Free! Starting Days Film's Trailer Previews Theme Song
11/1/2015Prepare for Your Next Trip Across the Desert with JoJo Backpacks
11/1/2015Celebrate Japan's Traditional Kutani Porcelain with Gundam Ware
11/1/2015'Tokyo Cosmo' Indie Animation Shows Off Impeccable Quality, Nominated for Award
11/1/2015Aki Hata Creates Anisong Talent Unit with LiSA, Konomi Suzuki, Nao Toyama, Yoshino Nanjou
11/1/2015Slam Dunk's Takehiko Inoue's Buddhist Folding Screen on Display
11/1/2015Mamoru Miyano, Hikaru Midorikawa, Daisuke Namikawa Guest-Star in Young Black Jack
11/1/2015Monster Strike Net Anime Views Surpass 5 Million
11/1/2015del Toro Submits Script for Pacific Rim 2 Film
11/1/2015Kamen Rider Battride War Genesis Game's 'Rescuing Justice' Promo Video Streamed
11/1/2015Sony Sells 29.3 Million PS4s Worldwide
11/1/2015Sekai Project Launches Narcissu Kickstarter Campaign
11/1/2015FLOW, Penguin Research to Perform Durarara!!×2 Ketsu TV Anime's Themes
11/1/2015Bandai Namco Files 'Tales of the Best' Trademark in Japan, Square Enix Files 'Dimension W'
11/1/2015Sega Previews Yakuza 5 Game's English Version in 90-Minute Video
11/1/2015Yoko Maki's Romantica Clock Manga Ends
11/1/2015Chibi Maruko-chan Kimi wo Wasurenai yo Manga Ends in December