Anime News

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2/28/2015Final Fantasy Type-0 HD PSP/HD Comparison Video Posted
2/28/20152nd 'I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying' Season Reveals Song, Title, Premiere Date, Visuals
2/28/2015Inti Creates Unveils New Gal*Gun Shooting Game for 2015
2/28/2015Mega Man Zero Makers Announce Azure Striker Gunvolt Sequel
2/28/2015XBlaze Lost: Memories Visual Novel Heads West This Summer
2/28/2015Live-Action Patlabor's Feature Film Trailer Streamed
2/28/2015'MechaTsuku' Contest Finalist Videos Preview 5 Potential Mecha Anime
2/28/2015Yo-Kai Watch Will Promote Tourism in Hawaii With Short Anime
2/28/2015Ushijima the Loan Shark Gets Comedy Spin-Off
2/28/2015Final Fantasy XV's 1st World Introduction Video Showcases Wildlife
2/27/2015Persona 4: Dancing All Night PS Vita Game's Protagonist Promo Streamed
2/27/2015Toshiyuki Morikawa, Chiwa Saito Lead Ninja Slayer Anime's Cast
2/27/2015New Initial D the Movie Legend 2 Film's Teaser Streamed
2/27/2015Attack on Titan Water Cooler Campaign Offers 1/1-Scale Maneuver Gear
2/27/2015Show By Rock!! TV Anime's Promo, Staff, April Premiere Date Unveiled
2/27/2015Alas, the Power/Rangers Short Film Is Quickly Disappearing
2/27/2015Resident Evil Revelations 2's PS4 Frame Rate, PC Co-op Issues Highlighted
2/27/2015Dragon Quest Heroes Heads West on PS4 in 2015
2/27/2015Production I.G Unveils More Cast for Miss Hokusai Film
2/27/2015Fans Have Already Tracked Down the Real-Life Location of 'Love Live! SunShine!!'
2/27/2015Namco Bandai Unveils Ray Gigant PS Vita Game
2/26/2015Perfume's Ayaka Nishikawa Tops Female Idol Singer Ranking
2/26/2015Plastic Memories' Opening and Ending Themes Revealed
2/26/2015Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Video, Trailer Streamed
2/26/2015Final Fantasy Type-0 HD's English Gameplay, Combat Videos Posted
2/26/2015Kensho Ono, Screen Mode Perform Kuroko's Basketball Teik? Arc Anime Themes
2/26/2015Compile Heart's Neptunia VII Game's Opening Movie Streamed
2/26/2015Yuki Yuna is a Hero PS Vita Game's 2nd Promo Shows Combat Abilities
2/26/2015Digital Manga Reaches Kickstarter Goal to Print Tezuka's Alabaster
2/26/2015Saekano -blessing flowers- PS Vita Game's 1st Promo Video Streamed
2/26/2015Etrian Mystery Dungeon Video Introduces Hexer Class
2/26/20153rd Death Note The Musical English Song Features Rem
2/26/2015SaikouCon 2015 Welcomes Up and Coming Cosplayer Koralene Cosplay as a Special Guest
2/26/2015PacSet Announces Animated Spring and Lost Islands II Tours for 2016
2/26/2015Section23 Films Announces June Slate
2/26/2015Aksys Games Ships Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late
2/26/2015'Love Live! SunShine!!' Project Teased With Image
2/26/2015One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Videos Show Robin, Moriah, Perona, Magellan, Brook in Action
2/26/2015Funimation Licenses Jinsei - Life Consulting Anime
2/26/2015Aoharu x Kikanj? Survival Games Manga Gets TV Anime
2/26/2015Isao Takahata Offers His Thoughts on War, Constitution
2/26/2015Kotori Koiwai Joins Nisekoi Anime's 2nd Season as F?
2/26/2015Vampire Holmes Original Creator Sena Yoshinobu Voices Lead in TV Anime
2/26/2015Rest Your Wrists On A Life-Sized Lovely x Cation Bosom Mousepad
2/26/2015PS4 Gets Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest Crossover Cover Plate in Japan
2/26/2015The Seven Deadly Sins' 2nd New Spinoff Manga by Creator Posted
2/25/2015Japanese Comic Ranking, February 16-22
2/25/2015Natsume Ono's Futagashira Manga Gets Live-Action Drama
2/25/2015Corpse Party Horror Game Franchise Gets Live-Action Film
2/25/2015Check Out Joseph Kahn and Adi Shankar's Incredible Power/Rangers Short Film While You Still Can
2/25/2015Dance Along to The Shuriken Sentai Nin'ninger Ending Theme
2/25/2015Shinji and Kaworu Revisit Primary School for Kids Clothing Collaboration
2/25/2015California's Anison USA Festival Welcomes Singer, Voice Actress Halko Momoi
2/25/2015Seven Seas Adds The Testament of Sister New Devil, My Monster Secret Manga
2/25/2015Compile Heart Announces MeiQ no Chika ni Shisu PS Vita Game
2/25/2015Bandai Namco, Experience Collaborating on Ray Gigant Game
2/25/2015Street Fighter V Charlie Nash Reveal Trailer Streamed
2/25/2015Kinoshita to End Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok Manga
2/25/2015Rurouni Kenshin, Parasyte, Tokyo Tribes Nominated for 9th Asian Film Awards
2/25/2015Animation Veteran Claims That Industry Newcomers Only Make 120 Yen An Hour
2/25/2015Funassyi Goes Red for Gundam the Origin's Char Aznable
2/25/2015Viz Media Details Upcoming Complete Box Sets for Manga Series Claymore and Rosario + Vampire
2/25/2015Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart Out Now in North America, Feb. 27th in Europe
2/25/2015Crowd-Funding Anime Chuya-den Unveils 2nd Trailer
2/25/2015Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara Manga's 1st Part Ends, 2nd Part Scheduled For April
2/25/2015Yoshiyuki Tomino Shares His Appreciation for The Wind Rises
2/25/2015House of the sun. Spin-off Manga Ends in March
2/25/2015Orange Manga Has Over 1 Million Copies in Print
2/25/2015Celestial Method Manga Goes on Hiatus Due to Author's Health
2/25/2015Assassination Classroom Blu-ray/DVDs to Bundle Event Anime
2/25/2015Bandai Namco Games America Inc. Launches the Biggest Dragon Ball Game Ever with Dragon Ball Xenoverse
2/25/2015Arc System Works Presents the BlazBlue Experience at Sakura Con 2015
2/25/2015Inou Battle Within Everyday Life Manga Ends on Thursday
2/25/2015Maon Kurosaki, Yoshino Nanjou Return to Perform The Eden of Grisaia Anime's Themes
2/25/2015Sentai Filmworks Licenses Knights of Sidonia
2/25/2015Swinging Popsicle Opens 20th Anniversary Website
2/25/2015Genericon XXVIII Welcomes Tristan MacAvery and Returning Guests Uncle Yo and Antipode
2/25/2015Seraph of the End Anime's Additional Cast, Theme Songs, Air Date Announced
2/25/2015Durarara!!?2 Sh? Gets Episode 4.5 Episode in Theaters
2/25/2015Japan's Video Game Rankings, February 16-22
2/24/2015Digimonstory Cybersleuth Game's Main Promo Streamed Before March Release
2/24/2015The IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls, KanColle CDs Reach #4, #6 on Weekly Oricon
2/24/2015The Sacred Blacksmith Manga Adaptation to End in 10th Volume
2/24/2015Kazuya Nakai, Shiro Saito, Shokotan Join 2015 Dragon Ball Z Film's Cast
2/24/2015Blood-C: The Last Mind Stage Play Reveals Main Cast
2/24/2015Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru Mystery Light Novels Get Anime
2/24/2015Urbangarde to Make USA Debut at A-Kon 26
2/24/2015Bandai Namco Games Updates Outcast Odyssey with New Features
2/24/2015Viz Media Acquires Publishing Rights for New Shonen Jump Manga Series My Hero Academia
2/24/2015Sentai Filmworks Licenses Hayate the Combat Butler: Cuties
2/24/2015Yu-Gi-Oh! Secrets of Eternity Super Edition to be Released February 27
2/24/2015JAST USA Announces Upcoming Release of Kana Okaeri
2/24/2015Gamers Retail Website Lists Milky Holmes Movie Project
2/24/2015Anime Mirai 2015 Casts, Stories Unveiled
2/24/2015Shiro Amano Ends Kingdom Hearts II Manga in May
2/24/2015Compile Heart's Makai Shin Trillion PS Vita Game's 2nd Promo Video Streamed
2/24/2015Sega Will Announce New 'Anime x SEGA' Project at AnimeJapan 2015
2/24/2015Marvelous Streams IA/VT -Colorful- Vocaloid Game's 'Inner Arts' Video
2/24/2015Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope Live-Action Fan Pilot Recreates The History of Trunks
2/24/2015North American Anime, Manga Releases, February 22-28
2/24/2015Magical Warfare Anime Gets English Dub
2/24/2015Readers Rank Over-Played Shojo Manga Tropes
2/24/2015The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan Anime to Premiere April 3
2/24/2015Kotoura-san Manga Will End With 7th Volume
2/24/2015Protect Your Nintendo 3DS XL With Mikudayo's Face
2/24/2015Life-Size Patlabor Ingram Watched Over the Tokyo Marathon
2/24/2015Sound Horizon's Album Inspires Manga by Tactics' Kinoshita
2/23/2015Mikako Komatsu Leads Nekota no Koto ga Ki ni Natte Shikatanai. Event Anime's Cast
2/23/2015Tsubasa to Hotaru Sh?jo Romantic Comedy Manga Gets More Anime
2/23/2015Persona 4: Dancing All Night PS Vita Game's Rise Promo Streamed
2/23/2015New Lupin III Stage Play Travels to 18th-Century France
2/23/2015Japan's Animation TV Ranking, February 9-15
2/23/2015Issho ni Training: Training With Hinako Recruits Game Staff
2/23/2015Kuroko's Basketball's New 3DS Gameplay Video Previews Social Mechanics
2/23/2015Gakk? Gurashi! Zombie Anime's Cast, Lerche Staff, Summer Debut Revealed
2/23/2015Digimon Fusion's 2nd Season to Premiere on Nicktoons in March
2/23/2015Original RX-78-2 Gundam and RX-77-2 Guncannon Get High Grade 'Revive' Kits
2/23/201519th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize Nominees Announced
2/23/2015Pastry Chef Creates Incredible Sailor Moon-Inspired Treats
2/23/2015Naruto Art Exhibit Gets an Early 3-Day Preview in Tokyo
2/23/2015Arc System Works Will Bring Voice Actors Kana Ueda, Kanako Kondou to Sakura Con
2/23/2015Sentai Filmworks Licenses Knights of Sidonia Anime for Home Video
2/23/2015Nyuru Nyuru!! Kakusen-kun Flash Anime Gets 2nd Season in April
2/23/2015Weekly Evangelion Chronicle Magazine Returns for 3rd Time
2/22/2015Detective Opera Milky Holmes 'Movie' Teased
2/22/2015Big Hero 6, 'Feast' Win Animated Oscars
2/22/2015Tales of Zestiria Briefly Listed in Steam Database
2/22/2015Frozen's Directors Interview Ghibli's Isao Takahata at Oscars Headquarters
2/22/2015Animazement to Host Voice Actors Kikuko Inoue, Ryusei Nakao
2/22/2015Dead or Alive 5: Last Round 'Last Fight' Trailer Streamed
2/22/2015Bloodborne Story, Musical Score Previewed in New Videos
2/22/20155-Girl Band Gambare! Victory Plays 2nd Baby Steps Season's Ending
2/22/2015Peacemaker's Minagawa to Draw Parasyte 1-Shot Manga
2/22/2015Tiger & Bunny The Movie: The Rising 'New Driver' English Dub Clip Streamed
2/22/2015Fushigi Yugi Stage Play Cast Unveiled in Costume
2/22/2015Netflix Adds Saint Seiya: The Hades Chapter Anime Series
2/22/2015Seitokai Yakuindomo's New Original Anime DVD Cast, Staff Revealed
2/22/2015Funimation Considers One Piece Broadcast Dub as It Airs in Japan
2/22/2015Broccoli/Nippon Ichi's Z/X Zillions of enemy X Cards Get New Anime
2/22/2015Yu-Gi-Oh's Remastered 'Battle City' Episodes to Premiere in April
2/22/2015Aquaplus Streams ToHeart2: Dungeon Travelers Promo for PS Vita
2/22/2015Circus Streams Da Capo II Dearest Marriage Opening
2/22/2015The Heroic Legend of Arslan TV Anime's 3rd Ad Previews Gieve, Falangies
2/22/2015Nagi Yanagi Returns to Perform 2nd My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Season's Opening
2/22/20152nd PriPara TV Anime Season Adds Yui Watanabe, Yui Makino to Cast
2/21/2015Man Arrested for Using Dragon Quest Logo, Title on Real Market Trading Site
2/21/2015Disgaea 5's English-Subtitled Teaser, Red Magnus Video Streamed
2/21/2015Infinite Stratos 2: Love and Purge Game Heads to PS3/Vita on July 30
2/21/2015Clock Tower Spiritual Successor NightCry Tops Kickstarter Goal
2/21/2015Clock Tower Spiritual Successor NightCry Previewed in Progress Trailer
2/21/2015Dragon's Dogma Online's 2nd Trailer Streamed
2/21/20155bp. Launches Teaser Site for Corpse Party: Blood Covered ?Repeated Fear
2/21/2015Dry Yourself Off with the Boys from Cute High Earth Defense Club Love
2/21/2015Funimation Unveils Kamisama Kiss Season 2's English Cast
2/21/2015Ry? Koshino to End Town Doctor Jumbo!! Medical Manga
2/21/2015Dragon Quest Heroes Videos Compare PS3, PS4 Versions
2/20/2015Sailor Moon Crystal TV Broadcast Gets New Key Visual
2/20/2015Puzzle & Dragons Mobile Game Collaborates With Final Fantasy
2/20/2015Naruto Stage Play's Complete Visual Unveiled
2/20/2015Genocidal Organ, Harmony Films Previewed in Trailer
2/20/2015Drive Off In An Official One Piece Nissan Serena
2/20/2015Danchigai 4-Panel Comedy Manga Gets TV Anime
2/20/2015Akagami no Shirayuki-hime Manga Gets Summer TV Anime
2/19/2015Digimon Adventure tri's New Visual Profiles Yamato, Gabumon
2/19/2015Maoh: Juvenile Remix Manga Gets Stage Play in April
2/19/2015Madoka Magica/Fate/Durarara Creators' RPG Project Inspire Chaos Dragon Anime
2/19/2015Blood Blockade Battlefront's 2nd Video, Nana Mizuki & Miyuki Sawashiro's Roles Unveiled
2/19/2015Akiba Souken: Satelight to Unveil New Aquarion Anime
2/19/2015Blue Encount, Negoto Perform New Gintama TV Anime's Songs
2/19/2015Japan's Video Game Rankings, February 9-15
2/19/2015ItaKiss Creator's Husband Records New Song for Series' Compilation CD
2/19/2015Japanese Comic Ranking, February 9-15
2/19/2015Celebrate Onoda and Fukutomi's Birthdays with Yowamushi Pedal Cakes
2/19/2015Viz Media Announces New Doraemon Partners, Beard Papa's and JFC International
2/19/2015Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Heads to Guatemala City
2/19/2015Viz Media Acquires Ultraman Manga Series
2/19/2015Nozomi Entertainment Acquires Please Teacher! and Please Twins!
2/19/2015Crunchyroll to Stream Holy Knight Anime with Exclusive New English Dub Across North America
2/19/2015NIS America Adds Danganronpa: Ultra Despair Girls, Rodea the Sky Soldier
2/19/2015Over 120,000 Fans Pick King as the Best Seven Deadly Sins Character
2/19/2015KanColle Girls Get Ready to Deliver Some Pizza Hut
2/19/2015Sailor Moon Partners Up With Samantha Vega For Handbags and Accessories
2/19/2015Compile Heart's Omega Quintet RPG's English Opening Streamed
2/19/2015Sentai Filmworks Licenses Hayate the Combat Butler: Cuties Anime
2/19/2015Project Cars Release Date Shifts to April 2015
2/19/2015Eir Aoi Releases 9th Single Genesis
2/19/2015BRADIO and Friends Re-Enact Death Parade's Opening Sequence
2/19/2015Arc System Works Hosts BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma and Guilty Gear Xrd Tournament at Sakura Con 2015
2/19/2015Aniplex of America Plans to Release Magi: The Kingdom of Magic on Complete DVD Sets
2/19/2015Viz Media Previews The Home Media Release of Ranma 1/2
2/19/2015Funimation Announces World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman English Dub Cast
2/19/2015One-Millionth AKB48 Concert Attendee to Win A Lifetime Pass
2/19/2015Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Adds Senran Kagura Costumes
2/19/2015Viz Announces Print Release for My Hero Academia
2/19/2015Dragon Ball Z Kai Gets an Extra Slot on Adult Swim
2/19/2015Read Shun Matsuena's New Manga... on Train Station Walls
2/19/2015Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine Previewed in TV Ad
2/19/2015Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma Anime TV Commercial Previews Opening Theme
2/19/2015Punch Line Anime's 2nd Promo Introduces Cast
2/18/2015Dress Up in Rose of Versailles-Inspired Duds
2/18/2015Shokotan, to Perform Punch Line Anime's Theme Song
2/18/2015Sundome Gets New Film in March With New Cast
2/18/2015BRADIO Hits the Casino in Death Parade Opening Song Music Video
2/18/2015Hiroyuki Utatane to End Tengoku - Heaven's Prison Manga in 2 More Chapters
2/18/2015Linebarrels of Iron Manga Is 2 Chapters From Ending
2/18/2015TBS Contributes Characters from Beyond the Boundary Anime to Chinese Smartphone App WeChat
2/18/2015Sailor Moon Orchestra Concert Comes to Los Angeles
2/18/2015The Nerd Prom Comes to Wyoming, Michigan February 28
2/18/2015Channel Your Inner Rocker with Japanese KISS Face Masks
2/18/2015Funimation Confirms Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Dub
2/18/2015Anime Studios Robot, Colorido Make 3rd Ad for Marukome Miso
2/18/2015One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Videos Show Ace, Chopper, Sabo in Action
2/18/2015Resident Evil Revelations 2's 'Drama,' Raymond Videos Posted
2/18/2015Palmie's YouTube Channel Helps Artists Draw Like Pros
2/18/2015Godzilla PS3/PS4 Game's Release Set for July
2/18/2015Treat Your Pup with Udon Noodles for Dogs
2/18/2015Funimation Announces Tokyo Ghoul ?A English Dub Cast
2/18/2015Viz Adds Linebarrels of Iron Creators' Ultraman Manga
2/18/2015Nozomi Entertainment Licenses Please Teacher!, Please Twins!
2/18/2015Voice Actress Sora Amamiya Stars in Ptolemy's Singularity TV Ad
2/18/2015Holy Knight English Dub Will Debut on Crunchyroll
2/18/2015Hirose Suzu Enlists the Help of 2.5-D Anime Girls For Fit's Gum Commercial
2/18/2015Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Japanese Trailer Streamed
2/18/2015Live Out Your 'Kabe Don' Fantasies with a Poster of Black Butler's Sebastian
2/18/2015Pokk?n Fighting Game Trailer Introduces Playable Pok?mon, Battle System
2/18/2015Cosplayer Holds Giveaway For A Very Unique, Very Voluptuous Accessory
2/18/2015Set Up A Tiny Version of Tokyo In Your Home
2/18/2015Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker English-Dubbed Story Trailer Streamed
2/17/2015H?zuki no Reitetsu OAD's Ending Theme Video Streamed
2/17/2015Keytalk, Passepied to Perform Rin-ne TV Anime's Theme Songs
2/17/2015Aniplex of America Announces Hanamonogatari Blu-ray Set Details
2/17/2015Aniplex of America to Release World Conquest Zvezda Plot on DVD
2/17/2015Aniplex of America to Release the Garden of sinners -recalled out summer-
2/17/2015Shizuka Ishigami, Y?suke Kobayashi Star in Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai TV Anime
2/17/2015Aniplex of America Acquires The Anthem of the Heart -Beautiful word Beautiful world-
2/17/2015Sword Art Online II Coming to Toonami on March 28th
2/17/2015FUNimation Entertainment Quintuples Down on Broadcast Dubs
2/17/2015Miyazaki Shares His Thoughts on the Charlie Hebdo Attacks, Says Drawing Muhammad Was A Mistake
2/17/2015Premium Bandai Phone Case Takes You Back to the Future
2/17/2015Square Enix's Deadman's Cross Zombie Card Game Launch Trailer Streamed
2/17/2015Fan-Ensemble Orchestra Brings Sailor Moon to Los Angeles
2/17/2015North American Anime, Manga Releases, February 15-21
2/17/2015Link Tops The Rankings As the World's Most Popular Amiibo
2/17/2015Funimation Announces Death Parade English Dub Cast
2/17/2015Assassination Classroom Lottery Gets Weirdly Cute Sensei Plushes and Rice Bowls
2/17/2015Sora Amamiya, Aki Toyosaki, Suzuko Mimori, More Join Denpa Ky?shi
2/17/2015Nintendo to Release Amiibo in Card Form
2/17/2015Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2015 'Animation of the Year' Nominees Announced
2/17/2015Lawson Sells Idolm@ster Tea, Fans Respond (In)Appropriately with Pee Jokes
2/17/2015Ju-On Horror Film Series' Final Film Announced
2/17/2015Funimation to Release Darker Than Black on Blu-Ray Premium Edition
2/17/2015Nami Tamaki Performs Vampire Holmes TV Anime's Theme Song
2/17/2015All Esper Dayo! Manga Gets Live-Action Film
2/17/2015Some of the 9th Annual Seiy? Award Winners Announced
2/17/2015Big Hero 6 Manga to End in March
2/17/2015Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, February 9-15
2/17/2015Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, February 9-15
2/17/2015Dragon Ball Z: But?den 2D Fighting Game Franchise Heads to 3DS
2/16/2015Idolm@ster Voice Actress Naomi Wakabayashi Gives Birth to Girl
2/16/2015Naruto Art Exhibit Promoted in TV Spots
2/16/2015The World God Only Knows' Wakaki Starts New Series
2/16/2015Hiroshi Kamiya Leads Denpa Ky?shi TV Anime's Cast
2/16/2015Gundam the Origin I's 1st 7 Minutes English-Dubbed & Subtitled
2/16/2015Stan Lee, Hiroyuki Takei's Ultimo Manga Heads Towards Climax
2/16/2015Jump SQ. 19 to End, But New Magazine to Launch in July
2/16/2015Sega Trademarks 'Shining Seed' in Japan
2/16/2015Delayed 5th Milky Holmes TD Episode to Air in Japan
2/16/2015Seitokai Yakuindomo Manga #12 to Bundle Original Anime DVD
2/16/2015The irregular at magic high school: Lost Zero iOS/Android Game's Promo Streamed
2/16/2015Kuroko's Basketball 3DS Game's 2nd Promo, Gameplay Video Posted
2/15/2015Assassination Classroom 3DS Game's 3rd Promo Video Previews Gameplay
2/15/2015One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3's 4th Promo Video Previews Ace, Sabo
2/15/2015Little Witch Academia Sequel's Title, 2015 Theatrical Release Unveiled
2/15/2015Aimer to Sing Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works' 2nd Season Opening
2/15/2015The Heroic Legend of Arslan TV Anime's 3rd Ad Previews Narsus, Elam
2/15/2015Vertical Adds Kizumonogatari Novel, Seraph of the End Novels, Ninja Slayer Manga
2/15/2015Site Downtime
2/14/2015Suzuyu to Perform Ending Theme for Angel Beats PC Game
2/14/2015Seattle's Sakura-Con Will Host Sword Art Online Producer Shinichiro Kashiwada, Voice Actor Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
2/14/2015Magi English Dub, Garden of sinners -recalled out summer- Trailers Streamed
2/14/2015Sword Art Online II English Dub to Run on Toonami
2/14/2015Aniplex USA Adds Garden of Sinners Epilogue, Anohana Team's Anthem of the Heart Films
2/14/2015Magi: The Kingdom of Magic English Dub Casts Johnny Yong Bosch, Stephanie Sheh
2/14/2015Danganronpa, Blood Lad Creators' Guren 5 Manga to End
2/14/2015Sailor Moon R English Dub Casts Sandy Fox as Chibi Usa, Veronica Taylor as Sailor Pluto
2/14/2015LEGO's Ninjago Toys Inspire Manga This Month
2/14/2015NightCry Gets Extended Gameplay Trailer, New Stretch Goals
2/14/2015One Piece Gets Limited Edition PS4 in Japan
2/14/2015Ky?kai no Kanata -I'll Be Here- Mirai-hen Film's Trailer Unveiled
2/14/20152nd Live-Action Parasyte Film's Trailer Previews Story Conclusion
2/14/2015Dissidia Final Fantasy Fighting Game Heads to Japanese Arcades
2/14/2015Valentine's Day - Anime Style!
2/14/2015The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls - Dereraji-san 4-Panel Comedy Manga Ends
2/14/2015Singer Miwa Dances Along to the Doraemon Movie Theme Song
2/14/2015Manga Version of Koran to Be Published in Japan
2/13/2015Crunchyroll Streams Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, Live-Action LiSA TV
2/13/2015Channel Your Totoro Love with A Patterned Wallet and Business Card Holder
2/13/2015Akamatsu Speaks Out Again About TPP's Copyright Issues
2/13/2015Hasbro to Launch Level-5's Yo-kai Watch Toy Line in 2016
2/13/2015The Seven Deadly Sins: Unjust Sin's Hawk & Elizabeth Gameplay Video Posted
2/13/2015Gunslinger Stratos 2 Arcade Game, Street Fighter IV Collaborate
2/13/2015Dragon Quest Heroes Game's 3rd Promo, TV Spots Streamed
2/13/2015Strike Witches: Operation Victory Arrow's Final Episode Previewed in Video
2/13/2015Neill Blomkamp's Chappie Was Inspired by Appleseed's Briareos
2/13/2015Nippon Animation's Sinbad Anime Film Teaser Streamed
2/13/2015ReLIFE, Momokuri, Nambaka, Super Short Comics Manga Get Anime
2/13/2015Kantai Collection -KanColle- Arcade Game's Cabinet, Screenshots Unveiled
2/13/2015Viz Media Named the North American Master Merchandise Licensee for the Sci-Fi Horror Anime Property Terra Formars
2/13/2015Dragon Ball Xenoverse Game's 4th Battle Video Features Goku vs. Frieza
2/13/2015Attack on Titan Gets Arcade Game by Capcom
2/13/2015Banjou Ginga Replaces Shinji Ogawa in Blood Blockade Battlefront Cast
2/13/2015Ghibli Founder Isao Takahata Plans to Attend Oscars Ceremony
2/12/2015AnimeJapan Executive Committee Releases Updated Information on Stage Programs for AnimeJapan 2015
2/12/2015Viz Media Announces Home Media Release of Tiger & Bunny The Movie: The Rising
2/12/2015School of Ragnarok's 2nd Arcade Gameplay Video Streamed
2/12/2015Write All Your Letters in Official, Cryptic World Break Font
2/12/2015Viz Media Acquires Master Merchandise Rights for Terra Formars
2/12/2015Which Anime Character Would You Want to Give Chocolates to For Valentine's Day?
2/12/2015One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Adds Ivankov, Magellan as Playable Characters
2/12/2015Sapporo Snow Festival turns to Snow Demolitian festival
2/12/2015Viz Productions Will Adapt Sayuri Ueda's 'The Street of Fruiting Bodies' as Feature Film
2/12/2015Neptunia Re;Birth 3 V Generation PS Vita Game Headed West
2/12/2015Mel Kishida Designs New Costume for Atelier Rorona 3DS Remake
2/12/2015Digital Manga's Kickstarter to Restock Finder Boys-Love Manga Meets Goal
2/12/2015Capcom Teases 'Big Project' at Arcade/Amusement Expo
2/12/2015The Seven Deadly Sins: Unjust Sin Promo, Character Videos Streamed
2/12/2015Fans Pick Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam As #1 Completed Manga They Want Animated
2/12/2015Tales of Zestiria's Alisha DLC Previewed in Video
2/12/2015Lupin III's Monkey Punch, More Win TAAF's Meritorious Service Award
2/12/2015Shonen Jump to End Robot Girl Manga E-Robot
2/12/2015Square Enix's Arcade Project's Teaser Site Updates With Final Fantasy Characters
2/12/2015More of Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma Cast, Spinoff Manga Unveiled
2/12/2015The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan Anime's Opening Song by Cast Listed
2/12/2015Sunrise's Kids & Family IP to Spin Off Into New Bandai Namco Group Company
2/12/2015One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Videos Show Sanji, Aokiji, Usopp, Rob Lucci in Action
2/12/2015Y?suke Katayama Sentenced to 8 Years for 'Remote Control PC Virus' Incident
2/12/2015Witchcraft Works, Blast of Tempest Creators Launch New Works in Sh?nen Magazine R
2/12/2015Ambition Co. Brings English Version of Fairy Doll to iOS, Android
2/12/2015Etrian Mystery Dungeon Video Introduces Gunner Class
2/12/2015Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Generation Hits North America and Europe This Summer
2/12/2015SaikouCon Offers Valentine's Day Two-for-One Sale on Deluxe and VIP Attendance Badges
2/12/2015Viz Productions Developing Feature Film Based on Author Sayuri Ueda's Short Story The Street of Fruiting Bodies
2/12/2015Pok?mon Art Academy Competition to Award Promotional Pok?mon TCG Cards
2/12/2015Superhero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3-g? Film's Trailer Previews Race Scenes
2/11/2015Mashiro Ayano, GARNiDELiA to Perform Gunslinger Stratos Themes
2/11/2015Terra Formars Live-Action Film to Open in 2016
2/11/2015English-Subtitled K: Missing Kings BD/DVD Slated for April in Japan
2/11/2015Moon Prism Power Make Up with Sailor Moon Eyeliners
2/11/2015Voice Actors Hit the Road for Yowamushi Pedal Bus Tour, Radio Show
2/11/2015Cast Performs Etotama Anime's Theme Songs
2/11/2015Koei Tecmo's Deception IV: One More Princess Adds Hospital, School, More Stages
2/11/2015Fan Learns to Love Life Again Thanks to Love Live!
2/11/2015The Results Are In for the 2014 Moe Game Awards
2/11/2015Japanese Comic Ranking, February 2-8
2/11/2015Flipnote Studio 3D Released in N. America for Free
2/11/2015Madoka Magica The Movie Part 3: Rebellion English-Dubbed Trailer Streamed
2/11/2015Girl Friend Beta Gets 3D Rhythm Game
2/11/2015Capcom Online Recruits Developers With New & Current Projects Video
2/11/2015Masami Kurumada's Otoko-Zaka Manga's Current Arc Ends, New Arc Promised
2/11/2015Asobi ni Ikuyo!/Cat Planet Cuties Light Novel Series Ends
2/11/2015Atelier Shallie PS3 Game's Synthesis, Event, Battle Videos Streamed
2/11/2015More Tiger & Bunny The Movie: The Rising English Dub Clips Streamed
2/11/2015Angelique Retour ~Secret Side~ Side-Story Manga Begins
2/11/2015K Anime's 2nd TV Season to Premiere This Fall
2/11/2015Hanamaru Kindergarten's Yuto to End Sis Plus Manga
2/11/2015New Statue Lets Hachiko Reunite with His Owner At Last
2/11/2015Puzzle & Dragon Mobile Game Adds Fist of the North Star Characters
2/11/2015Tail of the Moon's Ueda to End Maria no Shiro Manga
2/11/2015The G-Reco Website is Fielding Questions for Gundam Creator Yoshiyuki Tomino
2/10/2015Production I.G's Giovanni's Island Film's English-Subtitled Trailer Streamed
2/10/2015Square Enix Trademarks 'Squaresoft,' 'Enix' Brand Names
2/10/2015Durarara!! the Underside Smartphone Game's Promo Streamed
2/10/2015Tekken 7 Arcade Game's Opening Movie Streamed
2/10/2015Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, February 2-8
2/10/2015Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, February 2-8
2/10/2015AKB48 Idols' Attacker Satoru Umeta Sentenced to 6 Years
2/10/2015More Re-Kan! Cast, Theme Song Artists Announced
2/10/20152nd Baby Steps Season Casts Takuya Eguchi, Natsuki Hanae
2/10/2015Man at Arms' Blacksmith Forges Auron's Katana
2/10/2015Wandering Son's Shimura to End Wagamama Chie-chan Manga
2/10/2015Fans Pick 'Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto' As #1 Manga They Want Animated
2/10/2015Magi - The Kingdom of Magic Dub Premiere Set for Katsucon 2015
2/9/2015Viz Media Offers a Digital Manga Update with New Series Debuts and Special Promotion Digital Manga Starter Bundles
2/9/2015Viz Media Becomes the North American Master Merchandise Licensee for the Action Adventure Series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
2/9/2015Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Makes a Stop in the Pacific Northwest with Premier-Level Event in Tacoma
2/9/2015Nintendo Says No Comment on Reported Live-Action Zelda Netflix Show
2/9/2015Rejet, Elements Garden's Dance with Devils Collaboration Includes TV Anime
2/9/2015Diabolik Lovers Gets 2nd Anime Season, Stage Play
2/9/2015Umineko: When They Cry Episode 7 Manga Ends in March
2/9/2015Japan's Animation TV Ranking, January 26-February 1
2/9/2015Kuroko's Basketball's New 3DS Gameplay Video Previews Character Scouting
2/9/2015Dragon Ball Xenoverse Game's TV Ad Teases Playable Races
2/9/2015One Piece Treasure Cruise Smartphone Game Gets English Release
2/9/2015One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 3rd Promo Video Teases Story
2/9/2015Stay Hydrated with Attack on Titan Water Coolers
2/9/2015School Officials Investigate Kentucky Student Over 'Death Note' List
2/9/2015Enjoy A Cold Beverage with Wooden Dragon Ball Z Mugs
2/9/2015Viz's Shonen Jump to Add New Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Manga
2/9/2015Wolf Children: Ame & Yuki Ranks in YALSA's Top 10 Graphic Novels for Teens
2/9/2015New Smartphone Game Lets You Date Super Moe Million-Year-Old Grannies
2/9/2015Rose Guns Days Season 3 Manga Ends on March 5
2/9/2015Morning Musume '15 to Perform PreCure All Stars: Spring Carnival Theme Song
2/9/2015Learn Theater Manners With Gundam-san's Char and Lalah
2/9/2015New Sailor Moon Figures Include Sailor Pluto S.H.Figuarts, Figures from Sailor Moon Crystal
2/9/2015Animator Expo Will Return in March With 'Kan?n' by Gankutsuou's Mahiro Maeda
2/9/2015Viz's Shonen Jump to Add Y?ki Tabata's Black Clover Fantasy Manga (Update)
2/9/2015DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition Video Previews Vergil's Bloody Palace
2/8/2015George Asakura's Piece of Cake Manga Gets Spinoff
2/8/2015You Higuri to End Gakuen Heaven: Double Scramble Boys-Love Manga
2/8/2015Naruto #68 Ranks 5th on U.S. Monthly BookScan January List
2/8/2015Nintendo Excludes Smash Bros From YouTube Partner Program
2/8/2015More Than One Person Has Tried Recreating Street Fighter II's Car-Destroying Bonus Stage in Real Life
2/8/2015First New Artbook from Kino's Journey's Kouhaku Kuroboshi in 12 Years
2/8/2015Crunchyroll to Stream Comical Psychosomatic Medicine Anime
2/8/2015Tiger & Bunny The Movie: The Rising English Dub Clips Streamed
2/8/2015NHK World's Sports Japan Spotlights Long-time Karuta Queen
2/8/20152nd Death Note The Musical English Song Features Ryuk, Rem
2/8/2015Xenoblade Chronicles Video Compares New 3DS, Wii Versions
2/8/2015Ochibi IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign Reaches Goal
2/8/2015Love Live! The School Idol Movie's TV Spot Aired
2/8/2015Ghibli's Suzuki: 'Studio Is Currently Open, But Not Working on Anything'
2/8/2015Cross Ange tr. PS Vita Game's Ad Reveals May Release
2/8/2015Hibi Rock Music Manga Ends This Month
2/8/2015Million Doll Idol Manga Gets TV Anime
2/8/2015The Heroic Legend of Arslan Anime's New TV Spot Previews Cast
2/8/2015Live-Action Kite Film to Open in Japan in April
2/8/2015Mushiking Arcade Game Returns in Japan
2/8/2015Aikatsu!, Kosu Sen!! Manga on Hiatus Due to Creator's Health
2/8/20153rd Uta no Prince-Sama Season's Character Designs Unveiled
2/8/2015Heavy Object Novels by Magical Index's Kamachi Get New Manga
2/7/2015Legend of Koizumi's Ohwada Launches Lacrosse Sh?jo Kataoka Ririn-san wa Totemo Moteru
2/7/20152nd Naruto Epilogue Novel's Title, Synopsis Unveiled
2/7/2015Satol Yuiga's Ku - Neunt?te Vampire Manga Will End in April
2/7/2015Netflix Launches in Japan by Fall
2/7/2015Square Enix Files 'Alice Order' Trademark in Japan
2/7/2015Mahoromi Manga by Lament of the Lamb's Toume Enters Final Arc
2/7/2015Strobe Edge Romance Manga Gets Special Chapter
2/7/2015Tsubasa: World Chronicle Gets Special Chapter in Shonen Magazine
2/7/2015Niconico, Da Vinci's 'Tsugi ni Kuru Manga' 2014 Awards Winners Announced
2/7/2015Sailor Moon's English Dub Clip Previews Season 1's Final Episodes
2/7/2015Juri Kimura to Star in Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku Anime
2/7/2015Police Investigate Pennsylvania Boy Over 'Death Note'
2/7/2015Big Hero 6 Tops Yo-kai Watch's Box Office Total in Japan
2/7/2015Blue Spring Ride & Strobe Edge's Io Sakisaka to Launch New Manga
2/7/2015Cardcaptor Sakura Voice Actress Junko Iwao Goes on Hiatus Due to Illness
2/7/2015Aria the Avvenire Anime's Character Designer, Studio Unveiled
2/7/20152015 Soreike! Anpanman Film's Title, July 4 Premiere Date Unveiled
2/6/2015Naruto Art Exhibit Previewed in Images
2/6/2015Golgo 13 Assassin Manga Heads 'Towards Conclusion'
2/6/2015Live-Action 'Sailor Moon Says' is 17 Minutes of Childhood Nostalgia
2/6/2015D.Backup Inspires A-1 Pictures's Vitreous Flower Destroys the World Anime
2/6/2015Live-Action Umimachi Diary Film's 2nd Teaser Streamed
2/6/2015Terra Formars Gets Live-Action Film by Takashi Miike
2/6/2015More Triage X Anime Cast, Theme Song Announced
2/6/2015Kyoto Animation Unveils Sound! Euphonium's Additional Cast, Songs
2/6/2015World Trigger Manga Goes on 1-Week Hiatus
2/6/2015Attack on Titan Real Escape Game Slated for NYC's Richmond County Bank Ballpark
2/6/2015'Evangelion:Another Impact' Short by Appleseed's Aramaki Streamed
2/6/2015Media Blasters Lists Yosuga no Sora Anime on N. American DVD
2/5/2015Road to the Pok?mon World Championships Kicks Off with Regional Championships Worldwide
2/5/2015Animoca Brands Launches Doraemon Gadget Rush
2/5/2015Jonathan Castillo Gomez Outduels Hundreds of Duelists at Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Charleston for the Title of Champion
2/5/2015Viz Media and Eleven Arts Screens The Last: Naruto the Movie in More Than 20 Major U.S. Cities This February
2/5/2015Night Shift Nurses: Carnal Corruption Available May 5, 2015
2/5/2015Viz Media Announces the Print Debut of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Part 1 ? Phantom Blood
2/5/2015Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin 'Forlorn Hope' Trailer Streamed
2/5/2015Get Ready for Dragon Ball Xenoverse by Shooting Kamehamehas
2/5/2015Naruto Stage Musical Unveils Teams 8, 10 in Costume
2/5/2015Cosplayers Celebrate Black History Month with #28DaysOfBlackCosplay
2/5/2015Sailor Moon English Dub Clip Previews Volume 2
2/5/2015Etrian Mystery Dungeon Video Introduces Medic Class
2/5/2015Ambition Co., Ltd. Releases Mobile Game Fairy Doll in 10 Countries
2/5/2015Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin to be Released Worldwide Simultaneously With Japan
2/5/2015Tamagotchi Gets A 1996 Throwback with Original Characters and Faceplates
2/5/2015Media Blasters Casts Mike Pollock, Michael A. Zekas in Holy Knight OVA
2/5/2015Fakku Publishing Hanafuda by Japanese Illustrator Okama
2/5/2015"Attack On Titan" Voice Actress Trina Nishimura To Appear at Grand Rapids Comic-Con
2/5/2015Aniplex of America to Distribute Aldnoah.Zero Soundtrack (Import)
2/5/2015Viz Media Announces the Home Media Release of Sailor Moon Season 1, Set 2
2/5/2015Persona 5 Director Katsura Hashino Talks Story, Themes
2/5/2015Illustrator Mel Kishida Tries His Hand at Voice Acting in Atelier Drama CD
2/5/2015Garo -Gold Storm- Sh? Film's Trailer, 2nd Teaser Video Streamed
2/5/2015Viz Media Named Master Merchandise Licensee for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
2/5/2015Jot Your Notes on Dumpling-Faced Free! Stationery
2/5/2015School of Ragnarok's 1st Arcade Gameplay Video Streamed
2/5/2015Platinum Games Releases 2D Bayonetta Remake
2/5/2015Final Fantasy Creator Hironobu Sakaguchi Receives GDC Lifetime Achievement Award
2/5/2015Kodocha Stage Play Casts Sana
2/4/2015Free! Eternal Summer's Unaired Episode Previewed in Digest Movie
2/4/2015Check Out the Winter Season's Official Music Videos
2/4/2015Gundam: The Origin Gets Simultaneous Global Paid Streaming & Blu-ray
2/4/2015God Eater TV Anime's Teaser Promo, Summer Broadcast Unveiled
2/4/2015Kodansha to Launch New Sh?nen Magazine R in April
2/4/2015Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Actress Neeko Announces Marriage, Pregnancy
2/4/2015Dragon Ball Xenoverse Game's Piccolo Promo Streamed
2/4/2015Discotek Adds Free!, Robot Carnival, Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust, More
2/4/2015Love Live! Actress Emi Nitta Goes on Hiatus Due to Vocal Cord Polyps
2/4/2015Tsukino-Con to Host Voice Actress Satsuki Yukino
2/4/2015Jinsei Light Novel Series Ends With 10th Volume
2/4/2015Adult Manga Publisher Fakku Books Adds Okama's Hanafuda
2/4/2015Momoiro Clover Z and Masako Nozawa Celebrate Setsubun at DBZ Film PR Event
2/3/2015Boyfriend (Beta) Candy Tastes Like Kisses
2/3/2015Yowamushi Pedal 3DS Game's Ads Features Narration by Onoda, Manami
2/3/2015Langrisser Game Series Gets New Installment on 3DS
2/3/2015The IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Anime G4U Pack's Full Promo Streamed
2/3/2015Toei Lists 2015's Precure, Kamen Rider, Nin'ninger Films
2/3/2015Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, January 26-February 1
2/3/2015Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, January 26-February 1
2/3/20152015 Dragon Ball Z Film Casts Momoiro Clover Z Idols
2/3/2015Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold Anime's Cast, Staff, Streaming Unveiled
2/3/2015Aya Uchida, Riho Iida Show Off Their Outfits for the Love Live! 5th Anniversary Concert
2/3/2015Kadokawa, Shizuoka Asahi Make BAR Kiraware Yasai Flash TV Anime
2/3/2015Ohayocon Attendee Ashley Lane Reported Missing in Ohio
2/3/2015Mangapolo Announces Winners for 3rd Manga Translation Battle
2/3/2015Yoko Kanno Composes JR East's Hokuriku Shinkansen CM
2/3/2015LA County Holds Off on Charging Power Rangers' Medina in Fatal Stabbing
2/3/2015Media Blasters Casts Amber Lee Connors, Miranda Gauvin in Holy Knight OVA
2/3/2015Something is Missing in This Week's One Piece Color Art
2/3/2015Chinese Figure Animation Gets Japanese Dub with Kana Hanazawa
2/3/2015Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Launch Trailer Streamed
2/3/2015Ohayocon Attendee Ashley Lane Found Safe in Columbus
2/3/2015Artists and Fans Celebrate Setsubun With Illustrations
2/3/2015North American Anime, Manga Releases, February 1-7
2/3/2015Tsukino-Con Announces Satsuki Yukino as Guest
2/3/2015MangaGamer Releases eden*, eden* PLUS MOSAIC, and Opens Pre-Orders for No Thank You
2/3/2015Japan's Animation TV Ranking, January 19-25
2/3/2015Tokyo Ghoul Restaurant Collaboration Recreates Kaneki's Favorite Food
2/3/2015Scandal World Tour 2015 "Hello World" U.S., Mexico Tickets on Sale Now
2/3/2015Strategy Game The Battle Cats Tops 17 Million Downloads
2/3/2015Anime Hero Naruto's Voice Actor Coming to Manchester and Glasgow Comic Cons
2/3/2015VIZ Media Announces New Officially Licensed Doraemon Branded Tofu from House Foods Corporation
2/3/2015NightCry PS Vita/Mobile Horror Game's 1st Gameplay Trailer Streamed
2/3/2015Senran Kagura: Estival Versus PS4/PS Vita Game Trailer Previews Opening Song
2/3/2015New Aria Anime Briefly Listed For September Screening
2/3/20153rd Persona 3 Film's 1st Full Trailer Previews High Stakes, Drama
2/2/2015Super Fan Gets A One-of-a-Kind Final Fantasy Cutlery Set
2/2/2015Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy Game Sequel's OP Streamed
2/2/2015Nintendo Streams New 30-Second Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Trailer
2/2/2015Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! Snags Special Award at 2015 Twin Tail Awards
2/2/2015Hello Kitty Men's Fashion Line Adds Fabulous Loafers, Denim Jackets
2/2/2015Bloodborne PlayStation 4 Game's 1st 18 Minutes Streamed
2/2/2015Shonen Jump's J-Stars Victory VS+ English Gameplay Videos Streamed
2/2/2015Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Gameplay Footage Shows Madara vs. Hashirama
2/2/2015RWBY Creator/Director Monty Oum Passes Away
2/2/2015Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka's Ryohka Draws Saekano
2/2/2015New Bravely Second 3DS Game's Trailer Introduces More Cast
2/2/2015Yuki Yuna is a Hero Anime Bundles 2nd PC Game
2/2/2015Viz's Shonen Jump to Add Kagamigami Manga From Psyren Creator
2/2/2015Sket Dance-Inspired Band The Sketchbook to Break Up
2/2/2015Appleseed's Aramaki Helms 'Evangelion:Another Impact' Short
2/2/2015Hiromi Igarashi, Ai Kayano Join Show By Rock!! Anime's Cast
2/2/2015Psycho-Pass' Akane Joins Nitro+ Blasterz Roster as Support
2/2/2015Sword Art Online: Lost Song PS3/PS Vita Game's 'Light,' 'Darkness' Spots Aired
2/2/2015Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi's Videos Feature New Characters, T.M. Revolution Song
2/2/2015Delayed 5th Milky Holmes TD Episode to Be Streamed in Japan
2/2/2015Pok?mon: Mega Evolution Special II to Debut in U.S. as Mega Evolution Shorts Are Streamed
2/2/2015You Are Umasou's Tyrannosaurus Children's Books Get 2nd Anime Film
2/2/2015The Seven Deadly Sins Manga Takes 1-Week Break Due to Illness
2/2/2015Meiji Tokyo Renka Film's Deen Staff, July Opening Unveiled
2/2/2015Ushio & Tora Supernatural Battle Manga Gets TV Anime
2/1/2015Love Live! The School Idol Movie's Trailer, Story Unveiled
2/1/2015Shirobako Preview Making-of Videos on Blu-rays/DVDs
2/1/2015Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn's New Veteran Reward is Cloud Costume
2/1/2015The Heroic Legend of Arslan TV Anime's Cast, Staff, Song, Date Unveiled
2/1/2015Yuki Yuna is a Hero PS Vita Game's Promo Shows Characters in Action
2/1/2015Media Blasters Casts Brittany Lauda, Devon Talbott in Holy Knight OVA
2/1/2015Princess Kaguya, Adventure Time Shut Out of Annie Awards
2/1/2015Funimation Announces Nobunagun English Dub Cast
2/1/2015Bloodborne Producer Explains 'Chalice Dungeons' in New Video
2/1/2015Dragon Ball Xenoverse Game's TV Ad Teases History-Changing Plot
2/1/2015King Records to Host Its 1st Anime Song Festival
2/1/2015Portland Int'l Film Fest to Screen Giovanni's Island
2/1/2015Power Rangers Wild Force Actor Ricardo Medina, Jr. Arrested for Murder
2/1/2015Latest Madoka Magica Ichiban Kuji Lottery Includes A Plethora of Figures
2/1/2015Girl Band Scandal's Tour Adds Stops in California
2/1/2015Toonami's Kill la Kill Promo Video Debuts
2/1/2015Hear Death Note The Musical Song Sung in English by Tony Nominees
2/1/2015MangaGamer to Release Princess Evangile Moe Visual Novel
2/1/2015Square Enix Hiring Staff for Dragon Quest Title, Updates on Heroes
2/1/2015Exec. Producer: 'New, Big Developments Coming For KanColle'
2/1/2015Phantasy Star Online 2 Gets Collaboration With Tales of Zestiria