Anime News

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8/25/2015Cyborg 009 Vs. Devilman Anime's Full Trailer Features Battle Scenes
8/25/2015Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! TV Anime Premieres in January
8/25/2015Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition Makes The irregular at magic high school's Tatsuya Playable
8/25/2015Montreal World Film Festival Hosts Live-Action Patlabor Film
8/25/2015Princess Knight Stage Musical Casts Nogizaka46 Idols
8/25/2015Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, August 17-23
8/25/2015Hosoda's The Boy and the Beast Film Tops 5 Billion Yen
8/25/2015Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, August 17-23
8/25/2015Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Anime's Ad Aired
8/25/2015Pokémon Set to Scare for Halloween Parade Campaign
8/25/2015Live-Action My Love Story/Ore Monogatari's Full Trailer Teases Kiss Scene
8/25/2015Saki Figures Opt for Band-Aids Over Underwear (NSFW)
8/24/2015Sega Launches '3939.00' Teaser Site
8/24/2015Daiki Yamashita Joins Hokuto no Ken: Ichigo Aji Cast as Bat
8/24/2015Voice Actress Eriko Nakamura Recuperating At Home After Hospitalization
8/24/2015Pan de Peace! 4-Panel Manga About Bread-Loving Girls Gets TV Anime
8/24/2015Sword Art Online: Lost Song, Re: Hollow Fragment Promos Streamed
8/24/2015My Little Monster's Robico Starts New Manga
8/24/2015World Trigger: Borderless Mission's Ad Previews Game's Features
8/24/2015Cardfight Vanguard G Starts 'Gears Crisis-hen' Anime Series in October with Breakerz Theme
8/24/2015Star-Mu/High School Star Musical Anime Reveals Additional Cast
8/24/2015Asterisk War Anime's 3rd Promo Video Reveals New Cast
8/24/2015Nichij? Manga to End in December With 10th Volume
8/24/2015The IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage Rhythm Game Features Customizable Office
8/24/2015Ghost in the Shell Arise Writer Tow Ubukata Arrested on Charges of Domestic Violence
8/24/2015Nintendo Posts 1st Part of Majora's Mask Comedy Manga
8/24/2015Ghost in the Shell Arise Stage Play's Motoko Previewed in Costume
8/24/2015Singer HIMEKA Tweets About Hardships in Industry
8/24/2015Pokémon Continue Exploring in New Super Mystery Dungeon Ad
8/24/2015Nintendo Announces Release Dates for Star Fox, Fatal Frame, Devil's Third, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Games
8/24/2015JAPIC Offering 2 Month Stay in Tokyo for International Animators
8/24/201529th Animator Expo Short is 'Bureau of Proto Society' by Time of Eve's Yoshiura
8/24/2015Hai-Furi Anime With Non Non Biyori Creator's Character Designs Announced
8/24/2015Pripara Ending Edited After BPO Complaints
8/24/2015Sentai Filmworks Adds Aura Anime Film
8/24/2015Him?to! Umaru-chan's 7th Mini Anime Features a Zombie Attack
8/24/2015GKids to Release Ghibli's Only Yesterday in Theaters in N. America
8/24/2015Animation Artist in Residence Tokyo (A-AIR) 2016 Now Accepting Applications
8/24/2015Is the order a rabbit's Cocoa and Chino Get Chibikyun Figures in New Lottery Prizes
8/24/2015Miyamoto: Nintendo Considers Opening Game/Movie Tie-Ins
8/24/2015Viz Media & Eleven Arts Announce Canadian Theatrical Dates For Boruto: Naruto The Movie
8/24/2015PMX2015: Anime Guest of Honor - Kyoko Hikami
8/24/2015New Gundam Extreme Vs., Kamen Rider Battride War, Granzella Titles Listed
8/24/2015Library Wars Live-Action Special Airs on October 5
8/23/2015DRAMAtical Murder's K?jaku Gets Nendoroid
8/23/2015Naruto's Masashi Kishimoto Considers Writing Sci-Fi Series Next
8/23/2015High-Quality Fate/stay night Saber Dress and Armor Costs US$4,000
8/23/20152 Arrested After Alleged Threats on Pokémon World Championships
8/23/2015Gundam's Dom Now Available in Chocolate Tofu Form
8/23/2015Gun Down Zombies with Hyperdimension Neptunia Girls
8/23/2015Haikyu!! Characters to Get Nendoroids
8/23/2015Knights of Sidonia Manga Ends on September 25
8/23/2015Ghibli's Princess Mononoke Film Shrunk into 3-Minute, 8-Bit Video
8/23/2015Bronze/Zetsuai's Minami Ozaki Launches Dahlia Manga
8/23/2015Boruto -Naruto the Movie- to Also Debut in Canada on October 10
8/23/2015Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Has Over 5 Million Registered Accounts Worldwide
8/23/20153rd Sailor Moon Musical Gets Live Screening Event in Japanese Theaters
8/23/2015Hero Company Original Anime DVD Listed to Ship on October 5
8/23/2015Yuko Minaguchi Joins Hokuto no Ken: Ichigo Aji Cast as Yuria
8/23/2015Lord of Vermillion III Arcade Card Game Gets Special Anime Video
8/23/2015Haikyu! Gets 2nd Original Event Anime
8/23/2015Hantsu x Trash Manga Bundles Original Anime DVD
8/22/2015Ubisoft's Just Dance Gets Yo-kai Watch Edition
8/22/2015Itazura na Kiss Sh?jo Romantic Comedy Manga Gets 1st Live-Action Film
8/22/2015Odin's Sphere Leifţrasir Release Gets Accessory Set, Art Book in Japan
8/22/2015MinatoSoft Opens Teaser Site for Takahiro, Romeo Tanaka's Sh?jo-tachi wa K?ya o Mezasu PC Game Project
8/22/2015Ena Moriyama's Count of Monte Cristo Manga Adaptation Ends
8/22/2015Inventor Makes Functioning Castle in the Sky Flaptter
8/22/2015To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts Manga Takes 1-Month Break
8/21/2015Cyborg 009 Vs. Devilman Anime's 2-Week Theatrical Run Starts on October 17
8/21/2015ZAQ Perform Concrete Revolutio Anime's Opening Theme Song
8/21/2015Junichi Suwabe Also Voices Toki in Hokuto no Ken: Ichigo Aji Anime Adaptation
8/21/2015Complex Age Manga Inspires Voiced Comic Video
8/21/2015Japan Animator Expo Streams Sayo Yamamoto's 'Endless Night' Short
8/21/2015Arslan Senki x Musou Game's TV Ad Streamed
8/21/2015Netoge no Yome wa Onna no Ko ja nai to Omotta? TV Anime's Cast Revealed
8/21/2015Super Robot Wars BX Game's TV Commercial Streamed
8/21/2015Yoru no Nai Kuni, Atelier Sophie Games Delayed in Japan
8/21/2015T?ken Ranbu Musical's Main Cast Pictured in Costume
8/21/2015Crunchyroll to Also Stream One Piece Episode of Sabo Special
8/20/2015Hanaukyo Maid Team's Morishige Ends Sakura Sakura Manga
8/20/2015Instant Teen's Fukushima Launches New Series in Sh?nen Magazine Edge
8/20/2015Gakuen Handsome OVA to Include 8 Short Episodes
8/20/2015Saturn Apartments' Iwaoka Resumes Shiawase no Machi Manga
8/20/2015Noragami Aragoto Anime's 2nd Promo Video Previews Opening Theme
8/20/2015Sakurako Gokurakuin Ends Sekirei Manga, Launches New Series
8/20/2015Deadline: Arc Entertainment Acquires Oshii's Live-Action Garm Wars Film
8/20/2015Girls & Panzer Voice Actress Ikumi Nakagami Safely Gives Birth to Boy
8/20/2015Katsuyuki Konishi Joins Hokuto no Ken: Ichigo Aji Anime's Cast as Kenshir?
8/20/2015Final Fantasy VII Launches on iOS in N. America
8/20/2015Yo-Kai Watch 3DS Game Ships in U.S. on November 6; Anime Premieres on Disney XD in Fall
8/20/2015Golgo 13 Snipes on The Rim of Your Cup
8/20/2015School-Live! Takes to Japanese Sea Park for Mystery Event
8/20/2015Shonen Sunday's New Editor-in-Chief Promises Changes
8/20/2015Nintendo to Lower Price of 2DS Handheld System
8/20/2015Chihayafuru's Suzu Hirose Considered Most Disliked Female Celebrity
8/20/2015Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' Ends Additional Screenings in N. America With US$8.4 Million
8/20/2015Overlord Novels, Manga Have 1.5 Million Copies in Circulation
8/20/2015Are Anime Sports Collaborations Effective?
8/20/2015Japan's Animation TV Ranking, August 10-16
8/20/2015Noragami Celebrated in Upcoming Shinjuku Festival
8/20/2015Sentai Filmworks Licenses Gatchaman Crowds Insight Anime
8/20/20153D Gunstar Heroes Now Available for Nintendo 3DS
8/20/2015Grand Rapids Comic-Con October 16-18, 2015 Monthly Calandar Submission
8/20/2015Super Robot Taisen BX Available Today
8/20/2015Miracle Girls Festival Crossover Rhythm Game's 1st Promo Highlights Tesagure! Bukatsu-mono Encore
8/20/2015Konami Digital Entertainment Shows Announces New Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Tournament Series
8/20/2015Stella Glow Reminds You: Keep Your Witches Finely Tuned
8/20/2015Upcoming Monster Musume Cast Speaks About Their Roles
8/20/2015Bung? Stray Dogs Gets Anime Adaptation at Studio Bones
8/19/2015Mah?ka K?k? no Rett?sei: Yokohama S?ran-hen Manga Ends
8/19/2015AntiMagic Academy 'The 35th Test Platoon' Anime Adds 3 More Cast Members
8/19/2015Takashi Matsuyama Joins Hokuto no Ken: Ichigo Aji Anime as Fud?
8/19/2015Wake Up, Girls! Seishun no Kage Film's TV Ad Previews Theme Song
8/19/2015Nitroplus Blasters Heroines Infinite Duel Game Adds School-Live!'s Yuki
8/19/2015Studio 4°C Amends Netflix Streaming Areas For Princess Arete, Genius Party, Mind Game, More
8/19/2015Bandai Namco Ent. Develops Summon Night 6 RPG for PS4, PS Vita
8/19/2015DD Fist of the North Star Gets New TV Anime in October (Updated)
8/19/2015Kamisama Kiss Manga Gets New Musical, 2 More OADs
8/19/2015Danganronpa 2 Stage Play Reveals More Character Visuals
8/19/2015Eir Aoi World Tour 2015 -Rock the World!- In Singapore
8/19/2015Saya Joins Project X Zone 2 Game's Roster
8/19/2015Live-Action anohana Unveils Child Actors, September 21 Air Date
8/19/2015Shueisha Ceases Publication of Garaku.mag Magazine
8/19/2015Banpresto Adds Mew Plush to Its Pokémon Crane Game Prizes
8/19/2015Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson Trailer, US Release Date Revealed
8/19/2015Terraformars Gets Episode 0 Manga Chapter on Shinjuku Station Walls
8/19/2015Stella Glow 3DS Game's 'Witch Tuning' Promo Streamed
8/19/2015Sentai Filmworks Licenses Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz
8/19/2015Shokugeki no Soma Lottery Goods Include Erina Figure, Dishes
8/19/2015New Online Store Cel-Ga Focuses on Original Japanese Animation Cels
8/19/20154K Media Expands Longstanding Collaboration in Eastern Europe
8/19/2015Japanese Comic Ranking, August 10-16
8/19/2015Shining Resonance's Linna Mayfield Gets 1/8-Scale Figure
8/19/2015Japan's Video Game Rankings, August 10-16
8/19/2015Digimon World -next 0rder- Game's Female Protagonist, New Character Unveiled
8/19/2015Monica Rial Cast as Mitsuki Nase in Beyond the Boundary English Dub
8/19/2015World Trigger Anime's English-Dubbed Trailer Streamed
8/19/2015Yanakiku Delights Fans at J-Pop Summit, Announces Tokyo One-Man Show
8/19/2015Welcome to the NHK's Kendi Oiwa Tours His Work Space
8/19/2015X Japan Offers Euro Tour Packages To Wembley SSE Arena Concert
8/19/2015Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson - Update 5
8/19/2015Ponos' The Battle Cats Gets Limited Time The Battle Cats × Mr.Ninja!! Fever Collaboration Event
8/19/2015Sentai Filmworks Licenses Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz! Anime
8/19/2015Viz Media's Haikasoru Literary Imprint Participates at 73rd World Science Fiction Convention and Welcomes Author Taiyo Fuji
8/19/2015Shirobako's Show Within a Show Gets Short Manga
8/19/2015It's Time to Introduce Two of The Legend of Legacy's Characters -- Meurs and Bianca
8/19/2015Obocchama-kun Creator Discusses Prime Minister Abe's WWII Anniversary Speech
8/19/2015Sickness Unto Death's Takahiro Seguchi Launches New Manga
8/18/2015Kantai Collection's Ooyodo Gets Nendoroid
8/18/2015Selector Destructed Wixoss Film's Comiket Promo Streamed
8/18/2015North American Anime, Manga Releases, August 16-22
8/18/2015Live-Action Black Butler's Hiro Mizushima Will Guest Star on Lena Dunham's Girls
8/18/2015Suara Returns for Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen Anime Theme Songs
8/18/2015Hosoda's The Boy and the Beast Film Surpasses Wolf Children in Box Office Earnings
8/18/2015Sentai Filmworks Licenses Hayate the Combat Butler - Heaven is a Place on Earth
8/18/2015U.S. MegaBots Team Launches Kickstarter For Kuratas Face-Off
8/18/2015Sentai Filmworks Adds Hayate the Combat Butler! Heaven Is a Place on Earth Film
8/18/2015Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. Releases New Trailer for One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3
8/18/2015Playism Releases One Way Heroics Plus DLC Pack on Steam
8/18/2015Funimation to Stream One Piece Episode of Sabo Special
8/18/2015MangaGamer is Hosting a Back-to-School Sale
8/18/2015Milpom Stop-Motion Shorts to Stream in September
8/18/2015Majora's Mask Link Gets Nendoroid
8/18/2015School of Ragnarok Fighting Gameplay Videos Feature More Characters
8/18/2015So Cute it Hurts!! Manga Continues Past August
8/18/2015Michiteru Kusaba's Fantasista Stella Soccer Manga Ends
8/18/2015Mixed Vegetables' Komura Launches New Manga
8/18/2015Live-Action Okitegami Ky?ko no Bib?roku TV Series Adds Cast
8/18/2015A Corpse is Buried Under Sakurako's Feet TV Anime's 1st Promo Video Reveals Cast
8/18/2015Koei Tecmo Announces Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Game for PS4, PS Vita
8/18/2015Studio 4°C Offers Princess Arete, Genius Party, Mind Game Anime on Netflix Worldwide
8/18/2015Toshiyuki Morikawa Joins Hokuto no Ken: Ichigo Aji Anime's Cast as Shin
8/18/2015Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, August 10-16
8/18/2015Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, August 10-16
8/18/2015Kaede Hondo, Megumi Han Star in Kamisama Minarai: Himitsu no Cocotama TV Anime
8/18/201517-year-old Shun Nishime Stars in Kamen Rider Ghost TV Series
8/18/2015Gundam's Kunio Ogawara Launches Crowdfund for Electric Car-Based Anime Pilot
8/18/2015Japanese Animated Music Video Asks Meaning of Life, First in Planned Series
8/18/2015High School Girls Pursue Their Dreams in 'Highdol' Idol Contest
8/18/2015Legend of Legacy Video Introduces Protagonists Meurs, Bianca
8/18/2015Studio 4°C Offers Princess Arete, Genius Party, Mind Game Anime on Netflix (Updated)
8/17/2015Character Voting Opens for Banpresto's DBZ, One Piece Figure Coliseum
8/17/2015Crunchyroll Streams Wakako-zake Anime, Live-Action 99 Days With the Superstar
8/17/2015Danboard Battery Charger Heading Stateside
8/17/2015Viewster Details 1st Omakase Box
8/17/2015Boys Over Flowers Musical's Cast Revealed
8/17/2015Evangelion and Japanese Sword Exhibit Inspires Dolls
8/17/2015NIS Streams Yomawari PS Vita Horror Game Trailer
8/17/2015Studio 4°C to Offer Mind Game, Genius Party in the US
8/17/2015Builder Spends 2 Years Making Lego Hyrule Castle
8/17/2015Him?to! Umaru-chan's 6th Mini Anime Stages Prison Break
8/17/2015PMX2015: Professional Registration is now open for Pacific Media Expo 2015
8/12/2015Final Fantasy XV to Launch Worldwide Simultaneously
8/12/2015Risqué Doraemon Parody Manga Nozoemon Abruptly Halted
8/12/2015Persona 4: Dancing All Night Video Reveals Hatsune Miku DLC Release Date
8/12/2015Makuranodanshi Pillow Boys TV Anime Casts Toshiyuki Morikawa
8/12/2015New Fire Emblem Manga to Begin in September
8/12/2015Pokémon: Mega Evolution Special IV's 2nd Promo Streamed
8/12/2015DBZ: Kai, Akame ga KILL! Topped Saturday U.S. Cable Ratings
8/12/2015Funimation's Prison School Trailer Previews Broadcast Dub, Cast
8/12/2015Banpresto August Lottery Highlights Include One Piece, DBZ, Madoka Magica, KanColle
8/12/2015Shokotan Dumps 1,000 Cicadas Shells on Herself During Concert
8/12/2015Japanese Comic Ranking, August 3-9
8/12/2015Japan's Video Game Rankings, August 3-9
8/12/2015Karaoke Your Heart Out With Love Live & JOYSONG
8/12/2015New Power Rangers Film Character Descriptions Unveiled
8/12/20152015 J-Pop Summit In S.F. Attracts Thousands This Past Weekend
8/12/2015Cup Noodles Re-Invents Ramen as Ice Cream
8/12/2015Funimation Unveils Gangsta. Broadcast Dub Cast, Preview Video
8/12/2015XBlaze Lost: Memories is Now Available
8/12/2015New Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Season in Development
8/12/2015Resident Evil 2 Remake in Development
8/12/2015Live-Action Romantic Comedy Minami-kun no Koibito Reveals Leads in Costume
8/12/2015New Uta no Prince-sama "Theater Shining" Project Teased
8/12/2015Servamp TV Anime Casts Ryohei Kimura, Nobunaga Shimazaki
8/11/2015Wakayama Elects Nitama As New Cat Stationmaster
8/11/2015Monogatari Series' Shinobu Seated Upon Doughnut in New Figure
8/11/2015Survive the Zombie Apocalypse with Official School-Live! Canned Goods
8/11/2015Good Smile's Orange Rouge Line Adds Cute High Earth Defense Club Love Nendoroids
8/11/2015Ditto Pikachu Infiltrates the Yokohama Pikachu Invasion
8/11/2015Rodea the Sky Soldier Delayed to November
8/11/2015Level-5 President Teaches Students How to Make Monsters on Japanese Reality Show
8/11/2015North American Anime, Manga Releases, August 9-15
8/11/2015Fairy Tail Gets New Monthly Magazine in September
8/11/2015Naruto's Dad, Minato Namikaze, Gets S.H.Figuarts
8/11/2015Ky? no Asuka Show's Taishi Mori Writes One-Shot for Grand Jump
8/11/2015Diamond Appointed Master Distributor for Bandai America Products
8/11/2015Original Japanese-Language Version of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Streaming (with Subtitles) on Crunchyroll
8/11/2015Rev. from DVL Idol Kanna Hashimoto Cosplays as Luffy
8/11/2015Viz Media's Haikasoru Literary Imprint Brings Back The Acclaimed Japanese Crime Thriller Goth
8/11/2015Spain's San Sebastian to Show Mamoru Hosoda's The Boy and the Beast
8/11/2015Viz Media Launches The New Ultraman Manga Series
8/11/2015Miss Hokusai Wins 3 Awards at Fantasia Int'l Film Festival
8/11/2015Tokyo Ghoul #1 Ranks 2nd on U.S. Monthly BookScan July List
8/11/2015Tokyo Ghoul #1 Ranks 2nd on U.S. Monthly BookScan July List
8/11/2015Fate/stay night Actress Noriko Shitaya Announces Pregnancy
8/11/2015Sega Starts New Hatsune Miku Collaboration Project
8/11/2015Preview of 2016 Pokémon Film Shows New Pokémon
8/11/2015New Yuyake Dandan Short by Last Exile's Murata Spoofs Japanese Sayings
8/11/2015Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, August 3-9
8/11/2015Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, August 3-9
8/11/2015Love Live! Movie's 2.3-Billion-Yen Earnings Surpass 2014 Crayon Shin-chan Film
8/11/2015Film of School Life Manga Setoutsumi Reveals Leads, 2016 Date
8/11/2015Anohana's Menma Teaches Theater Etiquette in The Anthem of the Heart Ad
8/11/2015Diabolik Lovers Season 2's Premiere Date, Opening Theme Revealed
8/11/2015IA/VT -Colorful- PS Vita Rhythm Game Has English Menu Text
8/10/2015TMS Streams 3rd Episode of Dededen Anniversary Anime With Seibu Railways
8/10/2015Persona 4: Dancing All Night Game's Remix Lyric Videos Posted
8/10/2015Live-Action Kodoku no Gourmet Show Gets 5th Season in Fall
8/10/2015Sega Introduces Kan Colle Arcade Game in 2 Videos
8/10/2015Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club Manga Gets Anime
8/10/2015One Piece Episode of Sabo Special Previewed in 3 Promo Videos
8/10/2015Mamoru Hosoda's The Boy and the Beast Film Sells 3 Million Tickets
8/10/2015Grand Kingdom Game's 3rd Promo Video Streamed
8/10/2015Boruto: Naruto the Movie Earns 680 Million Yen in 3 Days
8/10/2015Gintama Characters Star in Hakuj?ji Medical Supplies' Ad Campaign
8/10/2015Library Wars Anime Voice Actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki Also Stars in 2nd Live-Action Film
8/10/2015Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! Season 2's Announcement Video Posted
8/10/2015Kan Colle Kai PS Vita Game Includes German, Italian Ships
8/10/2015Video Promises To Keep You Alive & Happy at Comiket
8/10/2015PLAMAX Shimakaze Figure Also Comes With 1/350 Scale Battleship
8/10/2015Fate/Extra CCC's Saber Bride Gets 1/7-Scale Figure
8/10/2015Japanese Cosplayer Skillfully Recreates Resident Evil 2's Final Boss
8/10/2015Love Live's Nico Figure Heads Out for a Picnic
8/10/2015Viz's Shonen Jump Adds Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Manga Series
8/10/2015Shokotan Munches on Limited Edition Isopod Cake in Shibuya
8/10/2015Hetalia The World Twinkle Anime Casts Monaco, More Micronations
8/10/201527th Animator Expo Short is 'Bubu & Bubulina' by Fantastic Children's Nakamura
8/10/2015VIZ Media Adds 8 New Manga Series, Details Special Offers for August
8/10/2015BPO Watchdog Group Receives Complaints About Anime Content
8/10/2015Character Attends Own Funeral in Hero Must Die Commercial
8/10/2015Him?to! Umaru-chan's 5th Mini Anime Episode Parodies Ranger/Sentai Shows
8/10/2015Netflix Streams Fate/stay night: UBW English Dub
8/10/2015Is This Order a Rabbit's April Fool's Joke Gets Comiket Goods
8/10/2015Kana-Boon Releases New Single 'Diver,' The Theme Song for Boruto -Naruto the Movie-
8/10/2015Kan Colle Browser Game Adds More Battleships
8/10/2015Medical Manga K?nodori Gets Live-Action Show Starring Gou Ayano
8/9/2015Crunchyroll Adds Ladies vs. Butlers, Juden-Chan English Dubs
8/9/2015Cross Ange, Gundam Seed Mecha Join Get Robot Spirit Figures
8/9/2015Mugen Shinshi Mystery Manga Gets Crowdfunding Campaign for Live-Action Film
8/9/2015Arpeggio of Blue Steel Cast Drops in on Wooser Episode
8/9/2015Mixed Vegetables' Ayumi Komura Ends Full Dozer Manga
8/9/2015Super Mario 30th Anniversary CD Includes 18 Title Tracks
8/9/2015Eva Store Offers Feline-Flavored, Chinese Dress, & Uniform Rei Ayanami Figures
8/9/2015ALL OFF, Kano Perform Heavy Object Anime's Theme Songs
8/9/2015Yowamushi Pedal Sponsors Bicycle Racing Event
8/9/2015Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' Ranks #9 Among All Anime Films in U.S. So Far
8/9/2015Haruhi, God Eater, Bravely Default, Arcana Famiglia Artists Make Rhythm Game
8/9/2015Tokyo Ghoul Jail PS Vita Game's TV Ad Streamed
8/9/2015Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Game's English Character Roster Video Streamed
8/9/2015Ryohgo Narita's Baccano! Light Novels Inspire New Manga This Year
8/9/2015Kan Colle Franchise Gets Anime Film in 2016
8/9/2015Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! Anime Gets 2nd Season
8/9/2015Heroic Legend of Arslan Discs' 2nd Bonus Anime Short Previewed
8/9/2015Hiroyuki Nishimori, Yuuki Iinuma's Nanimo nai Kedo Sora wa Aoi Manga Ends in 6th Volume
8/9/20152nd Baby Steps Season Casts Masakazu Morita
8/9/2015Singer YUI Safely Gives Birth to Twin Boys
8/9/2015Young Black Jack TV Anime's 1st Promo Video Previews Theme Song
8/9/2015Minami Mizuno's Nijiiro Days Manga Gets TV Anime Adaptation
8/8/2015Akame ga KILL! Anime Premieres Tonight on Toonami
8/8/2015Dragon Zakura/Investor Z's Mita Ends Suna no Eikan Manga
8/8/2015Mamoru Oshii, Shinji Aramaki, Masahiro It? Contribute Illustrations to Japanese Chappie DVD
8/8/2015Attack on Titan: Before the Fall Manga Has 1.4 Million Copies in Print
8/8/2015Love Live's Umi Gets a Figma, Too
8/7/2015Overlord Chibi Character Anime's 1st Episode Streamed
8/7/20152nd Wild Adapter OVA Slated for September
8/7/2015Night on the Galactic Railroad Gets New Manga
8/7/2015Mikako Takahashi Joins Food Wars! Anime Cast as Jun Shiomi
8/7/2015K?ji Yanagi's Joker Game Novels Get TV Anime Adaptation
8/7/2015Phantasy Star Online 2 TV Anime's Main Staff, Cast Revealed
8/7/2015Nintendo Releases Squid Girl Costumes for Splatoon Game in U.S.
8/7/2015Japan Animator Expo Streams Kazuto Nakazawa's 'Comedy Skit 1989' Short
8/7/2015TOHO Streams 'PG-12' Rated Promo Video for 1st Live-Action Attack on Titan Film
8/7/2015Noctis Battles Malboro in Latest Final Fantasy XV Trailer
8/6/2015GoRA, Mechanical Designer Takayuki Yanase Launch New Manga in Shonen Magazine Edge
8/6/2015Crunchyroll to Also Stream God Eater Anime
8/6/2015Youji Ueda, Nobuo Tobita, Momoko Saito Join Osomatsu-san TV Anime's Cast
8/6/2015New Initial D the Movie Legend 3's Title, Date, Visual Unveiled
8/6/2015P.A. Works' HaruChika TV Anime Premieres in January
8/6/2015Exist Archive RPG's Story, November 26 Release Date Revealed
8/6/2015Gamespot: Square Enix Will Release Final Fantasy XV in 2016
8/6/2015Kamen Rider 555 Actor Masayuki Izumi Passes Away
8/6/2015Bandai Namco Ent. Confirms 7 More Returning Characters in Project X Zone 2 Game
8/6/2015Saki Ono, Taishi Murata Star in Onsen Y?sei Hakone-chan TV Anime
8/6/2015Korean Online RPG Soul Worker Gets Web Anime
8/6/2015Despicable Me's Minions Make Cameo in Kami-Usagi Rope Anime
8/6/2015Urusei Yatsura's Lum Invader Gets New Figure
8/6/2015Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain's 30-Minute Gameplay Demo Streamed
8/6/2015Asahi Shimbun Prints In-Universe Gundam Issue
8/6/2015Netoge no Yome wa Onna no Ko ja nai to Omotta? Light Novels Get TV Anime Adaptation
8/6/2015Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' Film Ranks #5 With US$1.55 Million on Wednesday
8/6/2015Shir? Emiya Wields Weapons in Newest Nendoroid Figure
8/6/2015Boruto, Sarada Give Opinion on Each Other's Dads in New Boruto -Naruto the Movie- Ad
8/6/2015Chinese Company Buys Majority Stake in Japanese Game Developer SNK Playmore
8/6/2015Get Steins;Gate's Divergence Meter as a Nixie Tube Clock
8/6/2015Persona 4: Dancing All Night's English-dubbed Kanji, Yosuke Videos Posted
8/6/2015Windows 10 Mascot Officially Introduced as 'T?ko'
8/6/2015Persona 4: Dancing All Night Presents Kanji Tatsumi and Yosuke Hanamura
8/6/2015Moco Moco Friends Coming Soon
8/6/2015TouhouCon 2015 Announces 8-Bit Cinema David Dutton and Henry Dutton as Guests of Honor
8/6/2015Camp Pokémon and Pokémon TV App Content Updates Out Now
8/6/2015World Trigger Anime Casts Umeka Shouji, Houko Kuwashima, Chihiro Ikki as Nasu Squad
8/6/2015Kero-chan Protects Your Phone with Cardcaptor Sakura Smart Phone Case
8/6/2015Radiant Becomes 1st French Manga Published in Japan
8/6/2015Japan's Animation TV Ranking, July 27-August 2
8/6/2015Bandai Namco Trademarks 'Tales of Link' in Europe
8/6/2015Zombie Anime School-Live! Soars to the Top of Summer Anime Poll
8/6/2015Kanoko Itou, Zwei Perform Steins;Gate 0 Theme Songs
8/6/2015Meet the First Four Characters in Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax in this New Trailer
8/6/2015Aksys Games Licenses Moco Moco Friends 3DS Game
8/6/2015Scandal Releases Summer Anthem 'Stamp' in The UK and Europe
8/6/2015Miss Hokusai Wins Three Awards at Fantasia 2015
8/6/2015Gatchaman Crowds VA Maaya Uchida Stars in Protein Drink Commercials
8/6/2015CWS Media Group Announces The Release of Angel Beats Anime Wall Scrolls
8/6/2015Sailor Moon Gets 1st Smartphone Game App
8/6/2015Viz Media Offers Special Free Tokyo Ghoul Digital Manga Excerpt
8/6/2015Tokyo Maximum Tour 2015 - Tokyo Game Show Official Tour - 6-Night Tokyo Package Now Confirmed
8/6/2015JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Adds Part V Characters to Roster
8/5/2015One-Punch Man TV Anime Casts Saori Hayami, Mamoru Miyano
8/5/2015Sekai no Owari Band's Fukase Turned Into a Vocaloid
8/5/2015Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain's GamesCom Trailer Previews Open World
8/5/2015Motoko Kusanagi's Assault Rifle Gets Airsoft Replica
8/5/2015Koei Tecmo's Attack on Titan Teaser Reveals 2016 Release for PS4/PS3/Vita
8/5/2015Final Fantasy XV's 'Dawn' Trailer Shows Father & Son's Past
8/5/2015Monster Strike Web Anime's 2nd Trailer Profiles Characters
8/5/2015Man Arrested for Bomb Threat to Precure Film Screening on Twitter
8/5/2015Love Live! Girls Practice Their Moves for Training Outfit Nendoroid
8/5/2015New RPG Maker Game Unveiled for Windows, Mac
8/5/2015Shirobako Tops Weekly Anime Blu-ray Chart for 1st Time
8/5/2015New Arpeggio of Blue Steel Film Casts Mai Nakahara
8/5/2015Pre-Orders Open for Majin Buu, Android 17 & 18 Figures
8/5/2015Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' Earns $1.97 Million to Rank #6 on U.S. Opening Night
8/5/2015Macross Creator Kawamori Talks Designing Plane for Thunderbirds Remake
8/5/2015Rei, Asuka, and Mari's Plug Suits Inspire Official Lingerie
8/5/2015Japanese Comic Ranking, July 27-August 2
8/5/2015Japan's Video Game Rankings, July 27-August 2
8/5/2015Live-Action Attack on Titan Director Teases Godzilla Plans
8/5/2015Ghibli's Only Yesterday Listed With English Dub
8/5/20158-bit Mario, Zero Suit Samus, Ganondorf Amiibo Figures Headed to N. America
8/5/2015Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Slated for October 23
8/5/2015Show By Rock's Plasmagica Gets Their 1st Fashion Endorsement
8/5/2015Tomoyasu Hotei's Debut International Album Release 'Strangers' out October 16 Through Spinefarm Records
8/5/2015When Marnie Was There Blu-ray/DVD Listed for October 6
8/5/2015Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist For PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Available Now
8/5/2015Mighty No. 9 Delayed Until Early 2016
8/4/2015Dark Souls III Trailer Previews Gameplay
8/4/2015Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold is Now Available in Stores
8/4/2015Naruto Creator Masashi Kishimoto to Participate in Two Special Signings at New York Super Week
8/4/2015Time of EVE Character Designer Ryuusuke Chayama Debuts on Patreon
8/4/2015Author Criticizes L Actor in Live-Action Death Note Show, Praises Light
8/4/2015Special ANN Programming Track at Waku Waku +NYC
8/4/2015Dragon Ball Z:Resuurection F Themesong 'Pledge of Z' by Momoiro Clover Z Will be Available Digitally Worldwide
8/4/2015Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Z, Cowboy Bebop Licensed for Board, Miniature Games
8/4/2015Eirtakon Announces Guest of Honor for 2015
8/4/2015Attack on Titan Gets Koei Tecmo Game on PlayStation Platform This Winter
8/4/2015Ryotaro Okiayu Joins Noragami Aragoto Cast as Ebisu
8/4/2015Naruto SUN Storm 4's New Trailer Shows Western Delay, Generational Battles
8/4/2015Anime News Network at Otakuthon this Weekend
8/4/2015My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO! Game Slated for PS Vita
8/4/2015Prison School Manga Gets Live-Action Show by Machine Girl's Iguchi
8/4/2015Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, July 27-August 2
8/4/2015Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, July 27-August 2
8/4/2015Ken Akamatsu Updates Digital Manga Library Service With GyaO
8/4/2015Neo-Queen Serenity, King Endymion Featured in Sailor Moon Crystal's 11th Blu-ray Cover Art
8/4/2015Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' Film's English-Dubbed 'Goku' Trailer Posted
8/4/2015Monster Fest Event at Makuhari Messe Spirals Out of Control
8/4/2015Last Emperor/Honneamise Composer Ryuichi Sakamoto "in Great Shape" After Cancer Treatment
8/4/2015Momoiro Clover Z's Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' Songs Offered Globally
8/4/2015Meet Japan's Latest Android, Erica
8/4/2015UROBOROS Performs Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers' 2nd Opening Theme
8/4/2015Lerche Comiket Goods Includes Ranpo Kitan Hugging Pillow
8/4/2015New Azumi Stage Play Casts AKB48 Member Rina Kawaei
8/4/2015Love Live! Collabs with Sega for Summer Campaign
8/4/2015Live-Action Orange Film's Trailer Previews Letter From the Future
8/4/2015Stardust Crusaders Dio Statue Will Make You Yell 'Muda Muda Muda!'
8/4/2015Kickstarter Launched to Give Barefoot Gen Manga to Schools, Libraries
8/4/2015North American Anime, Manga Releases, August 2-8
8/4/2015Fairy Fencer F Hits Steam Today
8/4/2015Netflix to Launch in Japan on September 2
8/4/2015mixi Formally Apologizes for Monster Fest Debacle
8/3/2015Arnie Roth: Final Fantasy XII 'Remake' Comment Was Error in Use of Term
8/3/2015Red Ash Anime Kickstarter Campaign Reaches US$150,000 Goal
8/3/2015Dariusburst Another Chronicle EX Scrolling Shooter Game Gets Port for PS4, PS Vita, PC
8/3/2015Piece of Cake's George Asakura Starts Hazeru Hoshi Manga
8/3/2015Valkyrie Drive -Bhikkhuni- PS Vita Game to Ship on December 10
8/3/2015Exist Archive Sideview RPG's 1st Teaser Video Previews Gameplay
8/3/2015Kenichi Suzumura Joins Concrete Revolutio TV Anime's Cast
8/3/20151st Attack on Titan Live-Action Film Debuts at #1, Earns 600 Million Yen
8/3/2015Him?to! Umaru-chan Manga Has 1.5 Million Copies in Print
8/3/2015Love Live! Film's Box Office Earnings Surpass 3rd Madoka Magica Film
8/3/2015Monster Hunter X Game's Videos Introduce Hammer, Hunting Horn Weapon Classes
8/3/2015Minami Takahashi Makes Cameo in 1st Live-Action Attack on Titan Film
8/3/2015Fans Celebrate ?'s Honoka K?saka's Birthday
8/3/2015Grave of the Fireflies Director Isao Takahata Also Chimes in on Constitution Changes
8/3/2015Mexico Wins World Cosplay Summit 2015 Championship
8/3/201526th Animator Expo Short is 'Comedy Skit 1989' by Samurai Champloo's Nakazawa
8/3/2015Idol Duo ClariS Finally Reveals Themselves, Kinda
8/3/2015Red Ash Anime, Game Kickstarters Wrap Up
8/3/2015Vega Returns in Street Fighter V
8/3/2015Live-Action Attack on Titan Modeling Director Has Choice Words for Critics
8/3/2015Him?to! Umaru-chan's 4th Mini Anime Episode Parodies Dragon Ball
8/3/2015Fate/stay night UBW Blu-ray Box 2 Adds 10-Minute Short
8/3/2015DC Anime Club Announces International Cosplay Day 2015 Events
8/3/20153tArts Presents 'Spirit of the Wind' A Studio Ghibli Tribute Art Show
8/3/2015Atlus Reveals Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold's Chloe
8/3/2015Nikkei Reports on Konami's Restructuring, Dissolution of Kojima Productions
8/3/2015Idolish 7 Rhythm Game's Details, Autographed Goods Announced
8/3/2015MangaGamer Releases Demo Version of Kara no Shojo 2
8/3/2015PMX 2015: Vocaloid Returns to Pacific Media Expo 2015
8/2/2015Aru Hi Inu no Kuni kara Tegami ga Kite Manga Gets Anime on DVD
8/2/2015Fan-Favorite Digimon Omnimon Gets SHFiguarts Figure
8/2/2015Singer Daigo Stars in Monster Hunter X Game Ad
8/2/2015Japan's Latest Culinary Concoctions: A Wet Burger and Lemon-Mint Soda
8/2/2015Live-Action Corpse Party Film Gets Uncut, 'Unlimited Edition'
8/2/2015Kant? Crowns 2015's Hottest High School Boy
8/2/2015Sentai Filmworks to Dub Chaika - The Coffin Princess Anime
8/2/2015Yotsuba&'s Cardboard Robot Upgrades to Router
8/2/2015Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls' Rhythm Game Boasts 20+ Songs, 50+ Idols
8/2/2015Tonkatsu DJ Agetar? Gag Anime to Air on TV
8/2/2015Kodansha Launches 'Magazine Pocket' Manga App With New Fairy Tail, Ace of Diamond Spinoffs
8/2/2015Valkyrie Drive -Mermaid- TV Anime's 1st Promo Video Previews Voice Cast
8/2/2015Kengo Kawanishi, Juri Kimura Join Monster Strike Web Anime's Cast
8/2/2015Shonen Magazine Edge to Launch New Series by Sasameke's Gotsubo
8/2/2015Iwate Prefecture's T?no City Streams 'Kataribe Sh?jo Honoka' Promotional Anime Short
8/2/2015Monster Hunter X Game's Videos Introduce Dual Blades, Sword & Shield Weapon Classes
8/2/2015Giant Killing's Tsujitomo Draws Poster for 95th Emperor's Cup Soccer Championship
8/2/2015'Love Like Aliens' Director Rashad Haughton to Produce Red Ash Main Theme Song
8/1/2015Distant Worlds Conductor Arnie Roth: Final Fantasy XII 'Remake Underway'
8/1/2015Danganronpa 2 Stage Play's Video Reveals Full Cast
8/1/2015World Cosplay Summit Contestants Visit Japan's Foreign Ministry
8/1/2015CLAMP Puts xxxHOLiC: Rei Manga on 1-Month Hiatus
8/1/2015Kumamon Shows His Kumamoto School Spirit in Yowapeda Campaign
8/1/2015Enjoy the Summer Festivals in a Gintama Yukata
8/1/2015Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma Manga Has Over 7.7 Million in Circulation
8/1/2015Evangelion Juice Campaign Continues With 26-Episode Boxes
8/1/2015'Brave Beats' Trademark, "" Domain Registered
8/1/2015Yowapeda T-Shirts Turn into Instant Character Face Masks