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Anime News

DateArticle Name
11/28/2016Survival Game Club! Manga Ends on December 1
11/28/2016Takaaki Natsuhiro, Saeki YouthK Perform Themes for Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation Anime
11/28/2016Keisuke Itagaki's Baki Manga Gets TV Anime Adaptation
11/28/2016Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Manga Gets Spinoff in December
11/28/2016your name. Anime Film Earns 19.4 Billion Yen to Surpass Princess Mononoke
11/28/2016First Love Monster Stage Play's Cast Revealed in Costume
11/28/2016Tokyo Theater Brings Back 1st Girls & Panzer Film Even After 1-Year Run Ended
11/27/2016Gabriel Dropout Anime's Theme Song Artists, January 9 Premiere Revealed
11/27/2016Uchouten Kazoku 2 Event Announcement: Tanuki Gathering at the Forest of Tadasu, Shimogamo Shrine
11/27/2016Funimation Films Holds Oscar® Qualifying Screenings of 'Your Name.'
11/27/2016Your Name Breaks Box Office Records in Single Day Expansion
11/27/2016Steins;Gate 0 is Out Now
11/27/2016Art of War- Winter Journey- 20th Anniversary Product
11/27/2016Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Reflection Film Casts Haruka Tomatsu, Satomi Satou
11/27/2016Toei Confirms Kirakira Precure a la Mode TV Anime for 2017
11/27/2016Full Lineup Revealed for This Year's K?haku Song Contest
11/27/2016Code Geass Gets New Sequel & Anime Compilation Film Trilogy
11/27/2016Mr. Osomatsu Anime's TV Special Reveals Title, Preview Image
11/27/2016Donald Trump Already Makes an Appearance in Baki-Dou Manga
11/27/2016Live-Action Anonymous Noise Film Casts Jun Shison, Y?ta Koseki as Male Leads
11/26/2016New Gintama Anime Premieres on January 8, Switches to Late Night Timeslot
11/26/2016Music Box Ornament Recreates Sailor Moon S Ending
11/26/2016LiSA Performs Theme Song For Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale Film
11/26/2016Real-Life Hentai Kamen Spotted in Tokyo
11/26/2016Player Claims to Beat Pokémon Sun & Moon With 1 Magikarp
11/26/2016One Piece Film Gold Earns Biggest 3-Day Total in China of Any Japanese Film in 2016
11/26/2016Viewster Adds Tenjho Tenge TV Anime, Galaxy Express 999 Anime Films
11/26/2016Samurai Deeper Kyo's Kamijy? Draws 2-Chapter Manga
11/26/2016Crunchyroll Adds 5 Funimation Titles to Catalog
11/26/2016Digital Manga's Under the Air Kickstarter Reaches Stretch Goal For Melody of Iron Manga (Updated)
11/26/2016Ayumi Komura Draws Boys-Love Spinoff of Usotsuki Lily Manga
11/26/2016Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga Anime's Promo Videos, TV Ad Highlight Shiemi, Izumo
11/26/2016Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc Manga Gets TV Anime Series in January 2018
11/26/2016Inori Minase Cancels Events, Appearances After Receiving Death Threat Online
11/25/2016Masamune-kun's Revenge Anime's 2nd Promo Video Previews Theme Song
11/25/2016Ao Oni the Animation Film's Character Designs, Cast, Story Unveiled
11/25/2016The Last Guardian Game's 9-Minute Introduction Video Streamed
11/25/2016New York Times Manga Best Seller List, November 13-19
11/25/201621st Detective Conan Film Features Heiji Hattori, Kazuha Toyama
11/25/2016Chain Chronicle Anime's 1st 7 Minutes Streamed, Petit Anime Tie-In Shorts Revealed
11/25/2016No Anime in Consideration for This Year's Animated Short Oscar
11/25/2016Gainax West Teases Possible Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Announcement (Updated)
11/25/2016Sh?wa Genroku Rakugo Shinj? Anime's 2nd Season Reveals Staff, Cast, Visual, Ad
11/25/2016Introducing Anime Now
11/25/2016Seiren Original Anime Reveals 3 More Cast Members, Character Designs
11/25/2016Nyanko Days TV Anime Reveals Cast, Staff, Song Artist, January 8 Premiere
11/25/2016Live-Action One Week Friends Film's 4 New Stills Show Y?ki Giving Diary to Kaori
11/25/2016Passione Animates Hinako Note Manga's TV Anime
11/25/2016Kotobukiya's Frame Arms Girl Model Kit Line Gets TV Anime in 2017
11/25/2016MangaGamer Black Friday Sale and Ozmafia Hardcopies
11/25/2016MangaGamer Releases A Kiss for the Petals - The New Generation
11/25/2016Musical Duo Trustrick Go on Indefinite Hiatus
11/25/2016Tsugumomo Romantic Comedy TV Anime Premieres in April
11/25/2016Chiruran Nibun no Ichi Comedy Anime's Cast, Staff, January 9 Premiere Revealed (Updated)
11/24/2016Japan's Animation TV Ranking, November 14-20
11/24/2016Shinkai's 'your name.' Setting Earns 18.5 Billion Yen From Anime Pilgrimage
11/24/2016Japan's Video Game Rankings, November 14-20
11/24/2016Cyber Dimension Neptune: 4 Goddesses Online Promo Shows Characters as RPG Heroes
11/24/2016Drone Version of Last Exile's Vanships Under Development
11/24/2016Patlabor Producer Taro Maki: New Patlabor Project Starting
11/24/2016Y?jo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil Anime's Staff, More of Cast Revealed
11/24/2016Overlord Anime's Compilation Project Split Into 2 Films With Myth&Roid Music
11/24/20163rd Kizumonogatari Film's New Visual Revealed
11/24/2016Akitsugu Mizumoto Ends Gourmet Gakuen Toriko Spinoff Manga
11/24/2016In This Corner of the World Meets Crowdfunding Goal in 1 Day to Send Director Overseas
11/24/2016Scum's Wish Anime's 1st Promo Video Reveals Main Cast
11/24/2016Garo Project Gets New TV Anime Series
11/24/2016Final Fantasy Returns to Puzzle & Dragons with a New Dungeon, New Characters, and More
11/24/2016Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel Dukes Out A Release Date on Windows PC
11/24/2016Ditto to Reveal Itself in Pokémon Go
11/24/2016XSEED Games Deploys Exploration-Driven Sci-Fi Platformer Exile's End Onto Wii U
11/24/2016Section23 Films Announces March Slate
11/24/2016Koei Tecmo America Confirms Western Release of Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey
11/24/2016Haikyu!! Gets New Stage Play Featuring Karasuno vs. Aobaj?sai in Spring
11/24/2016ACCA TV Anime's Ad Highlights Gene Otus
11/24/2016Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Anime Casts Daisuke Ono, Y?ichi Nakamura
11/24/2016Japanese Fans Pick Cutest Chinese Girls in Anime & Video Games
11/24/2016Isekai Izakaya "Nobu" Alternate-World Gourmet Light Novels Get Anime
11/24/2016Mochademia Project Imagines Coffee Beans as Magical Schoolgirls
11/24/2016New Haruhi Suzumiya Commercial Airs
11/22/2016Sakurada Reset TV Anime's Staff, Spring 2017 Debut, Visual Unveiled
11/22/2016Nanbaka Anime Gets 2nd Season via Digital Services in January
11/22/2016Kabukibu! Kabuki Club TV Anime Unveils CLAMP's Designs, Staff, April Debut
11/22/2016Pearl Diver Mascot Megu Aoshima Raises Funds for Promo Anime
11/22/2016Resident Evil Films' Director Paul W.S. Anderson Drafts Monster Hunter Hollywood Film
11/22/2016Short Film for Level-5's Snack World Shown With 3rd Yo-kai Watch Film
11/22/2016Pokémon Go's Lapras Event Cut Short in Fukushima After Quake
11/22/2016Mr. Osomatsu 3DS Game's Videos Highlight Mini-Games
11/22/2016Dr. Slump Character Arale Returns to Dragon Ball Super
11/21/2016Strike the Blood II Sequel Anime's 1st 3 Minutes & Title Sequence Streamed
11/21/2016Masamune-kun's Revenge Anime Casts Yui Ogura, Asuka ?game
11/21/2016Taish? Mebius Line Boys-Love Game Inspires TV Anime Shorts in 2017
11/21/2016Live-Action Hyouka Mystery Film Casts Kento Yamazaki, Alice Hirose
11/21/2016Figure Close-Up: Dragon Ball Z Model Kits
11/21/2016Live-Action The meal with Hokusai TV Series Casts Elaiza Ikeda
11/21/2016Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Spinoff Novel About Ry? Gets Manga
11/21/2016Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Holiday Offerings
11/21/2016Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Heading to PS4 in Summer 2017
11/21/2016Anaheim Convention Center to Become Weekend Home to Konami's Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series November 26-27
11/21/2016Viz Media Serves Up The Pokémon Cookbook and New Pokémon X?Y Pocket Comics for December Release
11/21/2016Koei Tecmo America Announces Upcoming Release of Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers
11/21/2016Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy Coming to PS Vita and Steam in Spring 2017
11/21/2016As the Gods Will: The Second Series Manga to End in 5 Chapters
11/21/2016Ch?ko Video-Ya no Onna Tenin X Manga Gets Short Anime About Life in Video Shop
11/21/2016Viz's Shonen Jump to Preview Ole Golazo Manga in English
11/21/2016Japanese Fans Choose Anime's Biggest Tearjerkers
11/21/2016Funimation Reveals English Dub Cast for All Out!! Anime
11/21/2016Digimon Website Hosts 20th Anniversary Countdown
11/21/2016New Danganronpa V3 Game's 1st Character Trailer Previews Kiibo, Gonta, Sh?ichi, Tsumugi
11/21/2016Protect Yourself With Government-Issued Sailor Moon Condom Packs
11/21/2016Hajimete no Gal High School Romantic Comedy Manga Gets TV Anime
11/21/2016Final Fantasy XV Game's Ad Shows Clips From Story
11/21/2016KanColle Anime Film Listed as 93 Minutes Long
11/21/2016Valkyria: Azure Revolution Prologue Video Details Game World's History
11/21/2016Shinkai's 'your name.' is #1 in 13th Week as Gundam the Origin IV Debuts at #9
11/21/2016Final Fantasy XV Game Teases 'Astral-Nomic' Launch Day Plans in Hollywood Center
11/21/2016Mainichi Shimbun: 'In This Corner of the World' Film Projected to Earn 500 Million Yen
11/21/2016Koro Teacher Quest! Anime Series Unveils Key Visual
11/20/2016Kuroko's Basketball Last Game Anime Film Opens on March 18
11/20/2016F?ka TV Anime's 1st Promo Video Previews Opening Theme
11/16/2016Twin Star Exorcists Vita Game's 2nd Ad Shows How Players Can Touch Their Partners
11/16/2016Zelda Real Escape Game Announced for 8 U.S. Cities
11/16/2016Live-Action TV Series The meal with Hokusai Casts Mone Kamishiraishi
11/16/2016The Rootless Rock Band's Former Vocalist Shin Nohata Arrested for Theft
11/16/2016Urara Meiroch? Anime About Divining Girls Reveals Cast, January 5 Premiere
11/16/2016Live-Action Teiichi no Kuni Film Announces More of Cast
11/16/2016Shinkai's 'your name.' Tops Box Offices in Thailand, Hong Kong
11/16/2016Tales of Berseria RPG's English-Subtitled Trailer Shows New Gameplay, Characters
11/16/2016Fate/Extella Game's English Trailers Highlight Nameless, Gawain, Cu Chulainn, Li Shuwen
11/15/2016Look Forward to Yuri!!! on Ice Large Face Cushion & Nendoroids
11/15/2016Live-Action Fullmetal Alchemist Film's Teaser Shows Ry?suke Yamada as Ed & CG Al
11/15/2016Conan O'Brien Rips Apart Final Fantasy XV: 'Why is This a Game?'
11/15/2016Singer Valshe to Perform New Ninja Girl & Samurai Master Theme Song
11/15/2016Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone PS4 Game Gets Western Release on January 10
11/15/2016Pokémon Go Players Bust 1.3 Billion Ghost Pokémon During Halloween Event
11/15/2016North American Anime, Manga Releases, November 13-19
11/15/2016Cladun Returns: This is Sengoku! Heads West on PS4, PS Vita, PC
11/15/2016Super Mario Run Slated for December 15 on iPhone, iPad for US$9.99
11/15/2016FigureX Announces Life-Size Version of Re:Zero's Rem
11/15/2016F?ka Anime's Key Visual, Character Designs Unveiled
11/15/2016Manga, Anime, Ranobe and Novels - Sugoi Japan Award2017 Vote
11/15/2016Birthdays the Beginning Coming to the West in March 2017 for PS4? and Steam®
11/15/2016Yoshiki Wins Asian Icon Award at Classic Rock Awards in Tokyo
11/15/2016Sailor Moon R The Movie U.S. Theatrical Screening Event Coming January 2017
11/15/2016My Love Story!! English Dub Casts Austin Tindle as Makoto Sunakawa
11/15/2016Toys R Us Canada Briefly Listed Nintendo Switch With CAD$329.99 Price
11/15/2016Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Compilation Films' Teaser Shows Action Scenes
11/15/2016New Attack on Titan 3DS Game's Teaser Video Reveals March 30 Date, Special Edition Contents
11/15/2016Orange Anime Sequel Film Previews More New Footage in 1st Full Trailer
11/15/2016Nintendo Sells 262,961 Classic Mini Famicom Systems in 4 Days in Japan
11/15/2016Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, November 7-13
11/15/2016Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, November 7-13
11/15/2016Samurai Sensei Comedy Manga Has Live-Action Film Planned
11/15/2016F?ka TV Anime Reveals Main Cast, Staff, January Premiere
11/15/2016Kin-iro Mosaic/KINMOZA! Special Anime Debuts at #11 at Box Office
11/15/2016Love Live! Sunshine!! Puts 7th Consecutive CD Single in Weekly Top 5
11/15/2016Live-Action Blade of the Immortal Film's Stills Show S?ta Fukushi, Erika Toda in Battle
11/15/2016Dragon Ball Fusions RPG's N. American Release Moved to November 22
11/14/2016Naoko Kodama's Yuri Manga NTR: Netsuzou Trap Gets TV Anime in 2017
11/14/2016Saburouta's Yuri Manga Citrus Has Anime in the Works
11/11/2016Live-Action Saki Project's 1st TV Ad Previews Theme Song By Main Cast
11/11/2016Hiroaki Hirata Replaces Keiji Fujiwara in Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga Anime
11/11/2016Seiren Original Anime Reveals 1st 2 Cast Members, Character Designs
11/11/2016Detective Opera Milky Holmes Anime Special Reveals Title, Visual
11/11/2016Atelier Shallie Plus PS Vita Game's English Trailer Highlights Characters, Additional Content
11/11/2016MangaGamer Announces Pre-Orders for Himawari
11/11/2016MangaGamer Releases Go Go Nippon 2016
11/11/2016Cyber Dimension Neptune: 4 Goddesses Online Game's Promo Reveals February 9 Debut
11/11/2016Duelists Give Thanks for a Bounty of New Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Products This Winter
11/11/2016Bravely Default Fairy's Effect Smartphone Game Announced
11/11/2016Global Version of "Love Live! School Idol Festival" Celebrates 5 Million Players with Special Event
11/11/2016Rie Kugimiya Cast in Kenji Kamiyama's Hirune Hime Anime Film
11/11/2016Viz Media Expands Pokémon Publishing Catalog with Pokémon Adventures 20th Anniversary Illustration Book
11/11/2016Toshiyuki Morikawa Voices All Characters in Kamigami no Ki Anime About Egyptian Gods
11/11/2016Dark Rose Valkyrie, Haku?ki Remake, Mary Skelter Games Head West in 2017
11/11/2016Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation Anime Unveils New S?hoku High Members
11/10/2016Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz OAV Available for Free Streaming for Limited Time
11/10/2016Live-Action Blade of the Immortal Film's 1st 2 Teaser Trailers Introduce Cast
11/10/2016Take a Tour of Tokyo's 'your name.' Film Locales
11/10/2016Live-Action Ghost in the Shell Production Praised by Mamoru Oshii in Video
11/10/2016Sport Your Own Yuri!!! On Ice Yuri Plisetsky's Tiger Sweatshirt
11/10/2016Introducing the New Cast of Steins;Gate 0
11/10/2016Supaboy S - Play SNES and SFC Games on This Portable System
11/10/2016RPG Astral Frontier for Android?: Change Your Fate in a World to the Brink of Extinction in a Space Fantasy RPG
11/10/2016See Like a Magical Girl With Sailor V Eyeglasses
11/10/2016Hand Shakers TV Anime Reveals Roles for Sora Amamiya, Y?suke Kobayashi, More
11/10/2016Japan's Animation TV Ranking, October 31-November 6
11/10/2016Fan Creates Pokémon Battle Demo for Augmented Reality Glasses
11/10/2016Final Fantasy XV Gets 'Judgement Disc' Demo in Japan Only
11/10/2016Arpeggio of Blue Steel's Ark Performance Develops Gundam Novel
11/10/2016Tokyo Otaku Mode Opens Collaborative Global Portal Site for 'Sword Art Online the Movie: Ordinal Scale' Releasing Next Spring
11/10/2016Galaxy Angel Blu-ray Collection Coming February 2017 from Nozomi Entertainment
11/10/2016Koei Tecmo America Reveals Launch Window Content Bonuses for Atelier Shallie Plus: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea
11/10/2016Re: Zero 'Rem' Voice Actress, Inori Minase Released Her 3rd Single 'Starry Wish'
11/10/2016PMX2016: Pacific Media Expo 2016 is This Weekend
11/10/2016H.I.S. Announces Exclusive The Sword Art Online Official Japan Tour
11/10/2016Orange Manga Nominated for Goodreads Choice Awards
11/10/2016Usagi Longs for a Ford Fusion in New Overdub Ford YouTube Commercial
11/10/2016Nintendo to End Production of Current Wii U Sets in Japan Soon
11/10/2016Genocidal Organ Anime Film Streams New Promo Video
11/8/2016Akiba's Beat RPG's Opening Anime Sequence Featuring ClariS Posted
11/8/2016Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector Game App Gets Live-Action Film in 2017
11/8/2016Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, October 31-November 6
11/8/2016Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, October 31-November 6
11/8/2016Alice to Zouroku Manga About Girl With Mysterious Power Gets TV Anime
11/8/2016Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, October 24-30
11/8/2016Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, October 24-30
11/8/2016Kenji Kamiyama's Hirune Hime Anime Film Adds 5 Cast Members
11/8/2016Gackt's Trickster Anime Theme Song Gets Animated Music Video
11/8/2016Fukushima Gainax Makes Rescue Academia Anime About Minamis?ma City
11/8/2016Square Enix, Machine Zone Make Final Fantasy XV MMO Game App
11/7/2016Live-Action Ani ni Aisaresugite Komattemasu Film Casts Takuya Kusakawa, Y?suke Sugino
11/7/2016Replicate Evangelion's Stark Episode Titles with Special Font Package
11/7/2016BanG Dream! TV Anime's Ad Introduces Bass Player Rimi
11/7/2016KochiKame Manga Gets Infinity Volume With Mini Scroll
11/7/2016Daisuki Streams Mahoraba Anime
11/7/2016your name Inspires New Relationships with Matchmaking Events
11/7/2016Tonko House, Hulu Japan to Debut Animated Series Based on 'The Dam Keeper'
11/7/2016Compile Heart Unveils Gun Gun Pixies Game for PS Vita
11/7/2016Watch Death Note's Ryuk Sing His Version of "Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen"
11/7/2016Live-Action Ghost in the Shell Teaser Shows Major's Thermoptic Suit
11/7/2016Shinkai's 'your name.' Film Submitted for Oscar Consideration
11/7/2016Sephiroth Joins Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade Game as Playable Character
11/7/2016Live-Action Your Lie in April Film's English-Subtitled Trailer Posted
11/7/2016Live-Action One Week Friends Film's 2 New Stills Show Y?ki, Sh?go During Lunch Break
11/7/2016Sae Okamoto's Mecha-Ude Anime Kickstarter Ends After Reaching Stretch Goal For Short Episode
11/7/2016A Silent Voice Film Earns 2.1 Billion Yen, Sells 1.6 Million Tickets
11/7/2016Shinkai's 'your name.' Returns to #1 in Japanese Box Office in 11th Week
11/7/2016Bungo Stray Dogs Anime Casts Haruka Kudou
11/7/2016ZAQ Returns to Perform Theme Song for Trinity Seven Anime Film
11/7/2016Capcom Hints at Akuma for Street Fighter V Game
11/7/2016Osamu Tezuka's Previously Unreleased Erotic Illustrations Unveiled
11/7/2016New Game! PS4, PS Vita Game's Promo Shows Game's Story, Mechanics
11/7/2016New Danganronpa V3 Game's 1st Character Trailer Previews Kaede, Rantar?, Miu, Kokichi
11/6/2016Compile Heart Launches Countdown for 'Guns x Cute Girls' Project
11/6/2016Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Kamen Rider Ghost Crossover Film's Trailer Reveals Shirou Sano as Villain
11/6/2016Live-Action Blade of the Immortal Film Reveals 9 Additional Cast Members
11/6/2016Weekly Shonen Jump Gets First Ever Reprint Thanks to KochiKame
11/6/2016Funimation Streams Drifters Anime's English-Narrated Clip
11/6/2016Hokusai to Meshi Saeareba Manga Gets Live-Action TV Series