Anime News

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2/29/2016Mr. Osomatsu's Todomatsu, Ichimatsu Bish?nen Hug Pillow Designs Revealed
2/29/2016Seven Seas Licenses Re:Monster Manga
2/29/2016Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, More Join Mysterious Joker Anime's 3rd Season
2/29/2016New How to Draw Panties Manga Drawing Book Teaches Exactly That
2/29/2016Rie Murakawa Performs Opening Theme for Age 12 Sh?jo TV Anime
2/29/2016Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Ghost Manga Ends in March
2/29/2016New Vegeta Figure Literally Trembles with Fear
2/29/2016Mayoiga Original TV Anime Begins Crowdfunding
2/29/2016Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- Game's Main Visual, New Promo Video Revealed
2/29/2016Code Geass: Oz the Reflection 02 Manga Ends
2/29/2016K: Dream of Green Manga Ends
2/29/2016Late Author Cocoa Fujiwara's Katsute Mah? Sh?jo to Aku wa Tekitai Shiteita. Manga Gets 3rd Volume Release
2/29/2016Only Yesterday Film Reveals More U.S., Canadian Screenings
2/29/2016Tokyo Plans Temporary Locale for Tokyo Big Sight Events During Olympics Preparations
2/29/2016Sony Ends Shipments of PlayStation TV in Japan
2/29/2016Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2016's Current Fan Vote Tallies
2/29/2016Jewelpet Attack Chance Short Anime's 1st Episode Streamed
2/29/2016Suzuko Mimori, Izumi Kitta, Natsuko Hara Cast in Onigiri TV Anime
2/29/2016Magi: Sinbad no B?ken TV Anime's 1st Ad Streamed
2/29/2016Tokyo Theater to Screen Girls und Panzer Film with 'Extreme' 4DX
2/29/2016I Am A Hero Live-Action Film Reveals Stills, Drama Prequel
2/29/2016Staff, Fall Premiere, Cast Announced for Luger Code 1951 Story's Anime
2/28/2016Makoto Shinkai's She & Her Cat TV Anime Previewed in Promo Video
2/28/2016Luck & Logic Streams 7th 'We Are Luck & Logic Club' Anime Short
2/28/2016htoL#NiQ Game Slated for PC on March 14
2/28/2016Future Card Buddyfight Gets 3rd Anime Season in April
2/28/2016Symphogear Anime Gets Both 4th & 5th Seasons With Game in Production
2/28/2016Funimation's Escaflowne Kickstarter Goes Live
2/28/2016htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary Coming to Steam on March 14
2/28/2016Touhou Genso Rondo (Working Title) Coming to North America and Europe as a Digital Release in 2016
2/28/2016Fist of the North Star Statue to Welcome Hokkaido Bullet Train
2/28/2016One Piece Film Gold Anime Film's Visual by Eiichiro Oda Unveiled
2/28/2016Unaired Assassination Classroom Episodes to Run on dTV Service
2/28/2016Lone Wolf and Cub Author Kazuo Koike Brings Back Series
2/28/2016Inside Out, 'Bear Story' Win Animated Oscars
2/28/2016Flying Witch Anime Announces Cast for Familiar Characters
2/28/2016Bus Tour of Live-Action Patlabor Filming Locations Planned
2/28/2016Business School for Japanese Pop Culture to Open in Akihabara
2/28/2016Relive Dramatic Scenes from One Piece, Dragon Ball Z with Figures
2/28/2016Rio - Rainbow Gate! Anime to Get English Dub
2/26/2016Pokémon Sun & Moon Unveiled for 3DS in Holiday 2016
2/26/2016Wagamama High Spec TV Anime To Be 5-Minute Episodes
2/26/2016Seisen Cerberus TV Anime Premieres on April 4
2/26/2016Senran Kagura: Estival Versus PS4/PS Vita Game's Trailer Shows Characters
2/26/2016Screen Daily Unveils 2016 Death Note Film's New Visual
2/26/2016Live-Action Chiny?ki Film's 1st 6 Minutes Streamed
2/26/2016Nobunaga no Shinobi Anime's Key Visual Revealed
2/26/2016Moto Hagio's Poe no Ichizoku Manga Inspires Live-Action Series in March
2/26/2016Rock Band B'z Performs 1st Detective Conan Film Theme in 5 Years
2/26/2016Tonko House Streams Teaser For 'Moom' CG Animated Short
2/26/2016Tetsuya Chiba Starts Crowdfunding Campaign to Make Kaze no Y? ni Anime Film
2/25/2016Pokémon Boutique Pops Up at JapanLA Beginning on Pokémon Day, February 27
2/25/2016Mind Zero Releasing on Steam 3/8/16
2/25/2016New Story, Familiar Faces in Fairy Fencer F: Dark Advent
2/25/2016Trillion: God of Destruction - New Trailer Shows Overview of Gameplay
2/25/2016VIZ Media Announces First Ever Blu-Ray Home Media Release of Death Note Anime Series
2/25/2016Usagi Tsukino Shows Support for Yomiuri Giants Baseball Team
2/25/2016Comedy Skit Show Mega64 Creates Retro-Style Infomerical for Disgaea PC
2/25/2016Flying Witch Anime Announces Additional Cast
2/25/2016Japan's Animation TV Ranking, February 15-21
2/25/2016Pokémon Pop-Up Boutique Returns to L.A. for Pokémon Day
2/25/201620th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize Nominees Announced
2/25/2016Mind Zero Game Slated for March 8 on PC via Steam
2/25/2016Senran Kagura: Estival Versus PS4, PS Vita Game's Western Release Dates Revealed
2/25/2016Mr. Osomatsu's Choromatsu Bish?nen Hug Pillow Design Revealed
2/25/2016Resident Evil 4, 5, 6 Games Headed to PS4, Xbox One
2/25/2016Crunchyroll Store: Hikari & Angewomon GEM Figure Cancelled in West by Rights Holder; Not 'Child-Friendly'
2/25/2016'Pokémon Moon,' 'Pokémon Sun' Trademark Applications Filed in Europe (Updated)
2/25/2016Ninja Slayer From Animation's TV Broadcast Reveals April Premiere, Key Visual
2/25/2016Bandai Namco Streams Ufotable's God Eater Prologue OVA With English Subtitles
2/25/2016Onigiri Anime's Main Cast, Key Visual Revealed
2/25/2016PriPara Film's New Video Features Comments by Guest Stars
2/25/2016Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2016 'Animation of the Year' Nominees Announced
2/25/2016KonoSuba Video Anime Casts Aki Toyosaki as Yunyun
2/25/2016Pokémon Day Celebrates 20 Years of Iconic Brand
2/25/2016First Love Monster TV Anime Premieres This Summer
2/25/2016Sweetness and Lightning Manga Gets TV Anime in July
2/25/2016Naoki Shigeno's Nobunaga no Shinobi Manga Gets TV Anime
2/25/2016Re: Life in a different world from zero Anime's Theme Songs, Character Designs Revealed
2/25/2016Netflix Brings New Original Anime Series, Perfect Bones, to Members Worldwide
2/23/20164K Media Signs Aquarius Entertainment Merchandising to Develop Yu-Gi-Oh! Puzzles, Lunch Boxes, Playing Cards and More
2/23/2016Voice Actor/Musician Jason Charles Miller to Perform at Otakon Matsuri 2016
2/23/2016STARMARIE O-EAST Solo Show Sold Out Theme Song for Anime, ?Onigiri? to be released April 20
2/23/2016Fan-Favorite Fairies and Fencers are Back in the New Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force
2/23/2016Pacific Solution Marketing Licensed to Produce Naruto Shippuden Anime Series Weapons Replicas
2/23/2016Crunchyroll Licenses Gintama Anime to Pacific Solution Marketing for Cosplay Accessories
2/23/2016Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, February 15-21
2/23/2016Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, February 15-21
2/23/2016Girls & Panzer Film Jumps Back to #8, D?ky?sei/Classmates Opens at #9
2/23/2016NIS America Teases Criminal Girls 2 at End of Press Event
2/23/2016htoL#NiQ, Criminal Girls: Invite Only Games Get PC Release
2/23/2016Japanese Police Arrest 44 in 3 Days for Alleged File-Sharing
2/23/2016NIS America to Release Yomawari, Touhou Genso Rondo in the West
2/23/2016One Piece Film Gold Anime's Character Costumes by Original Creator Unveiled
2/23/2016Chika Chika Idol Anime Project Launches Kickstarter Campaign
2/22/2016New Puzzle & Dragons Smartphone App Uses GPS for Gameplay
2/22/2016Assassination Classroom 3DS Game's 2nd Promo Video Streamed
2/22/20162016 Danganronpa Stage Play Announces Additional Cast
2/22/2016Gundam Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost ON Arcade Game's Promo Video, Opening Streamed
2/22/2016Live-Action Mogura no Uta Sequel Film Premieres in December
2/22/2016Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Game Gets Stage Play Adaptation
2/22/2016Cat Version of Yotsuba&!'s Danbo Character Inspires TV Anime in October
2/22/2016Silicon Studio, Mistwalker Collaborate on New Game
2/22/2016Cardfight!! Vanguard G Stride Gate-hen April Anime Announced With Theme Song Artists
2/22/2016Live-Action Wolf Girl & Black Prince Film's Poster Unveiled
2/22/2016Perfume Song Featured in Latest Trailer for Live-Action Chihayafuru Films
2/22/2016Sailor Moon Crystal Characters Team Up with JiNS Eyewear
2/22/2016HK/Hentai Kamen Sequel Film About Panty-Mask Superhero Opens in May
2/22/2016Man Strips Down to Sailor Moon Costume at Trump Rally
2/22/2016'Bath Time Boyfriend' Products are Ready to Pamper You
2/22/2016Unlimited tone, CooRie to Perform Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge Anime Theme Songs
2/22/2016IBM Japan Reveals Sword Art Online Virtual Reality MMO Project
2/22/2016Shaft's Madogatari Exhibition Sees 40,000 Attendees, Adds Nagoya Location
2/22/2016Metal Band Seikima II to Perform Terraformars Revenge Anime Theme Songs
2/22/2016TV Bros. Magazine Collabs With Matsuno Bros For 6 Variant Covers
2/22/2016Producer: Warner's Live-Action Death Note Film Will be R-Rated
2/22/2016NIS America to Release Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness for PS4/PS Vita in the West
2/22/2016One Piece Burning Blood's Marineford Arc Trailer Streamed
2/22/2016Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal's Kite, GX's Aster & Alexis to Appear in Arc-V
2/22/2016Gundam Seed Head Scriptwriter Chiaki Morosawa Passes Away
2/21/2016All Out!! Rugby Anime's Main Staff, Visuals, Fall Premiere Revealed
2/21/2016Hiroshi Nishikiori Launching Kickstarter for CHIKA*CHIKA IDOL Anime Project
2/21/2016STARMARIE O-EAST Solo Show Sold Out, Theme Song for Onigiri Anime to Be Released April 20
2/21/2016Aikatsu Stars! TV Anime Premieres in April With Film Following in August
2/21/2016Cardboard Manufacturer Makes Lamborghini Out of Cardboard
2/21/2016Naoki Urasawa Manga Documentary Series is Back for Second Season
2/21/2016Yowamushi Pedal Gets Official Road Race Cycling Team
2/21/2016One-Punch Man's Yuusuke Murata Draws Cover Illustration for Street Fighter Novel
2/21/2016Japanese Theater Shorts Introduce "Clamployees"
2/21/2016Hiro Shimono Narrates Latest Milky Holmes Film Ad as Rat
2/21/2016tri-Ace, Durarara!!/Baccano!'s Narita Create HeavenxInferno Smartphone Game
2/21/2016'Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?' Light Novels Get New Original Video Anime
2/21/2016Fairy Tail Stage Play Reveals Minami Tsukui in Costume as Erza Scarlet
2/21/2016"Anime in my life" Campaign Through Returns
2/21/2016Hibari Meguro, School Rumble's Jin Kobayashi End Seiy? Mashimashi Club Manga
2/21/2016BAND-MAID Releases Video Comment for Sakura-Con 2016
2/21/2016Dr. DMAT Medical Manga Ends
2/21/2016Luck & Logic Streams 6th 'We Are Luck & Logic Club' Anime Short
2/21/2016Idea Factory International Reveals Return of Main Cast in Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force
2/21/2016M2 Video Game Programmer Akira Sait? Passes Away
2/21/2016Love Live! The School Idol Movie Premium Edition Now Available for Preorder
2/20/2016Zero Escape Themed Room Opening in Los Angeles
2/20/2016Mitsubishi Unveils Device for Projecting Mid-Air Displays
2/20/2016UDON Entertainment's Street Fighter Unlimited #1 Sold Out; New Edition Available
2/20/2016Voltage Inc. Releases After School Affairs Romance App
2/20/2016Idea Factory International Reveals Trillion: God of Destruction's Fegor, Overlord of Sloth
2/20/2016Gundam UC Anime Gets TV Broadcast With New Opening, Ending Themes (Updated)
2/20/2016Kamen Rider Battride Genesis Game's Rider, Gameplay Videos Streamed
2/20/2016Mr. Osomatsu Baseball Art, Merch Revealed
2/19/2016Fate/Grand Order Smartphone Game Crosses Over With Garden of Sinners in Anime Ad
2/19/2016Manga Creator Satomi Koe Passes Away
2/19/2016Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge Anime's Cast Revealed
2/19/2016Super Lovers Anime's 1st Promo Video Previews Y?suke Yata's Opening Theme
2/19/2016Haku?ki: Otogis?shi TV Anime Premieres on April 5
2/19/2016Live-Action Erased Film's 2nd Behind-the-Scenes Video Streamed
2/19/2016Live-Action Terraformars Film's Clip With Incomplete CG Streamed
2/19/2016GameSpot: Hideo Kojima Wants New Game to Expand Into Anime
2/19/2016Anne Happy/Unhappy Go Lucky! Casts Yumi Hara, Chitose Morinaga
2/19/2016Kamen Rider #1 Film's Trailer Shows Original Kamen Rider
2/19/2016Milky Holmes Film's TV Ads Highlight Elly, Stone
2/19/2016Sega Develops New Sangokushi Taisen Game
2/19/2016Studio Pierrot Animates Puzzle & Dragons X TV Anime Premiering on July 4
2/19/2016Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! Season 2's Title Unveiled
2/19/2016JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4's Theme Song Artist, Visuals Unveiled
2/19/2016Capcom's Attack on Titan Arcade Game Features Omni-Directional Maneuver Gear Controls
2/18/2016Porno Graffitti, Brian the Sun Perform My Hero Academia Anime's Theme Songs
2/18/2016Ushio & Tora Anime Season 2's Visual Posted
2/18/2016The First 7th Dragon III Code: VFD Trailer Features Earth's Newest Apex Predator
2/18/2016Assassination Classroom Manga to End in 5 Chapters
2/18/2016One Piece Kabuki Play Previewed in TV Ad
2/18/2016Live-Action Nobunaga Concerto Film Stays at #2, Earns 3.2 Billion Yen
2/18/2016Live-Action Sakura no Ame Film's Trailer Streamed
2/18/2016Tonkatsu DJ Agetar? TV Anime Casts Daiki Yamashita, Kouji Ishii, Kenjiro Tsuda, More
2/18/2016VIZ Media Launches Matsuri Hino's New Manga Series Shuriken and Pleats
2/18/2016XBlaze Code: Embryo Releasing 3/1/16 on Steam
2/18/2016KOEI TECMO America Reveals Series Debut Features for Upcoming Strategy Epic, Samurai Warriors 4 Empires
2/18/2016Sentai Filmworks Licenses ?Hakuoki ~ Demon of the Floating Blossom: Wild Dance of Kyoto?
2/18/2016Tina Nishimura to Appear at Castle Point Anime Convention
2/18/20164K Media Appointed as Master Licensee for Rebecca Bonbon
2/18/2016Whistle! Soccer Manga Gets Stage Play Adaptation
2/18/2016Terraformars Revenge Anime Sequel Series' New Visual, Cast Revealed
2/18/2016Love Live! School idol festival ~afterschool Activity~ Arcade Game Unveiled With Teaser
2/18/2016Girls & Panzer Film's Japanese BD/DVD Release Includes OVA
2/18/2016Funimation Licenses The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Anime Film
2/18/2016Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Softenni!"
2/18/2016Anna Sui Sailor Moon Collaboration Expands With Purses, Jeweled Accessories
2/18/2016New Pokémikke Goods Combine Pokémon & Sweet Treats
2/18/2016Viz's Shonen Jump Previews Kimetsu no Yaiba Manga
2/18/2016Group Recreates Mr. Osomatsu Opening Sequence in Live-Action
2/18/2016Japan's Animation TV Ranking, February 8-14
2/18/2016Sentai Filmworks Licenses Softenni! TV Anime
2/18/2016Nintendo Closes Patreon for Fan-Made Super Mario Brothers/Sonic Animation
2/18/2016Hiroshi Motomiya Ends Katsu F?tar?!! Manga in March
2/18/2016Assassination Classroom Anime Casts Nobunaga Shimazaki, Kotono Mitsuishi
2/18/2016Blood Blockade Battlefront Boys Get Hugging Pillows
2/18/2016Hasbro, Sunrights Plan International Launch of Beyblade Burst Toys, Anime
2/18/2016Katsucon 2016 Cosplay Video Shows Valkyrie Eevee-lutions, Super Heroes Galore
2/18/2016Crunchyroll Adds Fushigi Yugi Anime to Catalog
2/18/2016Digimon Adventure tri's Meicoomon Joins Digimon World -Next Order- Game as DLC
2/17/2016Lupin the 3rd Lottery Includes Blue Jacket Lupin Figure
2/17/20162 New Manga Launch in Shonen Jump+ Web Manga Site This Month
2/17/2016Russian Cosplayer Heads to the Slopes in Sailor Moon Bikini
2/17/2016Japanese Comic Ranking, February 8-14
2/17/2016Babymetal Idol Group Set to Appear on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert
2/17/2016Japan's Video Game Rankings, February 8-14
2/17/2016Live-Action Astro Boy Film Heads to New Line, Acquires Writers
2/17/2016Power Rangers Spinoff Comic to Focus on Pink Ranger
2/17/2016Wakayama's Late Cat Stationmaster Inducted Into Hall of Fame
2/17/2016Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun English Dub Casts Ty Mahany as Nozaki
2/17/2016King of Fighters XIV's 6th Trailer Introduces King of Dinosaurs, Maxima, Clark Still, Terry Bogard
2/17/2016Onigiri Fantasy Anime Announces Main Staff, April Premiere Date
2/17/2016Kurage no Shokud? Anime's March 9 Date, Theme Song, Teaser Video Revealed
2/17/2016Squid Girl/Shinryaku! Ika Musume Manga Ends on February 25
2/17/2016Black Butler Manga Gets New Anime Film in Early 2017
2/17/2016Ace of Diamond act 2 Manga to Bundle 2 Original Anime DVDs
2/17/2016Battle Spirits Double Drive Anime's Video Shows Main Staff, Story
2/17/2016Live-Action Diaspolice Project's Behind-the-Scenes Video Posted
2/17/2016Rock Band Monobright Performs New Bono Bono Anime's Theme
2/17/2016Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 to Bring Back Pole Dancing
2/17/2016Haikyu!! Cross team match! Game's Video Previews Fully Voiced Story Dialogue
2/16/2016Ichigo Takano's Sci-Fi Romance Manga Orange Gets TV Anime This Summer
2/16/2016Milky Holmes Film's TV Ads Center on Twenty, Saku
2/16/2016Lunkhead Performs Ushio & Tora's New Ending Song
2/16/2016Love Live! Girls Get Minty Fresh in Newly Animated Chewing Gum Ad
2/16/2016Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel Will Be Released in Europe and Australia on 7th April, 2016
2/16/2016BAND-MAID Releases New Music Video on Valentine's Day
2/16/2016Girls Beyond the Wasteland joins Anime Network Online's Latin America Line-Up
2/16/2016Norn9 Joins Anime Network Online's Latin America Line-Up
2/16/2016Otaku USA Magazine and Mad Event Entertainment Partner to Present Anime Fan Fest
2/16/2016Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle Joins Anime Network Online's Latin America Line-Up
2/16/2016Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, February 8-14
2/16/2016Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, February 8-14
2/16/2016Some of the 10th Annual Seiy? Awards Winners Announced
2/16/2016Kuma Miko: Girl Meets Bear Anime Reveals Theme Song Details
2/16/2016Kairi Shimotsuki Ends Brave10 S Manga in March
2/16/2016Attack on Titan Game's Ad, Costume, Story Videos Streamed
2/16/2016Live-Action Erased/Boku dake ga Inai Machi Film's Behind-the-Scenes Video Posted
2/15/2016Takarazuka Revue's Rurouni Kenshin Stage Play Previewed in Ad
2/15/2016The Idolm@ster Shiny Festa Smartphone Games End Service in March
2/15/2016Mr. Osomatsu's 2nd Opening Theme Single Ranks #2 with 25,000 Copies
2/15/2016Sion Sono Returns to Direct Shinjuku Swan Sequel
2/15/2016Titans Aim to Take Over Shinjuku Station With Giant Scratch-Off Poster
2/15/2016The Boy and The Beast Promotes Shibuya Tourism With Location Map
2/15/2016Raiden V Shooter Game's Opening Movie Streamed
2/15/2016New Manga Anthology Mixes Boys-Love and Zombies
2/15/2016Yowamushi Pedal's 8th Stage Play Reveals New Cast in Costume
2/15/2016Exclusive: Otaku USA to Produce New Jersey's Anime Fan Fest
2/15/2016Space Brothers Creator Introduces 3D Printer Studio, Workplace in French TV Program
2/15/2016Hiroshima Formally Drops Plans to Reclaim Land in 'Ponyo's' Harbor
2/15/2016Yona of the Dawn Stage Play Trailer Shows Off Characters in Costume
2/15/2016Platinum Games' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shows Leonardo Gameplay in Video
2/15/2016Nikkei: Bandai Namco Halts New Arcade Games Due to Arcade Slump
2/15/2016Bandai Namco Pictures Registers 'Aikatsu Stars!' Trademark
2/15/2016Battle Spirits Double Drive Anime's Main Cast, Character Designs Revealed
2/15/2016Yo-kai Watch x 3 Kingdoms Collaboration Game Previewed in Video
2/15/2016Dance With Devils Musical Reveals More Cast in Costume
2/15/2016T?ken Ranbu Stage Play Casts Taiz? Shiina as Fud? Yukimitsu
2/15/2016Animated Short of What Happens Before War? Anti-War Picture Book Streamed
2/15/2016D-Selections Performs 'Hundred' School Battle Anime's Opening Theme
2/15/20162016 Pokémon Film's Plot, Title Revealed With New Mythical Pokémon Magearna
2/10/2016The Little Match Girl Manga's Anime Promo Video Debuts
2/10/2016Qualidea Code TV Anime Casts Chika Anzai, Y?ma Uchida
2/10/2016My Hero Academia Anime Casts Yuuki Kaji as Sh?to Todoroki
2/10/2016Final Fantasy IX RPG Launches on Smartphones
2/10/2016PlayStation 4 Gets Limited Edition Star Ocean 5 Model in Japan
2/10/2016Bandai Namco Files Trademark for 'Ultimate Ninja Blazing' in Europe
2/10/2016Street Fighter V's Karin Character Video, Alex DLC Revealed
2/10/2016Ace Attorney 6 Game's New Prosecutor Nayuta Sadmadhi Revealed
2/10/2016Voice Actress Yukari Tamura Cancels Concert & Radio Shows, Puts Site on Hiatus
2/10/2016Dagashi Kashi's English Broadcast Dub Casts Todd Haberkorn, Tabitha Ray, Sara Ragsdale
2/9/2016Accel World: Infinite Burst Key Visual Posted
2/9/2016Austin Tindle, Ricco Fajardo, Natalie Hoover Star in Prince of Stride English Broadcast Dub
2/9/2016One-Punch Man Creator's Mob Psycho 100 Anime Presents Teaser Video With Cast, Staff
2/9/2016Attack on Titan Game's Training Grounds & PS3/PS Vita Gameplay Videos Posted
2/9/2016Actor Ken Watanabe Undergoes Surgery for Early-Stage Stomach Cancer
2/9/2016Udon Entertainment Issues Kill La Kill Volume 1 and Steins;Gate Volume 1 Reprints
2/9/2016Voltage Inc. Releases Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY
2/9/2016Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, February 1-7
2/9/2016Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, February 1-7
2/9/2016Fairy Tail Stage Play Reveals Kento Ono in Costume as Hibiki
2/9/2016Unsung Story RPG's Developer Loses Key Staff, Shifts to Other Projects
2/9/2016Gundam Thunderbolt Anime Episode 2 Previewed in Ad
2/9/2016Terraformars Film Gets Live-Action Prequel Special
2/9/2016'And you thought there is Never a girl online?' Anime Slated for April 7
2/9/2016Accel World: Infinite Burst Film Slated for July 23
2/9/2016Spice & Wolf Light Novel Series Gets Sequel on 10th Anniversary
2/9/2016Manga Creator Yoshikazu Ebisu Makes Magical Girl Anime Short
2/9/2016Kana Hanazawa Sings 'Prius! Impossible Girls' Song
2/9/2016Sailor Moon Gets 4th Round of Candy Compacts
2/9/2016Netflix, DreamWorks' Voltron Reimagining Teased in Image
2/9/2016Get a Closer Look at Yukai Engineering's Singing, Dancing Hatsune Miku Nendoroid
2/9/2016North American Anime, Manga Releases, February 7-13
2/9/2016Endride Anime Reveals More Character Designs by Rurouni Kenshin's Watsuki, Bastard!!'s Hagiwara
2/9/2016Cardcaptor Sakura's 3rd Ending Theme Inspires SD Figures
2/9/2016Trustick to Perform Shonen Maid Anime's Opening Theme
2/9/2016D?ky?sei/Classmates Boys-Love Film's May U.S. Opening Listed, Then Removed (Updated)
2/9/2016Keijo!!!!!!!! Aquatic Sports Anime's 1st Key Visual Posted
2/9/2016Trigger's Kiznaiver Anime Adds More Cast, Theme Songs, April Premiere
2/9/2016BPO Publishes Viewer Complaint About Man Catching Brother Masturbating in Anime
2/8/2016Street Fighter V CG Trailer Shows All 16 Fighters
2/8/2016Mr. Osomatsu x Margaret Magazine Collaboration Announced
2/8/2016Medarot/Medabots Girls Mission Game's 1st Promo Video Previews Characters, Costume Break Feature
2/8/2016Shout! Factory to Release Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir on Home Video
2/8/2016P.A. Works Reveals Kuromukuro TV Anime's Story, More of Cast & Staff, April Debut in New Video
2/8/2016Live-Action Terraformars Film's New Poster Features Komachi & Crew Mates
2/8/2016Ry? Kitamura, Shuuto Miyazaki, Ry? Matsuda Perform Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V's New Opening Theme
2/8/2016Chika Chika Idol Anime's Japanese Crowdfunding Campaign Launches
2/8/2016To-Mas Soundsight Fluorescent Forest, Clammbon Perform Theme Songs for She and Her Cat: Everything Flows Anime
2/8/2016Sensa-tions Performs 2nd Assassination Classroom Live-Action Film's Theme Song
2/8/2016Media Blasters to Release Juden Chan on Blu-ray Disc
2/8/2016Daichi Sorayomi's Keijo!!!!!!!! Aquatic Sports Manga Gets TV Anime
2/8/2016Dance With Devils Musical's Long Promo Video Streamed
2/8/2016Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari Manga Gets TV Anime This Year
2/8/2016Shiren the Wanderer 5 PS Vita RPG Gets N. American Release on July 26
2/8/2016Mr. Osomatsu's 'Fapping in Progress' Sign Recreated as a Tissue Box Cover
2/8/2016Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Shares Helena Image Video
2/8/2016Goku Cosplayer Takes His Flying Nimbus to Taipei
2/8/2016Love Live! School Festival, Bleach Brave Souls Developer KLab's Profits Drop
2/8/2016Puzzle & Dragons Collaborating With BLEACH Soon
2/8/2016Capcom Producer: Discussions on New Onimusha Game Happening at 'High Levels'
2/8/2016Y?ki Amami to Guest Star in 20th Detective Conan Movie
2/8/2016Get the Skinny on GSC, Fate Series Figures from WonderFest
2/8/2016Sansha Sany? Anime Casts Machico, Aina Suzuki, Rika Momokawa
2/7/2016ReLIFE Anime to Star Kensho Ono, Ai Kayano
2/7/2016My Hero Academia Reveals Character Designs For Denki Kaminari, Eijir? Kirishima
2/7/2016Kuroko's Basketball Stage Play's Visual Features 10 Cast Members in Costume
2/7/2016Original Pokémon Soundtrack Issued on Limited Edition Pokéball Vinyl
2/7/2016Nestlé Reminds Candy Fans That Sake KitKats Are Not for Kids
2/7/2016English-Language Naruto Yaoi Fanfiction Reworked into Japanese Drama CD
2/7/2016Chihayafuru, Love Live!, Macross Delta Among Sculptures at 2016 Sapporo Snow Festival
2/7/2016New York Times Manga Best Seller List, January 24-30
2/7/2016Pack of Cute Guys Puts the "Gum" into "Shinsengumi"
2/7/2016Star Wars: TFA Is 1st Film Since Frozen to Top 10 Billion Yen
2/7/2016Hatsune Miku Project Diva X's New Features Previewed in Promo Video
2/7/2016Live-Action Film of School Life Manga Setoutsumi Opens in July
2/7/2016Sound! Euphonium Anime Film's New Visual Revealed
2/7/2016Fire Emblem Fates' Western Release Won't Include Japanese Audio
2/7/2016Yaoi-Con to Host The Tyrant Falls in Love's Hinako Takanaga
2/7/2016Kagewani Monster Suspense Anime Gets 2nd Season in April
2/7/2016PonyCan USA Announces Release Details for Garakowa Film
2/7/2016Rage of Bahamut: Manaria Friends Anime's Cast, Character Designs Revealed
2/7/2016Hiroyuki Imaishi's Uch? Patrol Luluco TV Anime Reveals Cast, Characters, Staff, Story
2/7/2016Yuko Minaguchi, Kikuko Inoue Join Cast of Root Letter PS4/PS Vita Game
2/7/2016When Marnie Was There, The Boy and The Beast Shut Out of Annie Awards
2/6/2016Voice Actor Noriaki Sugiyama Joins Daisuke Namikawa's Stay-Luck Agency
2/6/2016Pony Canyon Announces Garakowa -Restore the World- Premiere Report & Release Details
2/6/2016Funimation Entertainment Announces North American Theatrical Dates for Psycho-Pass: The Movie
2/6/2016VIZ Media Releases Naruto and Naruto Shipp?den Feature Film Catalog on Steam
2/6/2016Luck & Logic Streams 4th 'We Are Luck & Logic Club' Anime Short
2/4/2016My Hero Academia Anime Casts Tasuku Hatanaka, Toshiki Masuda
2/4/2016Manga of Dragon Ball Project Fusion 3DS Game Debuts in April
2/4/2016Naruto's Itachi Shinden-hen TV Anime Premieres on March 3
2/4/2016Bullet Girls 2 PS Vita Game's Promo Reveals April 21 Release Date
2/4/2016Production I.G Makes Anime of Korean Vampire Comic Noblesse
2/4/2016New Live-Action Death Note Film Stars S?suke Ikematsu, Masahiro Higashide, Masaki Suda
2/4/2016Cross Manage's Kaito Ends Buddy Strike Manga in Shonen Jump
2/4/2016Mayoiga Original TV Anime Stars K?dai Sakai, Yuka Aisaka
2/4/2016Live-Action Wolf Girl & Black Prince Film's Teaser Highlights Premise
2/4/2016New Berserk Anime is TV Series That Premieres in July
2/4/2016One-Punch Man Original Video Anime Episode 4's 1st Minute Streamed
2/4/2016Right Stuf, Inc. and Sunrise Inc. Announce Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation and Gundam Evolve for May 2016
2/4/2016X Japan Forced to Postpone March 12, 2016 Wembley Show Due to Illness
2/4/2016Passion Pictures ?We Are X? Wins World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Award ? Best Editing at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival Awards
2/4/2016STARMARIE Unleashes New Look in Collaboration With Fashion Brands PUTUMAYO and Rion
2/4/2016Megadimension Neptunia VII Out Today for the PS4
2/4/2016DLSite.Com Launches 10% Reward Points Limited Campaign
2/4/2016Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4's Secret Techniques Video Streamed
2/4/2016Qualidea Code TV Anime Casts S?ma Sait?, Yui Ishikawa
2/4/2016Nitroplus Blasterz PS4/PS3 Game's Launch Trailer Streamed
2/3/2016Fairy Tail Stage Play Reveals Hirofumi Araki in Costume as Jellal
2/3/2016Square Enix Teases Arcade Edition of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
2/3/2016Arina Tanemura Draws Idolish 7 Project's 'GOOD NIGHT AWESOME' Album Jacket
2/3/2016Future GPX Cyber Formula Celebrates Bleed Kaga's 20th Birthday With Wine
2/3/2016Japanese Comic Ranking, January 25-31
2/3/2016New Shiseido Ad Shows Make-Up's Versatility by Transforming 1 Woman into 8 Looks
2/3/2016Crunchyroll to Stream This Boy is a Professional Wizard Short Anime
2/3/2016Terror in Resonance Stage Play Reveals Megumi Han as Five, Chad Mullane as Clarence
2/3/2016Japan's Video Game Rankings, January 25-31
2/3/2016Viz Media Releases Judas Manga Digitally on February 23
2/3/2016'Prius! Impossible Girls' Car Parts-as-Girls Project Adds Vocaloid Song in Latest Promo
2/3/2016Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun English Dub Casts Scott Gibbs as Mikorin
2/3/2016Hideo Kojima, Guillermo del Toro to Host Joint Presentation at D.I.C.E. Summit
2/3/2016Zelda: Twilight Princess Manga's Monday Debut, Semimonthly Schedule, Visual Unveiled
2/3/2016Twin Star Exorcists Anime Debuts in April, Casts Y? Serizawa & Junichi Suwabe
2/3/2016Koei Tecmo's Attack on Titan Game Teases Group Tactics, Cleaning Costumes in Videos
2/3/2016Q-Lia's Banana Cat Character 'Bananya' Gets Crowdfunding for TV Anime
2/3/2016Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth PS4/Vita Game's Launch Trailer Streamed
2/3/2016Age 12 Sh?jo TV Anime's Title, April Debut, Main Visual Unveiled
2/3/2016Funimation Streams Evangelion: 3.33 Film's English-Dubbed Trailer
2/1/2016Takashi Miike Gives Interview on Upcoming Terraformars Live-Action Film
2/1/2016Seisen Cerberus TV Anime Previewed in 1st Promo Video
2/1/2016Comiket Questionnaire Implies Possible Move Westward in 2020
2/1/2016Atelier Shallie Plus PS Vita Port's Promo Streamed
2/1/2016Crying Politician Ry?tar? Nonomura is Back
2/1/2016Kikuko Inoue to Play Lala's Mother in To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness OVA
2/1/2016Atelier Series' Gust Polls Fans About Anime Collaborations
2/1/2016Yuu Azuki Draws Sequel to Iga no Kabamaru Manga After 32 Years
2/1/2016Konami Has Shipped Over 6 Million Copies of Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
2/1/ Domain Registered Under Mag Garden's Name
2/1/2016Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia Anime's 1st Promo Video Lists Summer Debut
2/1/20161st Kizumonogatari Film Earns 600 Million Yen in 3 Weeks
2/1/2016Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash's 4th Episode Anime Music Video Streamed
2/1/2016Canada's Tsukino-Con To Host Voice Actor Kensho Ono
2/1/2016Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Game Posts Marie Rose Image Video
2/1/2016Final Fantasy IX RPG's Smartphone Version Gameplay Previewed
2/1/2016Pokkén Tournament Game's Chandelure Video Streamed
2/1/2016Ghibli Director Isao Takahata Declines to Join Oscar Academy
2/1/2016Akira Himekawa's New Zelda Manga is Twilight Princess
2/1/2016Idolm@ster Game Series Director Akihiro Ishihara Leaves Bandai Namco