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Anime News

DateArticle Name
3/29/2016My Hero Academia English 'Roll Call' Videos Introduce Bakugo, Yaoyorozu, More
3/29/2016Halko Momoi is Seeking Suggestions for Male-Performed Anisongs to Cover
3/29/2016North American Anime, Manga Releases, March 27-April 2
3/29/20162nd Digimon Adventure tri. Film Extends Run After Earning 134 Million Yen
3/29/2016The Anthem of the Heart Characters Star in Sony Walkman, Headphones Ad
3/29/2016School Battle Anime Hundred's TV Ad Previews Opening Theme Song
3/29/2016Crunchyroll to Stream Super Lovers Boys-Love Anime
3/29/2016DAYS Soccer Anime's 1st Teaser Shows Animation, Additional Cast
3/29/2016Sentai Filmworks Licenses Tanaka-kun is Always Listless Anime
3/29/2016Fukushima Gainax's Miharu Tourism Anime's 1st Episode Streamed
3/29/2016Mayoiga/The Lost Village Original Anime Streams Promo, Adds 20 New Characters
3/29/2016Crunchyroll to Stream Bungo Stray Dogs Anime
3/29/2016Bung? Stray Dogs Gets Original Video Anime in Addition to TV Anime
3/29/2016Super Lovers Boys-Love TV Anime's Ad Previews Opening Song
3/29/2016Danganronpa 3 Anime's Characters from Super Danganronpa 2 Game Revealed
3/29/2016Dreamworks Animation Reveals Voltron: Legendary Defender at Wondercon 2016
3/29/2016Juan Sebastian Andrade Captures Ultimate Duelist Series Invitational - South America Win
3/29/2016Kawaii Kon's Guest Announcements for 2016 Show
3/29/2016VIZ Media To Debut Junji Ito's Tomie, Takeshi Obata's Platinum End, And More This Fall
3/29/2016The Live Concert from Love Live! to Be Streamed Live in Theaters in Asia and Oceania
3/29/2016Super Conventions Moves Two Comic Con & Anime Fan Conventions to Fort Lauderdale
3/29/2016Kill Me Baby/Sweet Blue Flowers Voice Actress Ai Takabe's Drug Charges Dropped
3/29/2016Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, March 21-27
3/29/2016Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, March 21-27
3/29/2016Funimation's Escaflowne Dub Casts Eric Vale, Jole McDonald
3/29/2016Empire of Corpses, Girls & Panzer, Psycho-Pass Nominated for Japan Sci-Fi Con's Seiun Awards
3/29/20162nd Live-Action Assassination Classroom Opens at #1 With 639 Million Yen
3/29/2016New Jersey's AnimeNEXT to Host Trigger's Akira Amemiya, Shigeto Koyama, Hiromi Wakabayashi
3/29/2016One Piece Film Gold Casts Hikari Mitsushima, Gaku Hamada, Nanao, Kinya Kita?ji
3/28/2016Twin Star Exorcists Manga Gets 1-Shot in Weekly Shonen Jump
3/28/20164 Weekly Shonen Jump Manga Get Spinoff Chapters in April
3/28/2016One Piece Manga Enters 'VS. Four Emperors Arc'
3/28/2016Kuromukuro Anime's Promo Video Streamed With English Subtitles
3/28/2016Tonkatsu DJ Agetar? TV Anime's 1st Promo Video, New Visual Revealed
3/28/2016Kiznaiver Anime's Promo Features Opening, Ending Theme Songs
3/28/2016Shonen Jump Magazine Teases 'Jump CS' Project
3/28/2016Poco's Udon World TV Anime Will Have 12 Episodes
3/28/2016New Game TV Anime's 1st Promo Video Reveals More Cast
3/28/2016Satelight Presents Nanbaka Anime on TV This Fall
3/28/2016D.Gray-man Hallow TV Anime's Main Staff Revealed
3/28/2016Isobe Isobee Monogatari: Ukiyo wa Tsurai yo Anime Returns in April
3/28/2016Haikyu!! Anime's 3rd Season's Teaser Video Reveals Title
3/28/2016Food Wars! Anime's 2nd Season, OVA Previewed in Videos
3/28/2016'Zegapain Adaptation' 10th Anniversary Anime Film Retells Series With New Scenes, Characters
3/28/2016Dimension W Anime's 6th Blu-ray to Include Unaired OVA Episode
3/28/2016Bandai Namco Announces Plans to Open Virtual Reality Experience Center
3/28/2016Pepper Opens Cell Phone Store Staffed Entirely by Robots
3/28/2016Peach Girl Manga Inspires Live-Action Film
3/28/2016New York Times Manga Best Seller List, March 13-19
3/28/2016Results Announced for Love Live! Sunshine Mini-Units Name Poll
3/28/2016Japan Animator Expo Short Inspires TV Anime Special
3/28/2016Rage of Bahamut Developer Cygames Establishes Anime Company
3/28/2016Enough Already: Survey Chooses Long-Running Anime That Need to End
3/28/2016Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars Anime Reveals Cast, Staff, Promo Video
3/28/2016Viz's Shonen Jump to Run Assassination Classroom Side Story Spinoff
3/27/2016Sword Art Online the Movie: Ordinal Scale Film Unveils New Cast, Visual
3/27/2016Space Adventure Cobra's Draws Titular Character at Monaco Anime Game International Conferences
3/27/2016ERASED Creator Draws Manga Featured in Film Adaptation
3/27/2016Channel the Samurai Spirit Through Faux Armor Hoodies
3/27/2016Book Design Blog Names Best-Designed Manga of 2015
3/27/2016Paradise of Innocence Manga Listed With 'Final' Anime DVD
3/27/2016Bandai's Male '2.5D' Idol Project Dream Festival! Gets Net Anime
3/27/2016Cross-Dressing Idol Romance Manga Buddy Go! Gets TV Anime Shorts
3/27/2016Voice Actress/Idol Suzuko Mimori Caught Ring-Handed
3/27/2016Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Anime to Return This Fall
3/27/ Launches Game Works 30% Off Campaign
3/27/2016The Heroic Legend of Arslan 2nd Season Premieres in July
3/27/2016Seven Deadly Sins Gets 4-Week TV Anime Special In August With Brand-New Story
3/27/2016Daisuke Ono Joins Monster Strike Net Anime Cast in New Arc
3/27/2016Y?ki Takada, Y?ko Hikasa, Ai Kayano Star in New Game! TV Anime
3/27/2016Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Anime's 2nd Promo Previews Opening Theme
3/27/2016Fate/Extra Game Gets TV Anime in 2017
3/27/2016Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel Film Project Is Trilogy Starting in 2017
3/27/2016Toei Animation's Popin Q Anime Film Reveals More Cast
3/27/2016Yuri!!! on Ice TV Anime's 1st Teaser Reveals Staff, Cast
3/27/2016X Japan's Yoshiki's Charity Auction Closing Bid at 604 Million JPY
3/27/2016MangaGamer Announces New Titles and Drama CDs at Anime Boston
3/27/2016Aniplex of America Announces Product Release Details for WAGNARIA!!3
3/27/2016Aniplex of America Announces Product Release Details for Plastic Memories
3/27/2016Show By Rock!! Sequel Anime's 2nd Promo Video Highlights Shingan Crimsonz
3/21/2016Love Live! Film, Shirobako Win Tokyo Anime Award Festival's Top Prizes
3/21/2016Miwa Performs Flying Witch Anime's Opening Song With 96 Neko Singer
3/21/2016Drifters' New Anime Casts Junko Minagawa, Kenji Nomura, Junko Kitanishi, Masahiko Tanaka
3/21/2016Japanese BD/DVD Sales Down 5.1% From 2014, Anime BD/DVD Sales Down 6.9%
3/21/2016HK/Hentai Kamen Sequel's Trailer Revives Panty-Mask Superhero
3/21/2016Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4 Anime's 3 New Videos Show J?tar? (Updated)
3/21/2016IBM's Sword Art Online Virtual Reality Experience Detailed in 10-Minute Video Report
3/20/2016Aniston, Bateman Film Need Extras to Play 'Harajuku Clique/Bronies/Hello Kitty Lovers'
3/20/2016Sanrio Gears Up for Its 2016 Character Popularity Poll
3/20/2016Splatoon Fanbook Includes Art by Attack on Titan's Hajime Isayama
3/20/2016Funimation's Escaflowne Dub Casts Alexis Tipton as Merle
3/20/2016Pile Sneaks Hidden Message into Song Lyrics
3/20/2016Viz's Shonen Jump to Publish Hunter x Hunter's Return, Boruto, Naruto 1-Shot
3/20/2016Phantom of the Kill Game App's Prequel Anime Short Previewed in Trailer
3/20/2016Arina Tanemura Holds Annual Birthday Party For Fans
3/20/2016Natsume's Book of Friends TV Anime Gets Season 5 This Fall
3/20/2016Flip Flappers TV Anime Teased With Countdown Site
3/20/2016King of Prism by Pretty Rhythm Film Tops 300 Million Yen
3/20/2016Trillion: God of Destruction PS Vita Game's English Video Previews Affection Points
3/20/2016Aniplex of America Announces Acquisition of Haifuri and The Asterisk War Second Season
3/20/2016Love Live! 'Final' ?'s Single Sells 113,4278 in 2 Weeks
3/20/2016Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Out for PS3/PS4 on June 7, Preorder Demo Available for PS4 PSN on April 5
3/20/2016Love Live! School Idol Project 2nd Season Standard Edition Now Available for Preorder
3/20/2016Sanketsu Shojo Sayuri Releases Two Singles Worldwide
3/20/2016VIZ Media Announces Acquisition of New Pokémon Pocket Comics Titles
3/20/2016Balance Love and War in New Trillion: God of Destruction Trailer and Battle Screenshots
3/20/2016KOEI TECMO America Announces the Upcoming Release of Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book
3/20/2016Zero Time Dilemma 3DS/PS Vita Game's Trailers Reveal June Release Date
3/20/2016Senran Kagura: Estival Versus Released in UK and EU
3/20/2016Animation Production Software ?OpenToonz? To Be Released on March 26
3/20/2016GoHands, Kadokawa, Frontier Works, Animate Reveal Hand Shakers Anime
3/20/2016Kiznaiver TV Anime's 3rd Character Ad Introduces Nico Niyama, Yoshiharu Hisomu
3/20/2016Platinum Games' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game's 11-Minute Gameplay Video Streamed
3/20/2016YaoiCon Announces BishounenCon, an East Coast Yaoi+ Convention
3/20/2016Take Flight With the Valkyries in Odin Sphere Leifthrasir
3/20/ Launches Bulk Purchase Discount Campaign
3/20/2016XSEED Games Launches Home Console Debut of Buxom Beat-'em-Up Series, Senran Kagura Estival Versus
3/20/2016Assassination Classroom 3DS Game's 1st Gameplay Video Streamed
3/19/2016Aegis of Earth: Protonovus Assault Released in West
3/19/2016KOEI TECMO America Launches Samurai Warriors 4 Empires
3/9/2016Macross Delta Anime Slated to Premiere on April 3
3/9/2016The Ancient Magus' Bride Manga Gets 3-Part Prequel Anime by Wit Studio
3/9/2016Bakuon!! TV Anime Reveals April 4 Premiere, New Visual
3/9/2016Onigiri TV Anime's Ad Features Starmarie Opening Theme Song
3/9/2016Oreimo Author's Eromanga Sensei Light Novels Get Anime
3/9/2016Irregular at Magic High School Light Novels Get Film
3/9/2016Kiss Him, Not Me Sh?jo Romantic Comedy Manga Gets TV Anime
3/9/2016Ghostlight to Release Way of the Samurai 3 Game on Steam
3/9/2016Amazon Japan Begins Shipping Games Overseas
3/9/2016Toei Animation, Production I.G Collaborate on Relic ~tale of the last ninja~ Stage Recital
3/9/2016Diomedea's Mayoiga TV Anime Reaches Crowdfunding Goal
3/9/2016KanColle Kai PS Vita Game Sells Over 200,000 Copies
3/9/2016David Hayter Teases Dubbing of Metal Gear Solid's Snake Again
3/8/2016Eva Train Gets New Visual, Campaign Bonuses
3/8/2016The Flowers of Evil Manga Gets Stage Play in July
3/8/2016Fan-Made Metal Gear Solid Remake Cancelled
3/8/2016Astro Boy Reboot Project's Poster Unveils More Characters
3/8/2016Chihayafuru Creator Draws Jacket Art for Perfume's Live-Action Film Theme
3/8/2016North American Anime, Manga Releases, March 6-12
3/8/2016Over 1,000 Line Up for KanColle Arcade Location Test in Osaka
3/8/2016Funimation Licenses My Hero Academia Anime
3/8/20162016 Death Note Film Brings Back Erika Toda as Misa
3/8/2016Ultraman 50-Year Anniversary CD Set Has 99 Theme Songs
3/8/20163rd Zero Escape Game's Characters, Japanese Cast Revealed
3/8/2016Valkyria Chronicles Remastered RPG's Western Release Date Revealed
3/8/2016Current Gintama TV Anime to End This Month
3/8/20164K Media Signs Multiple-Category Licensing Agreement With Silver Buffalo for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Product Lines
3/8/2016Boy & the Beast Producer: Mamoru Hosoda Already Beginning to Work on New Film
3/8/2016Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, February 29-March 6
3/8/2016Rage of Bahamut: Manaria Friends Anime Announces Indefinite Delay, Removes Staff Listing
3/8/2016Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, February 29-March 6
3/8/2016The Ancient Magus' Bride Website Teases Update
3/8/2016Stu Levy Hires Writer to Pen Film Script of Tokyopop Comic Juror 13
3/8/201636th Doraemon Film Opens at #1, Earns 637 Million Yen
3/8/2016Star Ocean 5 RPG's PS3 Version Delayed from March 31 to April 28 in Japan
3/8/2016Pile, Glim Spanky Perform 2nd RIN-NE Anime's Theme Songs
3/8/2016Love Live! 'Final' ?'s Single Ranks #2 With 96,479 Sold in 1st Week
3/7/2016Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition Game Adds 'And you thought there is Never a girl online?' Characters
3/7/2016Kinnikuman Statue of The Mountain is a Whopping 8lbs
3/7/2016Fight! Iczer-One TV Airing Censorship Isn't Even Trying
3/2/2016Sports Show to Debut in World Trigger's Current Timeslot
3/2/2016Live-Action Terraformars Film's 3rd Clip With Incomplete CG Streamed
3/2/2016CLAMP to Publish New Cardcaptor Sakura Manga
3/2/2016Fairy Tail Manga Gets New Christmas Original Anime DVD
3/2/2016Fairy Tail Manga Gets New Mavis Original Anime DVD
3/2/2016Yuua Oda's Furenaba Ochin Manga Gets Live-Action Drama Adaptation
3/2/2016One Piece Kabuki, Universal Studios Japan, Splatoon Win Digital Contents Awards
3/2/2016Sakura no Ame Film Posts 24-Minute Behind-the-Scenes Video
3/2/2016Pokkén Tournament Game's N. American Trailer Streamed
3/2/2016Funimation's Escaflowne Dub Reaches Kickstarter Goal
3/2/2016Majestic Prince to Have Important Announcement in April
3/2/2016Live-Action One Week Friends Film's Cast, Staff, February 2017 Date Revealed
3/1/2016Naruto & Sasuke Face Off in New 1/6-Scale Statues by Tsume
3/1/2016Kuroko's Basketball Anime Gets Extra Game Film & 3 Compilation Films
3/1/2016Sony President, Square Enix CEO Settle the Score in Call of Duty: Black Ops III
3/1/2016S.H. Figuarts Ultraman Fights Invasions While You Sleep
3/1/2016Age 12 TV Anime's Cast, Staff, Premiere Date Revealed
3/1/2016Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons 20th Anniversary Game Slated for June 23
3/1/2016This UFO Catcher Game Is Totally Rigged, Part II
3/1/2016North American Anime, Manga Releases, February 28-March 5
3/1/2016God Eater Anime's Meteorite Arc Promo Video Subtitled
3/1/2016Shiina Natsukawa Stars in Hai-Furi TV Anime
3/1/2016Hatsune Miku Song Ranks Top Choice for High School Graduation Theme
3/1/2016Etrian Odyssey V RPG Slated for 3DS on August 4
3/1/2016Skip Beat! Anime's Indiegogo Campaign Launches
3/1/2016Attack on Titan Team's Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Slated for April 7
3/1/2016'And you thought there is Never a girl online?' Anime's Opening Song Previewed in Video
3/1/2016UTB Hollywood Announces to Air?Love Live! School Idol Project?
3/1/2016Battle Cats 3.6.0: Cat Guide, Collector Bonuses, and New Units
3/1/2016Seven Seas Licenses RE:MONSTER Manga Series
3/1/2016VIZ Media Announces the Launch of Inio Asano's Goodnight Punpun Manga Series
3/1/2016New Zealand Mint to Release Yu-Gi-Oh! Collectible Coins
3/1/2016Clannad/Charlotte Writer Jun Maeda Hospitalized
3/1/2016Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, February 22-28
3/1/2016Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, February 22-28
3/1/2016Star Ocean 5 RPG's Final Trailer Showcases Characters
3/1/2016English Legend of the Galactic Heroes Novel Translation Previewed in Excerpt
3/1/2016Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions Film's New Video Previews Duel
3/1/2016Sony to Close PSP's Native PlayStation Store in N. America in March
3/1/2016Bungo Stray Dogs Anime's 2nd Video, April 6 Debut, Split-Season Plans Revealed