Anime News

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4/27/2016Nintendo of America Plans Sale of Seattle Mariners Baseball Team
4/27/2016Voice Actress Ai Kayano Shares Her Love of Sake in New Web Series
4/27/2016Identity of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's Theme Song Performer 'Coda' Revealed
4/27/2016Japan's Video Game Rankings, April 18-24
4/27/2016Nintendo Plans Apps for Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing
4/27/2016NieR:Automata PS4 Game's Video Introduces Cast Members
4/27/2016Gantz:O 3DCG Film's New Visual, Main Staff Revealed
4/27/2016Newest Zelda Game Delayed to 2017, But Adds 'NX' Support
4/27/2016Nintendo 'NX' Game System Slated for March 2017
4/27/2016My Wife is the Student Council President Season 2's Title, Visual With New Character Unveiled
4/27/2016Love Live! Sunshine!! Anime's New Video, Visual, Staff Unveiled
4/27/2016Nanbaka TV Anime Casts Yuuto Uemura, Tetsuya Kakihara, Airu Shiozaki, Daiki Kobayashi
4/27/2016Log Horizon Author Mamare Touno Found Guilty of Tax Evasion
4/27/2016Nadia/Heidi Scriptwriter Hisao Ôkawa Passes Away
4/27/2016Yotsuba&!, Hanagami Sharaku Win 20th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize's Top Award
4/26/20162016 Death Note Film's Teaser Shows Main Characters
4/26/2016The Hollywood Reporter: Live-Action Battle Angel Alita Film Tests 3 Actresses for Lead Role
4/26/2016Dress as Your Favorite Matsuno Brother With Mr. Osomatsu Loungewear
4/26/2016Tiger & Bunny's Kotetsu, Barnaby Inspire Wristwatch Designs
4/26/2016Cosplay 'Industry's Longest Wig' Offered
4/26/2016Pyu to Fuku! Jaguar's Usuta Gets Tribute Illustrations from Jump+ Artists
4/26/2016North American Anime, Manga Releases, April 24-30
4/26/2016Gainax's Silent Möbius PC Game From 1990 to be Reissued
4/26/2016A Certain Magical Index Producer: 3rd Anime Season Is 'Plausible'
4/26/2016Japanese Final Fantasy XIV 7-Eleven Items Could Head West
4/26/2016Photo Kano Creators Unveil Reco Love PlayStation Vita Games
4/26/2016CyberConnect2 Announces 'Project Venom'
4/26/2016'What a Wonderful Katamari Damacy' Trademark Filed in Japan
4/26/2016Mamoru Miyano, Daisuke Ono, Takahiro Sakurai Join DAYS Soccer Anime's Cast
4/26/2016Lion Forge to Publish Original Comics Inspired by Dreamworks' Voltron Legendary Defender
4/26/2016Digital Manga, Inc. - All Kimagure Orange Road Omnibus Now Available & New Tiers
4/26/2016Corpse Party Now Available on PC
4/26/2016Q Pop Presents Revolutionary Girl Utena Art Show
4/26/2016New Cardcaptor Sakura Manga Is Sequel Launching in June
4/26/2016Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, April 18-24
4/26/2016Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, April 18-24
4/26/2016'Final' Live-Action Resident Evil Film Opens First in Japan on December 23
4/26/2016Switch Witch, Ao no Haha Manga By Pupa's Sayaka Mogi to Both End
4/26/2016Shin Crossbone Gundam Dust Manga Series to Launch in July
4/26/2016Aksys Games to Release tri-Ace's Exist Archive PS4/PS Vita RPG in N. America
4/21/2016Square Enix Increases Production on Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector's Edition
4/21/2016Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions Film Story Details Unveiled
4/21/2016Trinity Seven, When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace Get English Dubs
4/21/2016World Trigger Anime's Main English Dub Cast Revealed
4/21/2016Kabaneri, Assassination Classroom, Shonen Maid, Sakamoto Aired This Week (Updated)
4/21/2016Gundam Thunderbolt Blu-ray Has English Dub, Subtitles
4/21/2016Kan Colle Arcade Game's Video Previews Characters
4/21/2016Yousei Teikoku Releases New Music Video and Message for A-Kon 2016
4/21/2016Sentai Filmworks Licenses "When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace"
4/21/2016Members of NPC Collective to Play Otakon Matsuri 2016
4/21/2016Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! Season 2's July Debut, Tie-In Events Revealed
4/21/2016Creator of Popular Webcasts, Drake McWhorter, to Appear at Otakon Matsuri 2016
4/21/2016Fudanshi K?k? Seikatsu Comedy Manga About Male Yaoi Fan Gets TV Anime
4/21/2016Seven Seas Renews With comiXology and Expands to Amazon
4/21/2016"Ushio and Tora" Returns to Anime Network Online This Spring
4/21/2016Japanese Death Pop Idol Unit "Death Rabbits" Releases New MV
4/21/2016Final Fantasy XV Spinoff Game Justice Monsters Five Gets Android Release Next Week
4/21/2016Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV CG Film Opens in Japan on July 9
4/21/2016The Heroic Legend of Arslan 2nd Season Reveals Narsus, Elam Character Illustrations
4/21/2016The Idolm@ster: Platinum Stars PS4 Game's 1st Promo Video Previews Bonuses
4/21/2016GameBusiness Site: Platinum Games Founder, CEO Tatsuya Minami Resigns
4/21/2016Dynasty Warriors Eiketsuden Strategy RPG's Promo Shows Characters, Combat
4/21/2016eigoMANGA and hoopla digital Distributes Digital Comics To Libraries
4/21/2016Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force Comes to Your PS4 in July
4/21/2016Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game May Products Announced
4/21/2016Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code Available Today on Steam
4/21/2016"Flying Witch" Soars Into Anime Network Online's Spring 2016 Lineup
4/21/2016Yu-Gi-Oh! Heads to the Middle East: Three Series to Air on MBC3
4/21/2016Gundam Thunderbolt Anime Gets Director's Cut Screening, Home Video Release
4/21/2016Caligula PS Vita RPG's 2nd Promo Introduces Main Characters
4/21/2016Danganronpa 3 Anime Casts Hidekatsu Shibata, Keiji Fujiwara
4/21/2016Kagerou Project Gets Immersive MX4D Anime Short Film in Winter
4/20/2016Scared Rider Xechs TV Anime's Theme Song Artists Revealed
4/20/2016Production I.G's Quake-Themed Short 'Pigtails' Wins Award at WorldFest Houston
4/20/2016Naze Ikiru Anime Film of Buddhist Book Previewed in Trailer
4/20/2016Star Fox Zero Anime Short by Attack on Titan Studios Streamed
4/20/2016Japanese Comic Ranking, April 11-17
4/20/2016Japan's Video Game Rankings, April 11-17
4/20/2016Fate/Grand Order Smartphone Game to Run Fate/Zero Special Event
4/20/2016Sentai Filmworks Licenses When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace Anime
4/15/2016Rina Hidaka Plays Kantai Collection Arcade Before Launch This Month
4/15/2016Q-Pot Accessory Brand Reveals Mouth-Watering Sailor Moon Goods
4/15/2016New York Times Manga Best Seller List, April 3-9
4/15/2016IBM's Sword Art Online Virtual Reality MMO Project Posts More In-Game Footage
4/15/2016English Textbook Publisher Asks for Discretion in Portrayals of Teacher Character Ellen Baker
4/15/2016Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode 2 Delayed 1 Week
4/15/2016Tokyo's Fuji TV Will Air Next Assassination Classroom Episode Next Week
4/15/2016The Lost Village, Magi: Adventure of Sinbad Episodes Delayed Due to Quake News Coverage (Updated)
4/15/2016Kansai Area Slated to Air Sh?nen Maid, Sakamoto Anime This Week
4/15/2016Fight Flyaways With Cardcaptor Sakura Sealing Wand Hair Dryer
4/15/2016Araki's Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai Manga Gets Anime With Jojo Blu-ray/DVDs (Updated)
4/15/2016Garo: Divine Flame Film Posts 3rd Teaser, More of Cast, Visual
4/15/2016James Cameron's Avatar Film Sequels Delayed, Expanded to 4 Films
4/15/2016The Heroic Legend of Arslan Anime's Character Illustrations Unveiled
4/15/2016planetarian Anime Project Revealed as Both 5-Episode Net Anime & Film
4/15/2016Big Order TV Anime's Ad Previews Yousei Teikoku Opening Theme Song
4/15/2016Yuki Kajiura Returns to Compose Music For Heaven's Feel Film Trilogy
4/15/2016Mashiro Ayano Performs D. Gray-man Hallow Anime's Ending Theme
4/15/2016DAYS Soccer Anime Premieres This Summer
4/15/2016Bandai Namco Files for 'VR-AT Simulator' Trademark
4/15/2016Yo-kai Watch 3 Promo Reveals July 16 Release, Game's 2 Versions
4/15/2016Ray Gigant RPG's N. American, European Release Slated for May 3
4/15/2016Studio Ghibli Co-Produced Film The Red Turtle to Screen at Cannes
4/15/2016Dragon Ball Fusions Nintendo 3DS Game's Teaser Video Shows New Worlds
4/15/2016Skip Beat! English Dub Kickstarter Campaign Reaches Blu-ray Disc Release Goal
4/15/2016Funimation Announces Harmony Film's Theatrical Dates
4/15/2016Shidou Nakamura Reprises Ryuk Role in Live-Action Death Note 2016 Film
4/15/2016Hollywood Reporter: Legendary, Warner, Sony Bid for Live-Action Pokémon Rights
4/15/2016VIZ Media Announces the Premiere of Hunter x Hunter on Adult Swim
4/15/2016Ray Gigant to Arrive in North America and Europe on May 3, 2016
4/15/2016Sentai Filmworks Licenses ?Hakuoki ~ Demon of the Fleeting Blossom: Warrior Spirit of the Blue Sky?
4/15/2016VIZ Media Announces New Tokyo Ghoul, Naruto and Gangsta. Publishing Acquisitions
4/15/20164K Media Signs Publishing Deal with Scholastic on Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Official Handbook
4/15/2016Singer/voice Actress Inori Minase Releases 2nd Single on 13 April
4/15/2016The Idolm@ster Gets Live-Action South Korean Show
4/14/2016Pokémon General Election's Official Website Opens
4/14/2016Nintendo Celebrates 15 Years of Animal Crossing in New Video
4/14/2016Japan's Animation TV Ranking, April 4-10
4/14/2016Justin Bieber Shares His Anime Pin-Up Girl Coloring Page
4/14/2016XSEED Games to Release Corpse Party's 3DS Port
4/12/2016Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, April 4-April 10
4/12/2016Usumaru Furuya Ends Joshik?sei ni Korosaretai Manga in July
4/12/2016Yuri Kuma Arashi Manga Ends on April 30
4/12/2016Tatsuya Egawa Launches New B?kyaku no Hate Manga on Club Sunday Site
4/12/2016Kendi Oiwa, Makoto F?getsu Launch Granblue Fantasy Manga
4/12/2016Takako Shimura, Fumiko Fumi Both Launch New Series in May
4/12/2016Gundam the Origin III: Dawn of Rebellion Anime's English-Dubbed Trailer Posted
4/12/2016Skip Beat's English Dub Kickstarter Campaign Casts Cristina Vee, Mela Lee
4/12/2016Live-Action Horror Film Midori/Sh?jo Tsubaki's Trailer Shows Anime Segments
4/12/2016'Amazing Katamari Damacy' Trademark Filed in Europe
4/12/2016BlazBlue: Central Fiction Heads to PS4, PS3 with Xblaze's Es
4/12/2016Government of Japan's 10th International MANGA Award
4/12/2016Explore the Art of the Anime Soundtrack with Strip Alone Complex
4/12/2016Hidenori Kusaka And Satoshi Yamamoto Will Make Their First-Ever North American Appearance At The Nation's Preeminent Annual Pop Culture And Comics Convention
4/12/2016Florida Supercon Set to Use The Jackie Gleason Theater for Main Events Stage
4/12/2016Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, April 4-10
4/11/2016Kingdom Manga Gets Live-Action Short to Celebrate 10th Anniversary
4/11/2016Cerevo Inc's Psycho-Pass Dominator Accessories for Sale
4/11/2016Giant Robot Takes The Stage at Nana Mizuki's Tokyo Dome Concerts
4/11/2016'Recently, my sister is unusual.' Manga Ends in May
4/11/2016Cocktail Prince Game Expands Its Stable of Intoxicating Love Interests
4/11/20162nd Live-Action Assassination Classroom Tops Box Office Chart for 3rd Week
4/11/2016Event Report: Sailor Moon Fan Club Launch
4/11/2016Sailor Moon Sailor Stars' Final Episode Gets TV-MA Rating (Updated)
4/11/2016Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness PS4/PS Vita Game's Western Release Slated for September
4/11/2016Industry Shares Messages After Digimon Singer's Passing
4/11/2016Tekken's Harada, Appleseed's Aramaki, Production I.G Collaborate on 'Argyle Shift' VR Demo
4/11/2016Corpse Party for 3DS Listed by U.S. Rating Board
4/11/2016Gintama's 1st 'Love Potion' Original Anime DVD Previewed in Visual
4/11/2016Square Enix Reveals Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin RPG with Valkyrie Profile's Lenneth
4/11/2016One Piece Burning Blood Game's Videos Preview Bonus Costumes
4/11/2016Ry?suke Fuji's Attack on Titan: Lost Girls Manga Ends in May
4/11/2016Ace Attorney 6 Game's Commercial Previews Limited Time DLC Costumes
4/11/2016Crunchyroll, Kadokawa Announce Partnership
4/11/2016Kadokawa Purchases 51% Stake in Yen Press
4/11/2016Buddy Go! TV Anime's 2nd Episode Streamed
4/11/2016Tsubasa Hazuki's Sword Art Online: Mother's Rosary Manga Ends
4/11/2016SaikouCon Welcomes Voice Actor Robert Axelrod as Guest of Honor for SaikouCon 2016
4/11/2016My Hero Academia: Battle for All Gameplay Videos Preview Ochaco, Tenya
4/11/2016Key Visual Revealed For Naruto Stage Musical's New Run
4/6/2016Dance in the Vampire Bund's Tamaki Starts New Manga
4/6/2016Studio Deen Makes Anime Film of Buddhist Text Naze Ikiru
4/6/2016Seikima II Performs Ring/Ju-on Crossover Film's Theme Song
4/6/2016The Idolm@ster: Platinum Stars PS4 Game Slated for July 28
4/6/2016Goro Miyazaki & Polygon Pictures' Ronja the Robber's Daughter Wins International Emmy
4/6/2016Live-Action Hyouka Mystery Film's Casting Call Posted by City
4/6/2016Makoto Shinkai's Kimi no Na wa./your name. Film Trailer Reveals August 26 Opening, Song
4/6/2016Anthem of the Heart Has 2016's Highest 1st-Week Sales for Anime Films Thus Far
4/6/2016Skip Beat's English Dub Kickstarter Campaign Casts Robbie Daymond as Ren Tsuruga
4/6/2016Tales of Link Smartphone Game Released in English
4/5/2016Crunchyroll to Stream Crane Game Girls Anime
4/5/2016Sailor Moon Crystal: Season III's 1st Blu-ray/DVD Art Previewed
4/5/2016Girls & Panzer Film Tops 1.8 Billion Yen at Box Office
4/5/2016North American Anime, Manga Releases, April 3-9
4/5/2016Funassyi Follows Up Bud?kan Announcement With Virtual Reality Stage Play
4/5/2016Japan Anima(tor)'s Exhibition's Teddyloid, DAOKO, Hibiki Yoshizaki Return for College CM
4/5/2016Sentai Filmworks Licenses Onigiri Anime (Updated)
4/5/2016Joker Game Anime Blu-rays to Include Original Animation
4/5/2016Sengoku Basara: Sanada Yukimura-Den Slated for September in Japan
4/5/2016Crunchyroll to Stream Tanaka-kun is Always Listless Anime
4/5/2016Babymetal Idol Group's Stephen Colbert Appearance Confirmed
4/5/2016Eri Suzuki, Ai Kayano, More Star in Amanchu! Anime
4/5/2016Dynasty Warriors Franchise Gets Strategy RPG
4/5/2016Voltage Inc. to Release Bad Boys Do It Better April 4
4/5/2016Pony Canyon Announces Kawaii Kon 2016 Panels and Screenings Schedule
4/5/2016Higurashi Kizuna/Gal Gun Game Publisher Alchemist Files for Bankruptcy
4/5/2016Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, March 28-April 3
4/5/2016Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, March 28-April 3
4/5/2016Zelda, Final Fantasy, Sonic, Pokémon, Space Invaders Nominated for Video Game Hall of Fame
4/5/2016Kingdom Hearts Unchained ? Smartphone Game Slated for N. America on April 7
4/5/2016D?ky?sei/Classmates Boys-Love Anime Film Tops 200 Million Yen
4/5/20162nd Live-Action Assassination Classroom Stays at #1 With 393 Million Yen
4/5/2016New Live-Action Death Note Film Reveals 2 Stills of Cyber-Terrorist Y?gi Shion
4/5/2016Joshiraku Manga Gets New Stage Play With Nogizaka46 Idols
4/5/2016Eir Aoi to Perform in New York's Gramercy Theatre in May
4/5/2016Digital Manga's Kimagure Orange Road Kickstarter Funds 1st Omnibus Volume
4/4/2016Latest Unreal Engine Fan Project is Castlevania
4/4/2016Wrestling Trio Go Super Saiyan for Wrestlemania 32
4/4/2016Emi Nitta's Agency Denies Reports That Voice Actress Appeared in Adult Video
4/4/2016Terraformars Revenge Anime to Have 13 Episodes