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Anime News

DateArticle Name
6/30/2016Rewrite Anime Streams Special Promo Before July 2 Premiere
6/30/2016Macross Creator Shoji Kawamori, Satelight Unveil New TV Anime For Global Launch
6/30/2016Dragon Ball Z's Goku and Frieza Battle in 4D CG at Universal Studios Japan
6/30/2016Control a Claw Machine Online and Win Real Prizes
6/30/2016Korra is Joining the Nendoroids
6/30/2016YANAKIKU Return to J-Pop Summit as Iichiko Shochu
6/30/2016J-POP SUMMIT 2016 Announces Artist Meet & Greet and Autograph Opportunities for Attending Fans
6/30/2016New Toyota Concept Car Mimics Initial D's AE86
6/30/2016Itasha Food Truck Serves Japanese Comfort Food Anime-Style
6/30/2016Japan's Animation TV Ranking, June 20-26
6/30/2016Funimation Licenses D.Gray-Man Episodes 52-103
6/30/2016Live Photos from Anime Expo 2016!
6/30/2016Netflix's Live-Action Death Note Film Reveals More Characters, Cast, 2017 Premiere
6/30/2016Pokémon Sun/Moon Trailer Unveils 7 New Pokémon
6/30/2016Short Story Contest Bans 'Traveling to an Alternate World' Fantasy
6/30/2016Sarah Natochenny of "Pokemon" to Appear at Otakon 2016
6/24/201668% of Japanese College Students Polled Have Never Seen Gundam
6/24/2016New York Times Manga Best Seller List, June 12-18
6/24/2016Sailor Moon -Amour Eternal- Musical Reveals Sailor Guardian Cast in Costume
6/24/2016Read or Die's Final 2 Novel Volumes Scheduled After 10 Years
6/24/2016Godzilla Designer Shinji Nishikawa Holds 1st Solo Exhibition in Shibuya
6/24/2016New Professor Layton Game Teased With New Main Character
6/24/2016Little Witch Academia TV Anime's Announcement Video Aired
6/24/2016Time Travel Girl Anime's 1st Promo Previews July 9 Premiere
6/24/2016Trigger's Little Witch Academia Gets TV Anime Series
6/24/2016Fudanshi K?k? Seikatsu Anime Reveals Promo Video, Streaming on Crunchyroll
6/24/2016Kodoku no Gourmet Series Gets Special Episode This Summer
6/24/2016Broccoli Reveals Uta no Prince-sama? Dolce Vita PS Vita Game
6/24/2016KonoSuba TV Anime's 2nd Season Premieres in January
6/24/2016Kamen Rider Amazons Web Series' Promo Video Reveals TV Broadcast
6/24/2016Ange Vierge Anime's TV Ad Previews Konomi Suzuki's Opening Theme
6/24/2016Scared Rider Xechs TV Anime's New Promo Video Previews Show's Plot
6/24/2016Live-Action Koe Koi TV Series' Teaser Previews Takahiro Sakurai's Vocal Performance
6/24/2016The Ancient Magus' Bride Anime's 1st Part Previewed in Video
6/24/2016Rewrite+ Visual Novel's 2nd Promo Previews Story Scenes
6/24/2016Blue Exorcist Stage Play's Cast Photographed in Costume
6/24/2016"" Domain Registered Under Warner Bros' Name
6/24/2016Magi: Adventure of Sinbad Anime's Finale to Air as 1-Hour Special
6/23/2016Gintama Manga to Have Announcement on July 4
6/23/2016Crunchyroll to Stream Qualidea Code Anime in Americas
6/23/2016Gundam Unicorn Joins the Fray in Independence Day: Resurgence Trailer
6/23/2016Amazon Streams Domo Creator's Stop-Motion Feline Show Pilot
6/23/2016Studio Ghibli's Animation of Ch?j? Giga Scrolls Continues With 2nd Ad
6/23/2016Live-Action Tokyo Ghoul Film Casts Masataka Kubota, Fumika Shimizu
6/23/2016One Piece Burning Blood Opens the Floor for Next DLC Fighters
6/23/2016Daisuki to Stream Tales of Zestiria the X Anime
6/23/2016Happy 20th Anniversary to the Nintendo 64 Console & Super Mario 64 Game
6/23/2016Assassination Classroom Spinoff Manga Koro-Sensei Q! to Have 'Important Announcement'
6/23/2016Seven Seas Teams With Ninja Division to Launch Tabletop Game Company Shinobi 7
6/23/2016Tales of Berseria RPG's 4th Promo Video Previews Game System
6/23/2016Kumamiko Creator Remarks on 'Cruel' Comment in Final Episode Script
6/23/2016Makoto Shinkai's your name. Film Unveils New Visual
6/23/2016Funimation to Stream D. Gray-man, Servamp, Tales of Zestiria, Danganronpa 3, Love Live! Sunshine!!, First Love Monster, Handa-kun, Tsukiuta, Time Travel Girl, XechS, Regalia
6/23/2016Viz Media Launches the Fantasy Action Adventure Series Black Clover
6/23/2016Viz Media Announces This Summer's Launch of the New Supernatural Manga Series 7th Garden
6/23/2016Global Yaoi Imprint Sublime Announces Worldwide Debut of Yonezou Nekota's New Series Don't Be Cruel
6/20/2016KanColle Staff: Theater's October 15 Listing of Film Was in Error
6/20/2016New York Asian Film Fest to Screen Miss Hokusai, Tekkonkinkreet Anime Films
6/20/2016Taboo-Tattoo Anime's Promo Video Previews May'n's Theme Song
6/20/2016Cheer Boys!! Anime Adds 9 More Cast Members
6/20/2016Gundam the Origin Anime's 4th Episode Previewed in Subtitled, Dubbed Videos
6/20/2016Studio DEEN Animates Adult Swim Bumper
6/20/2016Win My Hero Academia Prizes at Japanese Sushi Chain
6/20/2016One Piece Dai Kaizoku Colosseum 3DS Game Slated for September 21
6/20/2016Starmyu TV Anime 2nd Season's Announcement Video Streamed
6/20/2016Gundam Unicorn Replaces Statue of Liberty on Japanese Independence Day: Resurgence Poster
6/20/20161996-2004 KochiKame Anime's Cast Returns For 40th Anniversary TV Anime
6/19/2016Armed Girl's Machiavellism Manga Gets Anime Adaptation
6/19/2016Cyclorama Relives Greatest Scenes of One Piece at Tokyo Tower
6/19/2016Actor Anton Yelchin Passes Away at 27
6/19/2016Hyperkin's Smart Boy Lets You Play Game Boy Games on Your Android Phone
6/19/2016Rino Sashihara Triumphs Again in AKB48 Senbatsu Election
6/19/20165pb. Head Wants to Make Erotic Chaos;Head, Chaos;Child Game
6/19/2016Moribito II: Guardian of the Darkness Manga Resumes With Last Arc in August
6/19/2016Saturn Apartments' Iwaoka Ends Shiawase no Machi Manga
6/19/2016Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan Adds Yoshimasa Hosoya, Maaya Uchida, Tomoaki Maeno, Showtaro Morikubo
6/19/2016Doubt, Judge Manga Creator Yoshiki Tonogai Launches New Series on July 12
6/19/2016Tokyo Twins Athletic Tournament CG Anime Shorts to Stream Online This Fall
6/19/2016Batten Showjo Tai Performs New Dragon Ball Super Ending Theme
6/19/2016Kamen Rider Ghost, D?butsu Sentai Zyuohger Films' Trailer Previews Dark Ghost Villain
6/19/2016Musician TeddyLoid to Perform at Anime Expo
6/19/2016No Anime Win Awards at 2016 Annecy
6/18/2016New 91 Days Promo Video Highlights Characters Nero, Fango
6/18/2016Man at Arms: Reforged Tackles Voltron's Blazing Sword
6/18/2016Ghibli Retrospective Exhibit to Open in Tokyo in July
6/18/2016New Sailor Moon Chibi-Usa and Helios Figure Announced
6/18/2016Camera Crew Spotted for Live-Action Love Live! Sunshine!! Adult Parody Video
6/18/2016O-Parts Hunter's Seishi Kishimoto Ends Sukedachi Nine Manga
6/18/2016Stereotypical Otaku Fashion Trending Among Teen Girls in Japan
6/18/2016Ichi-F Manga About Worker in Fukushima Nuclear Plant Listed With English Edition
6/18/2016XSEED Streams E3 Trailers for Fate/EXTELLA, Legend of Heroes, Touhou, Akiba's Beat, More
6/18/2016Negima! Spinoff Manga UQ Holder! Gets Anime
6/18/2016Brave10's Kairi Shimotsuki Launches Ayakashi Parade Game Manga
6/18/2016Yo-kai Watch: Sora Tobu Kujira to Sekai no Daib?ken da Nyan Anime & Live-Action Film Opens on December 17
6/18/2016Retailer Lists New Manga Series For One-Punch Man, Eyeshield 21's Yuusuke Murata
6/18/2016Rudolph to Ippaiattena 3D CG Film's 2nd Trailer, 3rd Teaser Streamed
6/17/2016T.M.Revolution Enters the Fray at Comiket D?jinshi Event
6/17/2016New York Times Manga Best Seller List, June 5-11
6/17/2016Kin-iro Mosaic/KINMOZA! Special Episode Gets Theatrical Screening
6/17/2016Setona Mizushiro Launches New Series in Evening Magazine
6/17/2016Yuki Kure's La Corda D'Oro 4 Manga Ends
6/17/2016'Promised Town' Original 3DCG Animation Streamed
6/17/2016Titan Comics Announces New Robotech Comic Series
6/17/2016Majestic Prince Film Unveils Teaser Trailer, Visual
6/17/2016'Miss Bernard said.' Gag Manga About Literature Gets Anime
6/17/2016CAPCOM: Dai Gyakuten Saiban Localization Prevented By 'Number of Circumstances'
6/17/2016Shizuka Ishigami Joins RIN-NE 2 Anime's Cast as Renge Shima
6/17/2016Battery TV Anime's Long Promo Video Previews anderlust's Theme Songs
6/17/2016Atlus USA, FuRyu to Release Caligula PS Vita Game in N. America, Europe
6/17/2016Kono Bijutsu-bu niwa Mondai ga Aru! Anime's Promo Video Streamed
6/17/2016Cheer Boys!! Anime's TV Ad Previews Luck Life's Theme Song
6/17/2016Animatsu Entertainment Acquires Global License to 'To All The Corners Of The World' Anime Film
6/17/2016Eiichiro Oda Draws New Visual For One Piece Film Gold
6/17/2016Hitori no Shita the outcast TV Series' 1st Promo Previews Animation
6/17/2016Gakuen Handsome's Crowdfunding For TV Anime Reaches Goal
6/17/2016Zetsubou-Sensei Creator's Kakushigoto Manga Gets Promo Anime Video by SHAFT
6/17/2016Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 3rei!! Anime's 1st BD/DVD Has Original 5-Minute Anime Short
6/17/2016Japan's Animation TV Ranking, June 6-12
6/16/2016Qualidea Code TV Anime Casts Sora Amamiya, Hiroaki Hirata, Mamiko Noto
6/16/2016Fate/Extella Game Reveals 2 New Servant Characters, New Gilgamesh Outfit
6/16/2016Attack on Titan: Junior High Manga Ends on July 9
6/16/2016Battery TV Anime Reveals More Cast, Theme Song Artist
6/16/2016Popin Q Anime Film's Advanced Trailer Previews 5 Heroines
6/16/2016KochiKame Manga Gets New TV Anime Project to Celebrate 40th Anniversary
6/16/2016?Letter Coming to Europe and North America in 2016
6/16/2016Gal*Gun Double Peace gets Limited Edition and Pre-Order Bonuses
6/16/2016Anonymous;Code Visual Novel Slated for Winter
6/16/2016Rie Takahashi Suffers Knee Injury, Limits Activity for Next 2 Months to Heal
6/16/2016Live-Action Yowamushi Pedal Show Previews 3 Cast Members in Costume
6/16/2016Castle Town Dandelion Manga Gets Stage Play in August
6/16/2016Kuroko's Basketball Anime's 1st Compilation Film Unveils Trailer With OLDCODEX Song
6/16/2016Atsuko Watanabe's Piacevole! My Italian Cooking Manga Gets Anime
6/16/2016Shueisha: Chinese Company's Live-Action One Piece Film Announcement is False
6/16/2016Just Dance 2017 Includes 'PoPiPo' Hatsune Miku Song
6/16/2016VIZ Media Welcomes Blue Exorcist Manga Creator Kazue Kato to 2016 Anime Expo
6/16/2016Quick Reminder - Supanova Pop Culture Expo Returns to Sydney
6/16/2016Pokémon General Election's Bottom Choice Gets Special Event
6/16/2016Anime Expo to Host Makoto Shinkai & His Latest Film's World Premiere
6/16/2016Puzzle & Dragons Cheat App Designer Arrested
6/16/2016Persona 5 Unveils New Party Member, Support Characters, E3 Trailer
6/16/2016Award-Winning, Shakespearean Actor Sir Ian McKellen Recites Archer's Incantation from Fate/Stay Night
6/16/2016UQ Holder Manga Gets 'Important Announcement' on June 22
6/16/2016Viz Media Welcomes Blue Exorcist Manga Creator Kazue Kato to Anime Expo
6/16/2016Exclusive Fan Preview of Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare at Golden Village Suntec City
6/16/2016Final Fantasy XV Footage Shows City of Altissia, Flying Car
6/16/2016Rose of Versailles Complete Music Collection Announced With Previously Unreleased Tracks
6/16/2016Rurouni Kenshin's Watsuki Working on 'Secret' New Work
6/16/2016Nintendo Offers Pokémon Sun/Moon, Pikachu Designs for New 3DS in Japan
6/16/2016Blue Exorcist Creator Kazue Kat? to Appear at Anime Expo
6/16/2016Chinese Company Posts Live-Action One Piece Film Announcement, Shueisha States Announcement is False (Updated)
6/15/2016Nioh PS4 Game Gets New Trailer, 2nd Demo in August
6/15/2016ANN Readers: Food Wars! 2 is Summer 2016's Most Anticipated Show
6/15/2016Koei Tecmo Announces Second Downloadable Demo for Samurai Action RPG NIOH, Alongside New Trailer
6/15/2016Koei Tecmo America Unveils Plot-Twisting Information and Brand New Trailer for Attack on Titan
6/15/2016Nagomi's Ear Cleaning VR, a VR Application, to be Unleashed on the World
6/15/2016Good Smile Company Begins Preorders for Figma Samus Aran: Zero Suit Ver. From Metroid: Other M
6/15/2016JAST USA Announces Golden Master of Sonicomi
6/15/2016SaikouCon 2016 Welcomes Deprived as Musical Guest
6/15/2016Novelist S?seki Natsume Will Return From the Grave As Teaching Android
6/15/2016Japanese Comic Ranking, June 6-12
6/15/2016Gendo Finally Steps Up as Support Character in Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur Mobile Game
6/15/2016Funimation's The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan Release to Include OVA Episode
6/15/2016Japan's Video Game Rankings, June 6-12
6/15/2016Blue Exorcist Website Launches Countdown
6/15/2016Star Ocean 5 Game's E3 Promo Videos Preview English Release
6/15/2016Godzilla Teams Up With PARCO Mascot in Film Trailer Spoof
6/15/2016'Pokémon Go Plus' Accessory Slated for Late July (Update With Video)
6/15/2016Grezzo Announces Ever Oasis 3DS Game
6/15/2016Former Index Chairman, President Found Guilty of Improper Accounting
6/15/2016Nana Mizuki Performs Acoustic Set for MTV Unplugged in Japan
6/15/2016Godzilla: Resurgence VR Software Launches on October 13 in Japan
6/15/2016Atlus 'Looks Into' Releasing Japanese Voice Track as DLC for Persona 5
6/15/2016Assassination Classroom's Countdown Video Previews Final 3 Episodes
6/15/2016Nanbaka Anime's 1st Promo Video Previews Story
6/15/2016Anime Expo to Host Voice Actor Junichi Suwabe, BONES President Masahiko Minami, I'm Sakamoto Creator Nami Sano
6/15/2016Super Lovers Anime's 2nd Season Casts Takuya Sat?
6/14/2016Atelier Firis RPG's 1st Promo Video Reveals Characters, Mechanics
6/14/2016Phantom Dust Remastered Version Gets Xbox One, PC Release in 2017
6/14/2016Bandai Namco Offers Summer Lesson VR Demo as Product in October
6/14/2016Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, June 6-12
6/14/2016Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, June 6-12
6/14/2016Toei Files 'Kamen Rider Ex-Aid' Trademark
6/14/2016Gravity Rush 2 Trailer Shows Kat, Raven Tag Team
6/14/2016Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV Trailer Reveals 2nd Episode's Tuesday Premiere
6/14/2016Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Trailer Previews Japanese Dub
6/13/2016Former Ghibli Producer Apologizes: 'Gender Has Nothing to Do With Making Movies'
6/13/2016New Final Fantasy XV Trailer Shows 1st-Person VR Experience
6/13/2016Kiss Him, Not Me TV Anime Reveals 2nd Key Visual
6/13/2016Hideo Kojima, Sony Reveal Death Stranding Game (Update With Trailer)
6/13/2016Resident Evil 7 Revealed, Slated for January 24 on PS4/Xbox One/PC (Update With Trailer)
6/13/2016Sui Ishida Draws Tribute to Christina Grimmie After Her Death
6/13/2016Mah? Sh?jo? Naria Girls Anime From gdgd Fairies Staff Announces Main Cast
6/13/2016The Last Guardian PS4 Game's Trailer Reveals October 25 Release Date
6/13/2016Orange Anime's 2nd Promo Video Previews Theme Songs
6/13/2016Low-Income Animator Dorm Project Running 2016 Crowdfund Campaign
6/13/2016"Naked Restaurant" to Open in Tokyo in July
6/13/2016Voice Actress Janet Waldo Passes Away
6/13/2016Collect 200+ Pokémon at Japanese Resort Hotel Scavenger Hunt
6/13/20163rd Haikyu!! Anime Season Announces Returning Staff, October Premiere
6/13/2016Dead Rising 4 Game Announced for Xbox One, PC
6/13/2016PQube to Release Root Letter PS4/PS Vita Game in the West
6/13/2016Microsoft Announces 'Project Scorpio' Console
6/13/2016Tekken 7 Heads to Xbox One in Early 2017 (Update With Trailer)
6/13/2016Skyrim Player Uses Potato Pieces as Controller
6/13/2016ReCore Xbox One/PC Game's Trailer Reveals September 13 Release Date
6/13/2016Xbox One S Console Unveiled
6/13/2016Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan Anime Commercial Introduces Comedic Premise
6/13/2016Anime Expo to Host Voice Actor Tetsuya Kakihara
6/13/2016Kimagure Concept Manga Gets Short Net Anime Collaboration With Kagome
6/13/2016Force of Will Trading Card Game Gets Anime Film in 2018
6/13/2016Kadokawa Games' 'ProjectCode -Daten-' Game For PS4, PS Vita Launches in 2017
6/13/2016God Wars PS4/Vita RPG's Video Explains Game's Folklore-Based Story
6/13/2016Hiroko Moriguchi to Perform Theme Song for Gundam: The Origin IV
6/13/2016ReLIFE TV Anime's Ending Theme Song Artists Revealed
6/13/2016New Rock Musical Bleach Reveals 6 More Cast Visuals
6/13/2016Demon Gaze II PS Vita Game Ships on October 13 in Japan (Updated With Trailer)
6/10/2016Sony Confirms Future 'High-End' PlayStation 4 with Ultra-HD Support
6/10/2016Orange TV Anime Premieres on July 3
6/10/2016Tsukiuta TV Anime's Ad Reveals Theme Song, July 6 Premiere
6/10/2016B-Project TV Anime's 1st Promo Video Previews Voice Cast
6/10/2016Berserk TV Anime's Teaser Video Previews 9mm Parabellum Bullet's Theme Song
6/10/2016Servamp TV Anime's 3rd Promo Video Previews OLDCODEX's Theme Song
6/10/2016Toei Previews Dragon Ball Super Anime's 'Future Trunks Arc' in New Video
6/10/2016OZMAFIA!! TV Anime Reveals New Cast, Visual, July 6 Premiere
6/10/2016Alderamin on the Sky TV Anime Premieres on July 8
6/10/2016Sh?matsu no Izetta Original Anime Project Announced in Video
6/10/2016JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable TV Anime to Air 39 Episodes
6/10/2016King of Fighters XIV Game Introduces 'Team Kim' in Video
6/10/2016Servamp TV Anime Premieres July 5
6/10/2016Cheer Boys!! TV Anime's Additional Cast, July 5 Premiere, Visual Revealed
6/10/2016Glay Performs Kuromukuro's Anime's New Opening Theme
6/10/2016Shout! Factory to Release 1986 Transformers: The Movie on Blu-ray/DVD
6/9/20162016 Japan Film Festival of San Francisco Announces Theatrical Film Premieres Showcasing Dynamic Japanese Cinema
6/9/2016Shout! Factory and Hasbro Studios Enter New Distribution Alliance
6/9/2016Samus Leaps into Action in Thrilling Fan-Made Anime Short
6/9/2016Real-Life 'Yu-Gi-Oh for HoloLens' Project Reaches Pre-Alpha Stage
6/9/2016Tatsuo Saito, Yu Hayami, Sebastian Masuda, Domobics to Highlight San Francisco's J-Pop Summit 2016
6/9/2016Era of Samurai: Code of Love Available June 9
6/9/2016Chinese/Japanese Anime Hitori no Shita the outcast Announced
6/9/2016Tamashii Nations Combines Toy Story Characters Into 'Woody Robo Sheriff Star' Robot
6/9/2016Japan's Animation TV Ranking, May 30-June 5
6/9/2016Idolish 7 Perform 'RESTART POiNTER' in Animated Music Video
6/9/2016Active Raid Anime's 2nd Season Announces 4 New Cast Members, July 12 Premiere
6/9/2016Square Enix Releases Final Fantasy XIV 7-Eleven Promo Items in N. America
6/9/2016Sunrise's Classicaloid Musical Action-Comedy Casts Mikako Komatsu, Nobunaga Shimazaki
6/9/2016Love Live! Sunshine!! is Summer 2016's Most Anticipated Show
6/9/2016Mob Psycho 100 Anime Reveals Theme Song Artists, Visual, July Premiere Date
6/9/2016Genocidal Organ Film's Promo Video Reveals Winter Release
6/9/2016Accel World Film Reveals New Character Played by Chinatsu Akasaki, Visual
6/9/2016Cybird is Headed to Anime Expo 2016
6/9/2016Berserk Manga Returns on June 24 As Monthly Series
6/9/2016Super Robot Wars OG The Moon Dwellers' Ad Previews JAM Project Theme Song
6/9/2016Sadako vs. Kayako Film's Ad Highlights Conflict Between Antagonists
6/9/2016Hiro Shimono Joins Cast of DAYS Soccer Anime
6/9/2016Heroic Legend of Arslan 2nd Season's Full Promo Video Shows New Characters
6/9/201691 Days Anime's 2nd Teaser Video Introduces Nero
6/3/2016Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars Reveals More Cast, July 7 Premiere
6/3/2016Tokyo Ghoul's Ishida Draws 69-Page Chapter for Hunter × Hunter Character Hisoka
6/3/2016Sekai Project Releases Clannad Side Stories Game on PC
6/3/2016Fairy Tail English Dub Casts Matthew Mercer, Ricco Fajardo, Jeremy Schwartz
6/3/2016Blue Exorcist Stage Play Rehearsal Video Shows Fight Choreography
6/3/2016Hybrid×Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia TV Anime's Ad Reveals July 5 Premiere
6/3/2016Sweetness and Lightning Anime's Long Promo Features Theme Song
6/3/2016Zero Time Dilemma Steam Release Slated for June 29
6/3/2016Live-Action Corpse Party: Book of Shadows Film's Trailer Reveals Theme Song, July Premiere
6/3/2016Strike Witches Spinoff Brave Witches Previews Animation in 2nd Video
6/3/2016Anime Tamago Announces Projects for 2017
6/3/2016Gakuen Handsome Team Launches Crowdfunding for TV Anime
6/3/2016Dragon Ball Super Teases 'Future Trunks Arc' With Story Intro, New Visual
6/2/2016Sun & Moon's Topless Pokémon Professor Has Fans Hot & Bothered
6/2/2016Seven Seas Entertainment Hunts Zombies with License of Tokyo Undead Manga
6/2/2016Seven Seas Entertainment Rediscovers the Meaning of Cute with Milk Morinaga's Hana & Hina After School Yuri Manga
6/2/2016Seven Seas Entertainment Adds a New Item to the Menu with There's a Demon Lord on the Floor Manga License
6/2/2016Seven Seas Licenses There's A Demon Lord on the Floor Manga
6/2/2016XSEED Games Announces Plans to Publish an Indie-Lightful Trio of Titles on Consoles
6/2/2016Your Lie in April Live-Action Film's Teaser, Trailer Preview Theme Song
6/2/2016Animation Director/Producer LeSean Thomas to Appear at Otakon 2016
6/2/2016Wakako-zake's Wakako Endorses Iwatsuka's Bar Snacks
6/2/2016Aoi Nishimata Draws Clamp's Rayearth for Anime Busience Magazine
6/2/2016Liam Mulvey is Face, Voice of Libertus in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV CG Film
6/2/2016Seven Seas Licenses Milk Morinaga's Hana & Hina After School Yuri Manga
6/2/2016Japan's Animation TV Ranking, May 23-29
6/2/2016Kayako & Sadako Take Their Grudge to the Baseball Field
6/2/2016Anime Midwest To Host Sushio, Hiromi Wakabayashi, and Shigeto Koyama
6/2/2016Seven Seas Entertainment Has No Romantic Regrets With Kindred Spirits Of The Roof Yuri Manga License
6/2/2016Plastic Memories PS Vita Game Slated for October 13
6/2/2016Seven Seas Licenses Tokyo Undead Manga
6/2/2016Qualidea Code TV Anime Premieres on July 9
6/2/2016XSEED Games to Release Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity for PS4
6/2/2016Onna no Y?j? to Kinniku Manga Mixes Women's Friendship and Muscles
6/2/2016Sweetness and Lightning Promotional Video, New Key Visual Unveiled
6/2/2016Konami's KPE Reveals Metal Gear Solid Pachi-Slot Game
6/2/2016Itowokashi Performs Twin Star Exorcists Anime's New Ending Theme
6/2/2016Pokémon Sun & Moon Games Reveal New Legendary Pokémon in Video
6/2/2016Good Smile Company Announces Three Exclusive Pre-Sale Figures
6/2/2016Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors To Hit North America and Europe This September