Anime News

DateArticle Name
9/26/2016Zaregoto OVA's 2nd Trailer Previews Sangatsu no Phantasia's Theme Song
9/26/2016Takara Tomy Opens Teaser Website for New Zoids Project
9/26/2016Mob Psycho 100 Manga Inspires Smartphone Puzzle App
9/26/2016Azure Striker Gunvolt OVA's English-subtitled Promo Video Reveals Returning Cast
9/26/2016Pharmaceutical Company Creates Anthropomorphisized Eye Drop Anime to Teach Ocular Health
9/26/2016Kimi Shinitamou Koto Nakare by Chrono Crusade's Moriyama, Drakengard Director Yok? Gets Stage Play
9/26/2016Hell Girl Anime Gets Stage Play in November
9/26/2016Tokyo Int'l Film Festival Screens Genocidal Organ, Gantz:O, In the Corner of this World Films
9/26/2016Battery Anime Passes Baton to The Great Passage in Ad
9/26/2016RIN-NE Anime's 3rd Season Visual Shows Anematsuri Annette Hitomi
9/25/2016Assassination Classroom Compilation Film's Visual Shows Nagisa, Karma 7 Years Later
9/25/2016Kenji Kamiyama Teases Ghost in the Shell News
9/25/2016"I Choose You" to Your Betrothed with Pikachu Bridal Jewelry
9/25/2016Listen to Kyubey, Magical Girls on Madoka Magica Headphones
9/25/2016Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors Game's Latest Trailer Highlights Mizuki
9/25/2016your name.'s Trailer Gets Reworked Into Horror Film
9/25/2016Russian Blogger Jailed for Playing Pokémon Go in Church Released
9/25/2016i?Ris Voice Actor/Idol Group Gets Its Own Webcomic
9/25/2016Koei Tecmo Reveals La Corda d'Oro Octave Game For Smartphones
9/25/2016LETRONS: Turkish Transforming Robots in Disguise
9/25/2016Ryo Orikasa's 'Suijun-Genten' Short Wins Award at Ottawa Int'l Animation Festival
9/25/2016Orange Time-Travelling Manga Gets Anime Sequel Film Written by Creator
9/25/2016The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Anime Casts Kouichi Yamadera, Rie Tanaka
9/25/2016One-Punch Man TV Anime Gets 2nd Season, Game App
9/25/2016Digitimes: Foxconn Begins Trial Production on Nintendo NX Game System
9/25/2016Root Letter Mystery Game Gets Special Edition for N. America, Europe
9/25/2016SILVER LINK Announces Original Anime Project For 10th Anniversary
9/25/2016Kiitar? Sh?nen no Y?kai Enikki Anime's DVD/BD Listed With Bonus Unaired Episode
9/25/2016Kodansha Comics Previews Attack on Titan Anthology Book in Video
9/25/2016Digimon Adventure tri. Anime's 1st Film Gets More Screenings in U.S. Starting on September 29
9/25/2016Yen Press Licenses Tsukumizu's Sh?jo Sh?matsu Ryok? Manga
9/25/2016Anly, Ayumikurikamaki to Perform Theme Songs For 'New Series' of Naruto Anime (Updated)
9/24/2016Is the Order a Rabbit?? Anime's New Special Episode Gets Theatrical Screening in Japan
9/24/2016Take a Look Back at 25 Years of Sailor Moon with Anniversary Guidebook
9/24/2016PLAMAX Recreates Pacific Rim's Gipsy Danger in 1/350 Scale
9/24/2016Cast, Staff Discuss A Silent Voice Anime Film in Making-Of Video
9/24/2016Megami Meguri Public Transit Card 3DS Game's Promo Reveals December 8 Release
9/24/2016Custom Final Fantasy XV Xbox Up for Grabs for 1 Lucky Winner
9/24/2016Missions of Love's Toyama Starts Im?to no o Shigoto wa Jiky? 2000-en Manga
9/24/2016Evangelion's Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Designs Characters for Upcoming Mystery RPG
9/16/2016Death Note Classifieds: Part-Time Shinigami Wanted
9/16/2016MX4D Kagerou Daze-in a day's- Short Film's Trailer Reveals November 4 Premiere
9/16/2016WWW.WORKING Anime Streams Character Trailers for Y?ta, Shiho
9/16/2016Berserk Anime's Next Arc to Premiere Next Spring
9/16/2016Bandai Namco Ent. Clarifies Western Release Details For Digimon World: Next Order Game
9/16/2016Director of Netflix's Death Note Film Discusses Film's Violence
9/16/2016Hand Shakers TV Anime Reveals Character Designs, Cast Roles
9/16/2016Girls & Panzer The Final Chapter Anime's Announcement Video Streamed (Updated)
9/16/2016Ajin Anime's Season 2 Ad Previews angela, fripSide's Theme Song
9/16/2016Drifters TV Anime's Ad Previews Maon Kurosaki's Ending Theme Song
9/16/2016Production I.G Plans to Release Ghost in the Shell VR Experience in English, Worldwide
9/16/2016Director Hideaki Anno Discusses Shin Godzilla's Sequel Prospects
9/16/2016Digimon Adventure tri. English Dub Clip Features T.K., Kari
9/16/2016'Eiy?' Kaitai Anime's Cast, Staff, Theme Song, Visual, November Debut Revealed
9/16/2016Monkey Majik Performs Theme Song Cyborg 009 Call of Justice CG Film Project
9/16/2016Pacific Rim 2 Casts Cailee Spaeny as Lead Female Role
9/16/2016Funimation Dubs One Piece: Heart of Gold Anime Special
9/16/2016Crunchyroll Adds The Galaxy Railways Video Anime to Catalog
9/16/2016SaGa Scarlet Grace PS Vita Game's New Promo Video Reveals December 15 Release
9/15/2016Watch Cardcaptor Sakura's New Interactive Clow Cards & Sealing Wand in Action
9/15/2016Kumoricon Makes the Move to the Oregon Convention Center
9/15/2016Gal*Gun Double Peace is Coming to Steam
9/15/2016Manga Publisher SuBLime, Heads To YaoiCon 2016 This Weekend In Bay Area
9/15/2016KochiKame's Osamu Akimoto Publishes 4 New Manga in 2017
9/15/2016Pokémon Sun & Moon TV Anime's 1st Promo Video Shows Ash in School & Battle
9/15/2016Valkyria: Azure Revolution Game's Story Trailer Streamed
9/15/2016Nioh RPG's Tokyo Game Show Trailer Streamed With English Subtitles
9/15/2016Gravity Rush 2 Game's TGS Trailer Previews Story
9/15/2016Aniplex Launches 'Script Room' Anime Writing & Production Group
9/15/2016World of Final Fantasy Game's TGS Trailers Streamed in English, Japanese
9/15/2016Earth Defense Force 5 Game Revealed for PS4
9/15/2016NieR:Automata Game's TGS Trailer Reveals February 23 Release
9/15/2016Monster Hunter Stories Game's 5th Promo Video Streamed
9/15/2016BlazBlue: CentralFiction Game's Commercial, 4 More Character Videos Streamed
9/15/2016Tales of Berseria RPG's English-Subtitled Trailer Shows Velvet's Origins
9/15/2016Resident Evil 7 Game's New English Trailer Introduces 'The Bakers'
9/15/2016Make Your Own Pokémon Go Egg Incubator
9/15/2016Celebrate 30 Years of Slime Slashing with Dragon Quest Anniversary Video
9/15/2016Professional Cosplayer Enako Reveals Her Lucrative Income
9/15/2016Black Cats Mix Business & Pleasure for Japan's Yamato Transport Service Ad
9/13/2016Gintama Figure Line Plans Poll for Anniversary Release
9/13/2016Digimon Adventure tri. English Dub Clip Previews Joshua Seth as Tai
9/13/2016New Danganronpa V3 Game's Trailer Reveals Protagonist, January 2017 Release
9/13/2016L'Arc en Ciel's Hyde Expresses Frustration at the State of Japan's Hit Music Charts
9/13/2016T?ken Ranbu, Ensemble Stars! Stage Plays Get Software for PlayStation VR
9/13/2016Viz Media Releases New Edition of the Video Game-Inspired Super Mario Adventures Graphic Novel
9/13/2016Principia: Master of Science, Out Now on Playism and Steam
9/13/2016The Silver Case at Tokyo Game Show
9/13/2016Kyoto Indie Publisher Launches New Science Fiction Yuri Romance Comic Series
9/13/2016Arc System Works' Survival Action RPG, Inferno Climber Now Available on Steam
9/13/20165pb.Games / MAGES.INC. Launches Steins;Gate on Steam (PC)
9/13/2016One Piece Film Gold Creators to Attend Special Screening
9/13/2016Itadaki Street: Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Announced for PS4, PS Vita
9/13/2016Pokémon Generations Anime Telling Pokémon Game Stories to Launch on YouTube
9/13/2016Detective Conan Anime Gets New 2-Hour TV Special Recreating 1st Episode
9/13/2016Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls VR Experience Previewed in Videos
9/13/2016Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, September 5-11
9/13/2016Sony, Shogakukan, Aniplex Collaborate on 'Kids no Hoshi Project'
9/13/2016Hideo Kojima Offers More Details on Death Stranding PS4 Game
9/13/2016Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, September 5-11
9/13/2016Capcom, L'Arc-en-Ciel Collaborate on Resident Evil VR Music Video
9/13/2016Koei Tecmo Reveals Musou Stars Crossover Game for PS4/Vita
9/13/2016Bandai Namco Reveals Gundam Versus PS4 Game
9/13/2016ELISA Performs Fate/Extella PS4/Vita Game's Theme Song
9/13/2016Live-Action Your Lie in April Earns 245 Million Yen to Open at #3
9/13/2016Skip Beat! Dub's Additional Cast, Staff, Backer Upgrades Revealed
9/13/2016Akiba's Beat Game's English-Subtitled Trailers Profile Riyu, Yamato, Kotomi
9/13/2016Persona 5 Game's Ad Highlights Mamoru Miyano's Ryuji Character
9/13/2016Hidekatsu Shibata Reprises Role 5 Decades Later for Tiger Mask W Wrestling Anime
9/12/2016Kiss Him, Not Me Anime Reveals October 6 Debut, New Visual
9/12/2016Aniplex of America Announces U.S. Theatrical Dates for -Kizumonogatari- Part II: Nekettsu
9/12/2016'nowise'- Cross-Content Creation Looking For Meaning of Life
9/12/2016Naruto Shipp?den: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road to Boruto Expansion Briefly Listed for U.S. on February 3
9/12/2016New Poll Asks Men Which Sh?jo Manga They'd Recommend to Other Men
9/12/2016NTT Develops 1st VR Training System for Pro Baseball Players
9/12/2016Mobile Anime Dress-Up Simulator Dream Girlfriend Celebrates One Year Anniversary
9/12/2016MacrossWorld Convention 2016 Welcomes Mari Iijima, Singer-Songwriter And Voice Of Lynn Minmay In Macross
9/12/2016Koei Tecmo America Announces Pre-Order Bonuses For Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere Of Influence ? Ascension
9/12/2016X Japan Documentary Opens in U.S. in October
9/12/2016MacrossWorld Convention 2016 Welcomes 'Macross' Voice Actress Run Sasaki As Guest Of Honor
9/9/2016Occultic;Nine TV Anime Reveals More of Cast, October 8 Debut, New Visual
9/9/20162nd Hetalia Stage Musical Gets Title, Live Viewing in Theaters
9/9/2016The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Musical's Additional Cast Revealed
9/9/2016Lupin III Gets New Theatrical Anime Centering on Goemon on February 4
9/9/2016Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters Anime Reveals New Visual
9/9/2016One Piece Film Gold's Earnings Surpass 5 Billion Yen
9/9/2016Ao Oni: The Animation TV Anime Reveals Promo Video, Cast, October 2 Premiere
9/9/2016Poco's Udon World Anime's 2nd Promo Video Shows S?ta, Poco's Promise
9/9/2016Gantz:O CG Anime Film Reveals Trailer, Osaka Team Cast, Poster Visual
9/9/2016Myriad Colors Phantom World Anime's Unaired Episode Previewed in Video
9/9/2016A Silent Voice Anime Film's Ads Show Protagonists' Relationship
9/9/2016Community Organizer App, BAND, Reaches 130,000 Pokémon Go Fans In One Month
9/9/2016The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel II Launches in North America
9/9/2016VIZ Media Details New September Digital Manga And Weekly Shonen Jump Update
9/9/2016Naruto Shipp?den: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Gets 'Road to Boruto' Update
9/9/2016Time Bokan 24 Anime's New Visual Features Villains
9/9/2016Yowamushi Pedal: Spare Bike Anime Also Adapts Manga Included WIth Previous Anime Releases
9/9/2016The Great Passage Anime's 3rd Promo Previews Opening Theme Song
9/8/2016Shakunetsu no Takky? Musume Ping-Pong TV Anime's Promo Previews Songs
9/8/20161st Yo-kai Watch Film to Play in U.S. Theaters on October 15
9/8/2016Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni PS Vita Game Delayed in N. America, Europe
9/8/2016Japan's Animation TV Ranking, August 29-September 4
9/8/2016Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Game's Opening Movie Streamed
9/8/2016Pokémon Go Glitches Inspire Creepy Fan Art
9/8/2016Koei Tecmo to Release Toukiden 2, Atelier Firis, Nights of Azure 2, Samurai Warriors: Sanada Maru Games in the West
9/8/2016Crunchyroll and Funimation Partner to Expand Access to Anime
9/8/2016Sony to Sell Limited Edition High-Res Hatsune Miku Headphones
9/8/2016Crunchyroll, Funimation Announce Partnership to Share Content Via Streaming, Home Video, EST
9/8/2016Koei Tecmo Games Announces Lineup for Tokyo Game Show 2016 and Confirms Titles Bound for Western Release
9/8/2016Turn Your Kitchen Into a Cooking Classroom With the New Game
9/8/2016'To Be Hero' to be Aired on October 5th (Wed) on Tokyo MX1
9/8/2016'Cheating Craft' to be Broadcast on Tokyo MX1 October 5th
9/8/2016The Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Goes Old School for Back-to-School Season with Two New Products ? 2016 Mega Tins and Duelist Pack: Rivals of the Pharaoh
9/8/2016March comes in like a lion Anime Casts Marina Inoue, Takahiro Sakurai, More
9/8/2016Poll Picks the Top 10 Anime Ending Sequences
9/8/2016The Great Passage Reveals 5 More Cast Members, Opening Song, October 13 Debut
9/8/2016First Love Monster Manga to Bundle Unaired 13th Anime Episode
9/8/2016Berserk Musou Game Highlights Zodd in New Gameplay Video
9/8/2016Natsumi Kon Returns to Perform Majestic Prince Film's Theme Song
9/8/2016Tiger Mask W Wrestling Anime Premieres on October 1
9/7/2016Japan's Video Game Rankings, August 29-September 4
9/7/2016Poll Picks the Top 10 Anime Opening Sequences
9/7/2016Sony Unveils PlayStation 4 Slim, PlayStation 4 Pro Consoles (Updated)
9/7/2016Chaos;Child Anime Character Designs, Visual Revealed
9/7/2016Pokémon Go to Launch for Apple Watch
9/7/2016Anime Director Yamakan Says He Envies Makoto Shinkai's your name. Film
9/7/2016Nintendo Unveils Super Mario Run Mobile Game on iOS
9/7/2016Chaos;Child Visual Novel Gets Love chu-chu!! Spinoff Next Spring
9/7/2016Isekai Shokud? Gourmet Fantasy Light Novels' Author: Anime Is in the Works
9/7/2016Sound! Euphonium 2 Anime Premieres October 5
9/7/2016Makoto Shinkai's 'your name.' Tops Box Office in 2nd Week, Shin Godzilla Returns to #2
9/7/2016Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors Game's N. American Release Delayed to October 11
9/7/2016Fairy Tail Manga Reaches 500 Chapters
9/7/2016Tales of Berseria RPG Gets Manga in Fall
9/7/2016Fairy Tail Gaiden: Raig? Issen Spinoff Manga About Laxus Ends
9/7/2016Mr. Osomatsu Animation Director Interested in Working on 2nd Season
9/6/2016Emon Unveils Original Anime 'To Be Hero' With Excel Saga's Shinichi Watanabe
9/6/2016Golgo 13's Creator Reacts to Kochikame Manga Ending After 4 Decades
9/6/2016Emon Announces New Cheating Craft Anime for October 5
9/6/2016A Sneak Peek at World of Tanks Blitz's Collaboration with Valkyria Chronicles
9/6/2016First 4 Figures Presents One Punch Man - Saitama
9/6/2016DAYS Soccer Manga to Bundle to 2 New Original Anime DVDs
9/6/2016Ghibli Film Fan Vote Results for Theater Screenings Announced
9/6/2016Yo-kai Watch Continues to Spook Visitors at Universal Studios Japan
9/6/2016North American Anime, Manga Releases, September 4-10
9/6/2016Space Channel 5 Gets VR Experience at Tokyo Game Show
9/6/2016iSh?jo+ Creator Promises to Post Nude Character Art for Retweets
9/6/2016The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. 3DS Game's Ad Previews Saiki's Powers
9/6/2016nowisee - Mysterious Unit Questioning the Meaning of Life
9/6/2016Florida Supercon Moves to Fort Lauderdale Due to Miami Beach Construction
9/6/2016Mexico City to Host First Latin American Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series of the New Dueling Season
9/6/2016US Anime Singer Stephanie Yanez Anime Cover Album Worldwide Release
9/6/2016AkibaFest? Relaunches Website With Ticket Info And Event Details
9/6/2016New MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death Story Trailer #3
9/6/2016D3 Publisher Opens Countdown for New Project
9/6/2016Fate/Grand Order x Prisma Illya Cross Over Campaign Detailed
9/6/2016Pokémon Sun & Moon Games' Trailer Introduces Aether Foundation, Version Differences
9/6/2016Toei Posts 3 Minutes of Footage, December 23 Date for Popin Q Film
9/6/2016Persona 5 Game's Gym Training Short, Futaba Ad Streamed
9/6/2016Idol Fan Draws Brutally Honest Introspective Webcomic
9/2/2016Singer Faylan Returns from Hiatus After Recovering From Illness
9/2/2016Flip Flappers Anime's TV Ad Reveals October 6 Debut
9/2/2016Show by Rock!! 2nd Season's 1st Promo Video Reveals October 2 Premiere
9/2/2016Sh?matsu no Izetta Anime's 4th Promo Video Reveals Staff, Cast
9/2/2016Attack on Titan Manga Has 60 Million Copies in Print
9/2/2016Yoshitoki ?ima Draws New A Silent Voice Manga Episode for Anime Filmgoers
9/2/2016Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Promo Video Introduces Cast, Previews Transformations
9/2/2016Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity PS4 Game Debuts in N. America on September 20
9/2/2016Megami Meguri Public Transit Card 3DS Game's Teaser Video Introduces Tsukumo
9/2/2016Majestic Prince Anime's 25th Episode Synopsis, Mecha Revealed
9/2/2016March comes in like a lion Anime Premieres on October 8
9/1/2016Magical Girl Raising Project Anime Casts Saori Hayami, Yu Kobayashi, Yumiri Hanamori
9/1/2016Wild Bunch & Studio Ghibli's The Red Turtle Film Posts Japanese Trailer
9/1/2016Macross 7/Rurouni Kenshin Voice Actress & Singer Tomo Sakurai Retires
9/1/2016MyAnimeList Opens Registration for 5th Manga Translation Battle Contest
9/1/2016Toshio Suzuki: Red Turtle Makes Miyazaki Want to Return to Work
9/1/2016Japan's Animation TV Ranking, August 22-28
9/1/2016Dragon Quest VIII Port Slated for 3DS in 2017
9/1/2016Rock Band DOES Goes on Indefinite Hiatus
9/1/2016New ALL OUT!! Rugby Anime Meets DAYS Soccer Anime in Crossover Art
9/1/2016Super Mario Maker Heads to 3DS on December 2
9/1/2016Nintendo Reveals 4 New Legend of Zelda Amiibo Figures
9/1/2016Pokémon Sun & Moon Games' Trailer Reveals Munchlax Distribution
9/1/2016Gravity Rush, Silent Hill Creator Keiichiro Toyama Tours Sony in French TV Program
9/1/2016Atlanta's Dragon Con to Host Appleseed Director Shinji Aramaki This Weekend
9/1/2016Great Passage Anime's 2nd Promo Reveals Ending Theme Song
9/1/2016Pikmin Gets 3DS Side-Scrolling Adventure Game in 2017
9/1/2016Mangaka Wataru Yoshizumi to be Guest at Ushicon 2017
9/1/2016Yoshi's Woolly World Heads to 3DS With Stop-Motion Shorts by Domo's Studio DWARF
9/1/2016Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters Project Gets Comedy Manga in October
9/1/20162016 Death Note Film Reveals 5 Stills Featuring Sakura Aoi Character
9/1/2016New China/Japan Anime Production by HAOLINERS Popular Chinese Webcomic Gets TV Anime!
9/1/2016Vanguard Princess is Now Available for Linux Computers
9/1/2016Suicide Squad's Joker & Harley Quinn Join the Nendoroid Lineup
9/1/2016Bohdan Temnyk is Top Duelist at First Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series of the New Season And Dragon Duel Winner John Wilkin also Brings Home Trophy In Toronto, Canada
9/1/2016Nana Mizuki Replaces Risa Taneda in Upcoming WWW.WORKING Anime
9/1/2016Berserk Musou Game Highlights Schierke in New Gameplay Video
9/1/2016Matoi the Sacred Slayer Anime Premieres on October 4
9/1/2016Your Lie in April Live-Action Film's New Clip Shows K?sei, Kaori's On-Stage Performance
9/1/2016Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE Legend Star Anime Premieres on October 1