Anime News

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1/30/2017Naruto Shipp?den: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road to Boruto Expansion's Gameplay Video Previews Naruto
1/30/2017Nioh PS4 Game's Event Video Shows William Meeting Edward Kelley
1/30/2017Sagrada Reset TV Anime's Teaser Video Reveals April Premiere
1/30/2017Rage of Bahamut Social Game Ends iOS Version
1/30/2017Namco Founder Masaya Nakamura Passes Away
1/30/2017Brave Witches Unaired 13th Episode Opens in Theaters on May 13
1/30/2017Bushiroad Streams Promo Video for Hina Logi: From Luck & Logic TV Series
1/30/2017Super Robot Wars X-? Game's The IDOLM@STER's Video Reveals Harukaiser
1/30/2017Crayon Shin-chan's 3rd Spinoff Anime Series Debuts on Amazon in February
1/30/2017Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale Film's Trailer Previews LiSA Theme Song
1/30/2017Future Card Buddyfight Gets New TV Anime in April
1/30/2017Amazon Original Crayon Shin-chan Spinoff Series Renews for Third Season
1/30/2017Viz Media Expands the Bleach Anime Series on Blu-ray With Release of Set 2
1/30/2017Bushiroad's Luck & Logic Card Game Gets Hina Logi TV Anime in Summer
1/29/2017Studio feel. Reveals Tsuki ga Kirei Original TV Anime Project for April
1/29/2017Live-Action Gintama Film Posters Show Tae Shimura, Gengai Hiraga
1/29/2017Gungho Online Entertainment America Teams With Universal Brand Development to Bring Voltron Legendary Defender to Puzzles & Dragons in Collaboration
1/29/2017First Volume of Chewing Gum Boyfriends Idol Manga Goes on Sale
1/29/2017Yuri!!! on Ice Dress Lets You Wear Anime Skaters Everywhere
1/29/2017Ace Attorney Characters Now Available in Monster Hunter Explore
1/29/2017Solid Gold Ultraman Bust Costs 110 Million Yen
1/29/2017Ushijima the Loan Shark Gets Spinoff Manga About Nikumamushi
1/29/2017Jouji Nakata Posts Vocal Clip as Fate/Grand Order's King Hassan
1/29/2017Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san's Kuzushiro Starts New Series
1/29/2017Macross 35th Anniversary Includes VR, Concert, Planetarium Projects in 2017
1/29/2017Umimachi Diary/Our Little Sister Manga Gets Stage Play
1/29/2017IDW Publishing to Release Yo-Kai Watch Comic Book Series
1/29/2017Macross Gets New TV Anime in 2018, 35th Anniversary Project
1/29/2017Dance With Devils Franchise Gets Theatrical Anime Project This Fall
1/29/2017Rewrite IgnisMemoria Smartphone Game Streams Kagari Promo Video
1/29/2017Uch? Sentai Ky?ranger Series' 2 New Videos Preview Fighting Scenes
1/28/2017Toei Posts 'Baton Passing' Video Ahead of Kirakira Precure a la Mode Premiere
1/28/2017Dragon Ball Super Anime Previews New Arc in Video
1/28/2017One Piece Log Collection DVDs Inspire Prize Lottery Figures
1/28/2017 Persona Q - Shadow of the Labyrinth - Side:P4 Manga Ends in February
1/28/2017Prepare for Showtime With Detective Conan Kaito Kid Tea
1/28/2017Sayonara Sorcier Stage Musical's 2nd Run Reveals Additional Cast
1/28/2017Astro Boy Translator Fred Schodt Shares Japan's Impact on His Life in Video
1/28/2017Scar-red Manga Based on Romance Game Moves Online in March
1/28/2017Saga!!! on Ice Campaign Promotes Yuri!!! on Ice's Setting Prefecture
1/26/2017Accel World vs. Sword Art Online PS4/PS Vita Game's English-Subtitled Trailer Streamed
1/26/2017Isobe Isobee Monogatari Anime's New Episodes Teased as 2nd Season
1/26/2017Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Anime Features Original Story
1/26/2017Accel World vs. Sword Art Online PS4/PS Vita Game Heads West
1/26/2017Love Kome: We Love Rice Original TV Anime Reveals More Cast, Staff
1/26/2017Mazinger Z Anime Gets Film Adaptation For 45th Anniversary
1/26/2017Funimation Reveals English Dub Cast For ACCA Anime
1/26/2017Hajimete no Gal Anime Gets 'Big Announcement' Next Month
1/26/2017Shonen Jump Magazine to Launch 6 New Series By Kuroko's Basketball, Beelzebub, More Authors
1/26/2017Aikatsu Stars Anime Enters 2nd Season With 'Hoshi no Tsubasa' in April
1/26/2017Weekly Young Jump Teases New Anime With Countdown
1/26/2017Server Rental Company Sakura Internet Produces 4-Episode Net Anime Series
1/26/2017ReLIFE Live-Action Film's 2 New Trailers Feature Sonoko Inoue Insert Song
1/26/2017Ajin Original Anime's Video Shows Sat?'s Marine Corps Past
1/26/2017White Fox Animates Commercials for Sakura Internet's 20th Anniversary
1/26/2017Blame! Gets Novel By Tow Ubukata, New Manga Adapting Upcoming Anime Film
1/26/2017Magatsuki Romantic Comedy Manga Ends in February
1/25/2017Masaaki Yuasa's Yoru wa Mijikashi Arukeyo Otome Film Adds 12 More Cast Members
1/25/2017Watch Actor Junji Inagawa Freak Out While Playing Resident Evil 7
1/25/2017AnimeFest to Host Mob Psycho 100 Voice Actress Atsumi Tanezaki
1/25/2017Netflix to Stream The Seven Deadly Sins Anime's 'Season 2' in February
1/25/2017Olympic Female Wrestler Challenges Viewers to a Pokémon Battle
1/25/2017Family of Woman Killed by Driver Playing Pokémon Go Seeks 34 Million Yen
1/25/2017Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro Film's MX4D Screenings Earn 21 Million Yen in 3 Days
1/25/2017Sailor Moon Marks 25th Anniversary With Monster Hunter, Sanrio, More Crossovers
1/25/2017Japanese Comic Ranking, January 16-22
1/25/2017Zo Zo Zo Zombie-kun Manga Gets Special Anime
1/25/2017Japan's Video Game Rankings, January 16-22
1/25/2017Funimation Announces Interviews With Monster Girls English Dub Cast
1/25/2017Flumpool Performs 2nd Live-Action Sakurada Reset Film's Ending Song
1/25/2017Bootleg Pikachu Toys Creep Out Twitter Users
1/25/2017Animator Shingo Yamashita Names Staff for Original Anime Project
1/25/2017Hozuki no Reitetsu Anime DVD Casts Kouki Miyata, Tomomichi Nishimura, Wataru Hatano
1/25/2017Capcom Producer: No Plans for Resident Evil on Nintendo Switch
1/25/2017Ao Oni: the Animation Film's Trailer Previews Akiko Shikata's Theme Song
1/25/2017Long Riders!, Waiting in Summer Singer Ray Retires This Summer
1/25/2017Japanese Box Office Enjoys Record Year With 235.5 Billion Yen in 2016
1/25/2017Sailor Moon Musical Heads to Houston's Anime Matsuri in April
1/25/2017Sailor Moon Crystal Anime Gets Sequel
1/25/2017DAYS Manga Has 4.5 Million Copies in Print
1/24/2017Studio Ghibli, Wild Bunch's The Red Turtle Film Nominated for Oscar
1/24/2017Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, January 16-22
1/24/2017Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, January 16-22
1/24/2017Musou Stars Game's Intro Videos Show Ishida Mitsunari, Setsuna, Rio, Nobunyaga
1/24/2017Tales of Berseria RPG's English Launch Trailer Posted
1/24/2017Newtype Magazine's February Issue Gets 2nd Printing
1/24/2017D.N.Angel's Yukiru Sugisaki Sets Up 1001 Knights Manga's Climax
1/24/2017Michael Dougherty Directs Godzilla: King of Monsters Sequel Film
1/24/20176th Natsume's Book of Friends Anime Slated to Air in Spring
1/23/2017Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2's New Video Confirms Ace Attorney Prequel's 3DS Release
1/23/2017Samara Spooks Shoppers in Rings Promo Prank
1/23/2017Amazon Lists New 'Fairy Tail in Wonderland' Novel
1/23/2017Readers Choose Haikyu!! as Shonen Jump's Next 'Poster Manga'
1/23/2017Blue Reflection Game's 2nd Trailer Shows Characters, Gameplay
1/23/2017The Emerald City Welcomes Duelists From All Over the Pacific Northwest & Beyond to Konami's Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Seattle February 18-19
1/23/2017I Am Setsuna to Be Digital Launch Title for Nintendo Switch
1/23/2017SaikouCon Returns to the Lehigh Valley in 2017
1/23/2017Symphogear Art Designer Thomas Romain Redraws Sons' Character Designs
1/23/2017Mob Psycho 100, More Win 62nd Shogakukan Manga Awards
1/23/2017Dead or Alive Xtreme 3's VR Support Launches
1/23/2017RWBY Web Series' 5th Volume Premieres in Fall 2017
1/23/2017Love Live! Voice Actress Aya Uchida Recovers After Vocal Cord Surgery
1/23/2017Crunchyroll Also Streams BanG Dream! Anime
1/23/2017U.S. Press Secretary Spicer Went to Katsucon 2013
1/23/2017Prince of Tennis Musical Apologizes After Racket Strikes Audience Member
1/23/2017Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Gets 4-Part Taiga Prequel Series
1/23/2017Tomokazu Sugita Joins King of Prism: Pride the Hero Film's Cast
1/23/2017Tekken 7 Fighting Game Ships for PS4, Xbox One, PC on June 2
1/23/2017Armed Girl's Machiavellism Anime Casts Sayaka Kitahara, Nozomi Nishida
1/23/2017Afro's Yurucamp Camping Manga Gets Anime
1/23/2017Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches Manga's Final Volume Gets Special Edition
1/23/2017Naruto Shipp?den: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road to Boruto Game Expansion's Opening Movie Streamed
1/23/2017Shinkai's 'your name.' Reclaims Top Spot at Japanese Weekend Box Office
1/23/2017Asato Mizu, Kaito Launch Manga on Shonen Jump+ App
1/23/201710th Manga Taisho Awards Nominates 13 Titles
1/23/2017Uch? Sentai Ky?ranger Series' Preview Video Shows Cast in Civilian Costume
1/23/2017Yui Makino Performs Sakurada Reset Anime's Opening Theme Song
1/23/2017Production I.G's Pigtails Anime Wins California Film Awards' Diamond Award
1/23/2017?lDLIVE Anime Casts Takashi Kondo, Showtaro Morikubo
1/22/2017Frame Arms Girl Anime's English-subtitled Video Reveals Staff, Cast, April Premiere
1/20/2017Super Robot Wars V PS4/PS Vita Game's Promo Shows Off Attacks
1/20/2017Gundam Thunderbolt Anime Reveals New Cast, Promo Video
1/20/2017Sakurada Reset Anime Casts Takuya Eguchi, Yuki Yamada, Yui Makano, Sachika Misawa
1/20/2017Viz Media Announces Release of the Official Complete Pokémon Pocket Guide
1/20/2017God Wars Future Past Heading West in March 2017 for PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Vita
1/20/2017A Grand Tale of Adventure and Peril Awaits in Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception and Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth
1/20/2017Viz Media Expands Overdrive Offerings With Over 48 New Digital Manga Titles
1/20/2017Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Arrives to the PS4 in June 2017
1/20/2017Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star Game Launches
1/20/2017Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Anime Previews 1st Film in New Trailer
1/20/2017Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches Manga to End in 5 Chapters
1/20/2017Final Fantasy XV Previews New Carnival Event in Video
1/20/2017Nobunaga's Ambition, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII Nintendo Switch Trailers Posted
1/20/2017Wakako-zake Manga Gets 3rd Live-Action Series in April
1/20/2017God Wars PS4/Vita Game Slated for April in Japan
1/20/2017'your name.', In This Corner of the World Anime Films Win at 71st Mainichi Film Awards
1/20/2017Gang King Manga Moves to Bessatsu Sh?nen Magazine in March
1/20/2017Kodansha USA Licenses Yoshitoki ?ima's To Your Eternity Manga
1/20/2017Sentai Filmworks Nets Ajin: Demi-Human
1/20/2017The Journey of the Shepherd Continues in Tales of Zestiria the X Season 2 at
1/20/2017Sentai Filmworks Announces Canadian Release of Girls und Panzer der Film
1/19/2017Atelier Shallie Plus: Alchemist of the Dusk Sea Launches on PlayStation Vita
1/19/2017Makoto Shinkai Masterpiece 'Your Name.' to Open in North American Theaters April 7, 2017
1/19/2017Professional Artist-Writer Team to Teach Manga Class in Japan This Year
1/19/2017Pastel Romantic Comedy Manga Ends After 15 Years
1/19/2017'OtaKing' Animator Also Makes 'Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team With More Realism'
1/19/2017All Out!! Stage Play's 2nd Round of Cast Members Revealed
1/19/2017Rei Hiroe's Re:Creators Anime Gets Manga Adaptation
1/19/2017Japan's Animation TV Ranking, January 9-15
1/19/2017Japan's Animation TV Ranking, January 2-8
1/19/2017Horror Manga Artist Junji Ito to Adapt Osamu Dazai's No Longer Human
1/19/2017Ototachibana's Sh?nen Maid Manga Ends in March
1/19/2017Real-World Ghost in the Shell Tachikoma's Personality Depends on You
1/19/2017Seven Seas to Publish J-Novel Club Light Novels in Print
1/19/2017Super Mario Run Mobile Game Launches for Android in March
1/19/2017'PPAP' Singer Pikotar? Holds Concert With Silent Siren, LiSA
1/19/2017Crunchyroll Parent Company Ellation Lays Off 17 Employees
1/19/2017New Power Rangers Film's Trailer Shows Morphed Characters
1/19/2017Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory TV Anime Reveals Full Title
1/19/2017Dragon Ball Heroes X: Ultimate Mission 3DS Game Announced
1/18/2017My Monster Secret/Actually, I Am... Manga Ends in 4 Chapters
1/18/2017Kodansha Rep: Report of Warner Bros.' Attack on Titan Films Is 'Incorrect'
1/18/2017Pokémon Go Earned US$950 Million in 2016
1/18/2017Aksys to Release Tokyo Xanadu EX+ PS4 Game in N. America in Fall
1/18/2017Kenka Banch? Otome: Girl Beats Boys Anime's 1st Video Introduces Cast
1/18/201721st Detective Conan Film Gets New Visual
1/18/2017Funimation to Stream ?lDLIVE Anime's English Dub (Updated)
1/18/2017New PriPara Idol TV Anime Reveals Cast, Staff, Story, Title, Visual
1/18/2017Yowamushi Pedal New Generation Anime Listed With 25 Episodes
1/17/2017Trigger's Anime Beer Ad Pulled Off YouTube
1/17/2017Kabukibu! Kabuki Club Anime Listed With 12 Episodes
1/17/2017Doraemon & Nobita Make Landfall on Antarctica
1/17/2017Deadline: Warner Bros. In Negotiations for Western Attack on Titan Films
1/17/2017Saku wa Edo ni mo Sono Soshitsu Manga Gets Stage Play
1/17/2017Gravity Rush 2 Game's 9-Minute Gameplay Video Shows Environments
1/17/2017Gintama's Life-Size Kond? Is Sweet as Honey for Jump Shop Display
1/17/2017Discotek Media Licenses Midnight Eye Goku OVA
1/17/2017North American Anime, Manga Releases, January 15-21
1/17/2017Starmyu Stage Musical Reveals Cast, April Run
1/17/2017Nadesico Turns 20 with New Ruri Hugging Pillow Cover
1/17/2017Danganronpa Another Episode Slated for June on PS4
1/17/2017Shinkai's 'your name.' Anime Film Opens in Theaters in U.S., Canada on April 7
1/17/2017'Mighty Morphin' Meower Rangers' Is the Power Rangers Remake We Wanted
1/17/2017Sentai Filmworks Licenses Ajin: Demi-Human Anime for Home Video
1/17/2017Sentai Filmworks Announces Canadian Girls Und Panzer der Film Screenings
1/17/2017March comes in like a lion Anime Casts Yuji Ueda as Eisaku Noguchi
1/17/2017The Royal Tutor TV Anime's 1st Teaser Video Reveals Spring Premiere
1/17/2017Kei Toume Launches Revival of Kurogane Manga in February
1/17/2017Tama-Pawns Anime Shorts About Animal World's Pawn Shop Debuts on January 27
1/17/2017Shout! Factory Licenses 1st 3 Digimon Adventure tri. Anime Films
1/17/2017Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, January 9-15
1/17/2017Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, January 9-15
1/17/2017Kamen Rider x Super Sentai: Ch? Superhero Taisen Film's Teaser Posted
1/17/2017Kyoto Driver Who Played Pokémon Go Just Before Fatal Accident Found Guilty
1/17/2017Troyca Animates Idolish 7 Anime Under Ei Aoki's Supervision
1/17/201710th Yowamushi Pedal Stage Play Reveals 5 More Cast Members in Costume
1/17/2017Eureka Seven AO Anime Gets New 'Final Episode' to Promote Game
1/17/2017Shinkai's 'your name.' Tops Spirited Away as Highest Grossing Anime Film Worldwide
1/16/2017New Chance for Manga Creators - Kumamoto International Manga Festival 2017
1/16/2017Shokotan to Help Select 2020 Tokyo Olympics' Mascot
1/16/2017King of Fighters: World Smartphone Game Announced
1/16/2017English Animator 'OtaKing' Previews 20-Min. Street Fighter Fan Film
1/16/2017My Hero Academia Anime Unveils Character Designs for New Cast
1/16/2017Viz's Shonen Jump to Run Nisekoi/Haikyu!! Crossover, Naoshi Komi 1-Shot
1/16/2017Steve Jobs Manga's Authors Ume Tour Akihabara, Talk Tech in French TV Program
1/16/2017Shrine of the Morning Mist's Ugawa Ends Nekogoze Manga
1/16/2017D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die's Swery65 Starts 'White Owls' Studio
1/16/2017Overlord: Shikkoku no Senshi Anime Film's Key Visual, Theme Song Unveiled
1/16/2017Shinkai's 'your name.' Tops S. Korean Box Office in 2nd Weekend
1/16/2017Shinkai's 'your name.' Rises to #2 at Box Office, Resident Evil Falls to #3
1/16/2017Nights of Azure 2 Game Delayed in Japan to Later This Year
1/16/2017your name., Shin Godzilla Earn Japan Academy Prize Nods
1/16/2017Clockwork Planet Anime's 1st Promo Video Introduces Cast
1/16/2017Minami Mizuno's Rainbow Days Manga Approaches 'Climax'
1/16/2017Anisong World Matsuri at Otakon to Feature JAM Project
1/16/2017Anisong World Matsuri at Otakon
1/16/2017Seven Seas Transcends Time with Satoshi Mizukami's Spirit Circle Manga Series
1/16/2017Seven Seas Revives a Classic with Record Of Lodoss War: The Grey Witch?Gold Edition Novel
1/16/2017Live-Action Moribito Series' Final Season Reveals Additional Cast
1/16/2017Noragami Stage Play Reveals More Cast in Costume, New Visual
1/16/2017Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Switch Game's Trailer Streamed
1/16/2017Funimation Streams English-Dubbed Steins;Gate Film Trailer
1/16/2017Pokémon Evolved Mod for Ark: Survival Evolved Returns After DMCA Hit
1/15/2017Accel World vs. Sword Art Online Game's Opening Movie Streamed
1/15/2017Yuka Iguchi Performs Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Sword Oratoria Anime's Opening Theme
1/15/2017Funimation Reveals English Dub Cast for Fuuka Anime
1/15/2017Otakon to Host Anisong World Matsuri Event With JAM Project
1/15/2017Watch Spriggan's Minagawa Draw His Latest Manga Kai? Dante
1/15/2017Live-Action Gintama Film Poster Reveals Katsura, Elizabeth, July 14 Opening (Updated)
1/15/2017Bandai Launches Twitter Campaign for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Necktie, Earrings
1/15/2017Seven Seas Combats Evil with Cutie Honey a Go Go! Manga License
1/15/2017Seven Seas Quests for Love with Dragon Half Manga Omnibus Series
1/15/2017Fist of the North Star Returns to Puzzle & Dragons with All-New Characters
1/15/2017Seven Seas Has Sweet Dreams with Yumi Unita's Sleeping Beauty Manga License
1/15/2017Disgaea® 5 Complete Coming to Nintendo Switch? in Spring 2017
1/15/2017Good Smile Company and Max Factory Attending Wonder Festival in Chiba, Japan on February 19, 2017
1/15/2017Treat Your Valentine to Mr. Osomatsu Parfait, Anime Cakes
1/15/2017Kakegurui Manga Gets 4-Panel Comedy Spinoff Series
1/15/2017Girls und Panzer Girls Become Waitresses for Restaurant Collaboration
1/15/2017Gantz Gets Pachinko Machine With CG Anime Footage
1/12/2017Blood Lad Manga's Anime Promo Video Celebrates Final Volume
1/12/2017Amazon U.S. Launches Anime Strike Paid Streaming Service
1/12/2017The Eccentric Family 2 Anime's 1st Video Streamed With English Subtitles
1/12/20173rd Yo-kai Watch Film Climbs to #1, Resident Evil Falls to #2
1/12/2017Arcana Famiglia Gets 2 New Stage Plays in March, September
1/12/2017Popin Q Anime Film's Smartphone Game Video Shows Gameplay
1/12/2017Nioh PS4 Game's Cutscene Video Introduces Okatsu
1/12/2017Anime Expo 2017 to Host Macross Singer Mari Iijima
1/12/2017Gravity Rush 2 Game Streams Live-Action Promo Video Starring Nogizaka46's Marika It?
1/12/2017Astro Boy: Edge of Time Game Adds Japanese Cast Members
1/12/2017Director Hideki Kamiya Comments on Scalebound Game's Cancellation
1/12/2017Osamu Tezuka's Illustrations for Rakugo Actor Uncovered
1/12/2017Amazon U.S. Adds Placeholder Pages for Scum's Wish, Onihei, The Great Passage Anime
1/12/2017The Eccentric Family Anime to Serve as Special Goodwill Ambassador For Kyoto
1/12/2017Live-Action Blade of the Immortal Film's Stills Show Erika Toda, S?ta Fukushi in Costume
1/12/2017Servamp Manga Goes on Hiatus Due to Author's Health
1/12/2017Viz Streams New Sailor Moon R: The Movie English Dub Trailer
1/11/2017The Eccentric Family 2 Anime's 1st Video Introduces New & Returning Cast
1/11/2017The Eccentric Family 2 Anime Reveals Theme Song Artists, New Cast, Staff, Visual
1/11/2017Jimmy Choo Designs Code Geass Pumps
1/11/2017Seven Seas Licenses Captain Harlock: Dimensional Voyage Manga
1/11/2017Crunchyroll Adds Super Lovers 2 Anime
1/11/2017The Male "Absolute Territory": Socks with Suit Pants
1/11/2017World War Blue Anime Premieres on TOKU This Month
1/11/2017Seven Seas Licenses Ena Moriyama's The Count of Monte Cristo Manga
1/11/2017Akira Amano Designs Yukata for Sale at Upcoming Exhibition in Kyoto
1/11/2017New Danganronpa V3 Game's Japanese Launch Trailer Streamed
1/11/2017Japanese Comic Ranking, January 2-8
1/11/2017Seven Seas Licenses Devilman G Manga
1/11/2017Crunchyroll to Stream Marginal #4 Idol Anime
1/11/2017Ellen-Sensei Returns to Educate Youth in Alcohol Board Game
1/11/2017Seven Seas to Release Classic Novels With Illustrations By Manga Artists
1/11/2017Nekopara OVA Kickstarter Meets Stretch Goal for 60-Minute Runtime
1/11/2017Dies Irae Visual Novel's Localization Kickstarter Meets Goal
1/11/2017Japan's Video Game Rankings, January 2-8
1/11/2017200+ Voice Actors Choose Top 25 of Their Own in TV Special
1/11/2017In this Corner of the World Named Kinema Jumpo's Best Film of the Year
1/11/2017Devil's Third Online PC Game Ends Service in March After 9 Months
1/11/2017Crunchyroll Streams '1st Person Narrative' Anime OneRoom
1/11/2017Onihei Historical OVA's Video Previews February 22 Release
1/9/2017Eromanga Sensei Director Recruits More Animators on Twitter
1/9/2017Square Enix Displays Kingdom Hearts Stained Glass Clock in Shinjuku Station
1/9/2017Takara Tomy's Toy Cars Inspire Tomica Hyper Rescue Drive Head Anime in April
1/9/2017New Power Rangers Film's VR Experience Offers Closer Look at Zords
1/9/2017Tomokazu Seki Voices All Characters in Higanjima X Anime's Next 3 Episodes
1/9/2017Sadako vs. Kayako Crossover Film's English-Subtitled Trailer Posted
1/9/2017Crunchyroll Posts Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Anime's English-Subtitled Video
1/9/2017Uch? Sentai Ky?ranger Series' Preview Shows Cast in Costume
1/8/2017Shinkai's 'your name.' Tops S. Korean Box Office With US$8.1 Million
1/8/2017Interviews with Monster Girls Anime Casts Sora Amamiya, Kenjiro Tsuda, Natsuki Hanae
1/8/2017Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions Film's English Dub Video Previews 2 Scenes
1/8/2017Anime Network Online to Simulcast ?Urara Meirocho?
1/8/2017Pikachu Dons Vulpix Garb to Celebrate Sapporo Pokemon Center's Redesign
1/8/2017Touken Ranbu Exhibition Celebrates Game's 2nd Anniversary
1/8/2017Pokémon Gets Cherry Blossom Merch for Spring
1/8/2017Battle Girl High School Anime Slated to Air in Summer
1/8/2017Final Fantasy XIV Game's Patch 3.5 Previewed in 8-Minute Video
1/8/2017Re:Zero -Death or Kiss- PS4, PS Vita Game's Opening Movie Streamed
1/8/2017Crunchyroll Streams English-subtitled Trailer For Hand Shakers Anime
1/7/2017Kirakira Precure a la Mode Anime's Character Introduction Trailer Streamed
1/7/2017Galaxy Express 999's Maetel Welcomes Tourists to Fukuoka
1/7/2017Show by Rock!! Real Escape Game Comes with Plasmagica CD
1/7/2017Chocolate Instant Noodles Celebrate Valentine's Day in Japan
1/7/2017Original Digital Monster Toy Remake Adds 20th Anniversary Digimon
1/7/2017Valkyria Revolution Game's New Character Trailer Highlights Maxim
1/7/2017Satoko Kiyuduki's Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro Manga Approaches 'Climax'
1/7/2017World of Super Sand Box Chinese-Japanese Co-Produced Anime Reveals Staff
1/7/2017Flowers of Evil's Sh?z? Oshimi Publishes 1-Shot in Feel Young J?sei Magazine
1/7/2017Gin to Kin Manga Author Fukumoto to Have Part in Live-Action Series Adaptation
1/7/2017Tales of Zestiria the X 2nd Season's Promo Video Streamed Before Sunday Premiere
1/7/2017RWBY Gets 'Red Like Roses' Manga Anthology in Spring
1/7/2017Salaryman Kintaro's Hiroshi Motomiya Launches Manga About Xu Fu
1/7/2017Saiyuki Reload Blast Anime Reveals 1st Promo Video, Cast, Staff, July TV Premiere
1/7/2017Kuma Miko's Masume Yoshimoto Launches New Magical Girl Manga in February
1/7/2017Kimi wa Pet/Tramps Like Us Live-Action Series' Title Sequence Posted
1/6/2017All Out!! Stage Play's Cast, Teaser Video Revealed
1/6/2017Noragami Stage Play's TV Ad Previews Acting
1/6/2017Crayon Shin-chan Marks 25th Anniversary With 'Ora wa Ninkimono' Music Video
1/6/2017Crunchyroll to Stream ?lDLIVE Anime
1/6/2017Sanrio Posts English-Subtitled Aggressive Retsuko Video