Anime News

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10/30/2017Godzilla's Monsters Face Off in Televised 'General Election'
10/30/2017Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer Previews Ginyu Force
10/30/2017Final Fantasy XV Game Previews 'Episode Ignis' DLC in Gameplay Video
10/30/2017'Thortaro' & 'Lokijiro' Star in Thor: Ragnarok Promotional Anime Short
10/30/2017New Hoshin Engi Anime Reveals 11 Character Designs
10/30/2017Kud Wafter Anime Film's Global Crowdfunding Reaches Goal
10/30/2017Precure Ranks #1 Over Blade Runner 2049 in Tickets Sold, Not Yen Earned
10/30/2017French Publisher Posts Short Documentary on Final Fantasy's Yoshitaka Amano
10/30/2017The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Anime's 2nd Season Reveals New Key Visual
10/30/2017Tokyo Ghoul:re Anime's Main Staff Revealed
10/30/2017Live-Action ERASED Netflix Series Reveals 1st Visual, December 15 Premiere
10/30/2017Momogumi Plus Senki Manga Switches to Online Magazine
10/30/2017OKKO's Office Lover 2 Love-Simulation Smartphone Game Gets Anime on Vertical Anime App
10/30/2017Basara's Yumi Tamura Ends 7SEEDS Spinoff Manga, Launches New Series
10/30/2017The IDOLM@STER Million Live! Game to Shut Down
10/30/2017Dark Horse to Release Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight Novel, Berserk Guidebook
10/30/2017Love Live! Sunshine!! Event Cancelled Due to Typhoon
10/30/2017Haikyu!! Gets 5th Stage Play in Spring 2018
10/30/2017Inio Asano Resumes Dead Dead Demon's Dededededestruction Manga
10/29/2017Masakazu Katsura's I"s Manga Gets 2018 Live-Action Series Starring Amane Okayama
10/29/2017Susumu Hirasawa Confirms He's Working on Theme Song for Satoshi Kon's Opus
10/29/2017Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club Anime Gets New TV Series Next Summer
10/29/2017Voice Actors Hiro Shimono, Shintar? Asanuma Become 'Bar Mamas' for DVD Release
10/29/2017Hortensia Saga's Evangelion Collaboration Holds Shinji Twitter Campaign
10/29/2017Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer's Mizukami Ends Nihonmatsu Ky?dai Manga
10/29/2017Sinon & Asuna Suit Up for a Holly Jolly Sword Art Online Christmas
10/29/2017My Hero Academia Manga Takes 1-Week Break So Author Can Do Research
10/29/2017The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Anime's 2nd Season Premieres in January
10/29/2017Attack on Titan Season 3 Premieres in July After January Compilation Film
10/29/2017Miss Hokusai's Keiichi Hara Details Next Work With Planned Completion in 2018
10/29/2017Kurozuka's Takashi Noguchi Launches New Shinsengumi Rebellion Manga
10/29/2017Toho Reports Increase in Profits in 1st Half of Fiscal Year
10/28/2017DAIGO Promote's Sister's New Manga ? Assures Fans It's 'Normal'
10/28/20171st Godzilla Anime Film Inspires Train Tourism Campaign
10/28/2017Sailor Moon Crystal Anime's 3rd Season English Dub Trailer Highlights Outer Guardians
10/28/2017Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Anime's English Dub Casts Veronica Taylor, Ben Diskin
10/28/2017Fate/Grand Order Artist Leaves Twitter, Pixiv After Copying Complaints
10/28/2017Official 'Mighty Morphin' Meower Rangers' Videos Return for Halloween
10/28/2017Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! LOVE! Hot Spring Tour Sells Out in 24 Hours
10/28/2017Magia Record: Madoka Magica Gaiden's Nanami Yachiyo Gets 1/7-Scale Figure
10/27/2017Dragon's Crown Pro PS4 RPG's 2nd Promo Video Streamed
10/27/2017Harvest Moon: Light of Hope's Video Reveals Launch for PC on November 14
10/27/2017Future Card Buddyfight Co-Creator: Japanese Card Game Sales Drop Over 40% in September
10/27/2017Kodansha, Polygon Pictures Establish 'Kodansha VR Lab' VR Company
10/27/2017Kud Wafter Anime Crowdfunding Launches International Campaign
10/27/2017RPG Dragon Lapis is Available on Android
10/27/2017Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Fans and Developers Meet in Celebration
10/27/2017Eiyu*Senki - The World Conquest Debuts on Steam November 10th, Uncut Version Available Now at JAST USA
10/27/2017Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online on Steam Early 2018 in English, Japanese, and Trad. Chinese
10/27/2017Robotech Mecha Anime Receives Art Book
10/27/2017Takunomi. TV Anime Reveals Cast, Character Video, January 2018 Premiere
10/27/2017Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Take On Me Anime Film Previewed in 3rd Teaser Video, New Key Visual
10/27/2017Coro Coro Comics Magazine's Kirby Manga Franchise Has 10 Million Copies in Print
10/27/2017Spike Chunsoft's Attack on Titan 2 Game's Trailer Previews Story
10/27/2017Not Lives' Karasuma Launches Mah?tsukai to Dragon's Loft Manga in November
10/27/2017LiSA Postpones Concert During Tour Due to Sudden Medical Issue
10/27/2017Saga of Tanya the Evil Gets Spinoff Gourmet Manga
10/27/2017Square Enix Unveils New Servant of Thrones Smartphone Game
10/27/2017Y?ji Kaida, Shinji Nishikawa Draw Visuals for 1st Godzilla Anime Film
10/27/2017Netflix's Live-Action Blazing Transfer Students Show Previews Johnny's West Theme Song in Trailer
10/27/2017Yo-kai Watch Shadowside Film's Trailer Reveals New Cast Members
10/26/2017Japan's Animation TV Ranking, October 16-22
10/26/2017Gundam Versus PS4 Game Adds Gundam Thunderbolt's Atlas Gundam as DLC
10/26/2017Slam Dunk, Riki-Oh, Captain Tsubasa Creators Draw for Paralympic Mook
10/26/2017Natsume Ono to Publish New ACCA 13 Spinoff Volume
10/26/2017Team Rocket Outlines Recruitment Project in Saga Prefecture
10/26/2017Funimation Reveals Black Clover English Dub Cast, October 29 Premiere
10/26/2017Shueisha Launches New Grand Jump Mecha Magazine
10/26/2017Grape-kun & Hululu Fly High on Kemono Friends Itasha Airplane Design
10/26/2017Little Battlers eXperience's 'Armored Girls' Spinoff Previewed in Animated Video
10/26/2017Poll Reveals Which Costumes Are All the Scream in Shibuya This Halloween
10/26/2017Anime NYC to Host IDOLiSH7 Anime's U.S. Premiere With Director Makoto Bessho
10/26/2017To Love Ru: Darkness Voice Actress Aki Toyosaki Ties the Knot
10/26/2017The Testament of Sister New Devil Gets New 60-Minute OVA
10/26/2017Horror Game Misao: Definitive Edition is Now Available on Steam and Playism
10/26/2017Mobile Suit Gundam UC Bande Dessinée Prequel Manga Launches
10/26/2017Konami's Contra Games Get Live-Action Film, Show From China
10/26/2017Bono Bono Anime's Video Previews 81st Episode's Spinoff Story
10/26/2017Dame×Prince Anime Casts Sayuri Yahagi as Protagonist Ani
10/26/2017Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Game's Combined Shipments, Digital Sales Hit 1 Million
10/25/2017Amazon Germany Briefly Lists Kingdom Hearts PS4 Collection
10/25/20171st Laughing Under the Clouds Gaiden Anime Film's Trailer Streamed
10/25/2017Princess Resurrection Gets New Manga Series in November
10/25/2017A.I.C.O. -Incarnation- Manga Launches on November 25
10/25/2017Book?Walker Exclusive Light Novel The Ryuo's Work is Never Done! Available Now
10/25/2017Beyblade Burst Scores Season 2 With Renewals By Disney XD (US, Canada) and Corus' Teletoon (Canada) For Beyblade Burst Evolution
10/25/2017KOEI TECMO Reveals Full Character Roster and Launch Window for Attack on Titan 2
10/25/2017VIZ Media Announces the Release of Tokyo Ghoul Illustrations: Zakki
10/25/2017XSEED Games Scares Up a Launch Date for Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection
10/25/2017Megadimension Neptunia VIIR Brings VR To the West in Spring 2018
10/25/2017New Fist of the Blue Sky Anime Unveils Title, Visual
10/25/2017Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Game App Slated for November
10/25/2017Anime Industry Takes in Record 2.0 Trillion Yen in 2016
10/25/2017Kud Wafter Anime Film Launches International Crowdfunding
10/25/2017Resident Evil Revelations Games' Switch Releases Include 2 Mini-Games
10/24/2017The Girl Who Leapt Through Time's Sequel Story Gets Stage Play
10/24/2017Super NES Classic Style New 3DS XL Heads to N. America on November 27
10/24/2017New Fist of the Blue Sky TV Anime Premieres in April
10/24/2017The Ancient Magus' Bride English Dub Stars Dani Chambers, Brian Mathis
10/24/2017Black Butler Creator Comments on Works With Homosexual Love
10/24/2017Bleach: Brave Souls Smartphone Game Hits 25 Million Downloads Worldwide
10/24/2017The Matrix's Green Scrawling Code was Scanned from Cookbooks
10/24/2017Kodansha USA Adds 'I Want to Hold Aono-kun so Badly I Could Die' Manga Digitally
10/24/2017Nights of Azure 2 Game's Environment Trailer Posted
10/24/2017Is It Wrong to Pick Up a Ghoul in a Dungeon? DanMachi: Memoria Freese Mobile Game Will Find Out
10/24/2017Funimation Streams The Ancient Magus' Bride English Dub Preview
10/24/2017Henkei Sh?jo Launches Crowdfunding for 6th Short
10/24/2017North American Anime, Manga Releases, October 22-28
10/24/2017Lost Sphear RPG's English Story Trailer Streamed
10/24/2017Osamu Tezuka Museum Displays Unico, Hello Kitty, More 'Girly' '80s Goods
10/24/2017Crow's Blood Live-Action Horror Mini-Series to Air in U.S.
10/24/2017Newest Ball-Jointed Doll of Attack on Titan's Levi Costs US$1,200
10/24/2017Sunrights Licenses Beyblade Burst Evolution Sequel Anime for U.S., Canada
10/24/2017Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory Game Ships in West on January 19
10/24/2017Monster Hunter: World Game's Ad Highlights World, Monsters
10/24/2017Doukoku Soshite... Remastered Game's Video Previews Story
10/24/2017Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, October 16-22
10/24/2017Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, October 16-22
10/24/2017Attack on Titan 2 Game Ships in the West in March
10/24/2017Bandai Namco Registers 'New World' Trademark for Games
10/17/2017Digimon Adventure tri. 5th Anime Film Earns 94 Million Yen in 17 Days
10/17/2017Macross/Aquarion's Kawamori Unveils Spring TV Anime J?shinki Pandora
10/17/2017DAYS Soccer TV Anime Gets Finale as 3 New Original Anime DVDs
10/17/2017Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, October 9-15
10/17/2017Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, October 9-15
10/17/2017Sony Music Launches Indie Game Label With PS4, Switch, PC Titles
10/17/2017Dragon's Crown Pro PS4 RPG Delayed to February 8
10/17/2017.hack//G.U. Last Recode RPGs' 'Rebirth' Trailer Previews Story Scenes
10/17/2017'Hugtto! Precure' Trademark Filed
10/17/2017Netflix to Produce 30 'New' Anime Series for 2018 Release
10/16/2017Citrus Anime Casts Hisako Kanemoto, Rei Matsuzaki
10/16/2017ONE's Mob Psycho 100 Manga Gets Live-Action Drama in January
10/16/2017IG Port's Quarterly Report Shows Deficit Despite Increase in Sales
10/16/2017One Piece's Nami Hawks Oranges for Kumamoto Prefecture
10/16/2017Fanime Event to Host Voice Actress Satomi Satou in 2018
10/16/2017Anime NYC to Host Live-Action Fullmetal Alchemist Screening With Director Fumihiko Sori
10/16/2017Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Recreate Sakura's Dress from Heaven's Feel
10/16/2017The IDOLM@STER Stella Stage Game Video Previews Rie Takahashi's New Character
10/16/2017Taste Food Wars' Latest Plates at J-World
10/16/2017Funimation Lists Releases for Morose Mononokean, Ace Attorney, Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches
10/16/2017Embarrass Your Cat with a Sanrio Mascot Hat
10/16/2017Dentsu, OLM Make 3DCG Kids' Animated Series Tinpo for U.K. TV
10/16/2017Takuya Eguchi's Weird Doodles Sneak into TsukiPro
10/16/2017Animation Director Junichi Hayama to Attend Michigan's Youmacon
10/16/2017One Piece Manga Has 430 Million Copies in Print Worldwide
10/16/2017'Fake' Shin Megami Tensei Side-Scrolling PC Game Gets Free Download
10/16/2017Gurazeni Manga Has 'Important Announcement' on October 26
10/16/20171st Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel Film Opens at #1
10/16/2017Shunsaku Hayashi's 'Railment' Short Qualifies for Oscar Consideration
10/16/2017CLAMP's HiGH&LOW Manga Volume Bundles Original 5-Minute Anime
10/16/2017Black Clover Gets Card Battle Arcade Game in November
10/16/2017Principal Live-Action Film Opens on March 3
10/16/2017Geno Studio Reveals New TV Anime Project By Baccano!/Durarara!! Director Takahiro ?mori
10/16/2017Geno Studio to Produce TV Anime of Seita Horio's Kokkoku: Moment by Moment Manga
10/16/2017Fate/Grand Order's Hitoshi Nanba Directs Golden Kamuy Anime at Geno Studio
10/16/2017Nippon Ichi Opens Teaser Site for New Game
10/16/2017Major 2nd TV Anime Premieres in April 2018
10/16/2017Him?to! Umaru-chan Manga Ends in 3 Chapters
10/16/2017Mobius Final Fantasy Game's Event Tells Tidus' Story During 'Eternal Calm'
10/16/2017Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Director Yasuhiro Irie to Launch Kickstarter for Anime of Halloween Pajama Manga
10/13/2017Thermae Romae's Mari Yamazaki Honored With Order of the Star of Italy
10/13/2017Manga Creator Enaga Takabatake Passes Away
10/13/2017Live-Action Tokyo Ghoul Film's Latest Subtitled Clip Shows Kaneki Fleeing from Rize
10/13/2017Kaiji Gambling Manga Gets Variety Program in December
10/13/2017Swery65 to Launch New Crowdfunding Campaign for The Good Life Game Before Year Ends
10/13/2017Cineplex Lists Canadian Screenings for A Silent Voice Anime Film in November
10/13/2017Major 2nd Manga Gets TV Anime
10/13/2017Toji no Miko Anime to Air for 6 Months, Reveals Theme Song Artists
10/13/2017Tubi TV Streams Mr. Osomatsu Anime's 2nd Season
10/13/2017go90 Streaming Service Adds All 4 Seasons of Hell Girl Anime
10/13/2017Kouji Kikkawa Performs Ending Song for Mazinger Z: Infinity Film
10/13/2017Juné to Exclusively Publish Sakira's Ore Miko! Manga
10/13/2017Servamp Manga Has 'Big Announcement' in November
10/13/2017Basilisk Sequel Anime's Cast, Staff, January Premiere Revealed
10/13/20171st Peace Maker Kurogane Anime Film's Teaser Video Previews Animation
10/13/2017Ashita no Joe Manga Inspires New TV Anime With Orignal Story in Spring 2018
10/13/2017Hakumei to Mikochi Anime Premieres in January
10/13/2017Crunchyroll Adds More Catalog Titles, March comes in like a lion Season 2 Streaming Details
10/12/2017Cherry Boys Manga Gets Live-Action Film
10/12/2017Grandpa Grape-kun's Zoo Event Jeopardized Due to Health
10/12/2017Japan's Animation TV Ranking, October 2-8
10/12/2017Princess Peach Approves New Super Mario Beauty Products
10/12/2017Funimation Reveals Fall Simuldub Premiere Schedule
10/12/2017Vulpix Roars Into Build-A-Bear Workshops in U.S., Canada, U.K.
10/12/20172018 Doraemon Film Gets 3DS game
10/12/2017MegaBots, Kuratas Giant Robots Duke it Out Tuesday
10/12/2017Netflix's Live-Action Blazing Transfer Students Show Gets 2-Part Manga
10/12/2017Eiichiro Oda Responds to One Piece Kabuki Actor's Injury
10/12/2017Million Arthur VR Game Launches in English for HTC Vive
10/12/2017Event Report: One Piece × Kyoto City Collaboration
10/12/2017Junji Ito 'Collection' Anime Reveals Visual, Staff, January 7 Premiere
10/12/2017Anime NYC to Host Princess Principal Director Masaki Tachibana
10/12/2017Kimi ni Todoke Manga Ends in November
10/12/2017Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Videos Preview Necrozma's New Z-Moves
10/12/2017Seven Seas Launches New Ghost Ship Imprint Through Diamond Book Distributors: Yuuna And The Haunted Hot Springs and World's End Harem
10/12/2017Ninja Nonsense Blu-Ray Collection Release Delayed
10/12/2017Cardfight!! Vanguard GZ English Dub Debuts on November 25
10/12/2017Pikachin-Kit Children's Multimedia Project Unveiled With Anime, Manga
10/12/2017Anime Studio Bones Updates on Current Projects, Teases More News For Mob Psycho 100 on October 19
10/12/2017Yuki Kure Launches New La Corda D'Oro Manga Series in December
10/12/2017Gakuen Babysitters Manga Gets Special Chapter in December
10/12/2017Arina Tanemura Launches New Idolish 7 Manga in December
10/12/2017Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle Game's Launch Trailer Shows Gameplay Modes
10/12/2017Voltron Legendary Defender Show's Season 4 Clips Highlight Kaltenecker, Pidge, Keith
10/12/2017One-Punch Man Manga Ranks #1 on U.S. Monthly Bookscan September List
10/12/2017Neo Angelique: Tenshi no Namida PS Vita Game's Video Highlights Characters
10/12/2017How to keep a mummy TV Anime Slated for January
10/12/2017J-Novel Club Announces the Licensing of Light Novel Series Walking My Second Path in Life
10/12/2017Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online Out Today for NA, 13 Oct for EU
10/12/2017HIDIVE Acquires Streaming Rights to Flying Witch English Dub
10/12/2017Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle is Out Now in North America
10/12/2017VIZ Media Announces New Manga, Art, and Craft Book Acquisitions at New York Comic Con 2017
10/12/2017WasabiCon Returns to Jacksonville, FL for Year 6
10/12/2017My Girlfriend is Shobitch Anime Gets BD With 2 New Episodes in March
10/12/2017Thor: Ragnarok Film Director Waititi Wants to Adapt Akira Manga With Asian Actors
10/12/2017Fans Mourn the Death of Grape-kun, a True Kemono Friend
10/12/2017Re:Creators One More! Manga Ends in November
10/12/2017Saint Seiya's Kurumada Prepares 'Surprising' Project
10/11/2017Kodoku no Gourmet Anime Reveals Director, Main Actor
10/11/2017Gurren Lagann Manga Artist Kotaro Mori Ends Plus Minus Gohan Manga
10/11/2017Voice Actor Keiji Fujiwara Updates Fans on Return to Work
10/9/2017Macross Delta Film Reveals Title, February 2018 Opening With Concerts
10/9/2017Japan Foundation Los Angeles to Screen Napping Princess Film on Wednesday
10/9/2017Him?to! Umaru-chan R 1st BD/DVD Includes Mini PC Game
10/9/2017Ministry of Cultural Affairs Awards Hirokata Takahashi, Tadashi Furukawa, Makoto Negishi
10/9/2017Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond Anime Listed With 12 Episodes
10/9/2017OLDCODEX Performs Opening Song for Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari Anime
10/9/2017Voltron Legendary Defender Show's Season 4 Clip Previews Lotor's Plan
10/8/2017Slam Dunk Revives 1996 Calendar for 2018
10/8/2017Chinese Rice Girl Game Gets Japanese Release
10/8/2017Voice Actress Risa Taneda Updates Fans on Recovery, Return
10/8/2017Doraemon Gets 4th Limited Edition Ukyio-e Print
10/8/2017Super Sonico Poses With Hello Kitty for Theme Park Event
10/8/2017Japanese Tunnels & Trolls Tabletop RPG Magazine Issue Gets English Release
10/8/2017Girls und Panzer Dream Tank Match Game's Video Previews ChouCho's Theme Song
10/8/20173rd Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Anime Film's 1st 10 Minutes Streamed
10/8/2017Slow Start Anime's TV Ad Previews New Characters
10/8/2017God Eater 3 Game Confirmed For Release in Americas
10/8/2017Major 2nd Manga Has 'Important Announcement' on October 18
10/8/2017Project ARMS Writer Launches New Manga This Winter
10/8/2017Claymore's Norihiro Yagi Launches New Manga This Winter
10/8/2017Natsume's Book of Friends Roku Anime's 2nd OVA Previewed in Video
10/8/2017Natsume's Book of Friends Anime Gets Film in 2018
10/8/2017Crunchyroll Streams Natsume's Book of Friends Roku Anime's 1st OVA
10/8/2017Starmyu Anime Gets New Stage Musical, OVA in 2018; 3rd Anime Season in 2019 (Updated With Video)
10/8/2017Viz Media's SuBLime Imprint Licenses The Boy Can't Help It, VOID, Coyote, Escape Journey Manga
10/7/2017Mr. Osomatsu Plush Dolls Say Phrases From Both Anime Seasons
10/7/2017Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple Gets Spooky for Convenience Store Campaign
10/7/2017Hiragana Boys Mobile Game Launches
10/7/2017Fate/Extra Last Encore TV Anime Previews Urara Takano as Rider in Ad
10/7/2017Unit-00, MP Evangelions Get Revoltech Figures
10/7/2017Transform Into Fullmetal Alchemist's Ed, Winry, Mustang With AR
10/7/2017Last Idolm@ster SideM Blu-ray/DVD to Include 'Special Edition' Episode
10/7/2017Jump Festa '18 Event to Feature Yuragi-s? no Y?na-san Manga
10/7/2017God Eater 3 Console Game Unveiled Along With 1st God Eater RPG App
10/7/2017Seven Deadly Sins' New Anime Reveals FLOW × GRANRODEO on Opening Song, January 6 Debut, Promo Video
10/7/2017Fate/Apocrypha, Sword Art Online Movie Win Top Newtype Anime Awards
10/7/2017Girls & Panzer's 1st Finale Film Previewed in Trailer, Ad
10/7/2017Girls & Panzer's 1st Finale Film Reveals New Characters With Cast
10/7/2017Girls & Panzer Franchise Gets Live-Action Promotional Video
10/7/2017Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Anime Gets Sequel Project
10/3/2017.hack//G.U. Last Recode Game's 'Vol. 4' Adds Ovan
10/3/2017The Ancient Magus' Bride Streams Maho-Yome Shorts' 'Episode 0'
10/3/2017Kadokawa CEO Comments on Kemono Friends Controversy
10/3/2017Pop Team Epic Anime Reveals Directors, Head Writer, More of Staff
10/3/2017Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, September 25-October 1
10/3/2017Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, September 25-October 1
10/3/2017Terra Battle 2 Staff Apologizes for Changes in Recent Game Update
10/3/2017Rock Band MUCC Goes on Temporary Hiatus in 2018
10/3/2017Sony Interactive Entertainment President Andrew House Steps Down
10/3/2017Bushiroad's Takaaki Kidani Steps Down as Representative Director
10/3/2017Live-Action Fullmetal Alchemist Film Casts Atomu Mizuishi as Al's Voice
10/3/2017Paramount Picks Up Sonic the Hedgehog Film Rights
10/2/2017Live-Action Ajin Tops Box Office With 272 Million Yen
10/2/2017PS VR Gets New Model in Japan in October
10/2/2017Spike Chunsoft's Attack on Titan 2 Game's 2nd Ad Streamed
10/2/2017Saku Sakamoto's Solo Anime Film Project Aragne Casts Kana Hanazawa
10/2/2017Live-Action Futari Monologue Show Announces Theme Song, Premiere Date
10/2/2017Little Witch Academia: Chamber Of Time Game's Opening Movie Previews Yuiko Ohara's Song
10/2/2017Voice Actor Yuuki Ono Reveals He Got Married 7 Years Ago
10/2/2017March comes in like a lion Anime's English Dub Trailer Streamed
10/2/2017Shoko Nakagawa Draws Ichiro Mizuki, Isao Sasaki for CD Cover
10/2/2017go90 Streaming Service Adds Ultraman Neos, Ultraseven X Series
10/2/2017Viz's Shonen Jump to Preview Lycopene the Tomatoy Poodle Manga
10/2/2017Tatsunoko Confirms That Gatchaman's Not the Name of the Team
10/2/2017Hozuki's Coolheadedness Season 2's Opening Video Streamed
10/2/2017Illustrator Hisashi Eguchi Laments Japan's Creeping Homogeneity in Toco Toco Premiere
10/2/2017J-Novel Club Adds How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord Light Novel
10/2/2017Celebrate Wedded Bliss With Your Favorite Dengeki Bunko Heroines
10/2/2017Sentai Filmworks Licenses Dynamic Chord for HIDIVE Stream
10/2/2017Saikano's Shin Takahashi Designs Characters for 'Road to You' Anime Short
10/2/2017Nioh PS4 Game Gets PC Release on November 7
10/2/2017U.S. Firm Bain Capital Buys ADK Agency
10/2/2017Kase-san and Morning Glories Anime Reveals OVA Format With 2018 Premiere
10/2/2017Tohru Fujisawa's GTO: Paradise Lost Manga Ends 1st Part, Goes on Hiatus
10/2/2017Ky? no Ky?shoku! Manga Creator Jun Tsukaji Passes Away at 27
10/2/2017Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody Anime Casts Minami Tsuda as Liza
10/2/2017Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Anime Reveals Designs for Akiho, Yuna
10/2/2017Thunderbolt Fantasy Sh?shi Ikken Side-Story Project Gets Theatrical Screenings in Japan
10/2/2017Aniplex of America Launches Official Site for Working Comedy BLEND-S Plus More Details on Collaboration Café Event
10/2/2017Peace Maker Kurogane Anime Film Project Reveals 2018 Delay, Rough Character Designs