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Anime News

DateArticle Name
11/28/2017Yuri!!! on Ice, Free! Currently Lead in Tokyo Anime Award Festival's Fan Votes
11/28/2017Saori Hayami Performs Ending Theme for Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Anime
11/28/201722nd Detective Conan Film Reveals Title, Visual, April 13 Debut
11/28/2017The Ryuo's Work is Never Done! Anime's Video Previews Machico's Song
11/28/2017Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, November 20-26
11/28/2017Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, November 20-26
11/28/20172018 Doraemon Film Reveals Yo Oizumi as Guest Cast Member
11/28/2017T?ken Ranbu December Musical's Visual Revealed
11/28/2017Utena's Chiho Sait? Launches New Manga Series in April
11/28/2017New Poe no Ichizoku Manga Launches on May 28
11/28/2017Kids on the Slope's Yuki Kodama Ends Chiisako no Niwa Manga Before New Series in March
11/28/2017Thunderbolt Fantasy Film's 3rd Making-of Video Highlights Photography, Visual Design
11/27/2017Atelier Lydie & Suelle Game's Trailer Shows Characters, Gameplay
11/27/2017Danchigai's Kazusa Yoneda Launches New Manga
11/27/2017Ayaka Segawa Performs Mameneko Cat Anime's Theme Song
11/27/2017Hetalia Gets Its 1st Official Manga Anthology
11/27/2017Pan de Peace! 4-Panel Manga Ends
11/27/2017Shonen Jump Exhibition Fast-Forwards to the '90s
11/27/2017Ultraman Manga's Website Launches Countdown
11/27/2017Misia Tries Transmutation in Live-Action Fullmetal Alchemist Film's Music Video
11/27/2017Well Go USA to Release Live-Action Gintama Film on Home Video
11/27/2017MF Bunko J's Light Novel Heroine Contest Picks Its Queen
11/27/2017Discotek Media Licenses Cinderella Boy Anime
11/27/2017Fullmetal Alchemist Exhibition Casts a Spell in Osaka
11/27/2017Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Game's Story Trailer Highlights Character Memories
11/27/2017Girls & Panzer Franchise's Live-Action Promotional Video Streamed
11/27/2017LayereD Stories 0 Anime's Full 1st Episode Streamed
11/27/2017J?shinki Pandora TV Anime Casts Kana Hanazawa, Reveals Visual
11/27/2017Hatenkou Yugi/Dazzle Manga Planned to End With 22nd Volume
11/27/2017King of Fighters Games Inspire 'New Beginning' Manga
11/27/2017Demon's Souls Game's Online Service Shuts Down on February 28
11/27/2017Haikyu!! 5th Stage Play's New Cast, Visual, Debut Dates Revealed
11/27/2017Chikahiro Kobayashi, Haruka Shiraishi Star in Golden Kamuy Anime (Updated)
11/27/2017A Collaboration Between Primeworks Studios And Animonsta Studios Brings 'Pokémon The Movie: I Choose You!' To Malaysia
11/27/2017Japan Popular Culture Unites at C3 Anime Festival Asia Singapore
11/27/2017Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope 4K HD Remaster's Launch Trailer Posted
11/27/2017Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari Anime's New Visual Unveiled
11/27/2017Ochanomizu Rock Project Unveiled with Manga, Live-Action Show, Stage Play
11/27/2017Mashiro-kun Manga Has 'Important Announcement' on December 16
11/27/2017No Game No Life, Desu! Spinoff Manga Ends
11/24/2017Kiss×sis Creator Ditama's New Manga Launches on December 26
11/24/2017Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! Reveals 2018 Series Ranking
11/24/2017Slow Start Anime Videos Introduce 3 More Characters
11/24/2017Thunderbolt Fantasy Sh?shi Ikken Side-Story Film's New Promo Video, 2nd Making-of Video Streamed
11/24/2017Dame×Prince Anime's Promo Video Previews Breakerz Theme Song
11/24/2017Hobby Japan's The Seven Heavenly Virtues Franchise Gets Anime in Winter 2018
11/24/2017Ry?suke Yamada Discusses Live-Action Fullmetal Alchemist Film's 4DX Screenings in Video
11/24/2017Pokémon Game Franchise's Combined Shipments, Download Sales Reach 300 Million Copies
11/24/2017California's Anime on Display Convention Ceases Operations
11/24/2017Monster Hunter: World Game's Videos Highlight Character Creation, Combat
11/24/2017Cherry Boys Live-Action Film's Additional Cast, Theme Song Artist, Visual Revealed
11/24/2017Beatless Anime Premieres on Animeism Block on January 12
11/24/2017Yurucamp Anime's Theme Song Artists, New Visual Unveiled
11/24/2017Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You Earns US$2.4 Million in U.S.
11/24/2017Live-Action Saki Achiga-hen episode of side-A Film Adds New Cast Members
11/24/2017Shin Godzilla Director Shinji Higuchi to Unveil New Work on December 3
11/23/2017Japan's Animation TV Ranking, November 13-19
11/23/2017Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru's Takashi Naoya Directs Real Girl Anime
11/23/2017Model Designs Ranma 1/2 Merch Inspired by Ranma, Shampoo
11/23/2017Cheeky Angel's Nishimori Ends Hiiragi-sama wa Jibun o Sagashiteiru. Manga in 5 Chapters
11/23/2017Romancing SaGa 2 Heads West in December on PS Vita, Other Consoles
11/23/2017Sailor Moon Gets Performance Show in France in 2018
11/23/2017Harukana Receive Anime Reveals Teaser Visual, Main Staff
11/23/2017Gakuen Babysitters Anime Reveals Theme Song Artists, January 7 Debut
11/23/2017Live-Action School-Live! Film Is Slated for 2018
11/23/2017New Manga by Project ARMS Writer Reveals Visual, New Title, Story
11/23/2017Sakanaction Performs Live-Action Laughing Under the Clouds Film's Opening, Theme Song
11/23/2017Claymore Creator Norihiro Yagi Reveals Title, Visual, Story for New Manga
11/23/2017Ultraman Geed Film's Title, Yuika Motokariya Guest Role Revealed
11/23/2017Attack on Titan 2 Game Adds New Playable Characters
11/23/20172nd Haikara-san ga T?ru Film Changes Director
11/23/2017Virtual Home Robot Developer Lets You Marry 2D Characters on Paper
11/23/2017Dragon Zakura Two Manga Launches in January
11/23/2017Hyoge Mono Manga Ends on November 30
11/23/2017Degu Makes Official Debut in New Kemono Friends Zoo Collaboration
11/23/2017Silent Möbius QD Manga Approaches Climax
11/23/2017Holiday Love Manga About Adultery Inspires Live-Action TV Series
11/23/2017Voice Actor Rap Battle Project Woos Crowd at 1st Live Performance
11/22/2017Gal*Gun 2 Game's 1st Video Previews New Characters
11/22/2017Kodoku no Gourmet Live-Action Series Gets Year-End Special
11/21/2017Time Magazine Picks Its Top 10 Video Games of 2017
11/21/2017FanimeCon to Host Bilingual Singer nano
11/21/2017Live-Action Anonymous Noise Clip Shows Momo About to Kiss Nino
11/21/2017Akihabara Cleanup Squad Keeps Otaku Holy Land in Tip-Top Shape
11/21/2017Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Anime Adds More Returning Cast
11/21/2017Chihayafuru's Suzu Hirose Stars in Live-Action Show About Early Anime Industry
11/21/2017New Hoshin Engi Anime Casts Y?ko Hikasa, Daisuke Namikawa, Nobuhiko Okamoto
11/21/2017Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Smartphone Game Gets Worldwide Release
11/21/2017World of Final Fantasy Meli-Melo Smartphone Game Revealed With Video
11/21/2017Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Anime Reveals 2nd Key Visual
11/21/2017Rurouni Kenshin: Hokkaido Arc Manga Goes on Hiatus Due to Creator's Child Porn Charge
11/21/201725-Sai no Joshi K?sei Romance Manga About 'Fake' High School Girl Gets TV Anime
11/21/2017Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, November 13-19
11/21/2017Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, November 13-19
11/21/2017Rurouni Kenshin Creator Nobuhiro Watsuki Charged With Child Pornography Possession
11/21/2017Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars CG Film Gets Japanese-Dubbed Theatrical Release
11/21/2017Puzzle Fighter Game App Launches Worldwide This Week
11/21/2017Ai no Kusabi Boys-Love Anime's English Dub Casts Chuck Huber, Ray Hurd
11/21/2017Magical Girl Site Anime Reveals Staff, Spring 2018 Premiere
11/20/2017'Our love has always been 10 centimeters apart' Anime's Opening, Ending Video Streamed
11/20/2017Yuki Yuna is a Hero: The Hero Chapter Anime Reveals Video, Visual
11/20/2017Silent Siren Sets Sail For Night of Miracles at Budokan
11/20/2017A Sky Full of Stars, a Coming-of-Age Astronomy Tale by the Same Team Who Brought You If My Heart Had Wings, is Coming December 2017
11/20/2017VIZ Media Europe Named Licensing Agent For Saban's Power Rangers in France
11/20/2017Live Happily Ever After With Seven Seas' License of The Bride Was A Boy Manga
11/20/2017New Street Fighter Novel Crosses Epic Battles With Manga Artwork
11/20/2017Sonic Forces: Speed Battle Does Over 2 Million Downloads In 2 Weeks On IOS, Launches On Android Today
11/20/2017Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Game's Video Highlights New V-Triggers
11/20/2017Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Mobile Game Launches on Wednesday
11/20/2017Kokkoku: Moment by Moment Anime's 2nd Promo Video Reveals January 7 Premiere
11/20/2017Shinkalion Anime's Cast, Staff Unveiled
11/20/2017Eri Kitamura Joins The Disasterous Life of Saiki K. 2nd Season's Cast as Mikoto Aiura
11/20/2017Full Lineup Revealed for 2017 K?haku Song Contest
11/20/2017Cave Reveals Sangoku Justice Game for Spring 2018
11/20/2017Love Live! School Idol Festival Smartphone Game Reaches 40 Million Users Worldwide
11/20/2017Sanrio Boys Anime Premieres on January 6
11/20/2017Live-Action Hitsuji no Ki Film's New Trailer, Visual Posted
11/20/2017planetarian CG VR Anime Video Crowdfunding Project Reaches Goal in 2 Days
11/20/2017Girls und Panzer Dream Tank Match Ships in Southeast Asia in English on February 27
11/20/2017Weirdos Unite In Seven Seas' License of Ojojojo Manga Series
11/20/2017Indulge Yourself in Seven Seas' License of Plus-Sized Elf Manga Series
11/20/2017MangaGamer Releases Umineko: When They Cry Answer Arcs
11/20/2017Seven Seas Explores Galactic Lore With License of True Tenchi Muyo! Light Novel Series
11/20/2017It's a Supernatural Battle for One Girl's Heart in Seven Seas' License of The Bride & The Exorcist Knight Manga Series
11/20/2017VIZ Media Releases New Studio Ghibli Picture Books for Castle in the Sky and Princess Mononoke
11/20/2017Live-Action Boys-Love Film Does The Flower Blossom? Reveals More Cast, New Visual
11/20/2017Street Fighter II's Car-Smashing Bonus Stage Gets VR Remake
11/20/2017T?ken Ranbu Gets Outdoor Stage Play at Odawara Castle
11/20/2017Hatsune Miku AMG Wins 3rd GT300 Season Title for Good Smile Racing
11/20/2017Studio Colorido Recruits Staff for Anime Feature Film
11/20/2017Kadokawa's Nyantype Magazine Ceases Publication
11/20/2017Tentacool is Latest Pokémon to Get its Own Song, Music Video
11/20/20171st Godzilla Anime Film Debuts at #3 at Japanese Box Office
11/20/2017Fate/Grand Order Celebrates Thanksgiving with New Servants, Celebration Summon, Grab Bag, Log-in Bonuses, and Limited Time Craft Essences
11/20/2017Yen Press Announces A Manga Adaption Of Star Wars: Lost Stars
11/20/2017Maidreamin Challenges Players to Kurokishi RPG Game Battles
11/20/2017Valkyria Chronicles 4 is Deploying to the West in 2018
11/20/2017Devils' Line Anime Stars Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Yui Ishikawa
11/20/2017Let Gundam Give You a Good Night's Rest with Zaku Eye Masks
11/20/2017Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team Mobile Game Gets Global Release
11/20/2017The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia's Gameplay Trailer Streamed
11/20/2017A Certain Magical Virtual-On Game Adds Leivinia Birdway, Othinus
11/19/2017Valkyria Chronicles 4: Eastern Front Revealed for 2018 on PS4, Xbox One, Switch
11/19/2017Netflix's Live-Action ERASED Series Previews Ending Song, Story in Trailer
11/19/2017Black Clover Anime Casts Ryotaro Okiayu as Heath Grice
11/19/2017Tsutomu Nihei's APOSIMZ Manga Gets U.S. Print Release Next Fall
11/19/2017Code Vein Game's 'Misbehave' Trailer Streamed
11/19/2017Ni no Kuni II Game's Golden Joystick Awards Trailer Streamed
11/19/2017TV Program Discusses Sports Manga's Impact on Athletes
11/19/2017Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Wins Game of the Year at 35th Golden Joystick Awards
11/19/2017January Exhibition Celebrates 30 Years of 3x3 Eyes Manga
11/19/2017BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Fighting Game's 4th Character Video Streamed
11/19/2017Akimine Kamijy? Launches Kobayashi Sh?nen to Futei no Kaijin Manga on November 27
11/19/2017Dragon Ball FighterZ Game Adds Gotenks, Kid Buu, Ultimate Gohan
11/19/2017Gintama Season 4 Adapts Manga's 'Silver Soul' Final Arc (Updated)
11/19/2017Übel Blatt Creator Launches Punipuni to Sarasara Manga
11/15/2017Keiji Kawaguchi's Zipang: Shins? Kairy? Historical Manga Ends
11/15/2017Kemono Friends Pavilion App Game Delayed to January 2018
11/15/2017Live-Action Samurai Sensei Film's Trailer Reveals Spring 2018 Opening
11/15/2017VIZ Media Launches New Shojo Manga Series SP Baby
11/15/2017Tokyo Tattoo Girls Out Now in North America and Steam Globally
11/15/2017Demon Gaze II Out Now In North America
11/15/2017The Secret of Necrozma?New Information Announced For Pokémon Ultra Sun And Pokémon Ultra Moon
11/15/2017Koei Tecmo America Unveils Release Date For Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings
11/15/2017Seven Seas Licenses the Sequel to Blockbuster Hit My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness With My Solo Exchange Diary Manga
11/15/2017Seven Seas Lands a Sexy Spike With License of Harukana Receive Beach Volleyball Manga Series
11/15/2017Laugh Yourself Out of House and Home With Seven Seas' License of Dragon Goes House-Hunting Manga Series
11/15/2017VIZ Media Launches New Manga Series Astra Lost In Space
11/15/2017VIZ Media Launches The Dystopian Manga Series The Promised Neverland
11/15/2017Live-Action My Little Monster Film's Teaser Reveals More Cast, April Opening
11/15/2017The Game Awards 2017 Nominees Revealed
11/15/2017Koi wa Ameagari no You ni Manga Gets Live-Action Film in May
11/15/2017Mob Psycho 100 Stage Play's 2nd Round of Cast Visuals Posted
11/15/2017Funimation Reveals Ace Attorney Anime's English Dub Cast
11/14/2017K?dai-ke no Hitobito Manga Gets Special Chapter in December
11/14/2017North American Anime, Manga Releases, November 12-18
11/14/2017Rescue Your Captured Comrade in Doraemon Real Escape Game
11/14/2017Seven Seas Licenses Leiji Matsumoto's Space Battleship Yamato Manga
11/14/2017Seven Seas to Publish How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Light Novels in Print
11/14/2017Haruka Mado's 3-Nin no Wakai Onna Manga Inspires Live-Action/Anime Special
11/14/2017More Fine Artists Want to Paint Their Way Into Your Heart in Palette Parade
11/14/2017Seven Seas Licenses Yugo Ishikawa's Wonderland Manga
11/14/2017VRV Streaming Platform Adds ?Patema Inverted, A Letter to Momo Anime Films
11/14/2017One Piece's Nami's Bodacious Proportions Recreated for New Doll
11/14/2017Atelier Lydie & Suelle Game's Western Release Dated for March
11/14/2017Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Trailer Teases Necrozma's Secrets
11/14/2017Nintendo Discusses Possible Super Mario Bros. Animated Film With Universal's Illumination
11/14/2017Gundam Creator Yoshiyuki Tomino Attends Sphere's Final Tour Until 2019
11/14/2017Godzilla Anime Film Previewed in 2 New TV Ads
11/14/2017Servamp Anime Film's 1st Video Reveals Spring 2018 Premiere
11/14/2017Shining Resonance Game Gets PS4 Remaster in March
11/14/2017Amanchu! Manga by Aria's Amano Gets 2nd TV Anime Season Next April
11/14/2017Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, November 6-12
11/14/2017Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, November 6-12
11/14/2017Code Geass Pachislo Game's Video Shows Anime Scenes
11/14/20171st Haikara-san ga T?ru Film's 4th Clip Shows Benio Getting Drunk
11/7/20173 More Gundam Mobile Suits Go Green as Road Bikes
11/7/2017Let Attack on Titan's Levi Chastise You Everyday with New Calendar
11/7/2017Fate/Apocrypha English Dub Debuts on Netflix in U.S., Canada
11/7/2017Love Live! Girls Battle for Supremacy in 5th Anniversary General Election
11/7/2017Shochiku Reports Increase in Sales Over 1st Half of 2017
11/7/2017Junji Ito 'Collection' Anime Sets Earlier January 5 Premiere
11/7/2017Japanese Politician: Games, Anime Contribute to Violent Crimes
11/7/2017Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade Game Adds Final Fantasy IV's Golbez
11/7/2017Free! Fans Oppose Cherry Blossom Tree Planting in Tottori
11/7/2017Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Game's Character Trailer Previews English Subtitles
11/7/20171st Part of LayereD Stories 0 Smartphone Game's Anime Streamed
11/7/2017Original Utawarerumono Game Gets Remake for PS4, PS Vita
11/7/2017Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, October 30-November 5
11/7/2017Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, October 30-November 5
11/7/2017Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in the Dungeon? Infinite Combate Game's Video Reveals March Launch
11/7/20171st Haikara-san ga T?ru Film's Clip Shows Benio, Shinobu's Meeting
11/7/2017Prison School Manga Gets Stage Musical in January
11/7/2017Steins;Gate Elite Game Slated for March 15 in Japan
11/7/2017MYTH&ROID Vocalist Mayu Graduates to Pursue Solo Career
11/7/2017Live-Action Fullmetal Alchemist Film's IMAX Trailer Highlights Action Scenes
11/6/2017Sonic Forces Game's Launch Trailer Streamed
11/6/2017Toei Reports Increase in Profits in 1st Half of Fiscal Year
11/6/2017The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia Game's 2 Promo Videos Streamed
11/6/2017BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Fighting Game Ships in N. America in 2018
11/6/2017Mr. Osomatsu Season 2 Continues With 2nd Cour in January
11/6/2017Sankaku Head Launches Him?to! Umaru-chan G Manga
11/6/2017Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi Light Novel Series Gets TV Anime in 2018
11/6/2017Nisioisin, Osamu Mitsutani's Himeiden Manga Ends in December
11/6/2017A New Flip Calendar Featuring Captain Levi: Attack on Titan Desktop Flip Calendar: "I've Always Been Talkative" Levi Ver.
11/6/2017Attack on Titan x Tokyo Otaku Mode Vertical Maneuvering Equipment 4-Way Bag Announced
11/6/2017IDOLiSH7 Twelve Fantasia! PS Vita Game Revealed
11/6/2017Arc System Works Establishes North American Branch to Publish Games in the Americas
11/6/2017Classic Japanese RPG Series Returns With .hack//G.U. Last Recode, Available Now for PlayStation®4 and STEAM®
11/6/2017Raiden V: Director's Cut is Out Now on PS4 in Europe
11/6/2017One Piece 'Code Name Dawn' Game Details Setting
11/6/2017Kemono Friends Director Tatsuki Recruits Background Artists
11/6/2017Bandai Namco Ent. Reveals One Piece Bounty Rush Smartphone Game
11/6/2017'D5 Five Detectives' Franchise Launches With Live-Action Film
11/6/2017One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Game's Switch Version Previewed in Video
11/6/2017Dragon Ball FighterZ Game's 3rd Promo Video Highlights Game Modes
11/6/2017Peace Maker Kurogane Film Project Reveals Rough Character Designs for Sait?, Tatsunosuke, Saya
11/6/2017Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Game's 4th Trailer Highlights Customization, Game Modes
11/6/2017March comes in like a lion Creator Draws IT's Pennywise
11/6/2017Akiko Higashimura's Princess Jellyfish Manga Gets Live-Action Series in January
11/6/2017Animate Girls Festival Draws 86,293 Attendees Over 2 Days
11/6/2017Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! Gets Commemorative TCG Cards, Plush
11/6/2017IG Port Establishes Digital Publication Subsidiary
11/6/2017Prince of Tennis Creator Apologizes for Incomplete Chapter
11/6/2017Kumamoto Prefecture's Kumamon Visits Weekly Shonen Jump Offices
11/6/2017VitaminX Destination Fan Disc's Opening Movie Shows Characters 7 Years Later
11/6/2017Detective Conan Will Travel Through History in Educational Manga
11/6/2017Capcom Reports Increase in Sales for 2nd Quarter
11/6/2017Saudi Arabian Fan's Winning Character Design to Appear in SNK Game
11/6/2017The Morose Mononokean's English Dub Trailer Streamed (Update)
11/5/2017The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia Game's Opening Video Reveals January 25 Release in Japan
11/5/2017Gintama Rumble Game's 2 Ads Preview Theme Song
11/5/2017Black Clover Anime Listed With 51 Episodes, 4 Openings & Endings
11/5/2017Virtual Reality Comes to Kyoto's Animate Cafe
11/5/2017Become a Sorcerer's Apprentice With The Ancient Magus' Bride Clothing
11/5/2017One Piece's Jinbe Calls the Sea in New Figure
11/5/2017Transform Your Voice Into an Anime Girl With Free iOS App
11/5/2017J-World Tokyo's Kuroko's Basketball 3D Attraction Gets Vorpal Swords Update
11/5/2017The IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Wild Wind Girl Manga Gets Side Story
11/5/2017Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Manga Has 'Big Announcement' on November 13
11/5/2017Black Clover Anime Listed With 5 Box Set Releases in Japan
11/5/2017Jewelpet Twinkle Magical Girl Anime's Staff Reunites for New Video
11/5/2017Yoiko, Fighting Beauty Wulong's Ishikawa Ends Wonderland Manga, Starts New Series
11/5/2017Sagrada Reset Manga Artist Masahiko Yoshihara Launches New Manga
11/5/2017Akiko Higashimura's Historical Yukibana no Tora Manga Resumes in January
11/5/2017Megumu Soramichi's Chivalry of a Failed Knight Manga Ends in December
11/5/2017Fate/Extra Last Encore Anime Reveals Ai Nonaka as Caster in Video
11/5/2017Ellation Posts Update on Crunchyroll Redirect Issue, Explains Steps to Get Rid of Malware
11/4/2017Record Company Nippon Columbia Teams Up with San-X for New Project
11/2/2017Kamen Rider Climax Fighters Game's 2nd Promo Video Previews Battle Mechanics
11/2/2017Aniplex of America, Crunchyroll Reveal Kiznaiver Anime's English Dub Cast, Home Video Release Plans
11/2/2017Zelda: Twilight Princess Manga Takes Break, Returns in January
11/2/2017Koi wa Ameagari no You ni TV Anime Reveals New Visual, Main Staff
11/2/2017Naruto Shipp?den: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Game's Worldwide Shipments, Download Sales Hit 3 Million
11/2/2017Märchen Mädchen Anime Premieres in January
11/2/2017Thunderbolt Fantasy Sh?shi Ikken Side-Story Film's New Trailer Previews New Character
11/2/2017Aniplex of America Releases HoneyWorks' Our love has always been 10 centimeters apart. Subtitled Trailer and Website
11/2/2017Aniplex of America and Crunchyroll Announce Kiznaiver Complete Blu-ray Set Release
11/2/2017YOSHIKI Brings Blade Runner Chic to VAMPS Halloween Party 2017
11/2/2017The Cross Buy RPG, Antiquia Lost for PlayStation, Joins the Double Discount Sale
11/2/2017Arc System Works Establishes Branch in North America
11/2/2017Detective Conan Manga Resumes on November 29
11/2/2017To Love-Ru Manga Artist Kentaro Yabuki to Launch New Project
11/2/2017Sazae-san Anime to Lose Main Sponsor Toshiba After 48 Years
11/1/2017Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou Gag Manga Gets Live-Action Film
11/1/2017Bluefin Opens Pre-Orders For Infini-T Force Action Figures From SEN-TI-NEL
11/1/2017Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns to Receive Farm-Fresh DLC, Nintendo 3DS Custom Theme, and Free Update on November 9
11/1/2017J-Novel Club Announces Yume Nikki and Ao Oni Light Novels
11/1/2017Anime Blast Chattanooga Welcomes Robbie Daymond, Chris Patton, and Veloci-Rainbow
11/1/2017VIZ Media Presents a Unique Collection of Titles for Gift Ideas This Holiday Season
11/1/2017VIZ Media Details Anime Gift Selections For the 2017 Holiday Season
11/1/2017Ensemble Stars! Gets 4th Stage Musical in January
11/1/2017Live-Action Saki Achiga-hen episode of side-A Posters Show School Teams
11/1/2017TV Tokyo Plans Huge Celebration for Pokemon's 1,000th Episode
11/1/2017Japanese Comic Ranking, October 23-29
11/1/20171st Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel Film Tops 1 Billion Yen
11/1/2017'I fall in love with you through a robot' Novel's Full Animated Promo Streamed
11/1/2017Japan's Video Game Rankings, October 23-29
11/1/2017'Our love has always been 10 centimeters apart' Anime Special to Stream on Crunchyroll
11/1/2017Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! Adds More U.S. Screening Dates
11/1/2017Idol Comments on AKB48 Fan's Illegal Dumping of 585 CDs
11/1/2017J-Novel Club Adds Yume Nikki, Ao Oni Light Novels
11/1/2017Player Stands By 15 Million Yen Spent on Soon Defunct Idolm@ster: Million Live Game
11/1/2017Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Game's Trailer Previews VR Mode
11/1/2017Domino's Japan Introduces Visual Novel About Sukiyaki
11/1/2017Jump Festa Site Lists Yuragi-s? no Y?na-san Production Committee
11/1/2017Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru Anime Compilation Film's Trailer Previews Theme Song
11/1/2017The Legend of the Galactic Heroes Gets Live-Action Screen Adaptation
11/1/2017Yowamushi Pedal Glory Line Anime's 1st Promo Video Streamed